Vosburgh Family Cemetery

Vosburgh Family


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Located in the Town of Coxsackie about one half mile south of Stacey Road on Farm to Market Road. There is a farm house on the west side of the road with a 5 car garage beside it. Across the road is a large red barn. The cemetery is located behind the garage just as you pass the tree line. Of the nineteen stones located only three are still standing. The remainder were located under the forest litter. There were a number of fieldstone headstones and footstones, many seemingly for small children, given the size.

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf and Angel Kloczko on October 20, 2001

  1. Philip, s/o Lawrence and Eve Vosburgh, d. April 5, 1853, aged 22y1m14d
  2. Eva Bogardus, w/o Lawrence Vosburgh, rest disintegrated
  3. Joseph Wells, d. December 17, 1867, aged 73y3m2d
    Olive E. Warner, w/o Joseph Wells, d. May 18, 1876, aged 75y11m5d
  4. Elizabeth W. O'Connor, d. June 3, 1856, aged 17y
  5. Abraham Vosburgh, d. June 24, 1872, aged 81y9m6d
  6. Maria S., d/o Abraham and Catharine Vosburgh, d. December 25, 1832, aged 3y8m
  7. Footstone only with initials: A.V.
  8. Catharine Collier, d. July 1, 1865, aged 76y4m18d
  9. Mary, d/o John and Jane O'Connor, d. February 21, 1849, aged 4y9m7d
  10. Catherine, d/o John and Jane O'Connor, d. November 19, 1839, aged 2y5m15d
  11. Footstone only with initials: J.O.
  12. Thomas O'Connor, d. February 10, 1840, aged 59y
  13. Maria, w/o Benj. D. Nelson, d. February 8, 1866, aged 49y
  14. Lawrence Vosburgh, d. October 10, 1842, aged 44y22d
  15. Sally, w/o Lawrence Vosburgh, d. March 1, 1825, aged 23y
  16. Philip, s/o Abraham and Catherine Vosburgh, d. August 5, 1824, aged 14d
  17. Philip Vosburgh, d. October 22, 1820, aged 64y
  18. Judith, w/o Philip Vosburgh, d. May 26, 1832, aged 66y
  19. John Vosburgh, d. July 25, 1828, aged 77y

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