Saxe Family Vital Records

Sax(e) Family Vital

Submitted by Karen McCoy


Windham Journal, Sept 12, 1867
In Kiskatom, Aug 12, Mrs. Marva Sax, relict of late Jospeh Saxe, aged 82 years.

Windham Journal, 23 Feb 1893
At Kiskatom, Feb 13, Julia Saxe at 66 years.

Vedder Library, Coxsackie, Greene Co., NY, scrapbook, newspaper clipping unidentified, undated, penciled in March 20, 1886
Saxton – Mr. Peter J. Sax, visited Quarryville, town of Saugerties, on business Saturday, and returning home seated himself on a chair. He was seen to suddenly fall to the floor, and upon being reached by the inmates he was found to be dead. His age was over seventy years.

Catskill Examiner, 1 June 1907
In this village, May 26, Mrs. Celia A. Saxe, at 74 years.

Vedder Library, Coxsackie, Greene Co., NY – scrapbook, newspaper clipping, unidentified, undated, penciled in 1892
John W. Sax
Our correspondence last week contained the sad news of the death of John W. Sax, of Saxton, at the age of 74 years. Mr. Sax was postmaster at the time of his death, a position he had filled ever since the office was established at the place to which he gave his name. He was an energetic and much respected citizen, a Republican who had the courage of his convictions and his memory will long be cherished by friends and neighbors in the little hamlet with whose destinies his name is indissoluble united.

Vedder Library , Coxsackie, Greene Co., NY – scrapbook, newspaper clipping, unidentified, undated
Areatas Saxe, formerly postmaster at Saxton and Palenville and keeper of the general stores at those places, died at his home in Palenville Saturday morning after a long illness of pulmonary tuberculosis. The funeral services were held from his late residence Tuesday morning, the Rev. James Douglas officiating; interment in the Jefferson Rural cemetery. In his remarks, the Rev. Mr. Douglas spoke very highly of Mr. Saxe, both as a business man and church man. During the service Mrs. Douglas sang two of Mr. Saxe’s favorite hymns. The floral pieces were both numerous and magnificent. Mr. Saxe was born at Saxton April 7, 1866, to John W. Saxe and Matilda Perkins. Most of his boyhood days were spent at Saxton, where in his youth he joined the Methodist church. At the age of eighteen he entered the Albany Normal School, and after graduating the following year, he taught school at Palenville, Saxton and other places in that neighborhood. Tiring of school teachers life, he entered in the mercantile business, by opening general stores at Saxton and Palenville. He was still engaged in this business at the time of his death. He was a member of North American Lodge, No 115, Knights of Pythias, of Saugerties. On November 1, 1892 he married Miss Etta Frost, of Palenville, who with three sisters, Louisa (Mrs. Clark Smith), Anna (Mrs. George Capen) and Jennie (Mrs. George Van Bramer) survive him. Among those who attended the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Clark Smith and family, Mr. and Mrs. Herrick Rockefeller, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schauzlio, Warren Minkler, Frederick Lasher and Chester Lasher and son Homer of this village; Mr. and Mrs. George Capen and Arthur Lasher, of Utica; Mr. And Mrs. George Van Bramer and Mr. And Mrs James Hauver, of Kiskatom and Mr. And Mrs. James Myers of Saugerties.

Scrapbook: Vedder Library, Coxsackie, newspaper clipping, date penciled in is 1890:
Lasher – at Saxton, April 19, Lillie K., wife of Frederick Lasher and daughter of John W. Sax, aged 33 years and 8 mo.

Windham Journal, 4 Jan 1883
Last Thursday, Joseph Sax, of Ashland, at 65 years.

Newspaper clipping – unidentified (1880 – 1945)
Dr. William I. Sax, a well known Coxsackie dentist died in the Memorial Hospital here Tuesday night. Funeral services will be held at his late home, 31 Elm Street, Friday at 3 p.m. Rev Robert Clementy officiating and the burial will take place in Riverside Cemetery. (in pencil 1945)

Mr. Sax was born in Coxsackie 65 years ago, a son of Marcus W. and Miriam Mallory Sax. For 40 years he practiced dentistry there, but retiraed several years ago. He was a member of Ark Longe F & A.M. Surviving are his wife, the former Estelle Van Dyck and a son Cpl. Irving V. D. Sax, stationed in Florida with the Air Corps.

Catskill Examiner, 6 Aug 1898
At Kiskatom, Aug 3, Moses T. Saxe, at 58 years.

Catskill Examiner, 15 Dec 1894
Near Lawrenceville, Dec 6, Jane A., wife of Moses Sax, at 59 years.

From Catskill Recorder, Dec 7, 1855
On Friday last, a man named Jonas Sax, residing at Kiskatom, committed suicide at the house of his father while in a miserable state of intoxication.

Catskill Examiner, 4 Apr 1896
In this village, March 29, Eliza Ann Longendyke, at 71 years.

Catskill Recorder, 13 Jan 1911
At Kingston, Jan 6, Dr. John B. Longendyke of Catskill, at 62-3-16. He was born 20 July 1847 in the old stone house in the Embought to John & Eliza Saxe Longendyke. Besides his son, Dr. Leroy Longendyke, he is survived by his sister, Mrs. Margaret Emerick of Catskill and a brother, Cornelius Longendyke of Kingston. Interment in Catskill Rural Cemetery.

 Vedder Library, Coxsackie, Greene, New York Newspaper clipping, no name or date preserved
Mrs James Emerick died on Monday at her home on Bridge street, and the funeral was held at the house on Thursday, the Rev. C. G. Hazard, D.D., conducting the service; interment in Jefferson Rural Cemetery. Margaret E., daughter of the late John and Eliza Ann (Saxe) Longendyke, was born in The Embogech on July 31, 1844. At the age of nineteen she married John Post, Jr., who died in 1871, leaving her with one little girl. In 1876 the young widow married James U. Emerick and the family moved into Columbia county. Upon the death of her husband in 1906 his wife returned to Catskill to make her home henceforth with her only child, Mrs. Annie Porter. It was a household to which she gave her utmost love and her devoted care. Of a nature that took no thought for self, she gave herself freely for others and found her joy in service. She truly was "a friend of man." No one ever heard from her an unkindly word, nor one of criticism or censure. She was a faithful member of the Reformed Church and formerly taught in the Sunday school. It was an example of her abiding influence that those who had once been of her Sunday School class, and whom she always called her boys (Richard Kennedy, Charles G. Coffin, Harold Conklin, Walter Smith, Fred Peloke, Arthur Conklin) came forward at the time of her death to ask that they might serve as bearers of her coffin. In her closest affection, next to her own daughter, came that daughters children and grandchild. When in her last hours, she was told that her granddaughter and baby son were hastening to her bedside it was by sheer force of will that she preserved sufficient strength of body and of brain to welcome them. Then she sank into the stupor from which she was never to rouse. The esteem that she inspired was evidenced in the constant solicitude and loving kindness displayed by her neighbors during her illness, only exceeded by the tender watchfulness and care of her nearest and dearest ones. She is survived by her one child, Mrs. Annie G. Porter; by a brother, Cornelius Longendyke of Kingston; one grandson, Joel S. Porter of New York, and a granddaughter, Mrs. Jay Spear of Cleveland, Ohio, with one great-grandson, Robert Joel Spear.

From Vedder Library, Coxsackie, Greene Co., New York
Death of Old Resident (in pencil 1920)
One of the oldest residents of this locality died on Monday when Catherine, widow of Jacob T. B. VanOrden of the Saugerties Road, succumbed to the infirmities of age, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Margaret Hass, aged 94 years. The funeral was held at her late residence on Thursday, the Rev. J. H. Heinrichs of Leeds officiating, interment at Catskill Rural Cemetery. Mrs. Van Orden is survived by one daughter (Mrs. Hass) and by two sons (Henry S. and Dewitt, both of this town).

Catskill Recorder, 15 Sept 1911
In the Embought, Sept 14, Jacob Ten Broeck Van Orden, at 89-9-10. He was born 4 Nov 1822, the son of Henry & Temperance Dewitt Van Orden, on the same farm on which he died and where on 8 Nov 1844 he married Catherine Saxe, daughter of Benjamin & Margaret Hover Saxe. Besides his wife he is survived by two sons, Henry S. and Dewitt Van Orden and a daughter, Mrs. Margaret Hass and a brother, Samuel Van Orden, all of the town of Catskill. Interment in Catskill Rural Cemetery.

Catskill Examiner 1868 (26 Sept 1868)
At Caatsban, Sept 10, Paul Sax, aged 68.

Windham Journal 3 Dec 1874
In Kiskatom, Nov 15, Jeremiah Sax, at 69 yrs.

Catskill Examiner, 26 Sept 1896
In this town, Sept 15, Sarah C. Saxe, at 62 years.

Catskill Examiner, 12 Sept 1896
At Kiskatom, Sept 10,. Edmund J. Saxe, at 55 years.

Catskill Examiner, 13 Dec 1902
At Kiskatom, Dec 3, Elizabeth Saxe, at 66 years.

From Vedder Library, scrapbook, newspaper clipping, unidentified, undated
A Lamentable Fatality
Just before 4 o’clock Tuesday afternoon, on West Bridge street, nearly opposite the Cut Glass Works, Leonard, the eight-year-old son of Mr. And Mrs. Roscoe M. Saxe of the Westside, lost his life by being run over by an automobile driven by Thos. C. Perry, superintendent of the first school supervisory district, who lives on Broad Street. Mr. Perry was going up West Bridge Street, the only object in sight being the village ash-wagon, which was coming down the hill. Just as the automobile reached the back wheels of the wagon the lad darted in front of Mr. Perry’s car and was crushed underneath the machine. Percy Adsit lifted the limp body into the automobile and Mr. Perry hurried with it to Dr. Branch’s office, where the child expired. At a hearing held by Coroner Honeyford on Wednesday morning, several witnesses were examined and their testimony proved beyond a doubt that the accident was absolutely unavoidable on the part of Mr. Perry. The funeral of the little lad will be held at his late home this afternoon, the Rev. Mr. Sawin to conduct the service; interment in Jefferson Rural Cemetery. To the bereaved parents the loss of their only child seems irreparable, and the sympathy of many friends is extended in this hour of bereavement (NYS Death Certificate, from NYS Archives, Albany,NY : 1922 Saxe Leonard R. 4 April Catskill #25014)

Catskill Examiner, 12 Novc 1898
In town of Athens, Nov 11, Charles H. W. Saxe, at 68 years.

Catskill Examiner, Sat, July 14, 1900
At Manorkill, July 8, Douglas B. Thorpe at 68 years. He was born at Conesville, Schoharie Col, 9 March 1832 and married Catherine H. Ingraham. He leaves his wife and two sons, William E. Thorpe and George N. Thorpe.

Windham Journal 14 Sept 1893
At Palenville Sept 4, Mrs. Henry Saxe, at about 45 years.

From Vedder Library, Coxsackie, Greene co., NY Newspaper clipping, not idendified or dated except penciled in date of 1883
SAXE – at Kiskatom, Jan 14th, Ira Saxe, aged 76years, 8 months and 29 days.
Ira Saxe, an old resident of this neighborhood, died quite suddenly on Sunday last, the 14th inst. His health had been poor for several years, but he was able to be out of doors and do some work on Saturday, the 13th; on Sunday morning, not being as well as usual, the doctor was called in and prescribed for him, but no danger was apprehended; about noon however, a sudden change occurred and death soon followed. Mr. Saxe was an excellent neighbor and a consistent member of the Dutch Reformed Church of Kiskatom, from which church he was buried on Tuesday the 16th inst.

Newspaper clipping, unidentified, undated, Vedder Library, Coxsackie, NY
Woman Who Met Death in Burning Hotel Supposed to Be Miss Lura Saxe
Feared Here That Others Injured May Also Be From This City
Yreka, Cal., July 19 - - The depot and hotel adjoining at Sisson, at the base of Mount Shasta were burned to the ground early today as the result of the explosion of a lamp. Miss Laura Saxie, a school teacher, who had just arrived there from New York, was burned to death.

Miss Saxie had come to meet friends and climb Mount Shasta. Several others were badly burned. Miss Saxie had intended to leave the train at Shasta Springs to meet friends, but the conductor, learning that she intended to climb Mount Shasta, told her Sison was the place to stop.

When the fire broke out she attempted to escape from the front porch, but turned back into the house. Her body was found in the debris near the charred remains of her bed. Evidently she ran back to her room and fell in a faint on the bed. The financial loss is $20,000.

At the offices of the Board of Education, Park Avenue and Fifty-ninth street, it was learned that the only teacher with a name resembling that of the young woman who met her death at Mount Shasta is Miss Lura Saxe, of No. 1743 Amsterdam Avenue. Miss Saxe, according to the records, has been a primary grade teacher, attached to Public School No. 18 in the Bronx. She was appointed in 1903.

The educational officials feared that Miss Saxe was the person referred to in the above dispatch. They presumed that she was a member of a large party of New York school teachers who left here for a tour of the West and Pacific Coast several weeks ago. These teachers are all members of the National educational Association under whose auspices the vacation trip was being conducted.

As the dispatch states that several other persons were burned in the fire, it is feared that other New York teachers may be among the injured.

Kiskatom Reformed Church Deaths 1848 - 1929
Transcribed by Audrey Klinkenberg from the original records and contributed by Jane Freese
Jul 19, 1907 Lura Saxe, burned at Sisson, Cal., inter Catskill, service Ch, July 31

Obituary found at Vedder Library, Coxsackie, Greene Co., NY – Daily Wail, March 15, 1989
Mrs. Elsie L. Saxe, 96, well-known Palenville resident, died Monday evening March 13, at Columbia-Greene Medical Central at Catskill where she had been a patient since Feb 1 after a fall at her home. Born at Kiskatom on July 22, 1891, Mrs. Saxe was the daughter of the late Amos and Ella Lennon Saxe and the widow of George Ira Saxe who died Aug 11, 1953. A retired teacher, Mrs. Saxe was a graduate of Catskill High School and from State Normal School at Oneonta in 1921. After teaching for several years at Palenville, she taught in the White Plains School System until 1933 when she was married on July 8, 1933. She was an active member of the Kiskatom Reformed Church; Greene County Retired Teachers Assn.; On-ti-ora Chapter, NSDAR and Catskill Women’s Republican Club of which she was a charter member and its first president. She was a long time member of the Catskill Monday Club. Mrs. Saxe served on the Town of Catskill Board of Supervisors from 1953 – 1961 as well as serving on the Board of the Sarah Phillips Home as president. She is survived by a niece, Mrs. John S. (Ellen) Stewart of Ithaca and three nephews; Frederick E. Saxe of Spartus, NJ, Daniel Saxe of Hartsdale, and James Saxe of Stamford, CT, as well as several great nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by three brothers; Paul L. Saxe, A. Howard Saxe, and Raymond D. Saxe, and a nephew Robert P. Saxe, whose widow Harriet Britt Saxe lives in Catskill. A memorial service at the Kiskatom Reformed Church will be announced. The Millspaugh Funeral Home, 139 Jefferson Heights, is in charge of arrangements. Memorials to the Kiskatom Reformed Church are requested. They may be sent to the treasurer, Mrs. Don Murphy, R.D. 1, box 495, Catskill, NY 12414

From unknown Catskill Newspaper Clipping: pencil dated Dec 18, 1930
Bessie May Saxe
Bessie May Hinman, wife of George I. Saxe, of Palenville, died yesterday in a Kingston Hospital following an operation. Funeral arrangements have not yet been completed. Mrs. Saxe was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hinman, of Palenville. She leaves her husband; a daughter, Mrs. Alice Linzey, and a brother, Chester Hinman, of Palenville.

Catskill Recorder 20 March 1914:
At His Residence in NYC, March 12, Edwin Winans, son of the late Capt. David Winans of Germantown, at 76 yrs. Burial in Catskill Village Cem., Deceased was born in Catskill and with his brother Charles served an apprenticeship in the Water St. foundry of A & B Wiltse. He was a cousin of Mrs. Charles Post of Catskill.

Catskill Examiner, 1868 (11 Jan 1868)
In Catskill, Jan 7, Margaret, wife of Peter V. Overbagh, aged 38.

Windham Journal, 21 Nov 1872
In Catskill, Nov 8, Paul Sax in 65th year.

Windham Journal, 20 Oct 1881
In Catskill, Oct 17, Harold W., son of Geo & Etta Sax at 1-3-0.

Catskill Examiner 15 Sept 1888
In Kiskatom, Sept 8, Mary, widow of James B. Bloom, in 62nd year.

Examiner-Recorder, Thursday, 9 June 1949
Mrs. Alice Bloom, wife of Jacob Saxe Bloom, died Friday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Henry Katt, in Kiskatom . . . . . burial in Jefferson Rural Cemetery. Mrs. Bloom was a member of the Kiskatom Reformed Church and was born in that community on 20 May 1858, the daughter of William & Antionette Crapser Overbaugh. She is survived by 4 daughters, Mrs. Katt, Miss Antoinette Bloom of Saugerties, Mrs. Edward Lamouree of Hollis, L.I., and Mrs. Chester Schaff of Hudson; 5 sons, Clarence of Catskill, Frank of Irvington, NY, Harry of Palenville and William and Raymond of Kiskatom; 8 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.

Unidentified Newspaper Clippings: 17 June 1985
Mrs. Edith Bloom Lamouree of 200 Hilcrest Ave., Wyckoff, NJ, died Sunday, June 16 on her 96th birthday at the Valley Hospital at Ridgewood, NJ after a long illness. Born at Kiskatom on June 16, 1889, Mrs. Lamouree was a daughter of the late Jacob S. and Alice Overbaugh Bloom and the widow of Edward H. Lamouree. She is survived by her daughter, Mrs. Beatrice L. Hanson with whom she resided for many years; 4 grandchildren; 12 great grandchildren as well as her sister, Mrs. Emma Schaff of Bradenton, Fla. and several nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her sister, Mrs. Ruth Katt, on Jan. 5, 1985. Funeral services 2 pm Wednesday, June 19 at the Millspaugh Funeral Home, 139 Jefferson Hts., will be followed by interment in the family plot at the Town of Catskill Cemetery, Jefferson Ts. The Rev. George B. VanPelt, Jr., pastor of the First Reformed Church of Catskill, will officiate. Relatives and friends will be received at the Millspaugh Funeral Home Tuesday 2-4 and 7-9 pm.

Miss Nettie Bloom
Miss Nettie Bloom, who for over 30 years had made her home with Mrs. Amelia Rabey, Woodstock Ave., Palenville, died Saturaday morning in Memorial Hospital after a short illness. Miss Bloom was born in Kiskatom March 30, 1886 the daughter of Jacob S. and Alice Overbaugh Bloom. Surviving are four brothers: Clarence of Catskill, Frank of Mt. Dora, Florida, Harry of Palenville and Raymond of Kiskatom; three sisters; Mrs. Edith Lamouree, Palenville Mrs. Ruth Katt, Athens and Mrs. (continued on page eight) (the rest was missing)

Recorder, 5 Dec 1913:
At Amenia, NY, Nov 26, Milton Bloom of Kiskatom, aged 21-2-1, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Bloom.

EXAMINER - Sept 30, 1916
Frederick Saxe, for many years a leading citizen in this town, died at his late home in Kiskatom Wednesday, aged 88 years. Mr. Saxe was the son of the late John F. Saxe, of Kiskatom. His mother was Miriam Coy of Windham. In 1803 John F. Saxe, when a boy six years of age, moved with his parents from Ulster county to Kiskatom and settled on the farm which has since been continuously occupied by Frederick Saxe. In 1871 Mr. Saxe built the Mountain View House, which was the first large boarding house in that section. In addition to conducting a flourishing boarding business, he was also an extensive farmer. He had one sister, the late Mrs. James Bloom and one brother, the late Lewis Saxe, both of this town. He was the descendant of the family of Saxe’s who emigrated to this country from Germany long before the Revolutionary days. Over 65 years ago Mr. Saxe united with the Kiskatom Reformed church and was one of its most faithful and honored members. During many years he served as a deacon and elder, and his wise counsel was frequently sought. His interest in church work was such that even when a young man he became known throughout that community as one to whom no task to be accomplished in its cause was too difficult to complete. He was a Republican from the formation of the party and long a leader in that part of the town, where the party was the strongest. For many years he served with credit as justice of the peace. Mr. Saxe was a man of remarkable vitality and activity, both of body and mind, for one of his advanced years. Those who knew him will long remember him as a survivor of the old school; a lover of his home, devoted to his family, loyal to his friends, sincere and strong in his convictions, and ever standing for what was right. In the family circle and in the community he has left an influence for the better things that will survive for years Deceased is survived by his widow, Betsy Linzey, daughter of the late George and Sally Overbaugh Linzey, of Kiskatom, one daughter, Mrs. Herbert W. Lasher, and one son, Washington J. Saxe, both of Kiskatom. Funeral services will be held from his late home this afternoon at 1:30 o’clock, the Rev. Sidney O. Lawsing officiating. Interment in the Jefferson Rural Cemetery.

Obituary of Washington J. Saxe, from Vedder Library files, no identification of newspaper it was in or date:
Obituary Washington J. Saxe, justice of the peace of the Town of Catskill who resided with his son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. George Dodd at Palenville, died at Albany hospital Thursday (2/12/1930). The funeral took place at Kiskatom Reformed Church, Rev. John H. von Heest officiating. He leaves three sons, L. Irving of Cornwall-on-Hudson, Raynor L. and Fred M. of Long Branch; 2 daughters Mrs. Dodd and Mrs. L. C. Fister; 9 grandchildren and one sister, Mrs. Herbert W. Lasher. Washington J. Saxe, of pioneer Greene county stock, was the son of Mr. And Mrs. Frederick Saxe, his parents being one of the best known couples in the Town of Catskill, his father, straight as an arrow, living to a ripe old age. With his father he conducted a boarding house in Kiskatom for many years, the high quality of the food served and other comforts making it one of the most popular resorts in the Catskill foothills. A Republican in politics he had served the Town as road commissioner, and at the time of his death was a justice of the peace. He was a member of Catskill lodge, F. and A. M. and at one time served as master. The Masonic committal was used. Bearers were Euberto Austin, Elmer E. Whitcomb, Joseph L. Breunig, Herrick Rochefeller, Henry Bohn and Charles E. Holiday, members of Catskill Lodge. Mr. Saxe’s death creates a vacancy among the Justices of the Peace in the town of Catskill; his term would not have expired until December 31, 1933. Rev. W. Howe, rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and chaplain of the Lodge, conducted the Masonic burial service; Mr. Saxe was raised to the degree of Master Mason in 1903. Previous to the services in church prayers were said at the home of Mr. Saxe’s son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. George Dodd at Palenville.

Another obituary, unidentified, undated:
Funeral of Washington J. Saxe in Kiskatom Reformed Church, Is Largely Attended
The funeral of Washington J. Saxe took place in the Kiskatom Reformed Church yesterday afternoon and was largely attended, the edifice being filled with friends and relatives who assembled to pay their last tribute to the deceased, who was lived and respected by all who knew him. The pastor, the Rev. John J. von Heest, officiated, and paid a warm tribute to Mr. Saxe, who for many years had been an Elder in the church. Catskill Lodge, No. 468, F. & A. M., attended in a body and Rev Walter E. Howe, rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and Chaplain of the Lodge, conducted in a most impressive manner, the beautiful Masonic burial service. There were many beautiful floral tributes from friends and relatives in Catskill Lodge. In his sermon Rev. Mr. Von Heest referred feelingly to Mr. Saxe’s life and service to his church and to his fellowmen. His remarks made a deep impression on his hearers, all of whom knew that the tribute the minister was paying was well deserved. The bearers were Euberto Austin, Elmer E. Whitcomb, Joseph L. Breunig, Herrick Rockefeller, Henry Bohn and Charles E. Holliday, all members of Catskill Lodge. The burial was in the Jefferson Rural Cemetery. James Kortz was in charge of the funeral arrangements. Pervious to the services in the church prayers were said at the home of Mr. Saxe’s son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. George Dodd at Palenville. Mr. Saxe’s death creates a vacancy among the Justices of the Peace in the Town of Catskill, which will have to be filled by appointment by the Town Board, of which he was a member by virtue of his office. His term would not have expired until December 31, 1933.

From Vedder Library, Saxe Genealogy, newspaper clipping, not identified or dates , (in pencil March 4, 1933, the name Arthur crossed off and Wilbur penciled in)
Resident of Kiskatom succumbs to illness in Albany City Hospital
Arthur Brown Saxe of Kiskatom, this town, died Saturday at the Albany City Hospital, where he was a patient. The funeral will take place at his late home tomorrow at 2 p.m., Rev. J. J. Van Heest, pastor of the Kiskatom Reformed Church, officiating, and the burial will be in the Jefferson Rural cemetery. Deane & Deane are in charge of the funeral arrangements. Mr. Saxe was born in Kiskatom on January 23, 1881, and was a son of Frederick and Helen Olmstead Saxe. He was a life-long resident of this town. The survivors are his wife, formerly Miss Bertha Fiero; four brothers, Marshall of Ballston Spa, George of Albany, and Floyd and Arthur of Catskill.

From Vedder Library, Saxe Genealogy, newspaper clipping, not identified or dates, penciled in March 9, 1963
Mrs. Bertha M. Saxe, 92 Broad Street, widow of Wilbur B. Saxe, died Saturday in Memorial Hospital. Born in the Town of Catskill on Jan 28, 1884, Mrs. Saxe was the daughter of the late Theodore F. and Mary Jane Van Orden Fiero. The Funeral service will be held in the Deane & Deane Chapel on Tuesday at 2 p.m. Rev. Kermit Hogenboom of the Leeds Reformed Church will officiate and interment will follow in Jefferson Rural Cemetery. Friends may call at the Chapel this afternoon from 3 to 5 and 7 this evening. Mrs. Saxe is survived by a brother William Fiero of Round Top, a sister, Mrs. Almedia Lock of Purling, two nephews Curtis Plank of Cobleskill and Raymond Plank of Catskill, and three great nieces.

Examiner-Recorder, Thurs. 28 June 1945
The War Department has notified Mrs. Georgianna Saxe of Albany, formerly of Catskill, that her son Pfc. Edwin Eugene Saxe, 18 had been killed in action in the battle of Okinawa, May 13. The young man was in the Marines. Saxe attended the Catskill public schools and after the family moved to Albany, he was a student at Philip Schuyler High School. He is the second member of the family to be killed in action, a brother, Cpl. Walter E. Saxe, having been killed on Dec 4, during the German push at Metz, where he was serving with the Third Army infantry. Another brother, Richard, was recently given his medical discharge for wounds received at Saipan. His mother, two other brothers and five sisters, one of whom is a WAVE, survive.

Windham Journal 16 March 1882
At Kiskatom, March 2, Elizabeth Story, wife of Paul F. Sax, at 71 years.

Vedder Library, Coxsackie, Greene Co., NY, scrapbook, newspaper clipping unidentified, undated, penciled in 1882
SAXE – at Kiskatom, Thursday, March 2, Elizabeth Saxe, aged 71 years. Funeral tomorrow at 2 p.n. from the Kiskatom Reformed Church

From Vedder Library, Coxsackie, Greene Co., NY – Saxe Genealogy file, newspaper clipping not identifield or dates
Kiskatom - Mr. Paul F. Sax, a life-long resident of this place, died on Wednesday morning, Nov 19, 1884, at the advanced age of 78 years, 10 months and 4 days. His strength had been failing for several years past, without any marked change till within a few days of his death. He will be lamented by many relatives and friends, by whom he was familiarly addressed as "Uncle Paul". His funeral occurred in the Reformed Church, of which he became a member within a few years, on Friday morning and thence his remains were borne to their earthly resting place by the side of his wife in the Cemetery at Cairo.

Catskill Examiner 25 Aug 1894
At Kiskatom, Aug 21, Ellen E. Saxe, at 42.

Vedder Library, Coxsackie, Greene Co., NY, newspaper clipping, unidentified, undated, penciled in 1924
At Kiskatom on Feb 8th occurred the death of Ella Lennon, aged Sixty-six years, widow of Amos Saxe. Funeral services were held at her late home on Monday. Mrs. Saxe is survived by three sons (Paul L of Kiskatom, A Howard of Morristown, NH, and Raymond D. of Staunton, VA) and one daughter (Miss Elsie L. Saxe of White Plains) each of whom has the sympathy of friends in this village, where they attended High School and enjoyed a wide acquaintance

From scrapbook at Vedder Lib., Coxsackie,NY this newspaper clipping, unidentified
SAXE – at Kiskatom, Nov 10th (1881 penciled in) Susan N. Fiero, dau. of the late James Lewis Fiero, wife of Amos Saxe, aged 20. She had been an intelligent and faithful follower of Christ for more than six years and died a peaceful death. It occurred on the first anniversary day of her marriage

Obituary May 2, 1949, of Mrs. Paul Saxe, (newspaper clipping – not identified at Vedder Library, Saxe Index file) 
Mrs. Anna Mae Saxe, wife of Paul Saxe of Kiskatom, died yesterday afternoon. Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. at the Deane & Deane Chapel, Rev. J. J. Van Heest, pastor of the Kiskatom Reformed Church officiating. Interment will follow in the Jefferson Rural Cemetery. The Chapel will be open this evening at 7 oclock. Mrs. Saxe was born in Kiskatom on Feb 23, 1887, the daughter of Parker F. Lonzey and Mary Bullis. Surviving besides her husband, are a son Robert P. of Kiskatom; one daughter Mr.s John Stewart of Buffalo and four grandchildren.

Scrapbook at Vedder Lib., Coxsackie, NY, pg. 199
Date penciled in 1882
SAX – at Kiskatom, Nov 19th, Michael Sax, aged 65 years.

The obituary of John L. Saxe, from Vedder Library Genealogical File: Saxe
From Catskill Recorder of June 9, 1900. The article is torn and some is missing, this edition of the paper is not available on microfilm
A Miracle of Grace
The recent death of John L. Saxe lends interest to the following biographical sketch of his father, which appeared in The Christian Intelligencer of March 17, 1897, written by the Rev. John F. Mesick, D. D.:

"Frederick Saxe was born, lived and died in Kiskatom, a hamlet at the foot of the mountains, about 10 miles from the village of Catskill. Before the first mountain house was erected for summer visitors, their summits were covered with the primreview forest, broken only by the murmur of their cascades, the fall of decayed trees, the notes of singing birds and the cry of wild beasts. From boyhood his native daring led him to seek daily encounters with the deer, the wildcat, the wolf, the panther, the bear, and the rattlesnakes which there abounded. With his faithful dog as companion, with his pistol and dirk-knife girded to his body by a leather belt, and with an axe and his trusty gun in his hands, he spent most of his days in hunting these savage animals. He was expert in his warfare on Bruin; not content with setting strong traps to catch him, he assailed him in his cave, he sent a bullet crashing through his skill when he sought refuge in the top of a lofty hemlock or he met him in a square fight on the level ground, not running away from the large, hairy quadruped, foaming with rage to defend her cubs, but with undisturbed coolness laying the dangerous brute in the dust. On long winter evenings, sitting beside his crackling log fire, he would entertain his family and neighbors with the recital of his heroic exploits and his hairbreadth escapes, which had been substantiated beyond all doubt by his bringing home with him the carcasses of scores of bears, and by their recollection of the delicious bear steaks which they had eaten. So often had the rumors of his feats of strength and --- ity been repeated that his fame was --- abroad throughout all that reti ---- was called universally "The Bes ---- "This man was formed by --- training to be a leader, and --- roughness in manners and ---- per that all persons dre ---- conflict with him, lest --- bodily harm. Up to ---- ringleader in wickedness ---- of God or man. An ---- Sabbath he headed a ---- the year, who rode ---- the Hudson River ---- boat and seine --- with their ---- sounds ---- waft---- (next section_ the --- devo --- bor asked --- ing did you --- one: God was there ---- reply, repeated from mo ---- an electric thrill through ---- borhood. On the next Sunday ---- school-room was crowded. That pra ---- ing has been sustained from that night to the present time. Out of that nucleus grew the Reformed Church of Kiskatom. And today the neat, white, framed edifice, with its tapering spire, attracts the attention of every passing summer visitor to the Catskill Mountain House.

"In due time he was received, April 29, 1825, on confession of his faith, as a member in full communion of the Reformed Church of Leeds, N.Y., then under the pastoral care of the Rev. Isaac N. Wyckoff, D. D. Such confidence was reposed in his piety that he was elected to serve first as deacon and then as elder in the same congregation. Dr. Wyckoff, who knew his gifts, induced him on one occasion at the preparatory service, before the Lord’s Supper, to stand up in the elders seat, which was on one side of the pulpit, and address the congregation, a duty that he performed with such intelligence, unction, tenderness and pathos that the hearers were deeply moved, and there was scarcely a dry eye in the house. No minister of the Gospel could have spoken more to the purpose. A complete transformation of character was wrought in this disciple of Jesus. The lion was changed into a lamb. In social intercourse his face wore a winning smile, his voice was gentle, and his sentiments were marked by humility and meekness."

John L. Saxe, like his father, Frederick, was a mighty hunter, and was commonly known as "Bear John" He knew the mountains as well as any that ever roamed over them. His reminiscences, could they have been collected and preserved, would have furnished valuable and interesting local history and tradition. The writer has heard him relate many of the adventures of his earlier days, before the country was as thickly settled as now, and this section had become a boarding-house community. He told of his hunting wild pigeons where Tannersville now stands, then a forest of immense hemlocks, the pigeons literally filling the air. He was a giant in size and strength, and delighted in roaming the woods in search of game, large or small. During his last illness in delirium he lived his life over again, and his mind was busy with the killing of bears and the felling of trees. He was a member of the Reformed Church and a good citizen which will be greatly missed by his many friends."

Coxsackie Union News 26 Jan 1900
At Kiskatom, Jan 17, John L. Saxe, aged 72 years


Windham Journal, Aug 17, 1865
In Kiskatom, July 26 by Rev. W. S. Stilwell, Mr. Frederick W. Sax, to Miss Hellen E. Olmstead, all of Kiskatom.

Windham Journal 25 March 1869
At residence of Peter F. Saxe, Kiskatom, March 4, by Rev. See, Henry Lee McArthur of Chatham, Four Corners and Jennie S. Saxe of Kiskatom.

From Vedder Library, scrapbook, newspaper clipping, unidentified, date penciled in 1883
BLOOM – OVERBAUGH – At Kiskatom, March 15th by the Rev. Geo. J. Van Neste, John L. Bloom and Lilian, daughter of the late Wm., T. Overbaugh, both of Kiskatom.

Windham Journal, 13 Jan 1870
At Catskill, Jan 6, by Rev. Lewis, John W. Sax of Saugerties and Mrs. Celia A. Perkins, of Catskill

Windham Journal 21 Nov 1878
At the Laurel House, Nov 13, by Rev. Brown, Geo. Van Bramer to Jennie P. Sax, both of Catskill.

From Vedder Library, Scrapbook, newspaper clupping, unidentified, date penciled in 1878
MARRIED VAN BRAMER – SAX – At the Laurel House, Nov 13th, by the Rev. Lyman S. Brown, George Van Bramer and Miss Jennie P. Sax both of Kiskatom.

Windham Journal, 18 Dec 1873
In Catskill, Nov 26, by Rev. Howard, Clark J. Smith, of Kiskatom, and Louisa M. Sax, of Palenville.

Windham Journal 5 Oct 1871
In Ashland, Oct 3, by Rev. Kendall of Windham, Marcus W. Sax, of Catskill and Miriam A., daughter of Alanson N. Mallory of Ashland.

Also: newspaper clipping, unidentified, May 1940
Former Local Boy Weds In Washington
Dr. and Mrs. W. Sax Attend Wedding of Irving Sax and Evelyn Hoyle
Dr. and Mrs. W. I. Sax returned Friday from a week trip to Charleston, SC and Washington D.C. where they attended the wedding of their son, Irving Van Dyck Sax to Miss Evelyn R. Hoyle. The marriage ceremony was performed by Dr. Peter Marshall of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. The bride who was given in marriage by her brother, Thomas, wore a powder blue ensemble with navy blue accessories. Her corsage was pink sweetheart roses and lilies of the valley. Her attendant, Mrs. Esther Haskill, was gowned in navy blue sheer trimmed with white, with navy accessories and wore a corsage of gardenias. The groom had as his best man a former classmate, James Gulick of Washington. After a wedding trip in the south the bride and groom will be at home at the Otis Gardens Apts, Washington. The bride is a graduate of Rochester High School and a Washington Business School. The groom Graduated from Union College and was a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. He graduated from Columbus University in Washington. He is an accountant in the Home Owner’s Loan Office in the Disbursement Department.

Windham Journal 3 Oct 1872
At M.E. Parsonage, Sept 17, by Rev. Brown, Elisha Elliott and Sarah F. Sax, both of S. Cairo

From Vedder Library, scrapbook, newspaper clipping, unidentified, date penciled in 1883
SAX – TIMMERMAN – At the Blue Mountain parsonage, May 2d, by the Rev. J. F. Hooper, Moses T. Sax and Jane A. Timmerman, both of Kiskatom.

From Vedder Library, scrapbook, newspaper cliopping, unidentified, date penciled in 1877
SAX _ SMITH - At the M.E. Parsonage, Kiskatom, Dec 25th by Rev. M. Couchman, James D. Sax to Miss Libbie E. Smith, all of Palenville.

Windham Journal 8 Aug 1878
At E. Durham, Aug 4, by Rev. Cole, Frederick Brandow of Leeds and Florence Sax of Kiskatom.

Coxsackie Union News, June 15, 1917
Married in this village, June 6, by Rev. A. G. Feare, George W. Saxe of Roxbury and Miss Rhoda Marshall of Catskill.

From Vedder Library, scrapbook, newspaper clipping, unidentified, date penciled in 1885
SAXE – OVERBAUGH  At Kiskatom, Dec 29, by Rev Geo. J. Van Neste, John F. Saxe of Lawrenceville and Isabella, daughter of Matthew D. Overbaugh of Kiskatom.

Catskill Examiner, Sat, July 8, 1899
In this village, July 1, by Rev Bell, Wm. E. Thorpe to Greta Du Bois Saxe, both of this village

Windham Journal 16 Nov 1882
At Catskill, Nov 14, by Rev. Lewis, Edgar Saxe of Quarryville and Ella E. only daughter of Henry Casper

Catskill Recorder 14 Dec 1917:
At Catskill Dec 12 by Rev Feare, Adelbert H. Saxe and Carrie E. Rowe, both of this town

Catskill Recorder 21 Dec 1917:
Lawrenceville - Miss Carrie Emma Rowe of this place on Dec 12 became wife of Adelbert, son of Edgar Saxe of Kiskatom.

Vedder Library, Coxsackie, Greene Co., NY – scrapbook, newspaper clipping, unidentified, undated, penciled in 1933
Marriage Solemnized at Home of Bride’s Brother in Kiskatom
Miss Elsie L. Saxe, daughter of the late Mr. And Mrs. Amos Saxe, was married to George I. Saxe of Palenville on Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock at the home of her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. And Mrs. Paul Saxe, of Kiskatom. Rev. John Van Heest, pastor of the Kiskatom Reformed Church, performed the ceremony. The bride, who was escorted by her brother, Paul Saxe, looked very charming in a gown of flesh colored chiffon. She carried a bouquet of pink rosebuds and lilies of the valley. A reception followed the wedding ceremony after which amid a shower of rice and good wishes Mr. and Mrs. Saxe left by motor for a trip north. After August 1 they will be at home to their many friends. The out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Howard Saxe and sons, Frederick and Amos Howard, of Morristown, NJ, Raymond Saxe of Winchester, Virginia, Miss Alice Johns of White Plains and Mr. And Mrs. Larry Sandford of Long Island City.

Windham Journal 3 July 1873
At M. E. Church, Prattsville, June 25, by J. P. Burger, James Lindsley of Hunter and Hattie Saxe of Prattsville.

Catskill Examiner 24 May 1884
At Leeds, May 4, by Rev. Shaw, Charles C. Bloom of Kiskatom and Viola Stewart of So. Cairo.

From Vedder Library, Saxe Genealogy File, newspaper clipping, not dated or identified
SAXE – OVERBAUGH – At Kiskatom, Dec 29th by the Rev. Geo. J. Van Neste, Washington J., son of Frederick Saxe, Esq., and Edith, daughter of the late Wm. T. Overbaugh, all of Kiskatom. (IN PENCIL 1880)

Vedder Library, Coxsackie, Greene, NY:
Newspaper clipping, unidentified, pencil dated Aug 14/89
Malvina Saxe Weds Former Catskill Boy In Lovely Ceremony
The Kiskatom Reformed Church was the scene of a lovely August wedding Saturday afternoon, when Miss Malvina Estella Saxe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Egbert A. Saxe of Palenville, became the bride of George Van Vechten Rouse of Ridgefield Park, NJ, son of Worth Van Vechten Rouse of Leeds. The double ring ceremony was performed at 3 o'clock by the pastor, the Rev. John J. Van Heest, in a setting of ferns, hydrangeas and Queen Anne's lace, which transformed the pretty little church into a flower garden. Charming in a gown of white mousseline de soie, the bride was given in marriage by her father. She wore a finger tip tulle veil and carried an arm bouquet of Albatross Gladioli, Miss Marjorie A. Lewis of Catskill, a cousin of the bride-groom, was maid of honor. Her gown was fashioned of peach lace net over peach satin, trimmed with aquamarine. She carried an arm bouquet of Picardy Gladioli and in her hair she wore a band of peach roses. George Eckner of Ridgefield Park, NJ, was best man for Mr. Rouse. The ushers were Robert Paul Saxe, Raymond H. Place of Catskill, and Woodbridge King, Athens. As Miss Norma E. Saile, organist at the Kiskatom Church, completed a delightful musical program before the ceremony, from the organ came the strains of Mendelsohn's wedding march. A reception for 60 guests was held immediately following at the home of the bride's parents after which Mr. Rouse and his bride left on a motor trip through New York State and Canada. Upon their return they will reside in Munsey, NY . The bride's going-away dress was of pink shark skin. Among the guests at the reception were Mrs. Sarah T. Carpenter, Percy B. Richmond of Foxboro, Mass, Mrs. and Mrs. James McIntosh, Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Hancey, Mrs. Charlotte Broemser Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hewitt, all of Ridgefield Park, NJ; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B. Stimpson, Miss Emilie Buckman and Miss Dorothy Bradley of Brooklyn; Donald McIntosh, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ: Miss Virginia Wellenkamp, Maspeth, LI; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. W. Platt Fisher, Mrs. Harriet F. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Moore, Mrs. Daniel F. Griscom, Miss Henen M. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon R. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Adelbert Saxe, the former a twin brother of the bride's father,, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. McGiffert, all of Catskill; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Q. Martin, Jacksonville, Fla., Miss Martha Martin, Jackson Heights, Miss Elizabeth Rouse, Hensonville; the Rev. an Mrs. John J. Van Heest, Kiskatom; Mrs. Woodbridge King, Athens, the Rev and Mrs. George D. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. William L. Van Vechten, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Parks, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vedder, Mr. and Mrs. George Schmidt, Worth V. V. Rouse, Mrs. Harry Hankinson and Miss Betty Hankinson, all of Leeds. At the reception young friends of the bride, the Misses Harriet Britt, Ellen Saxe, and Lila Sheffer, served punch. Both the bride and bridegroom are graduates of the class of '31, Catskill High School. Mrs. Rouse is a graduate of Oneonta Normal School, and is now teaching at Munsey, NY where they will reside. Mr. Rouse is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, at Troy and is with the Durabla Co., in New York City. The Church was filled with friends of this popular young couple, who had assembled to attend their best wishes on the happy pair.

Windham Journal 22 Jan 1874
At the Hunter parsonage, Jan 17, by Rev. Crane, Giles G. Green of Saugerties and Frances V. Saxe of Hunter.

Coxsackie Union News, June 15, 1917
Married in this village, June 6, by rev. A. G. Feare, George W. Saxe of Roxbury and Miss Rhoda Marshall of Catskill.

From Vedder Library, scrapbook, newspaper clipping, unidentified, date penciled in 1881
Windham Journal 15 Dec 1881
SAX _ DICE – At the residence of John L. Sax, Kiskatom, Nov. 30th by Rev. Geo. J. Van Neste, Charles W. Sax of Hunter and Susie Dice of Kiskatom.

Vedder Library, Coxsackie, Greene Co., NY – scrapbook newspaper clipping, unidentified un dated, penciled in 1884
SAXE _ HOMMEL - At the Blue Mountain parsonage, April 23d, by Rev. J. F. Hooper, John H. Saxe of Kiskatom and Rachel A. Hommel of West Saugerties.

From scrapbook at Vedder Library, Coxsackie, NY, pg. 192, newspaper clippings -1881 penciled in:
Chidester – Parks: at Durham, April 30 by Rev. M. Couchman, Charles E. Chidester, of Catskill, and Lucinda Parks, of Durham.

Overbaoug-Chidester: on May 25 by Rev. Geo. J. VanNeste, Mr. Charles M. Overbaugh of Kiskatom and Miss Addie R., dau of Mr. Lyman Chidester of Leeds.

From scrapbook at Vedder Library, Coxsackie, NY; Catskill Newspaper Oct 5, 1866
"At Catksill, Feb 26, by Rev. J. A. Lansing D.D., Simon Rowe to Mary Layman, both of Catskill"

Examiner, Thurs, 1 Oct. 1925
At Elizabeth, N. J., Sep 19, by Rev. Bleakney, Allen F. Saxe of this village to Beatrice Guleck of Linden, N. J.

Examiner-Recorder, Thurs, 14 Mar 1940
Announcement has been made by Mrs. Georgianna Saxe of Albany, a former Catskillian, of the engagement of her daughter, Miss Geraldine Saxe to Louis Fullewider of that city.

Examiner-Recorder, Thurs, 15 May 1941
Mrs. William F. Allerton of North St. has announced the marriage of her daughter, Olive Templeton, to Allen F. Saxe of Elizabeth N. J. The ceremony was performed Sunday at the Church of the Advocate in the Bronx.

Catskill Examiner 19 Feb 1887
In this village, Feb 16, by Rev. Van Slyke, Hiram Palmer of Catskill and Adelaide Saxe of Kiskatom.

Coxsackie Union News 1 Jan 1870
Married: At residence of Paul Sax, Nov 17, by Rev. Wm. G. See, Smith T. Halsted of Coxsackie and Harriet Sax of Kiskatom

Windham Journal, Thurs, 30 Dec 1869
At residence of Paul Sax, Nov 17, by Rev. See, Smith T. Halstead of Coxsackei and Harriet Sax of Kiskatom.

Vedder Library Coxsackie, Greene Co., NY – scrapbook, unidentified, undated penciled in 1884
CUNNINGHAM – FIERO - In Saugerties, Mar by the Rev. F. C. Scoville, Amos Cunningham of Kiskatom and Ella M., adopted daughter of the late Frederick P. Fiero of Saugerties

From Vedder Library, scrapbook, newspaper clipping, unidentified, date penciled in 1878
VAN BRAMER – SAX - At the Laurel House, Nov 13th by the Rev. Lyman S. Brown, George Van Bramer and Miss Jennie P. Sax both of Kiskatom.

Windham Journal 21 Nov 1878
At the Laurel House, Nov 13, by Rev. Brown, Geo. Van Bramer to Jennie P. Sax, both of Catskill.

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