Rachel Jane Plank Brandow Hass Hair Book

Rachel Jane Plank Brandow Hass

Hair Book

A Collection of Poems and Hair Remembrances 


Collected by Rachel Jane Plank Brandow Hass. Entries are listed in the order they are found in the book except for poems at the beginning and end. Hair entries are bulleted with &. Most pages have poems that are not transcribed here. Underlined entries were in different ink and assumed to have been added at a later date from the original entry. Notes added by the transcriber are in italics. 

The book is in the possession of Betty Walter, Grand Ridge, IL, and was transcribed by Karol Hughes.

 Miss Rachel Jane Plank’s


 Forget me not I only ask
This simple boon of thee
And may it be an easy task
Some times to think of me

 Van Salisbury entry


 “The Cruel Motherinlaw” – August 1, 1858

“The Angle (sic) Watch or The Sistors” – August 1, 1858

 &   “My Fathers Grave” – Miss Cornelia A. Planck, Catskill, July 1, 1860

 &    George Lane; Amandia J. Lane

 &    Mary Jane Adsit, Palinvill; Robert H. Brink

 &    “Remembrance of” Charles Brandow; Sarah Ann Brandow; Lewis Brandow

 &    Truman S. Brandow; George M. Brandow

 &    Stephen Heisor; David Person

 &    Harriet A. Bliven, Catskill; H. A. Trowbridge

 &    Miss Jane Worth, Catskill

 &    Mrs. Bartlett; Elizia Bartlett – Cauterskill

 &    Mary Helen Martin - Cauterskill

 &    Charles J. Plank, Leeds; Ezra Plank, Leeds

 &    Peter B. Burgis, Greenville Center

 &    Harriet A. Bliven, Catskill

 &    Mr. Jeremiah Burget; Miss Maria Burget

 &    Miss Rosalia Burget; Miss Viola Burget – Leeds, Greene Co. NY

 &    Peter Ransom; “Remembrance of A Friend”; hair with no name

 &    David Gardner, High Falls; Elizabeth C. Layman

 &    Jeremiah Gardner, High Falls; Miss Margaret Van Hoesen, Albany

 &    Henry Overbaugh, Catskill

 &    Caroline Whitney, Who Died Oct. 14, 1855; Miss Rachel Cleveland, Catskill

 &    Mr. William D. Plank, Leeds; Mrs. Elizabeth Plank, Leeds

 &    Unnamed poem, Miss Cornelia

 &    Miss Jane Brant

 &    Miss Elizia M. Decker, Catskill

“The Watchman”, “Native Land” – Abraham Vedder (Poems cut and pasted to page)

“Early Love” – Aner Planck

 &    Mrs. Elizabeth (Walker) Plank, Leeds, Great Granmother; Mrs. Maria (Brandow) Plank, Who died Sept 28, 1854, granmother

 &    Harmon Vedder, Who died Sept. 9, 1834, Grandfather Vedder; Catharine (Plank) Vedder, granmother

 &    Aaron Vedder jr, Who died Sept. 2, 1838

 &    Peter D. Vedder; Isaac Vedder

 &    Harmon B. Vedder, Who died Jan, 18, 1847; Hannah M. Vedder, Who died April 27, 1831 – Leeds

 &    David Vedder; Miss Margaret (Palmer) Vedder

 &    Lois Vedder; Elizabeth C. Vedder; Melissa J. Vedder; Maria E. Vedder; Juliett Vedder –   Wisconsin

 &    Miss Margaret Van Hoesen, Albany

 &    David Whitney; Catharine Whitney: James C. Whitney; Mary A. Whitney - Kiskatom

 &    Abraham Vedder, who died Nov. 30, 1855; Nancy Vedder; Poem by R. J. Reynolds, (Mich   (Mar?) 1859); Alfred L. Vedder; Edwin A. Vedder

 &    Mr. Levi Plank, died Sept. 11, 1859; Mrs Elizia (Vedder) Plank, died Oct. 5, 1893; Miss     Rachel Jane Plank; Miss Cornelia Ann Plank – Catskill

 &    Roger J. Reynolds, Mch 21, 1859

 &    Catharine Van Salisbury; Margaret Van Salisbury – Castleton, Renselaer county

 &    Miss Julia C. Plank, Leeds

 &    Mary Eliz—Hass; Anna Hass; Catharine Hass

 &    Miss Martha Jane Decker

 &    “Remembrance of Departed Friends”: Levi Plank; Charles E. Brandow, Eliza Plank

 &    Maria Lown; Jane A. Lown, Leeds

 &    John M. Vedder; Catharine (Plank) Vedder – Leeds

 &    Miss Cornelia A. Planck, Catskill

“A Dirge”, Cornelia A. Planck, Catskill, Oct 3, 1861

“Lines to Rachel”, Miss Aner Planck, October 2, 1864

“Loves Calm Disdain”, Written by your Sister, Aner, Dec. 31, 1865

 &    “Friendship how dear thy name”, Rachel Jane Hass around John Hass; Emma N. Brandow; Celia E. Brandow; Charles Elmer Brandow; Howard P. Brandow; Frank P. Brandow.  Note: Letter written by Rachel Jane mentioned receipt of a lock of hair from Charles Elmer that she was going to add to her book with others belonging to Emma, Howard, and Celia.

 &    From Lizzie and George Overbaugh, Kiskatom, N. York

 &    Mrs. Belcy (Betsy?) Edgeerley, who died May 10, 1868 (Referred to as sister. She was sister of Charles E. Brandow)

 &    Alice Edgeerley; Celia Edgeerley – August 21, 1869 (“In remembrance of me dear Aunt Rachel, Celia”)

 &    Lizzia (?) Martin, died March 9, 1889

 &    Agness J. Edgerley, Cauterskill

 &    Libbie Plank, Cauterskill

“The Heavenly Railroad”, Miss Rachel Jane Brandow, Mar. 8, 1868

“The Dying Childs Request”, Miss Rachel Jane Brandow, 1870

 &    Mollie E. Layman

 &    Robert M. Layman, Leeds

 &    J. J. van Housen (Hoesen?)

“Charity”, June 5, 1886, Rachel Jane Hass, Catskill, NY

 &    “Gone but not forgotten”, Jeremiah Plank, died Nov. 6, 1901

“The Banks of Sweet Dundee”, March 8, 1876, Howard Platt Brandow, Catskill

To Rachel, Minis Plank, April, 20, 1885

Days departed
I review
Series of pleasure
Spent with you
My mother

Poem for Eliza Plank

Why gaze ye on my hoary hairs
Ye children young and gay
Your locks beneath the blast of cares
Will bleach as white as they.

Poem for Mrs. Elizabeth Plank

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