Wills 1831-1840

Wills of Greene County
Abstracts from 1831-1840

Abstract of Wills from 1802 to 1860, being copied from the records in the office of the Surrogate at Catskill, NY by RAY C. SAWYER,
Volume 1 copied in 1933 

From microfilm rented and copies bought by Annette Campbell at the LDS Family History Center.

JOHN BARLOW   of Windham               Will Probated March 19 1831
    Heir:  Wife.
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses:  Samuel Comfort, Lewis Post and Charles C. Abeel.
PETER E. PALEN   of Cairo                 Will Probated April 8 1831
    Heirs:  Wife, Sarah; Jane Drakes and Sally Ann Northroup (Northrop
    - AC)
    Executors:  Wife, Sarah, son Edward.
    Witnesses:  James C. Blanchard, Benedict W. Hazard and Walker
JARED RICE   of  Lexington                Will Probated May 30 1831
    Heirs:  Wife, Sarah; daughters. Philotheta; sons, John Rice and
    Lyman Shepard Rice; grandson, Jason S. Beach; Sally Skiff and
    Julia Ann Chaffee.
    Executors:  Henry Goslie and Amos Rice.
    Witnesses:  None listed on copy.
ITHAMAR COBB   of Greenville           Will Probated July 25 1831
    Heirs:  Wife, Sarah; daughters: Ann and Deborah, --also mentions
    Caty, late wife of William Green; Betsey, late wife of Enos Smith;
    Esther, wife of John W. Dodge; heirs of daughter, Sally Powell,
    deceased; sons: Seth, Ithamar, Jr., and Tyler P.; heirs of late son,
    Gideon; heirs of late son, Daniel Tyler P. Cobb; grandson, Ithamar
    Cobb; granddaughter, Deborah Smith.
    Executors:  Erastus Hamilton and Abijah Ried.
    Witnesses:  Edward Collins and Roswell Collins.
FRANCIS CLAW  of Athens                  Will Probated July 25 1831
    Heirs:  Wife, Gitty; oldest son, Garret; son, John; daughter, Lena
    and her two children; grand daughter, Jane VanHacren.
    Executors:  Nicholas L. VanLoon and William Tolley.
    Witnesses:  Abraham D. Spoor, John VanLoon, Jr. and George
JAMES COVEY  of New Baltimore    Will Probated October 17 1831
    Heirs:  Wife, Phebe; sons: Walter and James; two daughters:
    Salome Dodge and Susannah Gaumans; heirs of son, Eldah;
    Ebenezer W. Covey.
    Executors:  Wife, Matthew Palmer of Greenville and Isaac Titus
    of New Baltimore.
    Witnesses:  Ebenezer Weeks, Barnabas and Benjamin O. Miller.
HEZEKIAH BALDWIN  of Durham           Will Probated February 27 1832
    Heirs: Wife, Rachel; Stephen Tibbals, Jr.; Rhoda, wife of Constant
    Bushnell; Lyman Hull.
    Executors: Wife and Stephen Tibbals, Jr.
    Witnesses:  Alfred Hand, Ezra Hand and B. Bagley.
BENJAMIN TRYON   of Cairo                Will Probated March 12 1832
    Heirs:  Sons: Stephen and Peter; children of son Benjamin, deceased;
    daughters: Rebecca and her children, also Elizabeth, wife of Aaron
    Talmadge; John J. Brandow, Olive Palmer.
    Executors: Sons, Stephen and Peter.
    Witnesses:  William Chapman, Peter R. VanDenbergh and John L.
JACOB HORN   of Windham              Will Probated April 10 1832
    Heirs:  Wife, Elizabeth;  sons:  Jacob Jr., John, Peter and Jeremiah;
    daughters:  Caty, Betsey, Hannah, Peggy, Jane, Lany, Julia Ann
    and Mary Ann.
    Executors:  Wife and Daniel McGarry.
    Witnesses:  Abijah Datey, Ezra Disbrow and Rival Blin.
ISAAC SANFORD                             Will Probated  April 24 1832
    Heirs:  Wife, Marilla; five children: Marilla, Amos, David Porter,
    Isaac, and James William; only sister, Harriet Sanford. (mentions
    wife's father as Grandfather William Chapin).
    Executor:  None listed on copy
    Witnesses:  Thomas O. H. Croswell and Silvenes Tarbush of
    Catskill, Joseph Prentice of Athens.
FREDERICK SAX   of Catskill            Will Probated June 1 1832
    Heirs:  Wife, Maria; Hannah, wife of Clark Lawrence; Margaret,
    wife of John Teetshorn.
    Executors:  John, Paul and Jacob VanOrden.
    Witnesses:  Isaac Dubois, Abraham VanVechten and Robert
SIMON LYMAN  of Hartford, CT         Will Probated July 9 1832
    Heirs:  Eleven Children of brother Elias Lyman as follows:
    Lewis, Normand, Willys, Elias, Charles, George, Simeon, Hannah,
    Jane, Anne Dodd and Clementine Tilden;  Frances L. Dodd, grand
    daughter of said Elias Lyman; brother Asail; Christopher C., son
    of brother, Lewis Lyman; Submit, wife of Lewis Lyman;  Julia E.
    and Jane R. Lyman; Ora A. Bolles; Hannah L. Judson; Ann, wife
    of Charles Dodd; Mary, daughter of William Weller; nephew,
    Theodore Lyman; nephew, Frederick Lyman; brother, Job Lyman;
    sister, Elizabeth James; Julia Hinsdale; daughter, Hannah Lyman;
    Elizabeth, cousin, daughter of Uncle Joel Lyman; Gurdon
    Executors:  Christopher C. Lyman of Hartford, CT and Lewis Lyman
    of Hartford, VT
    Witnesses:  Henry L. Ellsworth, Lorenzo L. Bull and William
CATHERINE VANDERZEE of New Baltimore  Will Probated Jul 9 1832
    (Spelt Vandersee  everywhere on copy-AC)
    Heirs: Son, Andrew A.; two sons of Storm A. Vandersee; - Albert
    and Storm Andrew; Laura, widow of Storm A. Vandersee; daughter,
    Elizabeth, wife of Thomas C. Houghtaling; daughters of Andrew A.
    Vandersee; daughters of Storm A. Vandersee. (also mentions
    Albert S. Vandersee, deceased.
    Executors:  Thomas C. Houghtaling and Andrew A. VanSlyke.
    Witnesses:  Peter Jones, Timothy Clancy and Samuel McCabe.
    Witnesses to Codicil:  Matthew Scott, Mariah Wolf and Elisha A.
JOSEPH ADAMS   of Durham            Will Probated July 23 1832
    Heirs: Present wife, Eunice; son, Victor; daughters:  Julia Ann
    and Huldah Ann; children by first wife, Martha Adams, ---Patty,
    Polly, Alma ,Lucinda and Joseph; Second wife, Charity;
    children of this wife,---Zopher, Platt, Betsey, Rebecca and Sally.
    Executors:  Platt Adams, son of Durham and Zadock Pratt, Jr.
    of Lexington.
    Witnesses: Elias Post, Roswell R. Post and James Conklin.

ELI R. PECK  of Durham                      Will Probated August 1 1832
    Heirs:  Wife, Lucina;  two daughters, Delia D. and Hellen; (mention's
    father's name as Daniel Peck).
    Executors:  Wife, and Levi Tremain.
    Witnesses:  Maria And Edwin R. Tremain, Abner Flower.
ANDREW A. VANDERZEE of North Baltimore Will Probated Aug 2 1832
    Heirs:  Children: Catherine, Rachel Magdalen, Mary, Albert,
    Martin T. E., and Elizabeth.
    Executors:  Wife, Anna and Benjamin Fredenburgh.
    Witnesses:  Leonard Haight, Samuel Mills, Jr. and Peter Chaddon.
JACOB GOETSCHIUS   of Catskill       Will Probated September 5 1832
    Heirs:  Sons:  John (oldest) and Peter; daughters: Margaret, Ann,
    Sally; Rachel, wife of John Merrifield; Polly, wife of Eli White; Nelly,
    wife of David G. Abeel; Betsey, wife of Noah Allen; Catharine, wife
    of David F. Lester and Sally, wife of William A. Jeffreys; Margaret
    Executors:  Son, John Goetschius and John Merryfield.
    Witnesses:  H.W. Orcutt, L. Kiersted and Charles C. Abeel.
DAVID SHAW  of Athens                Will Probated September 10 1832
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary; her sister, Elizabeth McMullin; sons: Alexander
    and Robert; (mentions son, William, deceased); four grandsons:
    William Alexander and James Tallman Shaw, sons of son Robert 
    Shaw; Samuel Franklin, son of Franklin Shaw, deceased. Daniel, 
    son of son Alexander Shaw; Allen Holmes, Thomas Dilyell, William
    Shaw Reyna and David Ray.
    Executors:  Son, Alexander Shaw and William Tolley.
    Witnesses:  Castle Seely and Elijah Spencer.
JOSEPH GROOM   of Athens          Will Probated September 17 1832
    Heirs:  Daughters:  Mary, Magdaline, Eytie, Rebecca and Hannah;
    Children of daughter, Catherine, deceased; sons of daughter,
    Magdaline Gay; all children of daughter, Hannah, deceased.
    Executors:  Sons-in-law, Barent Gay and John VanLoon; also
    William Tolley.
Witnesses:  Elijah Spencer, Samuel Paultney and Justin Howland.
SAMUEL POLTNEY   of Athens       Will Probated September 17 1832
    (notice difference in spelling in above Abstract)
    Heirs:  Brother, William; children of brother William; nephew,
    Samuel P. Teneyck and niece, Julia Ann Sickles.
    Executors:  Elijah and John Lawton.
    Witnesses:  John H. Wheeler and William H. Spencer.
GARRET T. HOGHTALING  of New Baltimore   Will Probated Sep. 24 1832
    Heirs:  Sons: Coenrad (eldest), Ephraim, Peter, Henry, James,
    John, Thomas, Amos and William Jacobs Hoghtaling; daughters
    Sarah, wife of Jehiel Thorn; Hester and Nancy, wife of Jacob Marsh.
    Executors:  Son, Coenrad; James and Anthony C. Hoghtaling.
    Witnesses:  John Gay of New Baltimore; Cuyler Hilton of New
    Baltimore and Benjamin B. Fredenburgh of Coeymans.
EPHRAIM BRONK  of New Baltimore    Will Probated December 3 1832
    Heirs:  Wife, Nancy; sons: Peter E and Ephraim, Jr.; five daugh-
    ters: Rachel, wife of Thomas H. Hoghtaling; Hester, wife of Garrit
    L. Hoghtaling; Jenny, wife of Barent VanSlyck; Utrica, wife of Tunis
    B, VanSlyck and Polly, wife of John Coonley.
    Executors:  Wife, Nancy and Peter E., eldest son.
    Witnesses:  Jabez Bushnell, Gilbert Brown and Elisha D. Hall.

JANE HAIGHT   of Athens               Will Probated February 14 1833
    (widow of Samuel Haight)
    Heirs:  Nieces: Mrs. Eliza Whitlock, Jane Haight Scott, Jane
    Catharine Haight and Jane Haight Dorlon; Robert Dorlon of Catskill;
    Joseph Prentice of Athens; daughter-in-law, Lydia Haight; grand
    daughter, Sarah Haight; Susan Scott, Elizabeth Dorlon and Jacob
    Haight, brother and sisters of the deceased's late husband, Samuel
    Haight; Sarah Haight; children of Martha.
    Executors: Jacob Haight, Robert Dorlon and Joseph Prentice (also
    spelled as Prentiss.)
    Witnesses:  Thomas O.H. Croswell and Joseph Pierce.
HENRY GREEN  of Coxsackie           Will Probated March 11 1833
    Heirs:  Wife, Catharine; children: Betsey, Mariah, Ambrose,
    William and John.
    Executors:  Wife, Jacob J. Shaver and Thomas Burroughs.
    Witnesses:  Joseph L. and Nathan Burroughs and William L. Sarles.
FREDERICK SAX  of Catskill           Will Probated March 16 1833
    Heirs:  Margaret, wife of John Leetshorn; other children, no names
    Executors: Sons, John and Paul Sax; Jacob VanOrden.
    Witnesses:  Isaac Dubois, Abraham VanVechten and Robert Dorlon.
NICHOLAS N. ROWE   of Catskill     Will Probated March 25 1833
    Heirs:  Wife, Eliza; children: Jeremiah, Hunting, Cornelius,
    Elizabeth and Helen.
    Executors:  Wife, Cornelius C. Rowe and Francis Sayre.
    Witnesses:  Malbone Watson, John R. Kirk and Betsey Row of
    Milan, Dutchess County.
BUEL WHITE   of Windham            Will Probated May 6 1833
    Heirs:  Wife, Lydia; son, Austin; daughters, Abigail and Clarinda.
    Executors: Wife and Harry Kinsley.
    Witnesses:  Consian King, Albert Tuttle and C.H. Goodrich.
SETH BUNKER  of Athens             Will Probated July 22 1833
    Heirs:  Wife, Lavinia; three children: Margaret, Mary and Weston;
    Castle Seeley.
    Executors:  Wife and Castle Seeley.
    Witnesses:  O. E. Osborn, John Bennett and William H. Spencer.
ISAAC SPOOR  of Coxsackie         Will Probated August 21 1833
    Heirs:  Brothers: Derick, James W., Charles H. and Abraham.
    Executors:  Brothers: Derick and James W.
    Witnesses:  William Tolley and Gitty Mullin.
SOPHIA SPOOR  of Coxsackie      Will Probated August 21 1833
    Heirs:  Sons: Charles Henry, Abraham and James W., Judith
    Ann, wife of Edward Thurber.
    Executors:  Sons, Abraham and James W.
    Witnesses:  William Tolley and Gitty Mullin of Athens.
JOHN BAGLEY  of Durham        Will Probated September 16 1833
    Heirs:  Wife, Olive; son, Truman H.; grandchildren.
    Executors: Wife and Ira L. Day.
    Witnesses:  Amasa Mattson and Horace Austin, both of Cairo.
BARENT BOGART  of Albany    Will Probated November 2 1833
    Heirs:  Wife, Alida; two daughters: Agnes and Wellempie Gardner;
    grandson, Douw B. Gardner.
    Executors:  Wife and Wellempie Gardner.
    Witnesses:  H. Bleecker, Richard Varick Dewitt and Bayerd E.
SAMUEL HAWKES  of Catskill     Will Probated December 3 1833
    Heirs:  Wife, Esther; daughters: Lucretia and Sarah Ann; sons:
    Milton, Edward, William and Thomas.
    Executors:  Abner Austin, Casparus Ben, and John Rouse.
    Witnesses:  R.V. Dyke, Jacob Vedder and B. Demyer.
    (Note: email from Gary Fowks indicates that this is the will for
    Samuel Fowks, who died November 1833)
ABRAHAM HALLENBECK  of Coxsackie  Will Probated Dec 7 1833
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary; daughters: Eleanor and Gertrude; sons:
    Jacob and Samuel.
    Executors:  Son, Jacob S. and John L. Bronk.
    Witnesses:  Tallmadge Fairchild and Robert Burns.
JOHN L. HAVILAND  of Athens    Will Probated December 12 1833
    Heirs:  Wife, Nancy; sons: George (youngest), James Benjamin
    and John L.; six daughters: Mary Ann, wife of William A. Smith;
    Harriet, wife of Lambert VanNalkenbergh; Caroline, Emma Jane,
    Hannah Loretta and Lavinia.
    Executors:  Wife and son John L. Haviland
    Witnesses:  William Tolley and Elijah Spencer.

ANN WILLS  of Coxsackie                    Will Probated January 7 1834

    Heirs:  Sister, Elizabeth, wife of John VanWie; Judith Ann, daughter
    of John VanWie; grandson, John VanDenbergh, son of son, Peter.
    Administrator:  John VanWie.
    Witnesses:  William Tolley and Derick Spoor.
JONATHAN HOWARD  of Windham      Will Probated January 8 1834
    Heirs:  Sons: Orrie (oldest) and Jonathan; daughters: Jerusha Stevens,
    Margaret Waters, Tammy Stevens and Phyllis Tibbetts (youngest);
    son-in-law, Daid Reed.
    Executors: Son, Jonathan and Meret Osborn
    Witnesses: Eli P. Robinson and Tobias Smith
UNDERHILL BUDD  of Greenville         Will Probated February 4 1834
    Heirs:  Wife, Caty; sons: Benjamin and George and John;
    daughters: Mary and Abby.
    Executors:  Abel Blackman and Benjamin Budd.
    Witnesses: Abd. Blackman, William Dewitt and Sally Kellog.
SALLY BUTLER  of Coxsackie             Will Probated March 31 1834
    Heirs:  Son, Ezra and daughter, Caroline.
    Executors:  The above.
    Witnesses:  Lois Reed and Epenetus Reed.
STORM ROSA   of Coxsackie            Will Probated May 12 1834
    Heirs:  Wife; sons: John and Henry; two sons-in-law: Thomas
    Burroughs and William Bliss; daughter, Mary, wife of Robert Bullis
    and her children.
    Executors:  Sons: John and Henry; sons-in-law, Thomas Burroughs
    and William Bliss.
    Witnesses:  Stephen Tryon, James F. Burroughs and Isaac P.
NEHEMIAH FOSTER  of Lexington     Will Probated June 9 1834
    Heirs:  Wife, Ruth; sons: Horace, David N. and Silas; daughter
    Elizabeth Lewis.
    Executors: Wife and David Cross.
    Witnesses:  Hezekiah Petit, Alexander White and Daniel Howley.
ISAAC HALLENBECK  of Athens         Will Probated June 23 1834
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary; three sons: Isaac, Casper and William;
    daughter, Hannah; grandsons: Albert, John and Aaron; grand-
    sons: Isaac VanLoon, Isaac Casperson and Isaac Williamson.
    Executors:  Wife and sons: Casper and Martin.
    Witnesses:  David VanVliet, John Gay and Joseph A. VanTurck.
SILAS WOOD  of Coxsackie               Will Probated August 11 1834
    Heirs:  Brothers: Eliphalet and Abraham Wood; sisters: Phebe,
    wife of Abner Wakely; Polly, wife of David Cook.
    Executors:  Abner Wakely, William Kempton and Epenetus Reed.
    Witnesses:  Epenetus Reed and William H. Stone.
JAMES PINCKNEY  of Catskill           Will Probated August 16 1834
    Heirs: Wife, Louisa; sons: Charles B., James and Philip; James
    D. Pinckney; five daughters: Laura; Maria, wife of George
    Hallenbeck; Adaline, wife of John P. Decker; Frances, wife of
    John F. Hull; Grace, wife of William E. Pierie.
    Executors:  Son, Charles B. Pinckney and Joel Bellamy.
    Witnesses:  Jonathan Rowe, Stephen Bosworth and Lewis Burton.
ISAAC BATCHELOR  of Coxsackie    Will Probated Sept. 8 1834
    Heirs:  Wife, Catherine.
    Executors: Thomas W. Gay, George Reed and William Mandeville.
    Witnesses:  William Chapman and William V.B. Adams.
HARMAN VEDDER  of Catskill         Will Probated October 14 1834
    Heirs:  Wife, Catherine; daughters: Eliza, Catherine and Maria.
    sons: David, Aaron, Peter, Abraham, Isaac and John.
    Executors:  Son, David and John Vedder, Jr. and William Salisbury.
    Witnesses:  Horatio Dewey, John O. Dewey and John M. Vedder.
PRISCILLA TENBROOKE  of Catskill   Will Probated Nov. 27 1834
    Heirs:  Heirs of Chloe Richardson, daughter of Joseph Richardson,
    deceased; Benjamin, also a son of Joseph Richardson, deceased;
    Esther E., daughter of Benjamin Richardson;  Esther Priscilla,
    daughter of Jairus Richardson; Bellinger Richardson; William
    Richardson; grandchildren mentioned but not by name.
    Executors:  Jairus, William and Bellinger Richardson.
    Witnesses: Henry Dederick and Jerry William Dederick, both of
RUTH MARRIOTT  of Athens         Will Probated December 1 1834
    Heirs: Children: Samuel, Martha, Edward, and Phebe Green;
    Charles Marriot, present husband of Ruth Marriot; John Lawton;
    Caleb Coffin's father Caleb Coffin's heirs; Samuel Coffin; Hepzebeth
    Coffin, sister of Samuel Coffin; Tabitha, Lucia Maria and Margaret,
    sister of Charles Marriott; (mentions Caleb Coffin, late husband of
    Ruth Marriot); son, Caleb Coffin.
    Executors:  Abraham Lawton and William M. Coffin.
    Witnesses: Thomas and Mary S. Coffin.
CASPARUS BENHAM  of Catskill    Will Probated December 6 1834
    Heirs:  wife, Gertrude Sauser; children: Peter D., John, Catherine
    (also referred to as Mary Catherine), Sarah, Garriche, Cornelius
    and Elizabeth.
    Executors:  Son. Peter D. Benham and Peter Benham of Lexington.
    Witnesses:  Elizabeth Schunneman of Catskill, Abraham Simmons
    and Peter Palmatier of Catskill. 

HIRAM LOSEE  of Greenville                Will Probated February 2 1835
    Heirs:  Wife, Effa; sons: Townsend, Cyrus, Stephen, George,
    Simeon;  daughters: Maria, Phebe Ann, Effa, wife of Shubel L.
    Newman; Freelove, wife of Henry N. Bogardus.
    Executors:  Sons, Cyrus and Stephen Losee.
    Witnesses:  Erastus Hamilton and Ransome Losee.
ELIJAH MORE of Lexington               Will Probated March 9 1835
         (Also a Probate of same will MAY 31 1836  maybe a codicil.
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary; Sons:  James (youngest) and Elijah (oldest)
    daughters:  Sally Cline (eldest); Polly Peck, Hannah Reynolds,
    Lydia Galloway and Catherine Cole.
    Executors:  Sons: Elijah and James
    Witnesses:  Peter T., Bruce C. and Deborah Smith.
ALLEN T. HOLMES   of Athens        Will Probated April 13 1835
    Heirs: Mother; Wife, Elizabeth
    Executors: Alexander Shaw and Castle Seely.
    Witnesses:  J. H. Wheeler and Henry VanLoon.
JOHN F. DARROW                         Will Probated April 13 1835
    Heirs:  Wife, Maria; sons: Robert and Burr; daughters: Jane,
    Adaline and Caroline.
    Executors:  Caleb Day and son Burr Darrow.
    Witnesses:  Abraham Voorhis and S. Spooner.
MARY PORTER  of New Baltimore   Will Probated May 5 1835
    (Widow of William Porter-deceased)
    Heirs:  Samuel Dodge
    Executor: Samuel Dodge
    Witnesses:  Loriz Palmer and Gilbert Bedell
REUBEN BRUNDYDG  of Cairo       Will Probated May 11 1835
    Heirs:  Wife; six children: James B., Stephen, Wesley M.,
    Phebe Hill, Lydia Ann and Catharine D.; five sons dead including
    Reuben and Ira; Reuben Seaman Brundydg, deceased, oldest,
    left six children.
    Executors:  Wesley Milton Brundydg and Catharine D., son and
    daughter of deceased.
    Witnesses:  Henry Weeks, Tamma Weekes and Patience
    Almira Brundydg.
SIMEON HOLMES                        Will Probated May 18 1835
    Heirs:  Widow Markey; Margaret and Priscilla, infant daughters
    of Widow Clarissa Markey.
    Executor:  Montgomery Markey.
    Witnesses:  Abner Flower, Owen Bell and Amos Pierce.
PHILO BUSHNELL  of Lexington     Will Probated June 8 1835
    Heirs:  Wife, Sarah; minor children not named.
    Executors:  Aaron Bushnell, Abraham Hare and Henry Goslee.
    Witnesses:  Aaron Bushnell and Henry Goslee.
HANNAH BURGESS  of Athens     Will Probated June 12 1835
    Heirs:  Sister, Mary; niece, Sarah Pierce, wife of Eli Pierce and
    daughter of brother William Burgess; children of Sarah Pierce;
    Eli Pierce; niece, Maria M. Haight, wife of Jacob Haight; nephew,
    William Burgess, son of brother John Burgess; niece, Jane Burgess,
    daughter of Robert Burgess; Sarah Larman McMahan Ogden, an
    orphan girl; Elizabeth Burgess, wife of late brother, John Burgess;
    Hannah Maria, daughter of brother, William Burgess; brother
    William Burgess.
    Executors:  Rev. Joseph Prentiss of Athens; sister, Mary Burgess,
    and niece, Sarah Pierce.
    Witnesses:  Eilliam Tolley and Joseph Pierce of Athens, Allen
    Jordan of Hudson.
ZEPHANIAH CHASE  of Lexington      Will Probated June 22 1835
    Heirs:  Wife, Lorie; sons: Benjamin, Joseph, David, West, and
    Charles; daughters:  Abigail Johnson, Elizabeth Bushnell, Rebecca
    Douk; grandson, Benjamin Chase.
    Executor:  David Chase.
    Witnesses:  Yado H. Pratt, Charles Vorse and Charles Peck.
JOSEPH WRIGHT  of Durham               Will Probated June 22 1835
    Heirs:  Wife, Emeline Peck; sister, Hannah Wright.
    Executor:  Joseph O'Bryan of Durham.
    Witnesses:  John O'Bryan, Amos Sterring and John Wright.
JACOB BOGARDUS  of Coxsackie       Will Probated July 6 1835
    Heirs:  Sons: Isaac and John; unmarried daughters (not named).
    Executor:  Son, Isaac.
    Witnesses:  John L. Bronk and Matthew Spoor.
JOHN PLANK  of Durham                 Will Probated August 17 1835
    Heirs:  Wife, Catharine; sons: Frederic (eldest) and Abraham;
    Daughter, Mary, wife of Daniel D. Howe.
    Executors:  Two sons, Frederic and Abraham; Bela Strong.
    Witnesses:  David Williams, Asahel Strong and Althea E. Strong.
DANIEL BENJAMIN                   Will Probated September 28 1835
    Heirs:  Wife, Polly; son, Henry.
    Executors: Jesse, Benjamin and Silas Stanard.
    Witnesses:  Eliakim Stanard, Abner Flower of Durham and Dan
    Bixby of Greenville.

TIMOTHY BUNKER  of Athens            Will Probated January 4 1836

    Heirs:  Wife Judith; daughters:  Ann Stitts, wife of Thomas Stitts;
    Avis Coleman, wife of David Coleman; Maria Raymond, wife of
    Lewis Raymond; Judith C. Smith, wife of Charles Smith; Phebe
    Bunker and Ursula Bunker; three grand children, -- the children of
    son, Seth Bunker, deceased, Weston, Margaret and Mary; Reynolds         Cornell.
    Executors:  Wife and two sons-in-law, Lewis Raymond and Charles
    Witnesses: Thomas Wright of Claverack, Columbia County, and
    Amos Carpenter of the City of Hudson.
JOHN BARKER                               WIll Probated February 9 1836
    Heirs:  Wife Margaret; sons:  Charles, John, William, James and
    George; daughters: Elizabeth Hubbel, Margaret Pierson, Eleanor
    Finkle and Catharine Stevens.
    Executrix:  Wife, Margaret.
    Witnesses:  Robert Shields and William Pierson.
GEORGE STEPHENSON of Lexington Will Probated February 29 1836
                 (Late Minister of the Gospel of Lexington)
    Heirs:  Wife, Phebe; Rev. Isaac Purkiss of Freehold, Greene Co, NY;
    Dr. John W. Sterling of the City of New York; William McLaren of
    Lexington, NY; Daniel Sayer of Cairo; Remus Merwin of Lexington;
    Joel Hosford of Lexington and Reuben Hosford of the same place;
    Dr. Horace P. Beach of Lexington; David Stilton Foot of Windham;
    Ruth Woodruff, widow of Mr. Elisha Woodruff of Cairo, deceased;
    Adonijah Baker and wife of Cairo; Mrs. Molly Johnson, wife of
    Stephen Johnson of Lexington; Mrs. Elizabeth Merwin, wife of
    Lyman Merwin of Lexington; Mrs. Samantha Wears, widow of John
    Wears of Windham, deceased; children of Rev. Elisha Wise,
    deceased; George Mann, Isaac Buel and William Osborn of
    Executors:  George Mann, Isaac Buel and William Osborn of
    Witnesses: Chauncey Hosford, Michael Mann and David M.
JOHN BUDDEN  of Athens               Will Probated March 15 1836
    Heirs:  Wife, Rachel; two daughters: Mary, wife of Lewis Cornwell
    and Betsey, wife of Morris Edwards.
    Executors:  Wife, Rachel and Casper Hallenbeck.
    Witnesses:  Eli Pierce (a doctor, see next entry--AC) and William
JANE R. BURGESS  of Athens        Will Probated April 18 1836
    Heirs:  Cousins: -- the children of Henry Bowman: Joshua H., John,
    Abigail, Hannah Gomeley, wife of Emer; William Bowman, Mary L.
    Bowman; Doctors, Eli Pierce and Joseph Pierce.
    Executors:  Dr. Eli Pierce and Joshua R. Bowman.
    Witnesses:  Alonzo Grune and Edward Greene
AARON HALL  of Greenville          Will Probated April 25 1836
    Heirs:  Wife, Emma Hall; four sons: Louis, Abraham, Harvey and
    William; daughters: Rhoda, wife of John Cowdin; Olive and Polly,
    wife of Ambrose Baker; grandsons and grand daughter, Emmelisa
    Youmans, William Hudson Kinsley and Addison James Kinsley.
    Executor:  Abraham Hall
    Witnesses:  Aaron and Abel Butler; Joel Buckbee
DANIEL JOHNSON  of Lexington    Will Probated May 31 1836
    Heirs:  Daughters:  Amanda Smith and Hanna; sons: Miles and
    Executor: Henry Goslee.
    Witnesses: Munson Buel and Isaac Buel.
JAMES C. LISK  of New Baltimore    Will Probated June 6 1836
    Heirs:  Brothers: Jacob (eldest), Charles, Jr., and Benjamin C.
    (youngest);  sisters:  Marice Armstrong (eldest), and Hannah
    Coonley, wife of Gerry Coonley, (youngest).
    Executors:  Father, Charles Lisk and brother, Charles Lisk, Jr.
    Witnesses:  Burling Hoag and Deborah Lisk.
JOHN C. ROACH  of Catskill          Will Probated June 23 1836
               (Formerly of the Island of Barbadoes)
    Heirs:  Wife, Sarah; adopted son, Nathaniel.
    Executors:  Wife and Turhard R. Cook.
    Witnesses:  Turhand R. Cook (notice spelling), Julia Ann
    Begnake and Rebecca Gracey.
CONRADT T. HOGHTALIN of New Baltimore Will Probated Jul 18 1836
    (Name also spelled Houghtaling)
    Heirs:  Wife, Catherine; three sons: Thomas C., Anthony C., and
    Abraham C.
    Executors:  The three sons.
    Witnesses:  Garret T. Hoghtalin, Leonard Haight and Elisha D. Hall.
JOHN P. DECKER  of Catskill            Will Probated July 26 1836
    Heirs:  Wife, Adelvine F.
    Executor:  Brother-in-law, Charles B. Pinckney.
    Witnesses:  R. Dorlon and Joel Bellamy.
JOSHUA GEDNEY of New Baltimore   Will Probated July 25 1836
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary; children: Peter, Bartholomew, Absolum,
    Joshua and Samuel; daughters:  Payshance (Patience), Sarah,
    Jane, Hester, Mary and Hannah.
    Executors:  Peter and Joshua Gedney; Benjamin McCabe.
    Witnesses:  Archibald Stephens, Charles S. Fredenburgh and
    DeWitt Stephens.
EFFA RENNE  of Durham              Will Probated September 13 1836
    Heirs:  Daughter, Deborah and son, Stephen.
    Executor:  Son, Stephen.
    Witnesses:  Julia A. Renne and Lucy Renne.
WILLIAM TOLLEY  of Athens         Will Probated November 9 1836
    Heirs:  Wife Rebecca; three children of brother, George Tolley,
    deceased; two children: Frederick W. and Altanah L. Tolley.
    Executor: Son, Frederick W. Tolley
    Witnesses:  James Mullen and Jacob Hardwick.
PHINEAS TYLER  of Durham           Will Probated December 16 1836
    Heirs:  Youngest son, Jehial; grandson, Albert.
    Executors:  Deliverance B. Hervey and Lucy Hewey.
    Witnesses:  James Tyler and Vincent Stilwell.

JOHN C. HALLENBECK  of Athens  Will Probated December 19 1836

    Heirs:  Wife; daughters: Harriet, Sarah, Mary and Lany; sons:
    Casper, John, William and Walter; two grandchildren, Betsey and
    Mary Ann, children of George Lee.
    Executors: Casper, William and Walter Hallenbeck.
    Witnesses:  Jacob Hardick, Reuben Huntington and William Tolley.
BENJAMIN HAXTUN  of Catskill      Will Probated December 26 1836
    Heirs:  Wife, Martha; three daughters, Julia Catharine, Phoebe Ann,
    and Caroline; grand daughters: Eliza and Mary Ann, children of
    deceased daughter, Mary Eliza Fraser; Andrew B. Fraser, son of
    Washington M.
    Executors:  Andrew B. Haxtun.
    Witnesses:  John Adams and Lewis Benton.

AFTER YOUMANS  of Coxsackie          Will Probated January 13 1837
    Heirs:  Wife, Elizabeth:  sons:  Joseph, After, Jeremiah, Abraham,
    and John; daughters:  Sally, Betsey and Phoebe.
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witness:  James Wells Sniffen.
RICHARD RUSHMORE  of Athens       Will Probated January 31 1837
    Heirs:  Wife, Deborah; children:  Solon, Thomas Lembuck, Erasmus,
    Delano, Laban Coleman and Mary.
    Executors:  Wife and son Solon.
    Witnesses:  Caleb Day and Abel Brace.
BENJAMIN VAN ORDEN  of Coxsackie   Will Probated Feb. 28 1837
    Heirs:  Son, Benjamin; daughters: Catharine and Sarah.
    Executors:  Son Benjamin and daughter Sarah.
    Witnesses: Garret Hooghkerk and Ephraim Bronk.
STEPHEN ROOT  of Catskill              Will Probated March 6 1837
    Heirs:  Wife, Harriet; three sons: Timothy, William E., and Stephen;
    daughters:  Eliza, Mary, Martha, Amelia, Charlotte, Adaline, Helen,
    Charity, wife of Lewis L. Preston and Catharine, wife of Lyman L.
    Executors:  sons Timothy and William E. Root.
    Witnesses:  Cornelius Wynkoop, Richard W. Tappen and Isaac I.
RACHEL SOUSER  of Catskill         Will Probated March 20 1837
    Heirs:  Daughters: Rachel, wife of Abraham Rightmyer; Maria,
    wife of John Walker; Sally, wife of Thomas Davis; daughter Anna,
    wife of Frederick Overbagh; two grandchildren, -- Charles and
    George, sons of daughter Rebecca, deceased;  sister, Rachel
    Sarah; grand daughter Clarissa, daughter of Sally.
    Executors:  Frederick Overbagh and Benjamin VanOrden, Jr.
    Witnesses:  Isaac W. Wyckoff, A.F. Rightmyer and L. Kiersted.
AARON ANDREWS   of Catskill     Will Probated April 21 1837
    Heirs:  Three nieces:  Sarah D. Wilcox of Columbus, Ohio; two
    brothers, John of Connecticut and Drake of Ohio.
    Executors:  brother, John Andrews of Connecticut, Henry Whittlesey
    and Robert Dorlon of Catskill.
    Witnesses:  Peter F. Mesick and Robert Dorlon.
EBENEZER WEEKS  of New Baltimore  Will Probated May 15 1837
    Heirs:  Only son, Selah;  only daughter, Elizabeth Palmer.
    Executors:  son, Selah and son-in-law Epenetus Palmer.
    Witnesses:  Felix Gage and Gilbert Kniffen.
GEORGE WOOLSEY  of Athens          Will Probated May 29 1837
    Heirs:  Wife, Jane; two sons, George D and Henry H.; four daughters:
    Jane H./N. Dubois, Mary Ann, Margaret H. and Frances S.; grandson
    George W. Dubois; Goelet Dubois.
    Executors:  sons; George D and Henry H. Woolsey, also Francis
    Witnesses: John Bennett and John Lawton.
    Witnesses to Codicil:  Margaret P.H. Woolsey and Frances S.
JOHN VEDDER  of Catskill            Will Probated May 29 1837
    Heirs:  Wife, Christina; sons: Aaron, John M.; William, Jacob,
    Ostrander H., Alexander and Henry M.; Two daughters:  Catharine
    Maria, and Sarah Ann.
    Executors:  Two sons: Henry M. and Alexander; Luke Kiersted.
    Witnesses:  John Kinson, Benjamin Comfort and Luke Kiersted.
JACOB CONOVER  of Catskill       Will Probated May 31 1837
    Heir:  Brother, Michael Conover.
    Executor: Brother-- Michael Conover.
    Witnesses:  J. E. Simon, Daniel Gunn and Zeba Clark.
GEORGE SCHOONMAKER  of Catskill  Will Probated June 23 1837
    Heirs:  Son, David; daughters: Jane, Christina, Eliza, Catharine.
    Executors: Michael Sax and Rollin Smith.
    Witnesses:  Henry Wynkoop, Peter A. Post and William Merrett.
MOSES BURT  of Cairo                  Will Probated June 26 1837
    Heirs:  Three children:  Anthony Edgar, William Augustus and
    Mary Frances.
    Executors:  Brother-in-law, Henry A. TenBroeck of New York City,
    and sons, Anthony Edgar and William Augustus.
    Witnesses:  Amasa Mattoon, Lewis H. Wickes and George Wickes.
TIMOTHY HOLLISTER  of Coxsackie    Will Probated July 17 1837
    Heirs:  Wife, Elethea; sons:  Timothy, John, Orsmond, Luther,
    and William Henry; daughters: Elizabeth, Julia, Ann, Mary, Sarah
    and Jane.
    Executors:  Wife and Capt. Cornelius Rouse, son of John Rouse.
    Witnesses:  Horatio Dewey of Catskill, Barent Gay of Coxsackie
    and Julia Ann Marshall of Catskill.

JONATHAN PALEN  of Catskill         Will Probated July 26 1837
    Heirs:  Wife, Catharine; children: John, Gilbert, Charles, Mary D.,
    Theodore, Jane R., George, Elizabeth and Ann.
    Executors:  George Palen, Hollis McKinstry and Giles Isham.
    Witnesses:  Tobias Wynkoop, Tobias Britt and Lewis Lawrence.
ISAAC HARDENBERGH  of Catskill   Will Probated August 2 1837
    Heirs:  Wife, Rachel;  sons:  John and George; daughters: Frances
    Becker; Margaret, wife of Joseph Wycoff; Elizabeth, wife of
    Charles B. Wands; Thomas, son of daughter, Frances Becker.
    Executors:  Wife and sons.--Lewis, John and George.
    Witnesses:  John V.D. S. Scott, William VanBergen and Susan
PETER BRITT  of Catskill          Will Probated August 14 1837
    Heirs:  Wife, Leah;  sons:  William, Nicholas and Tobias; five
    daughters: Jane, wife of Benjamin Peck; Hannah, wife of Isaac
    Fulton; Polly, wife of William Ramsey; Margaret, wife of Philip
    Bare; Caty, wife of Wilhelmus Dederick, deceased; grand-
    daughter, Catharine, daughter of son, Peter.
    Executors:  Son, William; Cornelius Wynkoop and Jonathan
    Witnesses:  Cornelius Wynkoop and Jonathan Myer.
EDWARD FOWKS  of Catskill    Will Probated September 18 1837
    Heirs:  Wife, Lucinda;  sisters: Lucretia and Sarah F. Fowks;
    brother, William F. Fowks.
    Executors:  Wife and Jeremiah Brandow.
    Witnesses:  Horatio Dewey, Jacob Vedder and Jeremiah Brandow.
ABEL BLAKESLEE  of Windham    Will Probated October 9 1837
    Heir:  Wife Clarissa.
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses:  Whiting Rice, Alvah Munson and Jacob Smalling, Jr.
ELIHU MOSS  of Durham          Will Probated October 30 1837
    Heirs:  Wife, Hannah;  sons:  Justin, Jesse and Elihu (the eldest);
    daughters: Emma, Thankful and Duantha.
    Executors:  Son, Elihu and son-in-law, Ruel P. Bascum.
    Witnesses:  Joseph Fellows and Linus H. Fellows.
MICHAEL SAX  of Catskill        Will Probated October 31 1837
    Heirs:  Wife, Margaret;  nephew, Michael Sax Lasher; John Myer,
    son of Christina Myer, now deceased and Adam Mower of
    Saugerties, Ulster county; D. William Lasher of Catskill; Mary, wife
    of Andrew P. Myers; Michael Mower, Jr. son of Michael Mower of
    Kiskatom; Michael Fiero, son of Paul Fiero of Saugerties.
    Executors:  Wife and Andrew P. Myer of Catskill and Adam Mower
    of Saugerties.
    Witnesses:  John Adams and Lewis Benton.
LAWRENCE L. LAUT  of Durham       Will Probated November 14 1837
    Heirs: Wife Mariah;  sons: Jeremiah, William, David, Lawrence,
    John, Peter and Abraham; daughters: Mariah, wife of James Dood;
    Comarky, wife of David Neeley; Christina; Jenny, wife of Thomas
    Dewey; Eliza, wife of Wiley Eighmy; grand daughter, Mariah
    Benton; grandson, Lawrence L. Dewey.
    Executors: Lawrence Laut, Jr. and William Laut.
    Witnesses: Abner Flower, Smith Miller and James Conklin.
SILVESTER BLAKESLEE  of Windham   Will Probated November 30 1837
    Heirs:  Wife, Gertrude; son Silvester.
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses:  Whiting Rice and Jacob Smalling.
GEORGE BONISTEL   of Catskill       Will Probated November 20 1837
    Heirs:  Wife, Cornelia; brothers: Martin and Charles; sisters:
    Louisa, Maria and Julia Ann; Barbara Allen Cleveland; sons:
    Horace Cleveland and Baker Oln Bonistel.
    Executors:  Wife and brother Alonzo Bonistel
    Witnesses:  John D. Pinckney, John and Alonzo Bonistel.
JACOBUS PERSON of Catskill          Will Probated December 18 1837
    Heirs:  Wife, Eve; daughters:  Jeny, wife of Peter Dewit and Hannah,
    wife of Henry Burhans, Jr.; sons:  James, Jacob, Hezekiah and John
    Henry; daughter Catharine, wife of John VanOrden;  seven heirs of
    son, John, Deceased. 
    Executors:  Sons-in-law, John VanOrden and Peter Dewit.
    Witnesses:  Frederic Martin, Jacob Schutt and Edmund Macumber.
CHARLES PEARSALL  of Greenville       Will Probated January 22 1838
    Heirs:  Wife, Eliza; sons: Henry and Samuel; daughters: Polly, wife
    of Lewis Slussan; Betsey, wife of Thomas Soliss; Phoebe, wife of
    William Pearsall; Nancy, wife of Hugh Dawson; and Milla, wife of
    Richard H. Dawson.
    Executors:  Erastus Hamilton and John Holley.
    Witnesses:  Zebulon Cooper and Edward H. Miller.
ELIAS DUTCHER  of Cairo                   Will Probated February 13, 1838
    Heirs:  Wife, Elizabeth; daughters: Catharine, Sarah and Elizabeth;
    great grandson, Elias, son of grandson Seth Dutcher; grand children,
    ---the four children of son, John Dutcher, deceased.
    Executors:  Wife, Elizabeth; Isaac Bogardus and Amasa Mattoon.
    Witnesses:  Ira L. Day and James Lennon.
ABEL WRIGHT  of New Lebanon        Will Probated February 19 1838
              (New Lebanon is in Columbia County NY)
    Heirs:  Wife, Eunice; children: Hiram, Henry D., Olney F., Horatio
    N., Eliza Ann, Albert H., Ophelia, wife of James Turner; Adeline and
    Maria, wife of William Redding.
    Executor:  Son, Henry D. Wright.
    Witnesses:  Nathaniel Howard of Stephentown, Rensselaer County
    and Meshank Strait of Stephentown, Rensselaer County NY.
GEORGE EDWARDS  of Athens     Will Probated March 6 1838
    Heirs:  Wife, Rebecca; sons:  William and Isaac; daughter, Betsey
    Kennedy; grandparents, Andrew and Mary Siloven; Maria Thorn.
    Executors: Sons, Isaac and William; Garret W. Sagen.
    Witnesses:  Alonzo Green and Garret W. Sagen.
WILLIAM WRIGHT  of Coxsackie     Will Probated April 16 1838
    Heirs:  Wife, Sarah; seven children-no names mentioned; James
    Executors:  John H. Brandow and John P. Lampman.
    Witnesses:  William Gay, Dorrance Kirtland and Daniel Brundid.
RACHEL TEN EYCK                     Will Probated July 23 1838
                  (Wife of Conrad TenEyck)
    Heirs:  Daughters: Anna VanDuzee and Sarah TenEyck; sons:
    Martin H. B., Casper H.B.;  mother, Elizabeth, deceased; two
    grandsons, Anthony and Martin Holmes.
    Executors:  Clinton Dewit of Coxsackie and Benjamin B. Frazer
    of Coeymans.
    Witnesses:  J.H.B. Hall and Isaac Coonley, both of New Baltimore.
GEORGE MOESHER  of Catskill    Will Probated August 9 1838
    Heirs:  Wife, Maritje; daughters: Vina, Linah and Marian Magee;
    George Moesher Magee, Simeon Peter Magee; William H. Brink
    and Henry Brink; George and Peter Moesher.
    Executors:  Jerry William Dederick and John Volk; brother,
    Christian Moescher. (notice spelling difference-AC)
    Witnesses:  Jacob Bear, William Lasher and William Fiero.
ABRAHAM SPOOR                  Will Probated August 10 1838
    Heirs:  Elizabeth, wife of Casper Spoor; (mentions brother Derick);
    uncle and aunt, David Sharp and Elizabeth, his wife.
    Executor:  Thomas W. Gay of Coxsackie.
    Witnesses:  Jacob D. Sharpe and Thomas W. Gay.
EZEKIEL STEWART  of Greenville   Will Probated October 22 1838
    Heirs:  Wife, Rhea; daughter, Jane Ann, wife of Russel Wakely;
    son: Amasa;  Den, colored woman.
    Executrix:  Wife, Rhea.
    Witnesses:  Abijah Reed and Mercules Reed (possibly Hercules).
THOMAS I. SMITH  of New Baltimore  Will Probated Oct. 29 1838
    Heirs:  Wife, Cornelia;  daughters:  Anna, wife of Roswell Caswell;
    Jane, wife of Nelson Grogran; Susan Catharine, wife of Thomas M.
    Williams; grandson, William Smith; children: Francis, John, Peter,
    Thomas, Jr. and Henry; grandson, Thomas Jefferson Smith, son of
    son John A. F. Smith.
    Executors: Francis Smith and son-in-law, Nelson Grogram.
    Witnesses:  Gilbert Bedell, John W. Bedell and Hiram Miller.
IRA ECKLER  of Catskill             Will Probated November 8 1838
    Heirs:  Son, Solomon Palmer Eckler; brothers:  Peter M., William B.,
    Charles, Robert, Richard, Hiram and Andrew J. Eckler; sister:
    Sally Ann Losier; niece, Maria E. Losier.
    Executors:  brothers, Charles and Andrew Josiah Eckler.
    Witnesses:  John VanVechten, Sally Ann Loshier and Leir Blank.
CHARLES STURTEVANT         Will Probated December 7 1838
    Heirs:  sisters:  Jerusha and Harriet; brothers:  Albert, David,
    and Homer. (mentions father, but not by full name.)
    Executors:  David and Albert Sturtevant.
    Witnesses:  Charles and Robert E. Austin.
SOLOMON ORMSBEE  of Windham  Will Probated December 29 1838
    Heirs:  Wife, Sally; sons:  Nathaniel and Halek Hubbard Ormsbee;
    eldest son, Samuel; other sons, George Hubbard Ormsbee and
    John Buel Ormsbee;  daughters:  Abigail, wife of John Ives, Jr.;
    Hannah and Emeline Ives; grandsons:  Solomon Ormsbee and
    Daniel Merwin, sons of daughter Hannah, wife of Leverett Merwin.
    Executors:  Wife, Sally and son, Nathaniel Ormsbee and cousin,
    David Buel.
    Witnesses:  Thomas Benham, Jacob Benham and Bethuel
SARAH ROACH  of Catskill          Will Probated December 31 1838
    Heirs:  Daughter, Sarah; Turhand K. Cooke; Rebecca Grayson.
    Execitors: Joshua Moses of NY City and Turhand K. Cooke.
    Witnesses William W. VanLoan and James D. Pickney.
BERNARD BAGLEY                          Will Probated January 8 1839
    Heirs:  Wife, Polly; son, Henry Bernard Bagley; three nephews: 
    Samuel Bagley of Windham; Bernard and David Bagley of Hew
    Hampshire, sons of deceased brother, Ebenezer.
    Executors:  Wife, Polly and Amasa Mattoon.
    Witnesses:  Jacob Woodard and Anna Earl, both of Durham.
ELISHA D. HALL   of New Baltimore    Will Probated February 4 1839
    Heirs:  Wife, Sarah; sons:  Henry B., Jasper B., and Ransom E.;
    daughters:  Elizabeth and Rebecca, wife of James Ostrander.
    Executors:  Two sons, Henry B. and Jasper B. Hall.
    Witnesses:  Leonard Haight and James W. Rea.
AARON VEDDER  of Catskill            Will Probated February 25 1839
    Heirs:  Brothers:  David (eldest), Isaac (youngest), John Jr., Peter
    and Abraham; sisters:  Eliza (eldest), Catharine and Maria.
    Executors:  David and Elias B. Austin.
    Witnesses:  John M. Decker and Abraham Decker.
JOHN FRAYER  of Durham            Will Probated May 6 1839
    Heirs:  Wife, Esther; sons:  John, Abram, and Jacob; daughters:
    Rachel, wife of Martin Orr and Caroline; John Snider, son of
    daughter  Caty, now deceased.
    Executors:  David and Elias B. Austin.
    Witnesses:   Phineas Cooke and Fletcher Smith.
JACOB H. KELLER  of Cairo          Will Probated May 9 1839
    Heirs:  Wife, Clarissa; daughter, Julia.
    Executors:  George Wickes and Walker Noble.
    Witnesses:  Leander N. Havena and Samuel Portier, both of Cairo.
CHARLES LISK, JR.   of Coxsackie   Will Probated May 22 1839
    Heirs:  Wife, Philena; duaghter, Emeline.
    Executors: Father, Charles Lisk and Brother-in-law, John G. Bedell.
    Witnesses:  John Ely and Henry Heermance.
PETER WOLFE  of New Baltimore    Will Probated June 11 1839
    Heirs:  Wife, Hannah; son, John P.; daughter, Maria, wife of
    Reuben Cary.
    Executors:  John P. Wolfe, Samuel T. Powell and Gilbert Bedell.
    Witnesses:  John J. Youngs, Jonathan A. Youngs of New Baltimore,
    and J.C. Dorman of Coxsackie.
ROSWELL REED  of Coxsackie       Will Probated June 25 1839
    Heirs:  Wife, Sally;  sons:  Eliakim B., Almet, Ezra T., William and
    Roswell Reed, Jr.,  daughters:  Cornelia and Adaline, wife of H. C.
    Adams,  four children of daughter Laura, deceased, wife of Robert
    J. Vandenburgh, -- Angelica, Walter, Isabella and Eliza
    Executors:  Theron Skeel, Almot Reed, Ezra T. Reed and Roswell
    Reed, Jr.
    Witnesses:  Robert G. Doller and Henry Hiserandt.
JACOB C. HOAGLAND  of Catskill   Will Probated July 1 1839
    Heirs:  Wife Silva;  five children of Solomon Grey, deceased:  Maria,
    Melissa, James O., Adaliza and Jane Grey.
    Executors:  John J. Ashley and Francis N. Wilson.
    Witnesses:  Edward Person and Abel Brace.
BENJAMIN MABIN  of Lexington      Will Probated   July 3 1839
    Heirs:  Wife Diadama;  children (not mentioned by name).
    Executors:  Nathan Rowley, Solomon Lament and Iretus L. Bushnell.
    Witnesses:  Iretus L. Bushnell and Buel Mabin.
JOEL BELLAMY  of Catskill          Will Probated July 6 1839
    Heirs:  Wife, Esther;  daughters:  Eunice, Corintha, Hannah,
    Adaline, Sarah, Delia and Cornelia.
    Executrix:  Wife, Esther.
    Witnesses:  Robert Dorlon and John R. Sylvester.
DANIEL MILLER  of Greenville        Will Probated July 8 1839
    Heirs:  Wife, Betsey; five daughters: Charlotte, Phebe, Harriet, wife
    of Erastus Hamilton; Betsey, wife of Gilbert D. Philips and Sally
    Maria Reed;  sons: Timothy I., Edward H., Daniel S., and Elisha.
    Executors:  Timothy I. and Edward H. Miller, sons; and son-in-law,
    Erastus Hamilton.
    Witnesses:  Andrew Lake of Westerlo, Albany County and Levins F.
    Hitchcock of the same place.
PHEBE BRADBURY  of Athens    Will Probated July 29 1839
    Heirs:  Sisters: Naomi and Martha Bradbury.
    Executors:  Naomi and Martha Bradbury.
    Witnesses:  William Bedell, Jr., and Hannah Bedell.
WILLIAM SEAMAN  of Catskill      Will Probated  July 29 1839
    Heirs:  Wife, Ellen;    children mentioned but not named.
    Executors:  Wife and Peter Brasted.
    Witnesses:  John Adams and Lewis Benton.
JOSEPH REQUA  of New Baltimore   Will Probated July 31 1839
    Heirs:  Sons:  Garret, Henry M. Gilbert B., James and William;
    daughters:  Caroline, Julia Ann, Mariah, Jane Brown, wife of John F.
    Brown; grandchildren, children of Rebecca Brown, deceased.
    Executors:  James and Gilbert B. Requa.
    Witnesses:  Elisha D. and H.B. Hall.
JOHN A. OVERBAUGH  of Catskill     Will Probated August 29 1839
    Heirs:  Wife, Sarah;  daughters:  Annamaria, Rachel, Catherine;
    sons:  Addison, John Abraham, William D., Peter and Lyman.
    Executors:  Sons---John Abraham and William D. Overbagh.
         (notice two spellings of surname--AC)
    Witnesses:  L. Kiersted, Peter T. Mesick and William D. Overbagh.
CASPER VAN HOESEN  of Catskill   Will Probated October 1 1839
    Heirs:  Wife; daughter, Sarah; sons:  William, Peter, John, Robert,
    and Cornelius; Michael Hoos.
    Executors:  Abraham VanVechten and Isaac Rouse.
    Witnesses:  Robert Dorlon and John Lusk.
ENOS COLLINS   of Greenville        Will Probated October 7 1839
    Heirs:  Wife, Phebe; adopted son, Garret Root;  Sally R. Newell, wife
    of Silas Newell.
    Executors:  Garret Root and Timothy I. Miller.
    Witnesses:  Erastus Hamilton and Caroline A. Hamilton.
THOMAS GEORGIE  of Greenville    Will Probated October 21 1839
    Heirs:   Wife, Lydia; sons:  David, Lewis and Harvey; daughters:
    Lois Francis, Huldah, Charity and Unice Lester.
    Executors:  Son, Harvey and son-in-law, Joseph Martin and Abijah
    Witnesses:  Gideon Botsfoure (Botsford?-AC), Nathaniel Slawson
    and Abijah Reed.
MARGARET REYNOLDS  of Athens   Will Probated October 28 1839
    Heirs: Children:  Mary R. Park, Abraham, Samuel; Tilton, William
    and Thomas Reynolds; brother, Thomas; Tilton's daughter Margaret
    Reynolds;  brother Abraham's son, Abraham Reynolds and his sister
    Ruth; Henry H. Reynolds; Patience, wife of Samuel Waring; Susanna,
    wife of John Jewett; Thankful Merritt, wife of Benjamin Merritt; Ruth
    Spencer, wife of Nathan Spencer; Alfred Worden and his sister
    Mariah Worden; Welthy Sheffield and her sister Sinthy; nieces,
    --Margaret Jane Myers, Mary R. Parks, Amanda, wife of Abraham
    Reynolds and Mary Jane, wife of Henry H. Reynolds; Arthur, son of
    Samuel Parks.
    Executors: Brother, Samuel Reynolds; nephew, Mathew L. Myers.
    Witnesses:  William, Henry and William Bedell, Jr.
ALBERT A. VAN LOON  of Athens    Will Probated November 7 1839
    Heirs:   Mother, Polly Byrne; brother, Ezra; adopted daughter,
    Cornelia, born of Polly Stevens, deceased, before her intermarriage
    called Cornelia VanLoon--married Abner Carter.
    Executors: Anthony R. Livingston of Athens and James Powers
    of Catskill.
    Witnesses   William VanBergen and H. Hill, Jr.
JAMES UTTER  of Durham            Will Probated December 16 1839
    Heirs:  Wife;  sons:  Stephen and Beni;  daughter, Hannah, wife of
    Zena Benjamin. Mentions deceased son as James.
    Executor:  Son, Beni Utter
    Witnesses:  Abner Flower and Isreal Pratt
SOLOMON WOOLCUTT  of Windham   Will Probated December 23 1839
    Heirs:  Wife, Cornelia; daughters: Dolly, Naomi and Clarry;  sons:
    Alvia, Solomon, Lyman and Julius.
    Executors:  Arad Lewis and Merit Osborn.
    Witnesses:  Whiting Rice and Merrit Osborn
    Witnesses to codicil:  Arad Lewis and James Lewis.
SILAS LEWIS  of Windham         Will Probated December 27 1839
    Heirs:  Wife, Catharine;  daughter, Hannah Munson; sons:  Nabeth
    and John.
    Executrix:  Wife, Catharine.
    Witnesses:  Arad Lewis and Whiting Rice.
CORNELIUS FULLER  of Greenville        Will Probated January 17 1840
    Heirs:  Children: Phoebe, Hannah, Clark, Peter, Clay, Ornen,
    Martha, Horace, Cornelius, Barney, Elijah, Amos, Rebecca, John and
    Sally, wife of Hiram Fox; grandson, Cornelius Bump.
    Executors:  Hiram Fox, son-in-law and Albert Parsons.
    Witnesses:  Howland Macomber and Ely F. Parsons.
LYMAN WAIT                                        Will Probated February 3 1840
    Heirs:  Wife, Sophia; son, William S. (other children mentioned, not
    Executors:  John Bennet and John Clow.
    Witnesses:  Allen Jorden of Hudson; William H. Morton of Athens
    and Casper Hollenbeck.
JOHN ROUSE  of Athens                   Will Probated February 26 1840
    Heirs: Sons: Cornelius and John Jr.; Eykie, wife of Henry Sax of
    Cairo; daughter, May Greene, also referred to as Mary, widow of
    William  Greene of Cairo, deceased, and her son Barrent; three
    grandchildren, -- sons and daughter of Peter P. Rouse, deceased
    ,--John Scott Rouse, Anna Maria Rouse and Peter Warren Rouse;
    John Platt Rouse, son of Cornelius Rouse; John Greene, son of
    William Greene, deceased; John T., son of John Rouse, Jr.
    Executors:  Two sons, John Rouse, Jr. and Cornelius Rouse.
    Witnesses:  John A. Greene of Athens, Amy VanDyke of Cairo and
    H. VanDyke of Cairo.
JAMES BROWN  of Catskill                Will Probated February 29 1840
    Heir:  Daughter, Margaret May.
    Executrix:  Margaret May.
    Witnesses:  Caleb Day and Abel Brace.
GEORGE EVARTS  of Athens            Will Probated March 31 1840
    Heirs:  Wife, Susan;  children mentioned, not by name.
    Executors:  Wife and Warren Howland.
    Witnesses:  Alexander Shaw and William H. Shaw.
CLARK FINCH  of Windham                  Will Probated April 10 1840
    Heirs:  Wife, Lucinda; nephew, Garry O. Baldwin.
    Executors:  Wife and Merrit Osborn.
    Witnesses:  C. H. Goodrich, Hervey Camp and Henry Osborn.
THOMAS SPENCER  of Athens             Will Probated April 13 1840
    Heirs:  Wife, Deborah; daughters: Mrs. Margaret Clark, wife of James
    Clark, and Mary Parker.
    Executors:  Elijah Spencer of Athens and Edward S. Clark of New
    Witnesses: B.R. Wood and Jacob Winn of Albany.
ANTHONY ABEEL  of Catskill               Will Probated May 12 1840
    Heirs:  Wife, Nelly;  daughters:  Mary E and Elizabeth Ann; sons:
    Cornelius, Garret, Henry and Peter M., John C. and William.
    Executors:  Wife and sons, Garret and Cornelius.
    Witnesses:  Isaac I Dubois, Josiah Bullis, Isaac F. Bullis.
THEOPHILUS PECK  of Lexington      Will Probated May 25 1840
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary; son Charles; children of son, Charles.
    Executors:  Henry Goslee and Nathaniel Hull.
    Witnesses:  Henry Goslee and Munson Bull.
DORRANCE KIRTLAND  of Coxsackie   Will Probated June 15 1840
    Heirs:  Wife, Agnes; two sons and a daughter, --Ambrose, William,
    and Harriet; grandson, Dorrance Kirtland Mandeville; eldest male
    child of son, William; grand daughter, Frances, daughter of son,
    Executors:  Two sons, Ambrose and William.
    Witnesses:  Martin C. Hallenbeck, Matthias Vandenburgh

BENJAMIN BEMENT              Will Probated April 15 1840
    Heirs:  Sister, Anna; Harriet Curtis; parents, Benjamin & Kesiah
    Executors:  Joseph H. Bowman and brother Butler Bement
    Witnesses:  Peleg C. Mattoon and Anson L. Curtis 
DAVID CONINE  of Prattsville       Will Probated June 22, 1840
    Heirs:  Wife, Lana; two daughters-Betsey Ann and Ellen;
    John Henry Conine.
    Executors:  Wife and brother Jacob Conine and Leverett Munson
    Witnesses:  Garwood Tuttle, James Munson and Henry Conine
EM HALL  of Greenville                  Will Probated June 8, 1840
    Heirs:  Four sons, Abraham, Harvey, William and David; three
    daughters, Rhoda, wife of John S. Gowdin, Polly, wife
    of Ambrose Baker and Olive Hall; grand daughter, Em
    Eliza Yeomans;  grandsons, William Hudson Kinsley
    and Addison James Kinsley
   Executor:  Son, David
   Witnesses:  David Hall, Rhoda Cowdin and Olive Hall
JOHN PINE. SR.  of Cairo          Will Probated July 15, 1840
    Heirs:  Oldest daughter, Phebe Miller; second daughter,
    Mary Williams;  third daughter, Caty Story; fourth
    and youngest daughter, Sarah; eldest son, John
    Pine, Jr.; second son, Daniel.
    Executors:  Reuben Brundydge and Richard Brownell
    Witnesses:  Harry, Joseph and George Weekes
DAVID VINING of Cairo            Will Probated August 5, 1840
    Heirs:  Wife, Hannah; eldest daughter, Polly, wife of James
    Brown; third son, David Vining; daughter Sally and son-
    in-law Alexander Drew, her husband;  son Robert; four
    youngest children--son Peter Smith Vining, James
    Washington Vining, Sely Jane Vining and Christina
    Marie Vining; son, Robert.
    Executors:  Wife and son Robert Vining
    Witnesses:  Gilbert Vermilyea, John VanVechten and Morris
John Winnea   of Cairo       Will Probated September 14, 1840
    Heirs:  Wife Polly;  sons, Mathew, John and Richard; Eleanor
    M. and John L. Winnea, children of son Mathew, Grace, Hiram,
    John Henry, Abigail, Elsie and Sarah Jane Winnea, children of
    son, John Winnea;  daughter Patty, wife of Albert Hoes;
    daughter, Nelly, wife of Lewis Boughton; daughter Maria, wife
    of Jonas L. Mow; sons, Abraham and Barent.
    Executor:  Elisha Blackmar, son-in-law.
    Witnesses:  Caleb Day, P.A. VanBergen
JAMES INGALLS  of Greenville   Will Probated October 19 1840
    Heirs:  Wife, Catharine; four sons, William, Darius, Reuben
    and Elihu;  daughter Sylvia Husted; grandson, Joseph Sachet
    Executors:  William Ingalls and Thomas Saxton
    Witnesses:   Exekiel Ramsdell and Henry Williams
ISAAC VanLOAN   of Catskill   Will Probated November 30, 1840
    Heirs:  Wife, Jane; sons, William W. and Mathew D.; children
    by first wife of Mathew D., Eliza Penfield;  grandchildren,
    Isaac and Benjamin VanLoan, Betsey Ely, wife of David Ely.
    Executor:  William W. VanLoan
    Witnesses:  John Adams and Edward Person
PHILIP A. PINCKNEY of Catskill  Will Probated November 30, 1840
    Heir:  Charles B. Pinckney
    Executor:  Charles B. Pinckney
    Witnesses:  Abel Brace and John Adams

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