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The Holcomb
Family Gallery

From the Seward R. Osborne Collection

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1.    Seward's Grandmother Hilda C. Holcomb, born November 17, 1898, daughter of Homer Holcomb and Cora Nina Rose. She married John Brayton Tompkins and died October 20, 1996, Stamford, NY. Buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Ashland, NY
2.    Seward's Great Grandfather Homer Holcomb, born November 5, 1863, Big Hollow [Maplecrest], NY, son of Norman Van Buren Holcomb and Mahala Phelps. Married February 1, 1885 to Cora Nina Rose. Homer died March 30, 1957 in Seward's Grandfather John Tompkins' house, Beaches Corners Road, Town of Jewett, NY. Buried Windham Village Cemetery, Windham, NY.
3.  Seward's Great Grandmother Cora Nina Rose [left], born March 2, 1867, in Prattsville, NY. Married Homer Holcomb. Together they had a family of 12 children. She died September 10, 1931 in Windham, buried in Windham Village Cemetery. She was the daughter of Elijah Rose and Martha Cotton. Seated in the picture on her right is her sister Jessie Rose.
4.    Homer Holcomb [right] as a young man. The gent on left is Henry Jordan, brother-in-law to Homer.
5.    Cora Rose Holcomb (1867-1931) as a young lady.
6.  Homer Holcomb, raking hay with his horses Kit and Prince. 
7.    Homer Holcomb, later in life.
8.    One of the last photos taken of Seward's Great Grandfather Homer Holcomb in November, 1956. This was taken in Seward's Grandfather John Tompkins' farmhouse.
9. Cora Rose Holcomb, later in life.

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1.    Front row, seated to right is Seward's 2nd Great Grandfather Norman Van Buren Holcomb, born September 19, 1836, Windham, NY, died January 22, 1916, Prattsville, NY. He was the son of Homer Holcomb, 1794-1876, and Margaret Benham, 1796-1868. Seated to his left is Seward's 2nd Great Grandmother Mahala Phelps Holcomb, daughter of Silas Phelps and Roxana Crow, born circa 1838-1840, Maplecreat, NY, died March 29, 1909. Both are buried in Fairlawn Cemetery, Prattsville, NY
2.     1920 Holcomb Reunion
Children on laps: Marjorie Barker, Donald Cole, Richard Burhans, Norman Tompkins, R. Lee Holcomb
Front row, from left to right: Homer Holcomb, Frances Holcomb Van Valkenburgh, Hazel Holcomb Cole, Ethel Holcomb Burhans, Hilda Holcomb Tompkins, holding her first child Norman, Louisa Glendening [wife of Ralph Holcomb], Cora Rose Holcomb 
2nd row from left to right: Claude Holcomb, Stanley Burhans, Donald Holcomb, Cecil Holcomb, Beatrice Holcomb, Marion Cole, Marguerite Van Valkenburg, Robert Van Valkenburg, Madeline Van Valkenburg, James Holcomb, Herbert (Bud) Cole, Clyde Spaulding
3rd row, from left to right: Homer Holcomb, Clarence Van Valkenburgh, William Burhans, Ella Holcomb, Dora Holcomb, Dorthory Clark [wife of Shirley Holcomb], Edith Holcomb Barker, Mildred Holcomb.
Last row, standing, from left to right: Ralph Holcomb, Everett Barker, Herbert Cole, John Tompkins, Shirley Holcomb.
3.    Abel Gay Holcomb, 1828-1916, brother of Norman Van Buren Holcomb.
4.    An ambrotype of Doctor Friend H. Holcomb, born February 4, 1823, Windham, NY, brother of Norman Van Buren Holcomb. Dr. Holcomb died June 28, 1894, Palenville, NY and is buried in Catskill. This image was taken by the famous 19th century photographer, Mathew Brady in New York City.

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  1. Account book that belonged to my 3rd Great Grandfather Homer Holcomb, born November 6, 1794, Granby, CT, farmer and tanner in Big Hollow. He died February 4, 1876, in Windham and is buried in the Maplecrest Cemetery. His name is written on the front cover and inside are transactions from October 28, 1837- May 1, 1841.
    2.    A transaction from inside the account book of Homer Holcomb.
    3.    A transaction between Homer Holcomb and Ambrose M. Barber.

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1.    Elijah Rose, 1840-1888, father of Cora Rose Holcomb.

  1. Martha Cotton Rose, 1834-1879, mother of Cora Rose Holcomb and husband of Elijah Rose.
    3.    Giles Cotton, 1799-1876, father of Martha Cotton Rose.


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    1.    Norman Van Buren Holcomb, 1836-1916, holding unknown child.
    2.     Left is Norman Van Buren Holcomb, 1836-1916 and an unknown brother.
    3.    Seated front right is Cora Rose Holcomb. On her left is Homer Holcomb. Seated behind Cora is Norman Van Buren Holcomb. Seated behind Homer is Mahala Phelps Holcomb.

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