Stover Family Cemetery

Stover Family

Located in the Town of New Baltimore, this cemetery is located on a little hill adjacent to the driveway on the Cosenza property on Highmount Rd. about 1 mile east from Roberts Hill Rd. It is well maintained and all stones appear to have been cleaned.

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf May 21, 2005


  1. Peter Stover, b. 24th day, 3rd month, 1824, d. 14th day, 7th month, 1881
  2. Marjorie Stover, no dates
  3. Charles B. Stover, b. 20th day, 6th month, 1848, d. 25th day, 7th month, 1914
  4. Mary E. Stover, d. the 10th month, 9th day, 1866, aged 15y3m
  5. Peter Stover, d. 1st month, 22nd day, 1851, aged 76y3m19d
  6. Elizabeth Stover, d. 8th month, 30th day, 1851, aged 77y3m2d
  7. Egbert Stover, d. 11th month, 21st day, 1862, aged 65y10m5d
  8. Elizabeth D. Stover, d. 9th month, 1st day, 1869, aged 68y5m22d
  9. Mary Jane, d/o Peter and Jane A. Stover, b. 7th month, 29th day, 1853, d. 10th month, 6th day, 1854
  10. William B. Stover, b. 20th day, 8th month, 1850, d. 9th day, 1st month, 1886
  11. Jane Anne Bedell Stover, b. 19th day, 5th month, 1825, d. 20th day, 4th month, 1907
  12. Alfred Stover, b. 6th day, 1st month, 1858, d. 24th day, 9th month, 1934 

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