Miscellaeous Small Plots

Miscellaneous Small Plots

From, Volume #1 and Volume #2, Cemetery Records of Old Burying Grounds in the Town of Catskill 1946-1969. Recorded by Dorothy and Walter Smith. Retyped by Celeste MacCormack.

Location in July 2004: On Route 23A across from Maple Grove resort, along the road, by the red sign Story Jr. 2973 Route 23A. The stones are completely obscured by brush. 

Celeste MacCormack retranscribed the cemetery in April 2002
Corrections to the stones:
Marilla A., d/o Elisha and Eliza Hains, d. June 3, 1840, aged 5y4m2d
Another stone located:
Abigail E., d/o Hiram G. and Phebe Adsit, d. August 9, 1845, aged 9y5m6d

One stone along south side of 23A, 1 mile east of Palenville. Recorded in May 1962.

Magilla A., daughter of Elihu and Eliza Haines died June 3 1840 aged 5 yrs, 4 mo, 2days

As long as I remember there were only ever two stones there, of late years one has disappeared. I think the other was another child.

Found the missing stone across the road at the Maple Grove House, spring 1964.

Alice, daughter of Ambrose and Angeline Timmerman died June 17 1865 aged 4 yrs 3 mo.

On Underhill Road, 1/2 mile north of 23A, on land of Luther B. Lane. Recorded in May 1962.

Abram Dederick died May 29 1857 aged 77 yrs, 1 mo, 25 days

Abram Dederick Jr. died Nov 22 1852 aged 33 yrs 4 mo.

Just two stones here. Do not think there were ever any more. Stones just north of house, house is quite a ways off road.

On Old Kings Road, 1/2 mile north of Town of Catskill Tool House, stones right along road. Recorded in May 1962.

Jerusha Stratton died Jan 16 1878 aged 98 yrs, 2 mo 4 days

Frederick W. Martin died May 2, 1873 aged 74 yrs 2 mo 26 days

Permellia wife of Frederick W. Martin died Nov 22, 1873 aged 65 yrs 11 mo 18 days

That is all remaining of this stone, it is broken there and rest of it missing. Got dates from other records, May 1965.

I remember these stones for over 40 yrs They were all standing then, now they are all down and half of one missing. I don’t think there were ever any more than these three stones.

 Plot on the south end of Mossy Hill Road, on land of Camp Onteora at edge of woods, no fence, brush is kept cut. Recorded in May 1962.

Sally G. Myers, wife of John W. Clum died June 16, 1865 aged 24 yrs, 6 mo, 15 days

John Clum died Aug 15 1845 aged 74 yrs, 7 mo, 16 days.

Charles H., son of Jacob L. and Comfort C. Dederick died July 9, 1859 aged 19 yrs, 5 mo, 15 days.

Also one stone with nothing on, possible a few more unmarked graves in this plot.

West side of Bethel Ridge Road, few hundred feet north of Cauterskill -Lawrenceville Road. Two stones close to road. Recorded May 1962.

Caroline, daughter of Wm. and Catharine Crapser died May 22, 1841 aged 9 yrs.

Catharine, daughter of Wm. and Catharine Crapser died Dec. 24, 1840 aged 4 yrs, 13 days.

These could be the children of William and Catharine Crasper who are buried in the Saxe/Lawrence Family Cemetery. The age would be about right.

Among a group of trees in an open field, few hundred feet west of junction of Game Farm Road and Route 32. Only one stone now, looks as though there might have been one or two more. Maybe all children. Plot on land of Fiesser. Recorded June 1962.

Joseph Beiber, son of Neely and Catharine Wall Lawrence born Dec. 2, 1832 died March 28, 1836 aged 3 yrs, 2 mo, 26 days.

The mother Catharine Wall is buried in the Saxe/Lawrence Family Cemetery. Also the father Neely Lawrence, the stone is not there now but was recorded as being there about 1931.

On the east side of Grove School Road about 3/4 mile north of 23A along road just over stone wall. On land of DeMatteo, but only about 50 feet south of barn on land of Bobach, former George Linzey place. Known as Barringer Plot. Many buried her but few markers. Plot in poor condition. Recorded in April 1963.

E. B. died Oct. 27, 1825 aged 12 yrs, 8 mo, 6 days.

H. B. died May 10, 1834 aged 9 yrs, 5 mo, 3 days.

Postscript: From Barbara Bartley
The Bible of Jacob C. Barringer, (wife: Lena/Laney Schermerhorn) lists the following children: Eliza Maria Barringer born 21 Mar 1813 died 27 Oct 1825,  Hariot Barringer born 7 Dec 1824 died 10 May 1834. Quite possibly these are the two gravesites.

Plot behind and about 1/2 mile north of the Maple Grove House at Palenville and several hundred feet east of the Maple Grove House Road near their pump house. A small plot two stones, could be one or two more graves. Away in the woods not near any residence. Had a fence once. Recorded May 1963.

Lydia Marshell died Feb 18, 1813 aged 74 yrs.

Chloe, wife of Justus Blanchard Esq. died Aug 25, 1811 aged 45 yrs.

Pierce Plot: On the east side of Hearts Content Road about 3/4 mile north of Route 32. Away in the woods behind a house that burned down several years ago, land now owned by Porto. Across the road from the George Munson place. One stone left must be more buried there. Recorded May 1963.

Julia, daughter of William and Lucinda Garrison born Oct 16, 1854 died Oct 25, 1856.

This plot on Route 32 about 1/4 mile north of Carson City and about 1/4 mile in from Route 32 west. Near the former Forster place. This plot has a stone wall around it, just two stones here must be more graves. Recorded May 1963.

Peter E. Schriber died May 22, 1851 aged 97 yrs.

Ann Eliza Jones died June 1851 aged 23 yrs.

This plot is just over the stone wall from the following plot.

This plot on Route 32 about 1/4 mile north of Carson City and about 1/4 mile in west from Route 32. Near the former Forster place. It is just the other side of the stone wall from the previous plot. Only one stone here now, several other graves marked with small pieces of blue stone. Recorded May 1963.

Anna Maria, wife of Peter P. Eggner died Nov. 4, 1838 aged 81 yrs, 13 days.

This plot in an isolated spot away from any residence about 1/2 mile due west of the Green School House on the Old Kings Road, on a high knoll overlooking the Kaaterskill Creek. The Green School House is on the west side of Kings Road about one mile north of the Greene-Ulster County line. Only two stones here now. According to John Etheridge who lives on the High Falls Road and has known of this plot for a number of years there use to be more stones here but they have disappeared. Recorded May 1963.

Michael S. Lasher died Jan 22, 1843 aged 20 yrs, 11 mo, 14 days.

Michael Socks died Aug 5, 1837 aged 52 yrs, 4 mo, 5 days

This plot on the farm now occupied by Walter Decker on the Cauterskill Road 1/4 mile west of the Cauterskill-Leeds bridge. Plot is up on the hill 500 feet or so back of house at edge of woods. Was once known as a DuBois plot but none of those stones remain. It is overgrown with brush and large trees. Recorded November 1963

Peter H. Freleigh died Jan. 10, 1843 aged 61 yrs, 1 mo, 29 days.

Matilda Eckler died Aug 31, 1839 aged 21 yrs. 9 mo.

New stone:
Harvey J. Helwig 1893 - 1947
Mary F. Lewis, his wife 1901 (still living at this date -1963)

Burying ground on the Old Ben. Lane Farm. On the Cauterskill - Lawrenceville Road, 1/4 mile east of the junction of the Grove School Road with the above road. Farm now owned by Emil Groshans. Plot is in the field about 200 feet west of house. All that marks it now is a wood post set there, all the stones are gone. From Miss Bertha Lane of Catskill to whom I talked about the burying, she can remember the following being buried there. Was a good size plot at one time. Recorded September 1964.

George Lane

Amanda Gardner, wife of George Lane.

One infant.

Burying ground on the west side of Route 32, about 1/2 south of where the Cairo Junction Road joins Route 32. Across the road from Browns Service Station. Do not know on who’s ground the burying ground is now. It looks as tho at one time it was a large size burying ground, as the large trees have not been cut at this date that mark it. There are only these two stones and several pieces of blue stones left. In a short time it will be hard to find. Recorded October 1964.

Isaac Holdridge died Oct 26, 1811 aged 67 yrs.

Infant daughter of A. and Emily Timmaman died Oct 17, 1868 aged 3 mos.

wpe1.jpg (318042 bytes)

Burying ground on the High Falls Road, about one mile south of the Smith Mills Bridge. On the east side of the road on the property of M. Delavare, about 75 feet north of house. Small plot, only one stone left, grass is kept cut. As this is right near where the High Falls Powder Mill was located along the Kaaterskill Creek, several men who were killed when the mill blew up a couple of times are buried here. The first name on this stone is the best I could make of it as the stone was worn away some what. October 1964. (In August 2006 plot located. Tombstone is broken in half and section with age at time of death is missing - SH)

Winkep L. , son of Henry and Elizabeth Gardner died Nov. 15, 1843 aged 2 yrs.

This small burying ground on the Barker Homestead. At the west end of West Main Street Extension, where it joins the Cauterskill Road. This house is on the north side of the road, the burying ground about 100 feet west of house by a small old building. There are two stones with names and one without, two of the stones on the east side of building (about 10 x 12 feet) and one on the west side. They could have put the building over the burying at sometime. The property has just been bought by Franklin Hommel. Recorded April 1965.

John Heermance born Feb 3, 1788 died March 25, 1856

Julia M. Smith died April 26. 1835 aged 2 yrs, 3 mo.

Burying ground about half way between Landon Road (Town 184) and State Highway Route 9W. In the northeast corner of Post Bros. junk yard on a high knoll overlooking valley. Grown up very thick with brush and red cedars. Has a fence around it. Recorded May 19, 1968.

Charles Anderson born Jan 19, 1835 died May 14 1898.

Fannie M. Smith, wife of Charles Anderson born July 7, 1844 died Jan 8, 1914.

Frederick Trumpour born Jan 3, 1785 died March 15, 1855.

Two stones without names.

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