Wills 1861-1870

Wills of Greene County
Abstracts from 1861-1870

Abstract of Wills from 1802 to 1900, being copied from the records in the office of the Surrogate at Catskill, NY by RAY C. SAWYER,
Volume 2 copied in 1933 

Transcribed by Annette Campbell

CATHARINE EMERICK  of Cairo    Will Probated January 14, 1861
    Heirs:  sons, William and Abraham;  daughter, Hannah Catharine, wife of Merrit Haines.
    Executors:  son, William and John A. Griswold of Catskill
    Witnesses:  Luke Roe, Daniel P. Bennett and Joseph S. McIntosh.
JAMES VanGORDEN  of Catskill   Will Probated January 21, 1861
    Heirs:  wife, Harriet. (children mentioned but not named)
    Executors:  wife, Peter Whitaker and Frederick M. Van Gorden.
    Witnesses:  Henry Baker and Charles R. Knapp
AARON WEEKS  of Catskill     Will Probated January 21, 1861
    Heirs:  William, son of brother Joseph;  Richard, Priscilla and Phebe, children of brother
    Henry Weeks, deceased; Charles and George, sons of brother George Weeks; Horatio and
    Angeline, children of brother Joseph Weeks; Priscilla McVicker, daughter of sister Mary
    Weeks.  (mentions father as Henry Weeks, deceased.)
    Executors:  Rufus H. King of Catskill and Samuel B. Daniel of Cairo.
    Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and Peleg C. Mattoon.
CATHARINE LESTER of Catskill   Will Probated March 4, 1861
    Heirs:  son, William Wallis;  grand daughter, Emily F. Goetchius; Helen M. and Mary
    Goetchius; grand children, Wallis L., Byron W., Emily F., Helen M., and Mary Goetchius;
    also William Salisbury.
    Executors:  William Salisbury of Jefferson
    Witnesses:  John Adams and W.R. Lynes
JOHN SINCLAIR of Pownal, Bennington Co, VT  Will Probated May 14, 1861
    Heirs:  wife, Ann Jane
    Executrix:  wife, Ann Jane
    Witnesses:  R.E. Spalding, F. E. Potter and Merritt Barber
EBENEZER HAIGHT  of Cairo      Will Probated March 11, 1861
    Heirs:  brother, D. Alanson and sisters (not named).
    Executors:  brother, D. Alanson Haight and Charles Harvey
    Witnesses:  George H. Noble and Henry Stule
ELIZA JANE GERMAIN  of Durham  Will Probated March 11, 1861
    Heirs:  daughter, Catharine A.;  sons, Irving S., Roswell M., and George M.
    Executors:  Gilbert Curtis, James H. Stevens and Abner Alden
    Witnesses:  Montgomery G. Curtis and Charles G. Curtis of South Durham.
WILLIAM BEATTY  of Coxsackie     Will Probated March 11, 1861
    Heirs:  children, Arthur W., Mary E., William Henry, Henrietta, Sarah H., John F., and
    Frederick W. Beatty
    Executors:  Henry Salisbury, James M. Parker and William Simpson.
    Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and James W. Wisend
ELLEN LAWTON  of Athens   Will Probated April 8, 1861  (Widow of John Lawton, deceased )
    Heirs:  niece, Mary Lawton;  sister Ann, wife of Isaac Gage of Duanesburgh, Schenectady Co,
    NY;  sister, Hannah, wife of William Bedell of Athens;  brother-in-law, Samuel Lawton of
    Columbia County;  nephew, Abraham Lawton of the State of Delaware, brother of niece
    Mary; William O. Lawton of Coeymans, Albany County; Catharine Colven, sister of William
    O. Lawton; John Lawton, residence unknown, brother to William O. Lawton; children of
    Sarah Traver, late of Coxsackie, deceased; Isreal, brother of William O. Lawton; Samuel
    Lawton of County of Albany.
    Executors:  nephew, Samuel Green and Abraham Bedell
    Witnesses:  None listed on copy
LYSANDER MYER  of Athens           Will Probated April 8, 1861
    Heirs:  sisters, Margaret Ann; Eliza DeWitt, wife of William Hendricks and Mary Catharine,
    wife of William Hume.
    Executors:  wife, Sarah A. and brother Silas Myer
    Witnesses:  Darius Peck of Hudson and S. Hamilton Nichols of Athens
JAPHET COLLINS  of Greenville       Will Probated April 8, 1861
    Heirs:  Eunice;  daughters, Eunice, widow of Andrew Holly, deceased; Samantha, wife of
    Enos French; Harriet, wife of Isaac Griffin and Laura, widow of Elias Beach;  son, Japhet
    Wood;  children of deceased daughter, Betsey--Edward, Emeline, James, Lucius, Japhet
    Collins, Charles and Harriet L.
    Executors:  son, Japhet Wood and Russel Wakely
    Witnesses:  Harvey George and Russel Wakely
WILLIAM V. B. ADAMS  of Coxsackie   Will Probated April 29, 1861
    Heirs:  sister, Christina, wife of William Farmer; William Farmer, (partner);  nephew, Charles
    H. Adams;  Henry A. Waldron, son of deceased niece Evelina Adams Waldron; William A.
    Jarvis, son of deceased sister, Anna Maria Jarvis; brother, Herman O. Adams.
    Executors:  sister, Christina Farmer and brother-in-law William Farmer of Coxsackie
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. VanDyke and William Frear
JAMES KORTZ  of Catskill            Will Probated May 6, 1861
    Heirs:  wife, Deborah
    Executrix:  wife, Deborah
    Witnesses:  Abel Brace and Peleg G. Mattoon
JOHN H. EDWARDS  of Catskill   Will Probated May 13, 1861
    Heirs:  wife, Clarissa Eugenia
    Executrix:  wife, Clarissa Eugenia
    Witnesses:  A. M. Osborn and E. R. Mackey
JOHN TUTTLE  of Ashland         Will Probated May 13, 1861
    Heirs:  son, Albert;  daughters, Nancy Steel; Lucina P., wife of Sanford Tuttle;  Aurelia, wife
    of Albert Tuttle.
    Executor:  son, Albert Tuttle
    Witnesses:  Lawrence Winne  and Elisha S. White

SARAH BURROUGHS  of Cairo         Will Probated June 3, 1861
    Heirs:  Elizabeth Delamater;  grandson, William Burroughs.
    Executor:  Henry Stringland
    Witnesses:  Edgar Winne of Cairo and Joseph Hallock of Catskill.
ROBERT SHEFFER  of Catskill         Will Probated June 29, 1861
    Heirs:  wife, Catherine;  sons, William W., Robert B., Bruce and Edgar;  daughters,
    Marietta and Elsie Elizabeth.
    Executor:  son, William W.
    Witnesses:  John A. Griswold, William A. and Mrs. Jane Brandow.
ABBA GRIFFIN of Greenville           Will Probated July 8, 1861
    Heirs:  Christopher D. Eaton;  nephews, Ezra Cleveland, Parmer Brown and Sanford
    Brown; niece, Emily Brown; Joseph P. Hallock and Gideon Botsford.
    Executors:  Gideon Botsford and Joseph P. Hallock
    Witnesses:  Egbert N. Palmer and Catharine Eaton
JACOB E. BOGARDUS  of Coxsackie  Will Probated July 8, 1861
    Heirs:  wife, Frances
    Executors:  wife, Frances and son-in-law Jacob G. VanDyck
    Witnesses:  P.H. Silvester and A. G. VanBergen
FREDERICK OVERBAGH of Catskill  Will Probated August 5, 1861
    Heirs:  wife, Hannah;  daughters, Mrs. Hiram Friar and Mrs. Francis Story.
    Executors:  son-in-law, Francis Story and Peter VanVechten
    Witnesses:  William Salisbury and Robert Dorlon
ORLANDO KELLOGG of Catskill   Will Probated August 26, 1861
    Heirs:  wife, Almeda;  daughters, Sally Delia, wife of Charles E. Wilson and Frances,
    daughter of Daniel L. Rugg; granddaughters, Fanny and Emma, daughters of son Ozias
    Kellogg, deceased.
    Executors: John P. Lohman and Peleg C. Mattoon
    Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and Rufus H. King
BENJAMIN HUBBARD of Durham  Will Probated September 15, 1861
    Heirs:  wife, Sarah;  daughter, Elizabeth Jane; son, Edwin T.
    Executors:  wife, Sarah and Edwin T. Hubbard
    Witnesses:  Erastus T. Peck and W. D. More
SENECA STEWART of Cairo   Will Probated September 25, 1861
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine; four daughters, Emeline, wife of Luke Roe; Catharine, wife of
    George W. Mead; Jane, wife of George Eighmy and Eliza, wife of Edwin E. Darby;  sons,
    John and Chauncey;  also son, Samuel;  children of Abel Stewart, deceased;  children of
    son, Seneca Stewart, deceased; son Dykeman.
    Executors:  sons, John and Chauncey Stewart
    Witnesses:  John Day, Joseph Hallock and J. Webster Shaffer
LEONARD LAMPMAN  of Coxsackie  Will Probated Sept. 30, 1861
    Heirs:  wife, Temperance;  sons, Henry and Leonard; daughters, Maria C, wife of Garret
    Tully; Henrietta, wife of Johannes Hallenbeck; Sarah Eliza, Catharine and Delia; Leonard,
    son of daughter Maria and Garret Tully.
    Executors:  Wife and son Henry.
    Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and Peter Fitchet
MARIA L. ALLERTON  of Hunter   Will Probated October 21, 1861
    Heirs:  sister, Lucy L. Connelly and brother, Charles S. Hard
    Executors:  Same two heirs.
    Witnesses:  A. S. Lockwood and J. Rodney Douglass
JOHN WOLCOTT  of Catskill     Will Probated October 28, 1861
    Heirs:  sons, William G., Philander B.;  Sarah, wife of Philander; children of son
    Philander; daughter, Arietta, wife of Robert Wells.
    Executor:  son, William G.
    Witnesses:  Sheldon A. Givens and Charles C. Givens
CHAUNCEY BURROUGHS of Coxsackie  Will Probated Nov 18, 1861
    Heirs:  no names mentioned
    Executors:  wife, Catharine E. and Obadiah Lampman
    Witnesses:  Charles E. Lampman and William VanLoan
ABIJAH PRATT  of Durham   Will Probated November 25, 1861
    Heirs:  wife, Polly;  sons, Norman A., Electus A., Philo and Ezra P.; daughters, Emegene,
    wife of Evelin F. Carter; Mary, wife of Robert C. Cone; Priscilla, wife of Orrin Porter; and
    Executors:  sons, Philo and Ezra F. Pratt
    Witnesses:  William Paddock of Catskill and Isreal P. Utter
FREDERICK A. FENN  of Prattsville    Will Probated Nov. 25, 1861
    Heir:  son, George C.
    Executors:  William W. and George C. Fenn
    Witnesses:  Watson Wilcox and Robert Ferguson
HENRY HOUGHTALING  of New Baltimore  Will Probated Dec 2, 1861
    Heirs:  wife, Mariah;  sons, Richard, Henry and Peter; daughters, Eliza, Elida and Mary
    Executors:  sons-in-law, Amos Houghtaling and John G. Raymond.
    Witnesses:  D. E. Wing and Thomas Googheegan of Coxsackie.
GUILLERME RICKERSON  of Durham  Will Probated Dec. 8, 1861
    Heirs:  sons, Calvin, Wildey and Lyman;  daughters, Julia, Rebecca, Amanda, Mary Ann,
    Betsey, Lana Jane and Maria; grand daughter Lillian, only daughter of son, Martin L.
    Executors:  three sons, Calvin, Wildey and Lyman
    Witnesses:  D. B. Hervey and Cornelius Miller 

MARGARET SHUFELT of Durham                     Will Probated January 13 1862

    Heirs:  son, Charles L; sister, Catharine Reeve;  nephews, William Cramer Reeve,
    Hercules Sayre and George Hedges; nieces, Margaret Delight Reeve and Margaret
    Executors:  brother-in-law, Stephen Hedges
    Witnesses:  Bradford Wright and John Hill
BENJAMIN H. CASE  of New Baltimore            Will Probated January 20, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Ann B.;  daughter, Esther A. Carman and son, William H.
    Executors:  Ephraim N. Case and Gildersleeve Bedell
    Witnesses:  Lewis ands R. Barclay Bedell
GEORGE PECK  of Catskill                            Will Probated February 24, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Lorinda;  Sarah E., adopted daughter.
    Executors:  wife and brother, John Peck
    Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and Rufus H. King
ADAM SAGER of Coxsackie                          Will Probated March 6, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Rebecca;  two sons, Garret and Malbone
    Executors: Brother, William G. and Jonas Collin
    Witnesses:  J. B. Bronk of Coxsackie and Prentis W. Hallenbeck
JOHN HOLLY  of Greenville                   Will Probated February 24, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Irene;  sons, Robert P., David W. N., Charles C. and Stephen W.;  daughters,
    Minerva A. Palmer and Emma Eliza Warner;  Charles A. Blenis, son of daughter
    Executor:  son, Stephen W.
    Witnesses:  Orrin C and James Stevens of Greenville
JOSEPH C. BURROUGHS of Coxsackie   Will Probated March 24, 1862
    Heirs:  sister, Deborah, wife of Harvey Weed/Wood?;  nephews, Eliphalet, Nathan, Ezra
    and Ambrose Burroughs;  nieces, Mary Burroughs, wife of James Madison Stevens; 
    children of deceased brother Benjamin Burroughs; nephew, Joseph Burroughs and niece
    Elizabeth, widow of the late William H. Delamater, children of deceased brother William
    Burroughs; nephews, Nathan E., Isaac and William, children of deceased brother Thomas
    Burroughs; Thomas E. and Ida, children of deceased nephew  Chauncey Burroughs.
    Executors:  brother, Thomas and nephew William Burroughs
    Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and Charles Edwin Lampman
CATHARINE SAGUEZO  of Coxsackie             Will Probated March 17, 1862
           She was one of the heirs of Robert W. Banderbergh
    Heirs:  daughters, Maria and Lavina
    Executrix:  daughter, Lavina
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. VanDyck and W. V.B. Adams
JACOB R. GREENE  of Catskill                      Will Probated April 7, 1862
    Heirs:  sons, Edwin, Rush, James B., Robert, Lewis C., William and George W.; 
    daughters, Elizabeth B. and Jennett B.
    Executors:  Robert and Lewis
    Witnesses:  Charles C. Abeel and William H. Conklin
WILLIAM H. STITT  of Durham                        Will Probated May 19, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Eunice M.
    Executrix:  wife, Eunice M.
    Witnesses:  William R. Tanner and Jeannett Tanner of Medusa, Albany County.
CATHARINE COOKE  of Catskill                    Will Probated June 2, 1862
    Heirs:  daughters, Elizabeth T. Kidney and Harriet, also Maria and Abby; sons, William
    G. and Joshua A.
    Executors:  sons, Joshua A. and William G.
    Witnesses:  John Day and Rufus H. King
ALANSON BARLOW  of Ashland                 Will Probated July 30, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Mary Ann;  sons, Allen, Lauren, Isaac, Russell; daughters, Polly, wife of
    Jerome Baldwin and Lovina, wife of Revile Cobb.
    Executors:  Sally and Mitchell Perey
    Witnesses:  J.B. Waldron and M.C. Osborn
JOSEPH ATWOOD  of Windham                 Will Probated May 12, 1862
    Heirs:  grand daughters, Mary Ann Atwood, Charlotte Atwood, Cordelia, wife of
    Benjamin Smalling;  Sally and Mitchell Perey
    Executors:  Sally and Mitchell Perey
    Witnesses:  J. Olney and M.C. Osborn
MICHAEL HOOSE  of Greenville                 Will Probated July 14, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Sally;  three daughters, eldest, Margaret Ann and Caroline, (youngest
    daughter not mentioned);  sons, William B. and Cyrus S.
    Executrix:  wife, Sally
    Witnesses:  J.B. Waldron and Lewis Butler
MARY B. DAY  of Catskill                         Will Probated June 25. 1862
    Heirs:  sons, Edgar B. and S. Sherwood.
    Executors:  sons, Edgar B. and S. Sherwood
    Witnesses:  John Day and Frederick Hill
ROBERT PORTER  of Prattsville               Will Probated June 23, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Mary;  grandchild Agnes, daughter of Maraette Rogers
    Executrix;  wife, Mary
    Witnesses:  Sanford Christian and Zachariah Brandow
ISAAC WHISPELL  of Lexington              Will Probated July 28, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Mary L.
    Executrix:  wife, Mary L.
    Witnesses:  A. Burroughs and Mary C. Schermerhorn
MARIA THERESA NORTHRUP of  Athens    Will Probated August 4, 1862
    Heirs:  nieces, Emma Cynthia Snowden and Nashetah House
    Executors:  Petrus R. Root and Bela Allen
    Witnesses:  Henry and Sarah A. VanLoan
HUGH DAWSON  of Greenville                 Will Probated August 4, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Joan;  daughters, Betsey Ann Halstead; Maria, wife of Luman Baker and
    Polly, wife of Samuel Halstead;  sons, Franklin, William, Henry, Lewis and John.
    Executors:  sons, William and Henry Dawson
    Witnesses:  Aaron and Lewos Butler
HARVEY STODDARD  of Cairo               Will Probated August 11, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Emily;  sons, Henry P., Oliver W., Lorenzo F., James H. David B.;  daughter,
    Mary E.;  sister-in-law, Deborah Hunt.
    Executors:  Augustus Hill and son, David B.
    Witnesses:  John S. Allen and Calvin L. Olmstead
JOHN LARAWAY  of Prattsville             Will Probated August 15, 1862
    Heirs:  sons, Martinus D. and Erskine;  daughters, Mary E. and Sarah H.
    Executor:  none listed on copy
    Witnesses:  C. K. Benham and James B. Olney
FOSTER POWELL   of New Baltimore    Will Probated August 25, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Charity;  daughters, Julia Ann Tompkins and Tamson Hogaborne;  sons,
    Dorrance, Edward, Jeremiah, Foster G., Theodore, and Richard G.
    Executors:  Richard G., son, and Frederick S. Greene
    Witnesses:  Alexander P. and Sarah G. Smith
ROBERT SMITH  of Greenville                Will Probated September 1, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Anna;  daughters, Philane Greene. Maria Smith and Ann Green;  sons, Elisha
    P., Charles L.;  grandchildren, Ellen Lake, VanNess Smith, Elmer Smith, Oberion Smith,
    Persifer and Harriet Smith.
    Executors:  Charles L. Smith, James Jennings and David Williams.
    Witnesses:  Philip Teats and Peter P. Snyder
PHARES CHITTENDEN  of Durham                Will Probated July 28, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Sybil; John Campbell;  niece, Mariam B., wife of John Campbell.
    Executors:  wife, Sybil and James Lyons of Cairo
    Witnesses:  John Olney and Humphrey R. Potter of Windham
LEMUEL HITCHCOCK  of Windham           Will Probated September 1, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Emily;  daughters, Sarah Chamberlain and Charlotte;  sons, Lemuel B.
    Anson N., and John;  grand daughter Frances Chamberlain.
    Executors:  wife, Emily and Lemuel B.
    Witnesses:  John Olney and Ausustus R. Macomber
WALTER PINE  of Catskill                       Will Probated September 15, 1862
    Heirs:  two sons, Smith and William;  wife, Caroline; daughter, Rebecca.
    Executors:  Frederick Salisbury of Cairo and William Waldron of Catskill
    Witnesses:  Peleg C. Mattoon and William Dodd
JUSTUS HOWLAND  of Athens               Will Probated September 25, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Sarah B.;  son, Henry J.;  daughter, Sarah Jane, wife of Thomas S. Norbury. 
    Executors:  wife, and son Henry J.
    Witnesses:  Henry Stranahan, Jr., J.S. VanWoert and N.W. Howland
CORNELIUS PLUGH  of Catskill             Will Probated November 24, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Sarah M.;  daughter, Anna Gertrude;  sisters, Hannah Mariott, Catharine
    Rightmyer, Caroline Plugh and Margaret Plugh
    Executor:  brother-in-law, Abram Rightmyer
    Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and John Marriott
PETER SIMPSON  of Cairo                   Will Probated October 20, 1862
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine;  son, Rowland and daughter Sally, wife of John VanHoesen.
    Executors:  son, Rowland and son-in-law John VanHoesen
    Witnesses:  J.W. Baldwin, Jonathan Story and Gilbert Vermilyea

WILLIAM TOMPKINS  of Ashland                      Will Probated January 12, 1863
    Heirs:  wife.
    Executors:  Walston Ferris and Benjamin B. Doty
    Witnesses:  Same as above.
JOHN SHARP  of Halcott                                Will Probated January 12, 1863
    Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth;  youngest son, James N;  Elizabeth Vandevort, Sarah Mono and
    Hannah Rowley
    Executrix:  wife
    Witnesses:  Nathaniel F. Ellis and Hiram Mead
JACOB J. CLAW  of Athens                            Will Probated January 19, 1863
    Heirs:  daughters, Rachel; Eleanor, wife of William Wells; Sarah Ann, wife of Charles
    Armstrong; Catharine, wife of John H. Smith;  sons, John, Aaron and Jacob.
    Executors:  son, John Claw and John I. Vosburgh
    Witnesses:  Alonzo Greene and Ethan S. Fox
JOTHAM W. SCUDDER  of Halcott                Will Probated January 19, 1863
    Heirs:  daughters, Deborah E. Bouton; Elizabeth; Maria, wife of Joseph Woolsey of
    Indiana; sons, Joseph E., William S., Warren W., Philetus and (name unreadable?)
    Executors:  Nathan Charles and Daniel Rowland of Roxbury, of Roxbury, County of
    Delaware, NY.
    Witnesses:  Orrin B. Crosby of Halcott and Nancy M. Hull of Roxbury, Delaware Co, NY.
BENJAMIN WINNE  of Catskill                       Will Probated February 2, 1863
    Heirs:  wife, Eley;  adopted daughter, Ann P. Winne, formerly known as Ann Pratt.
    Executors:  Peleg C. Mattoon and Rufus H. King
    Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock  and Frederick Hill
MATTHEW YOUMANS  of New Baltimore       Will Probated February 2, 1863
    Heirs:  wife, Ann;  sisters, Ann Cantine; Amelia, wife of Stephenson I. Thorn; Mary, wife
    of Nicholas Knowles of Westerlo, Albany Co.; Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Youmans; Ann,
    wife of Stephen Cantine; Hannah, wife of Nathan Shaw of Greenville; Rachel Ann
    McCurtny of Coeymans, Albany Co.; Annette McCurtny; Euphrasia Bedel, niece of wife;
    brother, Anthony P. Youmans of Rensselaerville, Albany Co.; nephew Orville, son of       
    Luther W. Travis.
    Executors:  brother, Anthony P. Youmans and John B. Winn
    Witnesses:  Rufus W. Watson and Andrew Powell of Catskill
SARAH FRELIGH  of Catskill                         Will Probated February 23, 1863
    Heirs:  Robert Henry Brink, Eliza C. Move and John Henry Freligh
    Executrix:  Eliza C. Move
    Witnesses:  Lewis and Peter V. Overbaugh
MONTGOMERY STEVENS  of Durham          Will Probated March 9, 1863
    Heirs:  wife;  sons, James H., Montgomery, Jr.; children of Richard M., deceased son ---
    daughters, Mary, Matilda and Hitte or Mehetabel and Montgomery;  children of son,
    Charles G. Stevens, deceased---Mortimer Stevens, Charles Stevens and Helen, wife of
    ____ Sherman of Bridgeport; daughter, Mehetabel, wife of Eliab Alden and her children,
    Abner, Charles, John and Henry; Amanda, wife of John Spoor;  daughter, Adaline, wife of
    Gilbert Curtis and her sons, Edgar, Charles and Montgomery; Castor (also referred to as
    Carter), son of daughter, Mary M. Smith, deceased;  daughter  Julia, wife of Lewis P.
    Jennings and her children, Jerome, Minerva and James Jennings;  daughter, Eliza Jane,
     wife of George H. Jermain and her children, Arvine and Catharine Jermain.
    Executors:  James H. Stevens, in case of his death, son-in-law Gilbert Curtis and Lewis P.
    Witnesses:  S. Sherwood Day and Frederick Hill
WILLIAM MAYO  of Coxsackie                          Will Probated April 10, 1863
    Heirs:  wife, Sarah.
    Executors:  John B. Bronk and George Reed
    Witnesses:  James W. Hiseerd and Charles M. Hastings
LUMAN FINCH  of Coxsackie                             Will Probated May 4, 1863
    Heirs:  daughter, Julia;  brothers and sisters, Hannah Betts, Sally Ann Hill, Mariam
    McGiffert, William, James and Levi Finch.
    Executors:  None listed on copy
    Witnesses:  Ambrose Greene and John Fenton

DAVID JOHNSON  of Jewett                              Will Probated June 1, 1863
    Heirs:  wife, Mary A.
    Executrix:  wife.
    Witnesses:  David M. Hosford and Jonathan Howard
DANIEL O'BLENIS  of Athens                           Will Probated June 8, 1863
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine; Debby Ann Powell, Elisha B. Powell, Amos Powell and Sarahette
    Powell;  four brothers and two sisters, Dennis, John, Henry, Jesse, Caty, wife of Matthew
    Hallock and Maria O'Blenis.
    Executrix:  Catharine O'Blenis
    Witnesses:  John VanVechten and Selleck D. Smith
JENNETT DUBOIS  of Catskill                        Will Probated June 15, 1863
    Heirs:  Maria and Cornelia
    Executor:  John Manning
    Witnesses:  John Hallock and William P. Fiero
HARVEY COLE  of Cairo                               Will Probated June 15, 1863
    Heirs:  wife, Nancy; children, Betsey Ann, wife of John H. Person; Sarah Ann, wife of
    Philip H. Vanderhoof; Catharine, wife of Walter Hoose; Russel Cole; Nancy Catharine
    Terbush, Phebe and Wellington, children of deceased daughter Louisa Terbush; 
    Clarence, son of deceased daughter Phebe Jane Finch;  son, Harvey E. S. and James T.
    Executor:  William Morehouse of Durham
    Witnesses:  Peleg C. Mattoon and Joseph Hallock
JOSEPH SAX  of Catskill                              Will Probated June 29, 1863
    Heirs:  wife, Maria;  four children, Peter J., John W., Catharine and Julia.
    Executor:  Roswell M. Lawrence
    Witnesses:  Neely Lawrence and James H. Snyder of Kiskatom
MAHALA PLANK  of Catskill                        Will Probated July 20, 1863
    Heirs:  Charlotte B., wife of David J. Ely;  her son, James V. Ely.
    Executor:  Henry B. Hill
    Witnesses:  Rufus H. King and Joseph Hallock
STEPHEN BURGER  of Catskill                  Will Probated August 18, 1863
    Heirs:  wife, Rebecca Eliza;  daughters, Sarah Ann and Emma Frances; sons, Peter,
    Arnold S. and Jerome A.
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses:  Alexander McKinley and Benjamin Peck
HENRY VanORDEN  of Catskill                    Will Probated August 24, 1863
    Heirs:  wife, Temperance;  sons, Samuel and Henry;  daughter, Catharine  Christina
    Badean.     (mentions father as William)
    Executors:  Wife and sons, Jacob T.B. and Henry DeWitt.
    Witnesses:  William H. VanOrden and Mary VanOrden
CHARLOTTE C. VanALLEN  of Coxsackie         Will Probated September 7, 1863
    Heirs:  mother, Elizabeth Lusk;  children of Mrs. Caroline Cottle/Cettle; children of
    deceased brother, John;  children of brother Gilbert Lusk; children of brother Stephen
    Executor:  Casper Collier, Esq., Attorney at Law, Hudson.
    Witnesses:  Matthias Lusk of Jersey City and Thomas Burroughs of Coxsackie
LAVINA VANDENBURGH of Coxsackie           Will Probated September 14, 1863
    Widow of Robert W. Vandenburgh, deceased.
    Heirs:  daughters, Maria and Betsey;  sons, Richard and John;  Sarah Lavina Mosier, child
    of daughter Jane;  child of deceased daughter Catharine;  Sally, widow of deceased son,
    John, John Robert Cooke and Andrew Place, children of son William Vandenburgh
    Executors:  son, Richard Vandenburgh and Andrew B. Houghtaling of  Coxsackie.
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. VanDyck and Peter I. Winegard
JOHN I. DEWITT  of Windham                          Will Probated March 16, 1863
    Heirs:  daughter, Ruth R. and Cornelia A. Hall;  sons, Francis M. and Garret A.;
    grandchildren, Maria E. and Cornelia A. Winfield.
    Executor:  son, Francis M. DeWitt
    Witnesses:  Pearl Lewis and F. H. Holcomb
RHODA BELL  of Durham                            Will Probated September 21, 1863
    Heirs:  daughter, Aurelia DeWitt;  son William
    Executor:  brother, Isham Newcomb
    Witnesses:  Delphus T. Stephens and George H. Mabey
BATHSHEBA LAKE  of Greenville                    Will Probated October 5, 1863
    Heirs:  Julia E.;  son Hiram Jr.
    Executor:  Alexander Coons of Freehold, Greene Co, NY
    Witnesses:  Franklin and Bethuel Lisk of Freehold.
MICAH PIERCE  of Durham                           Will Probated October 19, 1863
    Heirs:  wife, Hannah;  daughters, Diana, wife of Orrin Wood and Samantha, wife of Joel
    Bullock;  sons, Reuben, Lyman, Wesley and Allen D.; grand son Stephen Willard, son of
    Stephen Pierce.
    Executors:  son, William Pierce and son-in-law Orrin Wood
    Witnesses:  Bradford Wright and Joseph Kirtland
DAVID BENNETT  of Greenville                   Will Probated September 21, 1863
    Heirs:  wife, Margaret.
    Executrix:  wife, Margaret
    Witnesses: John Adams and G. W. Tuttle
ANGELICA OVERBAGH                            Will Probated October 26, 1863
    Heirs:  sons, William and Teunis VanVechten;  daughter, Sarah Eliza; six grandchildren,
    children of deceased son Hezekiah VanOrden.
    Executor:  Rufus H. King
    Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and John M. Donnelly
ANNA GERMAN of Cairo                           Will Probated November 2, 1863
    Heirs:  nieces, Lucy Koon, Caroline Chapin, Emily Gage, Mary Ann Norton, Eliza
    Allerton, Jane Ann Welch, Sally Nichols, Almira Hess;  brother John's daughter Angeline;
    nephews, George Allerton, William Allerton and Lewis Bullock and Townsend Allerton;
    William Allerton's son Germain; Ransom Allerton's daughter Anna;  Maria Betts; sister
    Lucy Bullock; Maria Allerton; nephew Elander Allerton.
    Executor:  Levi Gage
    Witnesses:  Levi Gage, John H. Nelson and Eunice Rhodes
ISAAC NEWTON BROOKS  of Athens        Will Probated November 7, 1863
    Heir:  brother, Rowland
    Executor:  brother, Rowland
    Witnesses:  James M. Pierson of Cairo, Ayres G. Barker of Greenville and William
    Plimley of Catskill
ABEL BRACE  of Catskill                         Will Probated November 11, 1863
    Heirs:  wife, Betsey;  daughters, Sarah P., wife of Zenas Lindley Beach, Anna L. Fitch and
    Elizabeth Brace;  Elizabeth, daughter of Anna L. Fitch; son, Henry M.;  grandchildren,
    Brace, Mary Josephine and Sarah Brace Hopkins.
    Executor:  Henry M. Brace
    Witnesses:  John Doane and P. V. VanOrden
SAMUEL BEACH  of Durham                Will Probated November 30, 1863
    Heir:  wife, Elizabeth
    Executrix:  wife, Elizabeth
    Witnesses:  Seth Paddock and D. B. Henry
EDGAR B. DAY  of Catskill                  Will Probated December 7, 1863
    Heirs:  wife, Sophia A.;  children (no names mentioned)
    Executor:  S. Sherwood Day
    Witnesses:  John Day and Frederick Hill
HANNAH E. EDWARDS  of Athens                 Will Probated January 4, 1864
    Heirs:  Aunt Eliza Ann, wife of Prentice W. Hallenbeck;  Elizabeth, daughter of Prentice
    W. Hallenbeck; Hannah Collier; Catharine, wife of William G. Sager; Lydia Edwards;
    Olive Edwards; Louisa Edwards; Elizabeth Fitchett; Sarah E. Kennedy, Lottie DeFriest,
    Mrs. Otto Fox;  Mrs. Abram Sage; grandmother, Elizabeth Sager, Altana Sager, Julia  
    Sager, Louisa Wolvert, Evelina Sager, Elizabeth Smitely, Susan Rouse, Mrs Mary
    Ostrander, Miss Catharine Philips, Hannah Collier, Kesiah Winne, Eliza Ann Hallenbeck,
    Catharine Sager, Rebecca Sager, Rebecca Jane Thorne, Thomas H. Kennedy, Isaac
    Edwards, George H. Edwards and Andrew Edwards.
    Executor:  Prentice W. Hallenbeck
    Witnesses:  James F. Philip of Claverack, Col. Co. and Peleg C. Mattoon of Catskill.
JOHN DUISHOW  of Catskill                   Will Probated January 22, 1864
    Heirs:  father, John D.
    Executor:  Anson Garling
    Witnesses:  Anselion Obert, Joseph Brockmire and Joseph Hallock.
JOHN JONES  of Durham                       Will Probated January 25, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth;  daughter, Malissa, wife of Philo Schutt;  sons, Morgan, Daniel
    and John Jones, Jr.;   grandsons, Albert Mackey, Lewis Jones Mackey.
    Executors:  sons, Daniel and John Jr.
    Witnesses:  James G. Jarvis and Robert C. H. Moore of Rensselaerville.
LUCY REED  of Coxsackie                  Will Probated January 23, 1864
       Widow of Epenetus Reed of Coxsackie
    Heirs:  Eliza A. W., wife of Marcus B. Osborn of Rock Island, IL.; Sarah E., wife of John R.
    Corker of the same place;  Lucy R., wife of Henry Curtis, Jr.;  Sarah L., wife of Charles M.
    Osborn; child or children of Sarah E. Corker;  child or children of Lucy R. Curtis; child or
    children of Sarah L. Osborn.
    Executors:  Charles M. Osborn and Henry Curtis, Jr. of County of Rock Island, IL.
    Witnesses:  Roswell Reed and Maria VanBergen
NATHANIEL STONE  of Cairo                Will Probated January 18, 1864
    Heirs:  grand daughter, Emily Stone;  son, Erastus and his daughter, Fanny E., wife of
    Richard Constable; four children of son, John---Levi, Lucy P., Merwin and Julia A.
    Executors:  son, Erastus and Jabez Olmsted
    Witnesses:  Samuel S. Mulford and Smith W. Mead
ELIZABETH COONLEY  of New Baltimore    Will Probated February 8, 1864
    Heirs:  brothers, John, George, David James Wilsey and Peter;  sisters, Sarah Jane,
    Barbary and Anna Maria Morehouse;  nephew, Ambrose C. Wittsey;  heirs of deceased
    sister Catharine and heirs of deceased sister Anna Maria.
    Executor:  brother, George.
    Witnesses:  F. H. Mosher of Coeymans, Albany Co., and Michael K. Rowe of New
JACOB VanORDEN  of Catskill                   Will Probated February 22, 1864
    Heirs:  eldest brother, William H., brother, Philip; sister, Catharine S., nephew Jacob, son
    of deceased brother Lucas VanOrden.
    Executors:  brothers William H. and Philip VanOrden
    Witnesses:  Peleg C. Mattoon and Joseph Hallock
ELSIE BLACKMAN  of Cairo                      Will Probated February 25, 1864
    Heirs:  Arnold, brother of late husband;  Hannah Drake, sister of late husband; Alpha Bignal,
    sister of late husband; sister Maria More; Louisa Winnea, daughter of late brother Abraham;
    sister Eleana Boughton; sister, Patty Hoes and her daughter Margaret Hoes; nephew, John H.
    Winnea; niece, Eleanor M. Olney and Maria VanDeusen.
    Executor:  Danforth K. Olney of Catskill
    Witnesses:  A. Melvin Osborn and Henry Mott
WILLIAM WINNE  of Catskill                        Will Probated February 29 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth;  son, Leonard;  daughters, Rebecca and Sarah.
    Executors:  wife, Jacob Winne and James Selkirk
    Witnesses:  Jacob and Amand Winne
HARMON VanWOERT  of Athens                Will Probated February 15, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Julia Ann
    Executrix:  wife, Julia Ann
    Witnesses:  S. H. Nichols and Caleb Coffin
JOHN BRANT  of Catskill                            Will Probated February 22, 1864
    Heirs:  sons, George H., Peter and William;  daughters, Catharine, Jane and Hannah
    Executors:  sons, George H. and Peter
    Witnesses:  Luke Kiersted and James H. A. Graham
ELIZABETH LONGENDYKE  of Catskill       Will Probated February 29, 1864
    Heirs:  daughters, Katy, wife of Andrew Acker; Joanna, Christina Maria, Jane Elizabeth
    and Margaret Ann;  son John.
    Executor:  son, John
    Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and Benjamin Sax
AUZY DOOLITTLE  of Ashland                   Will Probated February 22, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Betsey;  sons, Edward and Alfred;  daughters, Susannah, Louisa, Anabiah,
    and Maria B.
    Executrix:  wife, Betsey
    Witnesses:  John Olney of Windham and A. B. Brisack of Ashland
TEMPERANCE WRIGHT of Durham          Will Probated February 15, 1864
    Heirs:  brother, Daniel;  sister, Hannah Slawson;  niece, Mrs. Harriet N. Hayes, Laura
    Ann; wife of Temperance A. and Joel Buckbee
    Executors:  Henry C. Soop and William Baldwin
    Witnesses:  M. B. Mattice and D. T. Stevens
REUBEN LAKE  of Greenville                     Will Probated March 7, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Mary Forshee;  children of deceased son, Harry, --- Romantus, Hester, Ann,
    Manerva and Rhoda;  Stephen, only child of deceased son, Stephen;  daughters,
    Angeline,now wife of Henry Smith; Manerva, wife of David Vroman; Fanny, wife of
    George Bushnell and Charlotte, now wife of William Ree.
    Executors:  wife, Mary and David Vroman
    Witnesses:  Russell and Edward Wakely
SARAH HALLENBECK  of Athens             Will Probated March 4, 1864
    Heirs:  nieces, Susan E., Rachel and Catharine Teneyck, daughters of John M. Teneyck of
    Junias, Seneca Co, NY; Eleanor P. Hallenbeck of Athens; Walter Hallenbeck; niece, Louisa
    Anna, daughter of William H. Hallenbeck; Sarah, daughter of Anthony Teneyck; Catharine
    and Elizabeth, sisters of Sarah Teneyck; sisters of Rachel, wife of William Hallenbeck and
    Catharine, wife of Walter Hallenbeck
    Executors:  Marcus H. and Walter Hallenbeck
    Witnesses:  Alonzo Greene and Catharine S. VanValkenburgh
ELIZABETH S. NOBLE  of Cairo                   Will Probated March 14, 1864
             Widow of Silas C. Noble of Hobart, Delaware Co, NY
    Heirs:  daughters, Jenette S. and Alice G;  cousin, Joseph Thyne of  Springfield, Otsego
    County, NY; son William T. (mentions father as William Tretter and mother as Elizabeth)
    Executor: brother-in-law, Dr. George H. Noble of Cairo
    Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Sherman P. Lennon
WILLIAM E. KILK  of Cairo                          Will Probated March 14, 1864
    Heirs:  sons, George S., William E., Henry G. and Charles; daughter, Mary E.  Guardian,
    Henry E. Hotchkiss.
    Executor:  Henry E. Hotchkiss
    Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Thomas H. Holgate
PETER MAGINNIS  of Prattsville                 Will Probated March 27, 1964
    Heir:  wife, Elizabeth
    Executrix:  wife, Elizabeth
    Witnesses:  James B. Olney and Thomas Fitch
JACOB GARRETT of Durham                             Will Probated March 28, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Rachel;  sons, Grovenor, Hamilton, Elmer, Alonzo; daughters, Mary Ann,
    Delia, Sarah, Celia and Georgeanner
    Executor:  Levi Gilbert
    Witnesses:  Stephen and Platt Renne
DANIEL TUTHILL  of Greenville                           Will Probated March 28, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Sally;  son, Asa K.; daughter, Selvina, wife of George C. Clark
    Executors:  wife and son, Asa K.
    Witnesses:  Hervey Weed and Calvin M. Mygatt
BARBARA AMELIA HERTTELL                        Will Probated March 28, 1864
           Widow of Thomas of New York City, deceased
    Heirs:  Esther Ann Cattell, niece of late husband; Jane Ann Harttell; children of John C.
    Herttell,--Grace Ann, Amelia and Isabella; Esther, wife of Abraham B. Mead of New York
    City; Mary H., wife of William Bown, deceased of New York Vity; Mary H., wife of
    Edward M. Greenway of New York City; Maria, wife of Daniel W. Gauntley of Athens;
    Thomas Herttell Seabolt, grandson of John King of Orange County; children of Abraham
    B. and Esther Mead,--Mary, Matilda and Clarence;  Amelia, wife of George Davis,
    deceased;- Georgianna, daughter of Amelia Davis; Mrs. Amelia Matilda Hopkin;  Mrs.
    Thomas H. Seabolt; Thomas H., son of daughter of Doctor Thomas Young; children of
    Thomas King,--Silas, Coredon, Sidney, Harry, and Antoinette, wife of David Dewitt of
    Middletown, NY; five daughters of Maria and Daniel W. Gantley,-- Julia, Catharine,
    Maria, Josephine and Adeline;  Mrs. Uptigrow, sister of Thomas King of Otisville,
    Orange County; Mrs. Bayan and Mrs. Penney, sisters of Thomas King; Josiah P. Mendum
    and Horace Shaver; Thomas H. Gantley;  children of late deceased cousins,--Thomas,
    John and Samuel King.
    Executors:  John Sanderson and Esther Ann Cattell
    Witnesses:  D. W. Gantley and Abram Bedell
CORNELIUS ROUSE  of Catskill                     Will Probated April 6, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Paulina;   sons, George V. and J. Platt; daughter, Mary C. Dodge.
    Executor:  son, George V.
    Witnesses:  Rufus H. King and James E. Eltinge
JAMES HARVEY BETTS                              Will Probated April 11, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine E.
    Executrix:  wife, Catharine E.
    Witnesses:  Seth M. Eggleston and Cyratus Betts
ANNA SMITH  of Catskill                               Will Probated April 13, 1864
    Heirs:  sons, Hiram and Salisbury;  husband, Nelson; daughters, Ellen Wolf, Isabella,
    Anna  and Alice.
    Executors:  Brother-in-law, Silleck Smith and cousin, William Newkirk
    Witnesses:  A. Burroughs and Catharine Salisbury
JABEZ OLMSTED  of Durham                      Will Probated May 2, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Mary Myranda;  nephews, Ichabod, Daniel, John E. and Jabez Willis
    Olmsted; niece, Mrs. Harriet Utter.  mentions father as Ichabod.
    Executors:  wife and Samuel Lewis
    Witnesses:  Ira Morrison and Orrin Burham
SILAS WEEKES  of Cairo                          Will Probated May 9, 1864
    Heirs:  nephews, Charles W., Silas, son of Moses Weekes;  Timothy, son of Moses
    George, son of same; Richard, son of same; nieces, Maria, daughter of same; Sarah Ellen,
    daughter of same.
    Executors:  Platt S. Pine and nephew, Charles W. Weekes
    Witnesses:  Sheldon A. Givens and Edward S. Hinman
HENRY GOSLEE  of Jewett                     Will Probated May 16, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Cynthia;  children of Munson B. Goslee, deceased,--William H., Mary Adelle
    and Anna B. Goslee.
    Executrix:  wife.
    Witnesses:  David M. Hosford and Henry R. Hosford
WILLIAM B. DELAMATER  of Cairo          Will Probated May 17, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Elisa V.;  father-in-law, George W. Mead; infant daughter Florence.
    Executors:  wife,--in case of her death, Abner Alden,  Charles and John Alden.
    Witnesses:  James H. Stephens, Durham and Kate A. Germain of Greenville.
JOHN SPOOR  of Greenville                   Will Probated May 23, 1864
    Heirs: Wife, Amanda; sons, John A. and George W.
    Executors: Wife, - in case of her death, Abner Alden, Charles and John Alden
    Witnesses: James H. Stevens, Durham and Kate A. Germain of Greenville

JACOB SOUL of Prattsville            Will probated June 15, 1864 

    Heirs: wife, Agnes Maria;  sons, Ebenezer I. and Madison;  heirs of daughter Betsey
    Haner, deceased;  daughters, Cornelia Griffin, Olive, wife of Joseph Huggins;  Sally, wife
    of John H. Decker; Maria, wife of Richard Deyoe, Abigail N., wife of George W.
    Executors:  Joseph Huggins and John H. Decker
    Witnesses:  Ezekiel P. More and Jacob C. Frazer of Prattsville.
CASPER MACKEY  of Coxsackie                   Will Probated June 13, 1864
    Heirs:  brothers, Nicholas of Athens, William of Athens;  sister, Rebecca VanHoesen of
    Athens; friend, Rachel A. Hallenbeck of Coxsackie; William Francis VanHoesen, son of
    sister Rebecca; Aunt Eliza, wife of Henry MacRoy; cousin, John C. Mackey of Coxsackie
    Executors:  William Cochran and Jacob VanDyck of Coxsackie
BENJAMIN CHAPMAN of Durham                 Will Probated June 7, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Lydia; Sarah, wife of Henry Hotchkiss and daughter of wife, Lydia;  Hannah
    Cochran, daughter of wife, Lydia;  six children, Priscilla, wife of Benjamin Sayre of
    Montrose, PA.;  Temperance, wife of Dennis Baldwin of Durham, NY;  Lydia, wife of
    Joseph Carman of Cairo; Mary, wife of Stephen Foway;  Emeline, wife of Daniel P.
    Kirtland and Catharine, wife of Ezra Hand of Honesdale, Pa.
    Executors:  Dennis and Stephen Baldwin
    Witnesses:  George Sparks and Alanson C. Cowles
PETER E. BRONK  of New Baltimore                 Will Probated June 27, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Mary; three sons, Ephraim P., William R., and James K.; three brothers,
    Coventry, John and Herbert;  grandson, Edmund Bronk Southwick. mentions a brother
    James Bronk of New Baltimore.
    Executor:  Ephraim P. Bronk
    Witnesses:  E. Chapman Raymond and John G. Raymond
EUNICE BRIGGS BALDWIN                             Will Probated July 18, 1864
            wife of Ambrose Baldwin of Jewett
    Heirs:  Husband, Ambrose;  sister, Hannah Moore of Hillsdale; nieces, Ann, wife of
    Sylvester Best and Cornelia Moore of Hillsdale; Sylvester Best; Schuyler W. Johnson and
    Bertie E. Johnson of Blissfield, Lenaway county Michigan;  Hattie and William H.
    Thompson, children of Wilkinson Thompson of Clifton Springs, County of Ontario, NY; 
    George Moore and Hannah, wife and Cornelia, daughter.
    Executor:  Theodore Miller of Hudson
    Witnesses:  Henry House and I. VanNess Lyle of Hudson
JEREMIAH E. CLOUGH  of Athens                  Will Probated July 25, 1864
    Heirs:  Margaret, wife of James Dederick; adopted daughter, Magdalene, daughter of
    Jeremiah Clough.
    Executor:  Prentiss W. Hallenbeck of Athens
    Witnesses:  Ambrose J. Clough and John Gay
JOHN STEWART  of Cairo                            Will Probated August 22, 1864
    Heir:  wife, Eunice E.
    Executor:  Luke Ree
    Witnesses:  William E. Green and John A. Mower
RICHARD SCHEPMORE of Coxsackie           Will Probated September 12, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Mary
    Executors:  brothers-in-law, Robert Lane and Adolphus Lane of New York City and
    Andrew B. Houghtaling
    Witnesses: W. S. Stoutenburgh and Barnet Gay
SILAS FOWLER  of Lexington                    Will Probated September 19, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Hannah:  sons, Silas Jr., Charles M.., David S., and Addison; daughters, Julia
    A. Smith, Hannah M. Moore, Rachel Cross, Elizabeth Deyoe and Harriet L.
    Executors:  Sons
    Witnesses:  Cornelia V. and Eugenia E. Allen
HANNAH BETTS  of Athens                      Will Probated September 19, 1864
    Heirs:   husband, Cyrenus;  daughter, Sarah C.;  sons, Lyman F., Sylvester and Lorense
    Executors:  sons
    Witnesses:  John P. Connell and Robert Lampman
CALEB GARDNER  of Catskill                 Will Probated October 24, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine Ann Freighby
    Executrix:  wife
    Witnesses:  James Jewell and Hiram Peary
DANIEL B. AVERY  of Jewett                 Will Probated October 24, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Susan;  daughters, Lydia Ann and Sophrona
    Executor:  H. A. Towner
    Witnesses:  B. F. Barkley and Gilbert Beach
OLNEY FRANKLIN WRIGHT  of Coxsackie    Will Probated October 31, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Sarah;  two sisters, Eliza Ann and Adaline;  brother, Horatio Nelson Wright; 
    Hubbel, son of Myrtilla and Henry Green
    Executor:  brother, Albert H. Wright of New York City
    Witnesses:  William E. Leete and Gilbert Bedell
WILLIAM CRAPSER  of Catskill             Will Probated October 31, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine;  three sons, John, Albert and Milton;  seven daughters, Julia, wife
    of John Palmatier; Emily, wife of Chauncey Goodwin; Antonette, wife of William
     Overbaugh; Hariet, wife of A. B. Case, Frank Crapser, Josephine, wife of David Bloom
     and Isabel.
     Executors:  wife, Catharine, Chauncey Goodwin and Augustus Crapser
     Witnesses:  R. M. Lawrence of Kiskatom and M. W. Lawrence of Catskill
MARY HOWE   of Durham                   Will Probated September 28, 1864
    Heirs:  husband, Robert D. Howe; Mary VanBuren
    Executor:   None listed on copy
    Witnesses:  William M. Rugg and Stephen W. Richardson of Oak Hill
HENRY BRONK  of New Baltimore       Will Probated November 14, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Sarah; Anna B. Whitbeck, wife of Henry A. Whitbeck; Catharine Collier,
    sister of wife, Sarah; Sarah Ann, daughter of Isaac Collier; Henry, son of Casper and
    Elizabeth VanLoan;  Henry A., son of Andrew Whitbeck;  Olin B., son of John Wolf, Jr.;
    sister Elizabeth, wife of Casper VanLoan;  Henry A., son of Andrew Whitbeck
    Executors:  Andrew Whitbeck of Coeymans, Albany Co., and Elizabeth VanLoan, sister,
    of Athens.
    Witnesses:  Jacob VanDyck and Ambrose Green of Coxsackie
JACOB D. SCHERMERHORN  of Lexington    Will Probated December 5, 1864
    Heirs:  wife, Ruth;  sons, William, Phillip E., Derick L. and Porter J.; daughters, Assenath
    D. Plank, Julia Goose and Emeline Schermerhorn.
    Executors:  wife, Porter J. Schermerhorn and Dennis H. Hulbert
    Witnesses:  William and Phillip Schermerhorn

VICTOR OSBORN  of New Baltimore                      Will Probated January 5, 1865
    Heirs:  wife, Sarah; daughter, Sally Ann Winne; grand daughters, Deborah Thorn,
    Elizabeth Winne and Sarah Winne
    Executors:  Gildersleve Bedell, John B. Winn and Jonathan Searles
    Witnesses:  William and Nathan C. Bedell
PAUL TRUMBOUR                                             Will Probated January 23, 1865
    Heirs:  wife, Christina;  sons, John and Nicholas.
    Executrix:  wife, Christina
    Witnesses:  Lewis Benton and Frederic Trumpbour
CYRUS SMITH  of Prattsville                             Will Probated February 2, 1865
    Heirs:  two sons, Thompson C. and Charles A.;  daughters, Georganna, Lydia, Cornelia
    and Nancy Catharine.
    Executors:  Thompson C and Charles A. Smith and Ezekiel P. More
    Witnesses:  Samuel P. Ives and Gilbert Becker
NORMAN C. JOHNSON  of Catskill                 Will Probated March 6, 1865
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine Janett;  son, Erwin Framklin; nephew, Clifford Johnson of Jewett.
    Executor:  brother, Myron Johnson of Jewett
    Witnesses:  Edgar Russel and S. A. Givens
FANNY WOLF  of Coxsackie                        Will Probated March 20, 1865
            (wife of John Wolf Jr. of Coxsackie)
    Heirs:  three brothers, Thomas S. Wey, William W. Wey and Jacob G. Wey; four sisters,
    Betsey Hallenbeck, Catharine Kisselbaugh, Margaret Cripps, and Sally Ann Garrell
    Executor:  Stephen L. Magoon of Hudson
    Witnesses:  Peter Bogardus and Abram Bogardus of Hudson
REUBIN COFFIN  of Athens                           Will Probated April 17, 1865
    Heirs:  wife, Lydia
    Executors:  wife and brother, John B. Coffin and brother-in-law, Caleb Coffin.
    Witnesses:  Horace R. Peck of Hudson and Darius Peck, also of Hudson
HENRY GREEN  of Coxsackie                      Will Probated May 3, 1865
    Heirs:  wife, Myrtilla;  son, Minon Hubble Green; brother, Thomas L; nephew, Thomas L.
    now of Albany
    Executors:  wife and brother, Thomas L. Green
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. VanDyck and J. L. B. Sylvester
JOHN ARMSTRONG  of Hunter                    Will Probated June 12, 1865
    Heirs:  sons, John and Richard;  grandson, John Flynn
    Executor:  John Caulfield
    Witnesses:  John Caulfield and George Osborn
NORMAN H. GRAY  of Hunter                     Will Probated June 17, 1865
    Heirs:  daughters, Priscilla Jones and Jane Rowland
    Executor:  son, Burgess W.
    Witnesses:  Danforth K. and George R. Olney of Catskill
JACOB PIERCE  of New Baltimore             Will Probated June 19, 1865
    Heirs:  daughters, Sarah G., wife of Alexander P. Smith and Ann P, wife of Humphrey
    Wilber; son, William.
    Executors:  son-in-law, Alexander P. Smith and Jacob B. Gurney
    Witnesses:  Reuben and William S. Gary
STEPHEN T. FRELIGH  of Coxsackie          Will Probated July 8, 1865
    Heirs:  brothers, Benjamin M., Peter, William S. and James A.; sister, Eliza C.; 
    step-mother, Elizabeth F.;  father, Levi;  Rufus H. King.
    Executor:  Rufus H. King of Catskill
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. VanDyck and John B. Witbeck
DANIEL L. RUGG  of New York City           Will Probated July 12, 1865
    Heirs:  wife, Frances;  two sons, Edward A. and DeElla; father, Benjamin Rugg; brother,
    Harrison Merritt Rugg of New York City;  sister, Mrs. Zuba Sweet.
    Executors:  wife and father
    Witnesses:  E. More, 150 Union St., Brooklyn and Rodman J. Macomber, 108 Lawrence St.,
ABRAM HARE  of Lexington                      Will Probated August 18, 1865
    Heirs:  wife, Polly;  daughters, Harriet E. Briggs and Mary L. Shepard; sons, Revilo L.
    Hare and Worthington.
    Executors:  wife, and son Revilo L.
    Witnesses:  O.L. Newton and A. Montross
JOHN CARROLL  of Coxsackie                Will Probated August 29, 1865
    Heirs:  wife, Eychy;  children, Peter, Thomas B., William W. and Catharine Mariah, wife
    of John Osterhoudt; grand children, Ida and Isabella and sons of son Thomas B.
    Executors:  Thomas B. and Peter H. Carroll, sons.
    Witnesses:  Henry C. VanBergen and Barnet Gay
CYRUS FIELD  of Durham                    Will Probated August 29, 1865
    Heirs:  son, Oscar B.;  daughters, Harriet, Charlotte, Adelia Antonette, Eliza Ann, Sarah
    Arminda and Frances Adelon
    Executor:  son, Oscar B.
    Witnesses:  J.B. Cowles and Zinee Whittlesey
WILLIAM M. SAGER  of Coxsackie        Will Probated September 11, 1865
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine B.
    Executrix:  wife, Catharine B.
    Witnesses:  J.B. Bronk and Isaac G. Collins
WILLIAM BURROWS  of Greenville        Will Probated August 10, 1865
    Heirs:  cousin, Charlotte, daughter of William Green of Quebec, Canada; Mary, wife of
    Amos Smith, Sr. and her daughter Clara.
    Executor:  James W., son of Amos Smith, Sr.
    Witnesses:  O.C. Stevens and Isaac Griffin of Greenville
HENRY GARDNER  of Catskill             Will Probated October 2, 1865
    Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth;  sons, Joseph, Richard, Jeremiah E., James and David;  daughters,
    Amanda J. Lane, Christina Moon, Rhoda Ann Burton, Mary Brewer, and Lydia
    Executor:  Joseph F. Gardner
    Witnesses:  William Salisbury, Charles Cornwall and R. W. Watson
LAWRENCE DONELEY  of New Baltimore  Will Probated Oct. 21, 1865
    Heirs:  wife, Jane;  daughters, Margaret Jane, Catharine and Mary Ann.
    Executor:  John McCarty of Coxsackie
    Witnesses:  Gilbert Lusk and I. C. Dorman of Coxsackie
LUMAN LULL  of Durham                        Will Probated November 6, 1865
    Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth;  daughters, Delia Baughton, Louisa Jackson, Julia A. Hull and
    Sarah E. Pratt;  son, Theadore P.
    Executors:  Elizabeth Hull, wife of Theadore P. Hull
    Witnesses:  Erastus T. Peck and Henry C. Seep
GEORGE GOLDEN  of Catskill              Will Probated November 6, 1865
    Heirs:  wife, Eliza
    Executrix:  wife, Eliza
    Witnesses:  John VanVechtem and Nehemiah S. Easland of Athens
MARY M. SCHERMERHORN  of Lexington     Will Probated Nov. 13, 1865
    Heirs:  husband, William;  brother, Elijah P. Bushnell; niece, Adelaide B. Deforrest,
    minor, and daughter of late sister Lucy Deforrest, deceased.
    Executor:  Orlando L. Newton
    Witnesses:  H. B. Briggs and J.H. Rearabeck
JARED MATTHEWS  of Windham            Will Probated December 11, 1865
    Heirs:  wife, Haldah;  son, Lewis, also referred to as Levi;  Charles Van Leavon.
    Executor:  son, Lewis
    Witnesses:  Samuel P. Ives and S. W. Stimpson
ALVAH BAILEY  of Jewett                       Will Probated December 25, 1865
    Heirs:  wife, Chloe;  son, William S.;  daughters, Eunice Dicherman and Volucia Orshorn;
    Putnam Dicherman, Ramain Orshorn and Howard Bailey
    Executors:  Samuel Orshorn and Joel Dicherman
    Witnesses:  H. A. Towner and Margaret Towner
CHARLOTTE DUNBAR  of Prattsville            Will Probated December 19, 1865
    Heirs:  Hannah H. Galdding, daughter of Crawford Estabrooks, deceased of Bristol
    Executor:  Cornelius K. Benham, Physician
    Witnesses:  William G. Marsh and Peter P. Frayer
THEADORE CHAMBERS                          Will Probated December 11, 1865
    Heir:  mother, Ann of Catskill
    Executor:  None listed on copy
    Witnesses:  None listed on copy
ALMEDA KELLOGG  of Catskill                 Will Probated December 14, 1865
    Heirs:  grand daughter, Josepha J., daughter of Charles E. and Delia Wilson
    Executor:  To be appointed by the Surrogate
    Witnesses:  Luke Kiersted and Wilson Page
JOHN B. COFFIN  of Athens                    Will Probated January 31, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Mary E.; son, William Henry; sisters, Susan Cornelia, wife of Samuel
    Hamilton Nichols, Mary Eliza, wife of John Beardsley.
    Executors:  wife, Caleb Coffin and Samuel Hamilton Nichols.
    Witnesses:  Henry Stranahan, Jr., of Athens and Darius Peck of Hudson
WILLIAM MORRISON of Catskill             Will Probated February 15, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Phebe; three daughters, Sally Jane, wife of Israel Olmsted; Eunice Emeline,
    wife of John Stuart and Phebe Mariah; William J. Morrison and daughter, Caroline, wife
    of Frederick W. Lawrence.
    Executors:  wife, and Israel Olmsted, son-in-law.
    Witnesses:  Isaac J. Dubois, Joseph N. Row and William Dodd
SYLVESTER JOHNSON  of Halcott        Will Probated February 20, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Polly; oldest son, Alvin; other sons, Martin, Samuel, Wilbur, Carodon, Oscar
    and William;  daughters, Mary Ann, Lavinia and Sarah Mariah.
    Executrix:  wife, Polly
    Witnesses:  Alvin Johnson and Nathaniel F. Ellis
MARTIN DEDERICK of Ashland                 Will Probated January 8, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Polly Ann; two children, Magdalena and Bruce
    Executors:  wife and Cornelius Brandow
    Witnesses:  Hiram B. Clark and John S. Ives
HARRIET Y. HARDWICK  of Catskill         Will Probated February 12, 1866
    Heir:  husband, John
    Executor:  husband John
    Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and Nettie Hardwick
CASPER I. HALLENBECK of Athens         Will Probated February 12, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Gertrude;  sons, John I., Aaron, Isaac C.;  Jehoakim and John H., sons of
    deceased daughter, Mary Hallenbeck;  Marcus E. Hallenbeck; daughter, Rebecca; grand
    daughters, Rebecca I and Ana Christina Hallenbeck; Children of son, Aaron.
    Executors:  sons, Isaac C. and John I.
    Witnesses:  John B. Bronk of Coxsackie and Isaac P. Spoor of Athens
JONATHAN COE  of Athens                           Will Probated  May 28, 1866
                  Clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal Church
    Heirs:  wife, Susan W.;  sons, William Watson, Reginald and James
    Herbert;  daughter, Anna Caroline;  Brother, Rev. James Roger Coe; Dr. John H. Wheeler
    Executor:  Samuel H. Nichols
    Witnesses:  Nathan Clark and E. N. VanLoan of Athens
WILLIAM S. McGIFFORD  of Athens              Will Probated June 25, 1866
    Heirs:  father;  William S., son of John S. McGifford; Joseph L. McGifford; Robert S.
    McGifford; mother Jane Stewart McGifford; sister, Matilda McGifford
    Executors:  brother, Sterrit McGifford and sister Matilda McGifford
    Witnesses:  James Jewell, M.D., and Thomas Day
ELIZABETH H. THORNE  of Catskill              Will Probated June 1, 1866
    Heirs:  daughter, Cornelia Hutchinson;  sons, Edwin Augustus Bulkley; three
    grandchildren, children of Mary E. Palmer, Frank Bilkley, Mary E. Bulkley and Charlotte
    Dayton Bulkley; Elizabeth S., daughter of Edward Jackson.
    Executor:  Rufus H. King
    Witnesses:  R. H. King and James A. Deane
DAVID W. PALMER OF Catskill                 Will Probated June 14, 1866
    Heirs:  wife Jane;  youngest child Mary Metta; sons, David Wells Palmer, Theodore,
    Rodman W., Bradley L. B. Palmer and Sherwood.
    Executor:  Andrew J. Eckler of Catskill
    Witnesses:  R. H. King and James A. Deane
OLFORD LOCKWOOD of Cairo                      Will Probated June 25, 1866
    Heirs:  daughters, Martha C. Lindsey, Mary Ann Barton, Harriet N. Keeler, Matilda J.
    Lemly, Catharine O. Wood, Elizabeth E. Plumb and Emily J. Smith;  sons, Charles E. and
    Eli M.; grandsons, Solon D. and Charles A. Lockwood
    Executors:  Augusta Hill and Charles E. Lockwood
    Witnesses:  Henry Steele and Edward C. Stevens
ORLOFF M. HUMPHREY  of Durham                Will Probated April 27, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Mary;  sister, Cornildo C.
    Executor:  Ira D. Humphrey
    Witnesses:  H. C. Soop and John Hull
WILLIAM FULLAGER  of Athens                      Will Probated May 22, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Rachel;  seven children, Marsey, wife of John Roun; Charlotte, wife of
    Dewight Meed; Elizabeth, wife of Frederick T. Morgan; Rachel, wife of Stephen H.
    Clement; Emily, wife of John Puffer; Robert N. and Salina.
    Executors:  William G. Wolcott and Frederick Salisbury
    Witnesses:  William G. Wolcott  and B. Crandall
WILLIAM A. DEDERICK  of Catskill                  Will Probated April 30, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Ellen;  son, David A.  (other children mentioned but not named)
    Executors:  brother, Robert H. and William H. Trumbour of Saugerties, Ulster County.
    Witnesses:  Danforth K. Olney and Augustus Sherman
HENRY D. OVERBAGH  of Catskill                  Will Probated May 7, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth;  father, Peter J.; mother, Gertrude; children, Gertrude, Cyrus,
    Rebecca, George and Peter S.
    Executor:  brother, James P. Overbagh
    Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and Rufus H. King
JOHN BONESTEEL  of Catskill                       Will Probated June 18, 1866
    Heir:  wife, Deborah
    Executrix:  wife, Deborah
    Witnesses:  Geroh Ferry and Alanson Lathrop
RICHARD HALLENBECK  of Coxsackie           Will Probated July 2, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Louisa M.;  daughter, Adda J.
    Executor:  father-in-law, William Armstrong
    Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and Henry Wolf
SCHUYLER FORD  of Jewett                         Will Probated March 26, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Sarah Ann;  brother, Moses
    Executor:  none listed on copy
    Witnesses:  S. S. Ford and F. H. Holcomb
ELIZABETH GREEN  of Catskill                     Will Probated May 21, 1866
    Heirs:  children, Elizabeth B. and Jeannette B., J. Robert, Lewis C., William S. and George
    Executors:  daughter, Elizabeth B. and son J. Robert
    Witnesses:  Danforth K. Olney and Rufus H. King
SUSAN L. TRYON  of Greenville                  Will Probated April 16, 1866
    Heirs:  Thankful Smith;  Azuba, wife of Austin Williams of Westfield, Hampton County,
    MA;  George B. Treadwell; Robert, son of Eliza Donks; Hannah, daughter of Aaron
    Strong;  Isaac, son of John Ludington; John C. Palmer;  James Stevens; Sarah Hopkins;
    David P., son of Isaac Ludington; Huldah Warner, daughter of Nathan Stevens; Orrin C.
    Stevens Sr.
    Executors:  James and Orrin C. Stevens
    Witnesses:  Hamilton J. McCabe and Henry T. Jones
HEZEKIAH AUSTIN  of New Baltimore             Will Probated April 4, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Malinda;  sons, John, Elisha and Linus;  daughters, Betsey, wife of Isaac
    Travis; Harriet, wife of Wortley Travis; Caroline, wife of  Stephen Nelson;  grandchildren,
    Emeline and Lumas, children of Elicom Austin, deceased.
    Executors:  sons, John and Elisha Austin
    Witnesses:  William Cochran of Coxsackie and Isaias Hallock of New Baltimore.
JOHN P. FREESE  of Durham                     Will Probated March 19, 1866
    Heirs:  brothers, Simeon, Andrew P., Peter and Daniel;  sisters, Catharine, Caroline,
    Deborah, Lavona and Sally Rebecca.
    Executor:  brother, Rev. Andrew P. Freese
    Witnesses:  Lyman Rerkerson of Durham, Edwin W. Webster and Byron Webster of
CATHARINE PALMATIER  of Cairo            Will Probated May 7, 1866
    Heirs:  husband, John;  sister, Angelica VanHoesen.
    Executors:  husband and sister
    Witnesses:  Frederick and Harriet E. Salisbury
ELIZABETH EGLESTON  of Cairo             Will Probated April 30, 1866
       (Daughter of John Mysick Derst of Washington, Dutchess Co, NY)
    Heirs:  husband, Setth M. Egleston
    Executor:  same
    Witnesses:  William Pierson and N. O. Lent
ANDREW HIDECKER  of Windham           Will Probated July 16, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Lydia;  sons, Lewis, Cornelius, Reuben and Chiles; daughters, Prudy and
    Clarissa, wife of Edwin Shoefelt
    Executor:  none listed on copy
    Witnesses:  Samuel P. Ives and Thomas Sutton
CATHARINE VEDDER  of Catskill            Will Probated May 8, 1866
    Heirs:  children, Eliza Plank, David, John, Catharine Whitney, Maria Burget, Peter D. and
    Isaac; grandchildren, Alfred L. and Edwin A., sons of Abraham Vedder, deceased.
    Executor:  son, Peter D. Vedder
    Witnesses:  Danforth K. Olney and James B. Olney
JOHN H. YORK  of Lexington                 Will Probated July 30, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Eliza J.;  four children, Adelia Olivia, Darrow N., Ann Ora, and John H. Jr.
    Executor:  Jacob L. Schutt
    Witnesses:  James E. Nearing and Rufus H. King
EDER BARNUM  of Lexington              Will Probated August 6, 1866
    Heirs:  Henry H. Cole and half-sister, Chloe Blackman; Anna Clark, Rachel Dunning,
    Ephraim D. Barnum, Rebecca Barnum and Mary Judd, children of deceased brother. (his
    wife referred to as deceased)
    Executor:  Ephraim D. Barnum
    Witnesses:  James W. Kennedy, Isaac T. VanValkenburgh

DANIEL H. TRIPPETT  of Catskill               Will Probated August 20, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Margaret;  five grandchildren, Edgar, Henry, William and Julia, children of
    daughter, Elizabeth Trippett, deceased wife of Thomas Gordon, grandchild Charles, son
    of deceased daughter Julia, wife of Alfred Jenkins; Alfred, son of Alfred Jenkins of New
    York City.
    Executors:  wife, Margaret and Charles Jenkins of New York City
    Witnesses:  James Powers and John Day of Catskill
ELIJAH K. PURDY  of Cairo                    Will Probated August 27, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Jane A.;  five children, George H., Georgiana, Charles W., Sarah J. and John
    P. Purdy
    Executrix:  wife, Jane A.
    Witnesses:  Luke Roe and Edgar O. Warner
WATSON WILCOX  of Catskill                Will Probated September 10, 1866
    Heirs:  Sheldon A. Givens, Charles C. Givens, Philomelia S. Meyer, and Joseph Babcock;
    father, Eliale Wilcox
    Executors:  Brother-in-laws, Sheldon A. and Charles O. Givens
    Witnesses:  none listed on copy
JOHN VANDERSEE  of New Baltimore       Will Probated October 31, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Mary;  sons, Peter, Anthony, John, William and Thomas Cate; daughter,
    Sarah VanAllen
    Executors:  son, Peter and John G. Richmond
    Witnesses:  John G. and William W. Raymond
ANSON P. WRIGHT of Durham                Will Probated September 24, 1866
          (son of Elizabeth Wright of Durham)
    Heirs:  wife, Abby;  sons, Anson B., Calvin, Willard, Elias, Bradford H; (son Willard also
    referred to as George Willard)  daughters, Mary Ann, wife of William Hone and Ellen,
    wife of Peter Trombus
    Executors:  wife, Abby and son Anson B.
    Witnesses:  Daniel and John Jones
ABRAHAM B. MILLER  of Greenville         Will Probated October 8, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Frances P.;  sons, William Henry, Charles Adelbert, Alvin Eugene
    Executrix:  wife, Frances P.
    Witnesses:  Thomas J. Streeter and Nathaniel F. Ellis
GEORGE WILBER  of Greenville             Will Probated November 12, 1866
    Heir:  wife, Mary E.
    Executor:  Asher Martin
    Witnesses:  Luman Ramsdell and William Merton of Norton Hill, NY
NANCY COLE  of Cairo                        Will Probated October 29, 1866
    Heirs:  sons, Harvey E. S. and James;  Peleg C. Mattoon; Nancy  Catharine Foster, Phebe
    Maria Welch, Arthur Wellington Terbush, children of deceased daughter Louise
    Terbush; daughters, Betsey Ann Person, Sarah Ann VanDerhoof and Catharine Hoose; 
    son, Russell; grandson, Clarence Finch
    Executors:  Rufus H. King of Catskill
    Witnesses:  Peleg C. Mattoon, Horatio L. Day of Cairo
JOHN R. LEINZEY  of Catskill             Will Probated November 7, 1866
    Heirs:  sons, Peter, John B., George W.;  John B;s son, John R. Leinzey; son of George W.
    Lasher, John R. Lasher;  daughters, Charlotte, Sarah, wife of Ferdinand Lock and Esther
    Executors:  sons, George W., John B. and Peter
    Witnesses:  William Morrison, Israel Olmsted and Martin L. Lawrence
JOHN ROUSE  of Athens                           Will Probated October 9, 1866
    Heirs:  sons, Barent, Cornelius, Jr. and Peter;  daughters, Elsie, Eyche and Mary; Elsie
    Spoor, sister of deceased wife.
    Executors:  brother, Cornelius and Rufus H. King
    Witnesses:  Edgar B. Day and Frederick Hill
JOHN A. VanVALKENBAUGH  of Lexington    Will Probated November 19, 1866
    Heirs:  wife, Dolly;  daughters, Catharine Dunlap and Cynthia;  son Abram
    Executors:  son Abraham and daughter Cynthia
    Witnesses:  O. B. and J. M. VanValkenbaugh
ICHABOD COOK  of Ashland                   Will Probated January 8, 1867
                     (His wife was Elizabeth Brandow-AC)
    Heirs:  Wife;  daughters, Anna, Clarissa, Theridda, Polly, Elizabeth and Margaret;  sons,
    Thomas and Ichabod; Rue Magene of Mayville.
    Executors:  wife and son Thomas
    Witnesses:  J. Olney and H. R. Potter of Windham
LINAS SCOVILL  of Windham                 Will Probated February 18, 1867
    Heirs:  wife, Phelie;  son, Sylvester;  daughters, Phelie and Lucinda O., wife of Lewis
    Finch; grandchild Julia, daughter of Ira Thompson.
    Executors:  wife and William Avery
    Witnesses:  Samuel P. Ives and Joel Osborn
JOHN AIRRAH  of Cairo                           Will Probated February 25, 1867
    Heirs:  wife, Harriet
    Executrix:  wife, Harriet
    Witnesses:  Edward C. Stevens and Henry Steele
JANE A. SPENCE  of Athens                    Will Probated March 25, 1867
    Heirs:  Husband;  Andrew K.;  son, Sherman;  daughters, Mary Catharine, wife of Peter
    Hallenbeck; Emma G., wife of John Bonley; Georgianna, wife of Charles Secor and
    Hannah Eliza Olive Spencer.
    Executors:  daughter, Catharine;  son-in-law, John Bonley and Thomas Kennedy
    Witnesses:  Horrace R. Peck of Hudson and Malinda Murphy of  Coonsville, Schoharie
ELIZABETH P. TAYLOR  of Cairo                     Will Probated May 13, 1867
    Heirs:  mother, Maria E.;  sisters, Charlotte K. Taylor, Caroline A. Taylor and Nancy
    Maria Taylor
    Executors:  Mother and sisters mentioned above
    Witnesses:  Charles Howell and James G. Wooster
ROBERT NELSON  of New Baltimore              Will Probated April 1, 1867
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine B.;  three children, Jacob, Elizabeth C. and Hannah Flansburgh.
    Executors:  Abraham Bedell of Athens and Conrad Powell of New Baltimore
    Witnesses:  Henry A. Whitbeck and Henry T. Houghtaling
JAMES GOODWIN  of Catskill                      Will Probated April 22, 1867
    Heirs:  daughter, Mary E.;  sons, Calvin and Justus C.; grand daughter, Sarah Y. Goodwin
    Executors:  sons, Calvin and Justus C.
    Witnesses:  Talmadge W. Lawrence and Lewis C. Ward of Palenville
JOHN GOODSEL  of Jewett                        Will Probated April 8, 1867
    Heirs:  sons, Amos, Emory and Egbert;  daughters, Sarah C., Amelia A., wife of J. J.
    Cameron;  Amanda L., wife of Harrison Egbertson; Lois J., wife of William Douglass; Anna
    P., wife of Daniel Douglas and Sarah C.
    Executor:  son-in-law  Harrison Egbertson
    Witnesses:  I. B. Steele and L. B. Carnell of Windham
MOSES SAX  of Catskill                          Will Probated May 27, 1867
    Heirs:  adopted daughter Louisa, daughter of Eliza Squares;  Lorina Moke
    Executor:  Peter VanBramer of Catskill
    Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and Capius A. Mattoon
SYLVESTER HITCHCOCK  of Ashland        Will Probated April 8, 1867
    Heirs:  wife, Lorinda
    Executrix:  wife, Lorinda
    Witnesses:  John Olney and H. R. Potter
CATHARINE HALLENBECK  of Catskill      Will Probated July 18, 1867
    Heirs:  sister--Sally, widow of the late William VanLoan, deceased;  sister-in-law, Sarah A.
    Dubois, widow of the late brother, Samuel Dubois, deceased.
    Executor:  John Breasted
    Witnesses:  Danforth K. Olney and George R. Olney
PHILIP TEATS  of Greenville                    Will Probated July 15, 1867
    Heirs:  wife, Maria:  Dr. Gideon Botsford;  daughter, Caroline A. Teats; niece, Mary,
    daughter of Stephen Maybe; Henry, son of my nephew Alonzo Teats and Jared T. Reynolds
    Executor:  Gideon Botsford
    Witnesses:  Bodman Dodge and Jacob E. Story of Freehold
ELIAS FANCHER  of Windham             Will Probated June 4, 1867
    Heirs:  wife, Huldah;  sons, Lucius, James B., David C.; daughters, Mary A., wife of William
    Richmyer and Lavina, wife of David Barlow.
    Executors:  wife and son Lucius, and Smith E. Reynolds
    Witnesses:  Richard P. Gorsline and Samuel P. Ives
JAMES H. ELLS  of Catskill                Will Probated May 13, 1867
    Heir:  wife, Mary B.
    Executrix:  wife, Mary B.
    Witnesses:  Sheldon A. Givens and William H. Crosby
OLIVER POWELL  of New Baltimore               Will Probated May 13, 1867
    Heirs:  wife, Deborrah;  daughters, Mary Elizabeth, Samantha Washburn, Armenta
    Washburn, Jane Stilton, Deborrah Ann Smith and grandchildren, Mary Jane Dabell and Mary
    Elizabeth Powell
    Executors:  wife and son-in-law, Isaac Smith
    Witnesses:  William Cochran of Coxsackie and Lewis Powell of New Baltimore
JAMES HAMILTON  of Coxsackie                 Will Probated April 8, 1867
    Heir:  wife, Alice
    Executors:  wife and brother-in-law, John VanLoan
    Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and Albert VanLoan
WILLIAM TRAVIS  of Palenville                 Will Probated September 16, 1867
    Heirs:  daughters, Sarah, Catharine, Julia Ann and Susan
    Executors:  Benjamin Peck and Charles H. Teal
    Witnesses:  Benjamin Peck and J. W. Peck of Catskill
CATHARINE REA of Coxsackie              Will Probated December 9, 1867
                     (widow of William Rea of Coxsackie)
    Heirs:  daughters, Lavinia and Helena; sons, John, William and Peter
    Executor:  Andrew T. VanSlyke of Coxsackie
    Witnesses:  J. C. VanDyck and P.H. Sylvester
ALATHEA KING  of Greenville               Will Probated December 6, 1867
                      (wife of Perkins King of Greenville)
    Heirs:  three daughters, Eliza, wife of Joseph Rudd; Julia, wife of David Barker and
    Catharine, wife of William H. Smith
    Executor:  son-in-law, Joseph Rudd
    Witnesses:  none listed on copy
ISAAC TITUS  of New Baltimore              Will Probated December 28, 1867
    Heirs:  wife, Matilda;  nephew, Titus Yeomans; niece, Phebe Ann Cochran; Catharine
    Lobdell, daughter of sister Mary
    Executors:  wife and Abram Travis of Greenville
    Witnesses:  Rufus W. and Elizabeth Watson of Catskill
CATHARINE E. PROVOST  of Greenville      Will Probated December 28, 1867
    Heirs:  sisters, Mary Ann and Georgianna Prevost
    Executors:  sisters, above
    Witnesses:  Rufus W. Watson of Greenville and Emily C. Barlow of Catskill
MARIA VANDENBURGH  of Coxsackie     Will Probated December 28, 1867
    Heirs:  brother, Richard;  Harriet, wife of nephew Clark Mosier; Emma, daughter of niece,
    Sarah Lavinia Mosier; nephew, Clark Mosier and niece, Sarah Lavinia Mosier
    Executors:  Walter S. Stoutenburgh and William Farmer
    Witnesses:  Jocob C. VanDyck and Anthony Conine

JOHN EIGHMEY  of Durham                          Will Probated February 3, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Patience:  sons, John and Wildey; also son George;  other children, Sally Peck,
    Polly Morris, Fanny Merritt, Patience Brown, Julia Ann Burhans, Amelia Rogers and Hannah
    Executor:  Peleg C. Mattoon of Catskill
    Witnesses:  Augustus Mygatt and Philip Leath
BARNARD O'CONNOR  of Coxsackie             Will Probated January 11, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Eliza Jane;  children, Jane Mariah, John W. V., Mary Adlade.
    Executors:  wife and daughter Jane Mariah
    Witnesses:  William Cochran and David M. Hamilton
LINDSLEY BEACH  of Catskill                      Will Probated February 24, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Sarah P.;  George H. Penfield, James C.Beach, Samuel Henry Beach, Robert J.
    Beach, Frances C. Beach, Mary Beach Penfield, Sarah Pierce Beach, Eliza Beach, widow of
    Ephraim Beach, deceased.
    Executors:  wife and George H. Penfield
    Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and William H. VanOrden
JAMES POWERS  of Catskill                       Will Probated February 24, 1868
    Heirs:  daughters, Emily and Caroline
    Executors:  daughters, Emily and Caroline and son-in-law Nelson Beardsley, attorney at law
    of Auburn, County of Cayuga
    Witnesses:  Danforth K. Olney and Jacob S. Phillip
CAROLINE A. BALDWIN  of Cairo            Will Probated 16 March, 1868
                   (widow of Josiah W. Baldwin)
    Heirs:  husband, Josiah W. Baldwin
    Executor:  husband
    Witnesses:  John Adams and Jacob R. Greene of Catskill
JONATHAN J. MILLER  of Coxsackie          Will Probated April 20, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine
    Executrix:  wife, Catharine
    Witnesses:  C. F., N. S., and F. C. Bouton
HENRY CUNNINGHAM  of Durham             Will Probated April 20, 1868
    Heirs:  wife;  sons, William, John, Robert, George, Joseph W., Henry and Jeremiah;
    daughters, Isabel, Sarah Ann, Elizabeth and Sally Jane.
    Executors:  sons, John and Robert
    Witnesses:  Augustus R. Macomber and Liberty P. More
WILLIAM R. FINCH  of Coxsackie               Will Probated May 16, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Rebecca;  brothers, Silvanus and Benjamin N. Finch;
    sisters, Jane Ann Webber, Elizabeth Losee and Catharine, wife of Henry A. Whitbeck.
    Executors:  brother-in-law, Henry A. Whitbeck of New Baltimore; brother  Silvanus Finch of
    Coxsackie and friend, Jacob C. VanDyck of Coxsackie.
    Witnesses:  Peter O. Williams and Edgar S. Shufelt of Coxsackie
LEWIS HICKOK  of Greenville                     Will Probated May 11, 1868
    Heirs:  nephews, Addison S. and Lewis Hickok; brother, Philo Hickok; niece, Mary Jane
    Executors:  Addison S. Hickok and James Stevens
    Witnesses:  John G. Hartt and Ezra Sherrill
REYNOLDS EDGET  of Greenville             Will Probated May 25, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Hannah;  son, Reynolds Henry;  daughters, Ann Augusta, Lucy Ann, wife of
    Peter Simpkins; Almira, widow of George Spring, deceased; Margaret, wife of Samuel Lewis
    Simpkins;  daughter-in-law Barbara Ann, wife of Reynolds Henry.
    Executrix:  wife, Hannah
    Witnesses:  Gideon Botsford, Henry T. Botsford and Rodman Dodge.
ISAAC FITCHETT  of Coxsackie                 Will Probated May 30, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine;  sons, John and Peter J.; daughters, Marietta and Jane, wife of George
    Executors:  brother, Peter Fitchett, friend, Jacob G. VanDyck and Thomas Burroughs
    Witnesses:  Isaac Mygatt and W. G. Hoyt
AMY BEEKMAN  of Coxsackie                 Will Probated May 30, 1868
    Heirs:  sisters, Charlotte; Catharine B. Sager; cousin, Charlotte Houghtaling; Jane, Mary,
    Catharine Ann and Agnes, daughters of deceased cousin John Bronk; nephew, Beekman
    MacGregor; cousin, Martin L. Beekman; Conrad TenEyck Beekman, son of cousin Henry L.
    Beekman; Mary and Ella Beekman, daughters of cousin Henry L. Beekman
    Executors:  nephew, Beekman MacGregor and sister, Catharine B. Sager
    Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and William G. Hay
DAVID G. ABEEL  of Catskill                    Will Probated June 17, 1868
    Heirs:  sons, Garret and John J.;  daughters, Elvia C. and Christina C.; Amelia Emeline
    Romeyn, Elvin C. Abeel, Ellen Persons, Mary Frances Winne and Charles C. Abeel
    Executors:  son-in-law, Jeremiah Romeyn, Charles C. Abeel and Rufus H. King
    Witnesses:  Danforth K. Olney and Joseph Hallock
HEZEKIAH PERSON  of Catskill              Will Probated July 6, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Margaret;  sons, James B., John and David
    Executors:  sons, as above
    Witnesses:  Sheldon A. and Charles C. Givens.
COLLINS B. JOHNSON  of Durham          Will Probated June 20, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Charlotte;  son, Sherwood R. and daughter, Elizabeth A.
    Executors:  wife and son
    Witnesses:  Edward, Solomon W. and Harriet M. Johnson
RACHEL M. GOLDSMITH                       Will Probated July 27, 1868
    Heirs:  sisters, Maria Fisher, Emeline VanZant;  sisters-in-law, M. A. Smith, Susan M. Davis
    and Adaline Davis;  step-father, William L. Davis; nieces, Emma C. Fisher, Mary Dumont
    and Catalena Davis; cousin, Mrs. Mary A. Smith and her daughters, Miss Henrietta Smith.
    Mrs. Lydia Long, Louisa, and Adelade.
ANNA PAYNE  of Windham                             Will Probated March 25, 1868
    Heirs:  son, Edwin
    Executor:  son, Edwin
    Witnesses:  John and D. K. Olney
JOSEPH W. ROWE  of Catskill                       Will Probated March 30, 1868
    Heirs:  four sons, Sherwood D., Charles, Jeremiah O., and Joseph; daughters, Margaret, wife 
    of David G. Sapaugh and Catharine, wife of Benjamin Day.
    Executors:  Sherwood D. and Benjamin Day.
    Witnesses:  Roswell M. Lawrence and Timothy Crapser
ALLEN TURNER  of Coxsackie                      Will Probated March 30, 1868
    Heir:  wife, Mary
    Executrix:  wife, Mary
    Witnesses:  Jasper Powell and Lewis Brownell
JESSE MILLER  of New Baltimore                Will Probated March 18, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Ann;  daughters, Elizabeth H., Abigail K., wife of Benjamin C. Lisk;  Lydia, wife
    of Henry P. Miller; son, Martin S.;  Mrs. Abigail K. Griffin;  grandchild Jessie, daughter of
    Benjamin C. Lisk; grand children Valentine and James K., children of Henry P. Miller
    Executors:  wife and son, Martin S. Miller and sons-in-law, Henry P. Miller and Benjamin C.
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. VanDyck of Coxsackie and Elisha D. Miller of New Baltimore
LUMAN SHERRILL  of Greenville                    Will Probated April 4, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Emeline and son Almet
    Executrix:  wife, Emeline
    Witnesses:  Lewis and Ezra Sherrill
ISAAC PELHAM  of Windham                    Will Probated September 14, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Sarah;  sons, William, Samuel, Joseph, John and Stephen; grandson, Isaac Rider,
    son of daughter Mary, deceased;  daughters; Rachel Davis and Betsey Claver
    Executor:  Isham Newcomb
    Witnesses:  George W. Pierce and James Pierce
THOMAS BROCKETT  of Jewett                 Will Probated September 16, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Sally Maria; two sons, Emel and Addison; four daughters, Sarah, Elenore, Maria
    and Irene
    Executor:  Benjamin F. Barkley
    Witnesses:  H. A. Towner and Lucius Pond
JEMIMA HOTCHKISS  of Windham             Will Probated September 21, 1868
    Heirs:  three daughters, Elizabeth Wetsell, Clarissa E. Edwards and Helen  Delamater
    Executors: Henry Bagley and Abel H. Townsend
    Witnesses:  D.D.T. Panghorn and Francis C. Pennie of Durham
FOSTER HARTWELL  of New Baltimore      Will Probated September 21, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Augusta M.;  daughters, Sarah D., Maria D., and Frances A.; sons, George C. and
    Charles E.
    Executrix:  wife, Augusta M.
    Witnesses:  Willie D. Fuller and Emma S. Fuller
THOMAS MULLINS  of Coxsackie              Will Probated September 29, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine;  daughters, Mary and Bridget;  sons, Daniel and James
    Executor:  none listed on copy
    Witnesses:  Luke McCormick and John McCarty
JACOB C. BARRINGER  of Catskill          Will Probated September 21, 1868
    Heirs:  wife Lana;  children, Frederick, Conrad, Eliza, wife of Ira Smith and Gertrude, wife of
    Isaac F. Bullis; grandchildren, Gertrude B. and Sarah H. Wallace
    Executors:  son, Frederick and William H. VanOrden
    Witnesses:  Jeremiah and William Overbaugh
AHIRA WOLCOTT  of Ashland                  Will Probated October 6, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Anna;  brothers and sisters, Solomon, Lyman, Naomi, wife of Orrin Osborn;
    Clarissa, wife of Cyrus Scoville; Thankful, wife of Jonathan Johnson and Dolly.
    Executors:  wife and nephew, Solomon Scoville
    Witnesses:  Samuel P. Ives of Windham and Henry Cook of Ashland
        (wife was Anna BRANDOW-AC)
LYMAN SMITH  of Greenville                   Will Probated October 8, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Jane Anna;  children, John, Ursula, Lorenzo and Almira Barlow.
    Executors:  wife, and John Sarles
    Witnesses:  H. J. McCabe of Greenville and Ezra Moore of Durham
WILLIAM THOMAS  of Athens                 Will Probated October 14, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Sally Ann;  (mentions first wife as dead)  nephews and nieces, Mary Ann,
    Henry, Solomon, Moses and Lucy, children of deceased brother Ezekiel;  Children of brother
    James Thomas, all but Polly, wife of Peter Earl; brothers, Robert, Thomas and Moses
    Executors:  wife and brothers, Robert and Moses
    Witnesses:  Rufus H. King and Danforth K. Olney
JOHN TRUMPBOUR  of Catskill             Will Probated November 9, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Gittyl Gitty Maria, daughter of Benjamin Sax of Catskill; Nicholas Burgett,
    Emeline Burgett, his wife;  son of Adam Burgett, deceased of Catskill
    Executors:  wife and Nicholas Burgett
    Witnesses:  Caleb Day and James Powers
WILLIAM L. TOMPKINS  of Ashland       Will Probated November 17, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Maria;  daughters, Eliza E. Clark, Margaret M. Tompkins and Lydia Jane;  son,
    Executors:  wife, Calvin and brother, James Tompkins
    Witnesses:  Albert Tuttle and James Christian
MARY E. TRAVIS  of New Baltimore         Will Probated November 21, 1868
    Heirs:  husband, Joseph;  daughters, Hannah Jane and Eilena;  sons, John and Palmer
    Executor:  William H. Wheeler
    Witnesses:  Peter and Martha Wolfe
PHILIP COLLIER  of Coxsackie               Will Probated November 24, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Christina; unmarried daughters, Jane Christina, Margaret Hellen and Harriet F.;
    sons, Casper P. and Isaac N.;  grandson Phillip VanAllen, son  of daughter Catharine
    Executors:  sons, Casper P. and Isaac N.
    Witnesses:  John B. Longley and Charles H. Lown
THOMAS J. CLUM  of Catskill               Will Probated December 7, 1868
    Heirs:  sons, Peter Henry, Thomas Newton and Franklin;  daughters, Julia, Mary Elizabeth
    Morris, Catharine Jane Lasher and Sarah Adaline Clum.
    Executors:  wife and John Post
    Witnesses:  Edgar Russell and John Post
DANIEL BAGLEY of New Baltimore       Will Probated December 9, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Martha;  sons, George J. and Alexander
    Executors:  wife and William H. Wheeler
    Witnesses:  Benjamin Bagley and Caleb Sarles
SALLY TUTHILL  of Greenville               Will Probated December 28, 1868
    Heirs:  son, Asa K.;  grand children, Asa T., Henry D. and Mary S., children of daughter
    Salvina, deceased wife of George C. Clark
    Executor:  son, Asa K. Tuthill
    Witnesses:  William R. and Jeanette Tanner of Medusa, Albany County, NY
FRANCIS SAYRE  of Catskill              Will Probated December 26, 1868
    Heirs:  daughter, Jane Gelston Sayre and Jane G. Sayre;  son, James Maltby Sayre; 
    granddaughter, Mary Agnes Pinckney
    Executors:  daughter, Jane G. and son James M.
    Witnesses: S. A. Givens and Charles S. Willard
MILES HOTCHKISS  of Durham           Will Probated December 21, 1868
    Heirs:  wife, Jemima.
    Executrix:  wife, Jemima
    Witnesses:  Harry Bagley and Allen VanTassel

DENNIS MERWIN of Jewett         Will Probated January 6, 1869
    Heirs: brothers, Leveritt and Thomas S. J. Merwin; nephews, Erwin D. and Seth T. Merwin;
    Catharine C. Boyle; nieces, Sarah Ann Miles and Mary Amanda Hall; Watson B. Hall.
    Executor: Nathaniel L. Ormsbee
    Witnesses: Nathaniel Ormsbee of Ashland and Watson B. Hall of Jewett

SAMUEL HAIGHT of Greenville     Will Probated January 11, 1869
    Heirs: daughters, Esther and Fannie; brother, not mentioned by name.
    Executors: daughters mentioned above
    Witnesses: Truman Simpkins and Jacob H. Bogardus

MALINDA AUSTIN of New Baltimore         Will Probated January 12, 1869
    Heirs: sons, John, Elisha and Lucius; grand daughter Emeline, daughter of son, Eliakum;
    grandson, Lucius, son of son Eliakum.
    Executors: sons, John, Elisha and Lucius
    Witnesses: William Cochrane of Coxsackie and Isreal Palmer of New Baltimore.

AMY TIFFANY of Athens         Will Probated January 19, 1869
    Heirs: husband, James L.; youngest son, Thomas.
    Executor: William Newkirk of Catskill
    Witnesses: Lloyd Howard of Leeds and Abraham Rouse of Athens

JONATHAN FELT         Will Probated January 18, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Catharine; Edward H. Felt
    Executor: Albert Beers
    Witnesses: Z. (adock-AC) P. Northrup and Isaac C. Tiffany

ANNA WOODWARD of Durham         Will Probated February 6, 1869
    Heirs: husband, John.
    Executor: husband, John
    Witnesses: David and Electa Francis and Louisa Sharp

ELIAS REYNOLDS of New Baltimore         Will Probated February 6, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Jane Ann; children, George A and Anna E. and Eugene    
    Executors: wife and Henry Slingerland
    Witnesses: J. R. Baldwin and Dan Shepley

LUCIUS HITCHCOCK of Windham         Will Probated February 25, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Elnora; daughter, Harriet, wife of George Townsend; Dwight B. and William H.
    Hitchcock; son, Platt O.
    Executors: wife and Nelson Hitchcock
    Witnesses: Samuel P. Ives and Cisena C. Peck

WILLIAM McQUEEN of Catskill         Will Probated February 22, 1869
    Heirs: sister, Nancy Shufelt
    Executor: Henry B. Hill
    Witnesses: Charles L. and Charles A. Beach and Jacob S. Phillip

CATHARINE L. CUNDEL of Catskill         Will Probated March 1, 1869
    Heirs: sons, Theodore, Helan D., Eli Henry and George Fletcher
    Executor: Rufus H. King
    Witnesses: William H. and P. VanOrden

ROGER DEMPSEY of Ashland         Will Probated April 5, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Mary; daughter, Sarah Brannigan of Buffalo; grand daughter, Agnes; sister
    Executors: Arthur Kearney and James Brannigan
    Witnesses: Abner Berry and Philip Brannigan

ANN TIMSBURY of Cairo         Will Probated April 19, 1869
    Heirs: sisters, Mary Staples and Elizabeth Tucker; sister-in-law, Mary Ann Fricker; nieces,
    Ann Paradise and Ann Goff; also Samuel Paradise, all children of brother James Fricker,
    deceased. (mentions John and Joseph Fricker as deceased.)
    Executor: Calvin E. Beardman
    Witnesses: Augustus Hill and John S. Betts

ANN POST of Catskill         Will Probated May 24, 1869
    Heirs: children, John, Sarah Jane, Mary Overbaugh, Jacob, William, Abram; three heirs of
    Peter Z. deceased--Charles, Willis and James
    Executor: Edgar Russell
    Witnesses: David H. and Edward P. Schoonmaker

ROMA R. IVES of Windham         Will Probated June 9, 1869
    Heirs: William Henry Miller of New York City
    Executor: Charles Steadman
    Witnesses: John and Lydia A. Olney

HANNAH ROBINSON of New York City (a widow)         Will Probated June 28, 1869
    Heirs: daughters, Elizabeth P. and Sarah, wife of George Hartshorne; Mary P., wife of
    Charles Wingate and Hannah Louisa, wife of James L. Lyman
    Executors: Meadows T. Nicholson and grandson, George W. Wingate, all of New York City
    Witnesses: F. James Fitch, E. Lineburgh and Sarah E. Peck (SEE NEXT for same family

SARAH R. HARTSHORNE of Catskill     Will Probated July 6, 1869
    Heirs: daughters, Sophia P. and Elizabeth B.; sons, Hugh and George R.; sister Elizabeth P.
    Hugh H. Benne of Rahway, NJ, guardian of daughters.
    Executor: brother-in-law, James L. Lyman of Catskill
    Witnesses: Oliver Bourke and Sarah E. Peck of Catskill and George W. Wingate, 210 E. 30th
    St. NY City, NY

CONRAD WHITMORE of Coxsackie         Will Probated July 12, 1869
    Heirs: wife; daughters, Mary Elizabeth Daniels and Sarah Ann Cornwall; grandchildren,
    John Henry and Cornwall, sons of John S. Whitmore
    Executors: Jehoikim Collier and William Cochran
    Witnesses: Same as above

BENJAMIN HOWARD of Coxsackie         Will Probated June 7, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Tana
    Executor: wife Tana
    Witnesses: John N. Cornwell and Clinton Delamatter

MARIA FINKLE of Athens             Will Probated July 19, 1869
    Heirs: sisters, Julia A. Burger and Nancy Finkle
    Executors: brother, George Finkle and Nancy Finkle
    Witnesses: William R. Smith and H. T. VanLoan

JOHN LEWIS of Windham         Will Probated August 11, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Teressa S.
    Executrix: wife, Teressa S.
    Witnesses: Cicero C. Peck of Windham and Ira Thompson of Ashland

FELIX ANDOYE of Coxsackie         Will Probated August 25, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Jane
    Executors: John B. Taets of Westerlo
    Witnesses: John B. Taets and Warren Willsey

LEVI PECK of Jewett             Will Probated August 30, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Mary; children, Adaline A., Lucinda C., Ella J., Cicero C., and Edgar L.; grand
    daughter, Catharine A., daughter of Alfred Edwards
    Executor: son, Cicero C.
    Witnesses: George W. Miles and Milton Goslee

NATHAN BURROUGHS of Coxsackie         Will Probated August 31, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Mariett and daughter Ellen
    Executrix: wife, Mariett
    Witnesses: H. W. Brown and Charles E. Spoor

ELISHA MEAD of Greenville         Will Probated August 31, 1869
    Heirs: daughters, Lucy Garrison, Rebecca Snyder and Elizabeth Mead; grandson, Alvuron
    Executor: William Hanver of County of Schoharie
    Witnesses: Rodman Dodge and C. R. Lacy of Freehold

ABRAHAM LAMPMAN of New Baltimore         Will Probated September 6, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Mary and son George
    Executors: wife and Matthew Youmans
   Witnesses: Jacob Wilson and Allen Garrett

LEMUEL C. STIMPSON of Windham     Will Probated September 6, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Cornelia; Elizabeth King and Julia, wife of Schuyler Ives.
    Executor: Rufus H. King
    Witnesses: John Olney and West C. Baldwin

HENRY WILLIAMS of Coxsackie         Will Probated September 27, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Mary; brother David; Ann, wife of Jacob Lisk; Betsey, wife of William Carman;
    Mary, wife of John M. Coonley, and Mary, daughter of Andrew J. Williams; nephews,
    Henry D. Williams, Henry W. Callanan; son, James Callanan; sister, Lydia Wheeler; Lydia
    Jane, wife of William J. Powell; Mary Whitbeck, daughter of William Carman; Mary,
    daughter of John M. Coonley; Rachel C. Powell, wife of Stan Powell; James Henry, son of
    Jeremiah Williams and Henry, son of Matthew Williams; Thomas H., son of David Williams;
    Henry, Warner and Damen, the three sons, and Mary, the daughter of Andrew J. Williams;
    brothers, David and Jeremiah Williams; nephews and niece, Selah H., Thomas M., Jonathan
    T., John and Henry, children of brother Matthew Williams; Peter and Ann Burke, children of
    brother Samuel Williams. 
    Executors: brother, David; Jacob Lisk and William Cochran
    Witnesses: Jacob C. VanDyck and William Cochran

PETER SIMMONS of Catskill     Will Probated October 1, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Sarah C.; daughter, Gertrude VanVechten Simmons
    Executors: wife, Sarah C. and William H. VanOrden
    Witnesses: Sheldon A. Givens and A. C. Griswold

RICHARD ECKLER of Catskill     Will Probated October 7, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Nelly; children, Harmon P., Martin, Lorense, Almeta Peck and Rachel F. Adsit,
    and Hezekiah H.
    Executors: wife, Nelly and son Martin
    Witnesses: John A. Overbaugh and Joseph Hallock

SAMUEL PATCH of Hunter         Will Probated November 8, 1869
    Heirs: daughters, Anna; Clarissa, wife of William Redmond, Rebecca, wife of Elisha Pelham;
    Sarah, wife of John P. Hornell; Sally, wife of Ira VanValkenburgh and Lucy Patch.
    Executor: Robert Elliott
    Witnesses: Danforth K. and James B. Olney of Catskill

JOSHUA SWEET of New Baltimore         Will Probated November 15, 1869
    Heirs: daughters, Juliett, wife of John Powell and Charity Romela, wife of Platt Wheat; sons,
    Franklin and Newton.
    Executors: the sons mentioned above
    Witnesses: Ephraim T. VanSlyke and James A. Wiltsie

LEAH RANSOM of Durham         Will Probated November 15, 1869
    Heirs: sons, Jonah and Abijah; daughters, Catharine McCoy, Sally Richmond, Elizabeth
    Richmond, Leah Snyder, Charlottte Tuell and Rhoda.
    Executor: Samuel Tuell, son-in-law
    Witnesses: William Pierce and Samuel Rusk

JOHN T. VANDENBURGH of Lexington         Will Probated November 16, 1869
    Heirs: daughter, Elizzabeth; grand daughters, Martha Hatch and Mary Smith
    Executrix: daughter, Elizabeth
    Witnesses: P. K. Salisbury and O. B. Vandenburgh

GRACE SHAW of Greenville         Will Probated November 9, 1869
    Heirs: sister, Mary Matilda, wife of Levi A. Seaman; Ellen Kate, daughter of Levi A. Seaman;
    Sarah Jane, daughter of Joseph W. Slater; Mrs. Serrepta, wife of Jeremiah Lockwood;
    Elizabeth, wife of Joseph W. Slater, Grace Jane, daughter of David W. Stuart.
    Executor: Levi A. Seaman
    Witnesses: Absalom and William M. Seaman

ELIZABETH DELAMATER of Cairo         Will Probated December 3, 1869
    Heirs: Mrs. Ann M. Slingerland of New Scotland, Albany County; Sarah Jane, daughter
    of Wilber Earl of Cairo; William Earl, son of Wilber Earl; Sarah, wife of William H. Huested;
    Ann R., daughter of Albert Slingerland; Eliza, wife of Morris Earl; brother, Joseph
    Burroughs; nephew, Joseph, son of Joseph Burroughs.
    Executor: Frederick Salisbury
    Witnesses: Rufus H. King and George R. Olney

ANGELINE WEEKS of Cairo         Will Probated December 8, 1869
    Heirs: mother, Mary
    Executor: brother, Andrew J.
    Witnesses: Danforth K. Olney of Catskill and James J. Knicherbocker of Cairo

EGBERT STOVER of New Baltimore         Will Probated December 20, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Elizabeth D.; daughter, Mary Elizabeth; sons, John W. and Peter
    Executors: Luman Powell and sons, John W. and Peter
    Witnesses: Caleb and Addison Bedell

SAMUEL W. ATWATER of Jewett             Will Probated December 20, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Margette; children, Frederick, Lucina, Elmer, Platt, Alfred and one unborn.
    Executor: Alfred Rice
    Witnesses: Lucius North and James A. Rice

STEPHEN W. ATWATER of Lexington         Will Probated December 20, 1869
    Heirs: wife, Mary; children, Samuel W., Aurelia and Obie
    Executors: son, Samuel W. and Ambrose Baldwin
    Witnesses: F. B. Hinman and Robert Faulkner

PETER RUGER of Catskill Will Probated January 24, 1870
    Heirs: wife, Elisa Maria; nephew John H. Ruger
Executrix: wife, Elisa Maria
    Witnesses: John A. and Lewis Overbaugh

JOHN OLNEY of Catskill Will Probated February 8, 1870
Heirs: wife, Lydia A.; children mentioned but not named
Executrix: wife Lydia A
Witnesses: Danforth K. and George R. Olney

JOHN BERRIEN FISH of Catskill Will Probated February 9, 1870
Heirs: wife Nancy and children
    Executors: sons, Thomas F. Fish of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Berrien Fish of Windham
Witnesses: John A. Greene and William Oliver

SARAH CLARK of Windham Will Probated February 14, 1870
Heirs: stepson, Ira, son of Jared Clark; son, Stiles; children of Mary Wyckoff.
Executors: Washington H. Monroe and Samuel P. Ives
Witnesses: Walter B. Chase and Samuel P. Ives

JEROME B. GIFFORD of Windham Will Probated February 14, 1870
Heirs: wife Mary; three children, Herbert H, Lulu and Lucy
Executor: Samuel P. Ives
Witnesses: E.R. Bardin of Newburgh and J. T. Story of Windham

ANNA SCHENCK Will Probated February 16, 1870
(wife of William Edgar Schenck of NY City and Catskill)
Heirs: sister, Mrs. Mary Shepard and her two children, Joseph and Mary Anna; two brothers,
    John and Samuel Harford. (maiden name of the deceased-Anna Lord)
Executor: Joseph Armand Vaisin of NY City
Witnesses: Alfred Plunkett, 49 Fifth Street and Joseph P. Johnson, 159 Twelfth Street

PHINEAS CHIDESTER of Catskill Will Probated February 28, 1870
Heirs: wife, Mary; sons, Lyman, William P. and Samuel; daughters, Maria, wife of John H.
Overbagh; Jane, wife of Joshua Carman; Sarah, wife of Miles Wilber; Harriet, wife of John
S. Overbagh; Almira, wife of Morgan L. Keller
Executors: Samuel and Luke K. VanVechten
Witnesses: David W. Duncan and John VanVechten

BALTIS MOAK of Cairo Will Probated March 3, 1870
Heirs: Margaret Ann; sons, Levi S and Peter H.
Executor: brother-in-law, Frederick M. Jones
Witnesses: David S. Eckler and Samuel Y. Horton

LEWIS PALMER of Prattsville Will Probated March 3, 1870
Heirs: wife, Mary E.; father Stephen D.
Executor: Edwin M. Bouton
Witnesses: Charles Gregory and Smith P. Tompkins of Stamford, Dutchess Co.

POLLY AVERY of Cairo Will Probated March 14, 1870
Heirs: daughter, Julia Ann Keith; grandson, John Palen
Executrix: daughter, Julia Ann Keith
Witnesses: Augustus Hill and Jason Stevens

AMOS STORY of Cairo Will Probated March 19, 1870
Heirs: wife, Mary; youngest son, Amos N,; other sons, Henry and Jonathan; daughters,
Elizabeth Sax, Catharine Halsted, Polly Crapser
Executors: Three sons, Amos N., Henry and Jonathan
Witnesses: Alan Lathrop and George Duncan

SARAH BUTLER of Coxsackie Will Probated March 21, 1870
Heirs: daughter, Harriet Powell; grand daughters, Della and Anna Wooster; grandson,
    Hiram B. Butler.
Executrix: daughter, Harriet Powell
Witnesses: Mary T. Houghtaling and Ruth B. Powell

ELIAS POST of Durham Will Probated March 21, 1870
Heirs: wife, Sally; daughter, Caroline Wilson; son, William H.
Executor: son, William H.
Witnesses: Alanson C. Cowles and Erastus C. Ingraham

CATHARINE B. COWLES of Durham Will Probated March 21, 1870
Heirs: sons, A. C. and Cornelius; daughter, Ellen; step-daughters, Sophronia Dunbar,
Nancy Patterson, Irene A. Hull and Eliza Hull, Emith, (Irene and Elizabeth); John A. and
Eliza Hull; grandson, William B. Cowles; grandchild, Ellen, daughter of deceased daughter
Executor: son, A. C. Cowles
Witnesses: William H. Post and William P. Snyder

JANE A. PURDY of Cairo Will Probated April 6, 1870
Heirs: daughters, Georgianna and Sarah Jane; sons, Parker J., George H., Charles W.
Executor: Luke Roe
Witnesses: Augustus Hill and James B. Edgerly

CURTIS PROUT of Ashland Will Probated April 13, 1870
Heirs: sons, George W., Darius B. and Henry H; daughters, Phebe Barlow and Mary
Executor: son, Darius B.
Witnesses: Samuel P. Ives and Cicero C. Peck of Windham

THOMAS STRAUGHAN of Jewett Will Probated April 15, 1870
Heirs: wife, Delia; sons, Samuel T., John P. and Hobert; daughter, Hannah Jane
Executrix: wife, Delia
Witnesses: Eliakim Peck and Schuyler B. Gee

LEMUEL BALDWIN of Durham Will Probated April 10, 1870
Heirs: wife, Semantha; sons, Lewis and William; daughter, Mary A. Ramsdell of
Yonkers, NY
Executors: Joseph of Rhinebeck, NY and William
Witnesses: David B. Hull and Martin L. Newcomb

ORANGE BARBER of Ashland Will Probated April 25, 1870
    Heirs: wife, Lucina
Executrix: wife, Lucina
Witnesses: William Brandow and Levi Ferris

DAVID VERMILYEA of Cairo Will Probated April 27, 1870
Heirs: wife, Susannah; brother, Abel
Executor: Jonathan Palmer of Coxsackie
Witnesses: Aaron Whitbeck of Coxsackie and Rulandus Smith of Greenville

FREDERICK MARTIN of Catskill Will Probated April 30, 1870
Heirs: daughters, Rachel, wife of Henry M. Vedder; Nelly Overbagh; Eliza Ann, wife of
Andrew Rosa; Temperance, wife of Zachariah Dederick and Sally Ann, wife of Isaac
Snyder; sons, Frederick V., Jacob, John Henry, Peter and William
Executors: sons, John Henry and Peter
Witnesses: Peleg C. Martin and J. Cooke

ANDREW FANCHER of Greenville Will Probated May 2, 1870
Heirs: sons, George, Andrew, Jr., Jeremiah and William; daughters, Jane and Mary
Executor: grandson, Andrew C. Fancher
Witnesses: James Stevens and John W. Whitford

RUSSELL WEBSTER of Cairo Will Probated May 2, 1870
   Heirs: wife, Harriet Beach; daughters, Prooula Carpenter, Caroline Hervey and Amanda
Cutter; sons, Jarvis H., James L. and Erastus; grandson, James R. Patterson; grand
daughter, Mary Patterson.
Executors: Erastus and James L. Webster
Witnesses: Ira and Hiram A. Merrison

FANNY ROSE of Durham Will Probated May 11, 1870
Heirs: daughter, Pamelia
Executrix: daughter, Pamelia
Witnesses: Stephen, Julia and Mary K. Renne

PATRICK CULLEN of Hunter Will Probated May 23, 1870
Heirs: wife, Mary; sons, Philip, James and John; daughters, Bridget, Margaret, Amy and Julia
Executor: none listed on copy
Witnesses: Edward Farrel and John Ryan

OSCAR B. FIELD of Durham Will Probated May 23, 1870
Heirs: wife, Elizabeth; sons, Cyrus W. and Oscar B.; sisters, Antoinette Chittender and Sarah 
    A., wife of Platt Smith; children of deceased sister Eliza, wife of Peter Miller.
Executors: brother-in-law Horace B. Kirtland of Durham and William Finch of Windham
Witnesses: P. A. Smith and A. C. Cowles

BETSEY ANN SHERMAN of Cairo Will Probated June 6, 1870
Heirs: daughters, Helen Story and Ada Sherman; grand daughters, Elizabeth Ann,
daughter of Johnathan and Helen Story; Betsey Anmn, daughter of Howard Sherman and
Executors: daughters, Helen Story and Ada Sherman
Witnesses: George H. Noble and Amos N. Story

SEBA OSBORN of Durham Will Probated June 15, 1870
Heirs: sons, Miles G. and Orrin
Executors: Harry Bagley and son Orrin
Witnesses: Stephen Whitbeck of Rensselaerville, Albany County and William Morehouse of

DELIVERANCE B. HERVEY of Durham Will Probated June 15, 1870
Heirs: wife, Lucy; sons, William N., George W., Edwin A., Horatio T., Henry C. and
Hiland H.; daughters Lucy Ann, Louisa A., Lavinia E. and Angeline A.; grandchildren,
    Helen S. Vedder, Charlotte C. Vedder, Sherwood H. Vedder and Emma L.
    daughter, Patience L. Vedder.
Executors: wife and son, William H.
Witnesses: Seth Paddock and Jacob Frese

JOHN KERR of Durham Will Probated June 15, 1870
Heirs: wife, Philena; daughters, Sophia L. Searing, Margaret R. Smith and Ann Jane.
Executors: Robert Kerr, Reuben Moss and Newell Day
Witnesses: Robert Kerr and Isreal Schermerhorn

FOWLER NEWTON of Windham Will Probated July 18, 1870
Heirs: heirs of brother John and heirs of sister Harriet Woodworth
Executors: Lemuel H. Munson and Palmer Joslin
Witnesses: Samuel P. Ives and John M. Joslin

ZERRA FERRY of Cairo Will Probated July 18, 1870
Heir: wife, Margaret
Executrix: wife, Margaret
Witnesses: Nelson Smith and William G. Wolcott

WILLIAM GOSLEE of Jewett Will Probated July 18, 1870
Heirs: wife, Clarissa; son, Milton; daughters, Caroline, Rhoda and Sarah; grandson, Morton
    Bailey and William H. Goslee; grand daughters, Adelle and Ann Goslee;
daughter Cynthia
Executor: son, Milton
Witnesses: George W. Miles and George H. Chase

J. T. LANGDON of Durham Will Probated July 25, 1870
Heirs: wife, Lillian D.; brother, Solomon, now of Montross, Susquehanna Co, PA
Executrix: wife, Lillian D.
Witnesses: John H. Reed and Mrs. A. E. Post

ABRAM T. VanVALKENBURGH of Lexington Will Probated July 25, 1870
Heirs: daughters, Adaline Rogers and Catharine; son, William M.
Executor: son, William M.
Witnesses: William W. Pettit and William P. Kirk of Lexington

JOHN G. BEDELL of Coxsackie Will Probated August 8, 1870
Heirs: nephew, Edwin B. Hunt; nieces, Mary Eliza and Isabella, daughters of deceased
sister Eliza More; sisters, Hannah Hoag, Sarah L. Gates, Ruth Ann Seward, Huldah H.
Doran and Matilda S. Andrews; children of brother Thomas, -- John, Jeremiah and
Samuel P., Emily Jane Winston, Ann Dodge and Emeline Thorne.
Executors: brother-in-law Jason W. Seward of Rochester and Jacob C. VanDyck of Coxsackie.
Witnesses: Norman L. Bouton and Arthur E. Powell

BARTHOLOMEW J. O'BRIEN, REV. of Catskill Will Probated July 25, 1870
Heirs: mother, Sarah O'Brien of Wallingford, CT; brothers, Patrick, John; sisters, Nancy Ann
    and Mrs. Catharine, wife of Patrick Gallagher; Rev. Bartholomew B.
Grattan of Catskill; Peter
    Grattan of Trenton, Bridget Grattan of Catskill, May and Bartholomew Gannon of Newark
    NJ; Patrick H. Grattan.
Executors: Peter Grattan of Trenton, NJ and Patrick Grattan of West Troy, Albany County.
Witnesses: R. W. Watson and John Sully

HIRAM WHEELER of Lexington Will Probated August 31, 1870
Heirs: wife, Sally; children, George, Marilla Clawson, Marion VanValkenburgh, Esther Riley
    and Lucy Wheeler
Executors: wife Sally and Horace Briggs
Witnesses: Cicero C. Peck of Windham and F. M. Frazer of Prattsville, NY

CALVIN E. BOARDMAN of Cairo Will Probated September 16, 1870
Heirs: wife, Deidamia
Executrix: wife Deidamia
Witnesses: Joseph Hallock and Leonard B. Cornell of Catskill

GILBERT LANE of Catskill Will Probated September 19, 1870
Heirs: wife, Maria; sons-in-law, Peter Linsey, Peter Overbagh, and Timothy Crapser;
grand children, Charles L. and Louise Overbagh, children of daughter Roxsena J.,
deceased; daughter, Ann Janette, wife of Peter Linsey; grand children, Joseph B.
and Logania, children of son, Joseph J. Lane; grand children, William E., Gilbert and
Mary E. Lane, children of son, Major A. Lane, deceased; Louisa J., wife of Timothy
    Crapser; daughter, Elizabeth; grand children, Charles L. and Louisa Overbagh, children
of deceased Roxena; grand children, Joseph B. and Logania Lane, children of deceased
    Joseph J. Lane.
Executors: sons-in-law, Peter Linsey, Peter Overbagh and Timothy Crapser
Witnesses: George Lynes, J.A. and A. C. Griswold

ELIZABETH MOORE of Coxsackie Will Probated September 21, 1870
Heirs: Cato Miller and wife; children of Cato Miller, Mary Adelaide, Eliza Isabella, Hannah
    Marvin, Lucretia Lee, Emma Jane, Andrew P., James Morris, Theodore Edward,
Sarah Ann
    and Cora.
Executor: Cato Miller
Witnesses: E. M. Hastings and James M. Hiseerd

JOHN SCHERMERHORM of Cairo Will Probated October 3, 1870
Heirs: daughters, Gertrude Ann and Margaret Adelia; sons, Simon, Jeremiah,
Peter, Frederick, John H., William and Jacob.
Executor: Frederick M. Jones
Witnesses: Christian Schoonmaker and William Yebelon of Cairo

HORACE G. TEED of New Baltimore Will Probated October 10, 1870
Heir: wife, Melvina
Executrix: wife, Melvina
Witnesses: Cornelius Vanderyee and Isaac Lawson of Coeymans Hollow, Albany, NY

JOHN GRINDROD of Catskill Will Probated October 29, 1870
Heirs: wife, Mary; sons, James and John; Lewis Anderson and John Beattie of Troy
    Executors: Lewis Anderson and John Beattie
Witnesses: Conrad Beby and Hiram D. Ingersoll

SHADRACK R. POTTER of Durham Will Probated October 31, 1870
Heirs: William Henry Ponsonby; Jane Ritemyer, adopted daughter, Mary Ann Roberts and
William Henry Ponsonby.
Executors: adopted daughter and Mary Ann Roberts
Witnesses: William H. Russ and Wellman Paddock of Oak Hill, NY

NORMAN TICKNOR of Jewett Will Probated November 7, 1870
Heirs: wife, Abi; sister, Sophia B. Ball; M.M. Buck, widow of Rev. J. J. Buck; children of John
    T. and Amanda Parker
Executor: David Pond
Witnesses: George W. Miles and David Rand

WILLIAM STEVENS of Coxsackie Will Probated November 10, 1870
Heirs: sons, William J., George C., Nicholas P.; daughters, Maria V., Hannah Augusta, Mary
    E. Hallenbeck, Maria V. Watts and Jane A. Harris; grandchild, William
Arthur Watts
    Executor: daughter, Maria V. Watts
Witnesses: Jacob C. VanDyck and Isaac Brown

NELSON VanVALKENBURGH of Lexington Will Probated November 30, 1870
Heirs: wife, Harriet; sons, Ezra, Arthur, John R., Elijah, Gurdon, Addison and Elmore.
Executors: wife and Ezra VanValkenburgh
Witnesses: S. L. Ford and Uriah Deyoe of Lexington    

CASPER VanLOAN of Athens Will Probated December 31, 1870
Heirs: brother, William H. VanLoan; John Sanderson; son, Isaac Clinton; children
of deceased son Lewis T. and his widow Emma, --Lewis and John C.; children of
deceased son, Edward N. and his widow Mary,---Frederick E., Elizabeth, Edwin Franklin G.
    and Mary Louise
Executors: brothers, William H. VanLoan and John Sanderson
Witnesses: Henry VanLoan and Epenetus Titus

WILLIAM PALMER of Coxsackie Will Probated December 31, 1870
    Heirs: children, Elvira, wife of Albert Dean, Frederick S., Andrew, Charles A., Sally
    wife of James E. Stone and Elias W.; grand daughter, Winne, daughter of
deceased son,
Executors: son Frederick S. and John G. Raymond
Witnesses: William W. Raymond and Mark Ladoux

GEORGE HENDERSON of Hunter Will Probated December 5, 1870
Heirs: wife, Jane.
Executor: none named on copy
Witnesses: Owen Glennon and James Brown

JACOB CONINE of Prattsville Will Probated November 21, 1870
Heirs: wife, Polly; daughter Keziah of unsound mind; Calvin Conine, guardian of
daughter Keziah.; children, Calvin, Lorenzo, Jervis B., Henry, Derrick, Celia, wife
of Alexander Patrie; Mariette, wife of Charles W. Bouton; Betsey Ann, wife of
Abel Townsend; Rosalia, wife of Sheridan Cammer and grandson Lorenzo Conine
Executors: wife and Calvin Conine
Witnesses: P.K. Salisbury and G. C. Fenn

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