The Journal of John Berrien Fish

Marriages from the Journal
of John
Berrien Fish

John Berrien Fish (1794-1869) was a Presbyterian minister in several New York counties. The following is a record he kept of marriages performed by him during the years 1852-1861, all but one of which took place in Greene county. He recorded these under the heading "Court of Hymen," and there are others from different years in Delaware county, which I will be contributed to that site. John Berrien Fish was the ggrandfather of  Peter Fish who contributed this material.

[performed in Sidney, Delaware, NY]
May 26:
Rinaldo Southwick, Sangerfield, Oneida Co.
Mary Porter, Sidney, Delaware Co.
Witness: E. Hicks, Emily Livermore
$3.00 (evidently his fee for officiating)

[performed in Hunter, Greene, NY]
Nov 21st:
Chas. Scott, farmer, Cairo, Greene Co.
Sarah Vn Vlack, Cairo, Greene Co.
Witness: Rowland Sweet, Hunter; William Frost, and Berrien [Fish]

25th Dec:
John Dederick, Palensville, Greene Co., N. York
Laura J. Eggleston, Hunter, Greene Co.
Witness: James Eggleston and Smith Haines of Hunter

Feby. 1st:
Alfred E. Greene, Hunter, merchant
Elisabeth C. Lockwood, Hunter
Witness: Horatio S. Lockwood, Frederick Beach of Hunter
5 Gold

Feby 5th:
James McKelvy, Hunter
Catharine E. Kerr, Hunter
Witness: Jane Kerr, Mary A. Caldwell, Hunter

August 3:
Griffin S. Hasbrook, Hunter, Greene, N York
Phebe Ann Kibby (widow), Hunter
Witness: Henry C. Rundell, same place; Phebe Rundell his wife

Nov 12th:
Jeremiah Knapp, chairmaker, Hunter
Susan McCoon of Jewett
Witness: James Berger, Hiram Knapp of Hunter

April 27:
Chester Purdy, Machinist, Hunter, Green Co., N York
Mary Freeman, same place
[Witness]: Milton A. Purdy, Hunter; John Freeman, Poughkips [Poughkeepsie]

Sept 29:
Ezra Barker, Farmer, Jewett, Greene Co.
Sarah Bloodgood, [Jewett]
Witness: Amos Cook & Alvan Bailey, Jewett

March 13:
Platt O Hitchcock, Farmer, Big Hollow
Emeritt Atwater, same place
Witness: Anson N. Hitchcock, Lucius Hitchcock, all same place

March 5:
Christopher Drum, Farmer, Hensonville
Lucretia Ann Gorsline, ditto
[Witness]: Dr. Lemuel Hitchcock, Lucia Fish, both of same place

Feby 3:
Elias Tully Green, Hunter, Greene Co., N York
Mary C. Hayes of Big Hollow, Greene Co., J York
Dwight Hitchcock, Henry Fish witnesses Both of Windham, Greene Co. N York

May 12:
George P. Townsend, Greenville, Greene Co.
Harriet Sarah Hitchcock, Windham, Greene Co.
Witness: Talmon Hitchcock, [Windham]; Luther Hayes, [Windham]

Augt. 29:
Dubois B. Ballard, Jewett, Greene Co.
Amana Hitchcock, Jewett
[Witness]: Alfred Atwater, Jewett; Jason Hitchcock, Jewett

Oct 27:
Ariel McMaster, Nineveh, Chenango Co.
Charlotte Hitchcock, Big Hollow, Greene Co.
[Witness]: Berrien Fish of Windham; Austin B. Hitchcock, Big Hollow
$5.00 to Nancy [Fish, J. B.'s wife]

Nov 13:
George H Crandell, Big Hollow, Greene Co.
Nancy Cook, same place
Witness: William Crandell, same place; JBF[ish] only other witness

Jany 30th:
Christian Ott, (laborer), Kiscatom, Greene Co., NY
Barbara Bar, housekeeper, Albany
Witness: Joseph Breckmire, Catskill, talks English; Conrad Fromer
Groom talks English a little. Bride not at all, my information thro Breckmire.

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