Wills 1841-1850

Wills of Greene County
Abstracts from 1841-1850

Abstract of Wills from 1802 to 1900, being copied from the records in the office of the Surrogate at Catskill, NY by RAY C. SAWYER,
Volume 1 copied in 1933 

Transcribed by Annette Campbell

BENJAMIN HAVILAND  of Athens   Will Probated January 13 1841
    Heirs:  Oldest son, Benjamin H.; daughter, Hannah, wife of Hiram Wilbur; son James L. Haviland; grandson, James L.; grandson, James, son of son John L.
    Haviland, deceased.
    Executors:  Benjamin and James L. Haviland, sons.
    Witnesses:  William P. Allcott and Henry Stranahan.
BENJAMIN HINE  of Cairo      Will Probated January 25, 1841
    Heirs:  Nephew Benjamin H. Hayes and his mother, Olive Hayes; nephews & nieces--Amanda Brown, Maria Stone, William, Henry P. and Miles Darby;
    Lewis Hine, Mary Babcock, Harvey Hine, Arsaly Wickes, Henry W., Hiram, Harlow, Edwin, Newel Hine;  Emma C. Lamb, Samuel L. Hayes, Calvin W.
    Hayes, William C. Hayes,  Clempa H. Terbush; Martin G., Benjamin H., Loren B. Hayes, Nobel I. Hine, Harriet Arnold, Ann Stone; Mary, Phebe, Eliza
    Hine; Laura Bowditch, Smith Hine; Hiram Hine, son of Walter Hine; Mudula Foster, Seaton Hine.
    Executors:   Benjamin H. Hayes and George Wiekes.
    Witnesses:  Frederick Crasper, Jr. and Sullel Terbush.
JACOB WARING  of Greenville   Will Probated February 4, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife Lena;  Moris Southerland
    Executors:  Wife and James Stevens
    Witnesses:  Orwin C. Stevens and Alanson Pitts
WILLIAM AVERY  of Cairo     Will Probated February 22, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife, Polly:  Abel Avery, Jr., nephew James D. White; Benjamin P. Burhans.
    Executors:   Wife and James M. Sanford and Benjamin Peck.
    Witnesses:  Isaac Bogardus and Amasa Mattoon
JONATHAN PRESTON  of Cairo  Will Probated March 22, 1841
    Heirs:  Sons, Truman J. and Sherwood K. Preston; two daughters--Clarinda, wife of William B. Taft and Sally Ann, wife of Simeon Sage.
    Executor:  Simeon Sage
    Witnesses:  John Bonestale, Abraham Decker and Isaac J. Dubois.
EBENEZER KNAPP  of Lexington   Will Probated May 17, 1841
    Heirs:  Sons, -- Thomas E. and Silas:  Daughters, --Lois Newcomb and Hannah Ellis:  Heirs of daughter, Saly White.
    Executor:  Anson Strong.
    Witnesses:  John Jerome and Feletitia Smith and Chauncy Jerome.
PETER BOGARDUS  of Coxsackie  Will Probated May 17, 1841
    Heirs:  Children, -- Daniel, Anthony, Ephraim, Isaac, Jacob, Henry and daughter, Eliza, wife of Joseph A. Godfrey.
    Executors:  Thomas W. Gay and Streat Stoutenburgh
    Witnesses:  Rufus W. Watson and William R. Park.
JACOB MARTIN  of Lexington  Will Probated May 17, 1841
    Heirs: Son, John K.; daughters, --Catherine, late the wife of Christopher Deyoe; Mary, wife of Edmund Richards; Jane, wife of David Deyoe;  Sally, wife of
    Jonathan Graphagen, Betsey, wife of Ephraim Chamberlain; Hannah, wife of William T. Huggins;  son, Ira D. Martin.
    Executors:  Zadock Pratt and John K. Martin
    Witnesses:  E. A. Clark, Stephen F. Hoyt and Frederick A. Fenn.
JOHN STURTEVANT  of Prattsville  Will Probated June 14, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife, Almira;  sons William H. and Samuel H. Sturtevant; daughters, Harriet S. and Deborah I.; brother-in-law, Samuel Hasey of Oswego.
    Executors:  Elijah Wood of Roxbury, Greene County and Samuel Hasey.
    Witnesses:  Samuel Hasey, William H. Jackson and Peter A. Frier.
DAVID BALDWIN  of Durham   Will Probated June 28, 1841
    Hiers:  Wife, Julia; Caldwell, son of Anson Baldwin, deceased; Gustus Finch and wife Betsey; Julia, Rebecca, Polly and Bathsheba.
    Executors:  Gustus Finch and Betsey, wife.
    Witnesses:  Jerome Albert Finch and Asinee Foote
PETER MILLER  of Durham   Will Probated  July 1, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife, Catharine;  two sons,--John and Peter; daughters, --Eliza, wife of Lewis Hitchcock, Caroline, wife of David Luner, Maria, youngest daughter.
    Executors:  Sons, Peter Miller, Jr. and John Miller
    Witnesses:  Jacob Roggen and Abner Flower
EDMUND MACOMBER  of Catskill  Will Probated July 6, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife, Elisa A., son, Edmund K.
    Executors:  John R. Linsey and James Webster
    Witnesses:  John R. Linsey and James Webster
MARY UPHAM of Cairo   Will Probated July 12, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife Caty;  daughters, --Mary Thane Upham and Anna Upham;  son, Caleb.
    Executors:  daughters, Mary Thane Upham and Anna Upham
    Witnesses:  Frederick Crapser and Benjamin H. Hayes.
TIMOTHY B. TYLER of Renselaerville, Albany County, NY  Will Probated July 12, 1841
    Hiers:  Wife, Parnell.
    Executrix:  wife, Parnell
    Witnesses:  David and Anson Baldwin and Amos Brand.
GEORGE SPRAGUE of Durham   Will Probated August 14,1841
    Heirs: Wife, Amanda; father, Epenetus Sprague
    Executors: Alanson Marks and Epenetus Sprague
    Witnesses:  William Pierce and Charlotte Pratt
SAMUEL REYNOLDS  of Athens  Will Probated August 25, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife, Ruth;  nephew Abraham of Chataguay, Franklin  County; Margaret and Ruth, daughters of Abraham Reynolds; two children of friend Jacob
    Stout, Jr., late of Waterford, Saratoga County; wife's sister, Sarah Crosby; Samuel Platt, son of Isaac L. Platt;  Samuel Robertson; nephew Abraham
    Reynolds of Scipio, Cayuga County, NY;  niece Mary R. Parke, wife of Arthur Parke of Parkersburg, PA;  to her son Samuel R. Parke; his father, Arthur
    Parke; her daughter Ruth; Maria E., wife of Isaac L. Platt; Alfred E. Worden; Maria Worden; nephew William Reynolds; nephew Samuel Reynolds, son of
    Thomas Reynolds, late of Chataguay, NY; Samuel R. House, son of John House of Waterford; Abbey House, wife of John House of Waterford; niece,
    Margaret Jane Myers; niece Ruth Reynolds; nephew, Tilton Reynolds, son of Thomas Reynolds, deceased; his daughters, Margaret and Ruth; nephew
    Thomas Reynolds; widow of cousin John Reynolds, late of Wilmington, Del.; Elizabeth Moore of Wilmington, Del.;  Isaac L. Platt of New York City;
    Matthew I. Myers of Athens; John C. House. son of John House of Waterford;  Fanny Hedges of Lansingburgh; William C. Griggs; three children of
    nephew Henry H. Reynolds,--Augustus W., Francis W., and Sarah; Jacob L. Platt; children of Jacob L. Platt of New York City,--John R., Mary Jane, Lydia
    and Isaac J.;  Samuel R. Perlee, son of Walter Perlee; sister, Ruth Perlee; Lucy F. Myers of Whitehall, widow of the late I. H. Myers; Isreal Platt of Hudson;
    William Benson; Elizabeth, daughter of James A. Dwight of Montreal; Mary Jane, wife of Henry H. Reynolds of New York City; Harriet, wife of Dr.
    Brewster of Preston Hollow.
    Executors: Nephew Isaac L. Platt of New York City and Matthew I. Myers of Athens.
    Witnesses:  E. Pierce and Alonzo Green.
JOHN DUBOIS of Catskill   Will Probated Aug 30, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife; Children of son, Joel DuBois, Jr.; children of son, John D. DuBois; sons,--Ira, James and Isaac: daughters, Jane and Catharine; son-in-law
    Jonathan Palen; nephew, Isaac I. DuBois.
    Executors:  Ira DuBois, Jonathan Palen, Isaac I. DuBois
PETER KEMP  of Catskill   Will Probated September 9, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife, Elizabeth; children Elizabeth P. and Peter.
    Executors:  George Schumaker, Robert Dorlon and Jacob Perren.
    Witnesses:  Abraham VanVechten and Samuel DuBois.
SAMUEL BAGLEY of Windham  Will Probated Sept. 15, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife, Laura; sons,-Thomas Newton, Horace and Sandford; two daughters, not mentioned by name.
    Executors:  Wife,  Sylvester Munger and Luther  Hayes
    Witnesses:  Samuel Atwater and Alfred Gardner
NATHAN LOCKWOOD of Cairo   Will Probated November 1, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary;  three sons,-Alfred, Nathaniel and Shubal; four daughters,-Hannah, wife of Amos Finch; Sally, wife of  Richard Carter; Ann, wife of
    Thomas Carter; Jane, wife of Smith Renne.
    Executors: Son, Alfred Lockwood and Amasa Mattoon.
    Witnesses:  Smith W. Mead and Samuel Haight.
PETER GROOM of Athens   Will Probated November 18, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife;  son, Warner; daughters, - Olive and Elizabeth.
    Executor:  Son, Warner Groom
    Witnesses:  Eli Pierce, J. H. Wheeler and Henry VanLoan
MATHEW WINTER of Hunter  Will Probated December 6, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife, Anna;  daughter, Sally Fairchild, wife of Edward; daughter, Ann Wolcott; daughter, Cordelia Woodworth; daughter, Mary Loop;  Hannah
    Ann Woodworth, daughter of daughter Elizabeth, deceased;  Daniel Mead and Elizabeth Wood, children of daughter Lydia, deceased; sons,--Robert and
    Executors:  Nothing written here
    Witnesses:   John Beach of Catskill and Caroline F. Beach of  Hunter.
JACOB CARLE  of Hunter   Will Probated December 6, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife, Sally;  sons,--Judson Hard Carle, Southwick Hubbard Carle; daughter, Caroline.
    Executor:  Dr. Amos I. Hard.
    Witnesses:  John Beach, Jr. and Lucilla E. Beach.
 THOMAS HALLECK of New Baltimore  Will Probated Sep 20, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife, Rhoda; daughters,--Nancy, Abigail, Sally, Keziah, Susannah, Ruth, Mariah.
    Executors:  Elisha Powell and Henry VanOblenis
    Witnesses:  Oliver and Amy Powell
ISAAC FITCHER  of Coxsackie  Will Probated October 18, 1841
    Heirs:  Wife, Polly;  sons,--Isaac Jr., Harry and Peter; daughters Catharine, wife of Isaac P. Fitcher; Frances, wife of Elliott Holbrook; Caroline, wife of
    George D. King; daughter Maria, wife of John Mott.
    Executors:  Sons, Isaac Jr. and Harry; son-in-law, George B. King and Thomas Burroughs.
    Witnesses:  Matthew Halleck, Ebenezer Sniffen and Nathan Burroughs.

ELIAKIM STANNARD  of Durham   Will Probated Jan. 17, 1842
    Heirs:  Sons,--Silas, Lyman, and Josiah;  daughters,-- Olive, Betsey, Mandy, Charlotte and Cynthia.
    Executors:  Sons,--Silas and Lyman
    Witnesses:  Peter Miller, Jr. and William Eggrew, Jr.
JAMES W. COOKE  of Catskill  Will Probated Jan. 17, 1842
    Heirs:  Mother, Ruth.
    Executrix:  Mother, Ruth.
    Witnesses:  John VanVleck and Henry B. Hill
ZEBULON GREEN  of Athens  Will Probated February 7, 1842
    Heirs:  Wife;  sons,--John A., William and Jacob R.; daughter, Jemima, wife of Robert Moulten.
    Executor:  son, John A. Green
    Witnesses:  John Conine and William Tolley
JEREMIAH MANDIGO  of Cairo  Will Probated January 24, 1842
    Heirs:  Son, Jeremiah;  heirs of deceased son William; heirs of deceased son Stephen; heirs of deceased daughter Mary, wife of Nicholas Aker;  daughters,
    Jane, wife of Jacob Aker; Fanny, wife of Isreal Wood; Phebe, wife of William Stratton; daughter Sarah, wife of Melanethan Sutton; son, Archibald.
    Executors:  Son, Archibald of Cairo and Perkins King of  Greenville.
    Witnesses:  Nathaniel Lockwood and Shubal Lockwood
MATHIAS H. VANDENBURGH  of Coxsackie  Will Probated February 28, 1842
    Hiers:  Wife, Elizabeth; daughter, Christina, wife of Peter Houghtaling;  son, Henry;  son's daughter Christina. (mentions brother Richard Vandenburgh
    and his son, Peter R. Vandenburgh)
    Executors:  Anthony M. VanBergen and William V.B. Adams.
    Witnesses:  Clinton DeWitt, Coxsackie and R.H. Sylvester
ROBERT DELAMATER of Coxsackie  Will Probated March 7, 1842
    Heirs:  Wife, Phebe;  son, Claudius;  children, James and Angelica; Simpson Bell, son-in-law, trustee of daughter Ann, wife of David N. Blossom
    Executors:  Wife;  son, William; Peter H. Sylvester
    Witnesses:  Casper I. Hallenbeck of Athens and Stephen VanDyck of Coxsackie
WILLIAM TOMPKINS of Windham  Will Probated March 14, 1842
    Heirs:  Wife, Lydia;  sons,--Levi, John, William, James, Nathaniel, Wilsey and Smith; daughters, --Jane, Maria, Margaret, Nancy and Mahala.
    Executors:  No one on copy
    Witnesses:  John H. Conine, Solomon Tompkins and James Currie.
MATTHIAS R. HALLENBECK  of Coxsackie   (In 1842 list-no date)
    Heirs:  Son, William and sons of William.
    Executors:  William Tolley of Athens; John Spoor and Anthony M. VanBergen of Coxsackie.
    Witnesses:  Clinton DeWitt, Matthew VanAlstyne and Robert J. Vandenburgh.
JOSEPH ALLEN of Catskill  Will Probated March 28, 1842
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary;  children mentioned but not by name.
    Executor:  Son, Samuel Allen of Newport.
    Witnesses:  J. VanOrden, A. VanVechten and R. Dorlon.
JOHN BOGARDUS of Catskill   Will Probated April 18, 1842
    Heirs:  Wife; sons, John, James, Ira, Martin Brooks; daughters Adaline, wife of Peter Collier; Jane, wife of Samuel Felter.
    Executors:  Peter VanVechten of Catskill; son Ira Bogardus
    Witnesses:  Abraham VanVechten & Philip V.V. VanOrden.
JOHN GARRETT of New Baltimore  Will Probated June 20, 1842
    Heirs:  Wife, Catharine; son, Leonard; daughters, Emeline, Catharine, Caroline, Arminda, wife of Josh Baker; daughter, Eleanor, wife of Henry M. Requa;
    grandson, Jonathan Miller; grand daughter, Catharine A. Miller;  sons, Frederick, Peter R. and Ransom; grandchildren, John C. Garrett and Ashman
    Garrett; Catharine Adelaide Garrett, sister of son, John C. and Ashman Garrett
    Executors:  Son, Peter R. Garrett and Leonard Garrett
    Witnesses:  P.H. Silvester and Stephen VanDyck.
JOHN GOETSCHIUS of Catskill  Will Probated August 12, 1842
    Heirs:  Three sons, Jacob T., John P., and Peter M.; Wife Hannah.
    Executors:  Jacob T.  and Peter H.
    Witnesses:  William Schuneman and John Deane
ROBERT MILLER  of Windham  Will Probated October 17, 1842
    Heirs:  Robert B., son of Andrew Miller, Jr.; Sally, wife of Michael Miller;  Betsey, wife of Peter Miller; my father, Andrew Miller; Andrew Miller, Jr.;
    Michael Miller; Peter Miller; Catharine Hubbard; Betsey Bronson, Ira Miller; Aaron W. Burhans; William Miller, Jr., Abner Hubbard.
    Executors:  Peter Miller and Sylvester Hitchcock.
    Witnesses:  Washington Bishop and Sylvester Hitchcock.
ELI HUTCHINSON  of Catskill   Will Probated December 5, 1842
    Heirs:  Niece Mary H. Mulford; nephew, George H. Bulkley; nephew, Charles I. Mulford; nephew, John T. Conklin;  Clarinda Amanda Conkling,
    daughter of John T. Conkling; Sarah A., daughter of John J. Watson;  Mary Fisher;  Charles Hedges and William Hedges, children of Phebe Hedges,
    deceased; Charles M. Jenkins; Henry and Harriet Jenkins, children of Jonathan  Jenkins;  heirs of my sister Mehitable Dayton, deceased; heirs of my sister
    Phoebe Paine, deceased; heirs of my sister Betsey Colvard, widow of Asa Colvard, deceased.
    Executors:  John Adams and Charles L. Mulford.
    Witnesses:  Jacob R. Greene and David Ely.
PETER T. SMITH  of Lexington   Will Probated December 12, 1842
    Heirs:  Daughters, Betsey A. Miller and Anne Briggs; grandsons Peter T. Smith and Peter T. Miller.
    Executor:  Son, James Smith.
    Witnesses:  Henry Goslee and Peter L. Shear.

MINOR HUBBELL  of Coxsackie  Will Probated Jan. 23, 1843
    Heirs:  Wife, Betsey; grandsons, Peter D. and John H. Wright, sons of Olney F. Wright; son-in-law Henry Grune; son Peter.
    Executors:  Wife, Betsey; son Peter Hubbell and son-in-law, Henry Grune.
    Witnesses:  William V.B Heermance, George N. Keith and John VanVleck.
RUSSEL LEFFINGWELL of Athens   Will Probated Feb 27, 1843
    Heirs:  Wife, Sarah; Jane, wife of James T. Haviland; Sarah, wife of Justus Howland;  daughter Emilla, wife pf John Clough; two daughters,--Rachel P and
    Abby Leffingwell and two sons, John B and George W.
    Executors:  Sons,--Charles F and Robert B. Leffingwell
    Witnesses:  F.W. Tolly and Henry Vandenbergh
JANE WOOLSEY  of Athens   Will Probated May 8, 1843
    Heirs:  Daughters,--Margaret P. H. and Frances S.; (mentions a George.)
    Executors:  Samuel Green and Thomas Coffin
    Witnesses:  John Lawton and Abram Bedell
DAVID C. PORTER  of NY City  Will Probated May 16, 1843
    Heirs:  Wife, Rose Anne.
    Executors:  Wife and Addison Porter of Philadelphia: Charles Stoddard of Boston
    Witnesses:  Caleb Day and Abel Brace, both of Catskill
ROSWELL LAWRENCE of Catskill  Will Probated May 29, 1843
    Heirs:  Wife, Leah:  sons, Wynkoop, Lewis, Elbert and Edward Merchant Lawrence; daughters, Maria, Jeanette and Emeline, wife of John Hertell; her
    children, Edward, Lewis and Grace Ann.
    Executors:  Wife, Leah; son,  Lewis and John R. Linzey.
    Witnesses:  John R. Linzey, Tobias Wynkoop, and Magdalena Linzey.
AMOS HAMLIN  of Durham   Will Probated June 12, 1843
    Heirs:  Daughter, Louiziana, wife of Thomas Fenner; son, Daniel D. Tompkins Hamlin; children Amos Hamlin Jr. and Harriet Hamlin.
    Executors:  Lyman Stannard of Durham, Lawrence Fenner of Rensselaerville, County of Albany
    Witnesses:  John O'Brien and Lyman Tremain
NATHAN BOTSFORD  of Greenville  Will Probated June 20, 1843
    Heirs:  Wife, Abiah;  sons,--Eli and David;  daughters,-- Phoebe Scofield, Olive, wife of Sheldon Cherritree.
    Executors:  Son, Eli and Hervey George
    Witnesses:  Hervey George and  David Hall. 
DEBORAH SHERWOOD of Catskill  Will Probated June 27, 1843
    Heirs:  Two daughters,--Gennette, wife of Edward Avery of Wooster, Ohio; Antoinette, wife of Simeon F. Huntington of Akron, Ohio; Sally, wife of
    Clark Bissell and Abby, widow of Charles Jessup of Fairfield County, Connecticut.
    Executor:  Edgar B. Day
    Witnesses:  Orrin Day and S. Sherwood Day.
SAMUEL JONES  of Cairo  Will Probated July 31 1843
    Heirs:  Wife, Eve;  sons,--Joseph H., Andrew P., Samuel L.,  Henry H., William H. and Elijah;  daughters,--Sally A., Mary Jane, Charity E. and Margaret A.
    Executors:  None on copy
    Witnesses:  Levi King and Mori Stoddard
CLARK TWISS  of Windham  Will Probated August 21, 1843
    Heirs:  Wife, Marilla;  sister, Laura Gilbert; wife's sister, Anna Brown; Judson B. Tibbals.
    Executors:  Wife and Judson B. Tibbals
    Witnesses:  Samuel and Smith Reynolds
MEHITABLE HOPKINS  of NY City   Will Probated Oct 9, 1843
    Heirs:  Caleb; late brother of Freeman Hopkins' widow, Mrs. Phebe Hopkins of New York;  children of Freeman Hopkins, deceased.
    Executors:  None on Copy
    Witnesses:  Damuel S. Day and Frederick Hill

JOHN DEWITT  of Durham   Will Probated January 22, 1844
    Heirs:  Wife, Hannah;  sons,--Isreal, Alexander, Orlean, Henry, Daniel; daughters, --Maria, wife of Gideon Howard; Delia, wife of Blake Wales; Harriet;
    heirs of son Peter, deceased--Edward, Albert, Mariah, John.
    Executors:  Orlean Dewitt, Daniel Jones and Isreal Dewitt.
    Witnesses--Alfred Tripp and Abner Flower.
MARY BURGESS  of Athens  Will Probated January 22, 1844
    Heirs:  Eli Pierce and wife, Sarah; niece Maria M.H., wife of Mr. Jacob Haight;  nephew, William Burgess; William Burgess, father of Sarah Pierce;
    Elizabeth Burgess, widow of late brother, John Burgess;  Eliza, daughter of late brother John Burgess;  Jane Bryan; Hannah Smith; John Munson, husband
    of Ann Burgess; William Burgess, son of brother John Burgess. (mentions sister Hannah Burgess, deceased)
    Executors:  Nathan Clark and Sarah Pierce, niece and her husband Eli Pierce
    Witnesses:  Alexander Shaw, Ethan S ?. Fox of Athens and Allen Jordan of Hudson.
HERMON HERVEY  of Durham  Will Probated February 26, 1844
    Heirs:  Sons,--Russell, Herman M.;  daughters,--Sarah, Jane A., wife of Elijah C. Salisbury; Fanny M., wife of Ira H. Noblis; Amanda, wife of Isaac W.
    Executor:  Elijah C. Salisbury
    Witnesses:  Thomas Caldwell and Jacob Freese
JAMES BROWN  of Athens  Will Probated March 4, 1844
    Heirs:  Wife, Ellen Brown; George, son of John Brown of Newport, R.I.
    Executors:  John B. Coffin, John H. Wheeler and Ellen Brown, wife.
    Witnesses:  Alexander and William H. Shaw
PETER R. VANDENBERGH  of Coxsackie  Will Probated April 18, 1844
    Heirs:  Wife, Elizabeth; sons,--Jacob, Richard, Ludlow, Isaac, Tunis; daughters,--Anna, Catherine, Elizabeth, Helen, Mary Christina, Elsie and Rachel.
    Executors:  William V.B. Adams, wife, Elizzabeth and Anthony M. VanBergen.
    Witnesses:  P.H. Silvester and J.C. VanDyck.
RUTH REYNOLDS?  widow of Samuel of Athens Will Probated April 25, 1844
    Heirs:  Niece, Ruth Reynolds, daughter of Abraham and Sarah Reynolds; Dorcas Robertson; Abby House; niece, Sarah Crosby; sister of Sarah Crosby;
    sister Joles, Ruth Perlee, Cyrenus Crosby.
ELIAB ALDEN  of Cairo    Will Probated June 2, 1844
    Heirs:  Sons,--Eliab, Levi, Charles and Joseph; Charles and John Korts, minor children of daughter, Mary, deceased.
    Executor:  Son, Levi H. Alden
    Witnesses:  Abram Bartly, Lawrence Beckwith and Charles Alden.
JOHN LAWTON  of Athens          Will Probated June 3, 1844
    Heirs:  Wife, Ellen
    Executrix:  Wife Ellen
    Witnesses:  D. F. Lester, Joel Bellamy, and J. Pinckney
JOHN SCHUNEMAN  of Athens    Will Probated June 3, 1844
    Heirs:  Mariah, wife;  daughters,--Anna Maria, Catharine and Nelly; sons,--Peter, John, Garrit and Martin.
    Executors:  Luke Kiersted and Garrit Person, also sons,-- Peter and Martin.
    Witnesses:  Robert Dorlon and John VanVechten
JOHN ARMSTRONG, JR, of New Baltimore   Will Probated July 15, 1844
    Hiers:  Wife, Rachel:  daughters,--Heather, Catharine, Elsie  Christina; Leah Evertson, daughter of wife Rachel; sons,-- Abraham and Peter.
    Executors:  Anthony VanBergen of New Baltimore and Peter R. Vandenbergh of Coxsackie.
    Witnesses:  William V.B. Heermance, Isaiah Roberts, Arthur McCaskey
BENJAMIN BAKER  of New Baltimore      Will Probated  August 5, 1844
    Heirs:  Wife, Clarissa; Ariettah Jadwin, wife of Peter;  Mary Marshall, Mary Brown, Henry B. Hall, Benjamin B.  Houghtaling, son of the late Anthony C.
    Executor:  Henry B. Hall
    Witnesses:  James Houghtaling and Andrew Vanderpool.
JAMES THOMPSON  of Durham  Will Probated October 19, 1844
    Heirs:  Wife; her son, Hezekiah Thompson; her three daughters,--Caroline Thompson Young, Sarah Ann Peck and Betsey Vose Hand, son-in-law Edward
    Executors:  Anna Thompson, John Young and Edward Hand.
    Witnesses:  Lyman Tremain and Sahar Milkins of Durham and John Hand of Albany.
SILAS SCRIBNER of Cairo   Will Probated December 10, 1844
    Heirs:  Wife, Anna:  children,--Henrietta, Sally, Ira, Nelson, Abigail, Samuel and Lyman:  Silas W., son of Richard and Abigail Legg; children of Isaac W.
    Executor:  Robert C. Field
    Witnesses:  Peleg C. Mattoon, Erastus Cole

WILLIAM AVERY of Cairo  Will Probated January 29, 1845
    Heirs:  Son, Abel, Jr.;  nephew James D. White; Benjamin  F. Burhans.
    Executors:  Wife, Polly and James M. Sanford and Benjamin Peck.
    Witnesses:  Isaac Bogardus and Anna Mattoon
ROBERT BARE               Will Probated January 6, 1845
   Heirs:  Deen Bare, son Francis. (Deen/Doon, letters not clear)
   Executor:  Tobias Myers 
   Witnesses:  Abel Brace, Lewis Lawrence and Clark Conn.
NATHANIEL STANTON of Greenville  Will Probated Jan. 27,1845
   Heirs:  Wife. Hannah;  sons,--Albert and Theodore; daughters, Amanda; Angeline, wife of Rev. Egbert R. Pinney; Ann Augusta; brother Philip Stanton;
   Joel Bullock.
   Executor:  son, Albert
   Witnesses Erastus Hamilton and George W. Conkling.
JABEZ HUBBARD  of Durham  Will Probated March 3, 1845
    Heirs:  Wife, Lucretia; two daughters,-- Polly, wife of Charles Piersonn and Laura.
    Executor: son-in-law, Charles Pierson
    Witnesses:  John O'Brien and E. B. Austin
ROSWELL BUMP  of Windham  Will Probated March 10, 1845
    Heirs:  Son, Newton C.; two daughters,--Abigail Fuller and Rebecca Bump; John Robb, Trustee.
    Executor:  Newton C. Bump
    Witnesses:  Moses B. Austin, Willis Clark of Windham and I. O'Brien of Durham
 ELAHNE HUMPHREY, JR. of  Lexington, Will Probated March 10, 1845                                                               
    Heirs:  son, Albert B.; minor children mentioned but not by name; Francis P. Dewey, Iretus D. Bushnell and Eli B. Humphrey.
    Executors:  Iretus D. Bushnell, Francis P. Dewey and son, Albert B. Humphrey.
    Witnesses:  I. D. Bushnell and F. P. Dewey.
ISREAL WHITCOMB of Lexington   Will Probated April 14,1845
    Heirs:  Wife, Elizabeth; sons,-Luman, Isaac, Ruel, and Isreal B.
    Executors:  sons, Luman and Isreal B.
    Witnesses:  Henry Goslee and Mary B. Coe
ABRAHAM A. SALISBURY  of Catskill  Will Probated April 21, 1845   
    Heirs:  Wife, Catharine; four children,--son, Abraham, Anna, wife of Nelson Smith, daughters,--Elsie and Catherine. (mentions father, Abraham and   
    brother Francis)
    Executors:  son, Abraham and Anthony M. VanBergen of Coxsackie.
    Witnesses:  James VanDeusen and William Salisbury.
MURMUTH M. GREENE of New Baltimore  Will Probated May 26, 1845
    Heirs:  Mother, Sally Gage; sister, Lydia Snider and her children; brother Jesse Greene.
    Executors:  Henry Williams and Jane Miller
    Witnesses: David Williams and Elisha D. Miller
JOB S. QUIMBY of Coxsackie  Will Probated April 7, 1845
    Heirs:  Nephew, John W. and niece, Hannah Elizabeth, children of brother, Moses Quimby; brothers,--Moses and Daniel W.; children of brother John B.,
    deceased,-- Thomas S. and Mary Ann; children of John Underhill of New Baltimore.
    Executor:  Brother, Moses Quimby
    Witnesses:  Smith Marshall and Nathaniel Marshall and William F. Terhune.
JAMES BYRNE  of Athens  Will Probated June 9, 1845
    Heirs:  Wife, Abigail; mother, Polly; sisters Catharine and Georgean.
    Executors:  John Bennett and George Byrne
    Witnesses:  J. Nichols and Orrin E. Osborn of Athens. Allen Jordan of Hudson.
ISAAC M. HALLENBECK of Coxsackie  Will Prob. Aug. 4, 1845
    Heirs:  Wife, Leah; five daughters,-Mariah, Magdalen, Anndelia and Ema Jame;  son, Martin.
    Executors:  John I. Hallenbeck and Casper I. Hallenbeck
    Witnesses:  Casper I. Hallenbeck, Jacob Sharp, Martin Hallenbeck.
JEREMIAH MARQUART of Cairo   Will Probated July 28, 1845
    Heirs: Wife, Margaret;  sons,-Solomon and George; daughter Agnes, wife of Frederick Crapser; Catherine, wife of Zachariah Pults; children, Philip and
    Jane; daughters,- Hannah, wife of Jason Snider; Elizabeth, wife of Philip Riesdorpt; Lany, wife of Henry H. Darby.
    Executors:  Frederick Crapser, Isaac Bogardus and Henry W. Owen
    Witnesses:  Benjamin H. Hayes, John Olmsted, William Dubois
SUSANNAH VINCENT  of Durham  Will Prob. August 11, 1845
    Heirs:  Brother, Rennels; children of Rennels,--Samuel, Elizabeth and Lanson; brothers,-Richard and James; Delia, daughter of James Vincent; Christina,
    daughter of brother James; Mary, daughter of brother James; Daniel, son of brother James Vincent; Adelia and Adelaide, daughters of brother James.
    Executors:  Joshua Gardner and Vincent Stilwell
    Witnesses:  Olin Squires and Loren B. Hayes
SETH WARNER             Will Probated September 8, 1845
    Heirs:  Wife, Polly; sons,--Samuel E., Jesse W., Seth O., John P., Oliver L., Edmund A., and George W.; mother, Eliza L. Jones; grandson, William E. Jones
    Executors:  Wife, Polly and son John P.
    Witnesses:  Amasa Mattoon and Peter Fiero
JOSHUA BAKER  of Greenville   Will Probated August 25, 1845
    Heirs:  Wife, Lucy; sons, Elkanah, Joshua, Jr., Toba S., Ezra, and Whitfield; heirs of Silas Baker, deceased; Jane Ree and Rachel Hunt.
    Executor:  Elkanah Baker
    Witnesses:  None on copy
NATHAN THOMPSON of Lexington  Will Prob. December 10 1845
    Heirs:  Wife, Ann Eliza;  children,--James, Irwin, Augusta and  youngest child (no name).
    Executor:  Jacob A. Clawson
    Witnesses:  Henry Goslee and John S. Thompson
LEONARD PATRIE of Durham   Will Probated December 25,1845
    Heirs:  Wife, Hannah;  daughters,-Harriet, wife of James Terbush, Margaret M., wife of William Hanes and granddaughter, Mary Stilwell;  son William
    Executors:  Son, William and James Terbush
    Witnesses:  Abner Flower and Silas Rood

THOMAS PLACE  of Greenville   Will Probated March 2, 1846
    Heirs:  Wife, Phebe Ann; son, Jeremiah; daughter, Charlotte, widow of Newman Smith, deceased; grand daughter Rachel Augusta Place
    Executor: Jeremiah
    Witnesses:  P. King, and Jethan Place of Greenville; James C. Smith of Coxsackie.
JOHN LANGENDYCK  of Catskill  Will Probated March 9, 1846
    Heirs:  Wife, Elizabeth;  sons, Cornelius, Henry and John M.  Jr.; daughters, Caty, wife of Andrew Asker; Margaret Ann, Sarah Rachel,  Joanna, Christina
    Maria and Jane Elizabeth.
    Executors:  Wife, Elizabeth and son John.
    Witnesses:  James Powers, Abel Brace and Benjamin Sax
JOHN WOLF  of New Baltimore   Will Probated March 9, 1846
    Heirs:  Sons, Peter, Henry and John, Jr.; daughters, Margaret, Hannah, Caty, Lena, Eve, Harriet, Margaret; Polly, wife of Tunis Armstrong; grandson John
    Wolf, son of son Philip; granddaughter Esther, daughter of son, Philip.
    Executors:  Son, John Jr. and son-in-law Moses Mead of Coeyman's
    Witnesses:  PH. Silvester and J.C. VanDyck of Coxsackie
    Witnesses to Codicil:  P.H. Silvester and Peter Cook of Coxsackie.
RICHARD BENJAMIN  of Durham  Will Probated March 16, 1846
    Heirs:  Wife, Laura;  children, Stilwell Mudge, Laura Ann, John Wesley Benjamin and Abraham Page Benjamin; daughters, Esther, wife of Ambrose
    Wright; Lodema, wife of Lyman Standard; son, Tera Benjamin of Michigan; Jerusha Mariah, wife of John Grant; grandson, Lysander, son of Amariah
    Benjamin, youngest son, Abraham Paige Benjamin. (Note spelling of Page-Paige-AC)
DAVID HALLSTED  of Coxsackie   Will Probated March 30, 1846
    Heirs:  Wife, Sarah;  sons, Joseph and David;  daughters, Mary Richmond, Patience and Zilpha
    Executors:  Sons, John and Smith Hallsted and nephew, David Powell of New Baltimore
    Witnesses:  John, David and Rebeck Powell of New Baltimore
RICHARD W. PORTER                 Will Probated April 20, 1846
    Heirs:  Wife, Wealthy Elizabeth
    Executrix:  Wife, Wealthy Elizabeth
    Witnesses:  Thomas Parker and Tertius Graham
WILLIAM COOK of Durham              Will Probated July 15, 1846
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary;  daughters, Mariah Barnette and Sally Whittlesey; son, Samuel W.D. Cook
    Executor:  son, Samuel W.D. Cook
    Witnesses:  Asahel Strong and George Sprague
ABRAHAM ONDERDONK  of Coxsackie Will Probated July 6, 1846
    Heirs:  Wife, Rachel;  daughter Jane;  sons, John, Lansing, Hiram, Peter and Charles
    Executors:  Son, Peter;  Isaac T. Whitbeck and Garret W. Sager
    Witnesses:  None on copy
JOHN A. THOMPSON  of Catskill  Will Probated August 24, 1846
    Heirs:  Niece, Helen Sheppard; niece, Charlotte Thompson; mentions her brother Thomas Thompson; Robert Dorlon; niece, Emily O. Bartow, Maria Cole,
    Harriet Bartow, and Frances Bartow.
    Executors:  Thomas Cole and Ezra Hawley
    Witnesses:  Abraham VanVechton and Peter VanVechten
 WHEELER WATSON  of Rensselaerville, County of Albany
    Will Probated September, 21, 1846
    Heirs:  Sons, Malbone and John; four daughters, Rebecca T., wife of Lyman Dwight of Bern; Mary E., wife of Hon. Zadock Pratt of Prattsville, County of
    Greene; Elizabett Watson, single woman; two grandchildren, George W. and Julia H, children of deceased daughter Abigail Pratt.
    Executors:  Son, John and son-in-law, Zadock Pratt of Prattsville.
    Witnesses:  Gideon Cornell and Levi Shaw, both of Rensselearville.
RANSOM JOHNSON of Lexington  Will Probated September 3, 1846
    Heirs:  Wife, Sally;  daughter, Malinda and son Austin
    Executor:  son, Austin
    Witnesses:  C. T. Mallery, Chaunsey Heaford and Edwin C. Johnson.
LEONARD GARRETT  of New Baltimore  Will Probated Oct. 9, 1846
    Heirs:  Mother, Catharine;  children of dead brother, John C. Garret--Athmere, John C, Adelia Garrett;  brother, Peter R.; sister, Elizabeth Miller;  nephew,
     Jonathan Miller;  niece, Antoinette, children of Daniel S. and Elizabeth Miller;  sister, Eleanor Requa, wife of Henry M. Requa;  sister Catharine, wife of
    Smith Powell; Emeline, wife of Gilbert Ward, Jr.; sister Margaret Caroline;  brother, Ransom Garrett; sister Erminda, wife of Joab Baker.
    Executors:  Brother, Ransom; brothers-in-law, Smith Powell, and Gilbert Ward, Jr.; children of Daniel S. Miller, deceased
    Witnesses:  Rufus H. King and Jacob C. VanDyck of Coxsackie
 WELLS FINCH   of Windham   Will Probated December 7, 1846
    Heirs:  Wife, Sally; two sons, Manly and Harvey; daughters, Jane, Delia Ann, Susannah, Harriet and Olive.
    Executors:  son, Manly and brother William Finch
    Witnesses:  Robert Wilson and brother, William Finch
NATHANIEL KI--ER   of Durham   Will Probated December 9, 1846
    Heirs:  Wife, Sally; son, William; daughter, Elizabeth; two grandchildren, Charles B and Elizabeth White, children of deceased daughter Caroline White,
    formerly wife of Benjamin White, now of Rensselaerville.
    Executors:  Sons, William W. and Almeron Marks.
    Witnesses:  George M. Cummings and John M. Mattice
CORNELIUS CRISPELL  of Lexington  Will Probated Dec. 21, 1846
    Heirs:  Wife, Joanna; Elizabeth Stephens and Emeline Finch.
    Executor:  David Obels
    Witnesses:  Henry Goslee and David Obels
NICHOLUS GREENE of Greenville  Will Probated December 28, 1846
    Heirs:  Daughter, Annie;  her sons, William, Datus, Bradford, and Omar; children of daughter Betsey, once wife of Henry Dewitt-- William, Frences and
    Executors:  Two sons, John and George;  Henry Dewitt
    Witnesses:  Ezra Allerton and Francis Allerton
FREDERICK SLEIGHT  of New Baltimore  Will Probated January 7, 1847
    Heirs:  Daughter, Sally Maria; other children, George, Lavina, wife of William Palmer; and Jane Ann, wife of John Spencer
    Executors:  son, George and son-in-law, William Palmer
    Witnesses:  Jacob Willson and Gilbert Bedell
HORACE WILLARD  of Catskill  Will Probated January 4, 1847
    Heirs:  Wife, Sophia S.
    Executors:  William H. Way and Charles S. Willard
    Witnesses:  Robert Dorlon and Thomas C. Way
GARRET BECKER  of Cairo          Will Probated February 15 1847
    Heirs:  son, Harmon;  son-in-law Goodrich Baldwin; daughter Dorcas, wife of G. Baldwin; grandson, Garret Becker, son of Harmon Becker; grandson,
    Garret B., son of Goodrich Baldwin; daughters: Nelly, wife of Adonijah Blackman; Margaret, wife of Derick Bennett; Dorcas, wife of Goodrich Baldwin;
    Henry Becker and Lydia Ann, wife of Justin Brainard; daughter Neinry
    Executors:  son, Harmon Becker and Perkins King
    Witnesses:  Philip Teats and Perkins King
ORRIN DAY  of Catskill                Will Probated February 22, 1847
    Heirs:  Wife;  children, Edgar Burr, Samuel Sherwood, Mary Hall, George Brainard, Julia Ransom, Caroline Eliza, Charlotte Maria, Emily Cordelia and
    Charles Henry.
    Executors:  James Powers. Edgar Burr Day and Samuel Sherwood Day.
    Witnesses:  Jacob R. Green and John Lockie
    Witnesses to codicil:  Frederick Hill and John Hill
CATHARINE WOLVEN  of Catskill   Will Probated February 2, 1847
    (Widow of PETER WOLVEN)
    Heirs:  grandchildren, Peter Wolven Mower, son of Peter Mower and Sally Mack, daughter of Nathan Mack; Peter Fiero, son of Paul Fiero; May Mower,
    wife of David Cole and Caty Ann Sax, wife of Jeremiah Wolven.
    Executor: Joseph Sax
    Witnesses:  Isaac T. Dubois, Joseph and John M. Sax
JAMES WINEGARD of Durham    Will Probated February 18, 1847
    Heirs:  wife, Harriet; son, William Henry; daughter Emily
    Executor:  Abraham Griffin of Westerlo, Albany County
    Witnesses:  Solomon Winegard and Eleanor Lanpaugh
SARAH McCARTY  of Coxsackie   Will Probated March 4, 1847
   (Widow of WILLIAM McCARTY)
    Heirs:  son, David M.;  niece's daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Bennett
    Executors:  Anthony M. VanBergen and Jacob I. VanDyck
    Witnesses:  Edwin N. Hubbell and Anthony M. VanBergen
JOHN I. YOUNGS  of New Baltimore   Will Probated  March 8, 1847
    Heirs:  wife, Rachel; children, Rachel Ann and Susan Mary.
    Executors:  Wife, Jacob and William Armstrong of Coxsackie
    Witnesses:  P.H. Sylvester and Reuben Carey.
CHRISTINA VEDDER  of Catskill     Will Probated May 17, 1847
    Heirs:  son, Ostrander;  daughters, Catharine, wife of Charles Wetmore and Lena Ann, wife of William Sanford
    Executor:  William Sanford
    Witnesses:  John Adams and Sopher B. Osborn
CHARLES TITUS  of Coxsackie      Will Probated June 1, 1847
    Heirs:  wife, Prudence;  grandson, Charles Titus Bedell;  children of grand daughter, Anna Hallock;  children of grand daughter, Elizabeth Onderdonk; 
    daughter Jemima Titus; children of son, Stephen; children of daughter, Martha Bedell; children of son, Stephen Titus; daughter Martha Bedell  
EPENETUS REED  of Coxsackie    Will Probated May 24, 1847
    Heirs:  wife, Lucy;  sons, George, Egbert, Abijah E., Edward, George, Alexander;  daughter, Sarah, wife of Capt. Norman M. Atwater; grandson, Epenetus
    Reed Atwater
    Executors:  sons, G. and Egbert Reed
    Witnesses:  Rufus W. Watson of Greenville and William E. Leet of Coxsackie
PETER D. WRIGHT  of Coxsackie    Will Probated June 25, 1847
    Heirs:  Mother, Sarah;  brother, John D.
    Executors:  Mother, Sarah and Henry Greene
    Witnesses:  William E. S_ _te and William E. Taylor
         Copy smeared-looks like Soote, Scote or Seete - AC
STACY BROWN  of Coxsackie    Will Probated  May 17, 1847
    Heirs:  wife, Margaret;  daughter, Permelia
    Executor:  son, Isreal
    Witnesses:  William E. S_ _ te and Rufus Mutsern
PEREZ HITCHCOCK  of Windham     No date for probate
    Heirs:  wife, Thursey
    Executrix:  wife, Thursey
    Witnesses:  Danforth K. Olney of Windham and Martin L. Rickerson of Catskill
WILLIAM SAGER  of Coxsackie    Will Probated August 16, 1847
    Heirs:  sons, James, Henry and John Alexander; daughter, Maria; wife, Christian
    Executors: Wife, sons, Garret and William
    Witnesses:  John J. VanAntwerp and James Wells
JACOB VANWOERT  of Athens     Will Probated August 16, 1847
    Heirs:  sons, Samuel, Nicholas, Jacob H;  daughter, Elsey, wife of Isaac Perry;  Hannah VanWoert; Catharine VanWoert; grandchildren, John, Elenor,
    Elizabeth, Ann, Catharine;  Jacob Perry.
    Executors:  sons, Samuel and Jacob
    Witnesses:  Horatio Dewey of Catskill and G.W. Sager of Athens
ROBERT VANDENBURGH  of Coxsackie  Will Probated Aug. 16, 1847
    Heirs:  wife, Margaret;  grandson, Robert Henry VanBergen; daughter, Christina, wife of Abraham D. Spoor
    Executors:  grandson, R.H. VanBergen and daughter, Christina
    Witnesses:  Thomas Burroughs and Garrit Houghkerk
PHILIP MOORE  of Durham        Will Probated September 8, 1847
    Heirs:  sons, William, Jacob, John, Philip E.;  children of daughter Catherine, -- Anna, Mariah, Catherine, Margaret, and George Bartlet; daughter, Maria
    and Margaret.
    Executors:  sons, William, Jacob, and John Moore
    Witnesses:  David Turner and Peter Miller
THOMAS WILLIAMS  of Durham    Will Probated September 4, 1847
    Heirs:  wife, Hannah; daughter, Hannah, widow and relict of Levi Terbush;  children, David, Sally, Polly, Hannah, Millia and Ann.
    Executors:  Amos Sebring and John O'Brien
    Witnesses:  William C. Farmer, John O'Brien and Harry Clark
HORACE HICKOK  of Durham   Will Probated September 5, 1847
    Heirs:  wife, Statira.
    Executrix:  wife, Statira
    Witnesses:  David Jones, Simeon B. Smith and Alfred Tripp
SIMEON GARRETT  of New Baltimore  Will Probated August 16, 1847
    Heirs:  wife, Abigail;  sons, Simeon P., Samuel, Peter, Levi, Elam; grandson, Simeon Gregory, son of Daniel Gregory;  grand daughters, Caroline, wife of
    Levi Vincent;  Loisa, daughter of Daniel Gregory, Sally Ann, wife of James Ladd; wife's daughter, Lucinda Scofield.
    Executors:  son, Samuel Garrett of Westerlo, Albany county and Thomas Burroughs of Coxsackie
    Witnesses:  C. A. Stoutenbergh and R. A. Stoutenbergh of Coxsackie.
PETER DEDERICK  of Catskill        Will Probated August 16, 1847
    Heirs:  wife, Mary;  sons, John N. and Simeon Peter
    Executors:  John Post and John VanVleck
    Witnesses:  Alexander Murdock and Peter A. Vanlouven
OLIVE HOTCHKISS  of Cairo   Will Probated September 27, 1847
    Heirs:  son, Charles and daughter Catharine
    Executrix:  daughter Catharine
    Witnesses:  Amasa Mattoon and Horace Austin
HIRAM CAMFIELD  of Durham    Will Probated September 25, 1847
    Heirs:  Mary
    Executor:  no named on copy
    Witnesses:  Julia Ann Belden and Rufus Camfield
CHARLES MC CARDELL  of New Baltimore  Will Probated July 22, 1847
    Heirs:  wife Catherine;  son, Daniel; daughter Isabella; brother  John.
    Executors:  son-in-law, Michael Dowling and Peter O'Hare, Sr. of Greenville
    Witnesses:  Martin Claw of New Baltimore and Jacob C. VanDyck of Coxsackie
MATHEW BOUGHTON  of Durham  Will Probated November 6, 1847
    Heirs:  daughters, Catharine B, wife of David Cowles, and Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Humphrey; son, Mathew C.
    Executors:  Not listed on copy
    Witnesses:  G. W. Cummings and J.W. Mattice
NATHAN CARMAN  of New Baltimore   Will Probated November 29, 1847
    Heirs:  wife, Mary;  sons, Moses, Aaron, Andrew J. and William V.
    Executors:  Moses Carman, Gilbert Bedell and Jonathan Sarles
    Witnesses:  Rufus H. King of Coxsackie and Ambrose L. Coonly of New Baltimore.
JACOB M. HALLENBECK  of Catskill   Will Probated December 1, 1847
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine
    Executors:  William V. VanLoan and Samuel Dubois
    Witnesses:  E. TenEyck and John VanVleck
DANIEL LAMOREAUX  of Windham   Will Probated December 7, 1847
    Heirs:  wife, Magdalenia;  eleven children, James, Cornelius, Peter, William, Hamilton, Hiram, Violetta Bosthwick, Catharine Sanford, Polly Tabour,
    Temperance Tibbly, Abiah Sherman.
    Executors:  Hamilton Lamoreaux and son Alexander Bosthwick.
    Witnesses:  Samuel and Smith Reynolds
ALFRED BOUTON  of New Baltimore Will Probated  December 24,1847
    Heirs:  Polly, wife of Isaac VanSchaack; sons, Palmer and Isreal; Angeline, wife of George Lossee; daughters, Jane Laura and Willmot
    Executors:  Palmer Bouton and Isaac VanSchaak
    Witnesses:  Gilbert Bedell and Exra Palmer
JOHN SAX  of Catskill             Will Probated December 27, 1847
    Heirs:  wife, Christina;  children, Mary, Jeremiah, Catharine, Moses, Ira, Jacob, Sarah, John, Elizabethm Paul and Peggy; son-in-law, Frederick V.O. Martin
    Executors:  Jeremiah Sax and Ira Sax and son-in-law, Simeon Myers.
    Witnesses:  Robert Dorlon and Peter T. Mesick
JESSE C. OWEN  of Cairo          Will Probated January 20, 1848
    Heirs:  Wife, Rachel:  daughters. Eliza Burhans and Mary Clinton;  son, Henry W. Owen
    Executor:  son, Henry W. Owen
    Witnesses:  Peleg C. Mattoon and Silas Utter
ELISHA POWELL  of New Baltimore Will Probated January 24, 1848
    Heirs:  daughters, Perline, wife of David Williams and Antinet Powell;  wife, Amy; grandson, Elisha P. Williams and granddaughter Rachel C. Williams
    Executors:  David Williams and Richard Bedell
    Witnesses:  Oliver Powell and Ezra Hallock of New Baltimore and Alfred Powell of Coxsackie.
DUDLEY TODD  of Lexington       Will Probated January 26, 1848
    Heirs:  wife, Irene;  sons, John M. and Joseph H.;  daughters but no names mentioned.
    Executor:  None named on copy
    Witnesses:  Asa Griffin of Middletown and Jonathan C. Allaben.
BENJAMIN U. RAYMOND of New Baltimore  Will Probated February  29, 1848
    Heirs:  wife, Huldah
    Executrix:  wife, Huldah
    Witnesses:  William C. Hinman and W. H. Southwick
JOHN OSTERHOUTH of Catskill       Will Probated March 1, 1848
    Heirs:  wife, Sophia;  children of son John; Anna Eliza, wife of  Samuel Small;  Sophia, wife of Hiram Hollenbeck; Mary Jane, wife of Hiland H. Plank;
    Henry, Catherine; son Robert; daughter, Gertrude; grandson, Stephen, son of son Tunis.
    Executrix:  wife, Sophia
    Witnesses:  William G. VanVleck and Michael M. Hollenbeck
ELIAKIM BRIGGS of Lexington        Will Probated March 2, 1848
    Heirs:  wife, Eunice;  son, Horace B.;  daughters, Eliza Amanda, wife of Alpheus Kipp; Ann Lodemia, wife of Cornelius Conine.
    Executor:  Horace B. Briggs
    Witnesses:  Robert R. Minzie of Prattsville and Darius Briggs of Lexington.
NATHAN MUNROE  of Windham   Will Probated March 13, 1848
    Heirs:  son, Newton and daughter, Anne, wife of Salmon Etten.
    Executor:  Washington Munroe
    Witnesses:  J. O'Brien of Durham and William Conyes of Rensselaerville.
HART C. SAGE  of Prattsville           Will Probated May 4, 1848
    Heirs:  wife, Clarissa H.;  children, Osmer C., Omar V., Sylvester B., Clarence and Hart C.
    Executors:  Wife and John Laraway
    Witnesses:  F. James Fitch and William S. Moffatt
HARMANUS DEDERICK of Catskill   Will Probated June 7, 1848
    Heirs:  son, Zachariah;  daughters, Nelly, wife of Richard Eckler, Catherine Ann, wife of Isaac Plank, Sarah Eliza, wife of Henry Abeel; Fanny Jane, wife
    of John H. Persen; grandchildren, Rachel Catherine Myer, William Edgar Myer, John Henry Myer and Andrew Dederick Myer, children of deceased
    daughter Maria Myer.
    Executors:  son, Zachariah and son-in-law, Isaac Plank
    Witnesses:  William H. VanOrden and John Myers
ABRAHAM POST of Catskill           Will Probated June 7, 1848
    Heirs:  wife, Catherine;  sons, Peter, Abraham and John, daughters, Hannah; Melly, wife of Peter Martin; Catherine and Maria.
    Executors:  sons, Peter, Abraham and John
    Witnesses:  Hiland Hill and David Ely
EDWARD GREEN  of Athens      Will Probated June 7, 1848
    Heir:  wife, Louise
    Executrix:  wife, Louise
    Witnesses:  James G. Foster and Caleb Coffin
ROBERT PURDY of Cairo          Will Probated June 12, 1848
    Heirs:  son, William;  grandchildren mentioned, but not by name.
    Executors:  Henry and Willis Purdy; Ira Phinney
    Witnesses:  John R. Osborn and P. O. Mattoon
HANNAH HOLLISTER of Greenville   Will Probated June 19, 1848
    Heirs:  niece, Lucy Smith new resident of Litchfield, Conn., Hannah Pratt, wife of George Pratt, resident of the County of New Haven, Conn.; niece
    Adah, wife of Abraham Baker of Madison County, NY.
    Executor:  nephew, David Hall
    Witnesses:  B. Johnson and Stephen Tryon of Greenville and Stephen B. Tryon also of Greenville.
JANE GEDNEY of Coeymans, County of Albany  Will Probated June 19, 1848
    Heirs:  Joshua Gedney; brothers, Samuel and Joshua; sisters, Mary, wife of Hohn Sarles of Durham and Hannah, wife of Edward Moore of Middleburgh,
    Schoharie County.
    Executors:  John Sarles, Joshua Gedney and Hannah Moore.
    Witnesses:  Thomas Caldwell and Jacob More
WILLIAM BECK  of Coxsackie     Will Probated June 20, 1848
    Heirs:  wife, Hannah; William and Pendleton, sons of Thomas Wilcox; Thomas Wilcox, Jr.; William Beck, son of John Nellis of Katskill, NY; Esther Gillett
    of Katskill.
    Executors:  Francis Pendleton and John F. Trumbull of Stonington, State of Conn.
    Witnesses:  Frederick Miner, J. Miner and A. C. Lippett
ZEBEDIAH I. SMITH  of Ashland    Will Probated July 5, 1848
    Heirs:  only son, William T.; mother-in-law Malinda Ormsbee and my mother Mary  N.
    Executors:  John S. Joy and Henry Kinsley
    Witnesses:  Joshua Fraper and Orange Munson
MOSES AUSTIN  of Durham         Will Probated July 5, 1848
    Heirs:  Wife;  wife's mother Anna Humphrey of Derby, Conn.; granddaughter, Ann Augusta Wilcox; children, Horace, Elias Benham, Eliza and Charlotte.
    Executors:  sons, Horace and Elias Benham Austin
    Witnesses:  John Deuw, Charles Austin of Catskill.
Nicholas Gass  of Lexington    Will Probated August 30, 1848
    Heirs:  wife, Anne Magdalene; fouir daughters, Eleanor, Mary, Lucinda and Irvine;  sons, Lambert and Nicholas; granddaughter Eleanor Enslow? (name
    Executors:  son, Lambert and daughter Eleanor
    Witnesses:  Jacob Egbertson and Henry Goslee
CATHARINE BRONK  of Coxsackie   Will Probated September 18, 1848
    Heirs:  nephew Jones;  children of sister Rachel Catherine, Cuyler Turn Bull, Sarah Lovina Bull and Mary Turn Bull.
    Executor:  Isaac C. Collyer
    Witnesses:  Dorrance Kirtland, Jacob D. Sharp, Robert Vandenbergh, Jonas Collin.
FRANCIS I. VanHOESEN of Stuyvesant, Columbia County
    Will Probated September 18, 1848
    Heirs:  wife, Anna; nine children, Abram M.? (unclear letter), John C., Adam W., Leah, Francis, Garret S., William, Charles E. and Howard.
    Executors:   Wife and Garret W. Sager of Athens
    Witnesses:  G.W. Sager and Thomas B. Sutton of Stockport, Columbia County.
ROBERT G. PALMER                Will Probated October 31, 1848
    Heirs:  Wife;  daughters, Lany, Angeline, Rebecca and Mary; son, Isreals heirs, Egbert, Josiah, Sylvester and George; three sons, Caleb, Ezra and Erastus.
    Executors:  Oliver and Ezra Palmer
    Witnesses:  John and Gideon Palmer
THOMAS I. STEENBURGH of Catskill   Will Probated Nov. 8, 1848
    Heirs:  wife, Elizabeth
    Executrix:  wife Elizabeth
    Witnesses:  Elizabeth Phillips, William O. Bonesteel and Benjamin Peck.
JONATHAN BILL  of Windham     Will Probated December 4, 1848
    Heirs:  son, Joseph;  daughter Betty; grandson, John Cornell; grandsons, Rufus K. Cornell, Gideon B. Cornell, William I. Marsey; grand daughter,MaryAnn
    Saxton; son, Joseph's children, July Ann, Caroline, Washington, John, Samuel R and Munyun E.
    Executor:  Joseph.
    Witnesses:  James Robertson and John Robb
REUBEN RUNDLE of Greenville   Will Probated December 11, 1848
    Heirs:  three sons, Josiah, Reuben and Hardy
    Executor:  son, Reuben Rundle
    Witnesses:  Hardy Rundle, Deborah Baker and I. C. Botsford.

ISREAL HUBBARD  of Windham   Will Probated February 1, 1849
    Heirs: wife, Betsey Elizabeth;  daughters, Betsey, wife of Nelson Bump and Hannah, wife of Elihu Regus;  son, Lyman H.
    Executors:  Nelson Bump and son Lyman H. Hubbard
    Witnesses:  Danforth K. Olney and Paul Hubbard
JOHN HENRY WRIGHT  of Coxsackie  Will Probated March 7, 1849
    Heirs:  Mother, Sarah, wife of Henry F. Wright
    Executor:  Henry Green
    Witnesses:  William V.B. Hermance and John VanVleck  
TEUNIS P. VanSLYCK  of New Baltimore  Will Probated Mar. 7, 1849
    Heirs:  wife, Alida;  daughters, Jane and Hannah;  sons, Peter T., Andrew T., Evert and Baltus T.
    Executors:  Paul and Andrew (should be Peter and not Paul)
    Witnesses:  Elisha D. Hall and Leonard Haight
CHARLES LISK  of New Baltimore  Will Probated March 19, 1849
    Heirs:  wife, Freelove;  youngest son Benjamin C.; heirs of daughter Maria Armstrong, deceased,-- Charles L., Benjamin John, Hannah, Jane  and Freelove;
    daughter, Hannah, wife of Gerry Coonly; three granddaughters, Caroline, Henrietta and Mariah Lisk, daughters of Jacob and Ann Lisk; Charles, son of
    brother Benjamin Lisk;  Charles L., son of Mark Ladoux.
    Executors:  Daniel Palmer and sons, Jacob and Benjamin C.
    Witnesses:  Paul Stever, Egbert and Paul Stever.
WILLIAM BARBER  of Hunter          Will Probated April 13, 1849
    Heirs:  wife, Rebecca Maria;  eldest daughter, Amelia Ann; eldest son, Francis Augustus; second son, William Edgar; youngest son, Dewitt; two daughters,
    Lorinda Jane and Lucinda.
    Executors:  Wife and Andrew Longyear and Mile Barber
    Witnesses: Cornelia C. G. Barber of Shundaken, Ulster Co., Hiram Barber of N Middletown, Delaware Co., and William Riseley of Shandaken.
WILLIAM I. WARNER of Athens   Will Probated  April 17, 1849
    Heirs:  wife, Amelia; son, Amos; daughters, --Julia Ann and Attanah.
    Executors:  wife and son Amos
    Witnesses:  John Walford, Jr., and Isaac VanLoan
ROBERT MORE of Prattsville   Will Probated April 26, 1849
    Heirs:  sons, Henry, David F., Alexander and Edwin A.; daughters, Catharine, wife of son, William, deceased, and daughter Ann.
    Executors:  David F. and Edwin A. More
    Witnesses:  Jesse Hoagland and E.P. More
WILLIAM LEWIS  of Durham    Will Probated April 30, 1849
    Heirs:  wife, Catharine;  sons, William Henry, Daniel L. and George Sylvester.
    Executors:  Wife, and son Daniel L. and Samuel Lewis.
    Witnesses: Stephen Renne, I. Schermerhorn and Samuel Lewis
ORRIN OLMSTED                   Will Probated April 30, 1849
    Heirs:  daughters, Maria, Mary and Harriet;  sons, Daniel,Watson and Willie.
    Executors:  Jabez and Isreal Olmsted
    Witnesses:  Jabez and Isreal Olmsted and Stephen Renne.
JOHN HERRON                      Will Probated April 21, 1849
    Heirs:  wife, Phebe;  nephew Henry Patterson.
    Executors:  Horace Austin amd John Stewart
    Witnesses:  I.H. Bowman and Frederick Schermerhorne
STEPHEN LOSEE of Greenville   Will Probated May 14, 1849
    Heirs:  wife, Rachel; children, David, Hiram S., Samuel, Jacob, Ransom, Stephen Alanson, Charles, James, Electa Ann, Abigail, Charlotte, Rebecca and
    Executors:  Wife;  sons, David & Hiram and S. Losee
    Witnesses:  Erastus Hawitten and Mary Bogardus
DAVID KNIFFIN  of Coxsackie    Will Probated May 14, 1849
    Heirs: wife, Anna;  sons, Ebenezer and Solomon; daughters Lucretia and  Hannah Kniffin;  Rachael, wife of Solomon Barber; heirs of deceased daughter
    Mary, wife of Smith Delamater, David, son of deceased daughter Phebe Ann, wife of Richard Burns.
    Executors:  sons, Rufus of the State of Ohio, Reuben, Ebenezer and Solomon Kniffin.
    Witnesses:  Thomas Burroughs, Elisha W. Bedell and Isaac Pitcher, Jr.
EBER CORNISH  of Durham    Will Probated June 20, 1849
    Heirs:  son, Eber, Jr.; daughter, Dorance Classon, wife of Henry; Henry, son of Cyrilla R__er,daughter, deceased, wife of Lewis R__er. Second letter of
    surname looks like o but could be an e, AC)
    Executors:  Eber, Jr. and Henry Classon, son-in-law.
    Witnesses:  Isaac VanValkenburgh and Henry Johnson.
ELIHU MOSS  of Durham          Will Probated July 2, 1849
    Heirs:  wife, Betsey;  daughters, Marinda, Esther and Anna; sons, Orwil and Reuben
    Executors: son, Orwil and brother-in-law. Ruel P. Benson
    Witnesses:  Jesse Moss and Ruel P. Benson

EDWARD COOK of Newark, NY  Will Probated July 6, 1849
    Heirs:  Sister, Frances; Wife, Estelle
    Executors:  Wife and Father, Jabez Cook
    Witnesses:  Daniel McMarley, William Raff and I. VanArsdale
WILLIAM I. HALLENBECK of Athens  Will Probated July 26, 1849
    Heirs:  wife, Rachel;  sons, Casper and Prentiss; daughters, Mary Ann, wife of John H. Langman and Rebecca, wife of Peter Day; grandson, William
    Russell Day
    Executors:  sons, Casper and Isaac C. Hallenbeck
    Witnesses:  Casper I. Hallenbeck of Athens, Isaac C. Witbeck of Athens
LYDIA WELLS of New Baltimore   Will Probated October, 12, 1849
    Heirs:  grandson, Nicholas Wells, son of son, James Wells, deceased; grand daughter, Lyudia Eliza, daughter of son James Wells, deceased; grandson,
    Nicholas Wells; grandson, Casper, son of Patrick Bronk; Lydia Bronk, daughter of Peter R. Bronk.
    Executors:  James Bronk and Buttus I. VanSlyck
    Witnesses:  John Rice and Ephraim Bronk

WILLIAM BESSAC of Coxsackie   Will Probated October 25, 1849

    Heirs:  wife, Martha;
    Executors:  Wife and Andrew B. Houghtaling of Coxsackie
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. VanDyck, Anthony N. VanBergen

ELISHA B. YEOMANS  of Greenville   Will Probated February 4, 1850
    Heirs:  Two daughters, Lucinda I. Yeomans and Sarah F.; wife of Elisa; brothers, Leonard, George C., William I. and sister Catharine Hill.
    Executor:  Brother, Leonard Yeomans
    Witnesses:  Robert Webber and Philip I. Antus
JOHN ELTON   Will Probated February 18, 1850
    Heirs:  Edgar Spieer, son-in-law, guardian of young children, together with Lyman Elton, my brother;  Son, William; daughters, Mary, Catharine and
    Executor:  None on copy
    Witnesses:  Stephen Hassell and Squyer Stevens
HENRY STROPE  of Durham    Will Probated April 8, 1850
    Heirs:  Wife, Peggy;  son, William; daughter Jane and John Sebolt, husband; grandson, James, son of Jane and John Sebolt; daughter, Polly, wife of    
    Edward Cole.
    Executors:  John Sebolt and William Webster, Jr.
    Witnesses:  Abraham Flower and Peter Ruggen.
HENRY CLARK  of Greenville   Will Probated April 8, 1850
    Heirs:  Wife, Lydia:  sons, George C. and Daniel S.; four daughters, Jemima Lay, Elenor Pierce, Mary Pierce and Seres Wetmore
    Executors:  George C. Clark and Daniel B./S. (initial unclear)
    Witnesses:  P. King and Amos King
ROBERT W. VANDENBERGH of Coxsackie  Will Probated April 24, 1850
    Heirs:  Wife, Lavina:  children and wife of dead son, John; sons, Richard, and William; daughters, Betsey, wife of Cornelius Cook; Catherine Saguess;
    daughter, Maria; children of deceased daughter (not named).
    Executors:  William V.B. Adams and Peter I. Wyngard.
    Witnesses:  Morris Hallock and Jacob C. VanDyck
POLLY PIERSON of Durham   Will Probated May 20, 1850
    Heirs:  daughters, Laura H., Hannah M. and Mary H.; grandson, Thomas Taylor;  husband, Charles.
    Executors:  Husband, Charles
    Witnesses:  Silas Fitch and C.D. Smith.
WILLIAM YOUNG  of Windham   Will Probated July 2, 1850
    Heirs:  Wife, Sally Ann;  son, Mamdelbert;  daughter, Adeline J.
    Executrix:  Wife, Sally Ann.
    Witnesses:  Danforth K. Olney and John Olney
MARGERY HALLENBECK  of Catskill  Will Probated Aug. 6, 1850
    Heirs:  Brothers, John and Peter Grant; nephew, Grant Dubois; niece, Nancy Layman; nephew, Peter Dubois; nieces, Nancy Stevens, Catharine Vachte,
    Gertrude Dubois and Janet Burger, (also referred to as Jenet).
    Executor:  Nephew, Grant Dubois.
    Witnesses:  John VanVechten and Lewis Hickok
MARGARET P.H. WOOLSEY  of Athens  Will Probated Aug, 6, 1850
    Heirs:  sister, Frances S. Woolsey
    Executors:  Frances S. Woolsey, Hamilton S. Nichols and Darius Peck Hudson.
    Witnesses:  William H. Morton and Henry VanLoan
JOSEPH CALDER  of Greenville  Will Probated August 19, 1850
    Heirs:  Sons, Joseph, Alexander, William and James; daughters, Mary, Jane and Rachel.
    Executor:  Son, William H. Calder
    Witnesses:  I.P. Hallock and Theodore L. Provost.
JACOB FLANSBURY  of Coxsackie  Will Probated Sept. 16, 1850
    Heirs:  Wife, Catharine; sons, John, Casper, Jeremiah, Hezekiah and Henry;  daughters, Catharine Cornwell, Mary Jane Story, Christina Pierce; 
    Magdalena Benedict, part daughter of Casper Dedrick, deceased;  Jane, widow of Casper Dedrick.
    Executors:  Wife; sons John and Casper
    Witnesses:  Simpson J. Bell, Ambrose Green and William A. Green.
CASPER COLLIN  of Coxsackie   Will Probated August 6, 1850
    Heirs:  sons, Jonas and Jehoeakim;  daughters, Sarah and Catharine; granddaughter, Anne Bronk Collin.
    Executors:  sons, Philip, Isreal C. and Jonas Collin.
    Witnesses:  John L. Bronk and Abraham VanDyck
ABEL WAKELEY  of Greenville   Will Probated  October 7, 1850
    Heirs:  son, Russel;  (mentions wife, Anne, deceased); sons, Abner, Lewis and Stephen; daughters, Eunice, wife of Isaac Chichester; Sally, wife of William
    Annin; and Mira, wife of Hixon? Jones. (Electrostatic copy-filled in letter-looks like x).
    Executors:  son, Russel and Ezra Knowles
    Witnesses:  E.H. Stanton and Hercules Reed
WILKINSON GARDINER   of Durham  Will Probated Oct. 14, 1850
    Heirs:  son, John; Hannah, wife of Otis Brewster
    Executors:  James Hanson and Hervey George
    Witnesses:  George W. Smith and Hervey George
ABRAHAM VROOMAN of Catskill   Will Probated Nov. 20, 1850
    Heirs:  grand daughter, Julia Ann Clapper; grand children of son John, deceased, Harriet, Henry and Roseanna Vrooman; children, Cornelius, Elias,
    Daniel, Maria, wife of William Lannen and Rachel, wife of John Asker.
    Executors:  sons, Cornelius and Daniel and son-in-law John Asker.
    Witnesses:  Isaac J. Dubois, J. A. Griswold and Erastus Morgan.
ROGERS WINTER  of Hunter   Will Probated November 25, 1850
    Heirs:  wife, Ruth;  children mentioned but not by name.
    Executor:  Horace N.
    Witnesses:  O. T. Fuller of Hunter and F. N. Holcomb of Windham
SAMUEL W. RUNYAN  of Cairo   Will Probated December 2, 1850
    Heirs:  wife, Mary; five children, Jonas B., Deborah Elizabeth, Stephen Oliver,  Emily Elizabeth and Nathan.
    Executors:  wife and Horace Utter
    Witnesses:  Samuel W. R. Shores and Catharine Spioor (Spoor?)
HENRY WHITE of NY City   Will Probated November 14, 1850
       [Minister of the Gospel]
    Heirs:  Mother, Mrs. Matilda White; sister, Mrs. Amanda Linsley; sister Mrs. Emma Tyler; sister, Mrs. Eunice Turner; brother, Rev. Samuel I. White;
    brother, Oliver R. White; brother, James White; sister, Mrs. Matilda Webster; wife, Esther; children mentioned but not by name.
    Executors:  brother, James of Cairo and brother-in-law Alvin Linsley of
    Cairo; brother Samuel I. of the town of Franklin, Delaware County and wife Esther.
    Witnesses:  Almon Merwin, 143 Adams St., Brooklyn and H.W. Repley, 327 Gold St. Brooklyn
JOHANNIS HALLENBECK  of Athens  Will Probated Nov. 11, 1850
    Heirs:  wife, Sophia;  daughters, Catharine and Phebe Ann;  son Casper; Johannis, son of Catharine, daughter of son Casper.
    Executors:  Casper Hallenbeck and wife
    Witnesses:  Jacob C. VanHoesen and John C. VanHoesen
JAMES WEBSTER  of Cairo   Will Probated December 18, 1850
    Heirs:  niece, Mary Foote; grand daughter, Milla Sanford; James Jr., Russel, Lyman, Chester Webster, grandsons of James Sanford and William G. Sanford,
    Edwin Sanford.
    Executors:  James M. Sanford and William G. Sanford
    Witnesses:  P.C. Mattoon of Cairo and William J. Reed of Durham.
REUBEN RUNDLE, JR.  of Greenville   Will Probated Dec. 25, 1850
    Heirs:  wife, Charlotte.
    Executors:  wife, Charlotte and Obadiah King
    Witnesses:  Orasmus H. Smith of Rensselaerville, Albany Co, and Henry Jenkins of Hudson.

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