Wills 1802-1810

Wills of Greene County
Abstracts from 1802-1810

Abstract of Wills from 1802 to 1860, being copied from the records in the office of the Surrogate at Catskill, NY by RAY C. SAWYER,
Volume 1 copied in 1933 

From microfilm rented and copies bought by Annette Campbell at the LDS Family History Center.

CALEB COOK  of Freehold. Will probated May 16, 1802
     Heirs; Wife; sons: Thadeus, William and Caleb; daughters: 
     Marianna,  Sally and Betsey.
     Executor:  Thomas E. Barker.
     Witnesses:  Ethel Plant, Thomas N. Gridley and James Rose.
WILLIAM SALISBURY of Catskill.   Will probated May 16, 1802.
     Heirs: Wife, Eunice; sons: William , Sylvester and Abraham;
     daughters: Eleanor, Elizabeth, Maria and Catherine; nephews:
     Abraham and Francis Salisbury; Elsha, widow of son, Francis
     Salisbury; children of Barent Staats Salisbury, deceased; children of
     son, Lawrence Salisbury.
     Executors:  Wife, Eunice; son Abraham; sons-in-law, Henry Van
     Bergen and Nicholas Staats.
     Witnesses:  Andrew N. Heermance, William Elting and John
     (a second copy of this dated 13 Mar 1807, states sons: William S.,
      Sylvester, Lawrence, Abraham and Francis. Also mentions grandson,
      William B. Salisbury; also mentions brother Abraham Casparus
      Bronk, deceased, but not as an heir.)
LARBUD BURRELL WARING of Coxsackie.  Will probated May 2, 1803
     Heirs:  Wife, Hannah Waring; daughters,--Matilda and Lemina.
     Executors:  Wife, Hannah Waring, also Benjamin Spees.
     Witnesses:  Beriah Hotchkin, Stephen Bently and Samuel Spees.
JOHN WHITE of Catskill. Will probated May 10, 1803
     Heir: Cousin, John Merrifield of Catskill.
     Executors:  John Merrifield and Michael Hann.
     Witnesses:  D. Bancroft, Peter Souse, Jr., and John Souse, Jr.
ABIJAH MITCHELL  of Coxsackie.  Will probated August 25, 1803
     Heirs:  Wife, Anna Mitchell; daughters,--Sarah Terrence, Unice
     Peck, Rebecca Hunt, and Lacey Weber; only son, Benjamin
     Executrix:  Wife.
     Witnesses:  Treat, Samuel B. and Isaac Spees

JOHN GARRETT  of Coxsackie.  Will probated August 29, 1803
    Heirs:  Sons, --Ephraim, John, Mikle, Jacob: Daughters Elizabeth and
    Executors: Abner Hoag, Simeon Garret and John Garrett, son.
    Witnesses:  Simeon Garret, Abner Hoag and John Osborn.
JOHN G. VOOGD (Vogt) of Sconenburgh.  Will probated Sept. 28, 1803
    Heirs:   Wife, Hannah: John, son of Peter Jacobis of New York;
    Maria, daughter of William Scham; Dilucina Spencer of Hudson,
    Henry Ritter and Henry Dul.
    Executrix: Niece, Maria Schuneman.
    Witnesses: Abraham Salisbury, Jr., William Salisbury, Jr., and James
JOHANNIS VanDEUSEN  of Coxsackie.   Will probated Nov. 29, 1803.
     Heirs:  Wife, Harritie; sons, Cloudy and Jacobus; daughters,--
     Arrayantie VanAlstine, and Sarah, wife of Peter Houghtaling:
    grandchildren, --- Children of son, John,---Tiey, William, Arrayantie,
    Mary, Jannetie, Sarah, Caty, Linah, and Gertrude VanDeusen;
     grandchildren, ---children of son, Cornelius VanDeusen,
    deceased.--John and James VanDeusen.
     Executors:  Philip Conine, Jr., Jones Bronk and David Sharp.
     Witnesses:  Philip Conine, Jr., David Sharp and Stephen Warsen.
EDWARD COLLINS  of Coxsackie.  Will Probated December 10, 1803
    Heirs:  Wife, Ruth Collins; sons--Enos, Japheth, Isreal, Edward,
    Joseph, Samuel and David; daughters,--Abigail, wife of Robert
    Palmer; Thiroza, wife of Gideon Palmer and Ruth, wife of William
    Executors:  Ruth and Joseph Collins.
    Witnesses:  Beriah, Thankful and Joseph Hotchkiss.
GEORGE SCHAMP  of Canton.  Will probated December 10, 1803.
    Heirs:  The family. (no names mentioned)
    Executors:  Rev. Peter Lawpaugh of Catskill; Daniel Sayre of Canton
    and David Hosford of Canton.
    Witnesses:  Elizabeth Lacey, Sarah Brown and Richards Brown.
JOHN CASPERISCH VanHOESEN      Will probated 1803
    Heirs:  Wife, Hendricksie; son, John; grandson, John Casperson Van
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses:  Henry Knoll, Joseph Groom and Johanes Conyn. (also
    spelled Conine)
GOEZEN (Gozen) VanSCHAICK  of Catskill.  Will probated 1803.
    Heirs: Wife, Elsie; nephews, Teunis VanSlyck, son of sister
    Catharine VanSchaick; Gerrit W., son of late brother Wessel
    VanSchaick of Albany; Anthony, son of late brother Sybrant
    VanSchaick of Albany; brother Sybrant's daughters,--Catharine and
    Gerritie, wife of John Bleeker; brother, John G. VanSchaick; sisters, --
    Mary VanSchaick and Catharine Gansevort; Anthony, son of late
    brother, Jacob Van Schaick; Geosen, brother of Anthony VanSchaick;
    Catharine Olmstead wife of Benjamin Olmstead and sister of
    Goesen and Anthony Van Schaick; Catharine VanSlyke, wife of
    Joachim Tryon and daughter of sister Catharine; Elizabeth
    VanSlyke, wife of Jacobus Wells and sister of Catharine VanSlyke;
    nephew, Gerritt W. VanSchaick.
    Executors:  Wife, Elsie; Brother-in-law, Henry Quackenboss and
    nephew, Garrit W. VanSchaick.
    Witnesses:  Mosis I. and Christina Contine (Conine?); William

JOHN SPERLING  of Catskill    Will probated   July 2, 1803

    Heirs:  Wife, Maritje; children (not mentioned by name.)
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses:  M.G. Schuneman, Joel Bellamy and Jacob Haight.
ELIAKIM STRONG  of Freehold      Will probated January 26 1804
    Heirs:  Wife, Hannah; sons; Stephen and Selah; daughters; Lois
    and Beulah; Eliakim Medad, John Strong and Seth Strong.
    Executor:  Son Stephen Strong.
    Witnesses:  William and Mary Cook, Phineas Canfield.
SAMUEL HARVEY  of Windham    Will probated February 29 1804
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary; children: Silas, Andrew, Huldah, Ira, Rebekah,
    Jeduthan, Manarva, Mary; brother-in-law, John Dibbell.
    Executors:  Brother, Abed Harvy and John Dibbell.
    Witnesses:  Reuben Smioth, Benajah Preston and Ephraim
ISAAC LOCKWOOD  of Greenfield    Will probated July 6 1804
    Heirs:  Wife, Rebekah; daughter, Erretha; son Lechens.
    Executors:  Wife, Rebekah and Stephen Lockwood.
    Witnesses:  Luther Carter, Nathan Lockwood and Thirster Head.
William VanORDEN of Imboght, Albany Co, NY Will probated May 30,1804
    Heirs:  Son, Hezekiah; two daughters: Temperance, wife of John
    Burhans and Hannah, wife of James Milliken.
    Witnesses:   John B. Dumond, John Moore and James Tattersall.
HUBARTUS DUBOIS  of Catskill    Will probated June 3, 1804
    Heirs:  Daughters: Catherine, Rachel and Helena; son Peter; nephew,
    Benjamin; Catherine, daughter-in-law, wife of son, John Dubois,
    deceased; grandson's wife Catherine; grandson, Peter, son of John
    Dubois; (Cornelius Dubois, brother, mentioned in will, but not as
    Executors:  Michael Phillips and Samuel VanVechten.
    Witnesses:  Barent Dubois, John and Egbert Bogardus
NICKLUS MARTO  of Windham     Will probated December 5 1804
     Heirs:  Wife; Ginny; sons: Jacob the eldest, Johannis, Marto and
     Nicklus; daughters, Christean Lewis and Beckey Hummel; five
     youngest children, David, Peter, Elizabeth, Marey and Frederick.
     Executors:  Sons, Johannis, Marto; Peter Lewis, son-in-law.
     Witnesses:  Isaac Hardenbergh, Stephen Simmons and James

STEPHEN McCABE    Will probated January 7 1805
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary; sons: Samuel, Matthew (his second son),
    Benjamin Stephen, James and Jefferson; daughters: Sarah (the
    eldest), Synthy, Elizabeth, Nancy, Rhoda, and Syda.
    Executors:  John Polodge and Reuben Kniffen.
    Witnesses:  Isaac Miner, Samuel Ackerly and Nicholas Slater.
GERARDUS NEWKERK  of Catskill    Will probated January 12 1805
    Heirs: Niece, Maria, wife of John Scheneman of Catskill, and Peter
    Scheneman, her son.
    Executrix:  Niece, Maria Schuneman.
    Witnesses:  Abraham Salisbury, Jr., William Salisbury, Jr., and James
ALBERT VanLOON   Will probated August 11 1805
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary; sons: Evert, Abraham, John and Jacob.
    Executors: Jacob VanLoon and Mary, wife of John VanLoon, eldest
    Witnesses:  Shadrach Sill, Nicholas VanLoon and Casper I.
ABRAHAM OVERPAUGH   of Catskill   Will probated September 2 1805
    Heirs:  Wife, Rachel; son, Peter; daughters,--Mary, Sarah, Annatije,
    Rebeccah; John Walker, Jr., son-in-law and husband of daughter
    Abraham, Annatje and Rebecca, children of two sons, John and
    Executors:  Abraham Snyder and Samuel VanVechten.
    Witnesses:   John Overbaugh, Paul Snyder and Peter Ousterhout.
DAVID CALHOUN  of Greenfield     Will probated  December 3 1805
    Heirs:  Wife, Esther; sons: Alexander, Trueman, Heman and
    Johnson; daughters: Rhoda, Katrin and Lois; grandchildren:
    Benjamin Dunks and Esther, daughter of Lois.
    Executors:  Sons,--Alexander and Trueman.
    Witnesses:  Beriah Hotchkin, Joseph and Mary Hooker.
ABRAHAM HAIGHT   of Coxsackie     Will probated December 20, 1805
    Heirs:  Wife, Margaret; children (no names mentioned).
    Executors:  Charles Titus and Jeremiah Beadle.
    Witnesses:  Thomas Hallock, Rhoda Miller and Phelia Cuer
HANNAH G. VOOGD  of Athens   Will Probated September 18 1806
    Heirs:  Niece, Magdalen Carrier; friends: Henry Ritter, Henry Teal,
    Delucina Backus and his wife Jerusha.
    Executors:  Henry Teal and Delucina Backus.
    Witnesses:  Sam Hamilton, Lewis Judd, John O. Jacobs and Philip
    T. Mayer.
ANDREW ECKLAR   of Catskill      Will probated January 17 1807
    Heirs:  Wife, Maria: sons: John, Peter, William and Frederick;
    daughters: Maria Buerck and her eldest daughter, Polly; Elizabeth,
    wife of Jesse Allen.
    Executors:  William Brandow, Nicholas VanLeuven and son, Peter
    Witnesses:  William Overbaugh, Abraham Dederick and Jeremiah
BELA STRONG   of Durham       Will probated January 19 1807
    Heirs:  Wife, Eunice; daughters, Mary, Eunice and Lois; sons: John,
    Bela and Josiah.
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses:  William Cook, George Flower and Amos Haman.
IGNATIUS VanORDEN   of Catskill     Will probated July 10 1807
    Heirs:  Sons: William and Ignatius; William VanOrden's wife,
    Catharine; four children of William Van Orden,--Wessel TenBroeck,
    Henry, William Jr., and Jane Ann; three grandchildren: William
    VanOrden, Jr., Egnatius Freligh and Levi Overpaugh; children of
    Jeremiah Overpaugh.--Elias, Hezekiah, Levi, Jeremiah, Jr., Joel,
    Benjamin, Hannah, James and Wilhelmus Overpaugh;
    daughters, -- Jane, wife of Hendrick Freligh, also Sarah, wife of
    Jeremiah Overpaugh.
    Executors:  Jacob TenBroeck, John VanOrden of Catskill and John
    Jacob Trumpbern, Jr., of Kingston.
    Witnesses:  John Person, Frederick Martin and John Decker.
EZRA REED   of Coxsackie    Will Probated  September 26 1807
    Heirs:  Wife, Sarah; four sons, Roswell, Aaron, Epenitus and Ezra.
    Four daughters, Huldah, Louis, Sally and Lydia.
    Executors:  Sons, Roswell, Aaron and Epenitus.
    Witnesses: Nathan Stone and John F. Cash.
    Witnesses to Codicil:  Dorrance Kirtland, John F. Cuyler and Nathan
PHILIP P. BRONK  of Coxsackie     Will probated October 3, 1807
    Heirs:  Peter Houghtaling.
    Executors:  Peter Houghtaling and Jonas Bronk.
    Witnesses:  Esther Houghtaling and Nathan Bronk.
JAMES SNIDEKER   of Durham   Will Probated  October 15 1807
     Heirs: Wife, Johannah.
     Executors:  Wife, Johannah; Thomas E. Baker, brother, Barney
     Witnesses:  Giles and John Butler.
DAVID HORTON, Sr.  of Greenfield     Will probated November 18 1807
    Heirs:   Son, Frederick; daughter, Sarah Hawkins; son-in-law James
    Clark, Sr.
    Executors:  William Carpenter, Sr., Joseph Horton, Sr., and Isaiah
    Vail, Jr.
    Witnesses: James Clark, Silas Hoyt and John S. Jinckes.
RYCKERT VANDENBERGH   of Coxsackie   Will probated Dec. 14 1807
    Heirs:  Son Peter; daughters: Lena, Maria, Catrynultie and Elizabeth
    wife of Tunis Whitbeck.
    Executors:  John F. Dederick, Abraham VanDyck, and John L. Bronk.
    Witnesses: Abraham VanDyck, William Dusenbury and Johem
JOHN SOUSER   of Catskill            Will Probated January 7 1808
    Heirs:  Wife, Rachel; Hannah, daughter of Catharine Dederick;
    Nicholas Darrow; Elizabeth, widow of Henry Webber; Catharine,
    widow of Wilhelmus Dederick, deceased; Sarah, widow of Peter
    Overbpach, deceased; Mariah, wife of Andrew Eckler; Margaret,
    wife of Robert Vanderbergh; John Souser, Jr.; Hendrick Dederick;
    John and  Abraham Rouse; sister, Annetie Souser.
    Executors:  John Rouse, John Souser, Jr., and Philip Gephard, all of
    Witnesses:  Samuel VanVechten, Petrus Souser and John W.
ABRAHAM SALISBURY   of Catskill   Will Probated June 4 1808
    Heirs:  Wife, Elsie:  children, Abraham, Catharine and Rachel.
    Executors:  Abraham A. Salisbury, son; brother-in-law, Jonathan
    Hasbrouck; nephew, Peter A. VanBergen.
    Witnesses:  John Simpson, Abraham Salisbury, Jr. and Catharine
    Elting.  (Another exact copy is dated Sep 19 1808) (possibly a
    codicil was added--AC)
ALANSON SAXTON   of Windham   Will probated June 7 1808
    Heirs:  Wife, Susannah;  four sons: Gilbert, James, Silas and
    Alanson; daughters: Molly (the eldest), Diadamia (second daughter)
    and Rebeckah (third daughter).
    Executor: Son, Gilbert Saxton
    Witnesses:  Peter Steel, Noah Pond and Henry B. Stimson.
SAMUEL WEBSTER   of Acra     Will Probated June 7 1808
     Heirs:  Sons: Simeon, Joseph, William and Samuel; daughters:
     Hannah, Abigail, Betsey and Amanda.
     Executors:  Simeon Webster, son; Goodman Noble.
     Witnesses:  Esther Houghtaling and Nathan Bronk.
WILLIAM SHEPPARD   of Freehold    Will Probated June 17 1808
    Heirs:  Wife; daughters: Phebe, Leah, Rhoda, Mindwell (the fourth
    daughter) and Mary (the youngest daughter); sons: Timothy,
    William, and Joseph.
    Executors:  Wife and two sons, Joseph and William.
    Witnesses:  Joseph Rundel, Henry Person, and Robert Frazer.
HENRY I. BUSH  of Cairo   Will Probated September 23 1808
    Heirs:  Mother, Anna Scott;  three children: Anna, Maria and David;
    Hannah, daughter of Betsey Bush.
    Executors:  Nathan Burroughs and William Southerland.
    Witnesses:  Joseph Fish and Gideon Palmer.
ELIZABETH WABBER   of Coxsackie  Will Probated September 27 1808 (Widow and relict of Henry Wabber)
    Heirs: Son, John: five daughters: Maria, wife of David Palmer;
    Elizabeth, wife of William White; Hannah, wife of Oliver Palmer;
    Sally, wife of David Botsford; Catharine, wife of Jonas Buns.
    Executors:  Son, John Wabber; brother, Wilhelmus Brandow and
    nephew, Peter Egler (Eckler?)
    Witnesses: Samuel and Eben Earl; Nicholas Delamatter.
MUNSON PARKER   of Windham    Will Probated December 2 1808
    Heirs:  Son, Samuel Chichester; Robert M. Turney, John Little, Uncle
    Levi Parker; Lawley, wife of Ichabod Andrews; Rebecca, wife of
    Simeon Fowler; half sister, Hannah Peck.
    Executors:  Robert Turney and Munson Bull.
    Witnesses:  Isaac Bull, Theodore and Samuel Peck.
MOSES COREY   of Durham               Will Probated January 14 1809
    Heirs:  Wife, Jemima; Children: eldest son, F. Carter, Ira B., Orrin J.,
    Usal, Arletta, Almeda and Polly; Samuel P. Corey.
    Executrix:  Wife, Jemima.
    Witnesses:  Joseph Arnold, Obadiah Stevens and Nathaniel Stone.
Jacob VanHOESEN   of Catskill           Will Probated January 28 1809
    Heirs:  Wife, Maritie; sons:  Albert, John and Wendel; daughter's
    son, Jacob Out or Ont; friend, Jacob, son of Francis Hardick.
    Executor:  William Schuneman
    Witnesses:  William Schuneman, John G. and Cornelius VanHoesen.
FREDERICK POWELL of Rensselaerville, Albany County Will
    Probated February 11 1809
    Heirs: Wife, Deborah; Elisha B., Sarah B., Catharine B., and
    Samuel B. Powell.
    Executors:  Thomas E. Powell, Jesse Thorn and Henry Oblenis.
    Witnesses:  Lebd. Dickenson, Thomas E. Powell and Reuben
SAMUEL SCOVEL   of Durham      Will Probated  February 13 1809
    Heirs:  Wife, Barbara; sons: Thomas, Jonathan and William;
    daughters: Ruth, Theda, Anna and Hannah; also sons, - Amasa and
    Executor:  Son-in-law, Joshua Nocolen.
    Witnesses:  None on copy
HUYBARTUS DUBOIS   of Catskill   Will Probated February 25 1809
    Heirs:  Daughters, Rachel and Helena; daughter-in-law, Catharine,
    widow of son, John DuBois, deceased; grandson, Peter, son of son
    John DuBois; grandson's wife, Catharine.
    Executors:  Son-in-law, Michael Phillips and Samuel VanVechten.
    Witnesses:  Barent DuBois, John and Egbert Bogardus.
ISAAC LUMEREX  of Coxsackie    Will Probated March 13 1809
    Heir:  Wife, Elizabeth.
    Executors:  Wife, Elizabeth L. and Jonathan Miller.
    Witnesses:  James Colchester, Daniel Sarles and Joseph Calder.
REUBEN STEVENS   of Greenfield    Will Probated March 29 1809
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary; children: five sons and five daughters,-- Reuben,
    William, James, Samuel, Thadeus, Rhoda, Mary, Phebe, Martha,
    and Rebeka.
    Executors:  Wife, Mary; Nathaniel Scofield, and Joshua Baker.
    Witnesses:  Nathaniel Scofield, James Stevens and Thaddeus
JOHN NEWELL   of Greenfield   Will Probated May 9 1809
    Heirs:  Wife, Ruth; daughters: Moranda, Lucina, Ruth, Phebe and
    Sophia; sons: Seth, Asahel, John, Manna, Hart and Jesse.
    Executors:  Asahel and John Newell.
    Witnesses: Beriah Hotchkin, Ichiel Slapson (Slauson?-AC) and
    Nathaniel Shepard.
JAMES TATTERSALL   of Catskill      Will Probated May 31 1809
    Heirs:  Wife, Eve;  John VanOrden's Children. --Benjamin, Peter,
    John and Sally; Ignatius VanOrden's children, -- William Ignatius,
    Sally, and Jenny; David Dumond's children, --William and
    Catherine, wife of Henry DeWit; John B. Dumond's children, -- John
    and Nelly, both deceased, and Joshua, Waldron and Catherine, wife
    of Helmus  Shuneman; children of Elizabeth, daughter of John
    Dumond, deceased; Betsey, daughter of Peter VanOrden; children
    and grandchildren of I. B. Dumond; Joshua Dumond; Hezekiah
    VanOrden, deceased, children,--Teunis, Jacob, Samuel, and
    Angelica; Jacob Persen; son, John; daughter, Catherine; Henry
    Persen's children, --Abraham, and Joel; Wilhelmus Schuneman;
    James Milliken; Thomas I. Barker and Waldron Dumond.
    Executors:  Thomas I. Barker and Waldron Dumond.
    Witnesses:  Nicholas VanLeuven, Peter P. and Elizabeth Sax.
JOHN I. VanLOONE   of Catskill     Will Probated June 17 1809
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary;  son, John; daughters, Magdelana and Darkus
    Exectors:  Wife, Mary; John C. VanHoesen and William Schuneman.
    Witnesses:  David Dutcher, John W. and John Schuneman, Jr.
THOMAS BROGDON   of Coxsackie     Will Probated October 28 1809
    Heirs:  Wife, Eytie;  three children: William, Abraham and Jane Eliza.
    Executors:  Abraham VanDyck and Dorrance Kirtland.
    Witnesses:  Richard McCarty, Henry Smith and Isaac A. Hallenbeck.
AMOS LANE   of Freehold             Will Probated November 2 1809
    Heirs:   Wife, Assenath; six daughters: Lyda, Ann, Assenath,
    Rebeccah, Betsey and Tamer;  two sons: Amos and Wright.
    Executors:  Wife, Assenath; Nehemiah Tompkins and Jacob Crucker.
    Witnesses:  Nathaniel Scofield, Nemiah Tompkins and Gilbert
ELIZABETH TRUMPBOUR   of Catskill   Will Probated May 29 1810
    (Widow of Nicholas Trumpbour, deceased)
    Heirs: Four sons: Nicholas, Frederick, John and Paul; four
    daughters: Catherine (Unmarried), Christina, wife of Adam Burger;
    Maria, wife of William Winkoop; Altje, wife of Peter Schoonmaker.
    Executors:  Zachariah Trumpbour and Henry Burhans.
    Witnesses: Sine Witbeck, Christina Cantine and Moses I. Cantine.
ABRAHAM CHIDESTER   of Catskill   Will Probated September 4 1810
    Heirs:  Wife, Lydia; daughters (no names mentioned).
    Executors:  Joel Bellamy and Peter T. Fox.
    Witnesses:  John Polhamus and Benjamin Chidester and Samuel
OBED HENDRIX of Renselearville, Albany County, NY
    Will Probated December 14 1810
    Heirs:  Son, John; eldest daughter, Deborah Jackson; youngest
    daughter Abigail Bardsley.
    Executor:  John Hendrix.
    Witnesses   Silas Baldwin, Nehemiah Bardslee and Seth Olmstead.

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