Wills of 1821-1830

Wills of Greene County
Abstracts from 1821-1830

Abstract of Wills from 1802 to 1860, being copied from the records in the office of the Surrogate at Catskill, NY by RAY C. SAWYER,
Volume 1 copied in 1933 

From microfilm rented and copies bought by Annette Campbell at the LDS Family History Center.

CASPER CLAW, JR.  of Coxsackie      Will Probated January 4 1821
    Heirs:  Wife, Rebecca; daughters: Rachel and Eliza Catharine.
    Executors:  Abraham VanDycke of Coxsackie and John VanLoon of
    Witnesses:  Abraham and Casper Hallenbeck, John A. VanLoon.
DANIEL SECAY  of Greenville         Will Probated February 17 1821
    Heirs:  Wife, Bridget;  sons: David, John and Walter.
    Executors: Nathaniel N. Famber, David Secay and Ezra Baker.
    Witnesses:  Luther Carters, Isaac Soule and Perkins King.
JOSHUA LOUNSBURY  of Greenville  Will Probated February 26 1821
    Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth; son, Hiram; other sons, but not mentioned by
    Executor:  Alexander Lounsbury.
    Witnesses:  D. Elanson King, Elisha Mead and Matthew Winters.
AUGUSTIN PREVOST  of Greenville   Will Probated April 21 1821
    Heirs: Wife, Anna; sons: Frederick Jacob and George William;
    Eliza Backus; other children, but not mentioned by name.
    Executors:  Francis Panton; son-in-law, Samuel W. Dexter and
    Abijah Reed.
ISAAC HARDENBERGH   of Catskill   Will Probated April 27 1821
    Heirs:  Wife, Rachel; sons: Lewis, John and George; daughters:
    Frances Becker; Margaret, wife of Joseph Wyckoff; Elizabeth,
    wife of Charles Wands; Catharine, wife of James Wands.
    Executors:  Wife and the three sons.
    Witnesses:  John V.D.S. and Susan Scott; William VanBergen.
NATHAN SALISBURY  of Cairo          Will Probated May 14 1821
    Heirs: Wife, Mary; eldest son, Joshua; youngest son, Nathan;
    eldest daughter, Phebe; youngest daughter, Elizabeth; others
    include Martha, wife of Obadiah Griffen; Hannah, wife of Levi
    Perkins; Lydia, wife of Stephen Tompkins and Mary, wife of Seth
    Dutcher,--all daughters of the deceased.
    Executor:  Simon Sayre.
    Witnesses:  Gurdon Huntington, Benoni Austin and Daniel Sayre.
JOHN SHEAR  of Hillsdale                 Will Probated June 6 1821
    (Hillsdale is in Columbia County, NY)
    Heirs: Daughters: Eve, wife of Thomas Gosline; Anna, wife of
    Philip Dick; Permilia Gaul; Catharine Cole; Lavinia Goslin; Phebe
    Smith; children of daughter, Elizabeth Rutter, deceased; John
    Goslin, son of daughter, Polly deceased; Edie Barnum, guardian of
    John Goslin; Martin Spencer, guardian of Minor heirs.
    Executors:  Aaron Bushnell, Zadock Pratt, Jr. and Eden Barnum
    of Lexington.
    Witnesses:  John Miller, Philip Smith and Eliakim Briggs.
CALEB ROGERS   of Catskill           Will Probated June 7 1821
    Heirs: Wife, Mary; daughter, Eunice Sanford; daughter-in-law,
    Kaatta (son's widow); grandson, William G. Sanford; Joseph B.
    Lynes; Polly Burger; James Ellson.
    Executors:  Wife and James M. Sanford, son-in-law.
    Witnesses: Nathan Rowley, Robert Chandler and John Olds.
TERTULLUS LUDINGTON  of Catskill   Will Probated July 17 1821
    Heirs:  Wife, Ann; seven children: Eliza, Julia, Amelia, Henry,
    Robert, Harriet and Tertullis.
    Executor:  Thomas Hale.
    Witnesses:  Robert Campbell, Hiram Comfort and John C. Johnson.
THOMAS T. THOMPSON  of Catskill    Will Probated August 9 1821
    Heirs:  Sisters: Mrs. Maria Bartow, Catharine and Harriet Thompson;
    niece, Sally Spencer; nieces and nephews: Thomas, Alfred, Emily,
    Catharine, Harriet, Maria and Frances, children of sister, Mrs.
     Bartow; brother, John A. Thompson; nephews and nieces: Thomas,
    Edward, Julia, Antoinette, Charlotte, children of brother, James H.
    Thompson. (Father's name mentioned as Dr. Thomas Thompson, late
    of Catskill.)
    Executors:  John A. Thompson and brother-in-law, Mark Spencer.
    Witnesses: Tho. O. M.Croswel, Joseph Prentiss and Robert Dorlon.
JAMES RANSOM   of Durham        Will Probated November 23 1821
    Heirs: Wife; children: Sarah, Christina, James, Mary, Caty, Peter,
    John, Samuel, Zachariah, David, Margaret, Joseph and the yet
    unborn child.;  (Mary, wife of Joel Fiero and Caty, wife of Tyark
    Executors:  John Wells, Levi Myer and Tyark Osterhout.
    Witnesses:  Peter A. Snider, Hannah Snider and John Wells.
EDWARD COATS of Catskill             Will Probated January 1 1822
    (Also spelled COATES)
    Heirs:  Wife, Jane; three children: John, Edward and Jane, wife of
    William Welch.
    Executors:  Edward Coates, son of William Welch, son-in-law.
    Witnesses:  Stephen Root, John Ramson and Levi Brooks.
NICKOLAS VanLOON   of Athens      Will Probated January 2 1822
    Heirs:  Wife, Elsey; daughter, Rebecca and her husband, John Van
    Executors:  Son-in-law, John VanLoon, Jr. and William Tolley
    Witnesses:  Abrahan VanWort, Jacob J. VanLoon and James
JOHN RENNE  of Cairo                     Will Probated May 28 1822
    Heirs:  Wife, Effa; sons: James, Peter, Richard and John; daughters:
    Elizabeth, Sarah, wife of Stephen Palmer; Mary, wife of James
    Cooper; Phebe, wife of Thomas Ellison; Susannah Adams;
    son-in-law, Elijah Wood; children of daughter Lucy, deceased,
    --Stephen, Sarah, Deborah and Phebe.
    Executors:  Son, Stephen Renne and son-in-law, Thomas Ellison and
    Daniel Sayre.
    Witnesses:  Simon Sayre, Moses Olmsted and Joseph Carman.
ALBERT S. VanDERZEE   of New Baltimore   Will Probated Jun 18 1822
    Heirs:  Wife; sons:  Storm A. and Andrew; daughter, Elizabeth A,
    wife of Thomas C. Houghtaling; grandson, Albert, son of Thomas C.
    and Elizabeth Houghtaling.
    Executor:  Son, Andrew.
    Witnesses: Benjamin Baker, Moses Clement and Elisha D. Hall.
PETER SIMPSON  of Cairo        Will Probated September 23 1822
    Heirs:  Wife, Margaret; sons: Peter and Robert; daughter, Betsey
    Hubbel; Polly Keith; Margaret, wife of Eben Earl; Cornelia Rundel.
    Executors:  Eben Earl, Abner Lawton and Reuben Brundydg.
    Witnesses:  Joseph Arnold, Abner Lawton and Reuben Brundydg.
BENJAMIN DUKES  of Greenville      Will Probated November 11 1822
    Heirs:  Wife, Betsey; Jacob Kniskern, William Banks.
    Executors:  Luther Carter and Perkins King.
    Witnesses:  Fanny M. Carter, Lydia Carter, and Lucinda Carter.   

JOHN ARMSTRONG  of New Baltimore    Will Probated March 10 1823
    Heirs:  Wife, Sarah; three sons: William, Jacob and Silvester; six
    daughters: Phebe, Sally, Abigail, Caty, Elizabeth and Harriet.
    Executors:  Benjamin Gurney and Isreal Lisk.
    Witnesses:  John I. Youngs, Ira Gregory and Elisha D. Hall.
JOSEPH BURNHAM  of Windham         Will Probated April 22 1823
    Heirs:  Wie, Charry; sons: Linus (the eldest) and Washington;
    daughters:  Clarissa and Hannah.
    Executors: Jairus Munson and Charry Burnham, wife of deceased.
    Witnesses:   Jairus Munson, Benjamin Osborn and John Hitchcock.
SAMUEL HAINES   of Hunter             Will Probated May 27 1823
    Heir: Youngest son, John.
    Executor"  John Haines.
    Witnesses:  Caleb and Sarah Benton, Richard Titus.
FREDERICK S. SMITH   of Catskill      Will Probated June 21 1823
    Heirs: Wife, Martha; sons: Stephen (the eldest) and Hiram; daugh-
    ters: Eliza Ann and Julia Catherine.
    Executors:  Wife, Timothy Lawrence and Benjamin Peck.
    Witnesses:  James Webster, Eliza Clark and Aaron M. Bogart.
FRANCIS L. SALISBURY  of Athens   Will Probated November 8 1823
    Heirs:  Wife, Porsey; sons: Sylvester, John and Henry; son-in-law,
    Jerry Gay; other children referred to but not by name.
    Executors:  Not listed on copy.
    Witnesses:  Garret Tolle, William J. Warner and Johannis Hallenbeck.
JACOB CUYLER  of Coxsackie             Will Probated February 6 1824
    Heirs:  Nephew, John H. Cuyler; Elizabeth, eldest daughter of said
    nephew; friends: George W. Manicus, Harmanus Bleecker and Jacob
    H. TenEyck, all of Albany.
    Executors:  George W. Mancino (Sp? notice above), Harmanus
    Bleecker and Jacob TenEyck.
    Witnesses: James VanIngen, In. Manicus, and Sanders Lansing.
CASPER M. HALLENBECK   of Coxsackie    Will Probated Feb. 11 1824
    Heirs:  Wife, Elizabeth; sons: Martin, Francis and Casper; daughter:
    Executors:  Abraham VanDyck, John L. Bronk and John Spoor, son
    of Isaac Spoor.
    Witnesses: Isaac Spoor, Peter H. VanBergen, Jacob Jansen.
PHEBE TRAVES (Travis)  of Greenville   Will Probated March 7 1824
    Heir:  Husband, Griffin Travis.
    Executor:  Husband.
    Witnesses:  Nicholas Green and William Barker
WILLIAM EDWARDS, SR.  of Coxsackie   Will Probated May 12 1824
    Heirs:  Wife; children: Aaron, George William, John, Stephen,
    Rachel, Betsey Claw, Rebecca Hallenbeck, Sally Barr, Rosetta,
    Rhoda and Morris.
    Executor:  Wife.
    Witnesses: Henry Cornwall, John Hollister, and Reuben Brundydge.
JACOB TRUMPBOUR  of Catskill        Will Probated May 26 1824
    Heirs: Wife, Martha; sons: Jacob and John William; grandchildren:
    Jacob Trumpbour, Jacob P. Crawford and Catharine Oligh.
    Executors:  Jacob Trumpbour and friend Jacob VanOrden.
    Witnesses:  Abraham Dewit, William O. Dedricks and George

JOSEPH MOTT  of Cairo                 Will Probated June 19 1824
   Heirs: Wife Elizabeth; sons: James V.D., John W. and Joseph H.;
   grandson, Bela Smith.
   Executors: Moses Olmsted, Simon Sayre and Stephen Morris.
   Witnesses: Peter Davy, Erastus Barnes and Augustus Crooker.
FRADRIK HAPMAN  of Greenville      Will Probated July 21 1824
    Heirs:  Wife, Caty; eight children: Caty Parie (oldest daughter),
    Ira, George, Betsey, William, Polly, Nancy and Nicholas.
    Executors:  Perkins King and Abel Blackmarr.
    Witnesses:  Joel Luk, Pratt Wickes, and Abel Blackmarr.
STEPHEN DAY  of Catskill            Will Probated September 7 1824
    Heirs:  Wife, Dimmis; three daughters: Julia, wife of Henry
    McKinstry; Nancy, wife of James Powers; Betsey, wife of Rev.
    Thomas Punderson; sons:  Orrin and Russel; heirs of son Ira,
    deceased; heirs of son, Philo, deceased; children of daughter, Electa,
    wife of John C. Johnson.
    Executors:  Son, Orrin Day and son-in-law, James Powers.
    Witnesses: Nathaniel Ells, John Adams and S. J. Hill, Jr.
JOHN OSTRANDER of Chapel St. Albany, NY Will Probated Sep 7 1824
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary; four children: William, Peter, James, Ann Legg,
    and Maria.
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses:  Charles R. Webster, Hezekiah and Elisha W. Skinner.
DANIEL KIRTLAND                           Will Probated October 12 1824
    Heirs:  Wife, Louisa; son: Daniel.
    Executors:   The above.
    Witnesses:  Joel Chittenden, Charles and Lyman Strong.

HENRY IRVINE   of Catskill               Will Probated January 25 1825
    Heirs:  Wife, Catherine; five daughters, Catherine, Mary, Elizabeth,
    Janet, and Frances. three sons: John, Henry and William Bell Irvine.
    Executors: William Bell Irvine, son, and Joel Bellamy.
    Witnesses:  James Bell, Augustus and John M. Donnelly, Truman
    H. Bagley and Joel Bellamy.
HARMAN BECKER   of Cairo         Will Probated March 23 1825
    Heirs:  Nicholas Becker and Nancy, wife of William Eckeson, both
    children of brother, Johannis/John Becker, residing in the town of
    Duanesburgh (Schenectady Co, NY-AC)
    Executor: James Renne of Cairo.
    Witnesses: Joel Bellamy, Ira Dubois and John Adams.
NATHAN BURROUGHS  of Catskill         Will Probated March 31 1825
    Heirs: Wife, Elizabeth; children: Alathea (eldest daughter; Deborah;
    James; Joseph L.; Benjamin; William; and Thomas.
    Executors: Sons, Benjamin N., William ., Joseph L., and Thomas
    Witnesses:  Stephen Tryon, Charles Lisk, and Daniel Gue.
MARGARET TIMMERMAN  of Catskill     Will Probated April 26 1825
    Heirs: Four daughters: Caty, wife of William Layman; Betsey, wife
    of Peter Egner; Anna Maria Sax and Margaret Russel; Gilbert
    Executor:  John E. Darby.
    Witness:  John E. Darby.
JACOB SHARP   of Coxsackie        Will Probated July 26 1825
    Heirs:  Wife, Maria; daughter, Elizabeth, wife of Philip Conine;
    grandson, Jacob, son of son Jacob Sharp, deceased; grandchildren
    of daughter Elizabeth.
    Executor:  John VanWie.
    Witnesses:  W. M. And F.W. Tolley, John Folgen.
CALEB BENTON   of Catskill               Will Probated August 3 1825
    Heirs:  Wife, Sarah; son Lewis; daughter, Stella, wife of James
    Mairs, Jr.; children of daughter, Sarah Eliza, wife of Nathaniel F.
    Bruce; Sarah Ronalds, daughter of David Ronalds of Renselaersville,
    County of Albany, has three children,--Sarah Eliza Benton,
    now wife of Nathaniel F. Bruce, Lewis Benton and Stella Benton.
    Executor:  James Mairs, Jr.
    Witnesses:  John Adams, Highland Hill, Jr. and William VanLoan.
ABRAHAM SALISBURY  of Catskill      Will Probated August 3 1825
    Heirs:  Wife, Rachel; daughter, Ann; son, William.
    Executors:  Wife, son William; James VanDeusen of Hudson.
    Witnesses:  Benjamin Haxtun, Abraham V.P. Etting and Lewis
RHODA BROWN  of Cairo                Will Probated August 24 1825
    Heirs:  Mother; brother, Peter; sister, Jane Granby; Barron Granby,
    Edwin E. Milligan, Polly Cooper, Betsey Maria Granby, Phebe
    Antoinette Granby, Julian Granby and John Westby Granby.
    Executor: Joseph Sheppard.
    Witnesses: Samuel E. Warner, Olive and Joseph Sheppard.
JAMES JEWELL  of Durham              Will Probated August 25 1825
    Heirs: Daughter, Sally Clark; sons: James and Ara; (other children
    but no names mentioned) nephew, Hollis Erskin; James Jewell
    Toles, Mary Jewell Hubbard, daughter of Eli Hubbard.
    Executor:  Daniel Coe, brother-in-law.
    Witnesses:  William Doty, Matthew C. Boughton and Phedelia Moss.
AUGUST PREVOST   of Greenville        Will Probated September 6 1825
    Heirs:  Wife, Anna; son, Frederick Jacob; other children not
    mentioned by name; Eliza Backus, (deceased-married twice).
    Executors:  Wife, Anna; son-in-law, Samuel W. Dexter; Abijah Reed.
    Witnesses:  Silas Rockland, Eliakim R. Ford, Henry Smith.
ABRAHAM POST  of Greenville        Will Probated September 10 1825
    Heirs:  Wife, Esther; sons: Joseph, Abraham and Roswell; 
    daughters: Phebe, Elizabeth, Charity and Lydia Ann. children of
    daughter, Mehitable, wife of Nathan Marion, deceased,---Louisa,
    Susan and David.
    Executors: Roswell Post and Thomas George.
    Witnesses: Beriah Hotchkiss, Hull Bixby and Amos Botsford.
JACOB J. TEN BROECK   of Catskill   Will Probated October 1 1825
    Heirs:  Jacob Lansing; Margaret, wife of Gideon Hawley and
    Elizabeth Lansing, all three grandchildren of Henry Quackenbush,
    late of Albany, deceased;  Mrs. Anna, widow of James Kortz; Jacob
    TenBroeck, son of William Musin; Jacob, son of Jacob TenBroeck
    of Clermont, Columbia County; Jacob, son of Jacob VanOrden;
    William Musin and his wife Hannah; William Musin, Jr. and Lena
    Catharin, son and daughter of William Musin; Thomas C. Gardner;
    James Richardson; Mariah, daughter of William Shipman and now
    the wife of Seth TenBroeck; Jacob VanOrden; Peter Sharp of
    Germantown, Columbia County; L. B. VanOrden; Henry VanOrden;
    William and Jane Ann, son of daughter of William VanOrden; Jacob
    TenBroeck; sons and daughters of James Cole and Ushe, wife, now
    deceased, who was the daughter of William Schepmoes, deceased.
    Executors:  Jacob TenBroeck of Columbia Co, NY and Jacob
    VanOrden of Catskill, County of Greene.
    Witnesses:  Abraham Fiero, Jr. and John H. Martin and Peter Schutt.

MARY ROGERS  of Catskill                  Will Probated January 31 1826

    (Widow of Caleb Rogers)
    Heirs:  Mrs. James M. Sanford (Eunice Sanford); Miss Mary Sanford;
    Frand Sayre; nephew; Elizabeth, wife of Lodowick Post; James H.
    Ells; Polly Ells.
    Executors:  Francis Sayre and James M. Sanford.
    Witnesses:  P.W. Telfair, Absolom Post and Walter S. Clawson.
JOSEPH ARNOLD  of Durham                Will Probated March 1 1826
    Heirs:  Wife, Betsey: daughter, Elizabeth; sons: Joseph, Horace,
    Ezra F, Edward, Seymour; two grandchildren: Sally Ann and
    Elizabeth Cook; Charles, William and John Arnold.
    Executors:  Son, Joseph Arnold and Moses Olmsted.
    Witnesses:  Daniel Sayre, John W. Mott and Patty W. Hine.
JOHN NEWELL  of Durham                  Will Probated March 15 1826
    Heirs:  Sons: Raphael (eldest), John Jr., Andruss; Daughters: Lucy;
    Sibyl and Julia; grandson, John Dana Newell; grand-daughters:
    Hepsebeth Charlotte, Sibyl Angeline; Huldah Newell, infant child of
    son, Seth Newell, deceased.
    Executor: Son, Andruss Newell
    Witnesses: Lemuel Hotchkiss, Elihu Moss, and Henry Warriner.
JAMES E. BARKER  of Durham         Will Probated March 15 1826
    Heirs:  Wife, Chloe; sons: Jeremiah, John and Ebenezer; daughters:
    Elizabeth, also called Eliza; Jason Hotchkiss.
    Executors:  Wife, John and Ebenezer Barker.
    Witnesses:  Platt Adams, Joseph Blanchane and Luther W. Hart.
ESTHER HUBBARD   of Durham       Will Probated March 16 1826
    Heirs: Nephews: Alva W and Gilbert Hubbard; nieces: Ursula
    Spencer, Hannah C. and Delia A. Hubbard.
    Executor:  Borther, Benjamin Hubbard.
    Witnesses:  Luther W. Hart, Rhoda Kirtland and Sally Coe.
JOHN TUTTLE  of Windham            Will Probated April 4 1826
    Heirs:  Sons: Ichiel, William, John and Sidney; daughter, Lowly,
    wife of Ichabod Andrews; grandchildren: Betsey, George, Lois,
    and Eunice Dean.
    Executor:  Sidney Tuttle.
    Witnesses:  James Powers, Caleb Day and John Adams.
CATHARINE LESHER   of Catskill      Will Probated May 10 1826
    (Widow of Adam Lesher, deceased)
    Heirs:  Sons: Jeremiah, John and Peter; daughters: Elizabeth, wife
    of John Mawer; Mary, wife of Bastian Lasher; Sally, wife of John
    Dederick; Margaret, wife of Michael Sax; Christina, wife of Johannes
    Executor: Michael Sax.
    Witnesses: Adam Lesher, John Crawford and Jacob Trumpauh
JACOB WETSELL   of Catskill    Will Probated August 8 1826
    Heirs: Sons: James, George and Henry; grand daughter, Mary
    Henry; son-in-law, James VanValkenburgh; Peter Wetsell; Mahala,
    daughter of deceased daughter, Betsey; four children of deceased
    son, George Wetsell.
    Executors: Son, James Wetsell and son-in-law, James Van
    Valkenburgh, John VanVechten and Jonathan Palmer.
    Witnesses:  William VanBergen, William Overbagh and J. Pinckney.
ADAM BEDELL  of New Baltimore   Will Probated September 15 1826
    Heirs:  Wife, Catharine; sons: Jacob, Elisha, Richard, Henry and
    Sylvester; daughters: Catharine, Mary, Anna, Abigail and Hannah.
    Executors:  Benjamin Bedell and Elisha Powell.
    Witnesses:  Not listed on copy.
DERICK SPOOR  of Catskill         Will Probated October 13 1826
    Heirs: Daughters: Marie, wife of Jacob P. Bogardus; Sarah, wife of
    Isaac Lampman; Elizabeth, wife of John Vankie (Van Wie?-AC);
    Hannah; Judith, wife of Casper C. Hallenbeck; grandson Derick
    Van Schaaike and grand daughter, Barbara, children of daughter,
    Eve Van Schaaike, deceased; grandson, Derick and grand daughter,
    Judith, children of daughter Maria; grandson, Frederick William and
    grand daughter, Altanah Lundy, children of daughter, Alida Tolley,
    deceased; grandson, Peter, son of daughter, Hannah; grand children
    --James Wells, Abraham, Charles and Judith Ann, children of son
    John D. Spoor, deceased; son: Abraham D.; daughter-in-law, Sophia
    Spoor, widow of John D. Spoor, deceased; grandsons: Derick and
    Isaac, children of son, John D. Spoor, deceased
    Executors:  Isaac Spoor, son of Johannis Spoor, deceased, of
    Coxsackie and Abraham D. Spoor of the city of Troy and William
    Holley of Athens.
    Witnesses:  C. Seeley, E. Pierce and Charles C. Chapman.
ELIJAH STRONG   of Windham         Will Probated November 20 1826
    Heirs:  Wife, Polly; sons: Zenas, Schuyler, James R. (eldest son)
    and Samuel (second son); daughters: Anne Eliza, wife of Thomas
    Parker (oldest daughter); Lydia, wife of Abel S.C. Lovejoy (second
    daughter) and Esther Dorcas (youngest daughter).
    Executors:  Wife, James Strong and James Robertson.
    Witnesses:  John Tuttle, Thomas Benham and Peter Thorp.

MARTIN G. SHUNNEMAN  of Catskill       Will Probated March 7 1827
    (also spelled SCHUNEMAN)
    Heirs: Daughter, Anna Mariah; sons: William and John M.; children
    of  John M. Schuneman.
    Executors:   William Schuneman and Abraham A. Salisbury, also
    John VanVechten and Jacob VanOrden.
    Witnesses:  Isaac VanLoon, Horatio Dewey and Peter VanVechten.
JOHN LENNON  of Cairo                      Will Probated May 5 1827
    Heirs: Sons: John (eldest son), Daniel, James, Cyrenus, Robert G., and
    Zacheus; daughters: Sarah, wife of Henry Couse; Mary, wife of
    Abiel Wilber and Henrietta, wife of Jones Finch; grandchildren:
    James, George A.M., Deborah, Sally and Jane Wilson.
    Executors:  Two sons: Cyrenus and James.
    Witnesses: Zephaniah Teed, Richard and John Brownell.
     ( A complete Will is posted on this site by Sylvia Hasenkopf--AC)
SARAH DIBBLE  of Catskill              Will Probated May 7 1827
    Heirs: Jane, Frances, Harriet, Annis Adams Canfield and Sarah
    Dibble Canfield, all daughters of John Canfield; Ralph Harvey;
    Fanny, wife of John Canfield.
    Executor:  Robert Dorlon.
    Witnesses:  Roswell P. Reed, Susan Reed and D. Brooks Reed, Jr.
CATHARINE P. THOMSON  of Catskill   Will Probated May 19 1827
    Heirs:  Brother, John A. Thompson; niece, Julia A. Thompson.
    Executor:  John A. Thompson.
    Witnesses:  James Pierce, Emily Baiton and Robert Dorlon.
THADDEUS HURD  of Greenville         Will Probated May 28 1827
    Heirs: Wife, Elizabeth; daughters: Mabel, Annis, Eunice, Ruth;
    sons: Russell, Thaddeus, Reuben, and Justus.
    Executors:  Son, Justus and son-in-law, Abel Wakelee.
    Witnesses:  Beriah Hotchkiss, Eliakim and Sarah Reed.
SARAH HUNT  of Windham             Will Probated September 5 1827
    Heir:  Daughter, Hannah, wife of Jehiel Tuttle.
    Executors:  Jehiel Tuttle and Levi H. Alden of Windham.
    Witnesses:  Reuben Hosford, William Douglas and Hezekiah
HENRY WEEKS   of Cairo            Will Probated November 27 1827
    Heirs:  Wife, Priscilla; sons: Henry, Joseph, Zachariah, George,
    Richard, Silas, Aaron and Moses; four daughters: Mary Benedick,
    Sarah Rafe, Betsey Ann King and Priscilla Weeks (single woman).
    Executrix:  Wife, Priscilla.
    Witnesses:  Henry Adams.
RALTUS VanSLYCK  of Coxsackie    Will Probated December 14 1827
    Heirs:  Wife, Hannah; four sons: Andries, Barent, Tunis, and Peter;
    six daughters:  Gomy, Catharine, wife of Charles McGarigle; Maria,
    wife of James Dun; Lydia, wife of John VanSlyke; Alida, wife of
    Henry Hasfoot; and Jenny VanSlyke; grand daughter, Hannah Dun.
    Executors:  Two sons, Andries and Barent.
    Witnesses:  Dorrance Kirtland, Tunis P. VanSlyke and Charles Ager.
RICHARD FIELD  of Catskill           Will Probated December 21 1827
    Heirs:  Sisters: Elizabeth Sylvester and Margaret VanDenBurgh;
    brothers: Thomas and William H.
    Executor: Charles Faxon.
    Witnesses:  Ira Canfield, George G. Hardenburgh and Samuel 
JOHN WINTERS   of Greenville           Will Probated January 22 1828
    Heirs:  Wife, Hannah;  sons: Joseph, Matthew, Benjamin and John;
    daughters: Martha, Mary, Kezia, Ann Mariah.
    Executor:  Matthew Winters.
    Witnesses:  Perkins King, Andrew Dodge and Samuel B. Wenton.
NATHAN ELLIOTT   of Catskill           Will Probated January 29 1828
    Heirs:  Wife; two sons, James G. and Matthew G.
    Executors:  the above.
    Witnesses:  Samuel Dubois, Thomas W. Hale and I.J. Grovier.
CORNELIUS EGBERTSON  of Durham   Will Probated February 9 1828
    Heirs:  Wife, Polly;  sons: Barent (oldest), Henry and Richard;
    daughters:  Maria (youngest), Hannah, wife of John Dewitt;  Eg____,
    wife of Benjamin West; Caty, wife of Daniel Ruhtmyer.
    Executors:  Son, Henry; Ezra Post and Jacob Bergen.
    Witnesses:  Garret Abeel, John Perkins and Hemein Hopson.
DANIEL MORISON  of Cairo            Will probated April 1 1828
    Heirs:  Wife, Maria; sons: Ira, Hiram, Daniel A. and John H.;
    daughters: Eliza Ann, Sally Maria and Catharine Getty.
    Executors:  Wife and son, Ira.
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. Barenger, W. Telfare Gifford and John C.
LEONARD BRONK  of Coxsackie    Will Probated June 24 1828
    Heirs:  Wife, Elbertye;  three sons:  John L., Leonard and Robert;
    two daughters: Catharine and Ann Sockles; grandsons: Leonard J.
    Bronk, and Leonard B. VanDyck.
    Executors:  Sons: John and Leonard.
    Witnesses:  Jacob Pruyn, Lovina Bronk and Jacob S. Hallenbeck.
RHODA KELLOGG                     Will Probated September 16 1828
    (Wife of Col. Aaron Kellogg of Canaan, Columbia County, NY)
    Heirs:  Son, Peter Powers; daughters: Rhoda Powers and Mary,
    wife of John Day; niece, Mary, daughter of Richard Powers.
    Executor: Son, James Powers of Catskill.
    Witnesses:  Thomas Ohl Croswell, Francis Sayre and John C.
CORNELIUS MYER  of Catskill     Will Probated September 17 1828
    Heirs:  Wife Maria;  only son, Jonathan; Seven daughters: Wyntje,
    Nella, Sarah, Catharine, Polly, Ann and Mahala. (mentions father
    as Christian Myer).
    Executors:  Son, Jonathan and son-in-law Anthony Abeel.
    Witnesses: William Britt, Abraham Suydam and Henry Ostrander.
REUBEN ADAMS  of Catskill       Will Probated October 2 1828
    Heirs:  Wife, Almira;  brother, Platt; daughter, Mary Ann; son,
    Bradley Hills.
    Executor:  Platt Adams.
    Witnesses:  Bradley Hills, Mary A. Mills, C. Pellamforld and
    Nathaniel P. Perry.
NATHANIEL SHEPHERD   of Greenville   Will Probated Oct 23 1828
    Heirs:  Sons:  Cyrus and Eber; Jane Shepherd Smith, Sally Ann
    Shepherd Smith; Deborah Shepherd Smith, Caroline Shepherd Smith
    and Jemima Smith, housekeeper.
    Executors:  William Hull and Thomas Coldwell.
    Witnesses:  James Palmer, Jr., Harvey Roots and George Hughson, Jr.
NANNING BOGARDUS   of Greenville   Will Probated November 1 1828
    Heirs: Sons: Peter, Henry and Ephraim; Methuel Sutherland, son
    of daughter Jane; Nanning, son of Ephraim; George Beardsley, son
    of daughter, Catharine; Isaac, son of son Jacob; William, son of
    son, Jacob; Angelina, daughter of son Jacob, daughter, Mary.
    Executors:  Son, Henry and Levi Calender.
    Witnesses:  John L. Bronk, Philip Brigham and Nathaniel N. Fancker.
JEREMIAH RUSHMORE  of Athens    Will Probated November 11 1828
    Heirs:  Wife, Martha; three children: Morris, Richard and Anna.
    Executors:  Son, Richard, Solomon Coffin and John Lawton.
    Witnesses:  None listed.
NELLA WINNE  of Athens                 Will Probated 1828
    (wife of Silas RUSHMORE)
    Heirs:  Mary Truley, widow of Jacob Truly; my nephew.
    Executrix:  Mary Truly.
    Witnesses:  Caleb Day, Thomas Ohl Croswell and David Stratton.
RICHARD VanSLYCKE  of New Baltimore   Will Probated Nov. 26 1828
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary; three sons: Henry D., Garret and George; Amos
    and Sally Gillett; Maria, wife of Thomas Field.
    Executors:  Wife and son, Henry D. VanSlycke.
    Witnesses:  Elisha D. Hall, Jane and Cornelia VanSlyck.
CASPER CLOW   of Athens              Will Probated November 26 1828
    Heirs: Daughters: Hannah, wife of David Bartlett; Christina, wife of
    Albert VanHoesen; Elenor, wife of John VanHoesen; sons: John C.
    and Richard; granddaughter Christina, daughter of son Abraham
    Clow, deceased; daughter, Catharine, wife of Abraham Hallenbeck,
    deceased; grandson, Simeon Bartlett.
    Executors:  Casper Hallenbeck and William Tolley Clow, son of
    Richard Clow.
    Witnesses:  Caleb Coffin, John Bennett and John VanVleck

HENRY ASHLEY  of Catskill                 Will Probated January 29 1829

    Heirs:  Wife, Susan H.;  sons:  Henry, George and Charles; Gertrude
    and Mercy, daughters of brother, Oliver Ashley; P. Ashley;
    Catharine, widow of Oliver Ashley, deceased; Martha Jane, daughter
    of Baar Dubois.
    Executors:  William Seaman, Abner Austin, Jacob VanVoris and
    Jacob VanOrden.
    Witnesses:  A. Brace, W. Hawley and Hollis McKinstry.
GILBERT E. PALEN  of Saugerties      Will probated January 29 1829
    Heirs:  Wife, Hannah;  children: Rufus, James, Joseph, Catharine,
    Carline, Maria and Harriet.
    Executors:  Wife and brother, Jonathan Palen; also son, Rufus.
    Witnesses:  Joseph Palen, Benjamin P. Burhans and Tobias
    Wynkoop, Jr,
JOHN WHISKEY  of Catskill             Will Probated January 29 1829
    Heirs:  Wife, Betsey;  children:  Dewit, Susan, Cornelius, Charles
    and Mary Ann.
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses:  Samuel Dubois, Nathan Elliott and William Seaman.
EDWARD AUSTIN  of Athens         Will Probated May 26 1829
    Heirs:  Barnet Cook and Mehitable, his wife, Kuypher.
    Executor:  Barnet Cook.
    Witnesses:  Salmon Coffin, Amos Harrington and William
ZADOCK PRATT  of Lexington        Will Probated May 27 1829
    Heirs:  Wife, Hannah; daughters: Eunice Adams, Huldah Lacy,
    Abigail Chase and Polly Beach; sons:  Ezra Zadock and Bennet.
    Executor:  Ezra Zadock Pratt.
    Witnesses:  Isaac Buel, Albert C. and Susannah Buel.
ISAAC A. HALLENBECK  of Coxsackie        Will Probated July 23 1829
    Heirs:  Wife; sisters: Eleanor and Gertrude; nephew, Francis
    McCarty; children of deceased sister, Magdalena.
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses: Simeon Fitch, Abraham VanDyck and John F. Dederick.
PETER BRANDOW  of Catskill      Will Probated September 23 1829
    Heirs:  Wife, Elizabeth Brant.
    Executors:  Wife, John Vedder and Frederick Sax.
    Witnesses:  Abraham A. Salisbury, Frederick Sax and John Fiero.
ELIAS ANDRUS  of Durham           Will Probated September 28 1829
    Heirs:  Sister, Anna Paine; nephews, Elias and Edwin Paine.
    Executors:  Wells Fink of Windham and Anna Paine.
    Witnesses: Charles Johnson, Daniel Kirtland and Amos Hamlin.
ANDREW HORNKNOCKER  of Windham   Will Probated Oct. 10 1829
    Heirs:  Wife, Elizabeth; two daughters: Margaret and Christeny;
    eldest son, Christopher; grandson, John Schamehorn.
    Executor:  Grandson, John Shamehorn.
    Witnesses:  Robert L. Moore, David Kniffen and Solomon Lament.
HENRY D. TOLLE  of Athens       Will Probated October 12 1829
    Heirs:  Wife, Henraca;  sons:  John H., Garret and William;
    grandchildren: John Frederick and Henereta Tolle, John Frederick
    VanCork and Henry John Bartholomew Tolle.
    Executors:  John F. Garret and William Tolle.
    Witnesses:  John F. Tolle and John Claw, Jr.
John A. VANLOON  of Athens            Will Probated October 16 1829
    Heirs:  Mother and brother, Albert A. VanLoon.
    Executor:  Brother, Albert A. VanLoon.
    Witnesses: Gordon and Catharine Dickson, William Tolley.
SARAH VanVECHTEN  of Catskill    Will Probated October 16 1829
    Heirs:  Sons: John, Jacob, Abraham, Peter, Samuel, William,
    Washington and Teunis; nephew, Jacob VanOrden.
    Executors:  Brother-in-law, Abraham VanVechten; son, John Van
    Vechten and nephew, Jacob VanOrden.
    Witnesses:  Catharine Dubois, Henry McKinstry and John B.

WILLIAM PORTER  of New Baltimore     Will Probated October 20 1829

    Heirs:  Wife, Mary.
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses:  Stephen, Prudence and Charles Titus
JACOB BOGARDUS  of Greenville        Will Probated November 9 1829
    Heirs: Wife, Patience; daughters: Sarah Wetmore, Esther Jones,
    Rebecca Chalott and Anna Prevost;  sons: Jacob and William
    Whitney; children of deceased daughter, Mary Smith;
    granddaughter, Emeline Elizabeth Bogardus.
    Executors:  Robert Dorton and Anna Prevost.
    Witnesses:  John C. Spencer, Mary Ann and Frances I. Prevost.
JOHN PULLAN                                  Will Probated November 21 1829
    Heirs:  Wife, Jane.
    Letters of Administration to James Pullan and Robinson Hazard,
    Witnesses:  Thomas O.H. Croswell, Peter Simonson, Elen Seaman
    and Nancy Pelham.
GARRET ABEEL  of Catskill             Will Probated November 28 1829
    Heirs:  Wife; eldest son, Thomas; daughter, Rosina Laramer; grand-
    children: Henry P., Isaac, Thomas P., Tunis B., and Peter H. Becker,
    also Margaret, wife of William Ferris.  (Mother of these
    grandchildren mentioned as Fanny Becker.)
PETER P. SOCKS  of Catskill    Will Probated December 15 1929
    Heirs:  Wife, Elizabeth; daughter, Maria Socks Vedder; grand-
    daughter, Maria Socks Vedder; Alexander Vedder; Peter F.
    Socks; Cynthia, wife of William Stevens; Joshua Stevens, their
    son; Paulus Socks, son of Paul Socks, deceased; Peter Fiero,
    son of John Fiero; Peter Socks, son of brother Frederick Socks;
    Catherine Dubois, daughter of Isaac Dubois of Catskill.
    Executors:  Isaac I. Dubois of Kiskatom and Peter F. Socks of
    the same place; Jacob VanOrden of Catskill.
    Witnesses:  A. VanVechten and John VanVechten and R. Dorlon.

HENDRICK BECKER   of Windham    Will Probated February 2 1830
    Heirs:  Wife; eldest son, Thomas; daughter, Rosina Laramer; grand-
    children: Henry P., Isaac, Thomas P., Tunis B., and Peter H.
    Becker,  also Margaret, wife of William Ferris. (Mother of these
    children mentioned as Fanny Becker.)
    Executors:  Thomas Becker and John Laramer.
    Witnesses:  John T. Moore, Andrew Harknocker and Andrew Decker.
SYLVESTER PARIS  of Durham      Will Probated February 8 1830
    Heirs:  Wife Patience;  sons:  Sylvester, Amos and Cromwell;
    daughters:  Martha, wife of George Lamphier; Huldah, wife of John
    Wood;  Hannah, wife of Marshall Parie; Patty, wife of John Emy;
    Mercy, wife of Amos Cleveland; Fanny, wife of Philip A. White;
    Silence, wife of Athan Rupil. (mentions deceased daughter Polly.)
    Executors:  Wife and son Sylvester.
    Witnesses  Henry Clark, William Lusk and P. King.
NICHOLS CORNEL   of Windham     Will Probated March 1 1830
    Heirs:  Sons:  Gideon, Isaac and George; two daughters:
    Rebecca and Betsey; Mary King's children, Betsey and Rufus;
    John L. Cornel; Mercy, daughter of Betsey Stimpson.
    Executor:  Samuel Reynolds.
    Witnesses:  Isreal Miner, William Clark and Jno. C. Dewit.
Francis CLAW   of Athens                Will Probated April 5 1830
    Heirs:  Wife, Getty; sons: Garret (oldest) and John; daughter, Lena,
    daughter Lena's two children; grand-daughter, Jane Van Dusen.
    Executors:  Nicholas VanLoon and William Tully.
    Witnesses:  Abraham L. Spoor, John VanLoon, Jr. and George Bomi
JOHN VanLOON  of Windham           Will Probated April 6 1830
    Heirs:  Wife, Catharine; daughter and only child, Dolly, wife of
    Robert VanDusen; Robert VanDusen; Isaac VanLoon and Isaac
    Executor:  Robert VanDusen.
    Witnesses:  John V.D. S. Scott, William W. VanLoon and
    Richard Standly, Jr.
ELIAKIM REED  of Greenville            Will Probated May 3 1830
    Heirs:  Wife; sons:  Abijah and Herman; daughters: Lydia, Vina and
    Sally; heirs of daughter, Jenny, deceased.
    Executors. Abijah and Herman Reed.
    Witnesses:  Levi Cullinder, Rupel Wakely and Amos Hitchcock.
ABNER HOAG  of New Baltimore    Will Probated May 10 1830
    Heirs:  Sons: Elihu, Salomon;  Joseph, Joel and Abner More;
    daughters: Deborah Narromore, Sibil Gage and Rachel Garrit.
    Executors:  Son, Elihu Hoag an Thomas Nelson.
    Witnesses:  John Gue, Elam Garret and Sarah Hunt.
HENRY DEWITT  of Catskill            Will Probated June 5 1830
    Heirs:  Three daughters:  Elsie, wife of Benjamin Winne; Gitty,
    wife of Peter Overbagh; Temperance, wife of Henry VanOrden.
    Executors:  Son-in-law, Benjamin Winn and John Langen Dycke
    of Saugerties.
    Witnesses: James Powers, Joseph Hyde and Caleb Day.
    Witnesses to Codicil:  Caleb Day, William W. VanVechten and
    Chester Hull, Jr.
JESSE STORY  of Athens              Will Probated June 14 1830
    Heirs:  Wife, Hetty; son Jesse W.; daughter, Harriet H. H.
    Executors:  Wife, Hetty; Gabriel S. Turner and Jesse Story.
    Witnesses:  A. Fraser, Or. Benton and Casper A. Hallenbeck.
MERRICK COWAN  of Catskill        Will Probated July 10 1830
    Heirs:  John M. Donelly and Mary Cowen, wife of brother, Willard
    Executor: John M. Donelly.
    Witnesses:  Robert McClellan, A. Donnelley and Winifred Thirito.
GEORGE BURK  of Catskill           Will Probated July 17 1830
    Heirs:  Wife, Mariah; daughters: Sally, Nelly, Hannah, Elizabeth,
    also the three married daughters: Mariah, wife of Abraham Lane;
    Catharine, wife of Joseph Bowen; Linah (Christina-AC), wife of Isaiah
    Brandow; children of Sally, Sophia Benter, Elizabeth Maria Benter 
    and George Benter; John Layman and wife Elizabeth; grand daughter
    Maria, daughter of Peter Layman, deceased.
    Executor: Perrit Person.
    Witnesses:  William Schuneman, Jr., Isaac and Abram Plank.
STEPHEN LAMPMAN   of Athens     Will Probated July 26 1830
    Heirs:  Wife, Betsey; mother; daughter, Rebecca; son Henry.
    Executors:  John L. Bronk of Coxsackie and William Tolley of
    Witnesses:  John Gay of Athens and Eleanor M. Hedges of Athens.
EZEKIEL ROBERTS  of Cairo       Will Probated September 10 1830
    Heirs:  Wife, Catharine; son, Joel; daughter, Lydia Forgason and
    David Earlls.
    Executors:  Ira T. Day and Horace Austin.
    Witnesses:  Amasa Mattson and Pliny L. Barton.
JAMES RENNE  of Cairo              Will Probated November 1 1830
    Heirs:  Wife, Sally; children: Smith, Horace, Justin, James M.,
    George, Eleanor Lockwood, Effa Antus, Emeline, Lucy Ann and
    Sarah Jones.
    Executors:  Harvey Mead and son, Horace.
    Witnesses:  Andrew and Orrin Wood, Edward Adams.

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