Pictures from the Past

Pictures from the Past


The Waldron Gallery
Courtesy Ron Waldron

1. Waldrongrandpa.jpg (30067 bytes)       2.  waldronhomestead.jpg (14169 bytes)      3.  IkeWhitbeck.jpg (25238 bytes)    

4.  GroverWhitbeck.jpg (24960 bytes)     5.  Myrtle_Whitbeck.jpg (31911 bytes)      6.  RobertWilson.jpg (21564 bytes)   

1. Grandfather Herman Waldron, grandma Jennie May Barlow, two uncles, Willard and Ward and father Raymond in carriage, circa 1905 in Surprise, Greene Co, NY
2. Waldron Homestead, circa 1998, Surprise, NY. Wooden clapboard frame house built circa 1780 in Surprise, NY by James Waldron and his oldest son Joseph. There is still a clear running spring in the floor of the east (right) wing.
3. Isaac (Ike) Whitbeck, circa 1885. Maternal grandfather's father. Father of Grover Whitbeck.
4. Grover Whitbeck, circa 1913 in Earlton, NY. Maternal grandfather.
5. Myrtle Wilson Waldron, circa 1913. Maternal grandmother, wife of Grover Whitbeck.
6. Myrtle Wilson's father, Robert Wilson, circa 1915

The Brandow Gallery
Contributed by Annette Campbell

Jacob Bogardus was born 15 Sep 1750 in Coxsackie, Greene Co, NY. He married Marytje Vandenburgh who was born 9 Jun 1750 at Athens, Greene Co, NY.  They were married in 1773 at Athens.  He died 24 Apr 1839 at Greenville, Greene Co, NY.  Marytje died 2 Oct 1802 at Athens.  They had among other children Tryntje (Catherine) Bogardus born 16 Aug 1777 at Coxsackie, Greene Co, NY. She married John Ferris born 16 Aug 1776 to Gilbert Ferris and Phoebe Austin at Coxsackie, Greene Co, NY.  John and Catherine both died in Steuben Co, NY, She after the 1820 census and before the 1830. He after the 1855 Census and before the 1860. No graves have been found and it is probable they were buried on their farm in Cohocton, Steuben Co, NY and markers are long gone.
John and Catherine Ferris had among other children Henry born 7 Nov 1815 at Benton, Yates Co, NY who married Laura Ann Andrus,  born 1816 in Onondaga Co, NY, daughter of Charles B. Andrus and Lucinda.  He died 21 Jun  1900 in a buggy accident in Wallace, Steuben Co, NY.  Laura died 19 Dec 1876 in Avoca, Steuben Co, NY.
Henry and Laura had among other children John D. Ferris born 20 Jan 1840 at Avoca, NY.  He married Marbrie Annette Brandow, born to Henry Brandow and Olive (Briggs) Brandow on 28 Apr 1842 at Cohocton, Steuben Co, NY. John D. Ferris died 4 Jan 1924 at Bath, NY and Marbrie died 3 Nov 1910 and are both buried in the Mitchellville Cemetery in Avoca.  Olive Briggs Brandow was born  18 Feb 1815 at Laurens, Otsego Co, NY to Duty and Wealthyan (Tarbox) Briggs the 18 Feb 1815 and died 20 Dec 1902 at Wheeler, NY.
Henry Brandow was born 14 Jul 1808 at Prattsville, Greene Co, NY and died 7 Sep 1903 at Wheeler, Steuben Co, NY.  His parents were Wilhelmus Brandow born 18 Jun 1769 at Catskill and Sarah "Sally" Sawyer who was born in Old Canaan, CT. Wilhelmus died 1 Nov 1852 at Prattsville, Greene Co, NY.

      1.    wpe2.gif (231676 bytes)     2.    wpe10.gif (60740 bytes)     3.   wpe13.gif (365921 bytes)

1. John D. Ferris 1840-1924 and Marbie (Brandow) Ferris 1842-1910
2. Olive Briggs, w/o Henry Brandow 1815-1902
3. Henry Brandow 1808 - 1903

The  Johnson Gallery

Contributed by Dick Nesbitt

Dr. Brayton Johnson was born December 03, 1839 in Jefferson, NY, the son of Joseph Johnson and Laura Nichols Johnson. He died on December 31, 1893 in Ashland, NY. He married Phebe A. Truesdell, daughter of Josiah Truesdell and Margaret Brandow Truesdell in March of 1876. They had two children, Mabel Laura Johnson, born February 20, 1880, and Brayton Sidney Johnson, born December 06, 1887, Dr. Johnson was a Union Soldier from Greene County with Co G., 80th N.Y.

wpe1.gif (494758 bytes)     Dr. Brayton Sidney Johnson with his horse buggy.
                              See Brayton's letter to Phebe in 1877.
                              See Brayton's obituary.

The Sutton Gallery

Contributed by Celeste MacCormack

Suttongettogether.JPG (297756 bytes)    Photo taken circa 1918. Copy of picture provided by
    Louise and Grace Sutton when Celeste visited
    them in 1990 at the Sutton Homestead

children sitting:   Walter Sutton,  --- Tuttle,  Bill Sutton, -----Tuttle, Eric Sutton

David Canine, Claude Sutton, Leslie 'Lady' Sutton, Alice Matthews
Sutton, Grace Sutton on lap,  Bella Tuttle with Connie Sutton, Unknown Person,  Max Sutton,  Alice Sutton,  Mable Tuttle, 

Back row:  Alex Parks, Mildred Brandow, Uncle Will Sutton, Gertrude
Sutton, Aunt Beluah, Uncle Gladding Sutton, Florence Sutton [dark hair] Aunt Libby [white hair], Uncle Os Sutton,  -Grace,  Aunt Bess;
Louise Sutton [hand on chair], Marjorie Sutton in back,  Uncle Al
Tuttle,  Emma in front, Inez Cooke Sutton [sideways],  Libby (Emma's
sister), Albert Tuttle, Dwight Tuttle on end.

The Van Hoesen Gallery

Contributed by Mark Van Hoesen

  1. wpe4.gif (19724 bytes)  2.    3. wpe8.gif (82046 bytes)  


1. Garret Van Hoesen b. September 19, 1828, d. October 29, 1907, parents Francis Casper Van Hoesen 1796-1876 and Mary Vandenburg 1798-1883, 1st wife Samantha Bell
2. Two Ladies - the identity of these two ladies, found in the Van Hoesen family album is unknown
3. Lawrence Paulsen (sitting), his wife Leah Van Hoesen (to his right), Reachel Paulina (Paulsen) Reeves (standing left), Joanna (Paulsen) Van Hoesen (standing right), photo circa 1858. Lawrence was a saddlemaker, Leah a dressmaker and Joanna a schoolteacher.
4. Lawrence Van Hoesen, b. November 13, 1867 and family. Lawrence's parents were Isaac Van Hoesen and Joanne Paulsen. His first wife was Susanne Acker from Catskill and second wife was Clara Spock from Peekskill

The Scott (Schutt) Gallery
Contributed by  Arlene Maher  
The Scott family appears to have lived in the Town of Athens. Edward Scott and his wife Amanda Beach had three known children, Addison, Mary and Edward 2.

1.    wpeD.jpg (21468 bytes)     2. wpe25.gif (184183 bytes)

3.    wpe11.jpg (24419 bytes)    4.   wpeF.jpg (10374 bytes)  5.  wpe13.jpg (49989 bytes)   

6.  wpe15.jpg (12348 bytes)   7.   wpe17.jpg (12563 bytes)    8.  wpe1B.jpg (50659 bytes)

1. Addison Scott is his twilight years. Check out Addison in his Civil War uniform and read his civil war letters.  Addison born in 1846,  had no children and is buried in New Baltimore.   His wife was Anna Augusta Simpkins 1859-1913.

2. John Levi Beach Jr., born June 24, 1830, died January 30, 1908. Son of John Levi Beach Sr., who is the half-brother of Amanda Beach. John Sr. was born February 22, 1803 in Cairo, Greene County  and married Cornelia AdelaideVan Schaik , b. 1807 in Greene County. John Jr. married Sylvira Carr Helm in Whitney's Crossing Village, Birdsall Township, Allegheny County, New York in 1860. 

3. Edward Scott 2, the brother of Addison Scott, is seated to the far right in this photo. The identity of the other men  is unknown. Edward was born 1861 in New York (Greene County) and died 1893. He is buried in Phoenixville, Pa.  He married Sarah Elizabeth Hooley Oct. 5, 1890 in Phoenixville, Pa.

4. Sarah Elizabeth Hooley died Sept. 17, 1929.  She lived in Troy, Bradford County, Pa. She was a school teacher and taught in Royersford, Pa.  Sarah is buried in Holy Sepulcher cemetery in Glenside, Pa.

5. Mary Elizabeth Scott, and brother, Edward James Scott 3. She was born 12-11-1891, died 8-9-1970, baptized 12-25-1891 at St Mary's Rectory in Phoenixville, Pa. She is buried in Holy Sepulcher cemetery, Glenside, Pa.  Mary married Matthew Joseph Maher.  They were married at the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, Philadelphia, Pa, on October 12-1909.  Edward James was born 6-17-1893, died 11-19-1956.  Never Married.  He served in the Army Air Corp, stationed in Texas, fought in the First World War. He worked as an acid engraver for the Saturday Evening Post and the Ladies Home Journal.  He did a Maxfield Parrish called Sing a Song of sixpence which we own. He was quite a ladies man.  He is buried in Holy Sepulcher cemetery, Glenside, Pa.

6. Edward James Scott 3 as a young man.

7. Matthew Joseph Maher was born-9-6-1882, died 5-17-1961.  He is buried in Holy Sepulcher cemetery, Glenside, Pa.  He was in the U.S. Navy, joined 6-15-1899 to 11-10-1919.  He served 20 years.  He fought in World War I.  He was chief Gunner's Mate and was on the Kersage when it blew up during shooting practice.  He then worked for the U.S. Post Office.

8. Mathew Joseph Maher, his wife Mary Elizabeth Scott and their son James E. Maher. 


The Yager/Hauver/Winans Family Gallery

Contributed by Jane Freese

1.    wpe23.jpg (356919 bytes)    2.    wpe25.jpg (402723 bytes)

3.    wpe28.jpg (427007 bytes)    4.    wpe2A.jpg (204840 bytes)

5.    wpe2C.jpg (585474 bytes)    6.    wpe2E.jpg (546443 bytes)

  1. Gerald Nathan Yager Jr., Gerald Nathan Yager Sr., Harry Rose Yager, Nathan Mack Yager

  2. Julia Frances Winans (13 Nov. 1867 - 16 Nov. 1947) and Nathan Mack Yager ( 24 Mar. 1865 - 14 Apr. 1945) 01 December 1936 - 50th Wedding Anniversary at the New
    Saulpaugh Hotel in Catskill. They were married 01 December 1886. Front row: Harry Rose Yager (27 Oct. 1887 - 28 Jul. 1964), Mr. and Mrs. Yager, Edith Post (Yager) Deyo (27 Jan. 1890 - 16 Mar. 1968). Back row: Ellsworth Saulpaugh Yager ( 21 Mar. 1893 - 11 Mar. 1960), Bessie Winans (Yager) Sutton (29 Apr. 1904 - 03 May 1986), Jesse Nathan Yager (29 Dec. 1899 - 10 Jul. 1984), Alberta May (Yager) Abbott (21 Feb. 1911 - ,?) Orville Timken Yager (08 Nov. 1898 - Apr. 1973).
    3.    Etta Hazel (Hauver) Yager, b. May 18, 1886, d. August 31, 1961
    4.   Harry Rose Yager, b. October 27, 1887, d. July 28, 1964
    5.    Winans sisters as young women. They were the daughters of Seymour Winans Jr. and Sally Barringer. Back Row, left to right:  Rosanna (Rose) Winans, married George F. Moon. She was born August 1855. Belinda (Belle) Winans, married 1st Jeremiah Lindsey, and 2nd Milton Palmer. She was born in 1851. Sarah Winans, married Franklin Swartout. She was born 1848  and died in 1934. Front row, left to right: Harriet Winans, married Nelson P. Lasher. She was born in 1835. Hannah Winans, married Charles A. Post. She was born November 1837. Mathilda (Mary) Winans, married John W. Kipp. She was born in 1844.
    6.    Winans sisters as older women. They are seated in the same spots as in their young photo.

Sheas Four Corners

Contributed by Catherine Cass

wpe13.jpg (25893 bytes)    wpe17.jpg (28189 bytes)

Catherine's grandmother ran a boarding house, Shea's Reliance House, in the late 20's and 30's on South Rd. in Purling. Her great aunt also ran a boarding house, O'Sheas House at the same time. The name was changed to Shea's Four Corners.

Paddock Family Gallery

Contributed by Milan Paddock


Albert Paddock, 20 April 1818 in Albany Co and d. 4 December 1903 in Durham, Greene Co, NY and his wife Cornelia Jones, b. 1 March 1822 and d. February 1898 in Durham. Albert and Cornelia were married in 1850 and had at least 2 children: George Edward, b. 4 March 1852, d. 16 April 1932, married Harriet Minkler on 6 January 1881 in Saugerties, Ulster Co, NY and William Herbert, b. 29 June 1857, d. 26 August 1932 and married Anna E. Van Valkenburgh. Albert was the son of Lewis Paddock and his wife Hannah Hall and grandson of Seth Paddock and wife Abigail. Cornelia Jones was the daughter of Stevens Jones and Elizabeth Bumhourd and the granddaughter of Asahel Jones, A Revolutionary soldier, and Phoebe Stevens.

Lower picture is the Paddock family taken at Paddock's Corners in the Town of Durham. Written on the back: J.H. Cowles, George E. Paddock. M.E. Tate, Mrs. Albert Paddock, Katie Kelly, Lottie Davis, Mrs. Tate, A.E. Mackey, S.T. Davis, Warren paddock, J.M. Davis, Belle Davis, Lizzie Davis, M.A. Cook

Leipold Family Gallery

Contributed by Rich O'Keefe

Family of John and Lenora Leipold circa 1891. John was likely the son of Lorenzo Leipold and Caroline B. Knauer, both from Germany. Lorenzo enlisted in the Civil War in Greenville on August 25, 1862 and joined as a Private in Company I, Regiment 156. He died during the War near Port Hudson. Caroline, his wife, was born June 30, 1832 and died September 28, 1901. Lorenzo and Caroline had the following children: Lottie, d. March 30, 1875, aged 16y7m21d, Louise, d. December 5, 1902, aged 42 and married a Burr W. Vaughn, Caroline, b. 1863, d. 1926, married Jay Vaughn and John J., b. June 1856. John married Lenora, b. June 1859 and had the following children: Addison L., b. March 1882, Karl R., b. April 1885 and John M., b. February 1888.

Whitmore Family Gallery

Photos rescued by Shelley Cardiel  who is looking to return them to a descendant.

1.      2.   

1.    Photo was taken at Peck Studios, Newburgh, NY. Written on back - Marion Francis Whitmore, 6 months. "For Grandma, wearing Papa's baby dress."
2.    Photo was taken at McDonald & Sterry Studios, Albany, NY. Written on the back - Charles Whitmore, Coxsackie, NY. "Killed -on the R.R." He is possibly the son of William Whitmore and Hester Jane Hoyt of Coxsackie

Reverend Clement Gallery

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf


These photos were found with others from Jewett, NY. A search of the censuses shows in 1870 in Catskill a Edward Clement, Clergyman Methodist Episcopal, aged 37, with wife Jantha, aged 37 and daughter Ella, aged 11, all born in New York. A Mary Clement is also in the household, aged 61, b. Rhode Island. The first photo is merely identified on the back as Mrs. Clement and the photograph was taken by N.A. Beers, Franklin, NY.  The second photo is notated on the back as Rev. Clement and was taken by W.W. W-addit, Newburgh, NY. Part of the name is missing.

Eva Truesdell Garvey Gallery

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf

According to the 1880 census, Eva M. Truesdell is the daughter of Monroe Truesdell and his wife Sarah. The family was living in Jewett, NY. Eva was born Nov. 1878 and married abt. 1895 to Irving Garvey (b. Oct. 1874, d. 1946). It appears the couple did not have any children of their own, so adopted a daughter, Ada who was born abt 1901. Eva died in 1937 and she and her husband Irving are buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Town of Jewett. This photo was taken at the Allen Studios in Catskill and written on the back is Eva Truesdell Garvey.

 William McCoubrey Gallery

Courtesy of Serena Brochu

William McCoubrey was the son of Samuel McCoubrey and Eleanor Frazier. He was born abt 1875 in Kingston and died February 20, 1896, aged 21. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn. William was a carpenter and left a 6 week old daughter, Eleanor (January 10, 1896) at his death. William was one of three children of Samuel and Eleanor; the other two were David, who died in 1893 and George (1884-1953), who married Sophia (1882-1951). Both George and Sophia are buried in Pleasant Valley cemetery in Ashland, Greene Co, NY. Their son, Samuel G. (July 11, 1904 - August 19, 1950) and Florence Conley, d/o William A. and Jannette Conley (March 17, 1905 - October 11, 1991) are also buried there. Samuel McCoubrey was born in Belfast, Ireland on December 26, 1845 and emmigrated to the US in 1868. He lived and worked in Manhattan for most of his life, but after the death of his wife Eleanor in 1922, he spent the last few years of his life in a house on Mill St. in Windham. He died April 29, 1933 in Fleischmanns, Delaware County while visiting his son George, who was living there at the time. Samuel is buried in Pleasant Valley alongside his brother John N. McCoubrey (1852-1894) and his wife Imogene Burnham (1856-1931). Research has shown that the McCoubrey brothers were the sons of Samuel McCoubrey and his wife Eliza Jane Nelson of Annadorn, County Down, Ireland.

Amanda Jerome Family Gallery  

Courtesy of Patricia Davidson-Peters
See the Jerome family pages at
Photo taken from "A History of Richard Peters of Halfmoon" .. by Leone Kleinheinz

Seated center is Amanda Jerome, mother of Mary Frances (Smith) who is standing. Seated to her side, is Amanda's grandson William Borthwick holding his son. Although the names are very faded on the top portion of this photo, it appears to read: "Amanda, 90 yrs - Dec 21, 1814; Mary Frances age 66 Nov 5, 1838; William Borthwick Dec 2, 1870; Sons Calvin S. Borthwick May 13, 1903; George William May 4, 1908.

Below this is clearly written: Amanda Jerome dau of John & Margaret Sickles Jerome B 12-27-1814 D 02-21-1906 Married Belah Smith Jr. 9-21-1835

Frances Smith dau of Amanda & Belah Smith M __________ Borthwick

William Borthwick son of Frances Smith

Child William"

According to the notations on this photo, it appears that the photo was taken circa 1904.

White/Barlow Family Gallery  

Courtesy of Lorna Puleo


1.        2.        3.      4.   

5.        6.        7.   

  1. Sylvia Warriner White (1838-1930) daughter of Elijah and Huldah Finch Warriner, wife of Benjamin and grandmother of Sylvia Spencer Barlow

  2. Benjamin White

  3. Sylvia Spencer Barlow ( 1891-1966), daughter of Daniel ''Frank '' Spencer and Huldah Eliza White, wife of Raymond J Barlow and my

  4. Daniel Franklyn Spencer, (1864-1900) son of Judah Munson Spencer and Lavinia Haner Spencer, husband of Huldah White Spencer and father of
    Sylvia Spencer Barlow

  5. Huldha Eliza White Spencer (1863-1918) daughter of Benjamin and Sylvia Warriner White, wife of Daniel Franklyn Spencer and mother of Sylvia
    Spencer Barlow. Huldah is holding her granddaughter, Louise  Barlow.

  6. My mother, Nola May Wayman Barlow, daughter of Arthur and Ella Wayman, and wife of Melvin Barlow

  7. 4 generations, standing, left is Sylvia Spencer Barlow and next too her is her mother, Huldah White Spencer. Seated, below
    Sylvia Spencer Barlow is her grandmother Sylvia Warriner White and she is holding baby Louise Barlow

Epinetus Boyd Family Gallery  

Courtesy of Dave Vandenburgh


1.             2.        3.        4.            5.   

  1. Believed to be Charles Boyd

  2. Margaret Eugenia Burroughs Boyd

  3. Believed to be Mary Baker Boyd

  4. Luman Boyd

  5. Carrie Boyd

1.        2.        3.   

  1. Home of Epinetus and Charles Boyd, located in Surprise, NY

  2. Front row - Mary (Boyd) van Denburgh and son, Henry; daughter of Charles; to right - Margaret Eugenia (Burroughs) Boyd wife of Charles; 2nd row 3rd to right - Carrie Boyd 4th - Jessie Boyd, daughters of Charles


1.        2.         3.        4.      

  1. Epinetus Boyd, born 1812, died 1889, he was a farmer and mason. He lived in Surprise, NY, near Greenville

  2. Mary Baker, wife of Epinetus Boyd, born 1813, died 1883

  3. William E. Boyd, son of Epinetus and Mary Boyd, born 1839, died 1863

  4. Charles Boyd, son of Epinetus and Mary Boyd

Henry Vandeburgh Highschool Basketball Gallery

Courtesy of Dave Vandenburgh



1932     Basketball Team
Top Row - Henry Vandenburgh, Elwood Forman, Luther Barkman, Arthur Cornwall
Bottom Row - Wilbur Van Slyke, Earles (?) Collier, Raymond Powel

1930     Basketball Team

Abeel and Schutt Family Gallery

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf
All photos from the family picture album


The young girl in the picture is supposed to be Nellie Abeel, who married into the Schutt family that owned the Laurel House


    Unidentified tintypes from the album

Identified as Charles and S. Smith, Catskill, on back

Pictures from the Abeel/Schutt Album

1.    wpe85.jpg (221211 bytes)    2.    wpe87.jpg (97193 bytes)    3.    wpe89.jpg (83543 bytes)    4.    wpe8B.jpg (77255 bytes)    5.    wpe8D.jpg (115226 bytes)    6.    wpe91.jpg (71042 bytes)


7.    wpe93.jpg (87810 bytes)    8.    wpe95.jpg (71133 bytes)    9.    wpe97.jpg (94476 bytes)

  1. Cora T. Tremel

  2. Leona Smith

  3. L.K. McCabe

  4. Louis Schutt

  5. Grace Schutt, Ruth's mother, 6 years

  6. Gracie when she was 6 years old

  7. Jennie Palmer

  8. Leonard W. Rickerson

  9. Beatrice Smith

Ida Christian and Cutler Bloss Family Gallery

Contributed by Shelley Cardiel


I've "rescued" three old photographs belonging to the CHRISTIAN - BLOSS Family. The first is a photograph of Ida CHRISTIAN which was taken at the D. H. Forsyth Studio in Flint, Michigan. The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1880's with Ida likely in her teens at the time. >>> The second photograph is identified as that of Ida BLOSS, taken at the Perry Photo Company with no location indicated. It is noted that she was born April 20, 1864 and died Feb 17 1933. That photograph is dated "about 1880", though it appears to be to have been taken in the 1890's based on the photograph quality and texture. In addition, someone has written "Barnum?" on the back of this photograph. Ida appears to be in her teens or 20's at the time. The third photograph is of Cutler & Ida CHRISTIAN BLOSS taken at the Phipps photograph studio with no location indicated. This photograph appears to have been taken in the 1890's as well with the couple appearing to be in their 20's or 30's at the time. Based on limited research I was able to gather the following information regarding these people:
Ida Mary CHRISTIAN was b. 20 Apr 1864 in Alden, IA to parents Delia BRUCE (b. 25 Feb 1833 in Ulster Co. NY) and Frederick CHRISTIAN (b. 24 Oct 1829 in Green Co. NY). Ida was one of 4 children born to this couple including, Evelyn Mariah; Lillis Lenora; Eda Carrie; and Ida Mary, all born between 1855 and 1864 in Broom Co. NY and Alden, IA. Ida and Eda were twins.

Ida married Cutler Amherst BLOSS (b. 13 Sept 1875 in Gene City, MI) on 29 Dec 1897 in Fenton, MI. Cutler was born to parents Stephen S. BLOSS (b. 28 Aug 1829 in Day, NY) and Mary Fedelia DANIELS (b. 15 Jul 1838 in
Washington City, NY). Cutler married a second time to Angeline BENNETT on 11 Dec 1921 in Grand Blanc, MI. Cutler BLOSS died in Gene City, MI on 10 Sept 1946.

Census records provide the following information:
1870 census of Fenton Township, MI:
Frederick CHRISTIAN, age 40, a Farmer, born NY Delia CHRISTIAN, age 37, Keeping House, born NY Eveline CHRISTIAN, age 15, at School, born NY Leonora CHRISTIAN, age 12, at School, born NY Ida CHRISTIAN,
age 6, born IA Eda CHRISTIAN, age 6, born IA

1880 census of Mundy, MI: Stephen BLOSS, age 50, born NY, mother born NY Mary F. BLOSS, wife, age 41, born VT, Keeping House, parents born CT/NY Fredrick F. BLOSS, son, age 19, born NY, a Farm Laborer
Stephen A. BLOSS, son, age 17, born NY, a Farm Laborer Willie A. BLOSS, son, age 15, born NY, Cora B. BLOSS, dau, age 9, born MI Cutler A. BLOSS, son, age 5, born MI  Fannie A. BLOSS, dau, age 3, born MI Mary L. BLOSS, dau, age 1, born MI

1880 census of Fenton, MI: Frederick CHRISTIAN, age 51, born NY, a Carpenter, parents born NY, Delia CHRISTIAN, wife, age 47, born NY, Keeping House, parents born NY, Ida CHRISTIAN, dau, age 16, born IA, at
Home Eda CHRISTIAN, dau, age 16, born IA, at Home

1900 census of Fenton Township, MI: Cutler BLOSS, age 27, born Sept 1872, married 3 years, born MI, parents born NY, a Barber Ida M. BLOSS, wife, age 33, born Apr 1867, married 3 years, 1 child/1 living, born IA, parents born NY Edith P. BLOSS, dau, age 1, born Oct 1898, born MI + 1 Boarder

1910 census of Owosso, MI: Cutler A. BLOIS, age 36, married 12 years, born MI, parents born MI, Ida M. BLOIS, wife, age 39, married 12 years, 2 children/2 living, born IA, parents born NY, Edyth B. BLOIS, dau, age 11, born MI Harold P. BLOIS, son, age 8, born MI

1920 census of Flint, MI: Cutler A. BLOSS, age 44, divorced, born MI, parents born NY, a Deputy Sheriff Haroll J. BLOSS, son, age 17, born MI, parents born MI, a Survey Office Draftsman Deliah BLOSS, dau, age 16, born MI, parents born MI + 1 Housekeeper + 2 Roomers

1930 census of Flint, MI: Cutler A. BLOSS, age 54 Angeline B. BLOSS, age 47 Baxter B. BENNETT, age 87

I have passed these photos on to the Flint Genealogical Society.

Rachel A. Houghtaling

Contributed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Catharine Harrington

Contributed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Brown

Contributed by Sylvia Hasenkopf


Buel Bogardus

Contributed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Mark Riggs and Olivia Ann Collins, his wife

Contributed by Sylvia Hasenkopf


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