Smith Butler

Smith and Butler 

Located on the Old Schoharie Turnpike just east of intersection with Webber Road. Cemetery  is in very poor condition, overgrown with vegetation and with fallen headstones. Surrounded by a stone wall. The cemetery is difficult to locate, even though it is adjacent to the roadway.

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 Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf September 15, 1999. Validated in the summer of 2010 and all stones digitized.
The pictures of the tombstones are in the possession of the Cairo Historical Society.

  1. Rachel Houston, w/o Elisha Smith, d. October 18, 1848 in the 90th year of her age

  2. Isaac E. Smith d. March 26, 1853, aged 67y

  3. Elisha Smith d. June 26, 1849, in the 95th year of his age

  4. Catherine A., w/o Peter Bush,  d. February 23, 1858, aged 27y1m5d

  5. Mary E., d/o Peter and C.A. Bush, d. September 12, 1858, aged 12y5m18d

  6. Judah Winne, w/o Isaac H. Smith, d. April 9, 1861, aged 71y

  7. Peter Bush d. December 6, 1895, aged 88y

  8. George C., s/o Daniel & Eunice Hotchkiss, d. March 18, 1857, aged 11y3m20d

  9. Able Butler, d. April 22, 1886,  aged 67y12d

  10. Lydia, w/o Oliver Butler, September 29, 1850, aged 37y5m29d

  11. Oliver Butler, d. October 22, 1885 (rest illegible)

  12. Clarissa, w/o Abel Butler, d. March 23, 1842, aged 67y

  13. Abel Butler, d. August 12, 1856, aged 74y3m5d

  14. Calista Butler, w/o Abel Butler, b. January 3, 1801, d. February 19, 1888

  15. Mary, w/o Elder John Showers, d. January 24, 1851, aged 35y1m16d

  16. Oliver, s/o Abel and L. Lacy, d. May ??, 1881, aged 8y1m10d

Postscript: Transcription and cemetery map grid located at the Durham Center Museum. Cemetery was originally laid out with a circular flower garden in the middle and footpaths radiating outward in the four cardinal directions. None of this original layout is currently visible. In addition, the following clarifications and additional stones were present on October 22, 1935, as transcribed by Mrs. Rossi.

11.    Oliver Butler, d. October 22, 1885, aged 76y5m2d 

Two stones were placed in the woods , but were originally in the cemetery:

1.    Charles W. Hotchkiss, d. August 28, 1880, aged 26y2m25d
2.    Daniel Hotchkiss, b. November 8, 1819, d. May 28, 1871
       Eunice Stewart, b. July 1, 1824, w/o Daniel Hotchkiss (no death date) 

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