Van Gelder Family Cemetery

Van Gelder Family Cemetery

From, Volume #2, Cemetery Records of Old Burying Grounds in the Town of Catskill 1946-1969. Recorded April 28, 1968 by Dorothy and Walter Smith. Retyped by Celeste MacCormack.

Van Gelder burying ground, on the old Van Gelder Farm. Present owner is Harry Brooks. Down a private road that runs west from the Old Kings Road (County #47) and about 1/2 mile south of where the High Falls Road meets (County #47), (High Falls Road is #6). Down this private road about a 1/4 mile, then you leave it and walk south west across open field to woods. Plot is about 150 feet in the woods. Large trees grown up and some stones down. Few field stones, no name. Plot about 40 x 50, one time had a fence around it.

The following three names are on one stone:
David H. Van Gelder born May 21, 1825 died Feb 9, 1889.
Mary G. Person, wife of David H. Van Gelder born May 15, 1827
died Jan 16, 1854.
Harriet Van Gelder, daughter of David H. and Mary G. Van Gelder born May 1, 1853 died Feb 3, 1854.

Rebecca Maria, daughter of Peter and Sally Van Gelder died July 1, 1837 aged 13 yrs, 7 mo, 9 days.

William M. Van Gelder born Dec 25, 1836 died Feb 17, 1861.

Jacob Van Gelder died May 4, 1835 aged 63 yrs, 4 mo.

Maria, wife of Jacob Van Gelder died Sept 2, 1845 aged 83 yrs, 2 mo.

The following two on one stone:
Peter Van Gelder born May 20, 1800 died March 14, 1875.
Sarah Myer, wife of Peter Van Gelder born Nov 23, 1800 died Dec. 22, 1874.

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