Mack Wolven Family Cemetery

Mack/Wolven Family Cemetery

 Plot on the former Percy Holmes farm. On the Old Kings Road, two miles south of the Town of Catskill Tool House, several hundred feet east of the Kings road. In very poor condition, overgrown with brush and most stones down. Some graves unmarked.

From, Volume #1, Cemetery Records of Old Burying Grounds in the Town of Catskill 1946-1962. This cemetery recorded in April 1946 by Dorothy and Walter Smith. Retyped by Celeste MacCormack.

James D., son of Nathan & Mary Mack died March 7, 1864 aged 17 yrs., 4 mo, 20 days.

Mary Clum, wife of Nathan Mack died April 5, 1870 aged 59 yrs, 7 mo, 3 days

Grave next to Mary Clum only base of stone remains, could be that of Nathan Mack.

John P. son of Nathan and Mary Mack died June 12, 1850 aged 5 yrs, 12 days.

John Wm., son of Nathan and Eliza Maria Mack died Feb 4, 1842 aged 2 mo. 14 days.

Eliza Maria H., wife of Nathan Mack died Dec. 6, 1841 aged 35 yrs, 10 mo, 6 days.

(first wife of Nathan Mack lived 15 days after John Wm.)

Sally Ann, daughter of Peter and Catherine Wolven died April 14, 1835 aged 25 yrs. 9 mo, 26 days

Catherine wife of Peter L. Wolven died April 17, 1830 aged 25 yrs, 7 mo, 17 days

Catherine, wife of Peter Wolven died Jan 13, 1817 aged 74 yrs. 9 mo, 12 days

Peter Wolven died Feb 12, 1811 aged 64 yrs.

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