Searles Family Cemetery

Searles Family Cemetery

Cemetery is located west of Old Quaker Church, on north side of Rte 51 just west of Old Misery Rd. in the Town of New Baltimore. It sits adjacent to the road.

New York State Regent
Prepared by Hannah W. Whittle for ON-TI-ORA Chapter
Presented to the New York State Library, Albany, NY 1988, Volume 580

Retyped by Carole Truesdell January 21, 2001

Cemetery located in Fall of 2012, stones validated and transcription updated by Sylvia Hasenkopf

  1. Eliza Case, w/o James Fisher, d. December 4, 1875, aged 79y
  2. James Fisher, d. December 7, 1834, aged 37y7m28d
  3. Anne, w/o Daniel Palmer, d. March 13, 1833, aged 34y (DAR transcription states she is Anna B. Searles)
  4. Anna, w/o James Post and d/o Elias Sarah Palmer, d. 12th m, 16th 1846, aged 54y7m12d
  5. S.P. (Footstone only)
  6. Daniel Palmer, d. April 18, 1867, aged 78y (DAR transcription states he was born March 25, 1789)
  7. In memory of Phebe, w/o Gideon Palmer, d. November 15, 1826 in the 54y of her age
  8. In memory of Gideon Palmer, d. September 15, 1829 in the 57 year of his age
  9. Charity Sarles, w/o Wm. Fisher, d. September 29, 1841, aged 78y
  10. In memory of Sarah Mead, d. July 19, 1850, aged 93y9m6d
  11. Daniel Mead, d. December 16, 1831, aged 62y9m17d (stone's front missing in 2012 only footstone D.M. remains)
  12. In memory of William Fisher, d. October 24, 1823 in the 62nd year of his age
  13. I. S. August August 27, 1810 de st (fieldstone)
  14. H. S. Dec 20th of 12th mo 1821 (fieldstone)
  15. A. S. nes Dec ?? 1827
  16. Betsey, w/o Caleb Sarles, d. March 25, 1848, aged 66y1m4d
  17. Caleb Sarles, d. October 23, 1856, aged 83y3m19d
  18. George A. Mead, d. October 2, 1838, aged 3y5m4d
  19. Matilda, d/o James and Eliza Fisher, d. April 13, 1830, aged 2y
  20. Fieldstone
  21. Fieldstone
  22. Fieldstone

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