Wills 1891-1900

Wills of Greene County
Abstracts from 1891-1900

Abstract of Wills from 1802 to 1900, being copied from the records in the office of the Surrogate at Catskill, NY by RAY C. SAWYER,
Volume 3 copied in 1933 

Transcribed by Annette Campbell

IRA  SCRIBNER   of  Catskill     Probated January 5, 1891
Heirs:  wife;  sons, John V., Joseph and Nelson T.;  grand daughters, Marietta Frost,
and Caroline A. Hawver;  grand son, Eugene F. Frost.
Executors:  sons, John V. and Joseph
Witnesses:  Peter and George VanBramer, both of Catskill

ADDISON F. BEACH   of Catskill       Probated January 20, 1891
Heirs:  wife, Mary C.;  children (not named)
Executors:  wife Mary C. and Samuel L. Penfield
Witnesses:  Jacob S. Philip and H. F. Olmstead, both of Catskill

MARCUS H. TROWBRIDGE  of Catskill            Probated February 2, 1891
Heir:  wife, Harriet
Executrix:  wife, Harriet
Witnesses:  Charles B. Pinckney and Charles Cornwell

SUSAN COMPTON  of Durham        Probated February 2, 1891
Heirs:  adopted daughter, Roselpha, wife of Leander Scofield.
Executor:  W. B. Winchell
Witnesses:  John W. Orr and Mrs. Catharine E. Rider, both of Oak Hill

MARGARET M. BROWN  of Catskill            Probated February 9, 1891
Heirs:  Francis Story Sr. of Catskill and his sons and daughters, his daughters-in-law and
sons-in-law and his grandchildren;  Margaret, Jane and Isabella G. Walker of New York
    City, daughters of Margaret Walker, deceased.  Grand daughters of Margaret Walker,
    deceased, Josephine and Emily;  Martha, widow of Samuel Thomson of New York City;
four sons of Jane A. Burdett--Ira, David, James and Theodore and her grandson,
    Theodore, son of Ira Burdett;  children of Thomas Brown, deceased;  children of Andrew
    Brown, deceased, of Bovina, Delaware Co, NY.
Executors:  Francis Story, son, and Francis Story, Jr.
Witnesses:  S. B. DuBois and N. Herbert Hunter, both of Catskill

ALDEN FERRIS  of Ashland   Probated February 9, 1891
Heirs:  sons, Addie, Clindon D., and Alden Jr.;  daughters, Mary H. Moore, Ellen
    Bookhout, Sarah J. Bookhout and Otis Overbaugh;  first two children of daughter Ellen
Bookhout;  (Mentions deceased brother and sister, Alexander and Polly Ferris, also a
    relative Levi Ferris).
Executors:  sons, Addie and Clinton F. Ferris
Witnesses:  Egbert B. and Edgar S. Dodge, both of Ashland

RANSOM ARNOLD  of Durham    Probated February 10, 1891
Heirs:  wife, Priscilla;  son, Charley Arnold's wife;  son, Charley
Executors:  wife and son, Charley
    Witnesses:  U. B. Winchell and Byron Hall

 GERTRUDE JOHNSTON  of Catskill                Probated February 11, 1891
Heirs:  husband, James;  daughter, Mary C. Grant.
Executor:  Charles A. Elliott
Witnesses:  J. A. Griswold and G. A. Thompson, both of Catskill

ELIZABETH RICHARDS  of Catskill                Probated February 19, 1891
Heir:  sister, Jane H. Dorlan
Executrix:  sister, Jane H. Dorlan
Witnesses:  John M. Scott and William W. Richards

MARY JACKSON  of Catskill      Probated February 26, 1891
Heirs:  nephews, Joseph L. and Townsend G. Jackson;  sister, Eliza Jackson;  nieces, Fanny
    E. Heath and Matilda K. Jackson;  also Georgina A. Jackson.
Executor:  Joseph L. Jackson
Witnesses:  W. Irving Jennings and Emory A. Chase, both of Catskill

CHARLES E. WEBBER  of Athens            Probated February 26, 1891
Heir:  wife, Mary C.
Executrix:  wife, Mary C.
Witnesses:  S. H. Nichols and John B. Adams, both of Athens

PHEBE ANN HYATT  of Coxsackie                   Probated March 2, 1891
Heirs:  husband, Edward;  Margaret Youngs, sister of her husband;  Thomas R. Smith.
Executor:  Thomas R. Smith
Witnesses:  Millard Hallenbeck and John B. Bronk both of Coxsackie  

ISAAC MYGATT of Coxsackie  Probated March 2, 1891
    Heirs: wife, Emeline and daughter Ellen
    Executors: wife, Emeline, and Arthur E. Powell
    Witnesses: Albert Parker and W.R. Church, both of Coxsackie

 EDWARD LANE  of Hunter                         Probated March 9, 1891
Heirs:  wife, Mary J.;  three sons, Harvey S., Harry D. and Charles R.;  daughters, Mrs.
    Mary A. Jansen and Loretta J. Lane.
Executors:  wife and George Teller of Kingston
Witnesses:  James A. Betts and Sophia E. Teller, both of Kingston.

AMY HOWLAND  of Athens          Probated March 9, 1891
Heirs:  Sarah Sherwood, daughter of deceased husband, Henry J. Howland; Margaret
    Maria, daughter of the late James Dickson;  children, George, Titus and Ella Jane
Executors:  George T. Howland and Ella J. Howland
Witnesses:  Herman F. Dernell and Frederick R. Lape, both of Athens

JEREMIAH BROOKS  of Athens             Probated March 15, 1891
Heirs:  sister, Hannah Burch of Savannah, Wayne Co, NY.
Executor:  son, Charles P. Brooks;  Samuel H. Nichols of Athens
Witnesses:  Sylvanus H. Cooper and Franklin J. Hallenbeck, both of Athens

ROBERT H. ROBINSON  of Cairo          Probated March 16, 1891
Heir:  wife Aravesta N.
Executrix:  same as above
Witnesses:  Alanson Lathrop and Sarah E. Betts, both of Cairo

ABIGAIL P. POWELL  of Coxsackie        Probated March 24, 1891
Heirs:  daughter, Jennie H. Slingerland;  son, Benjamin B.; grandson and grand daughter,
    Clerence G. and Maud, children of son Alonso J. Powell; grandson, Arthur and grand
    daughter, Edith A., children of Daniel E. Powell;  grandson, Luman, son of daughter,
    Jennie H. Slingerland.
Executor:  son, Benjamin B.
Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and H. T. Bedell, both of Coxsackie

CHARLES B. PINCKNEY   of Catskill           Probated April 15, 1891
Heirs:  Samuel L. Penfield and S. Barent DuBois;  grand children, Susan E. G., Phebe Vail
    and Francis C. Pinckney
Executors:  Samuel L. Penfield and S. B. DuBois
Witnesses:  M. B. Mattice and Ambrose Jones, both of Catskill

HANNAH REYNOLDS  of Catskill         Probated April 20, 1891
Heirs:  four children, Edward, Annie, Thomas and Peter
Executor:  son, Edward
Witnesses:  A. M. Murphy and Peter Welsh, both of Catskill

 CLARK D. STANNARD  of Durham        Probated May 11, 1891
Heirs:  wife, Isabella;  mother, Eunice
Executrix:  wife, Isabella
Witnesses:  Rodman Dodge of Freehold, NY and Louise Searles of Norton Hill, NY

MILTON FOWKS, Sr.  of Catskill              Probated May 20, 1891
Heirs:  wife, Annie Calista;  three children, Bella, Lyman and Annie May.
Executor:  Robert Fullagar
Witnesses:  Stanton Palmatier and E. D. Greene, both of Leeds

CHRISTINA DECKER  of Lexington      Probated May 25, 1891
Heirs:  children, William E., Ezra, Nicholas, Martin V., Sarah Mariah, wife of Daniel P.
    Haynes and Eveline, wife of George Showers.
Executors:  Ezra and Nicholas Decker
Witnesses:  Walter S. Clawson and Sidney L. Deyo, both  of Westkill, Greene Co, NY

DAVID W. FERGUSON  of Prattsville       Probated June 8, 1891
Heirs:  wife, Maria Louisa;  son Robert, daughter, Marion K.
Executors:  wife and daughter, Minnie
Witnesses:  Luman and H, Louie Reed, both of Gilboa, NY

SARAH C. JONES  of Cairo           Probated June 22, 1891
Heirs:  Chester, James H. and Richard Oliver Stoddard;  George U. Mead, Lizzie Beach,
    Emma Cochran, Addison Stoddard, Mrs. George Anna Mudge; Eliza V. Stoddard,
    daughter of Addison Stoddard; Ferdinand Locke.
Executor:  Gilbert U. Mead
Witnesses:  W. M. Greene and Samuel S. Johnson, both of Cairo

 BENJAMIN O. MILLER  of Catskill              Probated July 1, 1891
Heirs:  sisters, Mary Ann Cobb, Susan _. Post and Phebe S. Plank
Executor:  brother-in-law, Addison D. Plank
Witnesses:  J. A. Griswold and Walter B. Lyman, both of Catskill

MARTIN F. SMITH  of Catskill           Probated July 6, 1891
Heir:  wife Helen M.
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Frank H. Osborn and George A. Dykeman, both of Catskill                          

CLARA EDELEN  of Baltimore, MD          Probated July 13, 1891
Heirs:  nieces, Sally Maria Jamison and Nannie Gough;  Mrs. Jennie Dorsey;  Rev. William
    A Reardon and nephew, Lee Goldsborough.
Executrix:  Emily, wife of Charles G. Nicholson
Witnesses:  Raphael S. Payne and Marry Ellis

 BENJAMIN P. DU BOIS  of Catskill           Probated July 13, 1891
Heirs:  Cathatine Abeel and Elizabeth Dewitt, children of Hiram Atkins;  Georgeanna
E. Lane; Sophia, wife of Richard Wait; Susan Mary, widow of late brother, John P.
    DuBois;  William, son of John P. DuBois;  children of William DuBois, Mary, Frederick,
    Harvey and Ellen DuBois;  nieces, Henrietta Mayo, formerly Henrietta Bennett and Sarah
    E. Overbaugh, formerly Sarah E. Bennett.
Executor:  Rufus H. King
Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and W. Irving Jennings both of Catskill

HENRIETTA REED  of Coxsackie   Probated July 20, 1891
Heirs:  nephews, Stuart and Alexander Reed;  also Frederick and Charles Backus and
    Wheeler Palmer;  sisters, Fannie Backus, Addie Hollister, Susan Wright, Mary McNair,
    Isabella Reed and Dell Hamilton;  brothers, George and John Backus
Executor:  Wheeler Palmer
Witnesses:  A. C. Dwight and Milo H. Briggs both of Coxsackie

RACHEL JANE HULL  of Greenville               Probated July 20, 1891
Heirs:  _. Augusta Wood Hull of Jersey City;  Clarence Walter Hull of Hancock, MN, and       Charles Tuttle Hull of St. Paul, MN;  Mary M. Atwater of Calicoon Depot, NY; Japhet C.
    and Mina Lydia Hull, now of Seneca Falls, NY;  David W. Hull of Jersey City and Henry
    T. Hull of Poultney, VT;  Albert M. Hull and his daughter, Mary Josephine, now of Ithaca,
    NY;  Emma and Mina Lydia, daughters of Japhet C. Hull, now of Seneca Falls, NY.
Executor:  David W. Hull
Witnesses:  G. G. McCabe and Arthur Hartt both of Greenville.

ISRAEL LISK  of New Baltimore          Probated July 27, 1891
Heir:  wife, Maria
Executor:  Bronk VanSlyke
Witnesses:  Augustus Sherman and Joel Nelson both of New Baltimore

SARAH WINANS  of Coxsackie            Probated July 29, 1891
Heirs:  grand daughters, Grace and Elida Hamilton
Executor:  Henry VanDyck
Witnesses:  Millard Hallenbeck and Stephen Winans, both of Coxsackie

CALVIN BRANDOW  of Greenville       Probated August 3, 1891
Heirs:  wife, Sarah A. ;  son, Isaac W.;  daughter, Naomia J. Smith;  two grand children,
Jane D., wife of Eli Cooper and Sarah M. Howard, children of Christina A. Howard.
Executors:  wife and son, Isaac W.
Witnesses:  H. T. Bedell and W. N. Brandow, both of Coxsackie

ROBERT WEBBER  of Catskill     Probated August 4, 1891
Heirs:  wife, Emily;  sons, Willie and Herman;  daughter, Clara; (mentions deceased father
    as William Webber)
Executors:  son, Willie and Oliver T. Shermerhorn
Witnesses:  P.C. Lewis and B. F. Green both of Catskill

FRANCIS STORY    of Catskill              Probated August 5, 1891
Heirs:  wife, Jane;  three daughters, Anna Jane Wynkoop, Martha T. Plank and Isabella
B. Person;  two sons, Robert F. and Francis, Jr.
Executors:  two sons as above
Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and W. Irving Jennings both of Catskill

RACHAEL ANN LAMPMAN    of Coxsackie        Probated August 24, 1891
Heirs:  daughter, Mary Emma;  son, Isaac D.;  eight grandchildren.
Executor:  brother, Daniel Haviland of Brooklyn.
Witnesses:  E. L. Collier of 69 Fort Green Place, Brooklyn   and Jennie Lampman of

 BENJAMIN F. EATON  of Coxsackie       Probated August 24, 1891
Heir:  wife, Elizabeth S.
Executrix:  wife, Elizabeth S.
Witnesses:  Nathan H. Vosburgh and John B. Bronk, both of Coxsackie

EMMA D. ANDREWS  of Windham     Probated August 24, 1891
Heir:  step mother, Lucy S.
Executrix:  step mother, Lucy S.
Witnesses:  Clara S. Mack and Franklin Finch both of Windham, NY                                   

AMELIA TUTTLE  of Ashland            Probated September 4, 1891
Heirs:  two daughters, Frances A. Jeralds of Wallingford, CT, and Ellen L. Tuttle of
    Ashland NY.
Executors:  T. W. Jeralds and Ellen Tuttle
Witnesses:  T. W. Jeralds of Wallingford, CT and L. B. Cornell of Windham NY

 AARON BAKER  of Durham         Probated September 7, 1891
Heirs:  grandson, Charles Arnold;  grand daughters, Cora Baker and Eva Foresyth.
Executrix:  wife, Electa
Witnesses:  Hiram Alger and William Alger both of Oak Hill

JOHN C. WILLIAMS  of Athens    Probated September 7, 1891
Heirs:  Various Religious Organizations
(Will revoked and set aside)
Executor:  None listed
Witnesses:  William H. Bogardus and Wentworth Allen, both of Athens

JONAS M. SMITH  of Ashland      Probated September 14, 1891
Heirs:     Eldest daughter, Mary J. Tompkins; youngest daughter, Adalade Smith;
    daughter,  Jennet Lewis;  son, Chauncey.
Executors:  son Chauncey and George S. Lewis
Witnesses:  Wilbur F. Lee and Hiran J. Davis, Jr.

CLARISSA DUANE   of Catskill       Probated September 14, 1891
Heirs:   Clara, Bertha and Carrie L., daughters of deceased daughter, Louisa Lennox;
    cousin, Mrs. C. Berkins of Glenford, Ulster Co, NY;  Tecumseh, son of deceased daughter,
Louisa Lennox;  Henry G. Lennox, 56 Vernon Ave., Brooklyn;  Charles P., son of deceased
    nephew Lewis J. Lennox;  two brothers, Lewis G. Adsit of Catskill and Daniel H. Adsit of
    New York.
Executors:  none listed
Witnesses:  Arthur W. Kittle and Maria Brower both of Glenford, NY

JOSHUA CARMAN   of Cairo       Probated  September 21, 1891
Heirs:  wife, Jane and son Nelson
Executrix:  wife, Jane
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Henry Steele, both of Cairo

OLIVER WRIGHT   of Durham     Probated September 28, 1891
Heir:  wife, Jane
Executrix:  wife, Jane
Witnesses:  D. S. Jones and A. B. Snyder, both of East Durham, Greene Co.

THEODORE C. TEALE  of Palenville         Probated September 28, 1891
Heirs:  wife, Adelaide J.;  sisters, Martha J., Charlotte A. Goodwin and Martha J.;  brother,
    Francis P.
Executors:  wife, Adelaide J. and niece, Sarah F. Haines
Witnesses:  Virginia Reynolds of 137 E. 49th St. NY and Emory A. Chase of Catskill

LEVI FRELIGH   of Coxsackie      Probated September 28, 1891
Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth;  two sons, Benjamin M. and James A.;  daughter, Eliza C. Fennel;
daughter-in-law, Adeline, wife of deceased son, Peter.
Executors:  wife, Elizabeth and two sons listed above.
Witnesses:  John H. Salisbury and John B. Bronk, both of Coxsackie

DEWITT C. HINMAN   of Windham   Probated October 12, 1891
Heirs:  children by first wife, Emily C. Newcomb, Annie Phelps, Helen A. Bloodgood, and
    Frances Porter;  wife, Margaret E.; son, William D. Hinman and daughter Elizabeth E.
Executor:  Levi W. Bloodgood of Hensonville, NY
Witnesses:   Jennie DeLong and Josiah C. Tallmadge both of Windham

MARIETTE WALDRON  of Durham       Probated October 12, 1891
Heirs:  husband, John J.;  children, Emma A., Arthur J. and Grace;  sister  Augusta Calkins.
Executors:  husband and son Arthur J.
Witnesses:  Harry and Emily Bagley, both of Greenville

THEODORE D. CHASE  of Jewett            Probated October 19, 1891
Heirs:  wife, Etta M.; son Orliff H.
Executrix:  wife, Etta M.
Witnesses:   Emory A. Chase of Catskill and Dumont L. Chase of  Hensonville and  Mary
    E. Chase of Catskill

 PETER MARTIN   of Catskill     Probated October 26, 1891
Heirs:  daughters, Helen Johnson and Calista Smith;  son, Fred Martin
Executors:  son Fred Martin and son-in-law, David W. Smith
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and James Priest, both of Catskill

JAMES P. BONESTEEL  of Lexington     Probated October 26, 1891
Heirs:  none listed
Executor:  Jackson Butler
Witnesses:  John Tuttle and Delavan Sharp, both of Lexington

AMY C. RICHARDSON  of Catskill     Probated November 2, 1891
Heirs:  Ephraim M. Musier, Charles Musier, George M. Musier, Jacob T. B. Musier,Martin
    H. Musier, Eve M. Fiero, Martha J. Abrail and Minerva F. Taylor, Mary C. Hudson, Jeanna
    Rightmyer, Sarah Waters, William Waters, John and Lyman Waters
Executors:  John Crawford  and _____ ______ of Smiths Landing, Catskill (no second name
Witnesses:  John and Rufus Crawford

ELIZA J.  DEYOE   of Lexington       Probated November 16, 1891
Heirs:  sister, Mrs. Mary A. Blakeslee;  niece, Nettie Lane and nephew William Blakeslee.
Executor:  G. H. Faulkner of Lexington
Witnesses:  Fletcher Mackey and Delos B. Chichester both of Lexington

BELA SMITH   of Durham       Probated December 7, 1891
Heirs:  children, Caroline Timmerman, Julia Quick, William, Basil, John M. and Edward.
Executor:  none listed
Witnesses:  Calvin Borthwick and Charles H. Wetmore, both of Durham

SARAH B. LENT  of Ashland    Probated December 8, 1891
Heirs:  husband, George M.;  Hiram B. Clark; Abie L. Brewer, Jr., Hannah Richtmyer,
    Marian Brainard;  Helen, wife of Hiram B. Clark;   Rosella Ramsey; Abraham Brown, Sr.;
(mentions parents, John Ives, died 1856 and Lola Ives, wife, born 1818 and died 1856)
and David Brainard.
Executor:  Hiram B. Clark
Witnesses:  P. J. Stanley of Windham and A. B. Munson of Ashland

JOHN K. RHINEHART  of Catskill  Probated December 9, 1891
Heirs:  Mary Emma More and Abraham L. Rhinehart
Executors:  Henry L. and Garret L. DuBoice
Witnesses:  R. H. Rhinehart and G. L. DuBois

RACHEL BREASTED  of Catskill         Probated December 16, 1891
Heir:  sister, Jane VanLoan
Executrix:  sister, Jane VanLoan
Witnesses:  Rufus H. King and W. Breasted, both of Catskill

JANE VanDYKE  of Catskill            Probated December 21, 1891
Heirs:  husband, Earl;  children, Franklin P., William E. and Edward E./B.;  children of
son, Douglas.
    Executors:  husband and son William E.
Witnesses:  E. A. and Violetta Bassett, both of Catskill

ALANSON WOODWORTH  of Jewett        Probated December 28, 1891
Heirs:  wife, Catherine C. and son, Herbert G.
Executrix:  wife, Catherine C.
Witnesses:  L. E. and Buel Woodworth, both of Jewett 

MARGARET SCOFIELD  of Greenville        Probated January 4, 1892
Heirs:  Mary E. McCabe, Dwight H. Cooley of Summit, NJ; Margaret S. Hall of Elizabeth,
    NJ; Louise Cooley of New York City, Fannie Williams of New York City, Alice S. Cooley 
of Newark, NJ;  Maggie S. Hand of Racine, WI; Henry J. Budd of Racine, WI; Ann Eliza
    Scofield of Middletown, NY;  Julia Green of Middletown, NY and Mary E. Godney of
Executors:  Dwight H. Cooley of Summit, NJ
Witnesses:  Bradley S. and Mary L. McCabe both of Greenville 

HENRY STEELE   of Cairo             Probated January 25, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Ann;  nephew, Joseph of Blowerhasset, County Cumberland, England; niece,
    Frances Denton of Lewthwaite, County Cumberland, England.
Executor:  Francis G. Walters
Witnesses:  Charles Person and Orlando Post, both of Cairo   

ISSAC HOUSE  of Catskill          Probated January 25, 1892
Heirs:  Carrie E., widow of deceased son, George;  Julia A., widow of deceased son,
    Clarence; grand children, Helen A. and Isaac;  grand daughter, Charlotte, daughter of
    deceased son, George.
    Executor:  W. Irving Jennings
Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock, Orrin Day and Emory A. Chase

CHRISTOPHER V. BARNETT  of Coxsackie       Probated February 1, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Mary A.;  Miss Satie B. Scoville;  youngest sister, Mrs. Margaret D. Hillis and
her two sons, Dr. C. Y. of Griffins Corners, Delaware Co, NY and John O. Hillis of Hobart,
    Delaware Co, NY
Executors:  Dr. Francis S. Green and sister, Mrs. Margaret D. Hillis
Witnesses:  F. S. Greene and D. H. Daley, both of Coxsackie 

WILLIAM P. STAPLES  of Coxsackie      Probated February 1, 1892
Heirs:  son, George R.;  grand children, Howard, Lillian and Leona, children of son, Smith,
deceased;  Norman, Oscar and Emma, children of daughter, Mary Ann Dodge, deceased;
William S. and Jenny, children of daughter, Effie J. Carman, deceased;  Effie, child of
    daughter, Betsey Ann Knapp, deceased.
Executors:  Palmer Searles, Nelson VanBergen and Gideon P. Sleight
Witnesses:  J. Armstrong Hotaling and Levi Bedell

WILLIAM COCHRAN  of Coxsackie          Probated February 8, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Sarah Jane;  daughter, Emma A.
Executrix:  wife, Sarah Jane
Witnesses:  Casper Flansburgh and Abram M. Hallenbeck, both of Coxsackie 

DEIDAMIA BOARDMAN  of Cairo      Probated February 15, 1892
Heir:  daughter, Isabelle Feeney
Executrix:  daughter, Isabelle Feeney
Witnesses:  Clarence W. Jennings and Fidelia Jennings, both of Freehold

RACHEL A. DEANE  of Athens     Probated February 15, 1892
Heirs:  niece, Helen M. VanHoesen of Coxsackie;  Agnes L. Vaughn of Livingston,
    Columbia County;  brother, John F. VanHeosen;  sister, Mary E. VanHoesen.
Executors:  brother, John F. VanHoesen and Marietta VanHoesen and Almon VanHoesen.
Witnesses:  Francis J. and Agnes VanHoesen, both of Coxsackie 

WILLIAM RYAN  of Athens     Probated February 15, 1892
Heirs:  son, Jeremiah;  daughters, Catharine Burns and Mary Johnson
Executor:  Patrick O'Grady
Witnesses:  Samuel H. Nichols and John Slattery, both of Athens

FREDERICK COONLEY  of Greenville      Probated February 15, 1892
Heirs:  sons, Charles A. and Platt;  Lorenzo Coonley;  daughter, Mariah Stevens, wife of
    Pierce Stevens;  grand daughters, children of son, Jacob H., deceased; grand daughters
    and grandson, children of son, Edgar D.;  grand daughter, child of son, Theodore.
Executors:  sons, Platt and Charles A.
Witnesses:  Humphrey Wilber and Rodman Dodge, both of Greenville

JOSEPH HALLOCK  of Catskill    Probated February 17, 1892
Heir:  wife, Eugenia G.
Executor:  Milton E. Curtiss of Fishkill on Hudson, NY
Witnesses:  W. Irving Jennings and Henry D. Shores, both of Catskill  

CHRISTIAN MOORE  of New Baltimore      Probated February 29, 1892

    Heirs:  wife, Cornelia;  children, Giles, Charles, Susan, Mary Ann Moore, wife of Alonzo
    Jones, Elizabeth A. Moore, wife of Anthony Roberts, Phoebe Moore, wife of Claudius
    Newton VanHoesen,  William and Angenette Moore, wife of Charles Besack; 
grandchildren, Egbert and George, children of deceased son, Philip _. Moore and John C.,
    son of deceased son, John.  (Mentions Ida C., sister of Egbert and George Moore)
Executor:  Claudius Newton VanHoesen, son-in-law, of Coxsackie
    Witnesses:  D. H. Daly and Hiram Bogardus, both of Coxsackie

WILLIAM OSBORN  of Jewett         Probated March 5, 1892
Heirs:  son, Samuel W. and daughter, Harmony Elizabeth
Executor:  son, Samuel W.
Witnesses:  William R. and Elias J. Reynolds, both of Windham

ELIZABETH SCOTT  of New Baltimore    Probated March 7, 1892
Heirs:  sister, Margaret M. Lord and niece, Sarah Ann Vanderzee, also Sarah Shear and
Lydia Hunt;  nephew, Andrew Vanderzee;  Lydia Hunt, Jeanna Cole, Jane Hunt and
Augusta Garvin, children of sister Margaret M. Lord;  Jane Godney, Elizabeth Cornelius
and Harmon W. Elmendorf.
Executrix:  Sarah Ann Vanderzee
Witnesses:  Cornelius Vanderzee and E. C. Osterhout, both of Coeymans

DARIUS ALLEN  of Greenville       Probated March 7, 1892
Heirs:  two children, John H. and Sarah, wife of David _. Powell and step-daughter,
    Hannah Burk
Executrix:  step-daughter, Hannah Burk
Witnesses:  Rodman and Mary E. Dodge, both of Greenville

ABRAM GARDNER  of Athens        Probated March 7, 1892
Heirs:  sister, Polly Everson and nephew, William Henry Everson.
Executor:  Richard Janson of Coxsackie
Witnesses:  Charles J. and Richmond M. Janson, both of Coxsackie

DOMINICK M. DEVITT  of Greenville      Probated March 7, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Hannah;  daughters, Mary Ann, wife of John Geraghty and Cecelia Nelson; 
sons, Peter and Ferdinand;  Rosana Gillespe and Josephine Kavanaugh.
(Mentions mother and father as Ferdinand and Cecilia McDevitt
Executors:  Mary Ann Geraghty and Josephine Kavanagh
Witnesses:  Rodman and Mary E. Dodge, both of Greenville

WILLARD BISHOP  of Windham        Probated March 7, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Lena
Executrix:  wife, Lena
Witnesses:  Albin E. West and Augustus A. Lewis, both of Windham

J. LEVI VanVLIET    of Coxsackie         Probated March 9, 1892
Heirs:  uncle Charles Hinckley and aunt Maria Hinckley of Wisconsin; Miss Maria Myers
    of Coxsackie;  Casper and Hannah Egberts, his wife;  Roscoe Hallock of Coxsackie; Mrs.
    Franklin Beatty of Coxsackie;  cousins, Mary M. Day, Laura Ann and David Lampman; 
Maria Austin, Emma Spoor, daughter of R. VanVliet.
Executors:  stephen P. Hallock and Maria Myers, both of Coxsackie
Witnesses:  J. B. Bronk and Abram M. Hallenbeck, both of Coxsackie

MARY J. GARRETT  of Catskill      Probated March 10, 1892
(wife of Peter R. Garrett of Catskill)
Heirs:  two daughters, Martha E., wife of Charles T. Bedell and Mary E., wife of Charles A.
Executor:  son-in-law, Charles A. Nicoll of Catskill
Witnesses:  William E. Bailey and Henry VanBergen, both of West Coxsackie 

ALBERT SIMMONS  of New Baltimore     Probated March 21, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Hulda;  daughter, Jane McDonald of Albany Co, NY
Executor:  Spencer Palmer
Witnesses:  Jessie G. Simmons and Burton G. Palmer, all of New Baltimore

CAROLINE  B. HALL   of Greenville    Probated March 21, 1892
Heirs:  Charles R. Knowles of Albany and Ambrose B. Hull of Greenville
Executor:  Charles R. Knowles of Albany
Witnesses:  Charles R. Knowles and Samuel S. Hatt, both of Albany

HOMERIA A. TABOR  of Coxsackie    Probated March 21, 1892
Heirs:  mother, Jane C. Bouton;  sister, Helen
Executors:  mother and sister Helen
Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and B. F. Bogardus, both of Coxsackie  

SARAH M. PARDEE  of Catskill     Probated March 30, 1892
Heirs:  sisters, Mary Ann and Catherine E. Provost;   brother, Theodore L.
Executor:  brother, Theodore L.
Witnesses:  Mary Ann Provost of Greenville and Emily E. Bartowe of Catskill

ALFRED W. DOTY  of Windham     Probated April 2, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Emeline G. and two children, Wheeler K. and Alfred D.
Executrix:  wife, Emeline G.
Witnesses:  Rufus H. and Lucia H. King, both of Catskill

WATSON MAYES  of Halcott       Probated April 4, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Cynthia;  brothers, Jackson, Harrison, Wilson, Alson, and Addison.
    Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  George L. Faulkner and DeWitt Griffin, both of Griffin's Corners, Del Co, NY

JOHN McCORMICK  of Coxsackie     Probated  April 6, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Ann;  son Jesse G.
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Egbert W. Stone and Nathan H. Vosburgh, both of Coxsackie 

SARAH D. GAGE  of New Baltimore        Probated April 11, 1892
Heirs:  husband, Robert;  sons Allen V. and William D.;  Mrs. Rice and grand daughter,
    Cora Leigh
Executor:  son, Allen V.
Witnesses:  Augustus and Joseph Sherman of New Baltimore

EMELINE SHERRILL  of Greenville     Probated April 25, 1892
Heir:  grand daughter, Viola Pearl Sherrill
Executor:  Charles R. Knowles
Witnesses:  Charles R. Knowles and Mary M. Talmadge, both of Greenville

ELIZABETH WARDWELL  of Catskill      Probated April 25, 1892
Heirs:  nieces, Mary E. and Cornelia B. Wardwell
Executors:  same as above
Witnesses:  Joseph R. and Martha T. Hunter

ORRIN C. STEVENS  of Greenville   Probated May 9, 1892
Heirs:  sons, Daniel and Orrin C. Jr.;  daughter, Anna Smith; grandson, Frank F. Stevens; 
Orrin C. Stevens
Executor:  son James
Witnesses:  Jay Gibbons and Richard H. Jones, both of Greenville

CARRIE A. GRIDLEY  of Athens     Probated June 4, 1892
Heir:  husband, William Seldon
Executor:  husband
Witnesses:  Cornelia L. Perry and Anna LaRue, both of Athens

RUTH ANN STONE  of Coxsackie         Probated June 6, 1892
Heirs:  two sons, Egbert W. and Charles P.
Executor:  son Egbert W.
Witnesses:  H. T. Bedell and J. L. VanVliet, both of Coxsackie                

WILLIAM CRAWFORD  of Durham    Probated June 15, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Eliza;  grandson, William L. Hull
Executor:  daughter, Annie M. Hull
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and W. I Jennings both of Catskill      

FANNIE M. MELIUS  of Catskill        Probated July 6, 1892
( sometime known as Fannie M. Plank, of Catskill)
Heir:  son, Charles Anderson
Executor:  son, Charles Anderson
Witnesses:  George H. Matin, W. Irving Jennings and Emory A. Chase, all of Catskill

LUCY BONNELL  of Coxsackie          Probated July 11, 1892
Heirs:  sons, William and Dwight;  daughter, Lydia A.
Executors:  son William and daughter, Lydia A.
Witnesses:  Henry Brown of Medway and Catherine Webb of Coxsackie

HOWARD SHERMAN  of Catskill           Probated July 11, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Charlotte;  two daughters, Bessie A., wife of Henry E. Cundel of Albany, and
    Alice M., wife of J. B. Horton  of Athens;  son, Charles F.
Executors:  wife and son Charles F.
Witnesses:  Sylvester Dunson and Benjamin T. White, all of Leeds

ELIZABETH B. BARKLEY  of Catskill           Probated July 20, 1892
Heirs:  sisters, Mrs. Dwight Boulon and Miss Lina G. Bassett;  brother, Charles E. Bassett
Executors:  none listed in this book
Witnesses:  Mrs. John E. and Alice E. Stevens 

JANE PALMER  of Catskill      Probated July 25, 1892
Heirs:  two children, Sherwood Palmer and Mary _. (could be N) Palmer
Executors:  Sherwood and Mary _. Palmer
Witnesses:  Amos G. Wolver and Orliff T. Heath, both of Catskill

GERTRUDE TRUMPBOUR  of Catskill        Probated July 25, 1892
Heirs:  Emeline Burges and Ellen M. Osborn
Executor:  Frank H. Osborn
Witnesses:  Isaac Pruyn and James A. Dean both of Catskill

ANN JANETTE LINZEY  of Catskill         Probated July 29, 1892
Heirs:  husband Peter;  daughter, Mary Frances Cuer;  Gilbert L. Parker, Philander and
    Clark Wellington
Executors:  son-in-law, William Cuer and her three sons
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase of Catskill and Nelson P. Lasher of Kiskatom

HARRIET E. BRIGGS  of Lexington      Probated September 5, 1892
Heirs:  husband, Horace B. Briggs;  niece, Nettie M. Shepard, known as adopted daughter
    of deceased as Nettie S. Briggs.
Executor:  husband
Witnesses:  Arthur W. Hare and Amanda L. Peck, both of Lexington

ORSON HOWARD  of Cairo           Probated September 5, 1892
Heirs:  daughter, Harriet;  four sons, Charles, Isaac, Eli and Theodore
Executors:  two sons, Charles  and Isaac
Witnesses:  Alanson Lathrop and Abram Howard, both of Cairo

ELIZABETH FRELIGH  of Coxsackie           Probated September 5, 1892
Heirs:  Anna R. F. VanBuskirk
Executrix:  Anna R. F. VanBuskirk
Witnesses:  Hatt Younge and Hiram Bogardus, both of Coxsackie

PETER R. GARRETT  of Coxsackie      Probated September 6, 1892
Heirs:  two daughters, Martha E., wife of Charles T. Bedell and Mary E., wife of Charles
    A. Nicoll
Executor:  son-in-law, Charles A. Nicoll
Witnesses:  William E. Bailey and Henry VanBergen, both of West Coxsackie

NICHOLAS CLUTE  of Coxsackie        Probated September 10, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Maria and children (not named)
Executrix:  wife, Maria
Witnesses:  William H. Hollister, Jrs., of Troy, NY  and James H. Lampman of Coxsackie

LAUREN DECKER  of Prattsville              Probated September 12, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Sally Ann;  grandson, William J. McWilliams
Executors:  wife and James C. McWilliams
Witnesses:  James B. Daley and H. Rappelyea, both of Prattsville

MOSES W. STAPLES  of Catskill          Probated September 26, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Hannah;  children (not named)
Executors:  wife and Alva S. Staples of Kingston
Witnesses:  Samuel L. and George H. Penfield, both of Catskill

DIANA P. WOOD  of Durham    Probated September 26, 1892
Heirs:  husband and son, Courtney B.  (See Orrin A. Wood below-A)
Executor:  son, Courtney B. Wood
Witnesses:  Curtiss O. Tripp of Durham and Rodman Dodge of Greenville

ALEXANDER HALLICUS of Catskill        Probated September 26, 1892
Heir:  wife, Maria
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  W. Irving Jennings and Orliff T. Heath, both of Catskill

ORRIN A. WOOD  of Durham           Probated September 26, 1892
Heirs:  wife Diana P. and son, Courtney B.
Executor:  son, Courtney B.
Witnesses:  Curtiss O. Tripp and Rodman Dodge both of Greenville

GEORGE W. LINZEY  of Catskill              Probated September 21, 1892
Heir:  wife, Sally;  daughters, Betsey Saxe, Esther A. Leeson and Sarah G. Brown;
    grandson, George O. Linzey;  grand daughter, Rachel S. Bogardus and her sons, George
    W. and Jeremiah G. Saxe.
Executors:  sons-in-law, Frederick Saxe, James Leeson and Lyman S. Brown
Witnesses:  Jeremiah Overbaugh of Kiskatom and Thomas Bell of Catskill

THOMAS J. PERRY   of Athens      Probated September 26, 1892
Heirs:  wife Christina; three sons, Daniel T., Thomas W., and Levi T.;  three daughters,
Charlotte E. Hotchkiss, Caroline Perry, and Annie Clow; grand daughter, Carrie E.
Executors:  wife Christina;  son Daniel T. and W. I. Jennings
Witnesses:  Orrin Day and Emory A. Chase both of Catskill

ELEANOR JENNINGS   of Catskill        Probated September 26, 1892
Heirs:  daughter, Ella Vanderpool;  sons, Peter S. Jennings and W. Irving Jennings 
Executors:  two sons listed above
Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and William Palmatier, both of Catskill  

WILLIAM C. ALLERTON  of Greenville     Probated September 27, 1892
Heirs:  four children, James Mead Allerton, Byron, Caroline E. and Adaline J.;  brother,
Mead Allerton.
Executor:  son, James Mead Allerton
Witnesses:  Rodman Dodge of Durham and Charles L. Dodge of East Durham 

SAMUEL ALGER  of Durham        Probated October 7, 1892
Heirs:  three children, Benjamin, Levi, and Herbert
Executor:  cousin, Hiram Alger
Witnesses:  Isaac U. Tripp and William Alger, both of Oak Hill

WILLIAM W. BANKS  of Catskill         Probated October 10, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Lorinda;  three children, George Allen, William E. and Merilla Elizabeth
Executrix:  wife, Lorinda
Witnesses:  W. I. Jennings and Emory A. Chase, both of Catskill

CATHARINE FITZSIMMONS  of Catskill          Probated October 10, 1892
Heirs:  son, Thomas;  Catharine, caughter of John and Mary Anglus (Sp?); James, son of
    son, Thomas.
Executor:  Oliver Bourke of Catskill
Witnesses:  Rufus H. King and Emory A. Chase both of Catskill

JOSEPH F. CARNWRIGH of Catskill      Probated October 10, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Sarah Ann;  daughter, Phoebe Maria Mason of Quarryville, Ulster Co, NY
    and son, Christina F. Carnwrigh of Saugerties.  (It really says "son"-AC)
Executor:  son, Christina F.  Carnwrigh
Witnesses:  Cornelius DuBois and Calvin Goodwin of Palenville

CATHARINE ANN McCORMICK  of Coxsackie          Probated October 17, 1892
Heirs:  son, Jesse G.;  niece, Grance McCormick;  Omanda Fancher, Mrs. Casper Egberts
and Mrs. E. C. Bronk
Executors:  Abram M. Hallenbeck and Omanda Fancher
Witnesses:  Egbert W. Stone and Edwin C. Hallenbeck of Coxsackie

ISAAC H. PETTIT  of Catskill    Probated November 1, 1892
Heir:  wife, Caroline
Executrix:  wife, Caroline
Witnesses:  W. H. Dodge and Frank A. Clark both of Catskill

WILLIAM ECKLOR  of Durham   Probated November 14, 1892
Heir:  wife, Lucy
Executors:  wife, Lucy and Egbert Dodge
Witnesses:  James B. Olney and A. C. Fancher both of Catskill

LUTHER BAILEY  of Jewett        Probated November 14, 1892
Heir:  wife, Juliette
Executors:  wife, Juliette and brother, Orville T. Bailey and Milton Goslee
Witnesses:  George H. Chase of Jewett and John S. Patterson of Windham

GEORGE PERRY  of Athens        Probated November 14, 1892
Heir:  wife,  Eady
Executor:  none named in book
Witnesses:  Samuel H. and Frank Nichols of Athens, NY

AUSTIN S. MUNSON  of Ashland      Probated December 5, 1892
Heirs:  wife, Soviah;  son, Augustus B. and grand daughter, Adaline Munson
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  E. A. Brownell and Stanley Ormbee of Ashland

FREDERICK SCHERMERHORN  of Cairo                Probated December 9, 1892
Heir:  wife, Lydia A.
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Mary S. and S. F. Avery, both of W. Toghkanis, Columbia Co, NY

ELIZABETH HARRISON  of Coxsackie                   Probated December 12, 1892
Heirs:  sister, Alida Thompson;  Caesar Egberts, Alida Christina, wife of Wardell
Executor:  Wardell VanBergen
Witnesses:  Adolphe Chandrus of W. Coxsackie and Edwin C. Hallenbeck of Coxsackie

CHARLES WEBSTER  of Cairo     Probated December 19, 1892
Heir:  youngest son, Henry L.
Executor:  Henry L. Webster, son
Witnesses:  Samuel S. Johnson and William L. Slater both of Cairo

PETER MARTIN  of Catskill             Probated December 27, 1892
Heirs:  daughters, Helen Johnson and Calista Smith;  son, Fred
Executors:  son, Fred and son-in-law, David W. Smith
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and James Priest both of Catskill           

WILLIAM H. LOSEE  of Greenville          Probated January 4, 1893
Heirs:  wife, R. Celia;  children, Tompson K., Charles H., and Mary Alida Cowen.
Executors:  two sons above
Witnesses:  George G. McCabe and Jay Gibbons, both of Greenville

WILLIAM HOWELL  of Catskill               Probated January 4, 1893
Heirs:  children, George, Frank, Jr.,  William Jr. and Mary Hammond
Executors:  brother, Wellington Howell and son William Howell, Jr.
Witnesses:  J. A. Griswold and Walter B. Lyman both of Catskill

CHARLES BREWER  of Greenville                       Probated January 16, 1893
Heirs:  wife, Mary E.;  daughter, Etta Myers of Hoosick Falls, NY
Executors:  wife and daughter above
Witnesses:  Jay Gibbons and Amos B. McCabe, both of Greenville

 ELIZABETH WEBBER  of Coxsackie               Probated January 25, 1893
Heirs:  son, John Wilber;  five daughters, Milison Brandow, Caroline E. Hallock, Adeline
    Shermerhorn, Christina Halsted and Sallie Cornwell
Executors:  two sons-in-law, Stephen P. Hallock and Oliver Shermerhorn
Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and H. T. Bedell both of Coxsackie

SARAH A. TUCKER  of Cairo                    Probated January 30, 1893
Heirs:  grand children, Hattie and Charles Braley;  cousins, Alpheus W. Wright and Mary
    Ann Howell.  (mentions late husband as John Fiero, deceased)
Executor:  Alpheus W. Wright
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Anson L. Wright, both of Cairo

EMILY POWERS  of Catskill          Probated February 16, 1893
Heir:  sister, Caroline Powers
Executrix:  sister, Caroline Powers
Witnesses:  Caleb Day and S. Sherwood Day, both of Catskill

DAVID BRANDOW  of Ashland      Probated March 2, 1893
Heirs:  wife and two sons, Osmer and Asbury
Executrix:  wife Anna Brandow
Witnesses:  Josiah O. Tallmadge and Meritt Tompkins, both of Windham

MARY E. DANIELS  of Cairo                         Probated March 6, 1893
Heirs:  daughter, Anna _., and sister, Sarah A. Collier
Executrix:  daughter Anna 
Witnesses:  H. L. Boughton and Mrs. H. D. Boughton, both of Catskill

WINSLOW CASE  of Coxsackie        Probated March 10, 1893
Heirs:  four children, Ursula, Mary, Gleason H., and Myron
Executors:  son-in-law, Henry A. Jordan and brothers-in-law, Nelson H. Richtmyer and
    Allen G. Case
Witnesses:  F. M. Sharp and Mary E. Case

EMERY M. SAGE  of Windham         Probated March 22, 1893
Heirs:  Renatte and Mrs. R. Travis;  Mr. Reville Clark of Shodack Landing, NY; Mr. John
    A. Foote of Catskill;  Mrs. Katie Eastman of Rondout, NY;  Albert Clark of Gilboa, NY; 
Mr. Lorenze Clark of Eagle Centre, IA;  Mrs. Ella Richtmyer of  Shodack Landing, NY and
    Mrs. Lucina Clark of Windham
Executor:  John A. Foote of Catskill
Witnesses:  W. D. More and Emery A. Chase 

MATTHEW PLANKENHORN  of Prattsville          Probated March 27, 1893
Heirs:  wife, Barbara;  sons, J. George and Frederick;  children of deceased son, M. G.;
    daughter, Mary, wife of Fred Schwille
Executrix:  wife, Barbara
Witnesses:  Alvira Brandow and Theodore Rudolph both of Prattsville

HENRY STORY   of New Baltimore           Probated April 7, 1893
Heirs:  sister, Catharine Halstead;  Hattie L. Dean and Charles, her husband;  Mary Ann
    Story, brother's wife;  Amos J. Story, brother's son;  Ellen Sax, my sister's daughter.
Executor:  William Miller
Witnesses:  Charles C. Dean of New Baltimore and John B. Bronk and H. T. Bedell of
    C oxsackie

PETER D. VEDDER  of Catskill           Probated April 10, 1893
Heirs:  wife, Sarah A.;  Charles, son of Dr. John Vedder and Edward Vedder.
Executor:  Edward Vedder
Witnesses:  J. A. Griswold and Walter B. Lyman both of Catskill

BENJAMIN T. WHITE   of Catskill        Probated April 19, 1893
Heirs:  wife, Mary Frances;  daughter, Lulu Frances.
Executors:  wife and daughter above.
Witnesses:  J. B. Rouse and C. A. Vedder, both of Leeds

HARVEY E. S. COLE  of Cairo       Probated April 24, 1893
Heirs:  children  (not named)
Executors:  son, Linas and his brother-in-law, John Stewart
Witnesses:  F. G. Walters and Alanson Lathrop both of Cairo

DAVID WOOLFORD  of Catskill   Probated April 24, 1893
Heir:  wife, Susan Ann
Executors:  S. S. Day and Frederick Hill of Catskill
Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and Oliver Bourke both of Catskill

GEORGE C. CLARK  of Greenville       Probated April 24, 1893
Heirs:  wife, Edith S.;  daughters (not named)
Executors:  wife and Rodman Dodge
Witnesses:  Hiram Lacy and Mary E. Dodge both of Greenville

SELLECK D. SMITH  of Catskill               Probated April 25, 1893
Heirs:  Hiram, David, Salisbury, Ellen Wolfe, Anna Grizitte, Isabella Palmatier and Alice
    VanVechten, children of brother, Nelson, deceased;  niece, Elizabeth  C. Newkirk; Sarah
    L. Farnam, widow of nephew, Selleck S. Newkirk;  sister, Julia A. Newkirk.
Executors:  W. Irving Jennings and David W. Duncan both of Catskill
Witnesses:  John Shevlin and Charles Lynch

CHARLES G. WOLL  of Athens           Probated May 1, 1893
Heir:  wife, Frances
Executrix:  wife, Frances
Witnesses:  Augustus Goeller and F. R. Lape both of Athens

MARIA ADAMS  of Cairo          Probated May 2, 1893
Heirs:  daughters, Emily C. Lewis, Ann Eliza and Mary E.;  sons, William C., and
    Edward;  Seymour Adams
Executors:  son Edward and daughter Mary E.
Witnesses:  Frances G. Walters and Orlando Post both of Coxsackie

EMMA LOUISA HORSTMAN  of Philadelphia, PA        Probated May 4, 1893
Heir:  sister, Matilda K. Walker
Executors:  two sons, F. Oden and Walter Horstman
Witnesses   E. Guillon and R. D. Maxwell

MARY COTEMARSH  of Coxsackie          Probated May 8, 1893
Heirs:  husband, William;  adopted daughter, Belle
Executors:  the above
Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and E. B. Kennedy both of Coxsackie

ELIZABETH A. BRANDOW   of Cairo            Probated May 15, 1893
Heir:  son, William H.
Executrix:  daughter, Ann E. Chichester
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Ida B. Hempstead both of Cairo

ROBERT B. SOUTHERN   of Cairo        Probated May 22, 1893
Heir:  sister, Mary
Executor:  Ambrose L. Walters
Witnesses:  Ira Jump and Francis G. Walters both of Cairo

CYRENOUS KNIFFIN  of Greenville          Probated May 22, 1893
Heirs:  wife, Lenoya/Loneya;  children, Mary A. Sutton, Olive Borst and Theresa Kniffin
Executor:  Daniel Sutton
Witnesses:  J. A. Betts and Harriet E. Betts of Gayhead, Greene Co, NY

BENONI BRONSON  of Windham                  Probated May 22, 1893
Heirs:  wife, Phebe J.;  children, Anna, wife of Lorenso Clark, Frank A., Flora E.  and
    Corwin B.
Executor:  William W. Avery
Witnesses:  Alfonso Cobb and Cicero C. Peck both of Windham

JONATHAN B. PALMER  of Coxsackie         Probated May 23, 1893
Heir:  wife, Ester Maria
Executrix:  wife, Ester Maria
Witnesses:  William Cochran and Elias D. Fancher, both of Coxsackie

RICHARD C. DEYOE  of Lexington             Probated March 27, 1893
Heirs:  wife, Mary;  sons, Nathan D., Rufus S., William W., Edwin, Layman, Henry E.
and Charles W.;  daughters, Lydia, Ann C. Garrison and Sarah M. Luik
Executor:  son, Charles W.
Witnesses:  Jeremiah and Sarah B. Overbaugh of Greene County

JOHN AVERY  of Catskill        Probated March 27, 1893
Heir:  wife, Eleanor H.
Executrix:  wife, Eleanor H.
Witnesses:  Jacob H. Much and James B. Olney, both of Catskill

LYDIA BROWN  of Prattsville       Probated June 5, 1893
Heirs:  two sisters, Hannah White of Oneonta, NY and Mary Pangman of Jewett, NY
Executor:  Hiram M. Bouton
Witnesses:  James B. Daley and William Enderlin, both of Prattsville

MARGARET WETSELL  of Durham       Probated June 19, 1893
Heir:  son, Joseph Armstrong
Executor:  son, Joseph Armstrong
Witnesses:  A. N. Murphy and James Becker both of Catskill and Ambrose Jones of Cairo

LUCIA H. KING  of Catskill     Probated June 25, 1893
(mixed in with 1894, so possibly a 1894 Will, but dated 1893)
Heirs:  Mary T., wife of brother Harvey A. Dwight;  nephews, Wheeler K and Alfred D.
    Doty;  nephews and nieces, Harriet Dwight Bailey, Harvey L. Dwight, Jennie B. Dwight
    and John Watson Dwight, Lucia K. Dwight;  brother, Harvey A. Dwight;  sisters, Emeline
    G. Doty and Sarah W. Dwight.
Executor:  W. Irving Jennings of Catskill
Witnesses:  William Palmatier and Henry D. Shores, both of Catskill

ADALINE VOSBURGH  of Athens    Probated June 26, 1893
Heirs:  husband, John I.;  sons, Frank, Hiram and John H.;   daughter, Ida Lockwood;
(mentions an uncle as John Hallenbeck).
Executors:  sons, Hirem and Frank
Witnesses:  Nicholas VanHoesen and William H. Evertson both of Athens        

MARGARET MICKELJOHN              Probated July 3, 1893
Heirs:  daughters, Mary Ann, wife of John O' Brien;  Geneva, wife of Martin Hendsey;
    Margaret; son, James.
Executrix:  daughter, Margaret
Witnesses:  Martin J. and William T. Keough of Leeds

LUCY ANN VanDYCK   of Coxsackie            Probated July 10, 1893
Heirs:  daughters, REbecca Reed VanDyck and Kitty VanVechten VanDyck
Executors:  two daughters above
Witnesses:  P. H. Silvester and William E. Bailey both of Coxsackie

ANN C. SALISBURY  of Leeds                     Probated July 16, 1893
Heirs:  nieces, Angelica Palmatier, Helen Felter, Catherine A. Morris, Maria E. Blake,
    Isabella Allendorph, Margaret Case, Caroline A. Day and Melissa Salisbury.
Executors:  nieces, Catherine A. Morris and Melissa Salisbury
Witnesses:  Walter W. and Fred W. Palmatier, both of Catskill

SEYMOUR SCUTT  of Durham                         Probated July 31, 1893
Heirs:  wife;  son, Richard R.;  Jane Borthwick, wife of William E. Scutt.
Executor:  son, Richard R.
Witnesses:  Jos. Turner and Menzo L. Hollenbeck of Livingstonville, Schoharie Co, NY.

ISAAC VanVALKENBURG  of Athens                Probated July 31, 1893  
Heirs:  wife, Sally;  sons, Perry and William Henry;  daughter, Isabel, wife of Isaac Day;
granddaughter, Julia M. Miner
Executor:  William T. Hotchkiss
Witnesses:  Edwin Lampman and W. B. Corwin both of Athens

MARTIN SHIELDS  of Hunter                  Probated July 31, 1892
Heirs:  daughter, Hannah;  sons, William , James and Martin;  grand children, Thomas,
    Joseph and Frank Gillespy
Executor:  son, Martin
Witnesses:  Owen and James Glennon, both of Hunter

WILLIAM H. PALMER  of Catskill            Probated August 5, 1893
Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth;  daughters, Ellen M. and Elizabeth M.;  sons, Albert, Henry,
    George and Milton;  grandchildren, Charles E., Claude W., Henry R. and Jesse E.,
    children of son Albert.

MARIA HALLOCK  of Coxsackie        Probated August 14, 1893
Heir:  husband, Andrew
Executor:  husband, Andrew
Witnesses:  Lavinia VanDyck and Eliza Daniels, both of Medway, Greene Co, NY

BERNHARD L. BEHM  of Catskill       Probated August 14, 1893
Heirs:  daughter, Amelia and son , B. William;  Ida, daughter of son Lewis; daughter, 
    Mary E., wife of Vincent R. Kutscher;  children of son Harmon
Executors:  daughter Amelia and son B. William Behm
Witnesses:  John J. Purdy and Fred Werner both of Catskill

ELIZABETH KING  of Catskill           Probated September 5, 1893
Heirs:  cousins, Mary S. Hunter, Julia A. Ives, Cornelia M. Stimpson, Mary B. Osborn,         Ophelia K. Dix, Lucy K. Shankland, Augusta B. Cornell, Rufus Cornell, Leonard B.
    Cornell, George Stimpson, Mary B., widow of George Cornell, M.D., Julia Hunter,
    Seward S. Ives, Caroline A. Palen, Margaret E. Peloubet, Walter S. Dix, also Sarah M.
    Hinman, Rufus K. Hunter, Calista Welhiser, Rose K. Palen, Hannah K. Brown, Elma and
    Cynthia Stimpson, George S. Hunter, John B. and Gideon Cornell;  aunts, Louisa, widow
    of Dr. Levy King; Althea, widow of Hawkey King;  Cornelia, widow of Lemuel C.
    Stimpson; Alfred N. Hinman; cousin Robert Stanton Hunter; James P. Dunham of
    Williamsport, CT.
Executor:  W. Irving Jennings of Catskill
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and William Palmatier , both of Catskill

PATRICK McNEIL  of Coxsackie              Probated September 5, 1893
Heirs:  son, Barney;  sister, Catharine; Margaret McNulty.
Executors:  Lucius H. Church and Hiram Bogardus
Witnesses:  Lucius H. Church and Miss Maggie McNulty

EUNICE C. STANNARD               Probated September 5, 1893
Heir:  son, Clark D.
Executors:  daughter Isabella and son, Clark D. Stannard
Witnesses:  Rodman Dodge and Louisa Searles both of Freehold

LUTHER HAYES   of Greenville         Probated September 5, 1893
Heirs:  wife, Lucy;  children, Henry, Lucy, John W., Julia, wife of Calvin Davis, and
    Addison, three children of Addison,-Mary, John abd George;  four children of deceased
daughter, Mary Green,- Luther, James, John and Evangely.
Executor:  son, Henry Hayes of Norton Hill, Greene Co, NY
Witnesses:  Mrs. Phebe Cleveland and George Cleveland both of Norton Hill, NY

JOHN O. WELLS  of Greenville              Probated September 5, 1893
Heirs:  daughters, Marianna, wife of Watson Palmer;  Henrietta, wife of Sylvester Story;
Lillie (Belinda Wardle Wells), wife of Charles Mann;  sons, John Howard and Charles 
Herbert;  grandson, only son of deceased daughter, Amelia Millspaugh.
Executors:  none listed in book
Witnesses:  John Waldron and Elmer Thorne both of Urlton, NY

EMMOR K. HAIGHT  of Greenville          Probated September 10, 1893
Heir:  son, Youmans
Executor:  son Youmans
Witnesses:  Frank H. Osborn and Wm. M. Bennett, both of Catskill

MARY JENKINS  of Halcott                      Probated October 2, 1893
Heirs:  grand daughter, Nettie Maben;  grandsons, Charles and Alanson Maben, sons 
of deceased daughter.
Executrix:  grand daughter, Nettie Maben
Witnesses:  W. B. Maben of Brooklyn and D. L. Maben of Halcott

ALONZO DALEY  of Catskill             Probated October 9, 1893
Heirs:  wife, Nellie E. and son David A.
Executrix:  wife, Nellie E.
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill of Cairo and A. Melvin Stewart of Catskill

MARY CUMMINGS of Athens                    Probated October 30, 1893
Heirs:  mother, Mary Ann Smith;  cousin, Lucy VanLoan of Hudson, Columbia Co, NY;
Maggie, mother of Lucy VanLaon;  sister, Sarah Eliza Hill
Executrix:  sister, Sarah Eliza Hill
Witnesses:  John Sanderson and Nathan Clark, both of Athens

JAMES BRIGHTON  of Durham            Probated November 13, 1893
Heirs:  children, James M., William H., Cornelius V. and Ella A., wife of Matthias France.
Executor:  son, Cornelius V. Brighton
Witnesses:  Raymond V. and Correl L. Humphrey, M.D. both of Mariners Harbor, S. I.,

 RUTH CLEVELAND  of Durham           Probated November 13, 1893
Heir:  daughter, Mary Emogene
Executrix:  daughter, Mary Emogene
Witnesses:  B. J. and Louie T. Hunt

GEORGE H. LYONS  of Cairo                 Probated November 13, 1893
Heirs:  mother, Sybil J. Lyons;  William Henry and Hattie Cunningham, wife.
Executors:  mother and D. Webster Jennings
Witnesses:   Charles H. Porter and D. Alanson K. Stevens both of Cairo

RICHARD CORNWELL  of Coxsackie       Probated November 15, 1893
Heirs:  wife, Christina W.;  daughters,Ann Eliza Houghtaling, Lydia Jane Earle and
    Mabel; sons, Henry R., Jacob O. and John F.;  grandson, Richard, son of Henry R.
Executor:  sons mentioned above
Witnesses:  Samuel H. Nichols of Athens and Edwin B. Worden of Coxsackie

DAVID B. STODDARD  of Cairo           Probated November 27, 1893
Heir:  wife, Mary C.
Executrix:  wife, Mary C.
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Peter H. Freese both of Cairo 

HUMPHREY R. POTTER   of Windham          Probated December 4, 1893
Heirs:  wife, Mary C.;  daughter, Lydia A. Olney; grand daughter, Mary T. Olney;  grand
  sons, Arthur Potter Olner, John Olney, William Danforth Olney and Lewis A. Olney
Executrix:  wife, Mary C.
Witnesses:  Davis S. and Jane Merwin

DAVID JACKSON  of Athens               Probated December 7, 1893
Heir:  wife, Harriet
Executrix:  wife, Harriet
Witnesses:  Wm. T. Nichols and B. V. Haviland both of Athens

JAMES B. GOETCHIUS  of Athens      Probated December 11, 1893
Heir:  wife, Mary J.
Executrix:  wife, Mary J.
Witnesses:  P. (eter) G. Brandow and Ira B. Kerr, both of Athens

ELNORA F. McCLEAN  of Windham                Probated December 26, 1893
Heirs:  husband, William J.;  adopted daughter, Nellie S.;  sister, Ervilla S. Hitchcock;  
Mrs. Harriet S. Townsend;  Mrs. Everett Hitchcock and her husband, William H. 
Executors:  William MCClean and Wm. H. Hitchcock
Witnesses:  David S. and Clarinda A. Merwin both of Hensonville  

EMMA BERGNER   of  Catskill                Probated January 5, 1894
Heirs:  two daughters, Louisa M. Kiel and Caroline Ammann
Executors:  the above
Witnesses:  P.(eter) G. Brandow and Ira B. Kerr, both of Athens

ELLEN SHEVLIN  of Hunter               Probated January 8, 1894
Heir:  husband, John
Executor: husband, John
Witnesses:  Willie Schoonmaker and George W. Dibbell

MARY B. ROUSE  of Cairo              Probated January 8, 1894
Heirs:  sons, John C., Justice M., Nelson B and William;  children of deceased daughter
Lillie,--Gertie and Arthur Colby
Executors:  sons, Justice M. and John C. Rouse
Witnesses:  C. E. Bloodgood and J. A. Betts, both of Catskill

CONRAD BARRENGER  of Catskill       Probated January 15, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Miriam;  two children, Ferris L. Barrenger and Mary, wife of  John Feister;
Caroline, wife of son, Harvey C. Barrenger;  grand daughter, Agnes, daughter of
    deceased son, Charles Barrenger
Executor:  son, Harvey C.
Witnesses:  J. A. Griswold and Walter B. Lyman

SAMUEL STEPHENS  of Coxsackie              Probated January 15, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Lydia C.;  three children, Ella C., John M. and Beulah
Executors:  wife and daughter, Ella C. and son, John M.
Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and H. W. Brewer, both of Coxsackie

THOMPSON KING   of Greenville                  Probated January 16, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Louisa;  daughters, Jane Butler, Emma VanDenburgh, Etta Whitbeck, Fannie
Jump, Gertrude Robbins, Mary Bailey, Alice King;  children of deceased daughter,
Eveline Clough
Executors:  wife and sons, Charles and Luman King
Witnesses:  James and Lulu Stevens of Greenville

CHESTER STODDARD  of Cairo        Probated January 22, 1894
Heirs:  sons, Addison W., George W. and Horace E.
Executors:  sons above
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Henry Steele both of Cairo

CLARISSA MATILDA CURTIS  of Athens        Probated January 22, 1894
Heirs:  sister, Eliza A. White;  sons, Henry and Alfred W.
Executors:  C. Henry Curtis of Cincinnati, OH, and Alfred W. Curtis of Coxsackie and 
Rochester, NY
Witnesses:  Hermance Lanfare and Theodore C. Acker both of Athens

SARAH E. FAULKNER   of Catskill            Probated January 25, 1894
Heirs:  husband, James W. of Verona P. O., Duval Co, FL;  son, Herbert W.;  sister, Jane C.
    Hubbard;  grand nieces, Clara and Jane, daughters of nephew Andrew B. Heath of
    Denver, CO;  niece, Mary E. Heath of Catskill.
Executors:  son, Herbert W. Faulkner and Fred Warner of Catskill
Witnesses:  P. V. VanOrden and Francis D. Wilcox, both of Catskill

FLETCHER S. HULBURT  of Durham      Probated January 24, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Flora J.;   Father Levi S.
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  John E. and Jennie Hitchcock

WILLIAM H. CROSBY  of Catskill           Probated January 24, 1894
Heir:  wife, Abigail
Executor:  wife, Abigail
Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and W. I. Jennings both of Catskill

ELIZABETH M. OVERBAUGH  of Catskill         Probated January 30, 1894
Heir:  son, George
Executor:  son, George
Witnesses:  W. I. Jennings and Emory A. Chase

WATSON D. MORE  of Catskill            Probated February 5, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Mary A.;  brothers, Liberty P. of Brooklyn and Owen W.;  sisters, Harriet J.
Sanford of Liberty, NY and Deborah P. Keeler of Sanford, Del. Co, NY
Executors:  wife and brother-in-law, John B. Foote of Catskill
Witnesses:  Arthur M. Murphy, Ambrose Jones and William W. Bennett, all of Catskill

HELLEN S. JOHNSON  of Lexington         Probated February 5, 1894
Heirs:  husband, James S.;  James Arlington Orr and his mother, Gussie M. Orr;  Lodicie
M. Hogaboom, Henry D.  Hogaboom, George Hogaboom and Celia Hogaboom; William 
M. Orr and James S. Johnson

JOHN DOANE   of Catskill       Probated February 16, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Maria S.;  sons, John C., Thomas H. and his wife Mary K.;  daughters, Anna
B. Hill and Harriet D, wife of E.D. Ingersoll
Executors:  wife and son John C. Doane
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and Orliff T. Heath both of Catskill 

ANNA J. WYNKOOP  of Catskill            Probated February 19, 1894
Heirs:  husband, Henry;  son, Theodore;  daughter, Elizabeth Traver of Albany; grand
daughter, Esther B. Wynkoop
Executors:  son, Theodore and brother, Francis Story
Witnesses:  Robert F. and Martha A. Story, both of Catskill

 OLIVER HUNT   of Greenville             Probated February 19, 1894
Heirs:  children, --John A., Jacob, Ira F., Helen Louise, wife of Charles LaPaugh of South
Westerlo, Albany Co, NY,  Hannah, wife of Sylvester Brate of Monroe Co, NY, Mary, wife
    of Philip Knowles of Greene Co, NY,  Alice, wife of Charles Wingard of Westerlo, Albany
    Co, NY and Isabella, wife of John O.  Hunt
Executors:  sons, Ira F. and Jacob Hunt
Witnesses:  D. H. Daley of Coxsackie and Aug. Sherman of New Baltimore

RUTH E. NEWBURY  of Coxsackie            Probated February 19, 1894
Heirs:  Millard Newbury and Cora Newbury of Coxsackie;  Mary Boyle, Eliza Whitney
    and Emeline Lowell
Executor:  Boliver Newbury of Coxsackie
Witnesses:  Stephen D. Hotaling and F. C. Newbury of Coxsackie 

MARIA R. COOKE  of Catskill                  Probated February 20, 1894
Heirs:  Catherine W. Gold, Maria R. Poole and brother, J. Atwater Cooke
Witnesses:  Mary A. Mitchell and Henry D. Shores both of Catskill 

ALEXANDER McKINLEY  of Catskill        Probated February 20, 1894
Heirs:  sister, Lucy E. Babcock;  nieces, Catharine E. Georgensen, Lucy A. Pool/Peel, 
Rachel A. Elliott, Harriet A. Haven, Sarah E. Merritt;  nephews, William J. Leman,
Walter W. Leman of Oakfield Center, Kent Co, MI, Marcus Carl of Albany Co, NY and
    Edwin M. Carl;   sister, Rachel Carl;  grand nephew, William Minck;  Eliza J. McKinley of
    Ind. India Co, PA;  Henrietta Williams of the same place;  Carrie J. McCarthy of
    Philadelphia;  Jenny Dorsey of Sharon, Mercer Co, PA;  Alice Davis of Butler Co, PA.
Executors:  nephew, Marcus Carl of Albany, NY and W. I. Jennings
Witnesses:  John R. Hinman and Calvin Goodwin, both of Palenville

 ELIZABETH D. BRACE   of Catskill         Probated March 5, 1894
Heirs:  nieces, Elizabeth Fitch, Mary Loring, Sarah K. Hopkins and Anna Beach
Executors:  brother, Henry Brace and sister, Anna L. Fitch
Witnesses:  Samuel L. Penfield and Jeremiah Day both of Catskill

LAMBERT BRANDOW  of Windham      Probated March 9, 1894
Heirs:  wife;  children  (not named)
Executors:  wife Elizabeth and Josiah C. Talmadge
Witnesses:  F. Asbury Strong and Charles Brockett both of Windham  

JANE BLAUVELT  of Durham                     Probated March 10, 1894
Heirs:  children, --Margaret E. Berwin, Daniel A., William A. and Mary Jane Horton
Executors:  son-in-law, Smith Berwin and son William A. Blauvelt
Witnesses:  Joshua G. Borthwick and Cornelius Cowles both of Durham

PETER S. EVORY  of Cairo               Probated March 12, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Sarah J. S.;  daughter, Manerva Rockefeller and son Frank
Executors:  wife, son and daughter above
Witnesses:  Oliver E. White and Hiram Schermerhorn, both of Cairo

PATRICK GAFFEY  of Hunter           Probated March 12, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Mary Jane;  son-in-law, Harry Knight;  daughters, Isabella Frances and 
Mary Ellen Knight;  sons, James E. and Edward;  niece, Winnie McCarthy and
nephew, William G. Farrell
Executrix:  wife, Mary Jane
Witnesses:  John Shevlin and Charles Lynch

MARIA WILSON  of Coxsackie      Probated March 29, 1894
Heirs:  George S. Wilson and his two sons, Joseph R. and Edward
Executor:  Millard T. Hallenbeck
Witnesses:  Mrs. Carrie Lewis and Mrs. Sarah J. Cochrane both of Coxsackie

WILLIAM H. VanORDEN  of Catskill      Probated April 13, 1894
Heirs:  children,--Philip V., William, Charles H., Mary L. and Anna
Executors:  Three sons above
Witnesses:  Henry B. Hill and P. V. V. VanOrden, both of Catskill

GEORGE RATCLIFF  of Windham          Probated April 16, 1894
Heir:  nephew, George Edward Ratcliff
Executor:  same as above
Witnesses:  Theodore H. Merwin and Orrin S. Griffin, both of Hensonville

CYNTHIA BLAKESLEE  of Ashland          Probated April 18, 1894
Heirs:  niece, Caroline Eleanor Dunlop;  sister Kate Dunlop and brother Abraham
Executor:  brother Abraham VanValkenburgh
Witnesses:  Elbert A. Brainerd and Benjamin I. Tallmadge, both of Windham

MARY FORD  of Athens                 Probated April 30, 1894
Heir:  son, John
Executor:  son, John
Witnesses:  Charles W. Howland and J. Brooks, Jr., both of Athens

ISREAL STORY   of Cairo       Probated April 30, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Mary;  sister Frances, wife of Roswell Losee
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Ambrose Jones and Charles P. Jones , both of Cairo

WILLIAM PIERCE  of Durham        Probated April 23, 1894
Heirs:  daughters, Delia P., Hellen, wife of Hiland Horton and her sons, George and
    Clarence and daughters Eva and Eddie;  daughters, Adelaide P. Post and Gertrude A.
    Smith;  sons, Roderick P., Rodman and his daughter Nellie; grand sons, William R. Post
    and Edwin P. Smith;  James D. T. Traill.
Executors:   daughter, Delia P. Pierce and son-in-law, William H. Post
Witnesses:  M. B. Mattice and Cordelia Mattice, both of Catskill

ELMA JANE TOLLEY  of Athens       Probated May 2, 1894
Heir:  Rev. W. W. Shemp
Executor:  James P. Mower
Witnesses:  Sarah J. Mower and Marinda J. Briggs, both of Athens

SMITH MARSHALL  of Coxsackie          Probated May 7, 1894
Heir:  wife, Ruth S.
Executrix:  wife, Ruth S.
Witnesses:  William Doherty, Jr. and Charles E. Spoor, both of Coxsackie

ALBERT B. HUMPHREY  of Lexington    Probated May 14, 1894
Heirs:  three sons, Robert, Sidney and George;  two daughters, Nina and Minnie
Executors:  Sherwood Deyoe and Sidney L. Deyoe
Witnesses:  Oliver L. Hare and Sherwood Deyoe, both of Westkill, NY

EGBERT H. GARRETT  of New Baltimore  Probated May 21, 1894
Heirs:  sisters, Mrs. Adelaide Hoose and Mrs. Rosetta Winn and Lois P. Marker
Executrix:  sister,  Mrs. Rosetta Winn
Witnesses:  I. J. VanHoesen and Jason Winn, both of Medway, Greene Co, NY

BENJAMIN BALLARD  of Halcott               Probated May 28, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Clara;  five children,--Orson, John, Levi, Eliza, and James
Executor:  son, John
Witnesses:  George H. Lasher and Wm. A. TenBroeck, both of Griffins Corners, Del. Co,

 DANIEL VanVALKENBURGH   of Halcott        Probated June 2, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Mary R.;  children,--John H., Daniel D., Egbert E., Louisa J. Earl, Lodema E.
    Woodheater and Mary J. Tuttle
Executors:  sons, John H. and Daniel D.
Witnesses:  Rosel Miller and Justus K. Fellows, both of Halcott Center, NY

SAMUEL L. PENFIELD  of Catskill          Probated June 4, 1894
Heir:  wife, Harriet T.
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  W. I. Jennings and Fred W. Palmatier, both of Catskill

BIRDSELL MOSEMAN   of Windham        Probated June 8, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Chloe;  daughters, Susanette Rose, Martha Lewis;  sons, William H., Robert
    and John
Executors:  wife and son, William H.
Witnesses:  Josiah C. and Benjamin I. Tallmadge, both of Windham

RACHEL MILLER  of Greenville              Probated June 11, 1894
Heirs:  nephews, James S., William, John Garrett, Edgar and George A. Hartt
Executor:  John Garrett Hartt, merchant of Greenville, NY
Witnesses:  J. W. Gardner and I. Verplanck

ESTHER P. GREENE   of New Baltimore    Probated June 11, 1894
Heirs:  sisters, Mary A. (note below) and Josephine B. Palmer and Laura D. Shear;  nieces,
Frances A. Palmer and Statira Youmans
Executors:  none listed in book
Witnesses:  Laura A. and Emma J. Powell, both of Greenville

MARY A. PALMER   of New Baltimore      Probated June 11, 1894
Heirs:  sisters, Esther  (note above)  and Josephine, also Laura, wife of Adam Shear
Executor:  Ezra Palmer
Witnesses:  Ezra K. Palmer and Arabella Palmer, both of New Baltimore

OPHELIA F. TURNER  of Coxsackie       Probated June 11, 1894
Heirs:   sister, Adaline Wright, niece, Ancelia  _. Clark; John Wardwell
Executor:  none named in book
Witnesses:  William and Elizabeth Stevens                

MICHAEL MURPHY  of Catskill            Probated July 9, 1894
Heir:  wife, Alice
Executrix:  wife, Alice
Witnesses:  Martin Keough of Leeds and A. C. Fancher of Catskill

MOSES B. AUSTIN  of Windham              Probated July 9, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Catharine;  daughter, S. Emma;  son Zalmon _.;  grandson, Leroy Austin
Executors:  wife and son Zalmon
Witnesses:  Edwin and Charles Brockett, both of Windham

STEPHEN O. RUNYAN  of Jewett             Probated July 10, 1894
Heirs:  wife Harriet and son Nathan O.
Executor:  Nathaniel O. Runyan
Witnesses:  A. G. Baldwin and J. C. Pera. both of Gilboa, NY

MADISON STEVENS  of Greenville      Probated July 23, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Mary;  daughters, Mary Elizabeth and Emeline
Executors:  wife and brother, Pierce Stevens
Witnesses:  John Roe and Arthur Hartt, both of Greenville

MARY J. ? HOUGHTALING  of Coxsackie       Probated July 23, 1894
Heir:  Mary Stanton of Coxsackie
Executrix:  Mary Stanton
Witnesses:  J. B. Bronk and William K. Reed, both of Coxsackie

DANIEL S. MILLER  of Greenville         Probated July 23, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Clarissa Amanda;  daughters, Isabella and Emeline L. Miller
Executors:  wife and daughter Emeline
Witnesses:  James Stevens and Emery R. Palmer, both of Greenville

ISAAC A. COFFIN   of Cairo        Probated July 24, 1894
Heir:  wife, Mary E.
Executrix:  wife, Mary E.
Witnesses:  George H. Noble and Charles H. Porter, both of Cairo

FANNIE E. BACKUS   of Coxsackie              Probated July 25, 1894
Heirs:  brothers, John and George; nephew Fred; niece Clara;  sisters, Susan, wife of  J. C.
    Reed; sister-in-law, Libbie, wife of John Backus; niece, Lourine, daughter of sister,
    Isabella Reed;  Louisa and Mabel Backus;  Maria, wife of Fred Backus
Executor:  Platt Coonly
    Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and H. T. Bedell, both of Coxsackie 

CHRISTINA GIESIN  of Prattsville      Probated July 30, 1894
Heir:  nephew, Charles Smith of Catskill
Executor:  nephew, Charles Smith
Witnesses:  F. James Fitch of Prattsville and Emma Loins of 400 W. 38th St. NY City

JOHN C. KENNEDY  of Coxsackie              Probated July 30 1894
Heir:  wife, Elizabeth
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Edwin C. Hallenbeck and Henry VanBergen, both of Coxsackie

SARAH J. HATCH  of Athens         Probated August 13, 1894
Heirs; two nephews, Franklin and Francis Thornton;  sister, Catherine VanLoan of Fort
    Edward, NY
Executrix:  sister Catherine VanLoan
Witnesses:   Jeremiah Brooks and Calvin L. Brown, both of Athens

JULIA LYNCH  of Hunter         Probated August 13, 1894
Heir:  son, Charles
Executor:  son, Charles
Witnesses:  James T. Olwell of 149 5th St., Long Island City, NY and Willis E. Utter of

 EZRA FINCH  of Athens         Probated August 13, 1894
Heirs:  nieces, Sarah Thorn, Anna and Emma Waldron, Maria Finch;  nephews, William,
    James, Levi, Albert, Sylvanus and Newton Finch;  Byron Waldron
Executors:  nephew, Levi Finch and Samuel H. Nichols   
Witnesses:  Peter R. Stevens of Greenville and Numan J. Finch of Gayhead, Greene Co.

 ANNA HALLOCK  of Coxsackie          Probated September 17, 1894
Heirs:  son, John H.;  daughters, Mary E. and Esther
Executrix:  daughter, Mary E.
Witnesses:  John H. Witbeck and Edwin C. Hallenbeck, both of Coxsackie

HANNAH COLLINS  of Coxsackie                Probated September 20, 1894
Heirs:  daughters, Helena, Christina Spoor, Hannah T. Mackey and Susan Emma Collier;
Two grand children, Frederick Fitchett and Susan Fitchett
Executor:  son, Casper J. Collins
Witnesses:  H. T. Bedell and E. H. Morrison, both of Coxsackie

EBENEZER R. MACKEY   of Catskill        Probated September 28, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Ann Jane;  daughter Helen A.
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  W. L. and Kate Baldwin, both of Breakabeen, NY

CATHERINE DONEE  of Coxsackie      Probated October 1, 1894
Heirs:  children, William I., Elnora G., Maggie McNeil, Catherine Elizabeth and Maxis
Executor:  son, William I.
Witnesses:  J. B. and H. T. Bedell, both of Coxsackie

WESSEL SALISBURY  of Cairo      Probated October 1, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Abigail;  daughter , Ellen and son, William B.
Executor:  son-in-law, Christopher C. Decke/Docke
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and W. B. Hall, both of Cairo

WELLINGTON HOWELL  of Catskill      Probated October 1, 1894
Heir:  wife, Mary A.
Executors:  wife, Mary A. and sons, Wellington, William and Angelo
Witnesses:  J. A. Griswold and Peter R. Phelan, both of Catskill

GENNETTE PEYON  of New Baltimore     Probated October 1, 1894
Heirs:  mother, Mary C. Griffeth;  Sarah Jane Roberts of New Baltimore and daughter
of Edward Roberts
Executrix:  Sarah Jane Roberts
Witnesses:  John and Andrew Colvin, both of New Baltimore

MOSES FILES  of Catskill     Probated October 8, 1894
Heirs:  sister, Mrs. Ann Eliza Simpson;  Mrs. Elmer Kinnicutt;  Mrs. Lizzie Gale of 
Plainfield, NJ;  Miss Mary Webb of Monroe NY;  Miss Abbie Webb of Monroe, NY
Executor:  Robert F. Story
Witnesses:  S. B. DuBois and Frank H. Osborn, both of Catskill

AMANDA RICHARDS  of Catskill       Probated October 8, 1894
Heirs:  daughter, Melissa Harvey;  Flora and Jacob Ross Ruland, grandchildren, children
    of late daughter Rachel Ann Ruland, deceased;  son, Wathu? Richard.
Executors:  brother, Elisha Elliott and son-in-law, Oscar Ruland
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and William E. Bear, both of Cairo          

WILLIAM O. BROADHEAD  of Durham          Probated October 13, 1894
Heirs:  nieces, Mrs. Mary, wife of M. E. Glover;  Mamie O'Connor, Lizzie O'Connor and 
Katie, wife of Charles E. Shelly
Executrix:  niece, Mrs. Mary Glover
Witnesses:  Rodman Dodge of Freehold and Myron H. Groat of Durham

LOIS FERRIS   of Ashland         Probated October 15, 1894
Note:  Her maiden name was Lois P. Sutton and she was the wife of Daniel M. Ferris-AC
Heirs:  children, Mrs. Mary E. Peckham, Mrs. Frances Shoemaker, Mrs. Emma Frayer and
Mrs. Alla M. Tuttle
Executor:  husband Daniel
Witnesses:  Lucy and James B. Daley, both of Prattsville

SIMPSON PALMER  of Cairo         Probated October 15, 1894
Heirs:  son, Joseph W.;  daughters, Catherine Carr and Lucy Ann Till
Executor:  son
Witnesses:  Judson A. and Miss Orie B. Betts, both of Catskill

CAROLINE CRAW  of Greenville       Probated  November 12, 1894
Heirs:  daughters, Libbie and Georgia
Executors:  none listed in book
Witnesses:  Judson A. Betts of Catskill and Elisha P. Simpson of E. Durham

RANSOM LOSEE  of Coxsackie         Probated November 19, 1894
Heirs:  three daughters, Elvira, Deborah Yeomans and Laurilla Youmans;  son, Obadiah
Executors:  son Obadiah and son-in-law, Joseph Youmans
Witnesses:  J. B. Bronk and H. T. Bedell, both of Coxsackie 

CICERO C. PECK  of Windham     Probated December 3, 1894
Heir:  wife, J. Alice
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  F. Asbury Strong and L. B. Cornell, both of Windham

FRANCES OTT  of Catskill               Probated December 4, 1894
Heirs:  husband, Casper;  nephew Charles
Executor:  nephew, Charles
Witnesses:  Jeremiah and Sarah B. Overbaugh, of Kiskatom

JEREMIAH OVERBAUGH  of Catskill             Probated December 17, 1894
Heirs:  wife, Sarah B.;  children, George M., Elizabeth G. Best and May B. Overbaugh
Executor:  son, George M.
Witnesses:  William and Kate A. Overbaugh, of Kiskatom

CORNELIA A. LANE  of Catskill             Probated December 17, 1894
Heirs:  sons, William E. and Gilbert A.; grand daughter, Mary Lizzie Lane
Executors:  son, William E. Lane and nephew, Alonzo Overbaugh
Witnesses:  Jeremiah and George M. Overbaugh, both of Kiskatom

 ANN H. BALDWIN  of Hunter       Probated January 7, 1895
(could also be 1893-smeary date)
Heirs:  sons, Irving A., Lester C. and Frank;  daughter, Mary;  grandson, Horace G., son of
    Willis Baldwin.
Executors:  son, Irving A. and daughter, Mary
Witnesses:  Cyrus M. Cartwright and Charles E. Lake, both of Hunter

HARRIET MERWIN  of Windham         Probated January 8, 1895
Heir:  daughter, Mary C. Shorr
Executor:  Benjamin I. Tallmadge of Windham
Witnesses:  Nellie Carr and Carrie Brandow, both of Windham

LUCY DEYOE  of Lexington              Probated January 8, 1895
Heirs:  husband, George A.;  sisters, Mareley Bushnell and Rosalia Wheeler.
Executor:  husband
Witnesses:  Elizabeth A. Strickland of Brooklyn and Sherwood Deyoe of Westkill, NY

ELI NELSON  of New Baltimore              Probated January 8, 1895
Heirs:  wife, Eliza A.;  daughter, Annie;  sons, John C. and Elihu;  grand daughter, Lena S.
Executors:  son, John C. and William B. Nelson
Witnesses:  John G. and Charles B. Raymond, both of Coxsackie

MANLEY B. MATTICE  of Catskill       Probated January 14, 1895
Heirs:  adopted son, William;  Anastatia Dady; brothers, John W. of Albany, James D. of
    Catskill;  sister, Mary Cross of New York City;  children of deceased brother Lewis P.; 
children of deceased sisters Catherine Mickey and Miranda Beal.
Executors:  Emmy A. Chase of Catskill and brother, James D. Mattice
Witnesses:  W. Irving Jennings and Albert C. Bloodgood, both of Catskill

WILLIAM ROGERS  of Durham     Probated January 14, 1895
Heirs:  wife, Melissa;  son, William;  two daughters, Louisa Richtmyer and Harriet
Executor:  none listed in book
Witnesses:  Sarah E. and W. G. VanOrden

 FANNIE E. BACKUS  of Coxsackie           Probated January 25, 1895
Heirs:  brother, George;  sisters, Susan B. Wright, Isabella Reed and Leo Backus; Grace C.
    Backus, daughter of Bell Wright;  sisters, Gertie and Elizabeth Backus; nephews, Fred
    and Charles Backus;  nieces, Louisa M, Mabel R., and Marie Reed;  Ella, wife of
    Alexander Reed.
Executor:  Platt Coonley
Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and Charles E. Hiscerd, both of Coxsackie

ISAAC SHARP  of Coxsackie            Probated February 6, 1895
Heir:  wife, Margaret Anna
Executrix:  daughter Anna Mackey
Witnesses:  Newton A. Calkins and Edwin C. Hallenbeck, both of Coxsackie

RICHARD M. JANSEN  of Coxsackie    Probated February 12, 1895
Heirs:  wife, Hannah M.;  children, Hattie A., Mary C., John D., and Melvin O.; George
    Lee Van Hoesen
Executrix:  wife, Hannah M.
Witnesses:  Newton A. Calkins and John Clough, Jr., both of Coxsackie

ALIDA PRICE TIFFANY  of Catskill         Probated February 18, 1895
(could be 1893-smeared date)
Heirs:  nieces, Florence Price, Frances May Burdick, Belle J. Price, Lucinda K., Elizabeth
    G. Price, Alida May and Florenda Price;  brother, Hiram K. Price; sisters, Emma P. Banks
    and Frances A. Henderson;  sister-in-law, Alice McK. Price; Hattie A. Reifswider.
Executor:  Emory A. Chase
Witnesses:  Georgina R. Johnson and Mary L. VanOrden, both of Catskill

CHARLES WETMORE  of Cairo                Probated February 18, 1895
Heirs:  wife, Catherine M.;  son, William C.;  daughter, Mary W. Smith;  grandsons, Fred
    E. and Hobert Wetmore;  also Charles Ray Wetmore, son of grandson, Charles A.
    Wetmore;  grand daughter, Jennie Potter;  children of son, William H. Wetmore.
Executors:  great grandson, Fred E. Wetmore and Manly B. Mattice, both of Catskill
Witnesses:  Charles E. Bassett and Philander Pratt, both of Catskill

PETER S. VINING  of Windham          Probated February 25, 1895
Heirs:  wife, Sarah M.;  sons, Peter J and Philip E.
Executrix:  wife, Sarah M.
Witnesses:  David S. and Theodore H. Merwin, both of Hensonville

JULIET G. WHEELER  of Athens          Probated March 5, 1895
Heirs:  father, Francis A. Wheeler, step-mother, Anna VanLoan Wheeler
Executors:  father and step-mother
Witnesses:  J. H. Decker, Jr. and Edward A. Gifford, both of Athens

ANNA J. MACKEY  of Catskill           Probated March 12, 1895
Heir:  daughter, Helen A. Mackey ;  (mentions late husband as Ebenezer R. Mackey)
Executors:  daughter, Helen A. and brother, William L. Baldwin
Witnesses:  R. VanHoesen and Lisbeth Brissell, both of Catskill

CHRISTINA JUMP  of Coxsackie           Probated March 12, 1895
Heirs:  daughters, Rachel C., Vina L. VanValkenburgh and Mary Catherine Aikin; sons,
    Henry R. and Watson
Executor:  Harmon VanWoert of Athens
Witnesses:  Endora Hallenbeck and Frank Nichols, both of Athens

MILTON JONES  of Jewett                 Probated March 18, 1895
Heirs:  wife, Eleanor;  brother, William;  nephew, Milton Jones; Leily Panthen
Executor:  none listed in book
Witnesses:  J. Fk. Lockwood of Hunter and Justus Artman of Jewett

RULANDUS SMITH  of Greenville         Probated March 18, 1895
Heirs:  wife, Allythie;  son, John E.;  daughter, Eliza Ann Brownell
Executors:  wife and John E. Smith
Witnesses:  Wm. A. Edwards and Newton A. Calkins, both of Coxsackie

JACOB H. GARRISON  of Cairo         Probated March 18, 1895
Heirs:  wife, Polly;  children, Leonard H., Wesley E., Emily R. Bogardus and Naranda J.
Executors:  son, Leonard H. and daughter Emily R. Bogardus
Witnesses:  Alanson Lathrop and John Boice, both of Cairo

DENNIS BYINGTON  of Cairo               Probated March 25, 1895
(could be 1893-smeared date)
Heirs:  wife, Susie A.;  nephew, Lucius B. Lennon; Fannie Byington
Executrix:  wife, Susie A.
Witnesses:  Lathrop Alanson and Frederick H. Ford, both of Cairo 

STEPHEN PARSONS   of New Baltimore      Probated March 28, 1895
Heir:  wife, Roxanna
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Wines M. Crosswell and Augustus Sherman, both of New Baltimore

MARGARET DOBSON  of Catskill               Probated April 3, 1895
Heirs:  Susan E. G., Phebe Vail and Francis C, children of Frank S. Pinckney, deceased
    Executor:  S. Barent DuBois of Catskill
Witnesses:  M. B. Mattice and Ambrose Jones, both of Catskill

CORNELIA A. SHUTTS  of Prattsville        Probated April 8, 1895
Heir:  daughter, Elizabeth, wife of George W. Shoemaker of Hunter
Executor:  Charles W. Bouton of Hunter
Witnesses:  Cyrus M. Cartwright and Wm. E. Martin, both of Hunter

WILLIAM E. MEAD  of Cairo            Probated April 15, 1895
Heir:  wife, Sarah G.
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Daniel P. Bennett, both of Cairo

NETTLETON SUTTON  of Durham         Probated April 15, 1895
Heirs:  wife, Lucia;  daughter, Minnie Orr;  grandson, Edwin Hitchcock; James L. Utter
Executors:  wife and James L. Utter
Witnesses:  Emerson Ford and Alberti Baker, both of Oak Hill, NY

RUTH P. CHURCHILL  of Lexington            Probated April 17, 1895
Heirs:  son, Elijah P.;  daughters, Amelia, Lydia, wife of John W. Smith and Frances, wife
    of Wilmot Richtmyer
Executor:  brother-in-law, A. Jesse Churchill of Brooklyn
Witnesses:  James Wyatt and Mary J. Parker of Sonus (Sp.?), Westchester Co, NY

CAROLINE SCHWEIER  of Catskill      Probated April 22, 1895
Heirs:  sister Barbara;  Rev. William J. Timerman
Executor:  Dr. George A. Englert
Witnesses:  Arthur M. Murphy and Matilda Bender, both of Catskill

ELIZABETH TIFFANY  of Athens           Probated April 25, 1895
Heirs:  children, Sarah Helen Weeks and Alonzo Tiffany
Executor:  son, William Tiffany
Witnesses:  W. Irving Jennings and Emory A. Chase, both of Catskill

ALANSON F. BRYANT   of Greenville        Probated April 25, 1895
Heirs:  son, Frank;  grandsons, Horace and Freddy
Executor:  son, Frank
Witnesses:  John W. Gardner and Fletcher Smith, both of Norton Hill, NY

PETER VANDERZEE  of New Baltimore          Probated April 29, 1895
Heir:  wife, Julia Ann
Executrix:  wife, Julia Ann
Witnesses:  Edward E. and Augustus Sherman, both of New Baltimore

LYMAN H. HUBBARD  of Windham    Probated April 29, 1895
Heir:  Elizabeth, wife of Asland H. Chittendon
Executrix:  Elizabeth, wife of Asland H. Chittendon
Witnesses:  J. A. Griswold and Wilbur F. Lamont, MD, both of Catskill

RICHARD J. NORRISH  of New Baltimore    Probated May 13, 1895
Heirs:  wife, Emma Sophia;  children, Jennie May and Winfield S.
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Stephen S. Whitbeck and D. Melvin Hinman

ORLANDO L. NEWTON  of Lexington          Probated May 15, 1895
Heirs:  sons, Corydon B., Iretus D., and Orlando L. Jr.;  daughter, Harriett, widow of
    James Allaron;  Ruth, wife of Orlando L. Newton, Jr.; grandson, John D. Newton
    Executor:  Henry Griffith
Witnesses:  Sidney L. Deyoe and George D. Baldwin, both of Westkill, NY

 GEORGE PECK  of Durham           Probated May 20, 1895
Heir:  wife, Caroline
Executrix:  wife, Caroline
Witnesses:  A. C. and Emily S. Cowles, both of Durham

PHILIS WHEELER  of Catskill            Probated May 22, 1895
Heirs:  husband, James;  son, John Jackson Wheeler;  daughters, Susan More, Henrietta
    Chisholm and Frances Wheeler
Executors:  Joseph Hallock and W. Irving Jennings, both of Catskill

CHARLES YALE  of Lexington            Probated May 27, 1895
Heirs:  wife, Betsey A.;  daughter, May E. Squires; grand daughters, Grace E. and Nettie
    M. Squires
Executors:  wife and daughter named above
Witnesses:  George A. Delamarter and Harrison Soule, both of Prattsville

ORRIN VanTASSEL  of Greenville           Probated May 29, 1985
Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth A. and son John
Executor:  son, John
Witnesses:  Henry and Frank B. Bagley, both of Greenville

HENRY SELLECK  of Catskill         Probated June 3, 1895
Heirs:  sons, Willis H. and Sherwood D.;  daughter, Anna I.
Executors:  sons and Herbert K. Hill
Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and W. Irving Jennings, both of Catskill                                  

PETER G. BRANDOW  of Athens         Probated June 4, 1895
(could be 1893- smeared date) 
Heirs:  wife, Helen;  three daughters, Anna, Kate and Elizabeth VanLoan
Executrix:  wife, Helen
Witnesses:  Rufus H. and Lucia H. King, both of Catskill

ROBERT P. TREMIN  of Athens            Probated June 4, 1895
Heir:  wife, Rachael A.
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Joseph B. Horton and Frank Nichols, both of Athens

D. NOBLE CHASE  of Jewett              Probated June 4, 1895
Heirs:  wife, Amy;  daughter, Ida L. Tompkins;  son, Platt;  son-in-law, Homer E.
Executors:  wife, son and son-in-law
Witnesses:  George Chase and F. M. Goslee, both of Jewett

MARY DOLAN  of New Baltimore             Probated June 7, 1895
Heir:  daughter, Jennie
Executor:  son-in-law, Andrew P. Kenosh
Witnesses:   Jacob Beasley and Augustus Sherman, both of New Baltimore 

PETER J. BRANDOW  of New Baltimore        Probated June 10, 1895
Heirs:  sons, Colvin L., Luman A. and Lorin;  two daughters, Louisa King and Mary F.
    Lyke;  grandchildren, Melvin D and Jennie, children of deceased son, Obadiah Brandow
Executor:  son, Lyman A. Brandow
Witnesses:  John C. McClure and Henry A. Jordon, both of Coxsackie

GARRISON PALMER  of Coxsackie        Probated June 24, 1895
Heirs:  sons, Franklyn and Stephen;  twp daughters, Hannah and Edith; grand daughter,
    Rebecca Grant, only child of deceased daughter Mary Grant

LYDIA K. MOTT  of Durham          Probated July 1, 1895
Heirs:  husband, Henry P.;  nieces, Linda Goodfellow and Mary Alice Gordon; Nelson
    Smith and Linda, children of deceased niece, Elizabeth Gordon Goodfellow;  niece, Mary
    E. Cobert;  sister, Temperance M. Dutton; Charles H. Furry
Executors:  Stephen H. Gordon and Charles H. Furry
Witnesses:  Harry Bagley of Greenville and John Jones of Durham

RANSOM H. BARKER  of Greenville      Probated July 15, 1895
Heirs:  wife, Adeline;  daughters, Blanche W. and Lillian Shanker
Executor:  wife, Adeline
Witnesses:  Alburtus Becker and Ira F. Hunt, both of Freehold

ANN C. SALISBURY  of Leeds          Probated July 16, 1895
Heirs:  nieces, Angelica Palmatier, Helen Felter, Catherine A. Morris, Maria E. Blake,
    Isabella Allendorph, Margaret Case, Caroline A. Day and Melissa Salisbury.
Executors:  nieces, Catharine A. Morris and Melissa Salisbury
Witnesses:  Walter W. Palmatier and Fred W. Palmatier, both of Catskill

HARRIET M. WRIGHT  of Coxsackie         Probated August 1, 1895
Heirs:  Mrs. Aresta W, wife of Charles T. Greene
Executors:  Mr. & Mrs. Greene
Witnesses:  Newton A. Calkins of Coxsackie and Mrs. John R. Townsend of New York

WILLIAM H. PALMER  of Catskill      Probated August 5, 1895
Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth;  daughters, Ellen M. and Elizabeth M.;  sons, Albert, Henry,
    George and Milton;  grand children, Charles E., Claude W., Henry R. and Jesse E,
    children of son Albert.
Executors:  William W. Bennett and son Henry Palmer
Witnesses:  W. H. H. Schofield and Dorville S- - -, both of Catskill

PATRICK GARTEN  of New Baltimore        Probated August 5, 1895
Heirs:  son and daughter, Hugh and Ellen
Executors:  I. J. Van Hoesen and William W. Miller
Witnesses:  Frank Dedrick and I. J. VanHoesen, both of Medway

HARRIET SAYRE  of Cairo               Probated August 5, 1895
Heir:  sister, Mary King
Executrix:  sister, Mary King
Witnesses:  William and Rebecca J. Stevens, both of Cairo

CHARLES W. HAINES  of Hunter        Probated August 12, 1895
Heirs:  wife, Adeline B.;  daughter, Jennie E.;  grandson, F. J. Haines; Sadie F. Bogart
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Elmer E. Pelham and Sheridan L. Kerr, both of Haines Falls

ELLEN M. DEANE   of Catskill       Probated August 16, 1895
Heirs:  mother, Emeline Binget;  Elizabeth Haskins;  husband, James A.
Executor:  husband, James A.
Witnesses:  J. Freelon Gaylord and Elias J. Reynolds

BRIDGET CORCORAN  of Catskill       Probated August 25, 1895
Heir:  husband, Bartholomew
Executor:  husband, Bartholomew
Witnesses:  Arthur M. Murphy and John Madigan, both of Catskill

ISAAC CHAMP of Catskill             Probated September 3, 1895
Heir:  daughter, Sarah
Executor:  son, Isaac
Witnesses:  William H. & Mary L. VanOrden, both of Catskill

ELIZABETH KING  of Catskill        Probated September 5, 1895
Heirs:  cousins, Mary S. Hunter, Julia A. Ives, Cornelia M. Stimpson, Mary B. Osborn,
    Ophelia K. Dix, Lucy K. Shankland, Augusta B. Cornell, Julia C. Caldwell, Rufus Cornell,
    Leonard B. Cornell, George Stimpson, Mary B., widow of George Cornell, MD,  Julia
    Hunter, Seward S. Ives, Caroline A. Palen, Margaret E. Peloubet, Walter S. Dix, Sarah M.
    Hinman, Rufus K. Hunter, Calista Wolhiser, Rose K. Palen, Hannah K. Brown, Elma L.
    and Cynthia Stimpson, George S. Hunter, John and Gideon Cornell; aunts, Louisa,
    widow of Dr. Levy King;  Althea, widow of Hawkey King; Cornelia E., widow of Lemuel
    C. Stimpson;  Alfred N. Hinman; cousin Robert Stanton Hunter;  James P. Dunham of 
Williamsport, CT.
Executor:  W. Irving Jennings of Catskill
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and William Palmatier, both of Catskill  

THOMAS LYNAM  of Durham          Probated September 9, 1895 
Heir:  wife, Eugenia 
Executors:  wife, Eugenia and Addison Hagadorn, both of Gilboa, NY 
Witnesses:  John L. Crandell of Hudson and Sidney Crandell of Durham

LEONARD E. LITCHFIELD  of Durham     Probated September 16, 1895 
Heir:  wife, Permelia Ann 
Executrix:  wife, Permelia Ann 
Witnesses:  Fletcher Smith and A. Penfield Pratt

EMILY BURHANS  of Cairo           Probated September 16, 1895 
Heir:  brother, John C. 
Executor:  W. Philo Olmsted 
Witnesses:  George H. Meddaugh and Abram Millett, both of Acra

SAMUEL OSBORN  of Jewett            Probated September 18, 1895 
Heirs:  wife, Mattie;  son, Romain;  daughter, Abby, wife of Edward Jones of Jewett
    Center, NY;  grandson, Grover S. Osborn 
Executor:  Josiah C. Tallmadge of Windham 
Witnesses:  Benjamin J. Tallmadge and Dwight B. Hitchcock, both of Windham

HEPSIBAH C. FINCH  of Durham       Probated September 19, 1895 
Heirs:  daughter, Catharine H. Thorpe;  William E. Thorpe and George N. Thorpe. 
Executors:  George N. Thorpe and Seth N. Hubbard 
Witnesses:  W. A. Kennedy and Washington Kennedy, both of Catskill  

LORENZO D. CARPENTER  of New Baltimore           Probated September 30, 1895 
Heirs:  wife, Justine F.;  two grandsons, Norman Dwight and Ernest Emerson Ford, sons
    of Emerson Ford 
Executors:  wife and son-in-law, Emerson Ford, both of Catskill 
Witnesses:  I. R. Tompkins, A. E. Eldred and H. Cartan  

WILLIAM H. HOLLISTER  of Coxsackie         Probated September 25, 1895 
Heirs:  wife and four sons 
Executors:  two sons, Martin L and William H. Jr. 
Witnesses:  Walter W. and Jane Palmatier, both of Catskill

JACOB BURGER  of Athens             Probated October 16, 1895 
Heirs:  wife, Ann A.;  children, George, Helen Dickman, Lydia A. Sloane, John R. and
    Herman S. 
Executors:  son, Herman S. and sons-in-law, James A. Sloan, Edmund Dickman 
Witnesses:  Edward A. Gifford and Jeremiah Brooks

HORACE M. WINTER  of Lexington      Probated October 22, 1895 
Heirs:  sons, Daniel T. and D. K. Olney Winter;  daughters, Marie Antoinette Whitney
    and Ruth Elizabeth Newton 
Executor:  son, Daniel T. 
Witnesses:  Worthington W. Hare and Iretus D. Newton

SMITH E. REYMONDS  of Windham      Probated October 28, 1895 
Heirs:  two sons, Albert P. and Romain J.;  daughters, Miriam L. Mattoon and Rosa E.
Executrix:  Rosa E. Matthews 
Witnesses:  Cyrus R. Tibbals and Benjamin J. Tallmadge  

HORACE B. BRIGGS  of Lexington         Probated October 22, 1895 
Heirs:  two sisters, Annie L. Conine and Eliza A. Kipp;  cousin, Rhoda Smith;  adopted
    daughter, Netter M. Shepard, now called Nettie M. S. Briggs. 
Executor:  nephew, Adelbert B. Kipp of Minouk, IL 
Witnesses:  Edwin L. Ford, MD of Lexington and Elizabeth Griffith of Shandaken, Ulster
    Co, NY

MORRIS AMSFIELD  of New York City           Probated November 4, 1895 
Heirs:  wife, Fanny;  sons, Irving, Samuel and Abraham;  daughter, Sellina 
Executors:  wife and son Irving 
Witnesses:  Arthur M. Murphy and Sidney Crowell, both of Catskill

MARY BRITT  of Catskill               Probated November 4, 1895 
Heirs:  two sisters, Harriet A. and Elizabeth 
Executors:  two sisters above 
Witnesses:  W. I. Jennings and Emory A. Chase, both of Catskill

MADISON CAMERON  of Greenville       Probated November 11, 1895 
Heirs:  wife, Mary;  Otis Mann, son of said wife. 
Executrix:  wife, Mary 
Witnesses:  Jay Gibbons and Orrin L. Abram, both of Greenville

SARAH G. MEAD  of Cairo              Probated November 11, 1895 
Heir:  daughter, Carrie S. Margison 
Executrix:  daughter above 
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Daniel P. Bennett

MARY DRAKE  of Cairo            Probated November 11, 1895 
Heirs:  sister, Sarah P. Rushmore;   nephew, Charles F. Rushmore of Albany; niece, Jane
    P. Rushmore of Renselaerville, (Albany Co, NY-AC) 
Executrix:  none mentioned in book 
Witnesses:  Matilda H. Frost and Elizabeth C. Sheldon, both of Potters Hollow, Albany
    Co, NY.

MARY A. GRAHAM  of Windham        Probated November 19, 1895 
Heirs:  Sarah E., wife of Peter I. Stanley of Windham;  Edwin G., son of Ambrose C. and
    Marion Slusser of Kingston;  niece, Marion and her husband, Ambrose C. Slusser of
    Kingston;  niece, Jenny, wife of Ransom Hogeboom of Lexington;  niece, Pearl Kipp; 
nephews, Edwin L. Kipp, Charles L. Kipp, and Herbert L. Kipp;  sister, Charlotte
    Moore; Sarah E. Stanley 
Executors:  Josiah C. Tallmadge of Windham and Herbert L. Kipp of Lexington 
Witnesses:  John A. Newell and Lawyer Miller, both of Windham

BENJAMIN VanZANDT  of Catskill     Probated November 25, 1895 
Heirs:  three daughters, Sarah Frances, Margaret and Helen;  son, John Kerr; Dr. S. S.
    Porter;  Eddy VanZandt Henderson and Mott Porter 
Executrix:  daughter, Margaret 
Witnesses:  Charles G. Coffin and Willis A. Haines, both of Catskill

GILLETTA EVERSON  of Catskill      Probated December 2, 1895 
Heir:  daughter Emily VanWoert 
Executrix:  same as above 
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and Orliff T. Heath, both of Catskill

AMY ANGLE  of Lexington           Probated December 16. 1895 
Heirs:  daughter, Harriet Hubbard and grandson, Edward L. Angle 
Executor:  grandson, Edward L. Angle 
Witnesses:  Rensselaer Butler and Jacob Humphrey, both of Westkill           

  NATHANIEL W. HOWLAND  of Athens           Probated December 28, 1895
    Heirs:  wife, Malinda;  children, Charles W., Francis N., Josephine Stranahan, and
    Malinda Seama. 
Executors:  two sons, Charles W. and Francis N. 
Witnesses:  F. H. Lape and William M. Collier, both of Athens  

ROBERT B. JOHNSON  of Cairo                 Probated January 7, 1896
Heirs:  wife Catherine;  brother, William; Sarah E. Webster
Executrix:  wife, Catherine
Witnesses:  Reuben W. Greene and Alanson Lathrop, both of Cairo

SARAH TRAVIS  of Catskill                Probated January 15, 1896
Heir:  Mr. Edward Pollexfen
Executor:  Same as above
Witnesses:  Joseph J. and Libbie J. Phillips, 951 6th Ave, New York City, NY

JULIAETTA BRANDT  of Catskill           Probated January 27, 1896
Heirs:  two sisters, Mary J. and Elizabeth M;  niece, Minnie Gertrude Whitbeck; nephews,
    Samuel S. and Franklin P. Whitbeck
Executor:  Addison D. Plank
Witnesses:  J. I. Doane and A. C. Fancher, both of Catskill

LATITIA PALMER  of Greenville                 Probated February 3, 1896
Heirs:  husband, Charles W.;  two brothers, George E. and Washington Williamson; sister,
    Elmina Brownell and her daughter Sarah;  son, Lavern.
Executor:  brother, Washington Williamson
Witnesses:  Statina Yeomans and Nathaniel Brownell, both of Greenville

LOUISA C. CATER  of Catskill                  Probated February 10, 1896
Heirs:  grandsons, Hugh DeBois Eckler and Morris Willie.
Executor:  John A. Griswold
Witnesses:  John A. Griswold and Henen B. Johnston, both of Catskill

ALMIRA DEDERICK  of Catskill                    Probated February 17, 1896
Heir:  grand daughter, Emma M. Dederick
Executor:  Wilbur P. Lamont
Witnesses:  Frank H. Osborn and Charles J. Bagley, both of Catskill

ALBIN E. WEST  of Windham               Probated February 24, 1896
Heirs:  wife Etta;  children, Elmer F., Milliard H., Eugene A., Eva M.,  and Tinnie.
Executors:  wife and F. Asbury Strong
Witnesses:  Millard H. West and Osborn A. Cole, both of Windham

CLARA W. BUTLER  of Catskill                     Probated February 24, 1896
Heir:  husband, Miles W.
Executor:  husband
Witnesses:  Frank H. Osborn of Catskill and Mrs. C. Kaufman of Brooklyn.

ANNE W. ROGGAN  of Durham          Probated February 24, 1896
Heirs:  Ida E. Roggan and Rome Adams. (mentions grandfather as Jacob Roggan)
Executrix:  Ida E. 
Witnesses:  George M. Hollenbeck and Byron Hall

 SALLY WINANS   of Catskill                  Probated March 5, 1896
Heirs:  sons, Henry, Leonard and John;  six daughters, Harriet, Hannah, Mary, Sarah,
    Bellinda and Rosa;  Rosalie, wife of son John.
Executors:  sons-in-law, Nelson P. Lasher and George F. Moon.
    Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and W. I. Jennings, both of Catskill

 SALLY M. BROCKETT  of Jewett            Probated March 9, 1896
Heirs:  children, Sarah, Elenor, Cornelia, Emil, Mariah, Addison and Irena
Executor:  son, Emil
Witnesses:  H. A. Towner and George Job, both of Jewett

BENEDICT JENKINS  of Greenville             Probated March 9, 1896
Heirs:  wife, Maria J.;  sons, Watson J. H., Charles Sumner, George Washington; daughter,
    Maria S.
Executrix:  wife, Maria J.
Witnesses:  Jay Gibbons and George G. McCabe, both of Greenville

MARTHA COVELL   of Cairo             Probated March 14, 1896
Heirs:  daughters, Maria E. Kilgour and Huna Thomas;  sons, John H., Moses, Charles,
    William K. and Franklin E.
Executors:  sons, Franklin E. and William K.
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and D. Alanson K. Stevens, both of Cairo

NANCY H. TRAVER  of Durham           Probated March 18, 1896
Heirs:  husband, Eaton;  daughters, Patience A. Briggs and Bertha Tucker.
Executors:  husband and Fletcher Smith of Norton Hill
Witnesses:  Rodman and Mary E. Dodge of Freehold.

SARAH C. CHADDEN  of New Baltimore         Probated April 4, 1896
Heirs:  nephews, Tunis, Alexander, Dr. Eugene VanSlyke;  also Edmond Bronk, M. D. of
    Amsterdam;  nieces, Mary Catherine, Elizabeth Van Slyke, also Caroline, wife of James K.
    Bronk;  Sarah C., daughter of Amos Sickels and his son, Theron C. Sickels;  James K. Bronk.
Executors:  James K. Bronk and brother, Teunis Chaddon of New Baltimore.
Witnesses:  Edward E. Sherman and Anna H. Sherman, both of New Baltimore

MARY E. McNULTY  of Catskill                Probated April 7, 1896
Heirs:  Rev. William J. Tunman and John Madigan
Executor:  John Madigan
Witnesses:  Arthur M. Murphy and James H. Tracy, both of Catskill

MARILLA LOOMIS   of Windham            Probated April 20, 1896
Heirs:  sisters, Emily Blanchard of Hillsborough, Hill Co, Texas;  Mary A. More of
    Wattsburgh, PA and Lois Holcomb of Cairo;  niece, Margaret More of Wattsburgh
    Executor:  Gamilia B. Holcomb
Witnesses:  Wallace Canmer and Alice Richtmyer, both of Windham

EMELINE BURGETT  of Catskill      Probated April 28, 1896
Heir:  son-in-law, Dr. James A. Doane
Executors:  son-in-law, Dr. James A. Doane and Arthur M. Murphy
Witnesses:  Harry Clifford Travis and Arthur M. Murphy, both of Catskill

TERESSA S. LEWIS  of Windham       Probated May 7, 1896
Heir:  son, Sherwood R.
Executor: Nathaniel W. Plass  of Jewett
Witnesses:  Wilbur F. Lee and M. Watson Richmond, both of Ashland

SELAH B. AHRUT  of Catskill          Probated May 11, 1896
Heirs:  wife, Mary;  daughters, Caroline Doughty and Mary Jane Pettit; son, John D.
Executor:  son, John D.
   Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and W. I. Jennings, both of Catskill 

ABRAM TIMMERMAN  of Catskill          Probated May 12, 1896
Heir:  wife, Emily
Executrix:  wife, Emily
Witnesses:  Zua J. Walters and Alanson Lathrop, both of Catskill

GERTRUDE A. SCHERMERHORN  of Cairo       Probated May 18, 1896
Heir:  niece, Lilian Cockran
Executrix:  niece, Lilian Cockran
Witnesses:  Dell and A. C. Shermerhorn, of Cairo

CHARLOTTE A. WARWICK  of Durham           Probated May 19, 1896
Heirs:  mother, Charlotte Amelia;  Elizabeth Jane, widow of Uncle Charles Warrack, late of
    Aberdeen, Scotland;  sisters, Isabell S. Newell and Sarah Allice Warwick. 
Executor:  J. Warren Greene of Brooklyn 
Witnesses:  Julia S. Greene, 115 Willow St. Brooklyn and Francis Clarke, 66 Pierrepont St.,

JOHN GERAGHTY  of Greenville         Probated May 25, 1896 
Heirs:  wife, Mary Ann;  sons, George B. and Eugene A. 
Executors:  wife, Mary Ann and son Eugene A. 
Witnesses:  Frank and Clarence E. O'Hara, both of Greenville

WILLIAM D. MOTT  of Catskill          Probated June 8, 1896 
Heirs:  sisters, Mrs. Eliza Jane Frayer and Mrs. Mary E. Dodge; brothers, Walter R. and
    George C. Mott;  nephew, Anson R, son of brother, George C. Mott;  Josephine VanWit,
    Blanche Joesburry, Grace Green, Mary Jane Richtmyer, Hattie Hallenbeck, children of sister,
    Mrs. Eliza Jane Frayer;  Anna, daughtrer of brother, Walter R. Mott;  brother, Samuel Mott;
    brother, Irving W. Mott;  Edwin C. and Emma L., children of brother, Samuel Mott. 
Executrix:  niece, Mary Jane Richtmyer 
Witnesses:  Frank A. Titus and Fred Werner, both of Catskill  

LYDIA C. YOUMANS  of Durham    Probated June 8, 1896 
Heirs:  Rosetta L. and Jacob B. Norwood 
Executor:  Jacob B. Norwood 
Witnesses:  Edgar and Jennie Mattice of Preston Hollow, Albany Co, NY

JOSEPH W. SLATER  of Cairo                Probated June 15, 1896 
Heirs:  wife, Ella;  son, Emerson D.;  Anna L. Corwell, wife's daughter; James R., son of son
    Emerson D.
    Executrix:  wife, Ella 
Witnesses:  Reuben W. Green and D.Alanson K. Stevens, both of Cairo

DAVID D. HARRING  of Cairo                Probated June 15, 1896 
Heirs:  wife, Mary B.;  sons, John F. and Walter F.;  daughters, Mary L. Roe and Harriet
    Lavinda Smith;  mother, Harriet Harring 
Executrix:  wife, Mary B. 
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Louise Edwards, both of Cairo

LUCIUS H. CHURCH  of Coxsackie    Probated June 22, 1896 
Heirs:  son, Lucius;  daughters, Margaret Augusta, Mary C. Head and Delilah A. Layman. 
Executors:  son, Lucius and daughter, Margaret Augusta Church 
Witnesses:  William W. Cummings and Rebecca Cummings, both of Coxsackie

HENRY B. WILSEY  of Coxsackie      Probated June 22, 1896 
Heir:  Mary E. Petrie 
Executrix:  Mary E. Petrie 
Witnesses:  Edward Wilson and Myron Stone, both of Coxsackie

JAMES H. BEDEAU  of Catskill   Probated June 24, 1896 
Heirs:  wife, Catharine C.;  sons, George, Henry A. and William H. 
Executors:  All three sons. 
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and W. I. Jennings, both of Catskill

WILLIAM LILLIS  of Greenville         Probated June 29, 1896 
Heirs:  sons, John and William James;  daughter, Mary, wife of Thomas Joice 
Executor:  son, William James
Witnesses:  Fletcher Smith and J. T. Ingalls, both of Norton Hill, NY  

 ABRAM POST JR.  of Coxsackie                Probated July 6, 1896
Heir:  wife, Mary Elizabeth
Executrix:  same  as above
Witnesses:  Newton A. Calkins and Edwin C. Hallenbeck, both of Coxsackie

CATHARINE MARTIN  of Catskill          Probated July 6, 1896
Heirs:  nieces, Ann, wife of William E. Cater and Thurs M. Edwards; (mentions
late husband as John J. Sax)
Executors:  Cornelius DuBois and James H. Snyder
Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and W. I. Jennings both of Catskill 

PETER QUINN  of Coxsackie            Probated July 15, 1896
Heirs:  wife, Mary;  son, Simon P.
Executors:  wife and Alonzo Burke
Witnesses:  Edwin C. Hallenbeck and John Kelly, both of Coxsackie 

ROBERT H. VanBERGEN  of Coxsackie                     Probated July 14, 1896
Heirs:  wife, Catharine E.;  niece, Etta L. VanBergen, daughter of William T. and
Margaret Terhune
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and William K. Reed, both of Coxsackie

JOSEPHINE GROBEN  of Greenville                   Probated July 20, 1896
Heirs:  son, Charles T.;  daughter, Mary Ellen;  grandson, William Henry Franken
Executor:  son, Charles T.
Witnesses:  Emma S. Norriah and Nathaniel Bailey, both of New Baltimore

SARAH E. DUNHAM  of Catskill         Probated July 29, 1896
Heirs:  children, Nellie D., Mary L., Henry A., Edgar H. and Alexander R.
Executors:  sons, Henry A. and Edgar H.
Witnesses:  W. Breasted and A. C. Fancher, both of Catskill

HARRIET HULL  of Catskill                Probated August 3, 1896
Heir:  Daughter, Frances Geraldine
Executrix:  same as above
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and Albert C. Bloodgood, both of Catskill

DEBORAH KNAPP  of Cairo                Probated August 31, 1896
Heir:  niece, Mary Emily Olmstead
Executrix:  same as above
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and William Salisbury, both of Cairo

SYLVESTER H. WINCHELL  of Jewett              Probated August 31, 1896
Heir:  wife, Harriet E.
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  W. D. and Rose E. Hinman, both of Jewett

RODMAN DODGE  of Greenville             Probated August 31, 1896
Heir:  wife, Mary E.
Executrix:  same as above
Witnesses:  Harry and Emily B. Bagley, both of Freehold

LYRIAN LOUGHMAN  of Athens               Probated September 9, 1896
Heirs:  daughters, Catharine and Sarah;  sons, William and Timothy
Executrix:  daughter, Catharine
Witnesses:  Alexander O'Hanlon and James Brennan, both of Athens

CAROLINE POWERS  of Catskill                  Probated September 14, 1896
Heirs:  nephew, James and niece, Frances Beardsley Burr
Executrix:  niece, Frances Beardsley Burr
Witnesses:  W. I. Jennings and Emory A. Chase, both of Catskill

LEVI F. KIPP  of Coxsackie                Probated September 17, 1896
Heirs:  wife, Lucy M.;  daughter, Rosalie C. Miller
Executors:  wife and Tremain VanValkenburgh
Witnesses:  Benona K. VanValkenburgh and Palmer Joslin

FRANCES M. CROWELL  of Catskill       Probated September 28, 1896
Heir:  husband, Sidney
Executor:  same as above
Witnesses:  James A. Doane and Arthur M. Murphy, both of Catskill

JULIA A. BURROUGHS  of Greenville     Probated October 5, 1896
Heirs:  sister-in-law, Naomi Rundell; George A., Alice and Sabrina Bryant; Delia Abrams,
    Jennie Talman and Clea Clusbro, Letitia A. and Abby L, daughters of Thomas J. Rundell;
    Winfield S. Rundell, nephew;  nephew, Thomas J. Rundell 
Executors:  Thomas J. and Winfield S. Rundell 
Witnesses:  Jay Gibbons and John Roe, both of Greenville

SUSAN A. RUNDELL  of New Baltimore    Probated October 5, 1896 
Heirs:  brothers, Charles, Edgar D., Richard J. and Luman;  sister, Jane E. Palmer; nieces
    and nephews, Benson B., Fanny A. and Amy H. Rundell, David Miller 
Executors:  brothers, Luman and Edgar D. 
Witnesses:  Joseph E. Wood of New Baltimore and George D. Abrams of Greenville

  THOMAS JACKSON  of Catskill         Probated October 5, 1896 
Heir:  wife, Sarah W. 
Executrix:  same as above 
Witnesses:  A. C. Fancher and Bicola Lauria, both of Catskill

MARIA A. MANSFIELD  of New Baltimore           Probated October 9, 1896 
Heir:  brother, Bryan Mansfield 
Executor:  same as above 
Witnesses:  Mrs. C. J. Mead and Harriet Reed, both of New Baltimore

JOHN G. OLMSTEAD  of Cairo      Probated October 26, 1896 
Heir:  wife, Rebecca 
Executrix:  same as above 
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Ransom White, both of Cairo

ALMIRA VEDDER  of Catskill      Probated October 26, 1896 
Heirs:  sons, William H. Spring, George R. Spring and Charles M. Spring; grandchildren,
    Belle and Sanford Plank 
Executor:  son, George R. Spring 
Witnesses:  Robert Selden and Frank H. Osborn, both of Catskill  

EDMUND J. SAX  of Catskill         Probated October 19, 1896 
Heirs:  two sisters, Sarah C.  (see next entry-AC)  and Elizabeth M. Sax 
Executors:  two sisters above 
Witnesses:  J. A. Griswold and Walter B. Lyman, both of Catskill

SARAH C. SAX  of Catskill        Probated October 19, 1896 
(see above Will of her brother-AC) 
Heirs:  brother, Edmund J. and niece Augusta Mackey 
Executor:  brother, Edmund J. 
Witnesses:  J. A. Griswold and Peter R. Phelan, both of Catskill  

JOHN CARR  of Prattsville            Probated November 2, 1896 
Heirs:  wife, Jane;  children, George and James;  step child, Mary Trainer 
Executors:  Josephine E. Platner and James B. Daley, both of Prattsville 
Witnesses:  Josephus E. Platner and James B. Daley, both of Prattsville

ANNIE E. WILLARD  of Catskill                 Probated November 9, 1896 
Heir:  husband, Dr. Charles E. 
Executor:  same as above 
Witnesses:  Hiram B. Wilcox and G. Howard Jones, both of Catskill

LYDIA SNIDER  of New Baltimore             Probated November 23, 1896 
Heirs:  Valentine J., Anna, Abba, and Jesse, children of sister, Lydia Miller 
Executors:  Valentine J. and Martin S. Miller 
Witnesses:  John B. Bronk, H. T. Bedell and M. S. Miller

ANNA H. SHERMAN  of New Baltimore        Probated December 3, 1896 
Heirs:  husband, Edward E.;  two sons, Joseph and Augustus 
Executors:  husband and two sons above 
Witnesses:  Leonard Colvin of New Baltimore and Charlotte A. Houghtaling of Coeymans.

CATHERINE McLOUGHLIN  of Catskill       Probated December 7, 1896 
Heirs:  children, Michael, Mary and Catherine 
Executor:  Owen Glennon 
Witnesses:  Arthur M. Murphy and John Madigan, both of Catskill

MARY BELL  of Catskill       Probated December 14, 1896 
Heirs:  sister, Mrs. Helen Henrys, her daughter, Mrs. Florence, wife of Edward Warner 
Executor:  brother-in-law, James Henrys 
Witnesses:  Arthur M. Murphy and Olef Holmquist, both of Catskill

J. ATWATER COOKE  of Catskill             Probated December 28, 1896 
Heirs:  wife, Louisa;  daughter, Keturah Louisa 
Executors:  wife and daughter and William Palmatier 
Witnesses:  Jane V. and Josephine Hopkins, both of Catskill

HENRY H. SHOEMAKER  of Prattsville             Probated January 4, 1897
Heirs:  children,  Lida Andress, wife of George L.;  Elizabeth, wife of Addison Fowler; Isaac,
    Allen and Charles Shoemaker; Nancy, wife of Marcus Andress; Phebe, wife of Frank Hunt.
Executor:  son, Charles Andress
Witnesses:  James B. and Lucy Daley, both of Prattsville.

LOUISA STRONG  of Ashland                   Probated January 25, 1897
Heirs:  niece, Frances A. and her husband Thomas W. Jeralds of Ashland;  niece Ellen L.
Executors:  Thomas W. Jeralds of Ashland and his wife Frances A.
Witnesses:  Wilber F. Lee and Lauriston Smalling, both of Ashland 

JOANNA LONGENDYKE  of Catskill               Probated February 8, 1897
Heirs:  sisters, Mary A. Post, Jane E., and Christina M. Longendyke;  niece, Christina
Executors:  sisters, Jane E. and Christina M.
Witnesses:  W. I. and Annie C. Jennings, both of Catskill 

CHARLES SISSON  of Cairo            Probated February 15, 1897
Heirs:  niece, Louisa W. Haines;  Henry W. Haines and Abigail Winnie.
Executor:  Francis G. Walters
Witnesses:  Charles H. Porter and George H. Noble, both of Cairo

ALICE DAY  of Catskill                   Probated March 12, 1897
Heir:  brother, Jeremiah
Executor:  same as above
Witnesses:  Orrin and Fanny Spencer Day, both of Catskill

MARTHA PATTERSON  of Windham          Probated March 22, 1897
Heirs:  Amasa Blakeslee, Ella Bartholomew, Willie Sutton, Labina Barlow, Mary A. Smith,
    Frederick Blakeslee, Ursula Andrus;  Oscar, Sidney and Etta May, children of Oscar Payne; 
step-son,  George Patterson.
Executor:  William H. Mead
Witnesses:  Dorville S. Coe and Prentice H. Mack, both of Catskill

LYDIA A. SCHERMERHORN  of Cairo          Probated March 22, 1897
Heir:  daughter, Della
Executrix:  daughter, Della
Witnesses:  Mary S. and S. F. Avery, both of West Taghkanic, Columbia Co, NY

EMMA BRIGGS  of Coxsackie           Probated March 22, 1897
Heir:  Angeline Henry
Executrix:  Angeline Henry
Witnesses:  Margaret Cleary and Edwin C. Hallenbeck, both of Coxsackie              

LAVINNA W. NEWCOMB   of Ashland         Probated March 29, 1897
Heirs:  Millard F. Wood, Ardella Knapp, Melbourn Bailey and Nora Lunt, nephews and
    nieces and children of sisters Sally A. Wood, Adelia Bailey and Beda Ann Lunt.
Executor:  nephew, Millard F. Wood
Witnesses:  F. A. Strong and William F. Johnson, both of Windham

ELSEY M. LORTON  of Durham        Probated March 29, 1897
Heirs:  daughter, Nellie;  sons, Charles, John and Clinton
Executrix:  daughter, Nellie
Witnesses:  Emily S. and Anna C. Cowles, both of Durham

EZRA M. STEVENS  of Cairo             Probated April 9, 1897
Heirs:  wife, Martha and son, Solon W.
Executrix:  wife, Martha
Witnesses:  Sidney Crowell and Arthur M. Murphy, both of Cairo

GEORGE S. RICHMOND   of Durham     Probated April 19, 1897
Heir:  wife, Elizabeth L.
Executor:  Robert C. Poultney of Rensselaer
Witnesses:  Robert C. Poultney and Wallace B. Snyder

HANNAH M. CLOUGH  of Coxsackie     Probated April 19, 1897
Heirs:  husband, John, Jr.;  brother, Jacob R. Jansen;  three nieces, Carrie, wife of Ellis
    Gardner of Pittsfield, MA;  Ida, wife of Elmer Jansen, niece by marriage also of Pittsfield,
    MA;  Nora, wife of Jacob H. Stall of Coxsackie.
Executors:  husband and nephew by marriage, Jacob N. Stall.
Witnesses:  Frank Nichols and Fred T. Lape, MD, both of Athens.

WILLIAM JONES  of Jewett             Probated April 19, 1897
Heirs:  nephew, Benjamin F. Jones;  Sarah E., wife of Chester S. McCoon.
Executor:  Benjamin F. Jones
Witnesses:  Cyrus M. Cartwright and Charles D. Wiltsie, both of Hunter

EMELINE DORMAN  of Coxsackie         Probated April 25, 1897
Heir:  nephew, Benjamin C. Bampton of Brooklyn, NY
Executor:  same as above
Witnesses:  Albert Parker and John B. Bronk, both of Coxsackie

JENNETT PETRIE  of Athens           Probated April 26, 1897
Heir:  husband, George
Executor:  husband, George
Witnesses:  Jane Lewis and Hattie Jones, both of Athens

SAMUEL TUELL   of Cairo          Probated April 28, 1897
Heir:  wife, Charlotte
Executrix:  as above
Witnesses:  A. C. Fancher and Theodore A. Cole, both of Cairo

XIMENA PENFIELD  of Catskill      Probated May 5, 1897
Heir:  brother, Samuel L. Penfield
Executor:  brother, Samuel L. Penfield
Witnesses:  Thomas Kittredge and Jennie R/H. Brown

TIMOTHY J. HOLLISTER  of Coxsackie           Probated May 5, 1897
Heirs:  wife, Rinnie;  brother William W.
Executor:  brother, William W.
Witnesses:  Platt Coonley and Alpheus C. Dwight, both of Coxsackie

NATHANIEL YOUMANS  of Catskill     Probated May 10, 1897
Heir:  niece, Miss Sarah L. Mead
Executrix:  same as above
Witnesses:  Lewis B. and Emma E. Barber of Domansville, NY

MARGARET WINCE of Catskill               Probated May 11, 1897
Heirs:  sons, William H., Peter A. and Jacob;  daughters, Mary E., Margaret and Annie C.
Executors:  daughter, Mary E. and Benjamin Wey
Witnesses:  W. I. Jennings and Emory A. Chase, both of Catskill

JANE CRAWFORD  of Hunter             Probated June 5, 1897
Heir:  cousin, John
Executor:  John Dawson of Brooklyn, NY
Witnesses:  Cyrus M. Cartwright and Dwight E. Burgess, both of Hunter

JANE CARMEN  of Cairo             Probated June 12, 1897
Heirs:  four children, Mary P. Mackey, Harriet Smith, Allie Rouse and Nelson.
Executors:  son, Nelson and brother, Samuel Chidester
   Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and W. I. Jennings, both of Catskill

BENJAMIN K. COE  of Durham         Probated June 14, 1897
Heirs:  wife, Miranda;  Charles J. Crapser and Peter B. Crapser both of Rensselaer.
Executor:  Robert C. Poultney of Albany County
Witnesses:  Robert C. and Mary J. Poultney, Potters Hollow, Albany Co, NY 

JACOB H. PROVOST  of Coxsackie      Probated June 14, 1897
Heirs:  two sons, Elmer E. and Francis S.;  daughter, Catherine Ann, wife of Leland Smith
Executors:  all of the above
Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and George T. Clarke, both of Coxsackie

EGBERT W. VanVALKENBURGH  of Halcott          Probated June 21, 1897
Heir:  wife, Mary E.
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Luther B. Streeter, Alonzo J. Morse of Halcott and Miss Myrtie M. Bouton of
    Griffins Corners, Delaware Co, NY

ANN ELIZA REED  of Durham          Probated June 28, 1897
Heir:  daughter Rose, wife of Curtis Kenyon
Executor:  son-in-law, Curtis Kenyon
Witnesses:  A. A. Randall and A. Augusta Randall, both of Durham

JAMES ADAMS  of Coxsackie       Probated June 28, 1897
Heirs:  wife, Sarah;  daughters, Sarah Ann, Elizabeth and Margaret;  son, John.
Executors: wife and daughter, Margaret Adams
Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and H. T. Bedell, both of Coxsackie

 CORNELIUS _? KENNEDY  of Catskill       Probated July 6, 1897
Heir:  wife, Elizabeth
Executors:  wife and Egbert Palmer
Witnesses:  George W. Plusch and Egbert Palmer, both of Catskill

IRETUS D. NEWTON  of Lexington         Probated July 6, 1897
Heir:  wife, Marie Elizabeth
Executrix:  wife, Marie Elizabeth
Witnesses:  Sidney L. Deyo and Emory L. Howard, both of Westkill

REUBEN W. GREENE  of Cairo           Probated July 12, 1897
Heirs:  William E. and John E. Greene;  sisters, Sarah Louisa Warford and Mary Jane
Executors:  William E. and John E. Greene
Witnesses:  George Heinieke and C. P. Byington, both of Cairo

SAMUEL MARSH  of Coxsackie        Probated July 20, 1897
Heir:  wife, Louisa
Executrix:  wife, Louisa
Witnesses:  Newton A. Calkins and Richard H. Whitbeck, both of Coxsackie

 MATILDA A. AKELEY  of Cairo              Probated July 21, 1897
Heirs:  husband. Ezra:  daughter, Eda D.
Executors:  husband and George Scutt
Witnesses:  George W. Plusch and Egbert Palmer, both of Catskill

BLANCHE JOESBURY  of Catskill       Probated July 26, 1897
Heirs:  niece, Blanche Hallenbeck, daughter of sister Hattie;  step-daughter, Florence
    Joesbury;  sister, Mrs. Josephine VanWie and  May Jane Richtmyer; brother, Walter
Executor:  Frederick Werner
Witnesses:  Albert Saulpaugh and C. F. Hill, both of Catskill

CLARISSA BUMP  of Ashland           Probated July 26, 1897
Heirs:  sons, Franklin E. and George H.;  daughters, Charlotte C. Sanford, Minnie J.
    Nickols of New Haven, CT and Fannie R. Diston of Windham.
Executors:  son, Franklin E. Bump and Benjamin J. Tallmadge
Witnesses:  Rose G. and Benjamin J. Tallmadge

CAROLINE SAXE  of Catskill          Probated July 28, 1897
Heirs:  husband, Ira J.;  sons, Luther R. and William M.
Executors:  sons, Luther R. and William M.
Witnesses:  Nettie Lawrence and Harriet A. Britt

ABRAM M. HALLENBECK  of Coxsackie            Probated August 2, 1897
(see note at bottom from typist)
Heirs:  wife, Betsey Ann;  nieces, Catharine Day, Rachel Brandow, Eliza Hallenbeck,
    Charlotte Edwards and Jane Clow;  Betsey Ann Fitz-Harris, Louis VanSickles, Phebe C.
    Searles, Ira Bedell; William S. Bedell, Caleb S. Bedell; Lawrence Bedell, Henry Bedell, Jr.,
    Hannah Jane Bingham and Philena Dorling, children of my wife's sister Deborah Bedell; 
nieces, Betsey Jane Smith, Ann Catharine Searles, Mary B. Bedell, Hannah P. Williams and
    Theressa Smith, children of my wife's brother Jonathan Searles; Palmer, son of William
Executors:  wife, Betsey Ann and Jonathan Palmer
Witnesses:  Charles W. Mackay and Charles E. Bailey, both of Coxsackie
(NOTE:  could anyone tell me how all these names connect. I have many of these
    surnames in my files, especially Brandow, Bedell, Edwards and Clow.  Typist-Annette

WINFIELD SCOTT HAVILAND  of Athens         Probated August 6, 1897
Heirs:  wife, Ella Rushmore;  son Arthur
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Orrin Day and William Palmatier, both of Catskill

 JARED L. WOODARD  of Durham        Probated August 6, 1897
Heir:  wife, Della
Executrix:  wife, Della
Witnesses:  Rodman and Mary E. Dodge, both of Freehold

ELIZABETH PALMER  of Catskill         Probated, August 30, 1897
Heirs:  husband, William Henry;  son, George;  daughters, Libbie M. and Ellen M.
    Executor:  son, George
Witnesses:  Orliff T. and John T. Heath, both of Catskill

PERRY ROE  of Greenville               Probated August 30, 1897
Heir:  wife, Rachel A.
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  James Stevens and John Roe, both of Greenville

E. SEMANTHE BATES  of Catskill          Probated August 30, 1897
Heirs:  sons, Henry B. and Homer B.:  daughter, Mary B. Willis; also grandchildren (not
Executrix:  daughter, Mary B. Willis
Witnesses:  Henry B. Coons and George C. Gulick, both of Catskill

REBECCA M. STONE  of Greenville      Probated August 31, 1897
Heirs:  husband, Archibald;  son, Albert E.; daughter, Ida A.
Executor:  husband
Witnesses:  Mrs. Clarissa S. and Mrs. Mamie A. Palmer, both of Norton Hill, NY

FREDERICK COOKE  of Catskill           Probated September 7, 1897
Heirs:  brother, John A.;  sister, Emily H. Cooke; Francis H. Otis; nephew, Frederick Cook
Executors:  sister, Emily H. Cooke and Frederick Cook Griffin
Witnesses:  Orrin Day and William Palmatier, both of Catskill

CATHARINE M. McCOY  of Cairo        Probated September 7, 1897
Heirs:  nieces, Charlotte Tompkins, Catharine Strong, Janet Richmond, Sarah Ransom,
    Eliza Strong, Ella Brown and Sarah Duncan;  nephews, James Richmond and William
    Snyder;  brother, Abijah Ransom; Mrs. Cecelia Nelson;  sisters, Sally and Elizabeth
    Richmond, Leah Snyder and Charlotte, wife of Samuel Tuell.
Executor:  nephew, William Snyder of Durham
Witnesses:  Helen C. Smith and Ira T. Tolley, both of Cairo

JOHN J. LITTLE  of Athens          Probated September 8, 1897
Heirs:  son, William R.
Executor:  son, William R.
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and W. I. Jennings, both of Catskill

CHARLES E. LOSEE  of Coxsackie        Probated September 13, 1897
Heir:  wife, Mary Ann
Executors:   wife, Mary Ann and  his brother, Joseph A. Losee
Witnesses:  R. H. and C. E. VanBergen, both of Coxsackie

SARAH MARKLE  of Catskill           Probated September 22, 1897
Heirs:  sister, Jane;  Peter Gardner Coffin and Sherwood Rightmyer
Executor:  Peter Gardner Coffin
Witnesses:  Mahala Hummel of Catskill and Charles G. Coffin of 197 Clinton St., 
    Brooklyn, NY  

RUHANNAH M. HOAGLAND  of Ashland       Probated September 27, 1897 
Heirs:  husband, Charles;  cousin, Melvin Canmar;  sister-in-law, Mary, wife of A. A.
Executor:  Charles Hoagland 
Witnesses:  Miles A. Chadderdon and Ezekiel Thomas, both of Cairo

MARY C. BECKER  of Catskill     Probated October 25, 1897 
[NOTE: Mary's maiden name was BRANDOW, wife of Frederick Becker---AC] 
Heirs:  daughter, Josephine Smith;  sons, Milton H., Ward C. and Egbert Becker;
    grandson, Leroy W. Antus;  grand daughter, Mary Smith 
Executor:  grandson, Leroy W. Antus 
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Frank D. Cole, both of Cairo

EDWARD M. BUTLER  of Hunter          Probated November 14, 1897 
Heir:  wife, Alice L. 
Executrix:  wife 
Witnesses:  Lester Leggett of Haines Falls and Michael Lackey, Jr. of Tannersville

DENNIS B. SOLESS  of New Baltimore      Probated November 15, 1897 
Heir:  Matthew Thorn 
Executors:  Matthew Thorn and William H. Travis 
Witnesses:  William P. Reeve and Wm. H. Travis

FRANCES J. CHAMBERLIN  of Cairo     Probated November 22, 1897 
Heirs:  George M. Brandow and his wife of Catskill;  Sarah M. Beach; Mary E. Betts of
    Cairo; Mrs. Sayres and Mrs. Rose Bascom (Bissell Bascom 1880 Census-AC) of Durham; 
Eveline Brandow of Coxsackie;  Mrs. Mary (Homer T.-AC) Bedell of Coxsackie; Mrs.
    Howard Boughton and Miss Lillie Boughton of Catskill;  Mr. Hiram and Grace Arnell of
    Providence, RI; Lizzie Congdon of Catskill; Mr. and Mrs. Willard Crandell. 
Executor:  Dwight B. Hitchcock of Windham 
Witnesses:  Calantha S. Brandow and Rhoda A. Martin both of Catskill

EZRA SHERRILL  of Greenville          Probated December 6, 1897 
Heir:  wife, Frances 
Executrix:  wife, Frances 
Witnesses:  Curtis R. Lacy and Ira F. Hunt, both of Freehold

 ROBERT FAULKNER  of Lexington          Probated December 9, 1897 
Heirs:  wife, Caroline;  son, Frank; niece, Amelia VanValkenburgh; Dr. Edwin L. Ford. 
Executor:  Frank Faulkner of Schuyler, Colfax Co, NE 
Witnesses:  Edwin L. Ford and G. H. Faulkner of Lexington

JAMES D. BLUMBERG  of Prattsville         Probated December 20, 1897 
Heirs:  wife, Mary M.;  Edith Bates now called Edith Bates Blumberg. 
Executors:  wife and Willis B. Chatfield 
Witnesses:  William F. Fenn and James Richtmyer, both of Prattsville

HENRY GAYLORD  of Catskill                Probated December 22, 1897 
Heirs:  son, J. Freelove;  daughter, Almira H. Mott;  grand daughters, Annie Mott, also
    May E., daughter of deceased son, Adelbert Gaylord. 
Executor:  son, J. Freelove 
Witnesses:  Henry F. Olmstead and Arthur M. Murphy, both of Catskill

GEORGE HOUGHTALING  of Coxsackie    Probated December 28, 1897 
Heirs:  sister, Charlotte; niece, Charlotte H. Clements 
Executors:  sister, Charlotte and Barent H. Lane 
Witnesses:  William K. Reed and Henry A. Jordan, both of Coxsackie

ISAAC M. SPOOR  of Coxsackie           Probated December 28, 1897 
Heirs:  niece, Catherine Day of Brooklyn; children of brother Casper M. Spoor 
Executor:  Curtis I. Spoor 
Witnesses:  Newton A. Calkins and William K. Reed, both of Coxsackie   

WILLIAM FARMER  of Coxsackie        Probated January 4, 1898
Heirs: niece, Margaret Gray Peck;  grand nephews, Edgar Farmer Peck and Sheldon
    Cleveland Peck.
Executor:  niece, Margaret Gray Peck
Witnesses:  Georgina A. Jackson and Emory A. Chase, both of Catskill

JOHN W. STONE  of New Baltimore    Probated  January 10, 1898
Heirs:  wife, Caroline;  daughters, Annie E. Schneider and Mary B. Ryon.
Executors:  wife and son-in-law, Charles V. Ryon
Witnesses:  Alonzo G. and Clarence G. Powell, both of New Baltimore

JANE E. LUGENDYCK  of Catskill           Probated January 10, 1898
Heir:  sister, Christina M. Lugendyck
Executrix:  sister, above
Witnesses:  W. I. Jennings and Emory A. Chase, both of Catskill

JANE VANDERPOEL  of New Baltimore              Probated January 17, 1898
Heir:  daughter, Alida A., wife of C. J. Mead
Executrix:  daughter above
Witnesses:  Newton Sweet and Augustus Sherman, both of New Baltimore

CAROLINE H. PETTIT  of Catskill           Probated January 17, 1898
Heirs:  Abigail H. Underhill of Poughkeepsie and Frank S. Clark of NY City
Executor:  Frank S. Clark
Witnesses:  W. I. Jennings and Emory A. Chase, both of Catskill

KEBROSA/HEBROSA? E. STIMSON  of Ashland   Probated Jan. 25, 1898
Heirs:  sisters, Sarah P. Hastings of Ashland and Mary P. Lynde of Plainfield, NJ
Executor:  Benjamin I. Tallmadge of Windham
Witnesses:  Miss E. Lynde of Plainfield, NJ and Benjamin I. Tallmadge of Windham

ANNA COOK  of Ashland                Probated February 1, 1898
Heirs:  Polly, wife of Rev. George W. Ferris; Rosenia, wife of Arthur Disbrow of
    Prattsville; Clarissa B. Truesdell; three children of brother, Thomas B. Cook--Willis,
    Manley B. and Rutherford H.;  two children of brother, Ichabod Cook--Ahira I. and Cora
Executors:  brother, Thomas B. Cook of Ashland and Jacob Lutz of Roxbury, Delaware
    Co, NY
Witnesses:  Theodore Rudolph and Chester A. Platner, both of Prattsville

DILLWYN C. POWELL  of New Baltimore       Probated February 7, 1898
Heirs:  wife, Mary E.;  nieces, Ann Augusta Court, Mary Eliza McCardell, Jessie T. Court
    and Helen Powell;  nephews, Dillwyn McCardell and Henry Court.
Executors:  wife and Henry Court, her brother
Witnesses:  Homer T. Bedell and Arthur J. Collin, both of Coxsackie

GEORGE  KING   of Cairo       Probated February 7, 1898
Heirs:  son, Obadiah;  daughters, Adelaide and Rose
Executors:  daughter, Rose and Emory A. Chase
Witnesses:  Charles Lathrop and W. H. Hopson

CATHARINE A. GREEN  of Coxsackie            Probated February 15, 1898
(Wife of James E. Green of Coxsackie)
Heirs:  husband, James E.;   sisters, Mary E. Quick of Albany and Sarah A. Hotaling of
    South Cairo;  nephews, George D. and Charles W. Hotaling, also Eighmy DeMott of
    Catskill, father of Arnold DeMott;  grand nephews, Ralph Fancher of Catskill, Arnold
    DeMott and Eugene Leigh of Coxsackie; nephew, James Paddock of Delmar, NY;  nieces,
    Elizabeth Overbaugh of Smiths Landing, NY, Ida May Hewett of Jefferson Co, NY, Nancy
    Leigh, Jennie Green;  grandnieces, Hazel Katherine Hewett, Minnie Swan and Minnie
    Leigh of Coxsackie.
Executors:  Hiram Bogardus and Lucius Church, both of Coxsackie
Witnesses:  Levi Bedell and Hiram Bogardus, both of Coxsackie

MARY C. WICKES  of Greenville                     Probated February 21, 1898
Heirs:  sister, Abigail;  nephew by marriage, Frank B. Wickes now of Orange, NJ
Executor:  nephew above
Witnesses:  Edgar Hartt and Edward Wakeley

JASON WINN  of New Baltimore                     Probated February 24, 1898
Heirs:  wife, Rosetta;  children, Arthur, George H., Iduella, Martha Jane Brooks, Ellen B.
    and Orson.
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Newton A. Calkins and Arthur J. Collier, both of Coxsackie

PETER DAY  of Athens               Probated March 9, 1898
Heirs:  daughter, Katie;  sons, William R. and Thomas W.
Executors:  two sons above
Witnesses:  Samuel H. Nichols and Henry O. Hallenbeck, both of Athens


CHRISTIAN OTT  of Hunter             Probated March 14, 1898
Heirs:  wife, Barbara;  eight chioldren, Mary and Louisa both of NY City, John, William
    James, Annie, Sarah and Lena all of Tannersville.
Executor:  Clarence L. Wiltsie of Tannersville
Witnesses:  John M. Homer and Clarence L. Wiltsie, both of Tannersville

 DAVID EVANS  of Greenville        Probated March 14, 1898
Heirs:  daughter, Maggie Cathcart;  sons, James and John; grand daughter, Minnie.
Executor:  Henry T. Botsford
Witnesses:  John W. Mabie and Archibald Stone, both of Norton Hill, NY 

CATHARINE LAWRENCE  of Catskill         Probated March 14, 1898
Heirs:  daughter, Mary C.; sons, John L. and Stanly
Executors:  above children
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and Albert C. Bloodgood, both of Catskill

E. ANGELINE LOSEE  of Greenville              Probated March 28, 1898
Heirs:  daughters, Helen Travis and Laura A. Smith;  son-in-law, Lewis J. Smith
Executors:  daughter Laura A. Smith and sister, Laura A. Brown
Witnesses:  Thompson K. Losee and Alonzo G. Holmes

TEMAN GRIFFIN  of Ashland                     Probated March 28, 1898
Heirs:  wife, Mary C.;  two sons, Willett C. and William M.
Executors:  wife and son Willett C.
Witnesses:  J. B. Daley and A. M. Allen, both of Prattsville

MARY A. RICHTMYER  of Prattsville        Probated March 28, 1898
Heirs:  three sons, Wilmot of Roxbury, Del. Co, NY, Everet of NY City and James R. of
Executor:  James R. Richtmyer
Witnesses:  A. G. Baldwin and Julia A. Zelie, both of Gilboa

 ELIZABETH SPOOR  of Athens           Probated April 4, 1898
Heirs:  daughter, Catherine Isabella;  grand daughter, Naomi May Spoor; niece, Eudora
Executor:  Harmon VanWoert
Witnesses:  Samuel H. Nichols and Hiram Vosburgh, both of Athens

MARTIN LAYMAN  of Catskill      Probated April 25, 1898
Heirs:  children, Alfred A. of Williamsport, PA; James J; Ann E., wife of  John H. Cornell; 
Hugh C. of Hunters Point, NY;  Daughter-in-Law, Laura L. Layman, wife of son William
    M. of Otto Township, McKean Co, PA
Executors:  John H. Cornell and Fred Werner, both of Catskill
Witnesses:  J. I. Werner and E. E. Elliott, both of Catskill

THEODORE RUDOLPH  of Prattsville      Probated April 25, 1898
Heirs:  sister, Pauline Sachs; her children, Rudolphine L., Theodore H. and George J.
    Sachs;  her husband George Sachs.
Executor:  George Sachs
Witnesses:  J. C. McWilliams and Chas. A. Layman, both of Prattsville

JOSEPH SOLOMAN  of Athens               Probated May 31, 1898
Heirs:  son, Frederick;  daughter, Marie D., wife of John Elliott; grand daughter, Elizabeth 
M. Elliott
Executor:  Herman F. Dornell
Witnesses:  F. H. Eichhorn and O. S. Porter, both of Athens

POLLY POWELL  of Greenville                Probated May 16, 1898
Heirs:  nephews, Nicholas J. VanHoesen, Lyman T. Martin and Egbert Powell; niece,
    Minnie S. Powell;  brother, William T.
Executor:  brother, William T.
Witnesses:  William M. Collin and J. Brooks, Jr., both of Athens

HELEN M. PERSON  of Catskill              Probated May 31, 1898
Heir:  son, James F.
Executor:  above
Witnesses:   Joseph Hallock and W. I. Jennings, both of Catskill

WILLIAM BALDWIN  of Durham          Probated June 6, 1898
Heir:  wife, Mary W. F.
Executrix:  above
Witnesses:  Sarah A. and E. D. Burhans

JOHN I. HALLENBECK  of Athens         Probated June 6, 1898
Heirs:  daughters, Rebecca Eliza, Mary and Gertrude;  sons, Calvin, Casper I., Watson and
Executors:  son Calvin and daughter, Rebecca Eliza
Witnesses:  Nicholas VanHoesen of Athens and William Hull of Hudson, NY

LYSANDER LENNON  of Cairo                  Probated June 7, 1898
Heirs:  daughters, Roxy Dora Bogardus, Sarah Jane Raeder, Adaline Burtis, Bellavista
    Person and Charlotte Kennedy;  sons, Lucius B. and Lysander Jr.; grand daughters, May
    Raeder and Elnora Bogardus
Executors:  sons, Lucius B. and Lysander Jr.
Witnesses:  Abram V. Decker and Miles A. Chadderton, both of Cairo.

MARGARET A. MURDON  of Catskill      Probated June 15, 1898
Heirs:  sons, William W. and Thomas H.;  daughters, Julia F Varick of NY City; Elizabeth
    E Simmons of Newport, RI;  grand daughter, Mary A. Cantine of Catskill
Executrix:  grand daughter, Mary A. Cantine of Catskill
Witnesses:  William H. Redding and Wilbur F. Lamont, both of Catskill

ELIZABETH ANGLE  of Lexington             Probated June 27, 1898
Heirs:  son, Leroy;  daughter, Alice Brandus
Executor:  Lauren C. VanValkenburgh
Witnesses:  Lewis E. VanValkenburgh and Hattie E. VanValkenburgh

SAMUEL B. SPEES  of Greenville               Probated June 27, 1898
Heirs:  sons, B. Granby and Robert D.;  daughter, Anna C. Chatterdon;  Fannie J., daughter
    of son, Robert D.
Executors:  two sons listed above
Witnesses:  Edward Wakely and Charles S. Sanford, both of Greenville

HANNAH J. CLAPPER   of New Baltimore     Probated June 28, 1898
Heirs:  sister, Charlotte A. VanSlyke;  nephews, A. Webster VanSlyke, Bronk VanSlyke 
    and  Bronk's two daughters;  nephews, J. Gurnsey VanSlyke, Edgar and Wilberforce
    VanSlyke and Charles VanSlyke;  nieces, Jennie and Charlotte VanSlyke, Alice Lewis and
    her son, Joseph Lewis; Nella, daughter of Wilberforce VanSlyke.
Executors:  nephews, John Gurnsey and Bronk Van Slyke
Witnesses:  Joseph and Annie L. VanSlyke Sherman, both of New Baltimore

MARY E. SPALDING  of Catskill             Probated July 15, 1898
Heirs:  sister, Emily A. Atwater;  brother, Henry D. Atwater
Executors:  cousins, Orrin and Jeremiah Day both of Catskill
Witnesses:  William Palmatier and Henry D. Shores, both of Catskill

MONROE W. CARR   of Windham          Probated July 18, 1898
Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth;  children (not named)
Executor:  Frederick W. Braunlich of Windham
Witnesses:  Julia A. Johnson and Grace G. Rifenburgh

WILLIAM OLIVER  of Catskill               Probated July 18, 1898
Heir:  wife, Anna M.
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Edgar Pool, Lionel Lethbridge and Wm. H. Bogardus, all of Catskill

JULIA A. MATTOON  of Cairo               Probated July 19, 1898
Heir:  daughter, Helen A. Balis
Executor:   David T. Jerome
Witnesses:  Jonathan Webster and Alfred Bennett, both of Cairo

JAMES THEGO  of New Baltimore         Probated July 22, 1898
Heirs:  wife, Maria;  daughters, Josephine, Jennie A. Wickes, Elizabeth M. Briggs; son,
    Thomas M.; (mentions aunt as Catherine Hotaling, deceased)
Executor:  son, Thomas M.
Witnesses:  Lansing VanWie and H. L. Washburn, Jr. of Albany

ADDISON H. ELLIOTT  of Catskill                  Probated July 29, 1898
Heir:  son, Charles A.
Executor:  son above
Witnesses:  Orliff T. Heath and Martha  __. Cusslie, both of Catskill

SARAH BEHAN  of Hunter           Probated August 1, 1898
Heirs:  Catherine, widow of Luke Glennon and her daughter, Anna G.
Executor:  Owen Glennon
Witnesses:  Charles Davis and Orville L. Carn, both of Saugerties

WILLIAM ROBB  of Catskill        Probated August 8, 1898
Heirs:  Laura, daughter of nephew, John W.;  grand niece, May Horton of Elkhorn, WI; 
niece by marriage, Alice Philips now of Catskill;  nephews, John W. Casper and Omar W.
    Robb;  nieces, Mary Ann Fuller and Amelia Robb;  sister, Mary J. Casper;  nieces, Ella Sax
    and Frances Jump.
Executors:  nephews, John W. Robb and John W. Casper
Witnesses:  W. I. Jennings and Emory A. Chase, both of Catskill

ALVAN HOWARD  of Catskill     Probated August 10, 1898
Heirs:  wife, Mary Spencer;  sister, Frances Bryant Raymond now residing in San
    Francisco, CA;  daughters of sister, Mrs. Lydia M. Wickes, deceased-- Mary and Matilda
    and her step-daughter Eliza Wickes;  Florence E. H. and Charles H. Marvin, children of
    deceased sister,  Elizabeth;  niece, Anna H. Wierun, daughter of deceased sister Anstiss;
    nephew, J. Howard Whittlesey; daughter, Pauline, now residing in Duluth, MN;  Sarah
    A., daughter of Charles L. and Mary L. Beach; Joshua S. Day and William S. Kennedy,
    nephews of wife; Mrs. Adelaide E. Harris;  Mary Howard Prize
Executors:  wife, Mary Spencer, Orrin Day and W. I. Jennings
Witnesses:  William Palmatier and George S. Stevens, both of Catskill

CYRUS VanVALKENBURGH  of Lexington           Probated September 6, 1898
Heir:  wife, Amanda
Executor:  George H. Faulkner of Lexington
Witnesses:  O. B. VanValkenburgh and Herbert Kipp, both of Lexington

EMILY C./O. DAY   of Catskill        Probated August 28, 1898
Heirs:  daughter, Alice;  son, Jeremiah
Executor:  son Jeremiah
Witnesses:  Orrin Day of Catskill and Mary B. Daldwell of NY City

ANN JANETTE FOSTER   of Windham              Probated September 6, 1898
Heir:  step-daughter, Lillian, wife of Menzo Bunt of Jewett
Executrix:  Step-daughter, Lillian
Witnesses:  Benj. I. Tallmadge and Elbert R. Barney, both of Jewett

MARIA VanBRAMER  of Catskill                        Probated September 9, 1898
Heirs:  son, George;  daughter, Elizabeth
Executrix:  daughter, Elizabeth
Witnesses:  W. I. Jennings and Emory A. Chase, both of Catskill

MARY E. MELLISH of Hunter                            Probated September 12, 1898
Heirs:  husband, George;  daughter, Georgina Lydia Bicknell;  grandsons, Frank A.
    Dickey of NY City and David Robert Dickey;  grand daughter, Georgina E. McClallan
Executor:  David H. Dickey of NY City, the husband of deceased daughter.
Witnesses:  Cyrus M. Cartwright and David W. Bullock, both of Hunter

SAMUEL GALBRAITH  of Athens                   Probated September 26, 1898
Heirs:  grandsons, Thomas B. Boyle and Samuel J. Boyle
Executor:  Samuel J. Doyle
Witnesses:  Augustus Goeller and Fred T. Lape, both of Athens

CHARLOTTE A. WHITBECK  of Coxsackie    Probated October 10, 1898
Heirs:  sons, Peter A., John Bronk, VanAllin and William A., late of New York; Peter
    Henry, son of deceased son, Henry, Charlotte E., daughter of deceased son, David.    
    Executors:  sons, John Bronk, VanAllin and Peter A.
Witnesses:  A. S. and Alton Vandusee, both of Coeymans

CATHARINE E. WHITE  of Cairo                    Probated October 11, 1898
Heirs:  daughters, Anna Louise Pitcher and Emerette W. Gray;  heirs of Solon White,
    deceased;  Solon W. Stevens of Cairo;  Eleanot Betts and Ambrose Jones of Cairo;  Sadie L.
    Hall;  two brothers, Francis W. and James Eltin and sister, Anna E. Hickerson
Executors:  daughter, Anna Louise Pitcher and John W. Stevens
Witnesses:  W. B. Hall and Alfred Bennett, both of Cairo

ANNIE CARGILL  of Catskill                           Probated October 12, 1898
Heirs:  husband, Thomas;  sons, Albert and Bernard;  Rev. William J. Fineran
Executor:  Joseph Hey
Witnesses:  Wilbur F. Lamont and Peter Welsh, both of Catskill

JANE H. DORLON  of Catskill                          Probated October 15, 1898
Heirs:  cousins, John S. and William W. Richards;  Susan and Florence, daughters of
    Henry Ashley;  cousin, Mrs. Jan VanPost;  Mrs. Joseph Zimmerman. (mentions deceased
    sister Elizabeth Richards.)
Executors:  cousin, Wm. W. Richards and W. I. Jennings, both of Catskill
Witnesses:  O. V. Sage and Emory A. Chase, both of Catskill

BUSINA BEDELL  of New Baltimore               Probated October 20, 1898
Heirs:  daughter, Caroline;  sons, John T. and Robert Barclay Bedell.
Executors:  son, John T. Bedell and son-in-law, John W. Stover
Witnesses:  Annie E. and Mary E. Stover, both of New Baltimore

JOHN H. LACY  of Greenville                          Probated October 20, 1898
Heirs:  wife, Mary S.;  two children, Enoch Clark Lacy and Edith Genevieve Lacy
    Executrix:  wife, Mary
Witnesses:  Harry Bagley and Potter Cameron, both of Freehold

JULIA H. INGERSOLL  of New Haven, CT    Probated October 22, 1898
Heirs:  husband, Colin Macrae;  children, Mary, Macrae, George and Maude
Executor:  husband
Witnesses:    John Shuster, J. E. Hinman and Geo. D. W. Watrous

SEARS M. H. GANTLEY  of Athens             Probated October 26, 1898
Heirs:  brother, Thomas H. Gantley;  sisters, Catherine G. and Julia H. Gantley
Executor:  brother, Thomas H. 
Witnesses:  Edw. P. Magown and Smith Thompson, both of Hudson, NY 

CHARLES ANDERSON  of Catskill              Probated November 7, 1898
Heir:  wife, Fannie M.
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and Albert C. Bloodgood, both of Catskill

 MARY SPENCER HOWARD  of Catskill         Probated November 7, 1898
Heirs:  Husband, George Alvan;  sister, Mrs. Fanny Spencer Wilder and her daughter, my
    niece, Cornelia Day Wilder Appleby;  sister-in-law, Mrs. M. Antoinette, wife of brother
    William A. Spencer;  nephews, Orrin and Jeremiah Day, William A. Spencer and William
    Spencer Kennedy of Troy, NY;  niece,  Bonny Spencer Day;  grand nieces, Clarice
    Kennedy, daughter of niece Annie K. Ludlam, also Mary, daughter of niece Mrs. Clara S.
    Scovil of Edgewater, IL;  Mary Spencer Bagg of Utica, NY; Mary Howard Olmstead of
    Catskill;  Mrs. Adelaide E. Harris and Mrs. F. S. Henderson, both opf Catskill;  Mrs.
    Annette D. Fergy of Dayton, OH and her son, John Edmonds;  Mary McGee, Mrs. Helen
    D. McLanahan ad Mrs. Adelaide E. Harris;  grand nieces, Dorothy and Rosalie Day.
Executor:  husband
Witnesses:  William Palmatier and Geo. S. Stevens, both of Catskill

AUGUSTUS SHERMAN  of New Baltimore          Probated November 9, 1898
Heirs:  wife Annie L.;   son, Edward E.
Executrix;  wife
Witnesses:  William R. Gay and D. Melvin Hinman, both of New Baltimore

MARY ANN HUGHES  of Coxsackie                    Probated November 14, 1898
Heir:  cousin, Katherine, wife of John McManus
Executrix:  same as above
Witnesses:  Louis VanHoesen and D. H. Daley, both of Coxsackie 

BENJAMIN F. WILLIAMS  of Coxsackie            Probated November 14, 1898
Heirs:  wife, Emma A.;  daughter, Anna R.
Executors:  wife and Edwin C. Hallenbeck
Witnesses:  Wardell VanBergen and Robert Jackson, both of Coxsackie

DANIEL BROOKS  of Athens                              Probated November 14, 1898
Heirs:  wife. Rowena Elizabeth
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Samuel H. Nichols and Alvin Brooks, both of Athens

WILLIAM  HOLMES  of Athens                        Probated November 14, 1898
Heirs:  wife, Sarah;  children, James, Richard, Emma and Anna E.
Executors:  wife and sons, James and Richard
Witnesses:  Samuel H. Nichols and Eldon C. Brooks, both of Athens 

HARRIET RAPPLEYEA  of Catskill                   Probated November 25, 1898
Heirs:  niece, Josie Scott;  Mrs. Paulina Marsh;  nephews, Arthur and Dwight Babcock;
    nephews, sons of John Franklin, deceased;  son of Nicholas Darling, deceased;  nephew,
    Malden G. Marsh and his children Lena and Anna.
Executor:  Emory A. Chase
Witnesses:  Georgina A. Jackson and W. I. Jennings, both of Catskill

LYDIA S. COFFIN   of Athens                           Probated November 29, 1898
Heirs:  daughters, Beulah A. Downing, Mariana C. Van Dousen and Janette C. Tryon; 
sons, Edward H., Reuben and Sanford
Executors:  son, Edward H.;  daughter, Beulah A. Downing and son in law Benjamin
    Tryon, Jr.
Witnesses:  John Sanderson and Abram Bedell, both of Athens

ROBERT TIFFANY  of Athens                        Probated December 5, 1898
Heirs:  Daughter, Sarah Helen Weeks;  three grand children, Effie, Hazel, and Harry,
    children of daughter Sarah Helen Weeks
Executor:  son, James C.
Witnesses:  Geo. W. Plusch and Edward C. Wilbur, both of Catskill 

WELLINGTON HOWELL  of Catskill             Probated December 9, 1898
Heirs:  wife, Julia M.;  two daughters, Ella and Emma Morris
Executors:  two daughters above
Witnesses:  Clarence E. Bloodgood and Josiah C. Tallmadge, both  of Catskill

ELIZABETH FEE  of Catskill                           Probated December 9, 1898
Heir:  son, Edward
Executor:  above
Witnesses:   William M. Smith and Wilbur F. Lamont, both of Catskill

EDWIN D. ELLIOTT  of Durham                   Probated December 12, 1898
Heirs:  wife, Caroline;  children, Amy M, Robbie M., Seneca M. and Hattie Rundell
Executors:  wife and son Seneca M.
Witnesses:  George Conkling and Omar Rockefeller, both of Durham

PETER P. SNYDER   of Greenville                 Probated January 5, 1899
Heirs:  wife, Sarah G.;  son, Charles H.;  grandson, Elmer E; niece, Martha Elliott
Executors:  grandson, Elmer E. Snyder and Harry Bagley
Witnesses:  Isaac Horton and Rodman Dodge, both of Greenville

AUGUSTUS PANGMAN  of Ashland        Probated January 9, 1899
Heirs:  children, Elizabeth Clark, Tamar Meeker, Mabel Hall, Edgar, Anson G., Adonijah,
    Hale G., Malbourn A. and Philo;  children of son, Munson B., deceased, Frank, Clarence,
    Minnie and Augustus.
Executor:  son, Malbourn A.
Witnesses:  Wilbur F. and Sumner C. Lee, both of Ashland

HENRY HALLENBECK  of Athens          Probated January 10, 1899
Heir:  wife, Anna
Executrix:  above
Witnesses:  Henry Hallenbeck and Nathaniel S. Brooks

MARIE K. SHERMAN   of Windham       Probated January 16, 1899
Heirs:  sons, Robert, Clifford and Mark E.; daughter, Sarah H. Becker
Executor:  Benjamin S. Tallmadge
Witnesses:  Edward S. Mulford and William S. Stanley, both of Windham

CATHARINE R. VanSICLEN   of Prattsville           Probated January 17, 1899
Heirs:  son, Freas;  four daughters, Sarah VanS. Harvey of Taylor NY, Mary Elizabeth
    VanS. Tyler of Prattsville, Belle VanS. Townsend of Glen Head, NY and Julia A VanS.
    Clarke of Winchester, CT.
Executor:  Thomas M. Clarke of Winchester, CT
Witnesses:  Boyd Clark and Jay E. Spalding and Emery W. Fenn.

CHARLES H. W. SAXE  of Athens        Probated January 21, 1899
Heirs:  wife, Hannah A.;  two sons, Adelbert and John H.
Executors:  two sons above
Witnesses:  Charles E. Thomas and Charles E. Nichols, both of Catskill

ELIZA DANIELS  of New Baltimore     Probated January 21, 1899
Heirs:  husband, Samuel B.;  daughters, Lavinia, Mary, Frances Weekes and Eliza Collier; 
Andrew Hallock; grandson, Clair G. Weekes
Executors:  daughters, Lavinia VanDyck and Mary F. Weekes
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and W. I. Jennings, both of Catskill

ROBERT ELLIOTT  of Hunter               Probated January 21, 1899
Heirs:  wife, Mary A.;  children, Elmore E., Robert G., Helena F. McCabe and Clara J.
    Executors:  wife, son Elmore E. and W. I. Jennings
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and Albert C. Bloodgood

JERUSHA L. GOFF  of Durham            Probated January 30, 1899
Heirs:  husband, Newell;  daughters, Jerusha C., wife of Peter Bear and Rosalie L.
    Stickles;  son, Charles A.;  Calvin Goff and Adolphus A. and Orville O. Goff.
Executors:  Son, Charles A. and son-in-law, Peter Bear
Witnesses:  Emily I. and Ellen L. Cowles, both of Durham

JOHN H. WOLFE  of New Baltimore               Probated January 30, 1899
Heir:  wife, Phebe A.
Executrix:   above
Witnesses:  John Court, Silas and Jeremiah Dean, all of New Baltimore

SOLISA STEVENS  of Cairo             Probated January 30, 1899
Heirs:  two sons, Hiram and Allie Stevens; grand daughter, Maude, daughter of Hiram
    and Queen Stevens
Executors:  Peter White and Solon Stevens
Witnesses:  Peter H. White and D.Alanson K. Stevens

FREDERICK HILL of Catskill        Probated February 4, 1899
Heirs:  cousin, Clara Pratt of Meridon, CT; grandsons, Frederick and Hiland Hill;  Mrs.
    Annie B, widow of deceased son, Hiland Hill; nephew Edward, son of deceased brother,
    Edward Hill; niece, Frances G. Hill of Catskill
Executor:  Emory A. Chase of Catskill
Witnesses:  W. I. Jennings and Albert B. Bloodgood both of Catskill 

URIAH P. GRIFFIN  of Hunter    Probated February 9, 1899
Heirs:  wife, Hannah and daughter, Jessie
Executrix:  wife Hannah
Witnesses:  Ernest P. Graham and Cyrus M. Cartwright, both of Hunter

EDWARD E. SHERMAN   of New Baltimore   Probated February 9, 1899
Heirs:  two sons, Joseph and Augustus
Executors:  two sons above
Witnesses:  Charles E. Nichols of Catskill and Wm. R. Gay of New Baltimore

HENRY D. SHORES  of Catskill           Probated February 13, 1899
Heirs:  wife Emily E. V.O.;   sisters, Mary E., Emily L. S. Bennett and Ellie V. Pauling
Executors:  William H. VanOrden, brother-in-law and E. M. Chase
Witnesses:  W. I. Jennings and Orliff T. Heath both of Catskill

JANE H. GRANNIS  of Cairo           Probated February 16, 1899
Heirs:  son, David Nelson;  daughter-in-law, Mary E. Grannis;  niece Zeneba
Executor:  David T. Jerome
Witnesses:  Alfred Bennett and Augustus Hill, both of Cairo

SIDNEY T. MABEN  of Windham        Probated February 25, 1899
Heirs:  wife, Mary;  son, Horace;  daughter, Janette E. Case
Executor:  son, Horace
Witnesses:  Josiah Tallmadge and John Barlow, both of Windham

MARY ELIZA BEARDSLEY  of Athens       Probated March 11, 1899
Heir:  husband, John
Executor:  husband
Witnesses:  Jeremiah and Alvin Brooks, both of Athens

ADELIA F. KIRTLAND  of Durham              Probated March 20, 1899
Heirs:  sisters, Antoinette Chittendon and S. Arminda Smith;  niece, Elizabeth Moss; 
nephew, Oscar B. Field.
Executor:  Horace Strong of Durham
Witnesses:  Mary J. and E.? L. Strong of Durham

CHLOE E. MOSEMAN  of Windham             Probated  March 20, 1899
Heirs:  children, William Henry, Susanetta Rose, John F. and Mattie Lewis; grandson,
    Augustus Moseman
Executor:  son John F.
Witnesses:  Josiah C. Tallmadge

 AGNES STEWART  of Catskill         Probated March 20, 1899
Heirs:  daughters, Carrie Scott and Margaret J. Stewart;  sons, Alexander and James H.; 
grand children, Walter Scott, also, Joseph and Agnes Hanson
Executor:  John Madigan of Catskill
Witnesses:  Egbert Palmer and George W. Plusch, both of Catskill

JOSEPH KERR  of Hunter             Probated March 22, 1899
Heirs:  wife, Angeline;  children, Lucinda J. Ploss of Tannersville or  Haines Falls in
    Hunter;  Sarah R. Judd of Tannersville; Rachel A. Pace of Haines Falls;  sons, Charles W.
    Kerr of Rapid City, S.D. and Norman H. Kerr of Haines Falls
Executor:  Michael Lackey, Jr. of Tannersville
Witnesses:  Charles E. Thomas and Charles B. Layman, both of Haines Falls.

SAMUEL CHIDESTER  of Catskill                Probated March 23, 1899
Heirs:   son, Lyman S.;  daughters, Mary E. Casper and Rosalia Stewart; grandchildren, 
John P. and May Chidester.
Executors:  sons-in-law, John W. Casper and Sherbon Stewart
Witnesses:  Peter and George VanBramer, both of Catskill

JANE MATILDA DUNN  of Coxsackie         Probated March 27, 1899
Heirs:  Oliver and his wife Mary Comithier
Executor:  Jacob C. Flansburg
Witnesses:  Edwin C. Hallenbeck and Jason Marquit, both of Coxsackie

ISABELLE VanDENBERGH   of Coxsackie        Probated March 28, 1899
Heirs:  half-sister, Mrs. Anna A., wife of Minor H. Greene;  half-brother, Rutger
    VanDenbergh of New York City and his son, Robert; sister, Mrs. Elikza V., wife of Conrad
    Hotaling of Newark, NJ; brother, Walter and his wife Alice VanDenbergh
Executors:  Frank H. Brandow of Coxsackie and half-sister, Sarah VanDenbergh.
Witnesses:  John B. Whitbeck and Levi Bedell, both of Coxsackie

WINNIE GILLESPIE   of Hunter        Probated March 27, 1899
Heirs:  son, Edward;  daughter, Catharine, known as Sister Raphael in St. Peter's convent,
Executor:  Michael Lackey, Jr.
Witnesses:  Julia Lackey and Jacob Fromer, both of Tannersville

BRIDGET FORD  of Athens             Probated April 17, 1899
Heirs:  children, William D., John F., both of Athens,  also Edward and Patrick Joseph,
    both of Jersey City;  Margaret and Theressa, both of New Jersey; Mary, wife of John
    Harvey of Jersey City and Ann, wife of Michael Welch of Hoboken, NJ
Executors:  sons, William D., John F. and Edward.
Witnesses: Samuel H. Nichols and Mamie E. Harvey, both of Athens

FRANCES BAIRD  of Catskill      Probated April 18, 1899
Heirs:  Daughter, Mary A.; son Francis
Executors:  children above
Witnesses:  J. A. Griswold and Howard C. Wilbur, both of Catskill

FRANCIS BAIRD   of Catskill        Probated May 8, 1899
(appears for some reason she changed executors and maybe other things were changed also)
Heirs:  son, Francis and daughter, Mary A.
Executor:  Frank H. Osborn
Witnesses:  William W. Bennert and Albert C. Bloodgood

CATHARINE L. GAYLORD  of Ridgewood, NJ   Probated April 24, 1899
Heirs:  sisters, Harriet L. and May E.
Executors:  same as above
Witnesses:   Annie G. and W. I. Jennings, both of Catskill

HUGH McCABE  of Hunter         Probated April 27, 1899
Heirs:  wife, Margaret;  Patrick Clark
Executors:  none listed in book
Witnesses:  Lizzie Byrne and Peter F. Bunt, both of Platt Clove, NY

MARGARET KNIFFIN  of Coxsackie     Probated May 1, 1899
Heir:  son, Rouby
Executor:   son, Rouby
Witnesses:  Albert C. Bloodgood and Orliff T. Heath, both of Catskill

NANCY VanBUREN  of Catskill              Probated April 24, 1899
Heirs:  daughter, Kate, also Mary R. Ellis;   grandsons, Roggen, Ellis, and George R.
Executors:  daughter, Mary R. Ellis and George C. Vroman
Witnesses:  Orliff T. Heath and George C. Vroman

ALBERT SHEFFIELD  of Athens         Probated April 29, 1899
Heir:  wife, Nancy
Executrix:  above
Witnesses:  Jacob H. Becker and William M. Collier, both of Athens

ELIZA ALDEN  of Greenville          Probated May 29, 1899
Heirs:  husband, John S.;  sister, Isabella Parks
Executor:  Abner Alden
Witnesses:  Youmans Haight and D. W. Simpkins, both of Freehold

ISAAC BEACH   of New Baltimore        Probated May 29, 1899
Heirs:  wife, Mary Ann;  sons, Charles and Dr. Ambrose
Executor:  Dr. Ambrose Beach
Witnesses:  Joel Nelson and Augustus Sherman, both of New Baltimore

LUCRETIA F. INGRAHAM    of Hunter            Probated June 20, 1899
Heirs:  brother, Zina W. Ingraham;  sisters, Mary R. Ives and Eunice M. Connelley; nieces,
    Louisa R. Matthias and Chloe H. Minturn; niece,  Helen T. Ingraham;  grand-niece, Mary
    Minturn; nephews, H. William and George W. Ingraham and Arthur B. Ingraham
    Executor:  Horace E. Biddell
Witnesses:  E. M. Chase and W. I. Jennings, both of Catskill

EUDORA LYDIA ADAMS   of Coxsackie         Probated June 25, 1899
Heirs:  son, Frederick T. and daughter, Elnore F. Grosebeck
Executor:  none listed in book
Witnesses:  Grant B. Schley of 46 E 60th St, NY City. NY and Edwin More. Jr. of 352 W.
    47th St. NY, NY

LILIA BUTLER  of Greenville    Probated July 10, 1899
Heir:  sister, Rose Baker
Executrix:  sister above
Witnesses:  Affie Jane Jones and Mrs. Louis Brouillard

OLIVE HUGGANS  of Prattsville         Probated July 10, 1899
Heirs:  Bertha, daughter of John Decker;  Romeyn and Osmar, sons of John H. Decker,
    deceased;  Effie and Charles, children of Duane Decker;  George William, son of Irving
    Smith;  Walter, son of Dexter Soule;  Myrtle, grand niece of Lynn Maffet, grand nephew; 
Mrs. Affie, wife of Charles Kipp; Harrison Soule, grand nephew;  Clarissa Soule, niece; 
Mrs. Sarah Helen York, grand niece;  J. Harrison and Joseph H. Bailey, grand nephews;
    sister, Mrs. Maria Deyo;  brother, Ebenezer J. Soule; Dr. George A. Deyo; nephews,
    Madison, Richard and Dexter Soule;  Mrs. Sally M. Garrison, Mrs. Adelia Rappleyea and
    Mrs. Cornelia A., widow of Charles M. Deyoe, deceased.
Executor:  Chester A. Platner of Prattsville
Witnesses:  F. James Fitch and William C. Platner

FREDERICK C. GRIFFIN  of Catskill       Probated July 7, 1899 
Heirs:  aunt, Emily H. Cooke;  sister, Augusta Edmunds;  sister-in-law, Gertrude McC.
    Griffin, widow of brother, Edward C.;  brother, Francis B. Griffin;  sisters, Sophia G.
    Davison and Caroline Griffin; sister-in-law, Helen M., wife of my brother, George; 
Caroline E., wife of rev. Aron F. Olmsted;  Frances C., wife of Dr. Fessenden N. Otis. 
Executrix:  aunt, Emily H. Cooke 
Witnesses:  Ira B. Wheeler of Elizabeth NJ, Eugene B. Higgins of E. Orange NJ, and NY
    City, William R. Warren of 348 E. 18th St. NY City.

MARY ANN HOUGHTALING  of Prattsville     Probated August 3, 1899 
Heirs:  daughter, Mary E., wife of Addison J. Churchill and daughter, Julia F., wife of
    Omar V. Sage. 
Executors:  sons-in-law, Addison J. Churchill and O. V. Sage. 
Witnesses:  F. James Fitch and Thomas Fitch, both of Prattsville.

CORNELIA L. PERRY  of Athens        Probated August 15, 1899 
Heir:  Husband, John 
Executor:  husband 
Witnesses:  Norman and Cornelia Cooper

EMELINE G. DOTY  of Windham          Probated September 2, 1899 
Heir:  son, Wheeler K. 
Executor:  son above 
Witnesses:  W. I. Jennings and Emory A. Chase, both of Catskill

THOMAS TYNAN  of Catskill                 Probated September 5, 1899 
Heirs:  wife, Mary;  son, John 
Executrix:  wife 
Witnesses:  Arthur M. Murphy and G. Howard Jones, both of Catskill

MARY AUSTIN  of Catskill              Probated September 5, 1899 
Heirs:  brother, Barnard;  nephews, S. Grosvenor Austin, also Louis Carlton and James
    Howard, sons of S. Grosvenor Austin. 
Executor:  W. Irving Jennings 
Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and Emory A. Chase, both of Catskill

LEVI DUBOIS  of Cairo              Probated September 5, 1899 
Heir:  wife, Lydia 
Executrix:  wife 
Witnesses:  Harry J. Fox of Catskill and Sherwood D. Tolley of Cairo.

EPHRAIM T. VanSLYKE  of New Baltimore       Probated September 5, 1899 
Heirs:  wife, Mary;  son, Andrew Webster VanSlyke;  Bronk VanSlyke; grand daughter,
    Lena and Bertha VanSlyke. 
Executors:  Andrew W. and Bronk VanSlyke 
William P. Reeve and Mary E. Moore, both of New Baltimore

HYATT HOWARD JENNINGS  of Durham        Probated September 25, 1899 
Heirs:  mother, Lucilla Osterhoudt; brother, Howard Hyatt Jennings; Mabel M. Jennings,
    Percy F. Bush. 
Executrix:  mother 
Witnesses:  Ira F. Hunt of Freehold and Alice Taylor of Oak Hill, NY

JANE C. HUBBARD  of Catskill        Probated September 27, 1899 
Heirs:  nephew, Herbert W. Faulkner and his wife, Mary;  niece, Mary E. Heath grand
    niece, Clara Heath; Frederick Werner. 
Executors:  nephew, Herbert W. Faulkner and niece, Mary E. Heath 
Witnesses:  Charles B. Mayer of Kingsbridge, NY City and Charles L. Banks of 255
    William st., NY City

WILLIAM H. JOHNSTON  of Catskill     Probated September 27, 1899 
Heirs:  wife, Helen B.;  daughter, Sarah E. 
Witnesses:  Clarence E. Bloodgood and Ambrose Jones, both of Catskill  

MAUD MABEL WOODWORTH  of Cairo       Probated September 28, 1899 
Heirs:  mother, Lucilla Osterhoudt;  husband, Hiram F.;  brother, Howard Hyatt Jennings;
Mrs. Adelbert Utter. 
Executor:  husband, Hiram F. 
Witnesses:  Mrs. Louisa R. Utter of Sunside, NY and Ira F. Hunt of Freehold

MABEL M. JENNINGS  of Cairo           Probated September 28, 1899 
Heirs:  mother, Lucilla Osterhoudt;  father, James Jennings; brother, Howard Jennings;
    sister Maud Mabel Woodworth; Alice Taylor; cousins, Eva and Percy Bush; Grace
    Kellerhouse, Charles Eckhardt of NY City; aunt, Georgiana Jennings; (mentions brother
    Hyatt Hennings, deceased). 
Executors:  mother, Lucilla Osterhoudt and Uncle Frank Bush 
Witnesses:  Ira F. Hunt and George VanTassel, both of Freehold

CYNTHIA WATERMAN  of Ashland              Probated September 29, 1899 
Heirs:  seven children---Albert, John, Charles G., Ira, Isabel German, Mary Jane Fisher and
    Phoebe Ann Doherty. 
Executor:  Samuel A. Barlow 
Witnesses:  David Brainard and Charles W. LEwis, both of Ashland

DANIEL COONS  of Lexington         Probated October 3, 1899 
Heirs:  wife, Esther;  son William D. 
Executrix:  wife 
Witnesses:  Henry and Elizabeth Griffeth of Shandaken, NY

STEPHEN SHOEMAKER  of Prattsville              Probated October 9, 1899 
Heir:  wife, Margaret 
Executors:  wife and son, George W. 
Witnesses:  Michael Lackey, Jr. of Tannersville and Charles R. Hare of Prattsville

MARGARET DOLAN  of Coxsackie          Probated October 9, 1899 
Heirs:  two sons, Thomas and Stephen 
Executors:  Owen Cassidy and Mary A. Curtis 
Witnesses:  Edwin C. Hallenbeck and John Naughton, both of Coxsackie

MARGARET DELIA SCHERMERHORN  of Cairo     Probated October 9, 1899 
Heir:  niece, Delia Schermerhorn 
Executor:  nephew, S. F. Avery 
Witnesses:  S. F. Avery of W. Taghkanic, col. Co, NY and Edgar Richtmyer of Cairo

CHARLES L. FORD  of Hunter        Probated October 13, 1899 
Heirs:  wife, Harriet F. and two daughters, Lillie E., wife of Cyrus Showers and Jennie E.  
Executrix:  wife  
    Witnesses:  J. M. Griffin, MD and W. B. Eunise  

WILLIAM S. LENNON  of Cairo         Probated October 16, 1899 
Heirs:  wife, Sarah Christine;  son Thomas 
Executrix:  wife 
Witnesses:  Elias L. Dutcher and D. Alanson K. Stevens, both of Cairo

JAMES A.H. CORNELL  of New Baltimore         Probated October 23, 1899 
Heirs:  wife, Mariette;  niece, Harriet P. Lay 
Executrix:  wife 
Witnesses:  William R. Gay and D. M. Hinman, both of New Baltimore

THOMAS P. WALSH  of Coxsackie                    Probated October 23, 1899 
Heirs:  Mrs. Mary C. Cole, Margaret Muldoon, Mrs. Catharine Burk and Miss Helen Burk,
    all of Troy, NY;  Mrs. Catharine Morris of Syracuse; Miss Margaret Brady of Coxsackie;
    brother, Francis A. Walsh 
Executor:  brother, Francis A. Walsh 
Witnesses:  Newton A. Calkins and Jos. Henrich, both of Coxsackie

CELIA M. DEDERICK  of New Jersey                 Probated October 30, 1899 
Heirs:  Husband, George W.; father, Henry L. Mayer 
Executor:  none listed in book 
Witnesses:  Daniel F. Heller and William Bear

LEWIS J. SIMPKINS  of Greenville                       Probated October 30, 1899 
Heir:  wife, Mary Ett 
Executrix:  wife 
Witnesses:  Joseph Earl and Redman Dodge, both of Coxsackie

LYDIA A. RUSSELL  of Catskill                           Probated November 9, 1899 
Heirs:  Elsie Ruffer;  nieces, Julia R. and Ella C. Brake 
Executors:  nieces above 
Witnesses:  Charles J. Bagley and A. C. Bloodgood

WILLIAM WALKER  of Coxsackie                   Probated November 20, 1899 
Heirs:  wife, Mary;  daughters, Eliza M. Claremont, Inez and Mariam Saunders 
    Executors:  wife and Addison Bedell 
Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and Clifford Kennedy, both of Coxsackie

AUGUSTA H. CLONEY  of Catskill                  Probated November 20, 1899 
Heir:  daughter, Kate Livingston Defosses 
Executrix:  daughter above 
Witnesses:  Charles C. Cotta, James R. Halliday and Charles J. Peshall.

CATHARINE HAINES  of Hunter                   Probated November 20, 1899 
Heirs:  daughters, Louisa M., wife of John L. Sax; Maria C., wife of Charles Magee and
    Rosalie, wife of Peter Schoonmaker;  sons, Uriah W., Peter and Charles E.;  Emily Jane,
    wife of John VanWagoner  

DEBORAH MARSHALL  of Greenville           Probated November 22, 1899 
Heir:  husband, George 
Executor:  husband 
Witnesses:  Isaac Verplanck and George W. Jones, both of Norton Hill, NY  

EDGAR HALSTED  of New Baltimore             Probated November 27, 1899 
Heirs:  wife, Jennie E.;  son, H. Seymour;  daughter, Ella 
Executrix:  daughter, Ella 
Witnesses:  Lydia S. and Libbie M. Dayton, both of New Baltimore

AUGUSTUS HILL  of Cairo                              Probated December 5, 1899 
Heirs:  Catharine Terbush;  niece, Susan D. Fowks and Angeline Brainard 
Executor:  David T. Jerome of Cairo 
Witnesses:  W. Burr Hall and Miles A. Chadderdon, both of Cairo

PETER MAGEE  of Athens                              Probated December 11, 1899 
Heir:  wife, Mary Jane 
Executrix:  wife 
Witnesses:  W. C. Brady and James R. Hinkson, both of Athens

MINOR STEVENS  of Greenville                    Probated December 19, 1899 
Heirs:  Mrs. Ruanna P. Webster, Leonard G. Allerton;  sisters and brothers, Lydia Palmer,
    Janette, Edwin, Mary Ann Mar, Carrie F. Sanford; children of Spencer Stevens;  children of
    Lucena Roe, deceased. 
Executors:  Erastus H. Smith and Judson A. Betts 
Witnesses:  Sylvanus L. Story and Jasper Allerton, both of Gayhead

MADISON MOORE  of Durham                     Probated December 26, 1899 
Heir:  wife Lucretia 
Executrix:  wife 
Witnesses:  Anson B. Wright and Oscar Gibson, both of Durham

JAMES W. KNAPP  of Cairo                          Probated December 26, 1899 
Heirs:  wife, Deborah;  nephew Calvin L. and wife, Mary E. Olmstead 
Executors:  wife and Calvin L. Olmstead 
Witnesses:  Alfred Bennett and D.Alanson K. Stevens, both of Cairo

MATILDA STICKLES  of Prattsville            Probated December 26, 1899 
Heirs:  three daughters, Julia Rappleyea, Catharine Rifenburgh, and Lavinia Peckham; 
three sons, John, William and Nicholas;  Bertha, daughter of deceased son, Delos;  her
    mother, Charity;  grand children, Tilly  and James, children of son, George Stickles,
    deceased;  mother, Louise Brandow and her second husband, Kirtland (Curtis) Brandow. 
Executor:  son,  John 
Witnesses:  James B. Daley and Bruce Maginnis, both of Prattsville  

MARY G. POST  of Durham        Probated January 23, 1900
Heirs:  niece, Rachel W. Faulk; nephew, William B. Faulk; Mrs. Elinor Faulk, Mrs. Emily
    Cowles and Mrs. Mary Turner.
Executors:  William B and Rachel W. Faulk
Witnesses:  P. R. Brandow and John S. Baldwin, both of Durham

CATHARINE O. BRYON  of Catskill        Probated January 30,  1900
Heirs:  nephews, William Bridgen and Addison Naylor
Executors:  Frederick Saxe and Edmond Rowe
Witnesses:  above executors of Kiskatom

SIDNEY CROWELL  of Catskill        Probated March 10, 1900
Heirs: son, Clifford M. and his wife, Alma;  sisters, Emily Thorpe of Windham  and Mrs. A.
    S. Payner of Ligeneer, IN.
Executors:  Orrin Day and Arthur M. Murphy
Witnesses:  Cornelius J. Broogan of Tannersville and Ambrose Jones of Catskill

LAURA G. WILCOX  of Catskill        Probated February 2, 1900
Heirs:  children, Frances D., Sarah A. Howard, Howard, Susan W. Howard, John H., Henry
    C., and Edward K. Wilcox.  Laura Isabella and Jenett, daughters of  son, Henry C.
Executors:  sons, George and Howard
Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and Nelson Fanning, both of Catskill

JOHN C. RIDER  of Catskill      Probated February 6, 1900
Heir:  wife, Mary
Executors:  Wife and daughter, Josephine Laura
Witnesses:  Walter B. Lyman and Percy W. Decker, both of Catskill

JOHN BROPHY  of Catskill      Probated February 26, 1900
Heirs:  children, Annie Tynan, John Jr., Jeremiah and Daniel
Executor:  son, John Jr.
Witnesses:  Peter Welsh and James Payton, both of Catskill

JEREMIAH CONNOLLEY  of Catskill        Probated February 26, 1900
Heirs:  wife Rose Ann;  son, John
Executor:  son, John
Witnesses:  Arthur M. Murphy and Ridolph Diedling, both of Catskill

FLORA GRAHAM  of Prattsville      Probated February 2, 1900
Heirs:  Husband, W. X.;  daughter, Nellie V. B.
Executor:  Husband
Witnesses:  C. L. Andrus and A. Belle Young, both of Stamford, NY

DAVID HALEY  of Catskill         Probated February 5, 1900
Heir:  nephew, Michael Foley
Executor:  nephew above
Witnesses:   Judson A. Betts and George A. Bean, both of Catskill

LYDIAN WINANS  of Durham        Probated February 5, 1900
Heirs:  son, Oeson;  daughters, Harriet E. Doolittle, Mary Miles and Isadore Delamater
Executor:  son, Orson
Witnesses:  A. C. and W. R. Cowles, both of Durham

CALEB T. EVERITT  of Athens       Probated February 26, 1900
Heirs:  wife, Mary E.;  grandchildren, Lewis, Raymond, Julia and Minnie Everitt
Executor:  Lewis Everitt of West Catskill
Witnesses:  Edward Lampman of Athens and William Moore of Stuyvesant   Columbia Co,

C. AMANDA MILLER  of Greenville     Probated March 12, 1900
Heir:  daughter, Emeline S.
Executrix:  above
Witnesses:  Orrin C. Stevens and Edgar Hartt, both of Greenville

WILLIAM I. DAVIS  of New Baltimore           Probated March 12, 1900
Heirs:  son, Oliver B.;  daughter, Carrie, wife of Bergen Sheets
Executor:  son, Oliver
Witnesses:  Stephen T. Whitbeck and Augustus Sherman, both of New Baltimore

DARIUS WAGNER  of Durham          Probated March 22, 1900
Heirs:  wife, Nancy;  five children, Georgania Rogers, Marvin, Ida J., Clayton D. and
    Caroline Woodard
Executors:  son, Marvin and son-in-law, Fletcher Rogers
Witnesses:  Harry Bagley of Freehold and Dewitt Benjamin of East Durham

TITUS DELAMATER  of Durham         Probated April 8, 1900
Heirs:  wife, Hannah;  son, William L.; grandson, Leroy; grand daughter,  Grace and grand
    daughter , Ida Litchfield
Executors:  wife and son, William L.
Witnesses:  G. L. VanAubon of Durham and Ira E. Delamater of Rensselaer

SOLOMON CORNWALL of Catskill              Probated April 7, 1900
Heirs:  daughters-in-law, Mary E. M. and Emma Cornwall, both of Catskill
Executors:  sons, Albert and John
Witnesses:  Sidney Crowell and Harriet W. Johns, both of Catskill

FREDERICK E. BILZ  of New Baltimore         Probated April 9, 1900
Heirs:  sons, Ernest of Medway and Charles;  daughter, Mary, wife of Andrew Bohm of
    Canaan, Col. Co, NY
Executors:  Charles F. Bilz of Coxsackie
Witnesses:  D. M. Daley and Alpheus C. Dwight, both of Coxsackie.

CHARLES R. TALMAGE  of Greenville          Probated April 9, 1900
Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth A.;  sons, David H., Roswell C., and Henry R.; daughters, Annie B.,
    Jennie B. and Fanny B., wife of George E _ _ land (Easland?)
Executrix:  Wife
Witnesses:  Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Conyes, of Cooksburgh 

FRANCIS J. VanHOESEN  of New Baltimore      Probated April 9, 1900
Heirs:  two grand children, Agnes M. and Julia K. Vaughn
Executor:  son-in-law, J. W. Vaughn of Livingston, Col. Co, NY, the father of said grand
Witnesses:  E. C. Hallenbeck, F. G. Gould and Henry VanBergen, all of Coxsackie 

EUGENE SNYDER  of Durham     Probated April 30, 1900
Heir:  niece by marriage, Hattie Lee of Oak Hill, NY
Executrix:  above
Witnesses:  Beardsley C. Dewitt and Elisha Lee, both of Oak Hill

MARTHA MYERS  of New Baltimore               Probated May 7, 1900
Heir:  Mrs. Estella Miller
Executrix:  above
Witnesses:  Joel Nelson and Willis Nodine, both of New Baltimore

SOPHIA ROBERTS  of Greenville                       Probated May 7, 1900
Heirs:  brother, Philip Hoose and sister, Ann Lampman.  (mentions husband as Edwin T.
Executor:  Ephraim J. Hoose of Coxsackie
Witnesses:  Edgar Lampman and Watson Palmer of Result, NY

LOUISE J. CLARK  of Prattsville                       Probated May 14, 1900
Heirs:  husband, Jacob M.;  son, George B.
Executor:  husband
Witnesses:  John N. Wright and Charles Schermerhorn, both of Grand Gorge, NY 

RACHEL M. DOUGLAS  of Hunter                 Probated May 21, 1900
Heirs:  daughters, Harriet A. Griffin and Jane E. Burgess; grand daughter Julia R. Douglas;
    three sons, William A., Daniel H. and Wilson M.
Executor:  son, William A.
Witnesses:  Cicero C. Peck of Windham and Joel H. Mead of Hunter

JOHN B, VanDYCK  of Coxsackie                   Probated May 26, 1900
Heir::  daughter, Elizabeth Robertson VanDyck
Executrix:  daughter above
Witnesses:   Kitty V. V. VanDyck and Rebecca R. VanDyck Williams, both of Coxsackie

 EMILY H. COOKE  of Catskill                          Probated June 4, 1900
Heirs:  sister, Frances C. Otis;  nieces, Mary A. and Julia C., daughters of sister, Caroline E.
    Olmsted;  niece, Jane Grosvenor and nephew James Wadsworth, children of brother John A.
Executrix:  sister, Frances C. Olmsted
Witnesses:  Frank H. Osborn and Anna M. O'Brien, both of Catskill

CORNELIUS A. SCHERMERHORN  of Durham     Probated June 4, 1900
Heirs:  wife, Alche Ann;  daughters, Emma E., Ella L., Lucinda E., wife of Jeremiah B. Story
    and Lavina A., wife of Lewis L. Serls;  son, John C.; heirs of deceased daughter Ann Jenet
Executors:  son, John C. and daughter Emma H.
Witnesses:  R. E. Taylor and Mrs. P. R. Schermerhorn, both of East Durham

 JAMES A. HOTALING  of New Baltimore                Probated June 4, 1900
Heirs:  wife, Mary C.;  Edna A. Miller
Executrix:  wife
Witnesses:  Clara and W. N. Miller, of Medway, NY 

FRANCIS ARDEN WHEELER  of Athens                Probated June 6, 1900
Heir:  wife, Anna VanLoan
Executors:  Wife and John L. Dibble of 196 Remson St., Brooklyn.
Witnesses:  George S. Nichols and F. R. Lape, both of Athens

ISAAC L. WILLSEY  of Greenville                           Probated June 7, 1900
Heirs:  wife, Eliza M.;  son, Romaine S.;  daughters, Emma Hallock and Rosa A. Hartt
Executors:  daughters, above
Witnesses:  Ira F. Hunt of Freehold and Washington Williams of Greenville

CATHARINE E. HAINES  of Hunter                      Probated June 11, 1900
Heir:  nephew, Samuel E. Rusk
Executor:  Above
Witnesses:  John W. Rusk and Cyrus O. Andrews, both of Haines Falls

CALVIN M. MYGATT  of Greenville                     Probated June 25, 1900
Heirs:  wife, Anjenet;  children, Mary and Alice M. Hunt
Executors:  son-in-law, Ira F. Hunt and daughter Mary
Witnesses:  Hiram Lacy and Samuel P. Shear, both of Freehold

MARY MURRIN  of Hunter                                  Probated June 25, 1900
Heirs:  son, James;  daughters, Mary O'Connell and Katie Layman
Executrix:  daughter, Katie Layman
Witnesses:  Cyrus M. Cartwright and Mrs. Scott Mulford, both of Hunter

GEORGE W. RUSS  of Durham                             Probated June 27, 1900
Heir:  son, William L.
Executor:  son above
Witnesses:  Ira F. Hunt and Mabel A. Hunt, of Freehold

BRONK VanLOAN   of Athens                           Probated June 28, 1900
Heirs:  wife, Ellen Frances;  daughters. Nellie Beatrice VanSlyke and her husband,
    Wilberforce VanSlyke; Flora VanLoan;  James Casper Plinton VanLoan
Executors:  wife and children, Flora, Nellie and James C. P. VanLoan, MD
Witnesses:  Herman F. Dornell and Frederick R. Lape, both of Athens

JEMIMA LAKE  of Greenville                           Probated June 28, 1900
Heirs:  Charles Green; Mrs. Lizie Garret and Mrs. Elizabeth Augustus
Executor:  Mr. Darius Rundell
Witnesses:  Mr. Darius Rundell and Mrs. Frankie G. Green, both of Greenville 

CLARA A. TRIPP   of Catskill                   Probated July 2, 1900
Heir:  niece, Valeria Purdy
Executrix:  Above
Witnesses:  Lizzie Dorsey and Mary Kelly, both of Catskill

RUTH S. MARSHALL   of Coxsackie      Probated July 16, 1900
Heirs:  nephews, Percival Golden of Catskill and John T. Mather;  nieces, Irene Mather and
    Florence A. Smith of Stony Brook.  (John T. and Irene Mather reside at Port Jefferson)
Executor:  nephew, John T. Mather
Witnesses:  Mary N. Stanton and Hiram Bogardus, both of Coxsackie

EMELINE DUTCHER  of Cairo              Probated  July 23, 1900
Heir:  husband, Elias L.
Executor:  above
Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Anson L. Wright, both of Cairo

MARY ROE  of Greenville            Probated July 23, 1900
Heirs:  husband, Elijah;  sons, Theodore E., Charles H., Nathaniel, James; daughter, Alice
Executor:  Edgar Hartt
Witnesses:  Edgar Hartt and Richard Earkl, both of Greenville

SAMUEL RUSK  of Hunter            Probated July 23, 1900 
Heirs:  niece, Addie S., wife of Albert P. Reynolds;  nephews, John W. Rusk;  Lola Rusk,
    wife of John W. Rusk;  children of deceased nephew, William J. Rusk--Albert R., Hazel M.,
    and Laura A. Rusk 
Executrix:  niece, Addie S. Reynolds 
Witnesses:  Joel H. Mead and William N. Martin, both of Hunter

JOSEPHINE E. WATERS  of Durham                      Probated July 25, 1900 
Heirs:  husband, Alfred N.;  Howard A., Willliam C. and Mary Louise, children of Uncle
    Addison Benedict;  Helen, wife of Adelbert Newell of Coxsackie;  cousin, Mary Louise
    Benedict and Mary E. Cowles and Ellen L. Cowles 
Executor:  husband 
Witnesses:  Emily S. and Anna C. Cowles, both of Durham

FESSENDEN N. OTIS, MD             Probated July 28, 1900 
Heirs:  wife, Frances C.;  daughters, Frances May Olmsted and Edith Fessenden Otis;  son,
    William E. 
Executors:  Daughters, Edith Fessenden  Otis and nephew Frederick C. Griffin 
Witnesses:  William P. Chambers, 115 E. 72nd St., NY City and Abram Jacobsen, 311
    Washington Ave. Brooklyn, NY  

JAMES PERSON  of Cairo              Probated July 30, 1900 
Heirs:  wife, Catharine;  brothers, John H., George and Francis;  Frances Barlow, daughter of
    brother, Abram Person;  sister, Eunice Cook; John Scriver;  children and grand children of
    late sister, Elizabeth Allen, --her son, Edward Pine;  children of Helen Raymond, deceased;     children of late sister, Maria VanDyke 
Executor:  Frances G. Walters 
Witnesses:  Seldon H. Hine and Lorin J. Hubbard, both of Cairo

DOUGLASS B. THORPE  of Catskill                       Probated September 10, 1900 
Heirs:  wife, Catharine H.;  sons, George N. and William E. 
Executors:  all of the above 
Witnesses:  Orliff T. Heath and Ella M. Fuller, both of Catskill

HELEN M. RICHTMYER  of Ocean Grove, NJ     Probated September 18, 1900 
Heir:  brother, Simeon 
Executor:  above 
Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and Rufus H. King, both of Catskill

RANSOM A. MATTOON  of Windham             Probated September 24, 1900 
Heirs:  wife, Miriam L.;  son, Rona R. 
Executrix:  wife 
Witnesses:  Antoinette A. Baldwin and F. Asbury Strong, both of Windham

WILLIAM E. STEWART  of Catskill                   Probated September 24, 1900 
Heirs:  wife, Henrietta;  daughters, Claudia M. Austin and Lena F.;  son, Eugene 
Executrix:  wife 
Witnesses:  Miles A. Chadderdon of Cairo and Claudia Austin

HULDAH M. WARRINER  of Windham          Probated September 24, 1900 
Heirs:  daughters, Sylvia A., wife of Benjamin White and Alice M., wife of Judson B. Lacy of
    Gilboa, NY;  Edgar M. Clark;  grand children, children of Onlee Clark, deceased and Edgar
    M. Clark of Windham-- Clifford E., Willis R., and Eddie J. Clark;  grand daughter, Huldah E. 
Executors:  two daughters above 
Witnesses:  Ella M. and Benjamin I. Tallmadge, both of Windham

CATHARINE BARLOW  of Coxsackie               Probated October 1, 1900 
Heirs:  A. G. Case;  sister, Julia Renn;  grandson, Ernest C. Smith 
Executor:  A. G. Case 
Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and E. H. Simpson, both of Coxsackie

AMBROSE KNAPP  of Coxsackie                       Probated September 8, 1900 
Heir:  wife, Martha 
Executrix:  above 
Witnesses:  Ann Eliza and Edwin B. Worden, both of Urlton, Greene Co, NY

HIRAM ALGER   of Durham                               Probated October 9, 1900 
Heirs:  wife, Emogene D.;  niece, Anna G. Alger;  Frank A. Earl 
Executrix:  wife 
Witnesses:  George L. Rifenburgh and J. Wesley Mulbery, both of Oak Hill

EDWARD D. BOYD  of Catskill                         Probated October 9, 1900 
Heirs:  sisters, Mary E. S. Vidand and Georgiana H.  Nicoloirus;  nieces, Nathalie S. and
    Fanny G. Vidand;  sister-in-law, Lizzie A. Boyd; nieces, Josephine Van Nostrand, Bessie S.
    Vidand, Carrie V. Clark, Marion B. Vidand, Mary Nicoloirus, Clara Nicoloirus and Minnie 
B. Walling;  son Edward H. 
Executor:  son, Edward H. 
Witnesses:  Lucius H. Doty and Mortimer DuBois, both of Catskill

AMOS WOODARD  of Durham                       Probated October 8, 1900 
Heirs:  children, Jerome, Frank, Jared, Elizabeth and Edna, wife of Edsall Ferry;  children of
    deceased son, Lewis 
Executor:  son, Jared 
Witnesses:  A. C. and Emily L Cowles

CALVIN HALLENBECK  of Athens              Probated October 15, 1900 
Heirs:  sisters, Rebecca Eliza and Mary Hallenbeck, Gertrude Stevens; brothers, Warren and
    Watson Hallenbeck 
Executors:  Rebecca Eliza and Mary Hallenbeck 
Witnesses:  Mrs. Mary J. and William Hull, both of Albany

JAMES H. SUTHERLAND  of Coxsackie       Probated October 15, 1900 
Heirs:  three children, Florence, Mildred and Harry Sutherland 
Executors:  wife, Mary E. Sutherland and nephew, Frank H. 
Witnesses:  John T. Clark and John B. Bronk, both of Coxsackie

ISREAL T. HALSTEAD  of Coxsackie            Probated October 18, 1900 
Heirs:  brother, Joshua P.;  Mary A. Blossom 
Executor:  Joshua P. Halstead 
Witnesses:  Edwin B. Worden of Urlton and R. Simpson of Gayhead.

JOHN HARDWICK  of Catskill                      Probated October 18, 1900 
Heir:  wife, Mary L. 
Executors:  wife and son-in-law, J. Clark Salisbury 
Witnesses:  Henry D. Shores and William Palmitier, both of Catskill  

MARGARET A. WINFIELD  of Hensonville  Probated October 22, 1900
Heirs:  Minerva J. Merwin;  sister, Mary Mericle; brother, Dennis Wickoff; Frances T. Griffin
    and Theodore H. Merwin 
Executor:  George Griffin 
Witnesses:  Davis S. and Ida M. Merwin, both of Hensonville

MARIA HALLENBECK  of Athens              Probated October 22, 1900 
Heir:  niece, Mrs. Esther L. Wilbur of West Coxsackie 
Executrix: above 
Witnesses:  Phebe Jane Washington, Nettie Louisa Austin and Izette Wilbur, all of West

SYLVESTER STIMPSON  of Windham        Probated October 25, 1900 
Heirs:  son, Ephraim and daughter, Cordelia 
Executor:  none listed in this book 
Witnesses:  F. A. Strong and Tremain Johnson, both of Windham

TELAH C. WHITING  of Athens                Probated October 22, 1900 
Heirs:  wife, Mary;  two sons, Telah R. and David F.;  daughter, Rachel R. Jones  
Executors:  Wife and son, David F. 
Witnesses:  Horace R. Peck and John Doyle, both of Hudson, NY  

EMILY C. PRINDLE  of Catskill                 Probated November 13, 1900 
Heirs:  mother, Laura A. Day;  daughter, Addie M. VanHoesen;  sons, William F. Sager, A.P.
    Jones Sager, Garret A. Sager and George B. Sager;  aunts, Angeline Austin, Mary Austin and
    Adaline Hallenbeck;  brother, Leonard Day;  sister-in-law, the wife of Isaac Day 
Executors:  brother, Leonard Day and son George D. Sager 
Witnesses:  Emory A. Chase and Albert C. Bloodgood, both of Catskill

MARY CAPPER  of Catskill                   Probated November 19, 1900 
Heirs:  Thomas Capper. Abbie E. Gilbert and Annette Gilbert, all of Albany 
Executor:  W. F.  H_m_nt of Catskill 
Witnesses:  Mary D. Mattice and Eva Morehouse, both of Catskill

MARIETTE MARTIN  of Ashland      Probated November 20, 1900 
Heirs:  sons, Robert and Arthur 
Executor:  son, Robert 
Witnesses:  J. C. Tallmadge of Windham and Jessie Martin of Ashland

MARTIN B. CROSS  of Catskill          Probated November 22, 1900 
Heir:  son, Bosworth L. 
Executor:  above 
Witnesses:  Arthur M. Murphy and Henry F. Jones, both of Catskill

MARTIN MARSELLY  of New Baltimore        Probated November 30, 1900 
Heirs:  two daughters, Jennie F. and Mary, wife of George W. Travis 
Executor:  Son-in-law, George W. Travis 
Witnesses:  Augustus Sherman and Stephen T. Whitbeck

LAVINIA MOON  of Windham      Probated December 3, 1900 
Heirs:  husband James;  sister, Eretta, wife of Monroe Mallory and her daughter Inez
    Executor:  Benjamin I. Tallmadge 
Witnesses:  Benjamin I. Tallmadge of Windham and Lemuel A. Hitchcock of Big Hollow,

  BARNET PALMATIER  of Catskill              Probated December 3, 1900 
Heir:  wife, Sarah Catharine 
Executrix:  above 
Witnesses:  Jeremiah and Sarah B. Overbaugh, both of Kiskatom

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