Wills 1851-1860

Wills of Greene County
Abstracts from 1851-1860

Abstract of Wills from 1802 to 1900, being copied from the records in the office of the Surrogate at Catskill, NY by RAY C. SAWYER,
Volume 1 copied in 1933 

Transcribed by Annette Campbell

CHRISTOPHER MUSIN  of Catskill   Will Probated January 7, 1851

    Heirs:  Wife, Eve;  daughters, Elizabeth, wife of John Falk; Sarah, wife
    of John Eigner; Mariah, wife of James Rightmyer;  Christina M., wife of
    Henry Teetsell; Nelly, wife of Benoni Mack; Elizabeth;  son, Jacob
    Executors:  Jacob Bear of Lexington, John Plank and Jacob P. Musin of
    Witnesses:  I. VanOrden and John VanVechten and R. Dorlon
HIRAM HATCH  of Hunter             Will Probated February 4, 1851
    Heirs:  Wife, Lucy M.; Herman Hatch, son of nephew Orlando; brother,
    Reuben;  brother, William S.
    Executors:  Horatio S. Lockwood of Hunter and Rufus H. King of
    Witnesses:  Justice F. Fordham and John M. Tremain
JUSTUS WHEELER  of Athens       Will Probated March 4, 1851
    Heirs:  Daughters, Jane P., Patience, wife of Samuel S. Waring;
    daughter, Sarah L., wife of Ira C. Baldwin; sons, John H., Joseph G. and
    Henry R.
    Executors:  son, John H. and daughter, Jane P. Wheeler.
    Witnesses:  Henry VanLoan and Reuben Coffin
ALEXANDER VEDDER  of Catskill   Will Probated March 4, 1851
    Heirs:  Wife, Jame Mahittable; adopted son, Harmon Anthrop whom I
    call Charles Alexander Vedder;  daughter, Mariah; Ophelia, wife of
    William Overbagh; brother, John M.
    Executors:  wife Jane; Capt. Cornelius Rouse and John Platt Rouse.
    Witnesses:  H. Dewey, Catskill; Cornelius Rouse and John P. Rouse of
LANY WOLVEN  of Catskill            Will Probated March 4, 1851
    Heirs:  Son-in-law, William Dederick;  Getty Underhill, widow of John
    Underhill; daughter, Catharine; grandson, Jonathan Dederick Shall;
    Margaret, wife of Jacob Magen.
    Executors:  John Adams and Rufus H. King of Catskill
    Witnesses:  Joseph H. Wellington of Catskill and Sarah Whitney of
AMBROSE WRIGHT  of Durham   Will Probated March 10, 1851
    Heirs:  wife, Esther;  daughters, Elizabeth Roggin; Phila More; Mary
    Jane Benete; Caroline Clark; son, John Ely Wright; grandson, Martin
    VanBuren Wright; grandchildren, Helen, Ann, Janetta and James
    Henry, children of deceased son, James Wright.
    Executors: wife, Esther and Joseph B. Turenton and Lyman Tremain.
    Witnesses:  None listed on copy
JOHN M. LAMONT  of Lexington       Will Probated April 7, 1851
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine; son Theodore.
    Executors:  Daniel Lamont and Jane Thompson
    Witnesses:  John Thompson and John Vandenburgh
TREMAIN SANFORD  of Greenville   Will Probated May 5, 1851
    Heirs:  wife, Jemima;  sons, Mitchell, Lyman, Sherman, deceased,
    George, Freeman L.;  daughters, Alathea Barnes, Sally Blair and Mary
    Executors:  son, Lyman, Erastus Hamilton and son-in-law, Erastus H.
    Witnesses:  James Stevens and Orrin C. Stevens.
LUCY DAY of Cleveland              Will Probated May 25, 1851
    Heirs:  children, John, Caleb, Henrietta Aikin, William, Ira Ransom
    Day;  Emeline Bingham and grandchildren, Charles Aikin, James C.
    Aikin and Helen D. Aikin.
    Executors:  son, Caleb Day and son-in-law, Flavel W. Bingham.
    Witnesses:  Frederick Hill and S. Sherwood Day.
WILLIAM SHUNEMAN of Catskill    Will Probated May 28, 1851
    Heirs:  Elisa Souser, daughter of John Souser, deceased; Eliza Demyer,
    daughter of Nicholas Demyer; Anna Maria Souser, sister of my
    deceased wife, Elizabeth;  John Demyer; Benjamin Demyer, son of John
    Demyer; Catharine D. Kenyon, now wife of Rutger L. Darke of Troy
    and the daughter of John Kenyon of Jefferson Ave., she having been
    brought up and adopted by my deceased wife;  daughter, Rachel;
    daughter, Elsie, wife of John Kenyon; grand daughter, Catharine D.
    Kenyon, wife of Rutger L. Drake (notice spelling above-AC); Samuel I.
    VanVechten; Sarah VanVechten, now wife of Nicholas Elmendorf and
    Peter VanVechten, Jr., children of deceased daughter Nelly, former
    wife of John VanVechten;  William S. Kenyon of Kingston, John
    VanVechten Kenyon and Mary Kenyon, children of deceased daughter
    Catharine, former wife of Thomas Kenyon;  son, John W. Shuneman.
    Executors:  James Powers, Lake Kiersted of Catskill and Walter S.
    Kenyon of Kingston.
    Witnesses:  Caleb Day and S. Sherwood Day.
SAMUEL HAMILTON of Athens     Will Probated May 23, 1851
    Heirs:  wife, Wealthy.
    Executors:  daughter Attenah and son-in-law, Sylvester Nichols
    Witnesses:  James G. Foster and William Tolley
STEVENS JONES  of Durham         Will Probated July 2, 1851
    Heirs:  sons, Asahel, Lyman and Alvin; daughter, Cornelia
    Executors:  son, Alvin and Elsworth Strong
    Witnesses:  A. Marks and I.W. Mattice
SAMUIEL T. POWELL of Stantonville, town of New Baltimore
                                             Will Probated October 27, 1851
    Heirs:  wife, Ellen;  son, Benjamin L.;  daughters, Eleanor L., wife of
    Nathan Burroughs; Martha, wife of Henry Dickinson;  Mary, wife of E.
    Sheldon Houghtaling; grandsons, Samuel T. Powell and Samuel T.
    Powell (copied twice on copy-AC), grand daughters, Ellen
    Houghtaling, Ellen Dickinson and Martha Powell
    Executors:  Benjamin L. Bessas and Benjamin L. Powell and Nathan
    Witnesses:  Ruth D. Powell, Martha Jane Cryne and Sappo
DAVID PORTER of Catskill     Will Probated November 17, 1851
    Heirs:  wife, Sarah
    Executors:  son-in-law  Henry Hill of Boston and Caleb (no last name
    on copy)
    Witnesses:  Ruth Collins and John VanVleck
GIDEON HICKOK, SR.  of Greenville   Will Probated Nov. 24, 1851
    Heirs:  wife, Anna; sons, Philo and Lewis; daughter, Eliza, wife of
    Robert Chapman; grandchildren, children of daughter Eliza, Mary,
    Eliza, Ann, Agusta and Frederick Lyman.
    Executors:  son, Lewis and wife, Anna
    Witnesses:  Russel Wakeley and Almira T. Wakeley.

AMBROSE BAKER of Coxsackie    Will Probated January 8, 1852
    Heirs:  Children, Edwin, Mary, Harvey and Anna;  Emma Eliza, wife of
    James Stannard.
    Executors:  Son, Edwin Baker and Henry Green
    Witnesses:  P.H. Silvester and Joseph Hoyt
MARIA EMMERY of Catskill       Will Probated February 9, 1852
    Heirs:  Sister, Mrs. Taylor; son Jesse Bostwick
    Executor:  William Fowks
    Witnesses:  John VanVechten and Elizabeth Tyler
MOSES CARMAN  of New Baltimore   Will Probated Feb. 16, 1852
    Heirs:  Wife, Emily;  sister Deborah Bedell, wife of Gildersleeve
    Bedell; brothers, Aaron Carman, William Vincent Carman and
    Executors:  Jacob Slack, Jonathan Sarles and Joseph Thorn.
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. VanDyke of Coxsackie and Luther Davis of New
NAOMI BRADBURY  of Athens   Will Probated March 17, 1852
    Heirs:  Sister, Martha Bradbury.
    Executrix:  Sister, Martha Bradbury
    Witnesses:  Samuel Greene and Mary Saxton
LUCY M. HATCH of Hunter       Will Probated March 25, 1852
    Heirs:  Sister, Julia Ann Chittenden;  Hiram, son of Orlando Hatch.
    Executor:  Brother-in-law R. Palmer Post of Hunter
    Witnesses:  Sally Osborn and Horatio _. Lockwood
        [Middle initial looks like C or G.-AC]
EBENEZER BOOTH  of Durham   Will Probated April 4, 1852
    Heirs:  Brothers, Daniel B, John and Justus; Daniel Gee, Mathew G.
    Boughton and Andrew Newill;  sister, Lydia Hall; Margaritt Gilbert,
    daughter of Josiah Gilbert; Ebenezer B., son of Josiah Gilbert.
    Executors:  Daniel B. Booth and Dennis Baldwin
    Witnesses:  B. Bagley and Alfred Hand
TIMOTHY DONOVAN  of Coxsackie    Will Probated May 17, 1852
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine Murrey;  son, Patrick.
    Executor:  son, Patrick
    Witnesses:  Dohn Daly and Asron Hallenbeck
STEPHEN PARSONS of New Baltimore   Will Probated Jun. 7, 1852
    Heirs:  wife, Hannah; daughter, Hannah Houghtaling;  son, Melvin; 
    grandson, Mr. Davis Parsons.
    Executors:  Heney B. Hall and son, Melvin
    Witnesses:  Jasper B. Hall and Stephen Parsons
ELIZABETH McKINNEY of New Baltimore Will Probated Aug. 2, 1852
    Heirs:  Husband, Henry L.; mentions brother Stephen Ayrault.
    Executor:  none listed on copy
    Witnesses:  Dan Shepley and Moris Garey
OLIVER T. FULLER  of Jewett   Will Probated September 13, 1852
    Heirs:  wife, Lydia
    Executrix:  wife, Lydia
    Witnesses:  F.H. Holcomb of Windham and Lemuel Woodworth of
ADONIJAH BLACKMAN of Durham   Will Probated Sept. 30, 1852
    Heirs:  wife, Molly; daughter, Rebeckah Winston; grand daughter,
    Mariette and Augusta Cobdill (first letter of surname illegible on copy,
    could be G--AC)
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses:  Stephen Renne and Harriet Renne
JOHN BENNETT  of Athens    Will Probated September 23, 1852
    Heirs:  son, Hobart;  wife, Phebe; grandsons, James Byrne, John
    Bennett and Edward Bennett.
    Executors:  None listed on copy
    Witnesses:  R. G. Sow and N. Bennett
ISAAC PORT of Coxsackie    Will Probated September 20, 1852
    Heirs:  children of James Dubois; grandchildren, Isaac, Andrew and
    David Houghtaling.
    Executors:  Anthony VanBergen and Jacob C. VanDyck
    Witnesses:  Talmadge Fairchild and Jacob C. VanDyck
ANNA FRANCIS of Durham   Will Probated October 25, 1852
    Heirs:  children, Electa, Russel, David, Lyman, Sally, Maria, Anna,
    Samuel and John.
    Executor:  Thomas Bagley
    Witnesses:  Stephen Renne and Henry Rockefeller
JOHN BOYD of Greenville   Will Probated November 8, 1852
    Heirs:  daughter, Polly; other children, but not named
    Executors:  Alexander H. and George (no surnames on copy)
    Witnesses:  Shoubel L. Newman and Charles R. Talmadge
CALEB HOPKINS  of Catskill   Will Probated November 9, 1852
    Heirs:  wife; daughters, Mary, wife of William H. VanOrden; Louisa,
    Jane and Josephine; sons, John, Henry, Francis, James and Frederick.
    Executors:  Wife and sons, John, Henry, Francis, James and Frederick
    and son-in-law William VanOrden
    Witnesses:  John Day and Frederick Hill
NABOTH LEWIS of Ashland    Will Probated January 31, 1852
     Heirs:  wife, Mary Ann.
     Executors:  Wife, Mary Ann and William Sutton
     Witnesses:  Joshua Draper and James D.W. Lewis

ABSALOM COLWELL  of Durham   Will Probated January 31 
(this is dated 1852, but begins the listing for 1853, maybe typo)
    Heirs:  Children, Thomas, eldest son; daughters, Hannah, wife of
    Smith Palmer; Mardulia, wife of Seber Williams; Polly, wife of
    William Colwell of Putnam County; Caty, wife of Alvah Colwell of
    New York City and Roxena Ann, wife of Jacob Losee of Greenville;
    other children, Obadiah, William, Daniel-now deceased and Lydia,
    wife of William R. Mead, Absalom, now living in Wisconsin.
    Executor:  Eldest son, Thomas.
    Witnesses:  Robert and Samuel Hotchkiss and Louisa Caldwell
EGBERT BOGARDUS of Catskill   Will Probated February 28, 1853
    Heirs:  Wife;  daughter, Mrs. Martha Ann Clark; children mentioned
    but not by name.
    Executors:  Sons, Hiram and Hobart
    Witnesses:  Robert Dorlon and Peter VanVechten
SOLOMON LAMENT of Lexington   Will Probated March 4, 1853
    Heirs:  wife, Hannah;  sons, Daniel, Justin, John, Newman Franklin,
    Martin;  daughters, Sally and Nancy
    Executors:  Wife and two sons, Daniel and Justin
    Witnesses:  Henry Goslee and Philo Ford
WILHELMUS BRANDOW of Ashland   Will Probated March 7, 1853
    Heirs:  wife, Sarah;  five sons, Peter W., Joel, Cornelius, Henry,
    William and heirs of son Silas, deceased;  six daughters, Caroline, wife
    of John Fink; Hannah, wife of David Martin; Margaret, wife of Henry
    Bashford; Sally, wife of Sylvanus Ferris; Calista, wife of William W.
    Robinson; Roxanna, wife of Samuel C. Bidwell.
    Executors:  Samuel C. Bidwell and Peter W. Brandow
    Witnesses:  Nathaniel Ormsbee and Jesse Ingraham.
EBEN EARL  of Cairo                      Will Probated March 12, 1853
    Heirs:  Daughter, Caroline Augusta Baldwin
    Executor:  son-in-law, Josiah M. Baldwin
    Witnesses:  Richard B and Silas Weeks
JOHN REMSEN of Catskill              Will Probated April 25, 1853
    Heirs:  daughters, Catharine, wife of Moses Emerick and Hannah,
    widow of Michael Mower;  son, Abram.
    Executors:  son, Abram and Roswell M. Lawrence and Jonathan C.
    Witnesses:  Isaac J. Dubois, Roswell M. Lawrence of Catskill and Eli
    Beach of Cairo.
JACOB WINEGAR  of Durham       Will Probated April 25, 1853
    Heirs:  daughter, Polly, wife of Edward N. More
    Executrix:  daughter, Polly, wife of Edward N. More
    Witnesses:  Manley B. Mattice and Joel Austin
ISAAC E. SMITH  of Greenville      Will Probated April 27, 1853
    Heirs:  sons, Erastus, Ransom, Alanson, John, William, Theodore, Isaac
    and Emery;  daughters, Lucinda and Rhoda Ann.
    Executor:  son, Erastus
    Witnesses:  J.B. Waldron of Greenville and David Vermilyea of Cairo.
HENRY WHITTLESEY of Catskill    Will Probated May 3, 1853
    Heirs:  wife, Merab;  grand daughter, Julia Edgarine, daughter of
    deceased son, Henry E. Whittlesey; Jane Antoinette, wife of John
    M. Donnelly; daughter-in-law, Elizabeth T, widow of son, Philo
    Whittlesey; son-in-law, Henry Hopkins; William Andrews of Penfield,
    Ohio; William B. Leonard and Henry Leonard, children of Henry
    Leonard, deceased;  nephew, John Andrews; Aaron Andrews of Illyria,
    Ohio; niece Nancy Whittlesey of Ohio; niece, Mary, wife of William
    Andrews; son-in-law, Henry Hopkins; nephew, Henry A. Whittlesey,
    son of brother, Peter.
    Executors:  John M. Donnelly, Frederic Hill, John Soekie and Henry
    Witnesses:  John Adams and Abel Brace.
DAVID BUTLER of Lexington            Will Probated May 2, 1853
    Heirs:  wife, Hannah; sons, Calvin and Asa; daughters, Mary, wife of
    Andrus Cole and Charlotte.
    Executor:  Barnard O'Hara
    Witnesses:  Barnard O'Hara and Iretus D. Bushnell
RACHEL HOUSE  of Cairo             Will Probated March 29, 1853
    Heirs:  grandchildren, children of sons, Abraham, John and James H.;
    children of son, Abraham, Peter, Horace, Harrison, Courtland and
    Adelade; children of son John, David L., Emily, John Platt and Rachel.
    Executors:  Nephews, William Newkirk of Catskill and Nelson Smith
    of Athens.
    Witnesses:  Caroline Reynolds and Hawert Hickok
BENJAMIN HUBBARD  of Durham    Will Probated June 20, 1853
    Heirs:  wife, Sibyl; children, Abraham, Eli, Ruah Newel, Sibyl
    Chittenden, Benjamin Hubbard, Jr., Anna Kirtland; James and Hiram.
    Executors:  sons, Abraham and Benjamin
    Witnesses:  Linus H. Fellows and Silvinus Fellows
HENRY VANDENBURGH of Coxsackie  Will Probated June 27, 1853
    Heirs:  wife, Rebecca; son, Richard; daughters, Catharine, Hannah,
    Helen, Eliza, Rachel, Maria and Christina.
    Executors: Anthony M. VanBergen and William V.B. Adams
    Witnesses:  Barrent Gay, Jr., and Jacob C. VanDyck
PRISCILLA STOUTENBURG of Catskill  Will Probated July 27, 1853
    Heirs:  grand daughtetr, Margater Ann Robinson; nieces, Margaret
    Halsted, Margaret Cooper, Sarah C. Rogers, Marietta Halsted; sisters,
    Maria Brown, Julia Halsted, Margaret Halsted, Elizabeth Rogers;
    brother, Newcomb B. Cooper; sister-in-law, Catherine Cooper.
    Executor:  William H. VanOrden
    Witnesses:  Maria L. Allen and Julia Grant
PETER BREASTED  of Catskill   Will Probated July 27, 1853
    Heirs:  wife, Catherine
    Executors:  son, John of New York City and Peter VanVechten of
    Witnesses:  Robert Dorlon and William E. Pierce
JOHN DELANCY  of Athens    Will Probated August 2, 1853
    Heirs:  wife, Rachel
    Executors:  wife, Rachel and John F. Merbury
    Witnesses:  Charles S. Porter and Alonzo Gruns of Athens
WILLIAM H. DELAMATER of Cairo  Will Probated August 15, 1853
    Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth and only son, William B.
    Executrix:  wife Elizabeth
    Witnesses:  Nelson Wright and Joel Palmatier and Isaac R. Palmatier
WILLIAM BRANDOW of Athens   Will Probated August 29, 1853
    Heirs:  wife, Paulina;  grandson, Peter F; son Jacob and his wife, Olive;
    grandsons, Josiah Warner Brandow and Theodore B.; daughter Ida,
    wife of Peter Goetschius.
    Executor:  none on copy
    Witnesses:  Rufus H. King of Catskill, B.H. Haviland and Harmon
    VanWort of Athens
THOMAS C. GARDNER of Catskill   Will Probated Sept. 5, 1853
    Heirs:  wife, Willempe; son Caleb, (mentions son, Douw B.)
    Executor:  son, Caleb
    Witnesses:  Leonard Kinsley and Robert Dorlon
ERASTUS BEACH  of Catskill     Will Probated September 15, 1853
    Heirs:  wife, Jane;  son James E.
    Executrix:  wife Jane.
    Witnesses:  Lindsley Beach of Middletown, Del. Co., NY and Rufus H.
    King of Catskill
JOSEPH BUSH  of Catskill         Will Probated October 17, 1853
    Heirs:  wife, Mary and children, Sarah Louise and Mary Elizabeth.
    Executrix:  wife, Mary.
    Witnesses:  John H. Markay, Charles G. Lang and Addison O.
THOMAS B. COOKE  of Catskill    Will Probated November 14, 1853
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine
    Executrix:  wife, Catharine
    Witnesses:  John Adams and Rufus H. King.
IRETUS D. BUSHNELL  of Lexington  Will Probated Dec. 26, 1853
    Heirs:  wife, Maria and daughter, Adelaide
    Executors:  wife, Maria and brother Elijah P. and brother-in-law,
    Orlando S. Newton
    Witnesses:  John Olney of Windham and J.H. Bogardus of Kingston.

LEWIS HINE  of Cairo               Will Probated January 16, 1854

    Heirs:  wife, Jane;  son, Marquis; daughter, Ann; brother, Henry of
    Orwell, PA; Wesley M. Brundyge, Guardian of daughter, Ann.
    Executors:  Brother-in-law, George Wicks and Horatio L. Day.
    Witnesses:  A. E. Kirtland, Levi King and Orin Slater
JOHN B. HENSHAW of Coxsackie   Will Probated February 16, 1854
    Heirs:  wife, Caroline  and daughter, Ida
    Executrix:  wife, Caroline
    Witnesses:  Phillip Collyer of Coxsackie and C. P. Collyer of Hudson,
    Columbia County.
SAMUEL PECK  of Lexington   Will Probated March 10, 1854
    Heirs:  wife;  daughters, Mary Cornish and Amanda L.; daughter-
    in-law, Louisa Peck, wife of son Eliakim; son, Eliakim;  daughters,
    Delia Strawhan, Sermanther Goodsell, Amelia A. VanValkenburgh,
    Catharine Bennett, Elizabeth Kennedy.
    Executors:  son, Eliakim and son-in-law Lucas VanValkenburgh.
    Witnesses:  John Olney of Windham and James Smith of Lexington.
JOHN GREEN  of Coxsackie     Will Probated April 3, 1854
    Heirs:  one grand-daughter, Lodema Pierce, daughter of Silas E. Pierce
    of NJ;  daughter, Fanny, wife of Grogan Deprate; Homerica, wife of
    Daniel M. Watson.
    Executor:  Jesse Green of New Baltimore
    Witnesses:  Thomas T. Rose and Claudius D. Rose
TIMOTHY HOLAHAN  of Greenville     Will Probated April 3, 1854
    Heir:  Peter McGauley
    Executor:  Thomas Caldwell of Durham
    Witnesses:  Thomas Caldwell, Hannah McDevitt and Lucinda
    McGauley of Greenville
JOSEPH WHITFORD  of Greenville   Will Probated April 24, 1854
    Heir:  wife, Phebe.
    Executors:  Daniel Whitford and Sarah Lockwood
    Witnesses:  Joseph P. Hallock of Greenville and Polly Whitford of
    Westerlo, Albany County.
HENRY WOLF  of Coxsackie       Will Probated May 4 1854
    Heirs:  Henry, James and Jane, children of George Helms of Sandbank;
    daughters, Caroline Wolf;  Mary, wife of William Hoyt and Emeline,
    wife of Jonas Bronk; son, John H.; brother Philip and his wife.
    Executors:  son, John H. and son-in-law, William Hoyt.
    Witnesses:  John B. Bronk and Michael Bronk
STEPHEN TOMPKINS of Cairo    Will Probated May 8, 1854
    Heirs:  wife, Lydia;  daughter, Mary, wife of James M. Wood;
    grandson, Stephen T. Wood; Catharine E. Schermerhorn, Calvin M.
    Wood, Laura E. Wood, Nelson P. Wood and Seneca B. Wood.
    Executors:  Wife and Doctor William Telfair.
    Witnesses:  Zebulon W. Greene and Philo Richards
OBADIAH EVORY  of Durham    Will Probated June 7, 1854
    Heirs:  wife Alche;  sons, Peter, Alfred, James, John; daughters, Susan,
    Jane, Mary, Ann, Belinda and Alche Ann; grand daughter, Mary
    Belinda VanTassel.
    Executors:  sons, John and James
    Witnesses:  George S. Marsh, Daniel Coe and George Sprague
PETER SOUSER  of Catskill     Will Probated May 29, 1854
    Heirs:  wife, Eleanor;  daughters, Maria and Eleanor
    Executors:  daughter, Maria and Abraham VanVechten
    Witnesses:  William H. VanOrder and Abel Brace
WILLIAM BEDELL  of Athens    Will Probated May 16, 1854
    Heirs:  Hannah;  seven children by first wife, Rachel, John, Daniel,
    Mary, Elisha, Henry and Catharine;  children by second marriage,
    Abraham, Benjamin, Ellen, Ely and William;  two grandchildren,
    Edward T. Chase and brother.
    Executors:  Samuel Green and William Bedell
    Witnesses:  Samuel Green, Sidney Miller and James Orson
LYMAN RANSOM  of Catskill   Will Probated May 3, 1854
    Heirs:  wife, Nancy;  children mentioned but not named.
    Executrix:  wife Nancy.
    Witnesses:  John VanVleck and Isaac Pruyn
ROBERT TITUS  of Athens      Will Probated October 9, 1854
    Heirs:  wife Elizabeth;  sons, George and Epenetus; John Titus; son,
    Samuel;  daughters, Amy and Mary Coonley, wife of Leonard;  grand
    daughter, child of deceased son, William G.
    Executors:  sons, George, Samuel and Epenetus
    Witnesses:  I. C. VanDyck and Peter I. Bogardus of Coxsackie
JACOB MYERS  of Prattsville    Will Probated August 14, 1854
    Heirs:  wife, Caroline;  sons, Thomas B., Allison P.; daughter, Cyntha
    E., wife of James B. Gregory; Sabina S.; Rosanna Laraway, wife of
    Abram Laraway; Caroline B.
    Executors:  wife and John Laraway
    Witnesses:  Philander K. Salisbury and John Laraway
JOHN WHITE  of Cairo             Will Probated August 16, 1854
    Heirs:  children of Charles E, Fidelia Elizabeth and Oliver E.
    Executor:  Brother, Samuel I. White
    Witnesses:  Alvin Linsley of Cairo, George N. Linsley of Jersey City,
SOLOMON DAVIS  of Catskill      Will Probated July 17, 1854
    Heirs:  Albertus D. O. Brewer
    Executors:  Albertus D.O. Brewer and John P. Lehman
    Witnesses:  Benjamin VanOrden and Robert Dorlon
JOHN BRANDOW  of Ashland     Will Probated  October 9, 1854
    Heirs:  wife, Martha;  daughters, Eliza Matilda, Harriet Benjamin,
    Nancy Burroughs and Caturah Barlow
    Executor:  son-in-law, Isaac Barlow
    Witnesses:  D.K. Olney, James B. Olney of Windham
JOHN ADAMS  of Catskill           Will Probated October 14, 1854
    Heirs:  daughter, Catharine;  son William;  grandson William
    Croswell, son of deceased daughter, Delia.
    Executors:  son, William Adams of Sag Harbor, Suffolk Co, NY., Rufus
    H. King of Catskill
    Witnesses:  Joseph Hallock and Lei Ensign
GODFREY SHOEMAKER  of Catskill  Will Probated Nov. 16, 1854
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine
    Executor:  son, Peter
    Witnesses:  Abel Brace and John Rose
DAVID PORTER COWLES  of Prattsville   Will Probated Dec. 1, 1854
    Heir:  wife, Mary Ann.
    Executors:  wife, Mary Ann and brother-in-law Henry B. Montgomery
    and David G. Wright of Prattsville
    Witnesses:  F. James and Thomas Fitch
JOHN VanLOAN   of Athens        Will Probated December 4, 1854
    Heirs:  wife, Rebecca;  sons, Abraham, William, John; daughters:
    Catharine; Sally, wife of John C. Peck; Rachel, wife of Thomas Fowks;
    Elizabeth, wife of Lucas Brandow; Comfort, wife of Lewis Penfield;
    Mary, wife of Henry Becker; sons, Isaac and Jacob.
    Executors:  wife and sons, Isaac and John
    Witnesses:  Caleb Day and I.C. VanBergen
RICHARD CLOW  of Athens     Will Probated November 27, 1854
    Heirs:  wife, Comfort; children, Ann Eliza, Casper, Barrent Rosetta
    VanLoon, Adamer Adams, Rachel Ann, Richard, Anna Maria, Mary
    Catharine, John, Coonradt Aaron Flaak Clow, Emeline and Julietta.
    Executors:  wife, son Casper and son-in-law William VanLoon.
ELIAKIM BEACH  of Cairo       Will Probated December 11, 1854
    Heirs:  wife, Mary; son Eli, living in Wisconsin; grandchild, Lovina,
    child of daughter, Hannah, deceased wife of Albert G. Owen;
    grandson, Eliakim D. Griffin, son of Emeline, wife of Joseph T. Griffin;
    grandsons, children pf son Elias, deceased-- Alanson and Eliakim; son,
    Executors:  wife and Thomas Caldwell
    Witnesses:  Thomas Caldwell, Ira Morrison and Lewis Paddock

JAMES G. GREEN  of New Baltimore  Will Probated Feb. 26, 1855
    Heirs:  Daughters, Wilmot P. and Susan F.
    Executors:  William P. Briggs of Coeymans and Frederick S.  Greene of
    New Baltimore
    Witnesses:  David Williams of New Baltimore and Nathan Palmer of
WEALTHY HAMILTON  of Athens  Will Probated February 26, 1855
                     (Widow of Samuel Hamilton)
    Heirs:  grandson, Charles S. Hamilton; daughter, Lucy Emeline, wife
    of Sylvester Nichols;  children of deceased son, George McKinstry
    Hamilton;  George S. Nichols and Samuel Hamilton Nichols;  son, John
    Beebe Hamilton.
    Executors:  son-in-law, Sylvester Nichols and grandson, George S.
    Nichols and Samuel Hamilton Nichols.
    Witnesses:  Harmon VanWoert and Nathan Goldsmith
JAMES W. ELTING of Catskill   Will Probated March 1, 1855
    Heirs:  sons, William, Francis and James E.;  daughters Magdalin,
    Catharine, Anna; wife, Margaret.
    Executors:  sons, Francis and James E. Elting
    Witnesses:  John VanVechten and B. O. Miller
ALEXANDER SHAW  of Cairo  Will Probated March 5, 1855
    Heirs:  wife, Almira and son Cyrus
    Executrix:  wife Almira
    Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Ezra M. Stevens
JOHN POWELL  of New Baltimore   Will Probated March 12, 1855
    Heirs:  wife, Rebecca;  son, Moses N., now of Buffalo; daughters, Ann
    Eliza, Hannah, Mariah, Catharine, Prudence and Rebecca; children of
    daughter Mary, deceased.
    Executors:  Cyrus Powell of Greenville, John W. Powell of  Coeymans,
    Albany county.
    Witnesses:  Henry Halstead and Edgar Halstead
ABRAHAM C. CHATFIELD of Prattsville  Will Probated March 5, 1855
    Heirs:  wife, Jerusha; children mentioned but not by name.
    Executors:  wife, Jerusha and son Samuel Willis.
    Witnesses:  Abram Chatfield and Daniel G. Wright
PETER FREESE  of Cairo                     Will Probated March 5, 1855
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine;  sons, Philip Henry and Isaac N., Wyckoff,   
    Simeon, Peter G. and Daniel;  daughters, Catharine, wife of John Fiero;
    Caroline, wife of John Timmerman; Rebecca, Deborah, Lavinia, and
    Sally; grandchildren, Peter W. Freese, son of son Jacob; Lucy Freese,
    now wife of Benjamin Pollock;  Catharine Freese, now wife of David
    Levi;  Elizabeth, wife of Augustus Bates, and Catharine, wife of
    Samuel Fisher;  grandson, Peter Rudolph Freese, son of daughter
    Elizabeth, deceased wife of Rudolph Hamma;  Eli Mackey.
    Executors:  Jacob Fiero, Jr. and William Pierson
    Witnesses:  Daniel Johnson and Walter Noble
CHARLES H. DAY of Catskill        Will Probated March 23, 1855
    Heirs:  wife, Sarah;  children mentioned but not by name
    Executors:  wife and brothers, Edgar B. and S. Sherwood Day.
    Witnesses:  John Day and Joshua Atwater.
JOHN SANDERSON of Athens    Will Probated March 29, 1855
    Heirs:  wife, Margaret;  daughters, Eliza, Sarah and Mary Ann; sons, 
    William, Edward, John and Howard.
    Executors:  two sons-in-law, Abraham Bedell and Isaac W. VanSchaick
    and son, John Sanderson, Jr.
    Witnesses:  Darius Peck of Hudson and Henry D. Parkman.
DEBORAH LISK                        Will Probated March 5, 1855
    Heirs:  nephew, Benjamin L. Bessae;  Eleanor L. Powell; children of
    brother, Benjamin Lisk; Benjamin L. Powell and Benjamin Lisk.
    Executors:  nephews, Benjamin L. Bessae and Benjamin L. Powell.
    Witnesses:  Martin Dickinson and Jerusha P. Powell
JAMES RANSOM  of Durham     Will Probated April 10, 1855
    Heirs:  wife, Leah;  daughters, Theda; Elizabeth, wife of David
    Richmond; Leah, wife of James Snyder; Charlotte, wife of Samuel Tuel;
    Sally, wife of Hiland Richmond; Catharine M., wife of Patrick McCoy;
    Lavinia; deceased sons, Jonah and Abijah; grandson, Ransom Snyder,
    son of deceased daughter Lavinia.
    Executors:  wife and son-in-law Samuel Tuel
    Witnesses:  Lyman Wilcox and M.B. Mattice.
ELISHA BLACKMAN of Cairo               Will Probated May 21, 1855
    Heir:  wife, Elsie
    Executrix:  wife, Elsie
    Witnesses:  Caleb Day and Joseph B. Lynes
FREDERICK TRUMPBOUR of Catskill   Will Probated May 28, 1855
    Heirs:  Charles Anderson and Frederick Cooke
    Executors:  Charles Anderson and Frederick Cooke
    Witnesses:  Henry B. Hall and I. C. VanBergen

PETER O'HARA  of Greenville             Will Probated June 18, 1855 
    Heirs:  sons, Bably, Samuel, Peter, George Edwin, Charles Henry and
    Levi;  daughters, Lucretia, Catharine, Ellen and Elvira Ann; son,
    Barnard, Trustee of children of daughter Hannah, now deceased, wife
    of Dominie McDevitt Norgan,---Ferdinand, Rosanna, Peter, Cecelia
    and Josephine.
    Executors:  sons, Barnard and Samuel; wife.
    Witnesses: L. Tremain of Durham, Michael Dowling of New Baltimore.
    Witnesses to Codicil:  Hervey Wood and Thomas Caldwell
JONATHAN PALMER  of New Baltimore  Will Probated June 25, 1855
    Heirs:  wife, Martha;  sons, Stephen B and William R.; daughters,
    Betsey, wife of Isreal Palmer; Miriam, wife of Palmer Brown; Mary
    Ann, wife of Robert Holley; Susan, wife of John W. Powell; grandsons,
    Augustus and William R. Brown, sons of the late daughter Zulpha
    Ann, formerly wife of Palmer Brown;  Sally; sons, --Garrison B. and
    Jonathan Palmer, Jr.
    Executors:  sons, William R., Stephen B. and Garrison B. Palmer.
    Witnesses:  Erastus H. Hamilton of Coxsackie and Elisha B. Powell of
    New Baltimore.
THOMAS CALDWELL of Durham    Will Probated July 25, 1855
    Heirs:  wife, Minerva; Jesse M. Potter; adopted daughter Louise
    Caldwell, otherwise Louise Colegrove; niece Maria Louise Caldwell,
    daughter of brother Daniel.
    Executrix:  wife.
    Witnesses:  W.H. Carter, Stephen Hedges and Augustus W. Pratt.
ELIJAH BUSHNELL of Lexington    Will Probated June 18, 1855
    Heirs:  wife, Lucy; Betsey Bushnell, widow of Alanson Bushnell,
    deceased and her two sons, Winslow and Byron;  grand daughters,
    Irene Butler and Lucretia Goes; daughter, Lucretia; heirs of son, Philo,
    deceased;  heirs of son Alanson, deceased.
    Executors:  Alvin and Carydon Bushnell and Francis P. Dewey.
    Witnesses:  Alvin and Gideon Bushnell
    Witnesses to Codicil:  Alvin B. and Charlotte Butler
SALLY KIPP of Lexington      Will Probated August 13, 1855
    Heirs:  sons, Alpheus, Corodon, Isaac and Levi; daughters, Harriet
    Kipp, Nancy Ford, Rosina Barckley, Lovina Van Valkenburgh.
    Executor:  son, Isaac.
    Witnesses:  John Thompson and Gilbert Beckwith.
JACOB GURNEY  of New Baltimore   Will Probated Sept. 24, 1855
    Heirs:  wife, Hannah;  sister Eunice Willson, her son, Jacob Willson;
    Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Bronk; her son, Jacob Bronk; brother, Joseph
    Gurney, Joseph Thorn, Barzilla Nelson.
    Executors:  brothers, Joseph Gurney and Joseph Thorn.
    Witnesses:  Benjamin L. and Jerusha Powell; Lydia Ann Davis.
LUCY SMITH  of Catskill        Will Probated September 25, 1855
    Heirs:  daughter Eliza, wife of Joseph S _ _ sbury  NOTE: these two
    letters could be oo or ee-AC
    Executor:  none listed on copy
    Witnesses:  Samuel Dubois and Like Kiersted.
HANNAH BARKER of Cairo     Will Probated October 22, 1855
    Heirs:  sisters, Submit, wife of Eli Brooks and Christiana  Bagley; Anna
    Clauson, daughter of sister Christiana Bagley.
    Executor:  none listed on copy.
    Witnesses:  William Telfair and R. C. Field.
ELIZA AUSTIN of Catskill      Will Probated October 18, 1855
    Heirs:  children, Celia, wife of John Swift; Caroline; John Alanson;
    Louisa. (William H. and Edward mentioned but not as heirs)
    Executor:  son-in-law, John Swift.
    Witnesses:  D.K. Olney and A. W. Hunter
HENRY HALSTED of New Baltimore  Will Probated October 29, 1855
    Heirs:  wife, Mary; children, Edgar, Eliza Ann, Henry I. and Robert.
    Executors:  wife and son, Edgar.
    Witnesses:  Samuel Y. and Warren Smith.
MORRIS BATTERSON of Coxsackie   Will Probated October 29, 1855
    Heirs:  wife;  daughter, Esther Mary, wife of George A. Thompson of
    Peoria, Brimfield county, IL;  daughter Betsey Ann; sons, Abraham B.,
    Noah Barlow, William Augustus.
    Executors:  William Augustus Batterson of the City of Natches;
    Abraham B. Batterson, son.
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. VanDyck and Anthony M. VanBergen.
    Witnesses to Codicil:  Jacob C. VanDyck, Isaac P. Fitchett and Jonas

BENJAMIN BRIGGS  of Athens     Will Probated November 10, 1855
    Heirs:  wife, Eunice
    Executrix:  wife, Eunice
    Witnesses:  James Mullen and John Welderman
ABRAHAM VEDDER of Catskill     Will Probated December 13, 1855
    Heirs:  wife, Nancy;  children mentioned but no names.
    Executrix:  wife, Nancy.
    Witnesses:  H. Dewey and Joseph Burroughs
JACOB C. VanBERGEN  of Catskill  Will Probated December 27 1855
    Heirs:  wife, Diana.
    Executrix:  wife, Diana
    Witnesses:  Henry B. Hill and E. Lineburgh

MARTIN L. RICKERSON  of Cairo    Will Probated January 2, 1856
    Heirs:  wife, Anna M.;  children mentioned, but not named; nephews,
    Luther E. Newcomb and Martin L. Rickerson.
    Executrix:  wife, Anna M.
    Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and William W. Rider
JEREMIAH PLACE  of Greenville   Will Probated February 25, 1856
    Heirs:  wife, Temperance;  sons, George Lewis and Jothan Place
    Executors:  George Lewis Place and J. B. Waldron
    Witnesses:  John Cunningham and J. B. Waldron
JOHN SHUTTS of Greenville     Will Probated February 25, 1856
    Heirs:  daughters, Mary Janett, Sally Jane, Jerutia and Salome
    Executors:  Smith Southard and Franklin Hartt
    Witnesses:  James S. Hartt and Platt Barker
CATHARINE DEWITT  of Catskill  Will Probated March 22, 1856
                 [Widow of Henry DeWitt]
    Heirs:  daughter, Elizabeth, wife of John Langendyck of Saugerties;
    daughter, Temperance, wife of Henry VanOrden of Catskill; Elsie,
    wife of Benjamin Winnie. (father mentioned as David Dumond)
    Executors:  son-in-law, Benjamin Winnie and John Langendyck
    Witnesses:  James Powers, Caleb Day and G. VanBergen
JONATHAN MILLER  of New Baltimore  Will Probated May 12, 1856
    Heirs:  daughters:  Margaret; Rachel, wife of Ezra Burroughs; Agnes,
    wife of Francis Nodine;  sons, Daniel S. and Elisha D; grand daughter,
    Lydia Caroline Losee; son--Henry P. Miller
    Executors:  sons, Daniel S. Miller and Luman
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. VanDyck of Coxsackie and Jesse Miller of New
BENJAMIN McCABE of Greenville   Will Probated June 23, 1856
    Heirs:  son, Philip Embury; Hamilton; Jefferson; Bartholomew
    Gedney; daughters, Mary, Caroline, and Jane;  son, Bradley Selleck.
    Executors:  sons, Hamilton, Jefferson, Bradley Selleck and Philip
    Witnesses:  Rufus W. Watson and John Sarles
WILLIAM H. WEY  of Catskill     Will Probated June 30, 1856
    Heirs:  wife, Caroline L.
    Executors:  wife and son, Benjamin
    Witnesses:  William H. VanOrden and P.W. VanOrden
WILLIAM TIMBURY  of Cairo     Will Probated July 21, 1856
    Heirs:  wife, Anna
    Executors:  wife, Anna and Amasa Mattoon
    Witnesses:  Mathew Sayre and Peleg C. Mattoon
CURTIS MATTOON  of Windham   Will Probated August 11, 1856
    Heirs:  wife, Kaziah;  sons, Amisa, deceased; Curtis A. and Peleg C.;
    Electa, wife of Hamilton Lawrence; Cornelius C. Mattoon and Ives D.
    Executors:  son, Curtis A. Matteson and Samuel P. Ives.
    Witnesses:  John Olney and Alisa Barney.

ELIZABETH BALDWIN  of Durham   Will Probated September 8, 1856
    Heirs:  sister, Sally Waterhouse
    Executrix:  sister, Sally Waterhouse
    Witnesses:  William and Emily Hall
JOHN JEROME  of Durham    Will Probated September 15, 1856
    Heirs:  daughters, Clarissa H., Elizabeth, Sally, Rebecca, Margaret,
    Amanda and Nancy;  sons, Andrew and Chauncey.
    Executors:  sons, Andrew and Chauncey
    Witnesses:  Ellsworth Strong and William Earl
ABEL BUTLER  of Coxsackie    Will Probated September 15, 1856
    Heirs:  sons, Abel Jr., and Oliver;  daughters, Lucy, wife of Amos
    Brownell; Lydia Roosa, wife of Enos Lacy and Mary, wife of John
    Executors:  sons, Oliver and Abel
    Witnesses:  James Mullen of Athens and Jacob Bush of Coxsackie.
SALLY HYDE  of Catskill          Will Probated October 7, 1856
    Heirs:  son, Henry H.;  daughters, Harriet, wife of Frederick Thomas;
    Eliza Ford, widow of Doctor Zelatus Ford, deceased; grandsons,
    Frederick H. Ford and Nelson G. Ford.
    Executor: Luke Kiersted
    Witnesses:  Charles Cornwell and D. H. Francis
LOIS NORTON of Greenville       Will Probated October 13, 1856
    Heirs:  niece, Frances Elizabeth, daughter of brother Harley Norton;
    brother Harley Norton; cousin, Helen Coonradt, wife of Allen
    Coonradt; half-sister, Orit, wife of Eliader Rogers; deranged sister,
    Cynthia Norton.
    Executors:  brother, Harley Norton and Gideon Botsford
    Witnesses:  Erastus Hamilton and Bradley S. McCabe
HENRY B. BOUTON  of Prattsville    Will Probated Nov. 19, 1856
            (Surname also spelled Boughton)
    Heirs:  wife, Deborah;  daughters, Nancy, Eveline and Paulina; sons,
    Edwin M., Hiram and Charles
    Executors:  wife and Hiram Meeker
    Witnesses:  Calvin Bartholomew and A. L. Meeker
CALEB SARLES  of New Baltimore  Will Probated November 20, 1856
    Heirs:  sons, Jonathan and Jphn P.;  daughters, Betsey Ann,
    Philena, Hannah, wife of George Sleight; Deborah, wife of  Henry
    Bedell;  Jane, wife of Richard Bedell
    Executors:  Jonathan, William P. and John P. Sarles
    Witnesses:  Gilbert Bedell of Coxsackie and Thomas Bedell of New
SETH C. FINNEY  of Catskill       Will Probated November 10, 1856
    Heirs:  Lovina Gilbert, otherwise L. Finney
    Executor:  Rufus H. King
    Witnesses:  John Adams and Moses C. Abeel
BARENT HOUGHTALING  of Coxsackie   Will Probated Dec. 22, 1856
    Heirs:  wife;  sons Andrew B., Edward, Sheldon, George and John; 
    daughters Elizabeth, wife of Columbus Lane and Charlotte.
    Executors:  Andrew B. and George, sons.
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. VanDyck and G. Lusk of Coxsackie
DANIEL BEDELL  of New Baltimore  Will Probated December 29 1856
    Heirs:  wife, Marium;  sons, Daniel Emerson and William
    Executors:  Conrad Powell, wife, Marium and son, William
    Witnesses:  Luman and Abigail Powell

PELEG DUNBAR  of Prattsville      Will Probated January 10, 1857
    Heirs:  wife, Charlotte
    Executrix:  wife, Charlotte
    Witnesses:  F. A. Fenn, Walter W. Sherwood and Cornelius Wiltse
ANNA FIELD  of Catskill            Will Probated February 2, 1857
    Heirs:  brother, Thomas H. Field; nieces, Elizabeth I., wife of John E.
    Fenwick and daughter of brother, John Field; Anna Augusta, daughter
    of Joseph H. Field; Maria Louisa,
    daughter of Joseph H. Field.
    Executor:  brother, Thomas H. Field
    Witnesses:  Abraham and Catharine S. VanVechten and Philip V.V.
    Van Orden
ROBERT SHAW  of Athens      Will Probated February 25, 1857
    Heirs:  wife, Eleanor Ann;  children, James Talman and Sarah Rebecca.
    Executors:  Wife and Alonzo Green and Nathan Goldsmith.
    Witnesses:  Alonzo Green, John W. Schoonmaker and Henry
HENRY WEBBER  of Greenville     Will Probated March 2, 1857
    Heirs:  sons, James Dwight, Levi Pitts, John Henry, and Charles
    Edgar;  daughters, Sarah C., Harriet E.,  and Angeline;  son-in-law,
    Levi L. Hill and James Dwight, son, guardians of minor
    children--Charles E., Cynthilla, Harriet E., Angeline and Sarah C.
    Executors:  son, James D., and brother, John M. Webber and brother,
    William Webber.
    Witnesses:  A. C. Stevens and Abel Vermilyea.
JAMES SNYDER  of Durham     Will Probated March 24, 1857
    Heirs:  wife, Leah;  children, Eliza M., Catharine I., William and
    Executors:  Wife and Peter P. Snyder of Greenville
    Witnesses:  Manly B. Mattice and Collins B. Johnson
GILES SUTTON  of Windham        Will Probated April 6, 1857
    Heirs:  sons, Ebenezer, William and Thomas (mentions son John,
    deceased);  daughters, Hannah, wife of Lyman
    Hurlburt and Lydia, wife of Samuel Rowe;  daughter Mary Ann, wife
    of Naboth Lewis, deceased;  grand daughter Mariette Stone, child of
    daughter Eleanor, deceased; grand daughter, Caroline May, daughter
    of John Gladding and Margaret, his wife, now deceased.
    Executor:  son, William Sutton
    Witnesses:  John Olney and John F. Casper
RUFUS LATHROP                         Will Probated April 13, 1857
    Heirs:  wife, Deborah;  daughters, Sally Stone, Semanthy  Spencer,
    Lois Harvey and Juliet Cargall;  son, Alanson Lathrop.
    Executors:  son, Alanson Lathrop and son-in-law, Hervey Stone.
    Witnesses:  P. C. Mattoon and Charles Porter
HENRY PECK  of Durham            Will Probated May 4, 1857
    Heirs:  sons, Hervey, Jr. (notice Henry-should be Hervey?), John,
    William;  daughter, Nancy Potter; grandsons, Hervey W. and George
    Peck;  grandson, Harlan P. Peck; grandchildren, Grovernor Austin,
    Sarah Austin, Miranda Austin and Mary E. Austin.  (daughter Sarah
    Baldwin, deceased)
    Executors:  John, son and son-in-law Humphrey R. Potter.
    Witnesses:  John and James B. Olney
AMOS PUFFER  of Coxsackie       Will Probated May 4, 1857
    Heirs:  wife, Phebe;  son, John Ely
    Executors:  wife, Phebe; Able Puffer, brother and I. C. VanDyck.
    Witnesses:  H. C. VanBergen and J. B. VanDyck.
DARIUS W. YEOMANS  of Greenville   Will Probated June 27, 1857
    Heirs:  wife, Edith;  daughter Anna Eliza
    Executors:  Emmen R. Haight and wife Edith Yeomans
    Witnesses:  William Thorn and Ezra Thorn

ELKANAH PERCIVAL  of Durham   Will Probated July 20, 1857
    Heirs:  wife, Polly;  William Pierce.
    Executors:  Almoron Marks and William Pierce
    Witnesses:  G.W. Cumming and Silas Stannard.
HENRY ROSA  of Coxsackie         Will Probated June 22, 1857
    Heirs:  wife Sarah;  daughter, Priscilla, wife of John Smith.
    Executors:  wife, Sarah, George Wickes and son-in-law John Smith.
    Witnesses:  William Cichran, Jr. and B. O'Conner
JOHN O'BRIEN                             Will Probated May 6, 1857
            Native of Great Barrington, County of Berkshire, Mass.
            If death occurs in Great Barrington, burial should be
            made at Episcopal Church in said town.
    Heirs:  Hannah Lathrop, widow of Eliah Lathrop, late of Great
    Barrington; niece, E. Caplin of Southwick, Mass;  two nieces, widow,
    Emily Murphy and Elizabeth Lester, daughters of William O'Brien,
    deceased;  Ann, wife of John D. O'Brien; Henry J. Fox;  Zephaniah D.
    Seebey, Methodist Minister; David W. Walters, blacksmith living near
    Harlem, NY City; sister Mary, wife of Enos Ford of Great Barrington.
    Executors:  nephew, John O'Brien Ford, Allen S. Church of New York
    City, physician, son-in-law of said widow Lathrop.
    Witnesses:  Charles (illegible initial). Emerson, John Price and E.
    R. Pinchern
SIMON SPOOR  of Athens           Will Probated July 20, 1857
    Heir:  wife, Sally
    Executrix:  wife, Sally
    Witnesses:  Thomas Huxford and G.W. Leffingwell
ABRAHAM MILLETT of Greenville     Will Probated July 27, 1857
    Heirs:  wife, Hannah
    Executor:  Curtis Lake
    Witnesses:  Thomas F. Chapman and Curtis Lake 
JACOB G. BEDELL  of Coxsackie  Will Probated September 23, 1857
    Heirs:  daughter, Alice;  son, Ambrose Franklin; Adelaide and Philena
    L. Coonly
    Executor:  Peter Fitchett
    Witnesses:  David E. Wing and Gilbert Bedell, Jr.
ABRAHAM DEDERICK  of Catskill  Will Probated October 19, 1857
    Heirs:  wife, Clarissa A.;  sons, William, Garret, Charles: daughters,
    Catherine, Caroline and Sarah;  also sons, Charles, John and Matthew;
    children of son Matthew Dederick, deceased; daughter, Alida and
    daughter Catharine, wife of David A. Abeel.
    Executors:  William and Frederick Fiero
    Witnesses:  Isaac Pruyn and Charles L. Beach.
    Witnesses to Codicil:  D.K. Olney and Joseph Hallock
HOTATIO DEWEY of Catskill     Will Probated October 27, 1857
    Heirs:  wife, Catalina;  son Almer R.
    Executrix:  wife, Catalina
    Witnesses:  Andrew I. Eckles and Daniel O. Blenis
JAMES STEVENS of Greenville   Will Probated October 30, 1857
    Heirs:  wife, Anna;  Orrin Stevens;  Orrin Stevens for his son, James;
    James, son of late brother, Reuben Stevens;  brother, Thaddeus;
    James, son of William Stevens; James, son of John Cummings; Betsey,
    wife of David Smith; children of deceased sister, Rebecca Scofield.
    Executors:  Orrin Stevens and Selleck D. Smith
    Witnesses:  Erastus Hamilton and George Sanford
WILLIAM G. EDWARDS  of Coxsackie  Will Probated Dec. 14, 1857
    Heirs:  wife, Lydia G.;  daughters, Hannah E. and Elizabeth.
    Executors:  Thomas Kennedy and Peter Fitchett
    Witnesses:  John L. Bronk and Warren L. Reynolds
JOSIAH B. HINMAN  of Catskill   Will Probated December 28, 1857
    Heirs:  wife, Ann Eliza;  sons, John R., Revite O.;  daughters, Ann
    Elizabeth and Adelaide Josephine.
    Executors:  Benjamin Peck and Charles H. Teal
    Witnesses:  J. H. Teal and A. W. Pine
WALTER BARLOW  of Durham   Will Probated December 28, 1857
    Heirs:  wife, Lydia;  sons, Warren, Walter and William;  Lydia Ann
    Finch and Betsey Ann Stokes.
    Executors:  son, Warren and Chauncey Stokes
    Witnesses:  Abraham Snyder and William Meeker

JACOB S. BLOOM  of Catskill      Will Probated January 11, 1858
    Heirs:  wife, Maria B.;  sons, James B. and David; two grandchildren,
    Comfort S and Mary L. Bloom, children of Isaac C. Bloom, deceased.
    Executors:  sons, James B. and David Bloom and James Johnson.
    Witnesses:  William Waldron and Russel H. Holmes.
ERASTUS HAMILTON  of Greenville   Will Probated January 11, 1858
    Heirs:  wife, Harriet;  sons, David M., Edward J.; grandson, Erastus H.
    Robbins, son of late daughter, Maria T. Robbins; grandson, Erastus,
    son of Edward J. Hamilton;  four children of late daughter Maria T.
    Executors:  two sons, David M. and Edward J. Hamilton
    Witnesses:  Hamilton J. McCabe and E. Waskerhagen
CAROLINE VanALEN  of New Baltimore  Will Probated Jan. 18, 1858
    Heirs:  grand-daughter, Caroline, daughter of David P. and Eliza
    Catherine Mead;  grandson, Peter G. Mead; (mentions father as
    Bartholomew J. VanValkenburgh, deceased.); grandson, John, son of
    David P. and Eliza Catharine Mead; grandchildren, Peter, John,
    Edward and Caroline Mead and great-grandson, Clayton Mead.
    Executor:  Ephraim P. Bronk
    Witnesses:  Henry Sharp and C. H. Bramhall of Kinderhook,
    Columbia County.
NATHAN HUBBEL  of Coxsackie   Will Probated January 26, 1858
    Heirs:  wife, Edith;  son, Edwin N.;  daughter, Adaline Botsford.
    Executors:  Edwin N. Hubbel, son, and Amos Puffer
    Witnesses:  P.H. Silvester and J. C. VanDyck
MARTIN G. VanBERGEN of New Baltimore Will Probated Feb.15,1858
    Heirs:  grandson, Martin G. P. VanBergen; grandson, Henry C.
    VanBergen; Sarah Ann VanBergen, widow of deceased son, Philip
    and her daughters, Almyra, and Sarah Catharine.
    Executors:  son-in-law, Andrew T. VanSlyke and Jacob C. VanDyke of
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. VanDyke, H. Green and Mary F. VanDyke.
DAVID COWLE  of Durham    Will Probated February 15, 1858
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine;  sons, Erwin and Cornelius; daughters, Ellen,
    Sophronia, Nancy, Irene and Elvia.
    Executors:  wife and son-in-law, David B. Hull.
    Witnesses:  Tina Whittlesey and Edmund Pratt.
CHARLES BACKUS  of Coxsackie  Will Probated February 17, 1858
    Heirs:  any that he may have, none mentioned by name.
    Executor:  son, John.
    Witnesses:  Charles Painter and A. I. Dorman
CLARA NOBLE  of Cairo                Will Probated March 8, 1858
    Heirs:  husband, George H.
    Executor:  husband, George H.
    Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Henry Steele
NERI STODDARD  of Cairo          Will Probated March 15, 1858
    Heirs:  wife, Tryphena;  sons, Martin B., David, Harvey, Calvin E.,
    Horace, Chester and George; daughters, Anna, wife of Charles Hunt;
    Mary, wife of Robert C. Field and Rhoda, wife of O.H.P. Wayne.
    Executors:  Elias L. Dutcher and son, Harvey
    Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and William Schermerhorn
STEPHEN TRUESDELL  of Coxsackie  Will Probated Mar. 15, 1858
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine;  sons, Stephen W. and George W.; children of
    deceased son, Storm;  son John.
    Executors:  William V.B. Adams and Walton S. Stoutenburgh
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. VanDyck, P.H. Silvester and Francis Silvester.
    Witnesses to Codicil:  Jacob C. VanDyck, Melantha Bellow.
WILLIAM P. DUNHAM  of Lexington   Will Probated April 7, 1858
    Heirs:  sons, Anthony L., Tenas D., Durham, Pratt and William;
    daughters, Eliza, Netty and Anna L.;  grandchildren, Myron C., Aaron
    B., Lewis B. and Elizabeth Rivenburgh; grand daughter, Huldah
    Dunham; grandson, William Dunham.
    Executors:  Elijah P. Bushnell and Lyman Newton
    Witnesses:  John Olney and James B. Olney of Windham.
    Witnesses to Codicil:  John Stuart and Jacob VanValkenburgh.
ISAAC REYNOLDS  of Coxsackie   Will Probated May 3, 1858
    Heirs:  Wife;  children, William Henry and Sarah Maria.
    Executor:  Johoikin Collyer
    Witnesses:  Caroline Reynolds and Conrad Whitmore
WILLIAM C. HALLENBECK of Coxsackie  Will Probated May 24, 1858
    Heirs:  Wife;  son, Isaac;  seven daughters, Betsey, wife of Jason Lusk;
    Harriet Anna;  Christina Jane; Magdalene; Rachel and Keturah
    Abigail; son, Casper.
    Executors:  two sons, Isaac and Casper and William I. Brandow and
    John L. Bronk.
    Witnesses:  Walton Street, Austin Sandford and Richard Schopnees
    (this name not clear on copy)
LOT SHERMAN  of Catskill              Will Probated May 24, 1858
    Hiers:  wife, Betsey Ann;  daughters, Helen, wife of Jonathan Story,
    and Ada;  son Howard.
    Executors:  son, Howard.
    Witnesses:  John Adams and Pet VanVechten
AMOS J. HARD  of Hunter                 Will Probated June 7, 1858
    Heirs:  wife, Eunice L.;  children, Maria L. Allerton, Charles S., Lucy
    L.;  three grandchildren, Laura Catharine, Ann A. and Charles Judson
    Executor:  son, Charles S. Hard
    Witnesses:  Isaac Ammerman and J. R. Douglass
STEPHEN B. PALMER  of Greenville    Will Probated Jun 21, 1858
    Heirs:  wife, Jane;  son, Charles B.; brothers, Garrison and Jonathan B.;
    sisters, Mary Ann, wife of Hobert Hawly; Susan Powell, wife of John
    W. Powell and Marian, wife of Palmer Brower.
    Executors:  brother, Garrison Palmer of Greenville and Jonathan B.
    Palmer of New Baltimore.
    Witnesses:  Rufus W. Watson of Catskill and Hiram S. Losee of
WILLIAM S. WARDWELL  of Catskill  Will Probated August 9, 1858
    Heir:  sister, Elizabeth
    Executor:  William Schuneman
    Witnesses:  Nelson Wright and Selleck D. Smith
ROBERT J. HALLENBECK  of Athens  Will Probated August 25, 1858
    Heirs:  wife Hannah;  George B. Frasier
    Executors:  wife, Hannah; George B. Frasier of Albany;
    daughter, Deborah, wife of Stephen Jerome of Coxsackie.
    Witnesses:  E.S. Hubbard of Hudson and Justus McKinstry also of
    Hudson, NY.
PHEBE FAIRCHILD  of Coxsackie  Will Probated September 27, 1858
    Heirs:  daughters, Elizabeth F. Spoor and Azubah G. Fairchild.
    Executors:  daughters Elizabeth F. and Azubah G.
    Witnesses:  Edwin N. Hubbell and Jacob C. VanDyck.
MAJOR J. LANE  of Catskill        Will Probated October 18, 1858
    Heirs:  wife, Cornelia Ann;  brother, Joseph J. Lane; brother-in-law,
    Peter Linrey;  father, Gilbert Lane; children, William, Edgar, Gilbert
    and Arthur.
    Executors:  father, Gilbert Lane, brother Joseph J. Lane and
    brother-in-law, Peter Linrey.
    Witnesses:  Elizabeth Lane, Ann J. Linrey and J. A. Griswold.
GEORGE SUDDERLY of New Baltimore  Will Probated Nov. 1, 1858
    Heirs:  wife, Polly;  son, Abraham;  daughter, Sally, wife of Cuyler
    Executors:  wife and son Abraham
    Witnesses:  John G. Raymond and William W. Raymond
PETER GOETCHIUS  of Catskill   Will Probated November 1, 1858
    Heirs:  wife, Eda;  sons, Artemus B.; James B. of State of Iowa; Jacob;
    Sarah C., wife of William A. White of New York City;  Paulina B., wife
    of Edmond Martin of Brooklyn;  Jane, wife of Earl VanDyke of
    Catskill. The last two being mentioned as daughters.
    Executors:  son-in-law, Edmond Martin and William Schuneman
    Witnesses:  Rufus W. Warson and Charles Cornwall
HENRY HENDRICKSON of Durham     Will Probated Nov. 8, 1858
    Heirs:  Henry VanWormer;  brothers and sisters-not named.
    Executors:  Henry VanWormer and Thomas Bagley and Horace
    Witnesses:  J.V.B. Wetsell and William White
    Witnesses to Codicil:  Edward Johnson and O.B. Field.
NATHANIEL STIMSON  of Windham  Will Probated Nov. 8, 1858
    Heirs:  Sally Perey
    Executor:  Edward Doolittle
    Witnesses:  Moses B. Austin and Edward Doolittle
WILLIAM ALLEN  of Ashland     Will Probated November 17, 1858
    Heirs:  wife. (mentions deceased brother, Robert Allen of Brown
    County, IN)  adopted son, William Francis Wood; sister, Elizabeth
    Wayland of Brown County, State of IN.; Edward E. Milligan,
    Cornelius Platner and James B. Olney of Prattsville.
    Executors:  Edward E. Milligan, J.B. Olney and Cornelius Platner.
    Witnesses:  Albert Tuttle and Frederick Jump
EDWARD DALEY  of Cairo       Will Probated November 8, 1858
    Heirs:  daughters, Sally, Polly, Nancy, Catharine and Hannah Ann;
    grandchildren of Edward M. Daley, died in New Orleans in 1855.
    Executors:  Thomas Bagley and Christian Bear
    Witnesses:  Truman Wheeler and Mary C. Wheeler.
PETER FIERO  of Durham     Will Probated November 22, 1858
    Heirs:  wife, Mercy; children, John B., Mary Ann Houghtaling; Nathan
    B. and Elizabeth C. Knapp;  James Nelson Fiero; sisters, Betsey
    Cochran and Hannah Hart.
    Executors:  son, Nathan B. and son-in-law, John S. Houghtaling
    Witnesses:  John Smith and Jacob Woodard
JOHN BROOKS  of Halcott    Will Probated November 29, 1858
    Heirs:  widow, Sylvia Chariton;  her three youngest children,
    Matthew, Lorin and Sarah.
   Executor:  none on copy
   Witnesses:  Martin Brooks and Lawrence M. Brooks
FARMER COLE  of Greenville   Will Probated November 29, 1858
    Heirs:  wife, Charlotte;  sons, George W. and Charles F.
    Executors:  brother, Charles Cole, guardian of children.
    Witnesses:  Abraham Griffin of Westerlo and Nehemiah Ramsdell of
THOMAS FIELD  of Durham    Will Probated December 6, 1858
    Heirs:  wife, Maria;  daughter, Urania
    Executrix:  wife, Maria
    Witnesses:  Stephen, Cornelia and Mary H. Renne
PATRICK MALONE  of Greenville    Will Probated January 10, 1859
    Heir:  sister, Catharine Haven
    Executor:  Joseph P. Hallock
    Witnesses:  George Townsend and Josephine Hallock
SIMON PETERSON  of Cairo     Will Probated January 10, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Phebe;  sister-in-law, Sally Williams
    Executor:  none listed on copy
    Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and James H. Gaddis
WILLIAM PLANK  of Catskill    Will Probated January 31, 1859
    Heirs:  daughters, Margaret, Lanah Maria, and Catharine Widbeck;
    sons, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob M. and George, John, William N. and
    Executors:  Luke Kiersted;  sons, Jacob M. and George Plank.
    Witnesses:  Peter T. Mesick, L. Kiersted and Frederick O. Rightmyer.
JOSHUA GARDNER  of Durham   Will Probated Feb. 14, 1859
    Heirs:  grand daughter, Sabrina M. Newland;  son, Hiram Gardner;
    grand children, Caroline, Howland Evans, Phidala Howland Webster,
    Ruth Ann Howland Paddock, Hiram G. Howland, Jeremiah Howland,
    Amanda Deveraugh Goodwin and Sabrinah Deveraugh Dunning.
    Executors:  son, Hiram and Solon White of Cairo
    Witnesses:  Danforth K. Olney and Henry Mott
IRA GREGORY  of Jewett          Will Probated February 14, 1859
    Heirs:  Will and Betsey Gregory and William Mabin
    Executor:  John Barkley
    Witnesses:  H. A. Towner and B. F. Barkley
GEORGE CURRIE  of Ashland     Will Probated February 21, 1859
    Heirs:  sons, James, George, Michael, Robert, Charles, and Martin;
    four children of Martin, Daniel, Sarah, Henry and Sophia  Currie;
    children of daughter Electa Jnoes, deceased, --Robert Ananias,
    Caroline, Mary and George;  daughters, Catharine, wife of James
    Christian and Cynthia.
    Executors:  two sons,  Michael and Robert.
    Witnesses:  William Sutton and John S. Ives.
OPHELIA POWELL:  of Greenville   Will Probated February 21, 1859
    Heirs:  husband, Elisha S.;  (father mentioned as William M. Stevens,
    deceased); brother, Mortimer Stevens and sisters, Elizabeth and
    Executor:  husband Elisha S.
    Witnesses:  I. B. Waldon and N. Waldon.
DAVID SHARP  of Coxsackie    Will Probated March 7, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth;  daughter, Maria, wife of Thomas W. Gay;
    grandsons, James Sharp, David Sharp, Charles Sharp and
    granddaughter, Esther Sharp.
    Executors:  Thomas W. Gay and Anthony N. VanBergen
    Witnesses:  Andrew T. VanSlyke and Anthony N. VanBergen
PHILO BLINN  of Prattsville     Will Probated March 20, 1859
    Heirs:  wife and son Alexander
    Executor:  son, Alexander
    Witnesses:  F. A. Fenn and John D. Adams.
JOHN BRANDOW of Prattsville          Will Probated April 7, 1859
    Heirs:  sons, John G. Nicholas, Peter I., Lawrence and Lucas E.; daughters,
    Catharine, wife of Henry G. Shermerhorn; Mary or Maria, wife of John
    Shutters, Sarah, wife of Henry Rickard and Caroline, wife of Philander K. Salisbury;  John B.
    Salisbury, son of Philander K. Salisbury, Hannah Patie, his second wife.
    Executors:  sons, Nicholas and Lucas E. Brandow.
    Witnesses:  F. A. Fenn and R.S. Blish
LUCAS E. BRANDOW of Prattsville     Will Probated April 7, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth;  children mentioned but not named.
    Executor:  none named on copy
    Witnesses:  William Johns and Jesse Hoagland
HIRAM WOODWORTH  of Jewett      Will Probated April 25 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Roxi I. (also as Roxy I.)
    Executors:  wife Roxy I. and brother Alanson Woodworth
    Witnesses:  H. Holcomb of Windham and David E. Woodworth
MARCUS GRIFFIN  of Greenville      Will Probated May 2, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Alba;  daughter, Adelia Ann; children, Maranda, Meriah,
    Smith, Charlotte and George, Adah;  grand child Almira, oldest child
    of Adelia Ann.
    Executors:  Joseph P. Hallock and Truman Ingals
    Witnesses: Francis Craw and Charles Craw.
HANNAH KNOWLES  of Greenville   Will Probated May 2, 1859
    Heirs:  brother, Ezar Knowles
    Executors:  Ezar Knowles and Hervey George
    Witnesses:  Russel Wakely and Hervey George
JOHN SPOOR  of Coxsackie      Will Probated May 9, 1859
    Heirs:  daughters, Agnes and Catharine, wife of Aaron Hallenbeck;
    sons, John and Isaac;  son-in-law Aaron Hallenbeck
    Executors:  sons, Isaac and John Spoor
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. VanDyck, Isaac VanSchaack and John Wright.
PRISCILLA DUNCAN  of Athens   Will Probated May 12, 1859
    Heirs:  brother, Walter Smith of Worcester; niece Eunice Raymond,
    widow of Alexander, deceased.
    Executor:  George S. Nichols
    Witnesses:  S. H. Wheeler, Miss Kate Brooks and Mary A.
ADAMS JAQUES  of Catskill            Will Probated Jun 8, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Deborah;  daughter Emily E. More;  sons, John W. and
    Executors: Simon B. Champion of Bloomville, Delaware Co., and
    Duncan McDaniels of South Kortright, Delaware Co, NY.
    Witnesses:  Edgar Russell and Peter Simmons
JOHN WOLFORD  of Athens        Will Probated  June 8, 1859
    Heirs:  wife Madgalin
    Executrix:  wife, Magdalin
    Witnesses:  John H. Edwards and Lewis Wolfe
JOHN WARDWELL of Catskill      Will Probated June 9, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Ellen D.
    Executrix:  wife, Ellen D.
    Witnesses:  John VanVechten and Joel D. Comfort
SAMUEL W. HAINES of Hunter    Will Probated June 20, 1959
    Heir:  daughter, Phebe Jane
    Executors:  daughter, Phebe Jane and Alanson Woodworth
    Witnesses:  Alanson Woodworth of Jewett and Henry I. Griffin of
JOHN FIERO  of Catskill            Will Probated June 20, 1859
    Heirs:  Maria, widow of Peter I. Fiero;  nephews, John L. and Peter F.,
    sons of Peter I. Fiero.
    Executors:  Peter O. Schutt of Saugerties and Jacob Lewis Schutt and
    Peter S. Overbagh of Hunter.
    Witnesses:  Jacob VanOrden, Abel Brace and Rufus H. King
DANIEL BRONK  of New Baltimore  Will Probated June 20, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Tennecah Annah;  children, John H., Joseph, Mary A. and
    Peter T. Bronk
    Executor:  Peter I. Bronk
    Witnesses:  Martin G. VanBergen and John  N.H. Clow
BURRIT O. STONE  of Windham    Will Probated June 22, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Julia N.;  Julia Allice, daughter of G. N. Doty; William
    Doty, father of wife;  Gurden H. Doty, brother of wife; mother,
    Alathear Stone, widow of Abijah Stone.
    Executors:  William and Gurden Doty
    Witnesses:  D. K. Olney and James B. Olney
MOSES MEAD  of Coxsackie        Will Probated July 18, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine;  Moses Mead Palmer, son of William R. and
    Hannah Palmer;  Moses Mead Wolf, son of John and Abigail Wolf;
    Eve Palmer, widow of Abram C. Palmer; Madison Utter, known as
    Madison Mead; Catharine, wife of William Sager.
    Executors:  wife, Catharine, William Sager and John W. Wolf
    Witnesses:  Alonzo F. Selleck of Durham, Francis Cochran of
    Coxsackie and Clark M. Eggleston of Athens.
JOSEPH TOUMANS  of Coxsackie   Will Probated July 18, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Anna;  sons, Moses, Leonard and Stephen; daughters,
    Susan, Jane, Rachel, Polly, Emeline, Eliza and Caroline
    Executors:  son, Leonard and son-in-law, John Onderdonk
    Witnesses:  Thomas Burroughs and John W. VanDyke
JACOB VanVALKENBURGH  of Harpersfield, Del. Co, NY
                                                 Will Probated August 1, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Eunice
    Executrix:  wife Eunice
    Witnesses:  Andrew Taylor, Jr. and Horace Hanford of Hobart,
    Delaware Co, NY.
SALLY WATERHOUSE  of Durham  Will Probated August 12, 1859
    Heirs:  nephews, Zena Whittlesey and Jedediah Dudley; nieces,
    Betsey C. Barker and Janet Avery and sister Lydia Bushnell.
    Executor:  Jedediah Dudley
    Witnesses:  J. B. Cowles and H. B. Cowles
HENRY VanWORMER  of Durham  Will Probated September 12, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Sally;  brothers and sisters, not named.
    Executor:  Thomas Bagley
    Witnesses:  Luman Hull and Theodore P. Hull
WILLIAM J. COFFIN  of Athens      Will Probated September 13, 1859
    Heirs: wife, Charlotte;  son, William J. Jr.
    Executors:  wife and brother, Peter G. Coffin
    Witnesses:  Alonzo Greene of Athens and P.G. Coffin of Hudson
JEHIEL N. WILCOX  of Lexington  Will Probated October 13, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Susan;  son, William;  daughter, Angelica
    Executor:  son, William
    Witnesses:  William W. Pettit and A. Burroughs
JEHOAKIM HALLENBECK  of Athens  Will Probated Oct. 17, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Hannah;  sons, Casper G. and Henry;  four daughters not
    Executors:  James Mullen and Lawrence Vosburgh
    Witnesses:  William Tolley, Lawrence Vosburgh and James Mullin
SAMUEL PALMER of Greenville     Will Probated October 18, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Milicent
    Executrix:  wife Milicent
    Witnesses:  Russel Wakely and Bartholomew G. McCabe
MICHAEL GARRETT  of New Baltimore   Will Probated Nov. 14, 1859
    Heirs:  wife, Fanny;  sons, Jasper, John and Allen, daughters, Eliza,
    Hannah, Catharine, Ann, Mary and Esther; John, son of Michael
    Executors:  Jasper and Allen Garrett
    Witnesses:  Gilbert Bedell and William Gilkins
EZRA MERTON of Durham     Will Probated November 28, 1959
    Heirs:  wife, Maria L;  mother, Maria Allerton; brother, George
    Allerton; nephew, Frank Herbert Allerton
    Executors:  Orrin C. Stevens and Russel Wakely
    Witnesses:  Orrin C. Stevens of Greenville and John P. Campbell of
JOHN COLLIER of Catskill     Will Probated December 5, 1859
    Heirs:  William Schuneman and David W. Duncan
    Executors:  John VanVechten of Catskill and W. C. Stewart of

ELIZABETH WRIGHT  of Durham    Will Probated January 25 1860
    Heirs:  sons, Asahel of Farmington, Tioga Co, PA and Anson I.; Lydia, widow of Walter
    Barlow of Durham; grand daughter, Joann Purington; grand daughter, Maryette Bebee of
    Farmington, Tioga  Co, PA; her father, Jonathan Stokes;  daughter, Ann, wife of Joseph B.
    Purington of Durham; three grandsons, Calvin and Anson B. W., sons of Amson I. Wright
    and Warren, son of Walter Barlow.
    Executors:  Anson P. and Anson B. Wright.
    Witnesses:  Bradford Wright and Seth Rundell
FREDERICK I. COOKINGHAM of Claverack, Columbia Co, NY
Will Probated February 13, 1860
    Heirs:  wife, Christina;  two sons, John Henry and Peter Franklin;  daughters, Eliza
    Catharine, wife of Freeman Miller and Gertrude Matilda.  three grand daughters, Vasti
    Matilda, Eliza Ann and Martha Melista, daughters of deceased daughter, Margaret Maria.
    Executors:  two sons, John Henry and Peter Franklin.
    Witnesses:  Alexander S. Rowley of Hudson, Columbia Co, NY and Samuel M. Miller of
    Claverack, Columbia Co, NY.
HANNAH LOBDELL of Greenville   Will Probated February 21, 1860
    Heirs:  sister, Electa Crandle;  nephew, Edwin Crandle; niece, Lucy Ann Lobdell.
    Executor:  Russell Stone
    Witnesses:  Adaline Hallock and Joseph P. Hallock
WILLIAM CHICHESTER  of Cairo   Will Probated March 12, 1860
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine;  daughters, Maria, wife of Seymour Adams; Ann Eliza, wife of
    George Mayo and Peggy, wife of Jacob Sax; grand daughter, Ann Eliza Croswell.
    Executor:  son-in-law, Seymour Adams
    Witnesses:  Augustus Hill and Solon White
DANIEL MORRISON  of Halcott   Will Probated April 2, 1860
    Heirs:  wife, Philena;  son, Martin; children, Amelia, wife of Merrick Bellows; Jemima, wife
    of Thomas Crosby; Lucinda and Daniel, Jr.
    Executor:  son, Martin
    Witnesses:  Isaac Hewitt of Middletown, Delaware Co, NY and William A. TenBroeck of the
    same place.
CORNELIUS BEER of Prattsville  Will Probated April 11, 1860
    Heirs:  wife, Emeline;  sons, Salem B., Aaron and Seth M; daughters, Elizabeth, Annis O.,
    Clemenza and Estelle.
    Executor:  Henry Cook
    Witnesses:  Levi Kipp of Prattsville and Henry Cooke of Ashland.
DANIEL DRUMMOND  of Catskill  Will Probated April 30, 1860
    Heirs:  sister, Ann
    Executrix:  sister, Ann
    Witnesses:  Christopher Fiero and John P. Teetsell of Saugerties
MARTHA BRADBURY  of Athens  Will Probated April 30, 1860
    Heirs:  nieces, Mary Lawton and Phebe B. Bancroft, Ellen Bedell, Hannah and Mary,
    daughters of sister, Mary, Elizabeth Lawton;   sister, Ann Gaige;  nephews, Abraham
    Lawton, William, Abraham and Benjamin Bedell, Caleb Coffin and Samuel Greene and
    David Bancroft;  John and niece, Catharine, children of brother, John C., deceased;  Bradbury
    Wilkinson;  Sarah Turner of Berne, Albany County.
    Executors:  Nephew, Abraham Lawton and Samuel Green.
    Witnesses:  Sidney Miller and James Orson
RICHARD VANDENBURGH  of Coxsackie  Will Probated Jun. 4, 1860
    Heirs:  wife, Sarah E.;  sons, William I., Warner, Jacob and Richard.
    Executors:  wife and Obadiah Lampman
    Witnesses:  Teunis W. and Richard Vandenburgh
AARON BUTLER  of Greenville          Will Probated June 11, 1860
    Hiers:  wife, Sarah;  children, Lewis Butler, Aaron Butler Jr., Ann, wife of Eli Scutt;  Minerva,
    wife of John Miller and Harriet wife of Elisha C. Powell; grand daughter, Marilla, child of    
    daughter Marilla Belleck, deceased;  grand daughter, Sarah Emeline, child of Abel Butler;
    grandson, Hiram B. son of daughter Sarah Wooster, deceased;  two grand daughters, 
    Charlotte Ardell and Anna, daughters of daughter, Sarah Wooster, deceased
    Executors:  sons, Lewis and Aaron Butler, Jr. and son-in-law, Elisha Powell.
    Witnesses:  Edwin D. Talmadge and Gideon Botsford.
PETER A. SNYDER  of Freehold    Will Probated June 18, 1860
        (Freehold is in the town of Greenville)
    Heirs:  five children, Henry W., Abraham, John, Peter P., and Jane Merritt; two
    grandchildren, children of deceased daughter, Maria--Anly Ann Backer and Peter S. Every;
    four grandchildren, children of son James---Margaret E., Mary I., Adelia and Sarah.
    Executor:  Dr. Philip Teats
    Witnesses:  Lucy King and Mary King of Freehold and Charles A. Purdy of White Plains.
ANTHONY VanBERGEN  of Coxsackie   Will Probated July 2, 1860   
    Heirs:  wife Lavine, and daughter Maria
    Executors:  daughter, Maria, and son-in-law, Roswell Reed and son, Peter A. VanBergen
    Witnesses:  Charles W. Peck and Sidney A. Leright
ELIADA ROGERS  of Cairo              Will Probated July 9, 1860 
    Heirs:  wife, Orietta;  daughters, Ann Elizabeth, Emeline, Catharine;  sons, Calvin, Russel,
    Anson and Hiram.
    Executor:  Joseph P. Hallock
    Witnesses:  Harley Norton and Frances E. Norton of Greenville.

JOHN F. TOLLEY of Athens             Will Probated July 11, 1860
    Heirs:  wife, Elsey;  son, John F. Jr.; youngest child, Jane; daughters, Maria and Catharine,
    wife of Staats Degroot.
    Executor:  son, John F. Jr.
    Witnesses:  F. W. Tolley and James G. Foster
WILLIAM EDWARDS  of Athens     Will Probated August 27, 1860
    Heirs:  wife, Susan;  three sons, Jacob, George and John; three daughters, Eliza, wife of
    Gilbert Vermilyea; Jane, wife of William Day; Althea, wife of Rulandus Smith;  grand
    daughter, daughter of William Edwards, Jr.
    Executors:  wife and John and Jacob Edwards
    Witnesses:  Thomas Burroughs, Orsman Hollister and John T. Whitmore.
JOHN EDSELL  of Catskill         Will Probated August 27, 1860
    Heirs:  wife, Hannah
    Executrix:  wife, Hannah
    Witnesses:  Rufus H. King and G. Lynes
DEBORAH RUSHMORE of Athens Will Probated September 17, 1860
    Heirs:  sons, Erasmus and Laban C. Rushmore; daughter, Mary Fitchet; grandson, Wilson
    Rushmore, son of Colon Rushmore; grandson, Richard, son of Thomas Rushmore;
    grandson, Frank, son of Hiland Rushmore.
    Executors:  son, Laban C. Rushmore, William H. VanOrden of Catskill.
    Witnesses:  Rufus H. King and Peleg C. Mattoon
DANIEL MANZER  of Ashland   Will Probated September 24, 1860
    Heirs:  wife, Mary;  children, Almira, Nancy, Moriah, James, Christiana, David, Phebe, Ann
    and Jane.
    Executor:  None listed on copy
    Witnesses:  Peter I. Stanley and Garwood Tuttle
HENRY BAKER  of Coxsackie  Will Probated November 23, 1860
    Heirs:  Those entitled to it, no names mentioned.
    Executors:  William and John H. Baker and son-in-law
    John G. Bedell
    Witnesses:  David M. Hamilton and G. Lusk
WILLIAM B. HUMPHREY  of Durham  Will Probated Nov. 26, 1860
    Heirs:  wife, Betsey
    Executrix:  wife, Betsey
    Witnesses:  L. Tremain and M. B. Mattice
STEPHEN BURGER  of Hunter  Will Probated November 5, 1860
    Heirs:  wife, Hannah;  sons, Daniel and Stephen.
    Executors:  wife, Hannah and son Daniel Burger
    Witnesses:  A. H. Chittenden and Robert Elliott
TOBIAS WYNKOOP  of Catskill  Will Probated December 5, 1860
          (Veteran of the War of 1812 and 1813)
    Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth; children of son, John I; grandson, John S. Wynkoop; (mentions
    brother of John S. Wynkoop--Tobias)
    Executrix:  wife, Elizabeth
    Witnesses:  Eliza and Charles A. King
DANIEL BURGER  of Hunter   Will Probated December 10, 1860
    Heirs:  wife, Sylvia D.;  mother of deceased, Hannah Martin.
    Executors:  Horatio G. Baldwin and James Douglass
    Witnesses:  Horatio G. Baldwin and Sanford Howard
PHILIP SLAWSON  of Cairo  Will Probated November 28, 1860
    Heirs:  sons, Horace, Alonzo and Silas B.
    Executor:  Emmet K. Haight
    Witnesses:  John Edwards and Joseph Hallock

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