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Edward Patterson (1882-1954) was born in Hudson to Metevak (Pierce) (1867-1940) and her husband Ezbon Patterson (1859-1941 abt). Metevak was the only
surviving child of four born to John Pierce (1828-1886) and Phebe (Weeks) (1829-1918).  Metevak remarried in 1897 to Henry S. Vail and Ed went to live with his grandmother Phebe in the Indian Ridge area of Cairo. Ed married Angeline (Austin) (1884-1967) at Leeds in 1902. They had two children Earl (1908-1974) and Lyle (1911-1959). Ed was a farmer and about 1916/17 their house on Mill Road (now Rudolph Weir Jr. Road) burned down and they purchased the Rouse mill and moved into the stucco house that was on the premises. The mill was near their old house and across from Beers road. This area was all considered Indian Ridge at the time. His grandmother remained living with them until she died in 1918. She is buried in the old Weeks Cemetery on Indian Ridge. Angeline's parents were William H. Austin (1816-1890) and Sarah E. (Eldridge) (1857-1948). Angeline was born in Greenville Center along with brothers, Sevoria (1876-1956) and Samuel (1877-1903) and sister Dora (Austin) Schultes (1881-1943). William H. Austin was a shoemaker and served in the civil war. He was discharged early because of wounds to the leg and hip and received a pension for his injuries. Sarah was the 2nd wife of William and he had children with his other wives. They were: Gould, George, Alzina and Loren.

Earl Patterson married Marion (McKenna)(1913-1998) they had three children: Delores, Maureen, and Patrick. Lyle Patterson married Ethel (Eckler) (1911-1992) they had eight children: Lyle, Donald, Thomas, Sally, William, David, Raymond and Gary.

Samuel Austin married Margaret (Van Hoesen) (1857-1930) in 1897. Margaret was known as Maggie V. and in her will, besides money to friends and relatives, she left Ed Patterson a 225 acre farm and buildings in East Windham at Jennies Notch. The remainder of her money went to the Greene County Memorial Hospital. There is a plaque in the hospital honoring her and two others for their generous bequest. She also donated land in 1896 to Cairo School District #12 and Athens School District #8 to build school houses, just as her father John Van Hoesen did in 1890 for Coxsackie School District #9.

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  1. Savoria "Bucky" Austin (June 17 or 18 1876 - March 24, 1956) at the Alms House in Cairo. He was the head farmer there in his younger years. Brother of Angeline Austin.

  2. Angeline Austin Patterson and Earl Patterson, her son.

  3. Angeline Patterson in front of the Maxwell boarding house at the corner of Cauterskill and Veeder Mt. roads, Town of Catskill.

  4. Angeline on a horse

  5. Angeline's house on Weisell Ave in Leeds

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  1. Sara Austin taken at the old mill

  2. Sara Austin (left) and Mrs. Bishop (?) taken on Bross St. in Cairo. Sara lived at 97 Bross St.

  3. From left to right: Sara Austin, Angeline Patterson, Earl Patterson in front of Angeline, Dora Schultes holding William Schultes and Maggie Austin

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  1. Angeline (Austin) Patterson, Maggie Austin, Jim Van Hoesen (?), Catharine Van Hoesen (?), and Dora (Austin) Schultes at Maggie's house, left to her family by her father. It was later the home of Mildred Lecount.

  2. From left to right: Angeline, Lyle and Earl Patterson, Dora Schultes with son William.

  3. Ed and Angeline Patterson's children: Lyle, b. 1911 and Earl, b. 1908

  4. Earl on the left, and Lyle on the right are holding the hands of their cousin William Shultes.

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  1. Angeline Patterson in the 1960's

  2. Ed Patterson abt 1950

  3. Angeline and Ed Patterson

  4. Angeline, Earl, Ed and Lyle Patterson abt 1914

  5. Ed Patterson at the old mill across from Beers Rd.

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  1. Earl Patterson with his motorcycle

  2. Earl Patterson out hunting

  3. Earl Patterson mid 1930's

  4. Marion McKenna and Earl Patterson the year they were married - 1935

  5. Earl Patterson and daughter Dolores abt 1938

  6. Emma and Robert McKenna, Marion's parents, at their house on Cauterskill Rd in Leeds in the 1930's

  7. Emma May (Countryman) McKenna with grandson Patrick Patterson abt 1946 or 47.

  8. Earl Patterson and daughter Maureen

  9. Earl Patterson and son Patrick in cowboy outfit at the Timberline Ranch


Earl Patterson married Marion (McKenna)(1913-1998) in 1935 at Catskill. She was born to Robert T. McKenna (1879-1941) and Emma May (Countryman)(1889-1953). Robert and Emma Were married in Wawarsing in 1909. Their children were Edmund (1911-197?), Marion (1913-1998), Theresa (1918-2003) and Robert (b & d early 1920's). Robert and his wife's family worked for the cement plants in Rosendale (Ulster County), before moving to Greene County. Robert's parents were Luke and Maragret (Craig) McKenna, both born in Ireland. They also had a daughter Jane who was an stenographer in NYC and a son who became a priest near Schenectady and a daughter who became a nun. Emma's parents were William and Rose Countryman. They had ten children. They were: Walter, Loretta, William, Idella, Emma, Sarah, Estrella, Peter, Rosie and Theresa. Walter and wife Adeline Countryman had an adopted daughter Rose Ella (1912-1966). Edmund married twice and had one daughter named Pattie. Marion and Earl Patterson had three children Delores, Maureen, and Patrick. Theresa Married George Denniston (he turns 99 this October 2010). They had two children Ellen and Douglas. 

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