Wills 1811-1820

Wills of Greene County
Abstracts from 1811-1820

Abstract of Wills from 1802 to 1860, being copied from the records in the office of the Surrogate at Catskill, NY by RAY C. SAWYER,
Volume 1 copied in 1933 

From microfilm rented and copies bought by Annette Campbell at the LDS Family History Center.

JOHN BUTLER   of Durham   Will Probated January 31 1811
    Heirs:  Mother, the widow Elizabeth Butler (father, John Butler);
    three daughters. Lavinia, Denny and Mary.
    Executors:  Wife, Roxanna, Daniel Kirtland and Giles Butler.
    Witnesses:  Truman H. Bagley, Phineas Tyler, Jr. and Adonijah
JOHN BAPTIST DUMOND   of Catskill   Will probated April 6 1811
    Heirs: Sons: Koshua and Waldron; three grandchildren, children of
    daughter Nelly, late wife of Peter VanOrden, deceased and named
    as follows: Elizabeth, wife of Frederick Martin, Tryntie and Rachel
    Van Orden; seven grandchildren, the children of daughter Catherine,
    the wife of Wilhelmus Shuneman, deceased, whose names are John,
    Nelly, Polly, Eliza, Rachel, Catherine and Alice Schuneman;
    daughter Nelly's three children; daughter Catherine's seven children
    son William VanOrden Dumond's son, John Baptist Dumond; son
    Joshua's son, John Baptist; son Waldron's son, John Baptist Dumond.
    Executors:  Two sons, Joshua and Waldron; sons-in-law, Peter Van
    Orden and Wilhelmus Schuneman.
    Witnesses:  John VanOrden, Jr., Henry Burhons and James Tattersall.
ARENT VanSCHAICK  of Coxsackie       Will Probated April 15 1811
    Heirs:  Wife, Barentsche; sons: John, Nicholas and Albert; daughters:
    Maria, Antche and Eve.
    Executors:  Three sons: John, Nicholas and Albert VanSchaick.
    Witnesses:  Isaac Spoor, Martin C. Hallenbeck and John D. Spoor.
SILVESTER BEDELL     Will Probated April 20 1811
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary; sons: Benjamin, William and Adam; daughter,
    Sary; grandchildren, - John Armstrong's children--Mary, John, Sary,
    Phebe and Abigail.
    Executors:  Thomas Bedell and sons, William and Benjamin.
    Witnesses:  Richard Bedell, John Smithe, and Joshua Smith.
PETER VanDen BERCK        Will Probated April 29 1811
    Heirs:  Wife, Arydentie; daughters: Rebecca and Elizabeth.
    Executors:  Wife and two daughters above.
    Witnesses:  David McCarty, Reycker and John VanDenBergh.
DANIEL PECK  of Durham    Will probated May 4 1811
    Heirs: Wife; son Eli; daughters: Maria, Emmeline and Louisa.
    Executors:  Wife and Ezra Post.
    Witnesses:  Jacob Roggen, Adoniram Skeels and Cyrus Peck.
GEORGE WRIGHT  of Durham     Will Probated June 8 1811
    Heirs:  Wife, Anne; sons: Christopher and Beniman; daughters:
    Anne, Bertha, Temperance, Canfeld, Caroline, Sillmon, Lydea and
    Executors:  Christopher and Beniman Wright.
    Witnesses:  Eliakim Stannard, Daniel Benjamin and Nathan Davis.
JOHN G. VOOGD   of Athens    Will probated September 20 1811
    Heirs:  Wife, Hannah; John, son of Peter Jacobi of New York;
    Ambrose Spencer of Hudson; Henry Ritter; Henry Deal; Maria,
    daughter of William Schram; Delmina Backus, Henry Wells and
    Edward Hinman.
    Executors:  Ambrose Spencer and Henry Ritter.
    Witnesses:  Delmina and Andrew Backus, Daniel Rodman.
CASPER W. HALLENBECK  of Coxsackie  Will Probated Sept. 25 1811
    Heirs:  Son, William; daughter, Rachel, wife of John Brandow;
    Hallenbeck, eldest son of daughter Christina; Casper, second son of
    daughter Christina; John, youngest son of Christina; Sally, only
    daughter of Johannes Brandow.
    Executors:  Son, William Hallenbeck and John L. Bronk.
    Witnesses:  Casper Collyer, Aaron S. VanSchaak and Leonard Bronk.
JOHANNIS PLANK  of Freehold         Will probated September 27 1811
    Heirs:  Wife Cathrina; two sons: John and Jeremiah; five daughters:
    Mary, Anna, Lena, Catherina and Margrit.
    Executors:  Son, John Plank; sons-in-law, John Lantman and George
    Witnesses:  Peter West, Salmon Cowles and Elias Osborn.
JOHN SARLES   of Coxsackie          Will Probated December 27 1811
    Heirs:  Wife, Hannah; sons: Adam, Daniel, John, Caleb and Isaac;
    daughters: Mary, Sarah, Charity, Hannah, Rhodah and Pheby.
    Executors:  Sons:  Isaiah and Caleb Searles.
    Witnesses:  William Spencer, David Dean and John Lawton.

PATRICK HAMILTON  of Athens          Will Probated July 27 1812
    Heirs: Wife, Wealthy; sons: Russell R., John, George C. and
    Charles; daughters, Wealthy and Susan; grandson, Patrick, son
    of Elijah Cady, Jr.
    Executors:  Wife, Wealthy; sons,--Russell R. and George C.;  and
    son-in-law George McKinstry.
    Witnesses:  Angelica Gilbert, Abraham VanBuskirk, Jr., and Aaron
WILLIAM GROOM   of Catskill              Will Probated  August 15 1812
    Heirs:  Wife, Anna; children: Edward (eldest son), Joseph, Edythe,
    and Maria.
    Executors:  Son, Joseph Groom and grandson, William Brandow.
    Witnesses:  Albert and Lawrence VanHoesen and Leonard Bronk.
ZACHARIAH DEDERICK  of Catskill     Will Probated October 7 1812
    Heirs:  Wife Catharine; sons: Harmanus, Zachariah and William; five
    daughters: Maria, widow of John Person, deceased; Catharine, wife
    of Abraham Post; Lanah, wife of Levi Snyder; Sarah, wife of John A.
    Overbagh and Sarah Burtman.
    Executors:  Wife, Catharine; sons: Harmanus, Zachariah and
    Witnesses: Jacob VanOrden, Abraham VanGelder and Frederick
JOSEPH WINN         Will Probated November 5 1812
    Heirs:  Sons: John, Simeon, Abraham, Johnson, Joseph and Isaac;
    daughter: Mary, children of daughter, Sarahphana.
    Executors:  Johnson and Simeon Winn, Samuel McCabe.
    Witnesses:  Samuel McCabe, John Casey and Elijah Winn.
JOHN LARRAWAY  of Windham   Will Probated November 5 1812
    Heirs:  Wife, Margaret; three daughters: Cornelia Decker, Deriah
    VanValkenburgh and Rosina Larraway; two sons, Martinus and
    John; sons of brother, Martinus Larraway, deceased, --John M.,
    Henry, Richard and Peter Larraway.
    Executors:  David Swart, Cornulius L. Decker and Abraham Van
    Valkenburgh, Jr.
    Witnesses:  Matthew Dies, Barnabas Hamlin and Rufus Smith.
MARTINUS LARRAWAY  of Windham   Will Probated  November 8 1812
    Heirs:  Wife Rosina; sons John, Hendrick, Derick and Peter;
    daughters: Agnes, Mary, Elizabeth and Catherine.
    Executors:  Brother, John Larraway and father-in-law, Hendrick
    Witnesses:  Matthew Dies, Robert VanDeusen and John Eckeson.
JOHNSON WINN  of New Baltimore    Will Probated December 22 1812
    Heirs:  Wife Abigail; three sons: Isaac, Elijah and Joseph: daughters:
    Hannah, Elizabeth, Abigail, Keturah, Sarah and Polly.
    Executors:  Abigail and Isaac Winn, Samuel McCabe.
    Witnesses:  Simeon Winn, Samuel Youmans and Solomon Weeks.
FRANCIS SALISBURY  of Catskill     Will Probated December 23 1812
    Heirs:  Wife, Rachel; grandsons; James William Elting, Abraham
    VanVechten Elting, Francis Salisbury Elting, Peter Elting; grand-
    daughter, Lydia Elting; Caty Elting, mother of Francis Salisbury
    Executors:  Henry Custos VanBergen, of Coxsackie; Abraham A,
    Salisbury and Philip Gebhard of Catskill.
    Witnesses:  James Brown, Henry O. Demarest and Luke Kiersted.  

DAVID ABEEL   of Catskill               Will Probated February 12 1813
    Heirs:  Sons: Anthony (eldest son) and Gerrit; daughters: Catherine
    and Hannah, wife of Jacobes Haesbrock.
    Executors:  Anthony and Garret Abeel.
    Witnesses:  Teunis VanVechten, Jr., Samuel VanVechten and
    Peter C. Schram.
GERSHAM GRIFFEN   of Coxsackie    Will Probated March 6 1813
    Heirs:  Wife, Sarah; sons: John, Jacob, Uriah, Senecha and Caleb;
    daughters:  Phebe and Miriam.
    Executors:  Wife Sarah; Senecha Griffen and Blomen Nelson.
    Witnesses:  Dyer Shepherd, David Dean, and Stephen Dean.
TUNIS VanSLIKE  of Coxsackie       Will Probated March 15 1813
    Heir:  Wife, Sophia.
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses:  Isaac G. Lamattery, Elias Lyons and Elisha D. Hall.
NICHOLAS DARROW  of Catskill            Will Probated May 27 1813
    Heir:  Wife, Catharine.
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses:  M.G. Schuneman, Samuel Fowks and Casparus Burham.
JACOB TREMPER   of Catskill             Will Probated April 22 1813
    Heirs: Sons: Jacob Harmin Tremper, Dederick T. Tremper;
    daughters,- Catharina and Mariah.
    Executors: Hendrick Burhans, John VanOrden, Jr., and Sacharias
    Witnesses: William Brandow, Peter Eckler and William Fiero.
    (Mentions father's Will as having been made in Rhynbeck, Dutchess
    County, NY.)
WILKEY STILWELL   of Durham               Will Probated June 2 1813
    Heirs:  Sons: Vincent and Stephen; daughter, Jemimah.
    Executors:  Vincent Stilwell, Joseph S. Bullis and Sayrs Gazlay.
    Witnesses:  Amos Hamlin, Sayrs Gazley and Richard Tripp.
DAVID PALMER   of Catskill                  Will Probated June 5 1813
    Heirs:  Three sons:  Jonathan, Reuben and Henry; daughter, Betsey
    Executors: Jonathan and Reuben Palmer.
    Witnesses:  John M. Peck, William Brandow and James Wetsel.
TODDEMAN HAZARD   of Athens          Will Probated June 15 1813
    Heirs: Wife, Alberta; four children: Abigail, Catherine, Benedict and
    Executors:  Wife, Alberta and nephew, James Hyat.
    Witnesses:  John Hull, Jr., Isreal Titus and Abigail Hazard.
NATHAN BENJAMIN   of Catskill             Will Probated July 7 1813
    Heirs:  Wife, Ruth;  Children: Ruth, Charles, Seymour, George,
    Whitman, Abby, Sarah, Maria and Nathan.
    Executors:  Wife, Ruth and Isaac VanLoon of Catskill and Elisha
    Williams of Hudson.
    Witnesses:   Justuss McKinstry, Asahel Aylesworth and George E.
WILLIAM F. SALISBURY  of Cairo       Will Probated September 2 1813
    Heirs:  Wife, Angelie.
    Executors:  Wife, Angelie and brother Staats Salisbury.
    Witnesses:  M.G. Schuneman, Silas N. Shepard, and Wessel
ELISHA WOODRUFF   of Cairo         Will Probated September 18 1813
    Heir:  Wife, Ruth.
    Executors:  Wife, Benjamin Hine and Simon Sayre.
    Witnesses:  Daniel Sayre, Ibzan Lany and Harmon Halsey.
JACOB N. HAGENBEEK  of Coxsackie   Will Probated October 15 1803
    (May be 1813 instead of 1803-in with all the rest of 1813-typo??)
    Heirs:  Wife, Catherine; friend, Matthise R. Hallenbeek.
    Executors:  The above two, and John A. VanSchaak.
    Witnesses:  Luis Severse, Jacob Jansen and John D. Spoor.
ANSON PANGMAN   of Windham      Will probated November 4 1813
    Heir:  Wife Tamer.
    Executrix:  Wife Tamer.
    Witnesses:  Robert Hall, Edmund Richards and Chloe Neloy.
CHRISTOPHER LAKE                       Will Probated January 24 1814
    Heirs: Wife Hannah; daughters: Elizabeth Brown, the eldest, Patty
    Cleaveland, and Abby.
    Executors:  Wife, Hannah, and Thomas George.
    Witnesses:  Levi Callender, Amos Botsford and Anna Slawson.
ELEAZAR KNOWLS   of Greenville      Will Probated January 24 1814
    Heirs:  Wife; sons: Ell, John and Eazar; daughters: Esther Signor;
    Em, the wife of Aron Hall; Nabe, the wife of Nathaniel Rose, Hannah
    and Esther.
    Executors:  E.H. Knowls and Eazar Knowls.
    Witnesses:  Beriah Hotchkin, Jonathan Sherrill and Amos Botsford
DANIEL NORTON   of Freehold           Will Probated February 1 1814
    Heirs:  Wife, Sarah; sons: Elon, Isaac and Asher; daughters: Lucy
    Morse and Sarah Stokes.
    Executor: Elon Norton.
    Witnesses:  Beriah Hotchkin, Ambrose Norton and Daniel M. Bristol.
JOHN H. BROWN   of New Baltimore   Will Probated March 11 1814
    Heirs: Son, Gilbert; daughters: Susannah Vandewater; niece, Electa
    Brown; grandson, Allen P. Vandewater; grand daughters: Harriet
    and Dolly Brown.
    Executors:  Gilbert Brown and Alexander Brown, brother.
    Witnesses:  Benjamin Baker, Daniel Apault and Elisha D. Hall.
MICHAEL CASEY  of Catskill             Will Probated March 16 1814
    Heirs:  Sons: Thomas and Denys; Betsey and Orrin Osborn.
    Executors: Isaac VanLoon, Robert Dorlon and Barent Dubois.
    Witnesses:  Robert Dorland, Isaac VanLoon and Barent Dubois.
WILHELMUS VanDenBERCK  of Coxsackie  Will Probated March 29 1814
    Heirs:  Wife, Elizabeth; three sons: Robert, Dirick and John;
    daughters: Polly, Catherine, Eysttche and Elizabeth. (Richard and
    John, brothers, are mentioned but not as heirs.)
    Executors:  Son, Robert and brother-in-law, Leonard Bronk.
    Witnesses: Nathan Burns, Rutsent and Leonard Bronk.
ISAAC BLAKELY  of Greenville               Will Probated June 1 1814
    Heirs:  Wife Lydia; sons: Isaac, Joseph, David and Asa; daughters:
    Hannah and Loana.
    Executor: Son, Asa.
    Witnesses:  Beriah Hotchkin, Aaron Hall and Aaron Lake.
AARON BRANDOW   of Catskill           Will Probated June 13 1814
    Heirs:  Wife, Catherine; children:  William, Jacob Gaelet Dies, 
    Harvy, Electie and John.
    Executors:  Wife, Catherine and brother William Brandow.
    Witnesses:  Jeremiah and Richmond Rushmore, Alexander Frasier,
JONATHAN KYES   of Catskill        Will Probated September 7 1814
    Heirs:  Wife, Catharine.
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses  M.G. Schuneman, Thomas O. Croswell and David Smith.
SOLOMON SARLES   of New Baltimore   Will Probated November 2 1814
    Heirs:  Wife, Elizabeth; five children: Hannah, Samuel, Debraw,
    Robert, and Susanna.
    Executors: Robert Sarles and Jeremiah Green.
    Witnesses:  Reuben Brundage, James Green and John Lawton.
EYTYE CONINE  of Coxsackie     Will Probated November 10 1814
    Heirs:  Daughters: Elizabeth and Harriet; sons: John, Leonard and
    Jeremiah; grand daughter, Eytye.
    Executors:  Stephen Warren, Abraham VanDyke and John L. Bronk.
    Witnesses:  John L. Dederick, Lemuel Williams and Walton Street.

WILLIAM GRAY   of Cairo             Will Probated February 16 1815

    Heirs:  Wife, Molly and only son William Knealand.
    Executors:  Wife and William Gray, Jr.
    Witnesses:  Ashbel Stanley, Thaddeus Parker and William Green.
NATHAN ELLIOT   of Canton        Will Probated February 16 1815
    Heirs:  Wife, Levina; two sons: John and Stewart; four daughters:
    Sally, Harriet, Rany and Polly.
    Executors:  Daniel Sayre, Levina Elliot, his wife.
    Witnesses:  David Hosford, Isaac Paddock and Eleanor Sturt.
COMFORT SMITH  of Catskill        Will Probated April 13 1815
    Heirs:  Wife, Lucy; sons: Comfort, Rufus Rowlen and George; three
    daughters: Betrie, Lucy and Mary.
    Executors:  Sons: Comfort, Rufus and Rowlen Smith.
    Witnesses:  Roelof Voorhies, Jeremiah DeWitte and William Fiero.
JOHN HOWELL   of Cairo           Will Probated April 21 1815
    (Also known as "Charles" Howell)
    Heirs:  Wife, Mehitable: eldest son, John; six daughters: Louis,
    Mehitable Toping, Lucretia Shepperd, Matilda White, Prudence
    Kirts, Doratha Wisner; Etzel, younger son of Charles Jesop Howell.
    Executor: Charles Jesop Howell.
    Witnesses:  None listed on copy.
BENJAMIN SPEES  of Greenville   Will Probated August 29 1815
    Heirs:  Four daughters: Sarah, wife of Ithamer Judson; Jane, wife of
    Otwa Gibbs; Mary Esther, wife of Benoni Austin and Elizabeth A.,
    wife of Stephen Bentley.
    Executors: Nathan Botsford and Samuel B. Spees.
    Witnesses: Abel Wakelee, Samuel Bennet and Annie Wakelee.
JEREMIAH BEDELL  of New Baltimore  Will Probated September 2 1815
    Heirs:  Wife, Philena; five sons: Thomas, Jeremiah, Gilbert, John and
    Jacob; daughters: Marium, Philena, Mary Spencer, Caty Nelson,
    Martha Guerney and Heziah Golding; daughter Mary Spencer's
    daughter, Marium; son Gilbert's daughter, Marium.
    Executors:  Thomas and Jeremiah Bedell and John Powell.
    Witnesses: John Smith, Benjamin Guerney and Gilbert Bedell.
SILAS BARTOS, Jr.                   Will Probated September 8 1815
    Heirs:  Father and Mother, Silas Bartos and Ruth.
    Executors: The above.
    Witnesses:  John and Platt Adams, William Chapman.
NICHOLAS W. VanLOON   of Athens  Will Probated November 33 1815
    Heirs:  Wife, Hannah; daughters: Rachel, Maria and Rebecca, the
    oldest; Benjamin, the youngest child of daughter Rebecca.
    Executrix:  Wife, Hannah.
    Witnesses: Jonathan Mirick, Garrit Claw and Abraham D. Spoor.
DAVID SLATER   of Coxsackie    Will Probated November 27 1815
    Heir: Lewis Wheeler, son-in-law.
    Executor:  The above.
    Witnesses:  Peter Groom, Moses Joarems and David VanVleet.
ENOCH TOMPKINS  of New Baltimore   Will Probated December 9 1815
    Heirs: Wife, Hannah and youngest child, Hannah.
    Executors:  Wife, Hannah and Charles Lisk.
    Witnesses: Benjamin Gurney, John E. Truman and Norman
SINE WITBECK           Will Probated December 27 1815
    Heir:  Neice, Mrs. Christina Cantine.
    Executors:  Moses I. Cantine and Christina, his wife.
    Witnesses:  Mrs Elizabeth Abeel, Thomas O.H. Croswell and Lydia
ELIZABETH FISK, widow of New Baltimore  Will Probated Jan. 10 1816
    Heir:  Daughter, Deborah.
    Executors:  Nathan Burroughs and Abraham Coonly
    Witnesses:  William, Aletha and Eliphalet Burroughs.
JOHN VAN LONE of Durham             Will Probated February 1 1816
    Heirs:  Wife, Hannah; son, Jacob; daughter, Rebeckah Pearce;
    grandson, Jon, son of daughter, Rebeckah Pearce; grandsons, John
    and Thomas, sons of son Jacob VanLone.
    Executors: Benjamin Decker and Abel Blackmarr.
    Witnesses: Luther Carter, E. Jenings, Jr. and Abel Blackmarr
JONATHAN MILLER   of New Baltimore   Will Probated Sept. 16 1816
    Heirs: Wife, Lydia; father, Matthew Miller; sons: Jesse, Daniel S.,
    Jonathan, Jr., and Matthew, the eldest; daughters:  Sarah, Rhoda,
    Hannah Garrett, Lydia Garrett, and Sally Gage; Ebenezer Wicks;
    Ephraim Garrett, Murmoth Miller Green and Jesse Green; Lydia
    Green, grand-daughter; grandson, Jonathan Miller Garrett.
    Executors:  Wife, Lydia, Jonathan, Jr., Jesse and Matthew Miller.
    Witnesses: James Cook, Benjamin McCabe and Samuel Armstrong.
JAMES POWELL   of Coxsackie          Will Probated November 2 1816
    Heirs: Nine brothers and sisters: George, Moses, Phebe, Amy,
    Elizabeth, Caty, Deborah, Sarah and Doris; brother George's son,
    Executors:  John Powell and brother-in-law Enos Montross and
    Stephen Dean.
    Witnesses: Zebulon, Isaac and Reuben Dickinson.

ANDREW DEXTER   of Athens         Will Probated April 5 1817

    Heirs:  Wife, Mary;  sons: Andrew, Samuel, Simon Bewton, and
    John Bradford; wife of Andrew Dexter, son.
    Executors:  Wife and sons, Andrew, Samuel, Simon Newton Dexter,
    and John Bradford Dexter.
    Witnesses:  Edward Hinman, Henry White and William Y. Green.
JOHN BASSET   of Cairo               Will Probated April 16 1817
    Heirs: Wife; her brother, Daniel; sons: Daniel, Thomas and John
    Basset, Jr.; daughter Betsey.
    Executor:  Son, Daniel Basset.
    Witnesses:  Caleb Rogers, John P. Sax and Reuben Brundydge.
STEPHEN LAMPMAN   of Greenville    Will Probated July 5 1817
    Heirs:  Wife, Mariah (also as Maria); sons: Wilhelmus, Peter and
    Executors:  Wife, Mariah, Obadiah King and Orange Newell.
    Witnesses:  Obadiah King, Ephraim Bogardus and Orange Newell.
WELCOME DRYER   of Durham       Will Probated August 29 1817
    Heirs:  Wife, Lucy; children: William H and Lodema.
    Executors:  Wife and William Dryer.
    Witnesses:  Amos Hamlin, George Flower, and Josiah Benjamin.
HENRY VanBERGEN   of Coxsackie     Will Probated August 29 1817
    Heirs:  Wife, Nelly;  five daughters and one son: Nelly, Christina,
    Ann, Elizabeth, and Molly and Peter; son-in-law, Peter C. Adams.
    Executors:  Peter H. VanBergen, daughter Nelly Heermance; son-
    in-law, Peter C. Adams; Richard McCarty, Joseph B. Corth and
    Jabez Weaver.
    Witnesses: Dorrnace Kirtland, William Gay and A. Kirtland.
GIDEON PALMER  of New Baltimore   Will Probated May 18 1818
    Heirs:  Wife, Jane; daughters: Sarah, wife of Elias Palmer; Betsey,
    wife of Caleb Sarles; Deborah, wife of Matthew Palmer; sons: Ira,
    Gideon, Nathaniel, Benjamin, Jonathan and Oliver.
    Executors: Robert and Oliver Palmer.
    Witnesses:  Jonathan Miller, Elihu Townsend, and David Fosdick.
SOLOMON PALMER  of Coxsackie      Will Probated May 19 1818
    Heirs:  Wife, Mary: sons:  Robert, John and Leonard; daughters:
    Sophia, wife of Ebenezer Huntley; Elizabeth, wife of Joseph
    Swartout; Rachel, wife of John Barber.
    Executors:  Moses Stanton of Coeymans, John S and Mary Palmer
    of Coxsackie.
    Witnesses:  Nathan Thomas and Eliphalet Burroughs.
JAMES BROWN  of Catskill                 Will Probated May 26 1818
    Heir:  Wife, Elsie.
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses:  Isaac N. Wyckoff, Mary and William VanBergen.
SAMUEL SQUIRE  of Greenville            Will Probated June 9 1818
    Heirs:  Wife, Jemima;  son, Clark; two daughters: Elizabeth Ann
    Smith and Polly Squire, wife of Daniel Lake.
    Executors:  No on copy
    Witnesses:  S.E. Smith, Dumas Hard and Lucy Lake.
JOHN SIMPSON   of Catskill                    Will Probated March 20 1819
    Heirs:  Wife; Abraham Salisbury of Catskill.
    Executor: Abraham Salisbury.
    Witnesses:  Nathaniel Cooper, Wessell and Ann Salisbury.
DANIEL DUMOND   of Athens                 Will Probated March 24 1819
    Heirs:  Wife, Anny; daughter Hannah Mitchell.
    Executors: Wife, Anny; George Mitchell and John F. Solle.
    Witnesses: Russel Leffingwell, Lemuel Raymond, Jr. and Samuel
PETER HALLENBECK   of Coxsackie   Will Probated April 1 1819
    Heirs: Wife, Margaret; son John; four daughters: Mary, Catharine,
    Comerche and Deborah.
    Executors:  Wife, Margaret and John I. VanLoon.
    Witnesses:  John C. Hallenbeck, Thomas Cook and John D. VanLoon.
SAMUEL IVES   of Windham              Will Probated May 27 1819
    Heirs: Wife, Lowly; daughter, Desire:  son, Samuel.
    Executors:  the above
    Witnesses:  Perez Steel, Thomas Benham and Henry B. Stimson.
PETER LANWAY   of Windham              Will Probated July 1 1819
    Heirs:  Tobias VanHoesen and Cornelia, his wife, youngest daughter
    of deceased;  Richard Standly and Mary, his wife, oldest daughter of
    Executors:  Richard Standly and Tobias VanHoesen.
    Witnesses:  John Mow, Joel Merwin and John Ogilvie.
ALEXANDER FRASER   of Athens       Will Probated September 8 1819
    Heirs:  Wife, Lucretia; four children: William, Alexander, Jr., Lucy
    and Elizabeth, wife of Andrew Burchard.
    Executors:  Sons, William and Alexander Fraser, Jr.
    Witnesses:  Hinman Stone, William W. Truesdell and William
ISAAC VanWOERT   of Athens       Will Probated September 11 1819
    Heirs:  Wife Hannah; three sons: Nicholas, Herman and Isaac Staats
    VanWoert; three daughters: Maria, Hannah and Catherine.
    Executors: Hannah, wife and brother, Jacob VanWoert.
    Witnesses: Elijah Spencer, Benjamin H. Haviland and William
FRANCISE WILLCOX   of Durham   Will Probated October 26 1819
    Heirs:  Wife, Mahitable; sons:  Francise, Ira, Lyman, Daniel and
    Percival; daughters:  Sally Chapman and Cheritree Merrick.
    Executors:  Wife and son, Ira.
    Witnesses:  Reuben Willcox, Charles Johnson and Moses Austin.
NOAH POND   of Windham             Will Probated January 31 1820
    Heir:  Wife, Elizabeth.
    Executrix:  Wife.
    Witnesses:  Samuel Reynolds, Alvin F. Smith and Lydia Reynolds.
JACOB Van HOESEN   of Athens      Will Probated February 5 1820
    Heirs:  Wife, Elizabeth; two sons: Casper and Francis; grandson,
    Jacob VanValkenburgh.
    Executors:  Tunis Witbeck and Henry B. Tolley.
    Witnesses:  John VanLoan and Alida Tolley.
GEORGE DUDLEY   of Cairo            Will Probated March 13 1820
    Heirs:  Wife, Ann; daughters: Ziprah and Sally
    Executors:  Wife and Levi Callender.
    Witnesses:  Levi Callender, Aaron Butler and Abraham Andrews.
JOHN PALEN   of Cairo                   Will Probated March 18 1820
    Heirs:  Wife, Polly;  children: Ornan and Julian.
    Executors:  Wife, Polly, also brother, Jonathan Palen.
    Witnesses:  Richard Olmstead, Peter E. Palen and John E. Burham.
STEPHEN DAY   of Catskill              Will Probated July 12 1820
    Heirs:  Wife, Dimis: sons: Orrin and Rupel; daughters: Julia, wife of
    Henry McKinstry; Nancy, wife of James Powers; Betsey, wife of Rev.
    Thomas Punderson; heirs of son, Ira, deceased; heirs of son Philo,
    deceased; children of daughter, Electa, wife of John C, Johnson.
    Executor:  Son, Orrin Day.
    Witnesses:  H. Hill, Jr., Nathaniel Ells and John Adams.
JACOB H. TREMPER                       Will Probated July 20 1820
    Heirs:  Wife, Lydia:  children-no names mentioned; sisters: Catharine
    and Maria Tremper; brother, Peter D. Tremper.
    Executors:  Wife, Sileck Daw and Thomas Hale.
    Witnesses:  Isaac E. Wyckoff, Moses I. Cantine and Abraham V.V.
NATHAN BURNS  of New Baltimore       Will Probated August 28 1820
    Heirs:  Daughter, Mary Vosburgh; son Samuel; grandchildren:
    Richard and John Vosburgh.
    Executors:  Charles Lisk and William Rea.
    Witnesses:  Philip I. Wolf, Jod Bedble, Elias Roberts.
LUCAS DEWITT  of Dewitburgh, of Freehold   Will Probated Sept 29 1820
    Heirs:  Wife, Deborah; sons:  Jacobus, John and Peter; daughters:
    Caty, wife of Jeremiah Young and Deborah, wife of William West.
    Executors:  sons: Jacobus, John and Peter.
    Witnesses:  John Plank, Jr., Jeremiah Plank and James Sattersall.
JAMES BARKER  of Durham                 Will Probated November 14 1820
    Heirs: son, John; William Hubbel; grandson, George, son of Thomas
    Barker, deceased; children of daughter, Sarah who married Frederic
    Eckles; children of daughter Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Taylor;
    children of daughter Nancy Salisbury and Jane Olmstead, wife of
    Lawrence Salisbury and Benjamin Olmstead; children of daughter,
    Mary, wife of Frederic Dederick.
    Executor: Jacob Roggen.
    Witnesses:  Luther W. Hart, John Bagley and John Adams.
EBENEZER JENNINGS  of Greenville   Will Probated December 4 1820
    Heirs:  Wife, Hannah; adopted daughter, Zillah; sons: James,
    Ebenezer, Daniel and Lewis: daughter, Sarah.
    Executors:  Henry Clark and Walter Secar.
    Witnesses:  D.E. Alanson King, Perkins King and Rufus Dodge.
HENDRICK I. PLANK  of Durham      Will Probated December 8 1820
    Heirs:  Mother, Maria Patrie; sisters Hannah, wife of Christian
    Brant; Betsey, wife of Joshua Snyder and Leah, wife of William
    Hendrickse; half-brother, Leonard Patrie.
    Executors:  Christian Brant and William Hendrickse.
    Witnesses: Jacob Roggen, William R. Farmer and Pierce U. McKean.

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