More Pictures From the Past

More Pictures from 
the Past



The Cain Gallery
 Contributed by Celeste MacCormack.

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Road  building was a tough and grueling business. DeForrest Cain is the third from the left, in the left photo, in the plaid shirt.  He was the son of Cornelius Fraser Cain and Lola M. Shaffer both of Schoharie county.  Not known who any of the other men are although it is probable they were men from the Cairo-Durham area. Forrest lived on Golden Hill Road, East Durham. Photo taken in the 1930's.

The Schermerhorn/Matthews Gallery
Contributed by Judy Coy

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1.  Lydia and Peter V. Schermerhorn - Peter V. Schermerhorn was born November 1, 1828 in Prattsville, Greene Co., New York. He was the oldest child of Abram Schermerhorn and Sarah Vanderberg. Peter married Lydia A. Williams, born June 1834. Peter became a Methodist clergyman and in the 1860 census he is listed with his family in the Town of Franklin, Delaware Co. He was the minister at the Methodist Church at Davenport Center, Delaware Co. during the years 1865-1867. By 1870 the family had returned to Prattsville where Peter, having given up the ministry, is listed in the census as a photographer. Peter died sometime between 1880 and 1900. Lydia died in 1909 in Windham.
Sarah Helen Matthews and George V. Schermerhorn (abt. 1888) - The youngest of the five children of Peter and Lydia was George V. Schermerhorn, born 1869/1870 in Prattsville. George married Sarah Helen Matthews on September 19, 1888. She was born November 27, 1867 in Ashland, Greene Co., N.Y. Her parents were John Albert Matthews and Mary Eliza Crane. John Albert, born May 27, 1832 in Prattsville, was a farmer in Jewett and Prattsville, the son of John and Salina Matthews. Mary Crane was born June 26, 1836 in Castile, Wyoming Co., N.Y. Her parents were Charles H. Crane and Anna Maria Boughton of Conesville, Schoharie Co. Sarah and George had four children: Albert Victor Schermerhorn was born in June 30, 1889; Florence Lydia Schermerhorn, born May 5, 1890; Emory Elias Schermerhorn, born November 14, 1894 in Durham; and Corabelle Schermerhorn, born June 1, 1897 in Catskill.
3. Mary Eliza Crane Matthews (1836-1912)
4. Sarah Matthews Schermerhorn's family circa 1910-1913.
Corabelle, Sarah, Florence Lydia standing. Albert and Emory seated. Sometime prior to 1900, Sarah and George separated. Sarah took Emory and Corabelle and moved to Scott Township, Wayne Co., Pennsylvania with her mother, Mary Matthews. Subsequently they moved to Susquehanna Co., Pa. George took the two older children, Albert and Florence, with him and by 1900 had placed them in the care of other families. Ten year old Albert is listed in the 1900 census as a boarder with Enery and Mary Newman in Durham, Greene Co. and nine year old Florence Lydia is listed as the adopted daughter of the Bryant family in Rensselaerville, Albany Co.
Sarah Matthews Schermerhorn was ultimately reunited with all of her children though she never saw George again. She divorced him prior to 1917 and married Clark L. Tripp. Sarah died in 1940 in Lanesboro, Pa.

The Truesdell Gallery
Contributed by Richard Nesbitt

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1. Josiah Kingsbury Truesdell's family. I have tried, with my mother's help, to identify the persons in the picture. I will place a "?" after the name if I'm not sure. Anyone looking at this picture and sees a mistake or knows the person, please let me know. 
Back Row- Abram Truesdell ?; Lucy Janette Truesdell {Always known as Aunt Net}; Unknown girl; Ahira Z. Truesdell ?; Unknown girl; Levi W. Truesdell ?; Phoebe Ann Truesdell {my great grandmother}; her husband, Dr. Brayton Johnson. 
Middle Row- Steve Truesdell ?; Josiah Kingsbury Truesdell; his wife, Margaret Brandow Truesdell; Unknown girl; 
Front Row- Emma Delina Truesdell; Unknown child; Margaret Truesdell.
 My notes- First unknown girl in in the back row and last unknown girl in the middle row, may be the sisters of Brayton Johnson as they both married into this family. The unknown girl in the middle of the back row may be the wife of Levi, who would be Louise Jane Barnum.
2. This picture is of Josiah Truesdells family, but later in life. It shows all of the same people and a few more children. I believe this may have been taken somewhere if Little Westkill valley? As I said in the other notes of the Johnson sisters, Alice and Emma L., they are in this picture, with their brother Brayton and his family. Anyone have any information on this picture please let me know.

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Contributed by Carole Truesdell

Josiah & Margaret Brandow Truesdell Family, taken at the Homestead in Little Westkill, December 25, 1896.
The people are identified as: Reading left to right:
Row 4 - Nettie Truesdell Dunham; Margaret Truesdell Deyoe; Rice Deyoe; Emma Johnson Truesdell; Bertha Truesdell Dibble; Alice Barnum Dibble; > Ida Truesdell Wickham; Omar Truesdell; Ella Butler Truesdell; Mabel Johnson; Dr. Brayton Johnson; Osmer Truesdell; Pheobe Truesdell Johnson; Louise Barnum Truesdell; Delina Truesdell Barnum; Charles Deyoe; Alice Truesdell Johnson
Row 3 - Flora Dunham; Edna Truesdell; Ernest Barnum
Row 2 - Ward Truesdell; Brayton Johnson; Jay Truesdell; Corydon Dibble; Stephen Truesdell; Josiah Truesdell; Margaret Enderlin; Margaret Brandow Truesdell; Horace Dibble; Levi Truesdell; Anthony Barnum; Ahira Truesdell; Abram Truesdell
Row 1- Ahira Truesdell; Burton Truesdell; Leo Barnum; Charles Truesdell
Sons: Levi m Louise Barnum -- Son Jay; Ahira m Emma Johnson - Daughter -- Edna ; Steven m Ella Butler -- Children -- Ida, Ward, Burton, Ahira ; Abram m Alice Johnson -- five children -- Bertha, Twins Osmer & Omar, Charles, Margaret
Daughters: Pheobe m Dr. Brayton Johnson -- son & daughter ; Delina m Anthony Barnum -- five children- Alice, Ernest, Leo, Nina, Louise; Margaret m Charles Deyoe - son Rice; Nettie m Horace Dunham - daughter Flora.

The Ford/Dunham/Vredenburg Gallery

Contributed by Bob Vredenburgh

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1. On reverse of card: Mr. Andrew Vredenburg, Spruceton, NY - Picnic on the old camp ground, Lexington, NY Sept. 13, 1913
2. Written on the front of the card: from Ethel Ford to Aunt Jane Dunham
3. E.L. Ford, M.D., Lexington, NY
4. Written at the bottom of the card:  Edgewood Post Office, June 7, 1909; card is addressed to Mrs. William Dunham, Lexington, from Sister Mary, postmark June 8, 1909, from Edgewood, NY
5.  Written by hand on front of card in lower right hand corner : James Dice (possible Dill); reverse - card is addressed to Mr. Wm Dunham, Lexington, NY, postmark September 15, 1906 from Hunter, NY
6. Can anyone help? Who are these folks?

The Cole Gallery

Contributed by Carmen Marzano 

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1. Anne Eliza Applebee Cole, b. May 26,1824, d. abt 1913. Parents were Abram Applebee, b. abt 1803, d. March 3, 1879 and Phoebe ?, b abt 1803, d. November 6, 1873
2. Lizzie Cole, daughter of Barnum P. Cole and Ann Eliza Applebee Cole, b. May 25, 1865, d. May 30, 1904, married Clarence Gurnee.
3. Barnum P. Cole, b. August 13, 1824, d. abt 1899
4. Clarence Gurnee, b. January 16, 1865 in Rockland Co., d. August 5, 1916
5. Child is believed to be Anne Eliza Applebee
6. Abram Henry Cole, brother to Lizzie Cole, b. May 15, 1858, d. Unknown. He is the older gentleman in the picture.

Lizzie Cole is the submitters  grandmother. Interested in locating information and/or descendants of Fidelia Applebee, sister to Ann Eliza.
See the Cole/Gurnee Family Bible

The Parker/Miller Gallery

Contributed by Sheila Dent

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1. Lydia Parker Miller, b. July 8, 1838, d. May 14, 1917. Married Asa William "Lee" Miller on April 10, 1858. The submitter is Lydia's great granddaughter.
2. Isadore Newell Parker b. 1852 in Windham, and his wife Rosetta Disbrow b. March 19, 1854, Windham, daughter of Asahel Disbrow and Rachel Dewel. The Prattsville couple were wed October 5, 1869. Isadore is the brother of Lydia Parker Miller of Ashland.

The Ford/Allen Gallery

Contributed by Karol Hughes

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1. Francis Ford (1841-1899) and Celia Rosaline Allen (1841-1915). His parents were Philo Ford and Nancy Kipp of Lexington. Her parents were Cornelius Allen and Excy Stryker originally from Schoharie Co..
2. Howard P. Brandow (1862-1912) and Emma Nancy Ford (1870-1960), probably taken at the time of their wedding in 1890 in La Salle Co, IL. Parents were Charles Brandow and Rachel Jane Plank and Francis Ford and Celia R. Allen.
3.    Cornelius V. Allen, born in Schoharie Co. in 1816 to and died in Tonica, IL in 1881. He was the father of Celia Allen.
4.    Nancy Kipp Ford. Born 1804, died 1884 in Tonica, IL. Daughter of Benjamin Kipp and Sally Fraser (perhaps Frazee). Married Philo Ford in 1823.

Palen/Keith Gallery

Contributed by Phyllis Silva-Keith

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  1. Benjamin Peck Keith, son of Edwin S. Keith and his wife Julia Ann Palen. He was born 11 Aug 1856 in Cairo, Greene Co, NY and died March 24, 1927 in Brooklyn, NY. He married Michalena "Marcia" Walzauph. Benjamin loved to write poetry and a collection of his poems was published under the title, "Spoons of Silver and Spoons of Tin and other Poems."  

  2. Oil painting of John Palen Keith, b. 26 Jan 1847, Cairo, Greene Co, NY and d. 24 Nov 1887, Vineland, NJ. and his brother Amasa Keith, b. 25 Sep 1844, Cairo, Greene Co, NY, and d. 07 Aug 1922, Vineland, NJ. John Palen and Amasa were the sons of Edwin S. Keith and his wife Julia Ann Palen.

  3. Oil painting of Edwin S. Keith, son of Amasa Keith and his wife, Mary "Polly" Simpson. He was born 19 Jun 1815 and died 18 Mar 1868. He married Julia Ann Palen on October 18, 1841 and they had the following children: Amasa, John Palen, Edwin, Mary Elizabeth and Benjamin Peck.

  4. Julia Ann Palen, daughter of John Palen and Polly Peck. She d. Feb. 6, 1873 in Vineland, NJ. 

  5. Edwin S. Keith's business card. He was dealer in brick, lime, plaster and cement. 

Norman Dwight and Ernest Emerson Ford Gallery

From the private collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf


These two pictures are the grandsons of Norman A. (d. December 22, 1881, aged 62y7m10d) and Augusta M. (d. August 26, 1897, aged 80y) Ford and the sons of Emerson (d. December 31, 1910, aged 60y) and Loretta Adelaide (Addie) Carpenter (b. November 17, 1853, Berlin, Rensselaer Co, NY, d. October 22, 1889) Ford. Addie was the d/o Lorenzo D. Carpenter and wife Justine F. Green. Emerson and Addie were married June 7, 1876 in Medway, Greene Co, NY

On the left is Norman Dwight Ford, who was born February 21, 1878 in Oak Hill, Greene Co, NY and died in 1936. Norman Dwight married Millie B. Mackey, the d/o of Omar Mackey on September 5, 1899 in Oak Hill. Mille was born in 1879 and died in 1975. Both are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Greene Co, NY. Norman Dwight and his wife Millie moved to Custer Co, Nebraska between 1900 and 1910. He became a lawyer and eventually a Judge in Nebraska. They had at least two children, Theodore Lionel and Kathleen E.

On the right is Ernest Emerson Ford, who was born April 12, 1879 in Oak Hill and died in 1955. Emerson married Bertie Conrad (1883-1958) Their daughter Madalene A. died February 28, 1905 at the age of 2 months and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, along with her parents.

Emerson and his son Ernest ran the Ford General Store in Oak Hill, Greene Co, NY.

These portraits were taken by Charles C. Wells, of Coxsackie, NY.

 Slater/Bloodgood Family Gallery

Contributed by Pam Slater

1.        2.        3.   

4.        5.        6.   

  1. The residence of Hugh Slater, Jewett, Greene Co, NY. Hugh Slater was the son of Elihu and Sally Slater. Hugh (d. September 5, 1883, aged 71y6m11d) and his wife Sally Woodworth (d. June 27, 1888, aged 71y1m8d) Slater are seated at left, and are shown in this photo in front of their house in 1883, with other family members surrounding them. Hugh died later that year. Hugh and Sally are buried in the East Jewett Cemetery, with their son Jonathan (d. June 26, 1863, aged 12y1m26d).

  2. Dayton Slater with parents David and Elizabeth Slater about 1911

  3. Dayton Slater Jr. about 1940

  4. Katie Bedford Bloodgood abt 1870. Katie married Levi Bloodgood

  5. Katie Bedford Bloodgood abt 1870

  6. Katie Bloodgood, far left , with parents John and Sarah Eggleston Bedford

 Hyde/Turk/Hallenbeck Family Gallery

Contributed by Pam Leitt

1.        2.        3.        4.        5.   

6.        7.        8.        9.        10.        11.   

12.        13.       14.      15.         16.        17.   

18.        19.        20.         21.   

22.        23.        24.   

  1. Jacob Turk and Anna Chamberlain Gravestone - Halcott, NY. Jacob Turk was born in 1786 in Westerlo, Albany Co, NY and died on June 8, 1856 in Halcott, Greene Co, NY. He married Anna Chamberlain, d/o Benjamin Chamberlain. She was born in 1783 in Westerlo, Albany Co, NY and died on August 21, 1847 n Halcott. They had the following children: Alexander Elihu (b. June 27, 1815), Elizabeth "Elisa" Ann (b. April 22, 1817, d. October 24, 1849), Polly (b. July 1, 1819, d. December 12, 1899), Lyman (b. December 25, 1823, d. January 22, 1885), James (b. May 18, 1825, d. December 27, 1899), Samuel (b. March 16, 1827, d. May 10, 1903) and Margaret (b. March 15, 1830).

  2. Lyman Turk married Sarah Jane Hyde on July 4, 1846, the d/o Joshua Hyde and Catherine Turk. Their children were: John Hyde (b. July 3, 1847, d. July 12, 1927), Jacob Henry (b. October 18, 1850, d. April 3, 1928), Ida Catherine (b. March 4, 1856, d. June 9, 1919), Sarah Elnora (b. June 6, 1865, d. November 1930) and Margaret (b. January 1, 1867, d. abt 1950.

  3. Sarah Jane Hyde, b. September 15, 1824 in Middletown, Delaware Co, NY and died April 11, 1894 in the Hensonville, Greene Co, NY. She is buried in Windham Cemetery.

  4. John Hyde Turk, married Marilla Hallenbeck on November 15, 1876 in Windham, Greene Co, NY. She was the daughter of John Hallenbeck and Elizabeth Day. Their children were: Blanche Edna, (b. October 28, 1885, d. June 10, 1979) and Sarah Ethel (b. April 11, 1887, d. July 23, 1960)

  5. Marilla Hallenbeck, b. November 20, 1853, d. June 18, 1950

  6. Jacob Henry Turk, , s/o Lyman Turk and Sarah Jane Hyde. He married Etta B. White on January 18, 1871, the d/o Moses and Laura H. White. Their child was: Harry Turk (b. April 1880, d. July 1, 1894)

  7. Etta B. White was b. in December 1850 and d. in 1912. She was buried in Fairlawn Cemetery, Prattsville, Greene Co, NY

  8. Harry Turk, s/o Jacob Henry Turk and Etta M. White.

  9. Blanche Edna Turk, d/o John Hyde Turk and Marilla Hallenbeck. She married Edwin L. Moore on November 4, 1908 in Jewett, Greene Co, NY. Their children: Marjorie Elizabeth (b. June 2, 1911, d. February 23, 2004) and Edwin J. Moore (b. April 10, 1917, d. February 5, 1986)

  10. Edwin L. Moore, s/o Clarke L. Moore and Rowena Alice Miller, b. April 23, 1885, d. May 18, 1952.

  11. Marjorie Elizabeth Moore, d/o Edwin L. Moore and Blanche Edna Turk, married Guy Preston Switzer, Jr on May 20, 1945. Their child is Mark Jay Switzer.

  12. Guy Jay Switzer, b. February 13, 1908, d. November 7, 1980.

  13. Edwin J. Moore, s/o Edwin L. Moore and Blanche Edna Turk. He married  Caroline Marie Vicevich, d/o Jacob Vivevic and Josipa Maracic on April 13, 1941 in Roxbury. Delaware Co, NY. Their children were: Pamela Josephine, Anthony Edwin, Stephanie Marie, and Christopher John.

  14. Caroline Marie Vicevich.

  15. Ida Catherine Turk, d/o Lyman Turk and Sarah Jane Hyde, married Willis Bligh Chatfield, s/o Samuel Willis Chatfield and Charlotte Bligh, on November 7, 1877. Their children were: Charlotte May (b. April 25, 1880, d. October 17, 1927), Vernon Edward (b. July 3, 1884, d. April 6, 1956), Mabel Ida (b. September 20, 1887, d. April 11, 1917), Minnie (b. January 6, 1894, d. April 16, 1895 and Perry Willis (b. August 22, 1896, d. February 25, 1898)

  16. Willis Chatfield, b. February 5, 1854, d. September 22, 1931.

  17. Vernon Chatfield, s/o Ida Catherine Turk and Willis Bligh Chatfield

  18. Sarah Elnora (Ella Nora) Turk, d/o Lyman Turk and Sarah Jane Hyde, married Norman R. Cunningham on December 26, 1893. Theur children were: Gladys Norma and Mildred Rudy.

  19. Norman R. Cunningham.

  20. Margaret "Minnie" Turk, d/o Lyman and Sarah Jane Hyde. She married Edward M. Kniskern on June 1, 1892. Their children were: Floyd, Helen, Warren Monroe and Margaret.

  21. Edward M. Kniskern

  22. John Hallenbeck and Elizabeth Day. John was b. September 21, 1823 in Coxsackie, Greene Co, NY and d. January 15, 1903 in Olive, Ulster Co, NY. Elizabeth was probably the daughter of John Day and Gertrude Myers, b. February 25, 1823 in Coxsackie and d. December 9, 1876 in Windham. John married Ellen Rowlison after Elizabeth's death. She was b. November 20, 1854 and d. July 9, 1908. John and Elizabeth's children were: Rebecca, (b. abt 1848, d. May 4, 1902), William T. (b. abt 1852, d. March 27, 1883) and Marilla (b. abt 1853 and d. 1950)

  23. William Thomas Hallenbeck, s/o John Hallenbeck and Elizabeth Day. He married Ella C. Mollineau.

  24. Ella C. Mollineau (b. abt 1856, d. May 16, 1887) Both William Thomas and Ella are buried in Windham Cemetery.

 Blaisdell Family Gallery

Contributed by Roger Bonnett

1.        2.        3.        4.        5. 

  1. Sarah E Jones, wife of Franklin P Blaisdell (date unknown)

  2. Diane Lampman, taken on her wedding day 1/16/1886 (tin plate), married Orlando Palmer

  3. Alfred Palmer and Jessie Blaisdell, wedding picture 1913?

  4. Alfred Palmer and his brother Arthur Palmer, taken June 16, 1957

  5. Isabella (Babel) Llyod, wife of James Carlton Shearwood, date unknown

1.        2.        3.        4.         5.        6.      

7.        8.        9.        10.

  1. Jessie Theresa Blaisdell, daughter of Franklin Blaisdell and Sarrah Jones, date unknown

  2. Jennie Bogardus, wife of Aleck Blaisdell, son of Franklin Blaisdell and Sarrah Jones, date unknown

  3. Lois Smith, wife of Alfred Palmer, date unknown

  4. Orlando Palmer, son of Albert Augustis Palmer and Susan W Greene, date unknown

  5. Charles H. Mott at 4 1/2 months.  I believe he is part of Hannah Mott's family who married Jonas Blaisdell

  6. Probably Orlando Palmer and Diane Lampman

  7. Likely Sarah Jones Blaisdell

  8. Likely Sarah Jones Blaisdell

  9. Likely Sarah Jones Blaisdell

  10. Likely Sarah Jones Blaisdell and daughters Effie and Jessie

Medway Cemetery

Blaisdell/Palmer Family Album - the Unknowns
Can anyone help?



W.M. Steele Blacksmith, Windham

Courtesy of Dave Van Valkenburgh

Demetrius France Family Gallery

From the Seward R. Osborne Collection

1.        2.        3.        4.        5.        6.   

  1. Demetrius James France 1857.  Demetrius was born November 8, 1834, likely in Catskill or Leeds, NY and died January 4, 1893 in West Hurley, Ulster Co, NY. He is buried in the Woodstock Cemetery, Woodstock, Ulster Co, NY. His parents were John Henry France, b. 18 Feb 1811 in Ulster Co, NY, and d. 06 Jan 1878 in West Hurley, Ulster Co, NY and Jane Thorn, b. 20 Jan 1813, in Cairo, Greene Co, NY and d. 22 Jan 1875 in West Hurley, Ulster Co, NY. They were married on 05 Jul 1834 in Leeds, Greene Co, NY.

  2. Wedding picture of Demetrius James France and Caroline Elizabeth Jefferson Manning, taken in New York City, March 16, 1856. They had 6 children: John C., b. 1857, Edward M., b. 1859, James D., b. 1861, Julia Carrie, b.1867, Charles A. b. 1869, and Jennie, b. 1875. Demetrius was a speculator, Postmaster and Farmer.

  3. Captain Demetrius J. France Company K, 20th New York State Militia. He was wounded in the thigh at the 2nd Battle of Bull Run, August 30, 1862.

  4. Capt. Demetrius France taken in uniform

  5. Capt. Demetrius France taken in uniform

  6. Capt. Demetrius France taken in uniform

    The Burroughs Sisters

    Contributed by Dave Vandenburgh


It is thought that these girls were the Burrough sisters Isophene, Mary and Eugenia (Dave's great-grandmother). Agnes Isophene (Addie) Burroughs (1845-1914) married Charles Tryon, their daughter Clara Tryon married John Manley Van Denburgh;  Mary Burroughs (1844-1930) married Egbert Searles and resided in Albany; Eugenia Burroughs (July 1, 1846- Feb 22, 1939)married Charles Boyd their daughter Mary Anna Boyd married Paul  Van Denburgh, brother of  John Manley Van Denburgh.  The girls parents were Ezra Burroughs (1815-1897) and Rachel Miller (1818-1909). Ezra was the son of Benjamen N. Burroughs and the grandson of Nathan Burroughs, a Revolutionary War Soldier).

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