Random Births Deaths and Marriages in the Town of Hunter

Random Births, Deaths and Marriages in the Town of Hunter

Greene County, NY

Compiled by Joan Rogan Brower, 1996. Retyped by Arlene Goodwin.

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Marriages-Saugerties Telegram

This is a compilation of vital statistic from my genealogy research in 
The Town of Hunter, Greene County, New York
Ca 1986 – 1991 

Joan Brower,  Red Hook, New York


Baldwin,  Ellen H. – d. Dec. 3, 1892, ae 18y3m16d, bn. Hunter, single, teacher, Father –Willis Baldwin  Mother –Laurry T. ____, both bn. U. S. A., bd. Maplewood Cem.

Brewer, Alexander – d. July 5, 1914, ae 69y2m12d, bn. Sept. 9, 1844 – Hunter, single, laborer, Father –Peter S. Brewer, Mother – Mary Higgens, both bn. N.Y., bd Haines Falls Cem.

Brewer, Daniel – d. Mar. 6, 1900, ae 24y6m, single, laborer, bn. Windham, N. Y.,  Father – Tyler Brewer, Mother-Abbie Parker, both bn. Hunter, bd. Haines Falls Cem.

Brewer, Lewis H.  – d July 7, 1893, ae 7y  bn. and d. Tannerville, N. Y., father-George Brewer, mother-Minnie Barnett.

Brewer, Mary A. – d. May 12, 1913, ae 46y18m-Haines Falls, bn. Ireland, father William Abernathy, mother-Margaret McGerry, both bn. Ireland, Bd. July 1, 1913 (?)

Brower, Ethel L. –d. Aug. 16, 1933, ae 61y1m12d, bn. Hunter, July 11, 1872, father-James Dolan bn. Ire., mother Mary Miller, bn. N. Y.  bd. Haines Falls Cem.

Brown, Harry L.  –d. Apr. 4, 1927, ae 60y6m, bn. Athens, N. Y. Sept. 28, 1866, wife –Inez Lopez, father –William H. Brown bn. Athens, N.Y., mother-Catherine Smith bn. Schenectady, N. Y.  bd Haines Falls Lem.

Brown, Samuel- d Sept. 9, 1908, ae 76y7m21d, bn Hunter, a farmer, father – Samuel A. Brown, mother – Elizabeth Carl, both bn. Hunter.  bd. Maplewood Cem.

Brown, William B. –d. Mar. 5, 1892, ae 23y9m13d in Hunter, a farmer, father – Samuel Brown, mother –Mary Brown, both bn. N. Y.

Bunt, Ella –d. June 11, 1949, ae 53y26d, bn. May 15, 1896, widow, a housewife, father –Alfred Dolan, mother –Emma Bunt.

Byrne, Norma Meigs-d Nov, 15, 1974, Elka Park, bn. Apr. 15, 1925, Hunter, Husband –John Byrne, father –Allan Frost Meigs, sr., mother-Emma Fuller, b. St. Francis de Sales Cem –Nov. 8, 1974

Clum, Nettie W. – d. Mar. 12, 1981, ae 78y, Elka park, bn. Oct. 17, 1903, Stamfordville, N.Y., father- Webster Whitely, mother – Ina Kilmer, bd. Tannersville Cem.

Dibbell, Bertha- d. Nov. 15, 1888, ae 8m12d, Tannerville, bn. Tannersville, father- Renwick Dibbell, mother –Alice Bishop, bd. Hunter, N. Y.

Dolan, Basil T. –d. Sept. 11, 1928, ae 1y8m, bn. Jan. 12 , 1927, father-Frank Dolan, mother –Helen Curran, Bd. Elka Park

Dolan, Charles- d. Apr. 27, 1900, ae 31y, Platteclove, married, a laborer, father –James Dolan, mother Mary Dolan, bd. Platteclove.

Dolan, Edna-d. Aug. 9, 1911, ae 14y10m23d, Hunter,  bn. Hunter, father- Charles Dolan, mother- Lillian Bunt, bd. Evergreen Cem.

Dolan, (Amelia) Emma – Apr. 7, 1927, ae 70y1m, husband-James Dolan, father-Harmon E. Dibbell, mother-Catherine Hyser, bd. Elka Park.

Dolan, Frank E.-d. Jan. 18, 1954, ae 60y1m, bn. Dec. 18, 1893, a farmer, “WWI-U. S. Army”. Wife –Helen Curran, father-Albert Dolan, mother-Emma Bunt.

Dolan, Victor a.- d. Nov. 9, 1960,ae 47y, bn. Feb. 3, 1913, Platteclove, a truck driver/State Hgw., wife-Beatrice Griffen, father-Albert Dolan, mother-Emma Bunt, bd. Evergreen Cem. Tannersville.

Dolan, William T. –d. June 15, 1961, ae 22y, bn. Feb.13, 1939, Elka Park, father –Frank Dolan, mother –Helen Curran, bd. St. Francis de Sales Cem.  Platteclove, N. Y.

Edwards, Arthur W. –d. Sept. 9, 1906, ae 9m. Tannersville, bn. Southhampton, N. Y., father –Arthur Edwards, bn. Philadelphia, PA., mother-Ethel (Mabel) Brewer, bn. Brooklyn, N. Y., bd. Evergreen Cem.

Edwards, Mariah –d. Nov.11, 1899, ae 60y, Haines Falls, married, a housewife, bn. Hunter, father- Jeremiah Haines, mother-Catherine Haines, bd. Haines Falls Cem.

Green, Charlotte- d. May 29, 1901, ae 67y10m9d, Hunter, bn. Hunter, married, father-Sanford Howard, mother-Elizabeth Brewer.

Guilfuss, Elizabeth e. –d. Aug. 11, 1909,  ae 72y, Lanesville, bn. Hunter, widow, father-Philander Hummell, mother –Ida Mix, both bn. Hunter, bd. Lanesville.

Guilfuss, Jared –d. Apr. 17,m 1907, ae 70y, Platteclove, bn. Hunter, married, a farmer, father-Martin Guilfuss, mother Martha ? , both bn. N. Y., bd. Lanesville.

Haines, Bessie –d. May 5, 1894, ae 3y2m, bn. and d. Tannerville, father-George W. Haines, mother-Nellie Layman, bd, in family Cemetery.

Haines, Catherine E. –d. Aug 6, 1899, ae 67y6m4d, bn. Hunter, single, a housekeeper, father-Aaron Haines, Mother-Cornelia Haines, bd. Haines Falls.

Hines, Charles w. –d. July 26, 1894, ae 57y10m bn. and d. Haines Falls, married a hotel Keeper, father-Aaron Haines, mother Cornelia Wiltse, bd. Haines Falls.

Haines, Diederma W. – d. Dec.22, 1884, ae 55y16m, bn. Cairo, N. Y., a housekeeper, father-J.L. Webster, mother-Polly Layman, bd. Tannersville.

Haines, Etta L. –d. Mar. 20, 1905, ae 39y2m5d, bn. Hunter, single, father-John J. Haines, mother-Elizabeth Quick, bd. Maplewood Cem

Haines, Gilbert- d. Aug. 29, 1888, ae 52y bn. Hunter, a farmer, father-Merritt Haines, mother-Clarissa Jones, bd. Hunter, N.Y.

Haines, Hannah –d. May 2,1882, ae 66y3m22d, bn. Catskill, N. Y., a housekeeper, father-Tobias Britt, bd. Hunter N. Y.

Haines, Hermon –d. July 12, 1908, ae 19y, at Haines Falls, married, a farmer, father-Uriah Haines, mother Cordelia C. Sax, both bn. Hunter, bd. Haines Falls.

Hines, Jeremiah –d. Mar. 10, 1888,ae 75y, bn. Hunter, married a farmer

Haines, Jesse-d. Feb 5, 1883, ae 58y, married, a farmer, father-Peter B. Haines, mother-Sally Haines.

Haines, John J.-d. July 10, 1919, ae 84y, bn. Jan. 10, 1834, married, a farmer, father-Merritt Haines, mother-Sally Jones, bd. Maplewood Cem.

Haines, Lavinia J. –d. June 12, 1907, ae 46y2m26d, at Haines Falls, married, a housewife, father-Aaron Valk, mother-Hannah Valk, bd. Haines Falls Cem.

Haines, Levi –d. Jan.22, 1903, ae 82y5m7d, at Haines Falls, widower, a farmer, father-Edward Haines, bn. CT., mother-Miriam Haines, bn. U. S. A., bd. Haines Falls Cem.

Haines, Maria –d. Jan. 5, 1894, ae 70y8m20d, at Haines falls, bn. Hunter, married a housekeeper, father-Tobias Britt, bd. Haines Falls Cem.

Haines, Peter –d. May 2,1918, ae 74y, bn. Sept. 22, 1843, widower, a farmer, bd. Haines Falls.

Haines, Rhaim (Abram?) –d. Aug 13, 1903, ae 84y6m14d, bn. Haines Falls, widower, a farmer, father-Edward Haines, mother-Miriam Haines, bd. Haines Falls.

Haines, Samuel –d. Sept. 16, 1927, ae 82y, bn, Mar. 20, 1845, wife-Josephine Shannon, a farmer, father-Levi Haines, mother-Hannah Simpson, bd. Haines Falls Cem.

Haines, Uriah –d. May 23, 1916, ae 61y, bn. Oct. 19, 1854, married, a farmer, father-James Haines, mother-Catherine Hommel, bd. Haines Falls.

Haines, Viola – d. June 27, 1920, ae 65y, bn, Mar. 10, 1855 in MT. Marion, N. Y., widow, father-Daniel York, bn. Saugerties, N. Y. mother-Juliette Taylor, Bn. Catskill, N. Y.

Haines, Walter –d. July 21, 1882, ae 30y4m, bn. and d. Hunter, single, father-Jessie Haines, bn. Hunter, mother-Margaret J. Haines, bd. Hunter.

Jensen, Bessie- d. Apr. 30, 1971, ae 79y, in Elka Park, bn. May 15, 1891, Elka Park, widow, a housewife, father-William H. Bunt, mother-Ina Rose, bd. Evergreen Cem

Kerr, Albert-d. May 16, 1918, ae 55y, bn, Sept. 18, 1861 in Haines Falls, a merchant, father-Robert Kerr, bn. N.Y., mother –Margaret Haines, bn. N. Y., bd., May 18th, Haines Falls Cem.

 Kerr, Belle B. –d. Apr. 3, 1934, ae 76y4,28d in Haines falls, bn. Nov. 5, 1857, husband-Albert Kerr, father –Nathan Brower, mother-Mary Williams, bn. Delaware Co., N.Y, bd. Haines Falls Cem.

Kerr, Charlotte A.  –d. Oct.10, 1905, ae 51y1m20d in Haines Falls, married, a housewife, father-Nathan Brewer, bn. Haines Falls, mother-Mary Williams, bn. Delaware Co., N. Y., bd, Haines Falls Cem.

Kerr, Edith E. –d. Aug. 29, 1887, ae 2m9d, father –Albert Kerr, mother-Belle Brewer, bd. Haines Falls Cem.

Kerr, Harold Maine –d. Dec. 28, 1910, ae 12y10m13d, bn. and d. in Haines Falls, father-Albert L. Kerr, mother –Bessie B. Brower, both bn. Haines Falls,  bd. Hunter, N. Y.

Kerr, Laney L. –d Apr 8, 1892, ae 76y bn. Columbia Co., widow, housekeeper, father-Philip Clum, bd, Hunter, N. Y.

Kerr, Louis –d. July 9, 1938, ae 48y11m20d, wife-Lola Knapp, father-Albert Kerr, mother Belle Brower, bd. Haines Falls.

Kerr, Margaret A. –d. Jan. 15, 1911, ae 72y5m15d, married, father-Peter B. Haines, mother-Sally Ann Smith, bd. Haines Falls Cem.

Kerr, Robert-d. Mar 28, 1914, ae 70y, bn. Mar. 28, 1844 in Hunter, N. Y., married, father-Richard Kerr, mother-Lena Clum bn. Germany, bd. Apr 2nd, Tannersville.

Knapp, Elizabeth-d. Mar. 8,1904, ae 79y2m1d, bn Jewett, N. Y., widow, housekeeper, father-James McCoon, bn. Ire., mother-Susanna Haines bn. Hunter, bd. Maplewood Cem.

Legg, Cornelius-d. Jan. 20, 1918, ae 74y, bn. July 15, 1843 in Saugerties, N. Y.  a farmer, father-Richard Legg, mother-Abigail Scribner, bd. Haines Falls.

Legg, Gertrude-d. Oct.4, 1931, ae 71y10m13d, bn. Feb 21, 1860, widow of Cornelius Legg, father-Robert Kerr, mother-Margaret Haines, bd. Haines Falls.

Quick, Lucinda-d. Feb. 26, 1908, ae 92y3m, bn. and d. Hunter, N. Y., widow father-John Haines, mother-Hannah Goodrich, bd. Hunter Village.

Reed, Arthur-d. Sept. 12, 1912, ae 33y5m20d, bn. Haines Falls, a farmer, father-George W. Reed, bn. Catskill, N.Y., mother-Georgianna Woodard, bn. Durham, N.Y., bd. Haines Falls.

Rion, Bartholomew-d. July 7, 1938, ae 63y3m17d, bn. Mar. 20, 1875 in Shandaken, N. Y., wife-Nellie Higgins, a farmer, father-John Rion, mother-Beatrice Peck, both bn. U. S. A., bd. Lanesville.

Roggen, Aaron-d. Oct. 4, 1886, ae 74y7m21d, bn. Durham, N. Y., married, hotel proprietor, father-Jacob Roggen, bn. N. Y., mother-Nancy Thorpe, bn. Tannersville,  bd. Oak Hill, N. Y.

Ruoff, Hattie-d. May 24, 1896, ae 34y7m12d, bn. Ashland, wife, father-Lawrence Mattice, mother-Lavinia, bd. Maplewood Cem.

Ruoff, Nelson-d. Aug. 4, 1974 in Lanesville, bn. Mar. 15, 1891, wife-Clara Lane, a R. R. conductor, father-Jacob Ruoff, mother-Harriet Mattice, bd. Maplewood Cem.

Sax, Louisa M. –d. Sept., 30, 1893, ae 36y6m, bn. Saugerties, N. Y., father-James Haines, mother-Catherine, bd Haines Falls Cem

Schoonmaker, Rachel Guilfuss –d. Sept 7, 1885, ae 43y, bn. Saugerties, N. Y., married, a housewife,  father-Martin Guilfuss, mother –F. Mogg, both bn. N. Y.

Shevlin, Daniel-d. Apr 13, 1882, ae 84y bn. Ire., widower, a farmer, father-Charles Shevlin, mother-Majorica, both bn. Ire., bd, Hunter Cem.

Shevlin, Daniel A.-d. Dec 24, 1920, ae 78y, bn, June 19, 1842, Hunter, retired policeman, father-Charles Shevlin, mother-Bridget Byrnes, both bn. Ire., bd. Elka Park, N. Y.

Shevlin, Mary D. –d. Feb 9, 1935, ae 81y5m29d, bn. Aug. 10, 1853 in Kingston, N. Y., husband-Daniel Shevlin, father-Owen McCue, mother-Mary McArdle, both bn, in U. S. a., bd. Elka Park

Shevlin, Mary-d Nov. 2, 1898, ae 94y, bn. Ire., wife, father-James Doran, mother-Sarah McGoily, bd. Ashland, N. Y.

Shevlin, Sarah-d. May 31, 1888, ae 23y, bn. and d. Hunter, N. Y., single, father-Patrick Shevlin, mother - ? Fagan, both bn. Ire.

Showers, Catherine –d. May 29, 1898, ae 71y in Tannersville, bn. Palenville, N. Y., married, a housewife, father & mother ?? Brewer, bd. Evergreen Cem. –Tannersville

Showers, Evaline –d. July 15, 1904, ae 59y10m9d in Tannersville, bn. Lexington, N.Y., married, housewife, father –Gilbert Decker, mother-Christine Scheffler, bd. Lanesville.

Terns, Leon –d. Jan. 10, 1974  at Platteclove, bn. May 31, 1908, wife-Catherine Udale, a retired factory worker-chemical plant, father-John Terns, mother-Sarah Meyer, bd. Haines Falls Cem.

Terns, Samuel-d. Oct 16, 1928, ae 47y7m, bn. Mr. 17, 1879, single, a laborer, father-John Terns, bn. Hunter, mother-Sarah Van Steenburg, bd. Elka Park.

Wase, Flavius J. –d. May 4, 1910, ae 44y, bn. and d. Hunter, married, a farmer, father-Benjamin Wase, mother-Mary Bunt, both bn. N. Y., bd. Tannersville

White, Abby  May-d. Jan. 16, 1899, ae 25y5m 5d at Onteora Park d. of measles during pregnancy, bn. Hunter, a housewife, father-M. T. Brewer, mother-Abby Parker, bd, Haines Falls Cem.

Woodard, Carrie L. –d. Aug. 18, 1918, ae 49y,bn. Mar. 11, 1869  at Saugerties, N. Y., married, housewife, father-Aaron, W. Vedder, mother-Eliza Hommel, both bn. N. Y., bd, Haines Falls.

Woodard, Daniel –d. July 22, 1888, ae 80y, widower, coachman, bn, Greene Co. N. Y., father and mother-??? Woodard, bd. Hunter, N. Y.

Woodard, Elmer E. –d. Apr 17, 1940, ae 77y11m24d, bn. Apr. 23, 1862, Durham, N. Y., wife-Flora Haines, gardener/summer cottage, father-Daniel Woodard, mother-Catherine Schmerhorn, both bn. N. Y., bd. Haines Falls Cem.




Jan. 1, 1921, Haines Falls
Ed Adams, age 82y, widower, Retired, bn. Durham, N. Y., father Seymour Adams, mother-Maria Chidester

Olga Pontiz, age 49y, housekeeper, bn. N.Y. C., father –Anton Pontiz

Aug. 26, 1888 
Mott R. Brewer, age 24y, painter, bn. Hunter, N. Y. father-Nathan Brewer, mother-Mary Williams, by Rev. J. P. Burgar

Anna C. Whitney, age 19y, bn, Catskill, N. YU., father-William Whitney, mother-Katie Rowser 

Oct. 4, 1919, Haines Falls
James H. constable, age 23y, carpenter, bn. Newburgh, N. Y., father-Eugene Constable, mother-Minnie Hanyan,  by John Entwish, Min.

Margaret T. Brewer, age 19y, bn. Tannersville, father-Samuel Brewer, mother-Mary Abernathy


June 4, 1889
Albert Boland, age 24y farmer, bn. Hunter, father James Dolan, mother-Mary Miller,  by Rev R. H. Kelly

Emma Hyser, age 21y, bn. Hunter, father-W. K. .Hyser, mother-? West

Dec. 25, 1895
Charles Dolan, age 26y, bn. Platteclove, Father-James Dolan, mother-Mary Miller ,  by H. Carford, Clergy

Lillian Bunt, bn. Platteclove, father-William Bunt, mother –Anna Wase

July 24, 1892
David Dolan, age 29y, farmer, bn. Platteclove, father-James Dolan, mother-Mary Miller,  by S. Keyser, Clergy

Minnie Dougherty, age 20y, bn. Ire., father-James Dougherty, mother-May McGinnis

Feb. 3, 1918
Julius Dolan, age 26y, Flying cadet, Father-Michael B. Dolan, mother-Lizzie Lackey,  by N. Y. C. Priest

Mary Louise Martin, age 21y bn. Phoenicia, N. Y.

Apr. 7, 1912, Tannersville
LeRoy Dolan, age 25y, lumberer, bn. Platteclove, father-William Dolan, mother-Carrie Brown, by George A. Shahan, minister

Bertha Ostrander, age 17y, bn. Edgewood, father-Harry Ostrander, mother-Carrie Bush 

Oct. 25, 1883
William Dolan, age 24y farmer, bn. Hunter, father-James Dolan, mother-Mary Miller,  by James P. Race, Minister

Carrie E. Brown, age 18y, bn. Hunter, father-James Brown, mother-Emella Hyser.


June 27, 1908,  Haines Falls
Hermon L. Haines, age 19y farmer, bn. Haines Falls, father-Uriah Haines, mother –Delia Saxe, by Rev. R. Kilikan

Agnes Craft, age 19y, waitress, bn. Ulster Co. N. Y., father-Egbert Craft, mother-Minnie O’Brien

Apr. 22, 1917, Haines Falls
John Arthur Hommell, age 20y, laborer, bn. N. Y., father-John Hommell, mother-Lottie Doyle by Sidney M. Cole, Clergy

Lillian T. Brower, age 17y, bn, Haines Falls, father-Scott Brower, mother-Ethel Dolan

Jan. 1, 1914, Tannersville
Collins Hyser, age 44y, laborer, father-Peter Hyser, mother-Susan Brown,  by George A. Shahan, Minister

Rosa Wase, age 37y, widow, father-James Dolan, mother-Mary Miller both bn. in Platteclove

July 28, 1886
Albert L. Kerr, age 24y, clerk, bn. Hunter, father-Robert Kerr, mother-Margaret Haines,  by J. P. Burgar, Minister

Belle B. Brewer, age 29y, b. Hunter, father-Nathan Brewer, mother-Mary Williams

Oct. 8, 1916
Louis A. Kerr, age 27y, father-Albert L.. Kerr, mother-Belle Brower

Lola Knapp, age 23y, father-George Knapp, mother-Cora Legg

June 22, 1912, Tannersville
Edward A. Lackney, attorney at law, bn. Tannersville, father-Michael Lackey, Jr. , mother-Julia Weller,  by Rev. George A. Shohan

Elaine Brewer, age 19y school teacher, bn. New Bedford, MA., father-Charles A. Brewer, mother-Nellie K. Swan

May 12, 1908,  Tannersville
Charles Boonstele Payne, age 24y, carpenter, bn. Windham, N. Y., father-Orton L. Payne, mother-Frances Packard, by J. H. Fyfe, Clergy

Inez Amelia Dolan, age 19y bn. Platteclove, father-Willis Dolan, mother-Carried A. Brown

Oct. 28, 1913, Saugerties, N. Y.
Charles Poleschner, age 29y, blacksmith, bn. West Camp, N. Y., father-Joseph Poleschner, mother-Marie Galler (?)  by A. J. Lebring, Minister

Jennie Erbie, age 20y, bn. West Saugerties, father-George Erbie, mother-Sarah Schoonmaker

Oct 24, 1915, Haines Falls
William H. Renner, age 24y, plumber, bn. Saugerties, N. Y., father-Robert E. Renner, mother-Carrie Hill,  by Rev. Charles E. Herwitt, M. E. min.

Mable Brower, age 24y, bookkeeper, bn. Haines Falls, father-Scott Brower, mother-Lavina Dolan

Oct. 10, 1918, Tannersville
Joshua Schoonmaker, age 34y, farmer, bn. Platteclove, father-Peter Schoonmaker, mother-Rosella Haines

Anna Slovacek, domestic, bn. Bohemia, father-Frenk Solvacek

July 25, 1900
Oscar Showers, age 22y, carpenter, bn. Tannersville, father-George E. Showers, mother-Emmaline Decker,  by George E. Archer, Minister

Jennie Pike Brewer, age 20y, bn. Tannersville, father-Mazeppa t. Brewer, mother- ? Parker

Jan. 22, 1887
Walter, E. Van Gaasbreck, age 21y, carpenter, bn. Kingston, N. Y., father-Abram E. Van Gaasbreck, mother-Christina Bird,   by J. P. Burgar, Minister

Edith Brewer, age 21y bn. Hunter, father-William N. Brewer, mother-Mary C. Ingalls

Sep 17, 1890
Harvey D. White, age 23y, limberman, bn. Windham, N. Y., father-Benjamin White, mother-Miss Warner,  by R. H. Kelley, Clergy

A. M. Brewer, age 17y, bn. Hunter, father, Mazeppa Brewer, mother-Miss Parker

Nov. 21, 1882
Harmon Yager, age 27y, farmer, bn. Tannersville, father-Jeremiah Yager

Nellie Young, bn. Plattekill, father-John W. Young, mother-Margaret Schoonmaker






Anderson, Henry R. E.

Nov. 4, 1898  Elka Park

Richard Enders, Anderson  bn. Germany, age 32y, laborer

Jessie Layman, bn. Catskill, age 30y 3 Children/2 living

Becker, George Francis

Oct. 26, 1901, Hunter

Frank Wilbur Becker, bn. U. S. A., age 39y, carpenter

Emma Rosina Minkler
bn. U. S. A., age 37y, 6th child

Benjamin, Ernest

Mar 19, 1908  Hunter

Augustus Benjamin bn. Allabeen, N. Y., age 27y, laborer

Blanche Rider, bn. Delaware Co., 31y, 3 children/ 2 living

Brewer, Male

Sept. 24, 1887  Tannersville

George Brewer, bn. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., age 25y carpenter

Minnie Burnett, bn. Delaware Co., 31y,  2nd child

Brice, Male

Dec 19, 1886  PlatteColve

James Brice, bn. Platteclove, age 38y, stone mason

Mary Dolan, bn. Platteclove, 5th child

Brice, Oscar Thomas

Jan., 29, 1889  PlatteClove

James Brice, b. 1856 N. Y.

Mary Dolan, bn. 1860  N. Y.

Brice, Walter John

Apr. 17, 1891, PlatteClove

James Brice, b. 1955   N. Y.

Mary Dolan, bn. 1860 N. Y.

Brower, Nathan James

Feb 24. 1901, Haines Falls

Scott Thomas Brower, bn. 1861  N. Y.

Ethel Lavinia Dolan, bn. 1872  N. Y.

Brower, Scott Sherwood

Oct 7, 1909  Haines Falls

Scott Thomas Brower, bn. 1861 N. Y.

Ethel Lavinia Dolan bn. 1872  N. Y.

Bunt, Catherine E.

Apr 19, 1904  Elka Park

Arthur Bunt  bn. 1878  N. Y.

Mary Rose  bn 1878 N. Y.

Bunt, Edward John

Apr 18, 1919  Hunter

Edward B. Bunt  age 26y Laborer

Ella Dolan  age 21y

Bunt, Mary Elizabeth

June 1, 1918 Hunter

Edward B. Bunt  bn. N. Y. laborer

Ella Dolan  age 21y


Burkle, Vera Alice

Jan. 17, 1912  Haines Falls

Joseph Burkle  bn. 1862  N. Y. C.

Alice Haines bn. 1877  Haines Falls

Burton, Karl LeRoy

Oct. 6, 1909  Haines Falls

Frederick Burton,  bn. Olive Bridge, N. Y., age 32y mason

Gussie Haines, bn. Haines Falls, age 33y, 6th child

Byrne, Forest Gregory

Jan. 23, 1916, Hunter

Lester Byrne, bn. Hunter age 30y,  farmer

Elizabeth MacClellan
Bn. Canada, age 28y

Byrne, Frances Elaine

Apr. 3, 1916, Hunter

Timothy E. Byrne, bn. N. Y., age 30y, farmer

Magdolena Mizda, bn. Hungary, 26y

Byrne, Margaret E.

Jan. 1, 1920  Hunter

Timothy E. Byrne, bn. N. Y., ae 32y gardener

Madolena Mizda, bn. Hungary,  28y

Brewer, Female

Apr. 28, 1892   Hunter

Mott Brewer,  bn. Hunter, age 27y  painter

Anna Whitney, bn. Leeds, Grn. Co., N. Y.
3rd child

Campbell, Claude

Aug. 11, 1892  Tannersville

George F. Campbell, bn. 1870  N. Y.

Eliz. Wrightmyer, bn. 1869  N. Y.

Campbell, Flora

Apr. 18, 1891  Tannersville

Nelson Campbell, bn. 1855, Tannersville

Harriet Wooden, bn. 1858,  Tannersville

Campbell, Nelson Gilbert

June 29, 1882  Tannersville

Samuel Lester Campbell, bn. N. Y., age 30y, laborer

Frances C. Elliston, bn. N. Y., age 29y, 2nd child/ 1 living

Clum, Maria K.

July 2, 1898  Hunter

Jonas S. Clum, bn. 1865, N. Y.

Margaret Burton, bn. N.Y., age 35y

Coe, Elwood s.

Apr 3, 1885  Hunter

Henry Coe, bn. Grn Co. N.Y., age 28y, music professor

Martha Carr, bn. Grn. Co. N. Y., age 22y, 1st child

Cole, Ernest George

July 25, 1899 Tannersville

George H. Cole, bn. U. S. A., age 30y, carpenter

Minnie I. Keefe, age 26y, 1st child

Curtis, Benjamin T.

Apr. 29, 1898  Lanesville

David Curtis, bn. Lanesville, age 44y, quarryman

Carrie A. Lane, bn. W. Hurley, age 16y, 13th child

Curtis, Henry

Sept. 27, 1889  Tannersville

David Curtis, bn. Lanesville, age 44y,  quarryman

Carrie Lane, bn. 1863  N. Y.

Dale, Leo

Dec. 24, 1904

James J. Dale, bn. 1875  N. Y.

Catherine G. Leach, bn. 1883  N. Y.

Dale, Raphaella

Apr. 2 1901,  Tannersville

Frank T. Dale, bn. PlatteClove, age 26y, carpenter

Mary Gillespie, bn. Hunter, age 22y, 1st child

Dibbell, Almira

July 23, 1894   Elka Park

Renwick Dibbell, bn. Hunter, age 33y, contractor

Alice Bishop, Bn. Hunter, age 29y, 4th child / 3 living

Dibbell, Estella

Feb 25, 1890 Hunter

Renwick Dibbell, bn. 1861 N. Y.

Alice Bishop, bn. 1863  N. Y.

Dibbell, Franklin M.

Jan 21, 1887  PlatteClove

Eugene M. Dibbell, bn. Hunter, age 26y, laborer

Anna Cole, age 22y, 2nd child

Dibbell, Hulda

Mar. 8, 1892, Tannersville

Renwick Dibbell, bn. 1861, N. Y.

Alice Bishop,  bn. 1861 N. Y.

Dibbell, Marjorie

Oct. 7, 1887  Hunter

George Dibbell, bn. Hunter, age 24y, sawyer

Celia Wolven, bn. Woodstock, Ulster Co., N. Y.  age 21y, 1st child

Dolan, Bertha

Nov. 24, 1893  Tannersville

David Dolan, bn. Hunter, age 29y

M. Doherty, bn. Ireland

Dolan, Female

Aug. 20, 1882  Platteclove

John Dolan, bn. Hunter,  27y, farmer

Edith Guilfuss  
No other info given

Dolan, Female

Sept. 6, 1892  Platteclove

John Dolan, bn, Hunter age 38y, farmer

Edith Guilfuss, bn. Hunter

Dolan, Female

June 7, 1893, Hunter

Michael Dolan, bn. Hunter, age 31y, saloon keeper

Lizzy Lackey,  3rd child

Dolan, Female

Sept. 10, 1896

Charles Dolan,  bn. Hunter, age 27y

Lillie Bunt, bn. Hunter

Dolan, Female

Nov. 7, 1898  Haines Falls

David Dolan, bn. Hunter, age 34y, laborer

Minnie Dougherty, bn. Ireland, 1859, N.Y.

Dolan, Robert Arthur

Aug. 31, 1895

Michael B. Dolan,  bn. 1861  N. Y.

Lizzie P. Lackey, bn,. 1859  N. Y.

Dolan, Sylvan C.

Dec. 2, 1898  Platteclove

Charles Dolan, bn. Sept. 2, 1868  N. Y.

Lillian Bund (Bunt) bn. Sept. 30, 1878  N. Y.

Dolan, William LeRoy

Mar. 31, 1887  Hunter

William Dolan, bn. Platteclove, age 30y

Carrie Brown, bn. Hunter,  age 21y, 2nd child

Dougherty, Edwin Emory

Jan.23, 1915,  Hunter

Edward Dougherty, bn. 1887  N. Y.

Grace E. Schoonmaker
bn. 1894  N. Y.

Dunn, Marjorie

Aug. 13, 1899  Haines Falls

Cleveland A. Dunn, bn. N. Y. C., age 26y, mfg, of silverware

Jennie Haines, bn. Haines Falls, 2nd child

Eggleston, Martha

June 24. 1875  Tannersville

Frank Eggleston, bn. 1852  N. Y.

Mary A. Wooden, bn. 1855,  N. Y.

Eignor, Alexander W.

Feb.19, 1911  Hunter

Alexander G. Eignor, bn. 1889  N. Y.

Charlotte M. Dolan,
Bn. 1892,  N.Y.

Eflin, Edna E.

Dec. 14, 1887  Hunter

Adam Elfin, bn. Germany, age 30y, chairmaker

Carrie Sherer, bn. U. S. A., age 25y, 1st child

Everitt, Leo Edwin

Apr. 17, 1915, Lanesville

Nathan H. Everitt, bn. Lopez, PA., age 33y, mechanic

Louise E. Ostrander, bn. Edgewood, age 26y, 2nd child

Ferris, Seymour W.

Feb.22 1900 Hunter Village

George E. Ferris, bn. Ashland, age 35y, grocery store

Nannie Avery Beach, Beaches Crns. Jewett, N. Y., age 30y, 1st child

Ford, Roger

Mar. 21, 1906  Hunter

Oscar Ford, bn. 1872  N. Y.

Alice France, bn. 1882  N. Y.

Fromer, Beatrice

Dec. 16, 1892, Tannersville

Daniel Fromer, bn. Hunter, age 24y, hotel keeper

Lillian Dolan, bn, Hunter, 1st child

Fromer, Ella Leonia

Aug. 12, 1893  Tannersville

John M. Fromer, bn. 1862  N. Y.

Mary Payne, bn. 1864  N. Y.

Fromer, Male

Nov. 10, 1895

Daniel Fromer, bn. Hunter, summer hotel

Lillian Dolan, bn. Hunter, 2nd child

Fromer, Mary Eliz.

Oct. 13, 1890, Tannersville

John M. Fromer, bn. 1862, N. Y.

Mary K. Payne, bn. 1864, N. Y.

Fromer, Paul Conrad

May 29, 1894, Hunter Village

James M. Fromer, bn. Hunter, age 29y, livery stable

Mary Rowley, bn. Lexington, age 30y
3 children/ 1 living

Goodrich, Watson Ives

Feb. 17, 1899,  Edgewood

Charles Goodrich, bn. Hunter, age 27y, conductor-railroad

Clara C. Benjamin, bn. Hunter, age 26y, 3rd child

Goslee, Irving

Nov. 13, 1886   Tannersville

Edgar B. Goslee, bn, Jewett Heights, age 26y, carpenter

Eva B. Mulford, bn. Harpersfield, N. Y.  age 19y, 1st child

Greene, Samuel B.

Jan. 12, 1890  Haines Falls

Gilbert Greene, bn. 1847  U. S. A.,

Frances Saxe, bn. 1855  U. S. A.

Griffen, Clarence L.

July 10, 1893  Hunter

Uriah E. Griffen, bn. 1862  Hunter

Celia Ford, bn. 1871  Ulster Co., N. Y.

Griffen, Elwood D.

Feb. 27, 1897  Elka Park

Lewis Griffen, bn. Halcott, N. Y.  age 34y, laborer

Elizabeth Young, bn. 1847, Hunter

Haines, Clarence

Oct. 29, 1872  Tannersville

John J. Haines, bn. 1836  Tannersville

Elizabeth Quick, bn. 1847  Hunter

Haines, Ethel

Aug. 11, 1895   Hunter

Wilson, L. Haines,  bn. U. S. A., age 26y, farmer

Mary V. Many, bn. U. S. A., age 25y, 1st child

Haines, Everett G.

July 19, 1980  Tannersville

Harry George Haines, bn. 1877, Haines  Falls

Agnes C. Pultz, bn. Saugerties, N. Y.

Haines, Female

Mar. 27, 1895  Haines Falls

Egbert Haines, bn. Hunter, age 55y, laborer

Mary Ryon, bn. Ulster Co. N. Y., 6th child

Haines, Female

Mar. 19, 1894  Haines Falls

Tobias Haines,  bn. N. Y., age 46y

Amanda Rider, bn. N. Y.

Haines, Female

May 19, 1882

Jeremiah E. Haines, age 31y, boarding house keeper

Anna Brink
No other info given

Haines, Florence C.

Aug. 27, 1886  Haines Falls

Uriah W. Haines, bn. Hunter, age 29y

Delia C. Saxe, bn. Hunter

Haines, Jane Eliz.

Mar. 26, 1904, Hunter

Richard F. Haines, bn. 1874, N. Y.

Jennie V. Baker, bn. 1874  N. Y.

Haines, Jesse B.

Feb. 20, 1900   Haines Falls

Richard Haines, bn. Haines Falls, age 25y, laborer

Jennie V. Baker, bn. Hudson, N. Y., age 25y, 2nd child

Haines, Lulu Pearl

Jan. 26, 1886  Hunter

George W. Haines, bn. N. Y., age 31y, butcher

Nellie Layman, bn. N. Y., age 28y, 5th child

Haines, Richard Alex.

Apr. 29, 1903  Hunter

Richard F. Haines, bn. 1874, N. Y.

Jennie V. Baker, bn. 1874  N. Y.

Haines, Vernon

Apr. 14, 1886

John J. Haines, bn. Hunter, age 35y, farmer

Elizabeth Quick, bn. 1843, N. Y.

Higgins, Sarah

Sept. 11, 1885   Hunter

Charles Higgins, bn. Hunter, age 35y, farmer

Mary E. Ostrander, bn. Shandaken, N. Y., age 35y, 6th child

Higgins, Catherine I.

Apr. 7, 1914  Hunter

Arthur Higgins, bn. N. Y., age 26y, laborer

Ella Cummings, bn. N. y., age 38y, 5th child

Higgens, Neal

June 16, 1927  Hunter

Nelson Higgens, bn. N. Y., age 26y, laborer

Jeanette M. Armbush, bn. N. Y., age 18y, 2nd child

Hirschberg, Leona

May  26, 1894  Haines Falls

Adolph Hirschberg, bn. Poland, age 30y, optician

Leona Sweighaft, bn. Philadelphia, PA., age 30y, 1st child

Holmes, Charles E.

July 30, 1918  Hunter

Clayton Holmes, bn. Boston, MA., age 38y, farmer

Eva Lena Eignor, bn. N. Y., age 33y, 5th child

Hyser, Elsie Josephine

July 16, 1882  Hunter

Peter Jonas Hyser, bn. Hunter, age 27y, farmer

Josephine VanVliet, bn. Hunter, age 22

Hyser, Lena Josephine

Apr. 14, 1909 Tannersville

Louis Hyser, bn. N. Y., age 30y, lineman

Eva L. Showers, age 34y, 3rd child

Ingalls, Winifred F.

Oct. 23, 1898  Edgewood, N. Y.

Frank A. Ingalls, bn. Hunter, age 24y, laborer

Edith M. Eignor, bn. Shandakan, N. Y., age 24y, 1st child

Jansen, Paul Rogers

Sept.25, 1898  Lanesville, N. Y.

John J. Jansen, bn. Shandaken, N. Y., age 54y, farmer

Mary A. Lane, bn. Lanesville, age 43y 8th child

Johnson, Joseph

Dec. 31, 1881  Hunter

Albert Johnson, bn. 1857  Hunter

Emma Benjamin bn. 1857  Hunter

Kerr, Celestia

Apr. 14, 1882  Hunter

Eugene Kerr, bn. Hunter, age 23y, carpenter

Kate Serls, bn. Prattville, N. Y.
Age 22y, 1st child

Kerr, Earl Dayton

Jan. 29, 1903

Frederick B. Kerr, bn. 1870  Hunter

Ella Silleman  bn. 1868 N. Y.

Kerr, Elsie Belle

May 17, 1890   Hunter

James Nelson Kerr, bn. Mar 8, 1857  Edgewood, N. Y.

Mary E. Mattice, bn. Dec.  1, 1857  Ashland

Kerr, Frank

Apr. 22, 1887  Hunter

James N. Kerr, bn. Hunter, age 30y

Mary Mattice bn. Ashland, age 29y

Kerr, Helen Eliz.

Jan 19, 1895  Hunter

John B. Kerr, bn. 1849  U. S. A.

Alice Potts, bn. 1859  U. S. A.

Kerr, Horace T.

Dec. 26, 1907  Hunter

Frederick G. Kerr, bn. 1870  Hunter

Ella Silleman, bn. 1870  N. Y.

Kerr, Male

Feb. 15, 1897  Haines Falls

Albert Kerr, bn. Haines Falls, age 36y, merchant

Belle Brewer, bn. Haines Falls, 2nd child

Kerr, Sarah Louise

Sept. 11, 1885  Hunter

James N. Kerr, bn. Hunter, age 28y, farmer

Mary Mattice, bn. Ashland, age 17y, 1st child

Lackey, Clara Estella

Apr. 21, 1891   Hunter

Michael Lackey, bn. 1859  N. Y.

Julia Weller, bn. 1861  England

Lackey, Mary Louise

Nov. 19, 1889  Hunter

Michael Lackey Jr., bn 1859 N. Y.

Julia Weller, bn, 1959  England

Lane, Albert E.

Jan. 30, 1913  Lanesville

Eli Joseph Lane,  bn. Lanesville, age 30y, farmer

Leota Dolan, bn. Platteclove, age 26y, housewife

Lane, Amelia Inez

June 9, 1914  Lanesville

Eli J. Lane, bn, 1880  N. Y.

Loeta J. Dolan, bn 1882  N. Y.

Lane, Hilda Jane

Nov. 22, 1913   Lanesville

Harry Davis Lane, bn. Lanesville, age 47y  farmer

Clara Mary Robinson, bn. PA., age 25y, housewife, 6th child

Lane, Isabella H.

May 9, 1905  Lanesville

Abram Lane, bn. 1859  Lanesville

Mary Jones  bn.1864, Jewett, N. Y.

Lane, Joseph

Apr. 7, 1924  Lanesville

Alsop Lane, bn. Lanesville, age 37y, farmer

Mary V. Mulhern, bn. N. Y., age 39y, housewife, 3rd child

Lane, Laura Adaline

May 29, 1894  Village of Hunter

Edward Lane, bn. 1867  N. Y.

Leona Augusta Lake
Bn. 1868  N. Y.

Lane, Lois Irene

Nov. 29, 1912  Lanesville

Harry Davis Lane,  bn. 1866 N. Y.

Clara May  Robinson, bn. 1888  PA/

Lane, Martha Catherine

May 5, 1892  Hunter

Abram Lane  bn. 1859  N. Y. C.

Mary R. Jones, bn 1864

Lane, Nettie Davis

July 1, 1909  Lanesville

Harry Davis Lane, bn. 1867  N. Y.

Clara M. Robinson, bn. 1888 PA.

Lane, William C.

Jan 2, 1926

Harry Lane, bn. N. Y.  age 58y

Clara Robinson, bn. PA., age 39y

Lasher, Linda Mae

July 3, 1889  Haines Falls

Conrad lasher  bn. 1863  Bearsville

Zella Wolven, bn. 1868  Lake Hill, N.Y.

Lasher, Minnie Ella

Sept. 12, 1891  Tannersville

Frederick C. Lasher, bn. 1879  N. Y.

Anna M. Rightmyer, bn. 1868  N. Y.

Layman, Chester F.

Nov. 21, 1903  Hunter

Charles N. Layman, bn. Blue Mt., Saugerties, N. Y.   1870

Martha J. Haines, bn. 1876  N. Y.

Leach, Elizabeth M.

June 21, 1927

James H. Leach, bn. Hunter, age 49y

Eliz. McGuire, Bn. Belfast, Ire,  age 39y

Leach, Isabel  M.

Aug. 14, 1914 Hunter

James H. Leach, bn. Hunter, age 49y

Isabelle A. VanVliet, bn. N. Y., age 28y

Leach, Joan T.

Mary 29, 1931  Hunter

James H. Leach, bn. N. Y., 52 y

Eliza McGuire, bn. Belfast, Ire. Age 34y

Legg, Emile C.

Nov. 8, 1888

Cornelius E. Legg, bn. 1845  N. Y.

Gertrude Kerr  bn. 1869  N. Y.

Legg, Female

Feb. 4, 1885  Tannersville

Cornelius E. Legg, bn, Ulster Co., age 41y

Gertrude Kerr, bn. Hunter

Legg, Hulda

July 30, 1894  Tannersville

Cornelius E. Legg, bn. Ulster Co., age 51y

Gertrude Kerr, bn Hunter, 5th child

Lenox, Marguerite

Apr. 16, 1899  Tannersville

William Lenox, bn. Binghamton, N. Y., age 35y, mason

Minnie Lasher, bn. Plattsville, age 23y

Linsley, Mary Louise

Mar. 12, 1897 Platte Clove

Elmer Linsley, bn. Platteclove, age 34y, laborer

Susan O’Boyle bn, Ire., age 30y

Linsley, Almyra G.

Feb 78, 1903

(John) Elmer Linsley, bn. Platteclove, age 40y, laborer

Susan O’Boyle  bn. Ire. Age 39y

Martin, Paul E.

Apr. 11, 1908  Haines Falls

George W. Martin, bn. Hunter, age 39y, teamster

Daisey Haines, bn. Hunter, age 37y, housewife

Myers, Eugene Derwood

Apr. 7, 1900  Haines Falls

Jacob B. Myers, bn. 1872  N. Y.

Effie Lucy Layman, bn. 1875  N. Y.

Ostrander, Elizabeth A.

Aug. 2, 1898  Hunter

Harvy Ostrander, bn. Hunter, age 26y, farmer

Carrie Bush, bn. Ulster Co., age 23y, 3rd child

Ostrander, Olive H.

Dec. 2, 1907  Hunter

Frederick Ostrander, bn. N. Y., age 26y, laborer

Lena C. Ruoff, bn. N. Y., age 22y

Partridge, George H.

Feb. 7, 1905  Hunter

 Ira C. Partridge, bn. 1869   N. Y.

Grace Louise Decker, bn. 1870  N. Y.

Payne, Charles Leroy

June 11, 1908  Platteclove

Charles B. Payne, bn. 1855 N. Y.

Inez A. Dolan, bn. 1890  N. Y.

Peterson, Jeanette P.

Aug. 21, 1909  Tannersville

William S. Peterson, bn. Norway, age 23y, gardener

Jennie Johnson, bn. N. Y., age 21y  2nd child

Post, Florence

Feb 14, 1898  Tannersville

Edmund D. Post, bn. Lexington, N. Y., laborer

Rosetta Raeder, bn. Roxbury, N. Y. , age 22y

Prosser, George B.

Aug. 31, 1889  Haines Falls

Benjamin F. Prosser, bn. Westerlo, N. Y.  1855

Orilla Edwards, bn. Kingston, Ulster Co., 1865

Prosser,  Male

Jan. 5, 1887  Haines Falls

Frank Prosser, bn. Renessealverville, N. Y., age 31y, mason

Orilla Edward bn. Hunter,  1st child

Prosser, Ransom H.

Nov 5, 1901  Haines Falls

Benjamin F. Prosser  bn, 1855 U. S. A.

Orilla Edwards, bn. 1865  U.S. A.

Quick, Florence

Feb. 12, 1890  Hunter

George Quick, bn. Germany, age 44y, gentleman

Elizabeth Greene, bn. 1865  N. Y.

Quick, Fred J.

Same as above-Twins



Rau, Hilda Louise

July 3, 1895  Elka Park

Gustav A Rau, bn. Germany, age 44y,  gentleman

Clara Cooke, bn, England, age 34y

Rider, Barnett Wm.

Jun. 11 1898  Haines Falls

Ira Scribner Rider, Bn. 1867  N. Y.

Maude VandeBogart,
bn. 1875  N. Y.

Rion, Effie

Mar. 5, 1880  Greene Co.

John A. Rion, bn. 1840  N. Y.

Beatrice Peck, bn. 1854 N. Y.

Rion, Helen rose

Apr. 24, 1880  Lanesville

Elisha Rion, bn. 1876  N. Y.

Myra Hoyt, bn. 1880 N. Y.

Rion, Ira

July 4, 1891  Lanesville

Bartholomew P. Rion, bn. 1842  N. Y.

Sophia M. Hood, bn, 1859  N. Y.

Rion, Mabel C.

Feb. 6, 1897  Lanesville

John A. Rion, bn. 1838  N. Y.

Beatrice Peck, bn. 1851  N. Y.

Rion, Olive H.

Mar. 1, 1905  Edgewood

Elisha Rion,  bn. N. Y.,  age 29y, laborer

Myra Hoyt, bn. N. Y.

Rion, Phillip Henry

Nov.18, 1892  Lanesville

Bartholomew P. Rion, bn. 1842  N. Y.

Sophia M. Hood, bn, 1859  N. Y.

Robinson, Harold E.

May 26, 1882  Hunter

John Robinson, bn. Roxbury, Del. Co. , age 24y, painter

Ida Mansfield, bn. Ashland,  gage 26y, 1st child

Roth, William Jr.

Aug. 5, 1912  Lanesville

William  Roth, bn. U. S.A., age 28y, contractor

Florence Dolan, bn Lanesville, 2nd child

Ruoff, Eneas C.

Oct. 5, 1903  Hunter

Carl F. Ruoff  bn. 1863, Hunter

Densie Benjamin, bn. 1885  U. S. A.

Ruoff, Hattie

Apr. 7, 1905  Hunter

Carl F. Ruoff, bn. 1863  U. S. A.

Densie Benjamin, bn 1885  U. S. A.

Ruoff, Lena

Mar. 30, 1885  Hunter

Jacob Ruoff,  bn. Hunter,  age 28y,  farmer

Hattie Mattice  bn. Ashland, age 23y,  1st child

Ruoff, Verna Grace

Jan. 29, 1907  Hunter

Carl F. Ruoff, bn. 1863  Hunter

Denay Benjamin, bn, 1885  Hunter

Ryon, Female

Feb.13, 1887  Tannersville

Bartholomew Ryon, bn. Hyde Park, N. Y.  age 49y  laborer

Mellissa Hood, bn. Ulster Co., N. Y.  5th child

Ryon, Male

Mar. 1, 1887  Edgewood

Judson Ryon, bn. Hunter, age 32y, laborer

Phebe Howard, bn. Hunter, 3rd child

Sackett, Dorothy M.

Aug. 21, 1911  Hunter

Clarence E. Sackett, bn. N. Y., age 25y  lumberman

Emma Wright, bn. N. Y. age 19y,  3rd child

Schoonmaker, Nettie M.

Dec. 45, 1900  Haines Falls

James E. Schoonmaker, bn. Hunter, age 25y, laborer

Anna E. Ransom, bn. Saugerties, age 24y, 1st child

Schoonmaker, Sadie

Dec. 25, 1892   Haines Falls

Harmon Schoonmaker, bn. 1846  U. S. A.

Carrie Lamouree, bn. 1863, U. S. A.

Schutt, James G.

Jan. 17, 1877  Haines Falls

James G. Schutt, bn, Hunter, age 27y, hotel keeper

Elinor Alida Abeel, bn. Saugerties, age 28y, 3rd child

Sebring, Franklin M. 

Nov. 2, 1908  Edgewood

Harry B. Sebring, bn. PA., age 37y  lumberman

Aneglica Burger, bn. PA., age 24y, 4th child

Sharpe, Percy W. 

July 23, 1890  Tannersville

Menzo Sharp, bn, Shokan, age 40y, carpenter

Sophia E. Woodin, bn, Elka Park,  age 27y

Shaw, Beatrice

Mar. 13, 1915

George Shaw, bn Chicester, age 36y, R. R. laborer

Ella Ostrander, bn. Solver Hollow, N. Y., age 21y,  3rd child

Shevlin, Female

Jan. 29, 1887  Tannersville

Daniel Shevlin, bn. Hunter, age 45y, farmer

Mary McCue, bn. Rondout, N. Y., age 37y, 7th child / 4 living

Shevlin, Male

June 10, 1888  Tannersville

Daniel Shevlin, bn. Hunter, age 46y, farmer

Mary C. McCue, bn. Kingston, Ulster Co., age 38y, 8th child

Shevlin, Male

Mar. 3, 1883

John Shevlin, bn. N. Y. C., age 54y,  farmer

Ellen Fry, bn, Hunter, age 35y, 3rd child

Showers, Arthur J.

Mar. 11, 1903  Tannersville

Arthur Showers, bn. N. Y., age 26y, carpenter

Mary E. Leach, bn. Tannersville, age 24y, 1st child

Showers, David E.

Aug. 28, 1869  Tannersville

George Showers, bn. 1844 N. Y., age 25y

Evaline Decker, bn. 1846 N. Y., age 23y

Showers, Robert P.

Jan. 28, 1934  Hunter

Robert P. Showers, Sr., bn. Tannersville, age 22y, chauffer

Marguerite E. Burnham, bn, Lexington, N. Y.  age 18y, 1st child

Showers, Oscar

May 25, 1878  Tannersville

George Showers, bn. 1844 U. S. A.

Evaline Decker, bn. 1846 U. S. A.

Smith, Ethel

Oct. 23, 1898  Hunter

William R. Smith, bn. N. Y., age 43y

Julia Schoonmaker, bn. N. Y., age 34y

Snyder, Alfred

Sept. 8, 1910  Hunter

Vincent Snyder,  bn. N. Y., age 43y

Hannah Bunt, bn. 1852  N. Y.

Teetsel, Anna

June 1, 1890  Hunter

Jonas Teetsel, bn 1850  N. Y.

Hannah Bunt, bn. 1852  N. Y.

Thorpe, Louise C.

Nov. 17, 1895  Tannersville

Charles S. Thorpe, bn. Ashland, N. y.  age 32y, carpenter

Martha Koehler, bn N. Y. C., age 24y,2nd child

VanDemark, Lorna

Mary 3, 1893  Hunter

Charles b. VanDemark, bn. Phonecia, N. Y., age 32y, railroad

Millie VanDusen, bn. Prattsville, age 37 y, 1st child

VanSteenburgh, Viola A.

July 19, 1913   Haines Falls

Edward VanSteenburgh, bn. 1886, U. S. A.

Laura Anson, bn. 1886  N. Y.

Walsh, Frances H.

Bn. Jan 6, 1900  Elka Park

John Walsh, bn, Canada, age 23y, laborer

Anna Curran, bn, Hunter, age 20y, 2nd child

Walsh, Mary J.

Dec. 17, 1897

John Walsh, bn. Canada, age 21y, laborer

Anna Curran, bn. Hunter, age 18y, 1st child

Wase, Female

Dec. 21 , 1892  Platteclove

Flavius Wase, bn. Columbia Co., N. Y.,  age 32y, farmer

Rose Dolan, bn. Hunter

Wase, Lydia

Feb. 24, 1882  Plattclove

Benjamin Wase,  bn. 1841  N. J.

Mary Bunt, bn. 1846  N. Y.

Windeler, Lois J.

Aug. 23, 1899  Haines Falls

John Henry Windeler, bn. England, age 32y, Minister of the Gospel

Juliet Steward, bn. Philadelphia, PA., age 21y, 2nd child

Woodard, Clarence F.

Aug. 27, 1897  Tannersville

Leonard L.  Woodard, bn. Durham, N. Y., age 40y, stone mason

Mary Ann Fromer, bn. Hunter, age 37y,1st child

Woodworth, Rodney L.

Apr. 6, 1898  Tannersville

Herbert Woodworth, bn, Jewett, N. Y., age 27y, painter

Celia Showers, bn. Hunter, age 24y, 2nd child

Yager, Frederick R.

Apr. 16, 1896, Hunter

Charles Yager,  bn 1866  N. Y.

Emma Barber, bn, 1869  N. Y.

Yager, Grace A.

July 27, 1924  Village Hunter

John Wesley Yager, bn U. S. A., age 36y, carpenter

Emma Viola Smith  bn. U. S. A., age 19y, 1st child

Yager, Wesley L.

 Mar 6, 1894  Hunter

Charles Yager, bn. 1869  N. Y.

Emma J. Barber, bn. 1871  N. Y.

Young, Marion A.

May 11, 1897  Platteclove

George S. Young,  bn. Platteclove, age 41y, farmer

Ida Jane Cole, bn, Saugerties, N. Y., age 31y, 3rd child

 Obituaries – Hunter – Review

 June, 4, 1932- Died, Osmer R. Avery, former resident, at home of his daughter, Mrs. Percy Haines, at Millbrook, Dutchess Co., N. Y., May 28th, 1932, in his 87th year, ill one week. Born in Maplecrest, Town of Windham. He was for many years a carpenter and builder in Hunter.  Bd. Maplewood Cem., South Jewett on May 31st.  Survivors:  sons-Neil W. Avery  of N. Y. C.; Harry T. of Windham, and above daughter.

 Feb. 12, 1910-Died in Platteclove, Feb. 6, 1910 of valvular disease of the heart, Mary Curran, wife of William Curran, aged 59y. Survived by husband and 11 children.

 Apr. 9, 1927-Died at Platteclove, Thursday, Apr. 7th, Mrs. James Dolan.

 Mar. 21, 1902-Died Arthur, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Dunn, and grandson of Mrs. C. W. Haines of Haines Falls, in N. Y. C.  on Sunday, aged 5y.

 June 23, 1934-Died at home at Norton Hill, Thurs, a.m., June 21, 1934, Mrs. Mabel Edwards, wife of Lorenzo D. Edwards, formerly of this village, age 29y.   In failing health for some time due to a weak heart. Survived by her husband and 2 children and her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Adelbert Benjamin, also former residents of this village.

 Oct. 7, 1922-Died at late home in Tannersville, Tuesday, Oct 3, 1922, after an extended illness of organic kidney troubles, Henry Eggleston, a lifelong resident of Town of Hunter, aged 73y.  He was born here May 24, 1849. Survived by widow and daughter, Mrs. James Constable, and a son, Harry, residing in the City. Bd. Maplewood Cem.

 Apr. 18, 1931-Died at Kingston City Hospital, Mrs. Mary Fromer on Apr. 9th, aged 67y. She was born in the Town of Lexington in May 1863, but lived in Jewett and Hunter most of her life.  Married James M. Fromer in 1881. Survived by husband, and sons Monroe Fromer, New Britain, CT., and Paul Fromer, Red Hook, N. Y. , brother Arthur J. Rowley, of South Jewett.  Bd. Maplewood Cem.

 Feb. 16, 1929-Died Arthur Greene, about 37y, former resident of this village, found dead in bed. Residing in Monroe, Orange Co., N.Y.  Survived by wife, son and brother, Sylvester and Ernest Greene.  Bd. Maplewood Cem.

 Dec. 23, 1933-Died in Kingston, N. Y., Fri., Dec 15, 1933, Mrs. Sidney Haines, aged 82y.  Formerly of  this village, married for 62y. Survived by husband, sons Raymond of Kingston, and Herbert of New Jersey, one brother, Charles Quick of this village.  Bd. Kinston.

 Aug. 11, 1934-Died at home in Binghamton, Sun. a. m., Aug. 5, 1934, John Griffen, aged 68y, Born in this village and live here most of his life.  Survived by widow, brother Uriah E. Griffen of this village, sister Mrs. Jessie Taylor, West Camp, N. Y.  Bd. Maplewood Cem.

 June 18, 1927-Died at this home on Division St. on Wed. June 15, 1927, after long illness, George Howard.  Survived by widow and 4 sons-Floyd, Frank, Kenneth, and Francis,  Bd. June 18th  Maplewood Cem.

 Mar. 17, 1934-Died Jeremiah E. Haines, age 83y, descendent of Catskill Mt. Family and a former hotel proprietor at Haines Falls, where he was born.  He died at the home of his daughter Mrs. Nathan Cole, So. Rondout, a Kingston suburb, on Mar. 8, 1934.  Survived by son Edward, daughters, Mrs. Mable Cole, Mrs. Gussie Burton, and Mrs. Nettie Lasher, and brother Tobias.  He belonged to the So. Rondout Methodist Church.  Bd. Wiltwyck Cem

 Aug. 28, 1919-Died at his late home near the village, Mon. July 28, 1919, John J. Haines, in his 85th year.  Bd.  Maplewood Cem.

 Mar. 23, 1912-Died at her home in Lanesville, on Fri. morning, Mar. 15, 1912, Mrs. Catherine N. Jones.  Widow of Eli Jones, aged ca 82y. Survived by daughter, Mrs. Abram Lane of this place, sons Amos and David Jones of Prattsville. Bd. Lanesville Cem.

 June 26, 1915-Died at his home on Ford Hill, Tues. June 22, 1915, Norman Lord, aged ca 70y.  Bd. Maplewood Cem.

 Mar. 7, 1931-Died suddenly at home, Virgil Lord, aged 35y, a veteran of the World War, survived by wife and 2 children.  Bd. Maplewood Cem  with full military honors.

 Feb. 2, 1935-Died suddenly, William More of Walton, Delaware Co., son-in-law of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ruoff on Jan. 23, 1935. He was a Mason and Grange member.  Survived by wife and daughter, mother Mrs. Harrison More and 1 sister and 2 brothers.

 Feb. 19, 1908-Died at home of her daughter, Mrs. John J. Haines near this village on Wed. Feb. 26, 1908, Mrs. Lucinda Quick, aged 92y3m.  One of the oldest residents in this town, where she always lived.  Survived by  daughters Mrs. Addison Rusk of Orange, CA.; Mrs. S. T. Haynes of Kingston, sons George and Charles Quick of  this village  and Mrs. John J. Haines, from whose home the funeral was conducted.

 Jan. 11, 1930-Died at Kingston, N. Y. on Jan. 3, John Rusk, long time resident of Haines Falls. He was a large property owner and actively engaged in business for many years.  Bd. Haines Falls.

 Dec. 1, 1923-Died suddenly at Haines Falls, Mon. Nov. 26, Peter M. Schoonmaker, aged 76y. He was born in and had been a life long resident of this town.  Survived by daughter, Mrs. Peter Snyder of Haines Falls, and son Joshua Schoonmaker of Platteclove.  Funeral at Platteclove ME Church  Fri. afternoon,  Nov. 30th  at 1:30 pm. Bd. Elka Park

 Aug. 2, 1924-Died at his late home at Beaches Corners, near this village, Sun. nite, July 27, 1924, Elmore Tompkins, aged 62y, after a brief illness.  He was born in Ashland in 1862, son of Soloman and Cornelia Tompkins. He came to Beaches Corners when 5 yrs. Old and resided there until his death.  Survived by wife and daughters, Mrs. Vernon DeLong of East Jewett and Mrs. Raymond Vining of Hensonville; sons Leland, Arthur, Leonard and Edward.

 Mar. 10, 1934-Died  Addison Wiltse, aged 78y, in Tannersville, Sun., Mar. 4, 1934.  Had been in poor health for some time.  Survived by widow the former Miss Long of Haines Falls; son James of Catskill.

 Nov. 3, 1917-Died at home of his daughter, Mrs. Frank Renz, Mon. Oct. 29, 1917, George W. Whittaker, aged 75y.  Death was due to heart trouble,  and occurred suddenly.  Bd. Maplewood Cem.

 Marriage-Saugerties Telegram 

Jan. 31, 1884-Alvin P. Brewer of Ashland to Kate Donohue of Windham, by Rev. J. P. Burgar on Jan. 10, 1884

 Nov. 8, 1884-Renwick A. Dibbell of Tannersville to Alice Bishop of Saugerties by Rev. Charles Artman  on Oct. 7, 1883  in South Jewett

 Nov. 8, 1883-Geroge N. Eggleston of Tannersville to Cora Showers of Tannersville by Rev. Charles Artman on Oct. 10, 1883  in South Jewett

 Dec. 6, 1883-John L. Saxe of Hunter to Louise M. Haines of Tannersville by Rev. N. G. Niles on Nov. 21, 1883  in Palenville.

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