Lexington Baptist Church Members

Lexington Baptist Church

Copied by Mrs. Jennie Haines Dunn, Chappaqua, NY in the 1930s.
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Membership List


Bro. Hervey
Phila Inman
Charlotte Lattimore
Benjamin Jones
Elisha Latimore
Eunice Mix
John Baker with letter from Frederickstown
William Faulkner & Elizabeth    Rec.
Jason & Jemima Peck
Samuel Peck 


Derick Schermerhorn  requested join
David & Daniel Gregory
Christina Johnson   wanted letter
Leah Dunham 

Before 1821

Elisha and Abigail Haines
Phebe Hains Joseph Hanes
Elijah Hanes  Died
John Baker  from Fredericksburg   wife recd by letter
Easter & Sumner Parmenter   discharged by letter
Elinor Parmenter   discharged by letter
Samuel and Mary Merritt   discharged by letter
Sister Merritt
Polly Lord
Polly Demaree    ?Phebe 


Joseph Arnold  from Greenville 


Members belonging to the church
Eunice Mix
Mary Mix
Ester, Sumner and Elinor Parmenter
Samuel & Mary Merritt
Elisha and Abigail Hanes 

1828 Church Reg. Set off

Elinor S. Parmenter
Phebe Demaree
Abigail Haines
Mary Mix 


Bro. Parmenter & wife & dau moved April 4
Samuel Merritt & wife move
Syntha Law 

Aide Baker Demaree  dis. by letter
Phebe Demaree
John  Baker
Eunice Mix

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