New Baltimore 1865 Deaths

Mortality Schedule from the 
Census of 1865 ~
New Baltimore

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the original census

Deaths occurring in the Town of New Baltimore in the County of Green, NY during the year ending June 1, 1865, excepting those persons in the service of the United States, or from wounds or disease acquired in said service.


Name of Person Deceased Age Sex Color Civil Condition Month of Death Day of Death Native State or Country Trade or Occupation Disease or Cause of Death
First Election District
Willis S. Gould 1y11m M S April 29 N York Diptheria
Jacob Pierce 77 M W April 21 N York Farmer Diorhea
Emerson J. Sartford 6 M S August 10 New York Eyresypelus
Henry Bronk 71 M M October 8 New York Farmer Fever
Anna Whitbeck 38 F M September 8 New York Fever
Catharine Thompson 65 F B M September 13 New York Inflamation of the bowels
Jemima Huckens 66 F M May 6 New York Congestion of the lungs
Catharine Vanderpoel 67 F W October 16 New York Consumption
John VanderZee 90 M B M February 7 New York Laborer Old Age
William W. Sherman 2m M S July 22 New York Cholera
Amelia M. Reynolds 46 F M April 24 New York Congestion of the lungs
Almeron Spickerman 25 M S September 23 New York Engineer Fever
Catharine A. Post 53 F M November 4 New York Consumption
Second Election District
Lawrence Donnelly 73 M W M February 27 Ireland Blacksmith Consumption
Estella Dean 2 F W S November 9 New York a throat complaint
John H. Clow 15 M W S July 25 New York Farmer Typhoid fever
Samuel Banty 7 M W S November 7 New York Diptheria
Catharine Wheeler 68 F W M November 18 New York Died in consequence of a fit
Jacob Reider 2 M W S January 31 New York Scarlet Fever
Leora Vincent 3 F W S March 29 New York Caused by the sting of a bee
David Williams 5 M W S February 5 New York Scarlet Fever
Victor Osborn 74 M W M December 16 New York Farmer Cancer
Jacob Wilson 57 M W M December 12 New York Farmer Consumption
Ella Halsted 3 F W S October 21 New York Scharlet Fever
Jerusha Powell 46 F W W February 11 New York Tiphoid Fever
William H. Piby 3 M W S August 20 New York Disentary


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