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Submitted by Arlene Maher

Article of Agreement Between G. L. Nichols and Amanda Schutt (Scott)
This Agreement ________ that George L. Nichols, as agreed to or attorney you the heirs at law of Jas. G. Foster (Dec.) hereby agrees to sell to Amanda Schutt wife of Edward Schutt for the sum of nine hundred dollars ($900.) the property or premises now occupied by said Edward Schutt belonging to the Estate of the late Jas. G. Foster and adjoining the brick stone now occupied by Jonas Onson and being about twenty six feet out on Forry street and proceeding back about fifty nine feet to the property of Sally Raymond~~ 

And, the said Amanda Schutt hereby agrees to pay to the said G. L. Nichols or his legal representation, the sum of three hundred dollars on or before the first day of July next when upon which said payment of three hundred dollars as specified, and the execution and deliver of all Bond and mortgage for the further amts. of six hundred dollars, payable one half (or $300.) in one year from this date, and the remainding half ($300.) in two years from this date with interest, the said Geo. L. Nichols shall deliver to said Amanda Schutt a Warranty Deed for said premises~~ 
Witnessed our hands this 1st day of May 1866 
George L. Nichols (atty.)

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