Salisbury Family Cemetery

Salisbury Family 

From, Volume #2, Cemetery Records of Old Burying Grounds in the Town of Catskill 1946-1969. Recorded May 19, 1968 by Dorothy and Walter Smith. Retyped by Celeste MacCormack.

Cemetery visited on April 22, 2001 by Sylvia and Reinhard Hasenkopf. Cemetery in extremely poor condition. It is located on a little hillock in the middle of a cow pasture. Additional information regarding the individual tombstones recorded in brackets. 

Burying ground on the old Francis Salisbury farm. Situated on the west end of the Leeds Flat about 1/2 mile west of the Leeds Bridge and on the north side of Old Route 23, several hundred feet back from highway. Very, very old burying ground, Francis Salisbury built stone house here in 1705, it burned to the ground about 1931. After the Salisburyís the place was owned by the Van Deusenís then and the Tiffany family, who were the owners when the house burned. Property now owned by M. Brodersen. Burying ground quite large but in very bad condition. A lot of stones down and must be a lot missing. There might be a better record of the ones buried here but to date have not been able to locate it.

  1. Catharine S., wife of (first illegible) Elting died Jan 15, 1842 aged 70 yrs, 2 mo, 18 days. (tombstone missing in 2001. Only footstone remains - C.S.E.)
  2. Jacob Newkirk died Sept 8, 1833 aged 83 yrs, 5 mo, 28 days.
  3. Anna Person, wife of Jacob Newkirk died Feb. 27, 1837 aged 87 yrs, 2 mo, 10 days.
  4.  In memory of Elsie Salisbury, wife of Abraham Salisbury deceased, and daughter of Abraham and Catherine Hasbrouck died June 14, 1812 aged 70 yrs, 3 mo, 24 days.
  5. Webster R. Salisbury died May 6, 1837 aged 56 yrs. (Tombstone missing in 2001. Footstone of W.L.S possibly for this individual)
  6. Richard Salisbury died May 25, 1850 aged 25 yrs, 5 mo. (Footstone also R.S.)
  7. (In memory of) Anna Staats, wife of Abraham Staats died Feb 26, 1794 aged 34 yrs, 2 mo 17 days. 1st wife of A. Salisbury (Tombstone states - Who died in childebed with her childe.)
  8. (In Memory of )Abraham Salisbury died June 16, 1825 aged 72 yrs, 9 mo 13 days.
  9. Rachel, wife of Abraham Salisbury died April 11, 1844 aged 85 yrs, 23 days 2nd wife of A. Salisbury.
  10. A piece of stone with:
    Maria, wife of James Van Deusen died 186? 
  11. (Footstone only  M.V.D.)
  12. (In Memory of Elizabeth Doty, daughter of Jere________ - rest missing)
  13. (Silvester Salisbury, d. May 6, 1837, aged 56y)
  14. (In Memory of Abraham Salisbury, s/o Abraham Salisbury and (illegible), d. February 22, 1805, aged 63y_m17d - stone is very faint and difficult to read)
  15. (Fieldstone - very faint - possibly in Dutch - _______ byt ____ van Lou____ Stisbury)

Transcription of cemetery from the Vedder Memorial Library. Unknown transcriber. Date of transcription 1940-1960. Additional or conflicting information:

1. Catherine Elting, W/o Doc. Wm. Elting
12. Elizabeth Doty, d/o Jeremiah and Ann Doty,d. March 12, 1837, aged 4y7d
14. In Memory of Abraham Salisbury Jr., s/o Abraham Salisbury, d. February 22, 1808, aged 63y2m17d
15. Transcribed as read - MeFLyLel UgA aem Jan LouyaRsea Salisbury

New Stones:
1. S.F.  1837
2. Abraham Salisbury, d. April 11, 1844, aged 85y23d
3. Infant Salisbury, d. February 26, 1794
4. Illegible, s/o William and ? Salisbury, d. March 31, 1834, aged 1m25d
5. Jaco   1737 
6. Field stone, transcribed as read: handy kaam hodd leden lcmbk aged 74
7. Field stone, transcribed as read: biPE.LPIL-MA PIA.31 MMPR MAnlu 1765

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