Burr's 1826 Atlas of Jefferson County, NY

Atlas of the State of New York

A map and of the
Several Counties
Simeon DeWitt Surveyer General
David S. Burr
Jefferson County

The original maps were printed then beautifully hand watercolored to illustrate the town boundries. These originals were photocopied then scanned in 200 dpi to assure legibility of the actual notes and names. Then the image was reduced by 25%. Even with that amount of reduction some sections still appear to be larger than the screen and will not print correctly if printing direct from your browser. Those situations are: Alexandria, Antwerp, Cape Vincent, Ellisburgh, and Lorraine.

  • Sections
  • Adams Section

    Alexandria Section

    Antwerp Section

    Brownville Section

    Cape Vincent Section

    Champion Section

    Ellisburgh Section

    Henderson Section

    Houndsfield Section

    Leray Section

    Lorraine Section

    Pamelia Section

    Penet Square Section

    Philadelphia Section

    Rodman Section

    Rutland Section

    Watertown Section

    Wilna Section *Note: this particular map has a small section missing.

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