Sabbath School Souvenirs

Sabbath School Souvenirs and Annual Reports

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Christmas Souvenir, "with Best Wishes for a Happy Christmas"
Acra Sabbath School, Class No. 5, Christmas 1900
Sarah E. VanOrden, Teacher
Names of Pupils:
Mabel Allen, Verna Richards, Nellie Carman, Ethel Chatterdon, Edith Chadderdon, Josie Chappel, Ray Meddaugh, Bertie Meddaugh, Montie Bloodgood, Ernest Chadderdon, Walter Spencer

Annual Report of the M.E. Sabbath School, Cornwallville, NY, 1910

Mrs. Helen Palmer, January, 11, 1910; Dr. A.H. Parks, February 20, 1910; Supt. S.M. Hough, May 2, 1910; Mr. Ransom Moore, May 12, 1910; Mr. Amasa Blakesley, September 30, 1910; Miss Libbie Strong, December 15, 1910.

"Their branch of life was laden well,
The fruit they bore will multiply,
Increasing the saints reward to them,
In that fair home beyond the sky."

New Members:
R.E. Searing, Winfield Bronson, Mrs. Mary Parks, Fred Lewis, Caroline Strong, Ellsworth Morse, Gladys Bronson, O.C. Sutton, Ruth Applegate, Mrs. Linda Hough, Clarence Smith, Dora Searing, J.W. Proper, Hannah Applegate, Mrs. Anna Smith, George Slee, Alie Searing, Ira Morse

Home Department:
Ransom Moore, Thomas Palmer, Hiram Woodworth, Mrs. Mary Hill, Emma Sanford, Mrs. Richard Watson, Mrs. Emily Olmsted, Mrs. Stella Applegate, Cora Mabey, Mrs. George Sanford, Mrs. Diantha Smith, Ethel Watson, Mrs. Ransom Moore, Mrs. Thomas Palmer, Mabel Hope, Jennie Goff, Edith Smith

Cradle Roll:
Doris Harriet Bronson, Frank O.T. Bronson, Marvin J. Parks, Ruth Luana Comstock, James William Palmer, Marjorie Helen Parks, Bernice Applegate

Main School: 146
Home Department: 24
Cradle Roll: 12
Total: 182

Average Attendance: 65.5
Attendance of visitors: 223
Conversions: 10
Baptisms: 4

Bible memorizing for the year included the following portions of Scripture: First Psalm, Twenty-fourth Psalm, Ninety-first Psalm, Fifty-fifth Psalm, Fourteenth John, Twelfth Romans
23560 Home Readings were read.
1183 Golden Texts were memorized.

Annual Report of the M.E. Sabbath School of Cornwallville, NY 1909

Supt. S.M. Hough; Asst. Supt. A.Z. Smith; Sec. W.S. Borthwick; Treas. Mrs. T.I. Smith; Librarian W. Woodard; Organist Mrs. R. Moore; Asst. (Organist) Eunice Merchant; Supt. Home Dept Mrs. W.S. Borthwick; Supt. Cradle Roll Mrs. A.Z. Smith

No 1 - The Bereans, T.I. Smith, Teacher
A.Z. Smith, Wm. Rogers, E.A. Strong, Gideon Palmer, Dr. A.H. Parks, Jos. Armstrong, A. Blakeslee, Clark Wetmore, Elisha Parks, L.G. Chamberlin, S. Partridge, R.W. VanDyke, Elias Mattice, George Brown

No. 2 - Helping Hand, C.F. Heyer, Teacher
Martha Strong, Mrs. J. Woodard, Mrs. W. Rogers, Mrs. S.M. Hough, Mrs. Basil Smith, Mrs. Kate Stewart, Mrs. William Mattice, Mrs. E. Sherman, Mrs. J.M. Lawrence, Mrs. Chas. Reynolds, Mrs. Elisha Parks, Mrs. J.T. Yale, Mrs. Eben White, Mrs. Wm. Latta, Mrs. E. Chase, Mrs. W. Boughton, Mrs. L.H. Setford, Libbie Hall

No. 3 - The Crusaders, Mrs. C.F. Heyer, Teacher
Hazel Yale, Laura White, Gertrude White, Jennie Palmer, Celia Palmer, Bertha Proper, Eva Mattice, Daisy Smith, Helena Hough, Fannie Hoffman, Jennie Partridge, Ethel Force, Bessie Law

No. 4 - The Gleaners, S.M. Hough, Teacher
Belle Smith, Adelia Smith, Olive Strong, Libbie Strong, Mrs. Edward Smith, Mrs. L. Chamberlin, Mrs. S. Partridge, Mrs. R. VanDyke, Mrs. A. Drace, Mrs. Ella France, Mrs. Della Woodard, Mrs. T.I. Smith, Mrs. Gideon Palmer, Mrs. Edward Parks, Mrs. Anna Hutte, Mrs. Geo. Hull, Mrs. M.H. Merchant, Mrs. W.L. Comstock, Mrs. Chas. Baker, Mrs. R. Cross

No. 5 - King's Daughters, W.S. Borthwick, Teacher
Gertoe Proper, Mrs. Alex Parks, Jr., Mrs. Nellie S. Palmer, Mrs. Ralph Moore, Mrs. Arthur Proper, Minnie France, Maud Sherman, Dorothy Nicholson, Clara Paddock, Mrs. John Hill

No. 6 - Baraca Class, Wm. C. Latta, Teacher
Arthur Strong, Walter Woodard, Alex Parks Jr., Ralph Moore, Arthur Proper, Albert Smith, Wm. Armstrong, George Hull, Edward Fowler, Joseph Boughton, Rev. W.L. Comstock, Fred Larson, Chas. Valentine

No. 7 - Busy Bees, Mrs.  M.F. Borthwick, Teacher
Ralph Latta, Eva Armstrong, Floyd Armstrong, Zoeth Palmer, Ernest Smith, Floyd Parks, Bernard Hutte, Armand Hutte, Calvin S. Borthwick, Ehvira Hill, Everett Mattice, Charlie Hull, Verna Hull, Mildred Cross

No. 8 - White Shield League, Mrs. A.Z. Smith, Teacher
Richard Smith, Fletcher Palmer, Carl Mattice, Wm. Mattice Jr., Robert Stewart, Russell Sutton, Floyd Hough, Robert Walker, John Nicholson, Lorenzo Weaver, Louis Baker, Valmer Cross

No. 9 - Junior Baracas, M.H. Merchant, Teacher
Jack Smith, Ross Stewart, Clarence Armstrong, Jos. Armstrong, Jr., Harold McKenzie, Raymond Hoffman

No. 10 - Sunshine Band, Eunice Merchant, Teacher
Alice Smith, Pearl Palmer, Marion Woodard, Annett Chamberlin, Edna Parks, Viola Smith, Florence Smith,  Mary Van Dyke, Esther Mattice, Addie Lown, Mary Armstrong, Josephine Hutte, Gertrude Sutton, Ethel Walker

Home Dept., Mrs. W.S. Borthwick, Supt.
Mrs. John Parks, Mrs. Aurelia Strong, Mrs. Geo. Paddock, Mrs. Jos. Armstrong, Mrs. O.C. Sutton, Mrs. Aaron Palmer

Cradle Roll, Mrs. A.Z. Smith, Supt.
Kenneth R. Hill, Maxwell O. Sutton, Walter Hull, Wilbur G. Palmer, Stanley R. VanDyke, Walter T. Palmer, Elizabeth M. France, Olive E. Smith, Helen A. Smith, G. William Borthwick, Beryl R. Hill, Ferris A. Parks, Jack M. Baker, Nathan F. Law, George Law

Main School: 145
Home Dept.:  6
Cradle Roll:  15
Total: 466
Average attendance, Main School: 62
Visitors  during the year:  227

State Work:                           $5.00
Earthquake sufferers:            3.00
Deaconess Home:                  7.00
Educational Collection:      12.00
S.S. Union:                               2.00
Fresh Air Work:                     3.00  
S.S. Collections:                    23.77
Missions:                               18.08
Baraca Class:                         11.00
Total:                                    $90.02

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