Waldron Brandow

Waldron Brandow Cemetery

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Coxsackie , Greene County, NY

Copied from LDS Microfilm rented by and copies bought and retyped by Annette Campbell.

Sarah E. Lyke d. 18 May 1886 Age 19y
Eliza J. Brandow d. 30 Aug 1877 Age 61y5m25d (nee LAMPMAN)
Peter J. Brandow d. 9 Mar 1895 Age 85y
Isaac H. Brandow d. 4 Jan 1868 Age 27y20d
Charles F. Brandow d. 13 Dec 1863 Age 14y3m17d s/o Isaac
Obadiah H. Brandow 30 Nov 1867 Age 31y6m
Mary J. Allen d. 25 Feb 1866 Age 24y
Christine Brandow d. 6 Mar 1883 Age 73y3m16d (nee DEDRICK)
John I. Brandow 7 May 1859 Age 82y9m14d
Christina Brandow d. 5 Jul 1847 AGe 62y w/o John I. (nee HUYCK)
Emma F. Brandow d. 18 Mar 1853 Age 29y7m17d
Jane Brandow d. 27 Dec 1861 Age 47y6m25d w/o Calvin (nee DEDRICK)
Calvin Brandow d. 24 Apr 1891 Age 78y
Sarah A Brandow d. 11 Nov 1891 Age 76y w/o Calvin (nee CHAPMAN)
Christina A. Howard d. 4 Apr 1883 Age 38y3m25d w/o Edwin (nee BRANDOW)
Sarah Tiel d. 9 Oct 18__ Age 87y Stone repaired in date
Willie Smith 9 Oct 1886-1 Dec 1891 s/o C.D.
Bessie B. Beers d. 25 Jul 1892 Age 3m11d
John J. Brandow d. 3 Sep 1886 Age 66y26d
Susannah Tuttle 17 Apr 1819-6 Dec 1895 w/o _____ Tuttle (nee PROUT)
Was also the wife of John J. BRANDOW
Celina Brandow d. 22 Jul 1876 Age 23y10m21d d/o John J.
Isaac Brandow d. 8 Aug 1890 Age 84y
William H. Brandow 1814-1897
Moriah Brandow 1814-1894 w/o William (nee HOTALING)
Frederick Tiel d. 28 Apr 1879 Age 87y
John I. Beers d. 24 Nov 1880 Age 17y2m12d
Sarah E Beers d. 3 Oct 1863 Age 1y d/o Albert
Albert E. Beers d. 21 Apr 1908 Age 82y
Anna Christina Brandow 1827-1895
Sarah Ann Brandow 27 Dec 1817-17 Jan 1899
William I. Brandow d. 14 Apr 1867 Age 87y?m13d

Mr. Thomas Leary has visited the Waldron-Brandow Cemetery and found these additional stones. He states that the cemetery is heavily overgrown. Thank you Mr. Leary.

Albert E. Beers stone missing that was noted by one of his ancestors.

Henry Cafe original owner of the property is said to be buried here, but no stone was ever erected.

Readable stones as follows:

Josephine Brandow 1854-1908 w/o Isaac N. (nee POWELL)
Peter W. Brandow 1843-1867
Christina Brandow 1845-1848
Herbert R. Lyke 11/4/1881 Age 4y stone broken on Mother &
Father side. 
Catherine McFarland 1811-1903
James Waldron 1852-1922
Elizabeth Waldron 1855-1929 w/o James F. (nee LOSEE)
Newman Waldron 1891-1893
Henry Waldron 1896-1898
John F. Waldron 1845-1934
Lucy A. Waldron 1845-1923 w/o John F. (nee PIERCE)
Rhoda J. Waldron 1880-1900
Orie L. Waldron 1877-1964
Newman Waldron 2/6/1893 Age 1y6m s/o James & Elizabeth
Peter N. Waldron 1816-1903
Jane Waldron 1821-1889 w/o Peter (nee FERRIS)
Charles Waldron 1848-1916
William P. Waldron 1875-1966
Jessie L. Palmer 1877-1964

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