Leeds and Sandy Plains ME Church Marriages

Leeds and Sandy Plains Methodist Episcopal Church

Transcribed copy of original record located at the Vedder Memorial Library.
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf


December 10, S. Sherwood Hotchkiss of Cairo and Caroline Tompkins
No date, Abram Brooks and Mary Brandow of Athens
No date, Thomas Moore and Lucy Howard of Leeds
No date, Charles E. Brandow and Rachel I. Plank of town of Catskill

March 15, John Wilkenson and Mary Edwards
July 31, John R. Asher of Indianapolis, Ind. and Mary Wolcott
October 1, John C. Hallenbeck of Coxsackie and Susan M. Bronk
October 2, Richard F. Van Hoesen of Catskill and Eliza Fredenburgh of Athens
December 31, George W. Loud of Catskill and Fanny A. Brink of Cairo

February 13, James Bamford and Amelia Secor
March 26, John Pelham of Durham and Almira Elliott of Cairo
June 28, Charles Moore of Baltimore, NY and Susan DuBois of Coxsackie
July 1, Robert N. Fullagar and Charlotte E. Cundall
July 4, Augustus Myres of Catskill and Catharine Veith
July 12, Ira Doney of Catskill and Hannah M. Secor
September 23, Thomas Brooks of Catskill and Ann C. Vedder
October 13, James Barkley of Huntington, L.I. and Betsey Peaslee of Blenheim, NY
October 26, Franc Haigh of Catskill and Ann Lewis
November 7, Stephen Hedden and Susan A. Kennedy
November 11, Levi Crannell of Albany and Julia A. Wolcott
December 23, Edgar W. Brandt of Catskill and Jane Post of West Saugerties
December 25, Samuel Whitaker of Glasgow, NY and Irene Baker of Catskill

February 7, Joseph L. Secor and Eliza C. Doney
February 14, Enos Covey and Mary Roberts
February 23, Lorenza Butts of Athens and Irena June
March 3, Calvin Briggs and Margaret A. June
May 25, Sherwood Eckler of Athens and Ann E. Elmendorf
June 4, David C. Palmer of Cauterskill and Margaret E. Reed
December 28, Albert Brink of Cairo and Laura Feeney

February 18, Reuben V. Powell of Greenville and Sarah M. Palmer
May 10, John Henry Eckler and Cornelia Catharine Secor
June 30, Alonzo A. Haight of Greenville and Eliza C. Scott of Athens
September 13, Ebenezer June and Harriet Lampman
November 26, George Hollenbeck of Greenville and Lucretia Plank of Catskill
December 24, Robert Osterhoudt of Catskill and Agnes Ann Wolfe
December 24, Calvin Reen Baker and Julia Emma Georgia

March 17, George Doney and Phoebe Jane Sweet
March 21, Franklyn Cook and Anna Rebecca Hamm of Kiskatom
June 18, John S. Hardick of Hudson and Harriet E. Howard

January 27, James Eldred of Coxsackie and Mrs. Ann Catharine Brooks of Leeds
July 2, Marshall Van Hoesen and Mary Georgie
July 28, Henry L. Lemily and Charlotte Jerman
September 1, John Brandow of Athens and Helen R. Hallenbeck
November 24, Chauncey Decker of Cauterskill and Harriet Overbagh
December 10, Van Wagener of Minor (perhaps Union) Vale, Dutchess Co. and Hattie Wright of Beekman, NY
December 11, Thomas E. Wright, married at Beekman, and Georgianna Van Wagoner of Union Ville
December 15, Howard Brandow and Mary Eaton

May 8, George M. Dickenson of Freedom, Ill. and Mary Cundall of Catskill
June 3, Oliver Hopson and Charlotte Duncan
June 7, John Graham and Maggie Guthrie
June 8, J.J. Knickerbocker of Cairo and Ada Story of Sandy Plains
November 15, Thomas Tiffany and Elsie Brandow
November 25, S. Mallory of Catskill and Elsie Brandow of High Hill
November 29, Thomas R. Wolfe and Julia E. Plank
December 16, Artemus B. Goetchius of Catskill and M.J. Hallock of Palenville
December 23, Henry Cundall of Leeds and Bessie A. Sherman
December 29, John Post of Durham and Nettie Decker of Red Falls

July 3, John Overist of Athens and Eliza Sterling of Athens
July 3, Isaac Hanson and Eliza Sterling
July 4, Andrew Wrigley and Adaline Chandler of West Troy
August 22, John A. Palmer of Albany and Sadie Plank
September 23, George W. Teetsel of Cairo and Catharine E. June of Athens
September 29, Henry Mackey of Coxsackie and (rest missing)
October 20, Jacob Roberts of Cairo and Mary Jackson of Cairo
November 14, Edward Carknard of Coeymans and Mary Edwards of Coxsackie

January 26, Watson Brandt of Catskill and Gertrude B. Wallace of South Cairo
February 6, Reuben Secor and Mary Bellins of Cairo
February 8, Wallace W. Edget of Pentwater, Mich. and Frances A. Hotchkiss of Cairo
February 12, Alexander Pitcher and Julia A. Comfort
March 9, George Zimmerman and Julia C. Williams, both of Catskill
March 20, James K. Polk of Medway and Sarah C. Betts of Catskill
May 2, Francis Tomlinson of Bennington, VT. And Sarah L. Bowers of Leeds
May 4, Franklin Story of Catskill and Julia C. Wolcott of Leeds
June 29, Peter H. Harder of Ghent and Sarah Freeman of Catskill
August 7, Jeremiah Day of Coxsackie and Rachel M. Van Valkenburgh of Athens
August 19, Hervey Wrigley and Helen Lampman
September 11, William Duncan and Georgiana Smith, both of South Cairo
December 6, Philip Mickle of Coxsackie and Theretta Timmerman
December 20, Harvey Hennely (?) of Athens and Eliza A. Perry of Cairo
December 25, Isaac N. Plank and Electa C. Spring

January 11, George A. Van Valkenburgh of West Kill and Hattie A. Winter of East Jewett
January 11, Wesley Van Valkenburgh of Lexington and Olive E. Huggins
January 14, William H. Morse of Napanock, Ulster Co, and Ida Layman of Catskill
March 4, James A. Sharpless and Sarah Hopkins
April 16, Charles Few (?) of Lockport and Fanny Ratcliff, daughter of James
April 22, Levi Egnor and L___Van Valkenburgh
September 27, George H. Hallenbeck and Emeline Lampman, both of Athens
November 14, Ambrose Basset of South Cairo and M.A. Scott of Leeds
December 12, William E. Riesdorf and Eliza Jane Hallenbeck
December 13, Addison S. Townsend and Hattie A. Warner
December 20, John Duncan and Rosina Smith
December 24, Andrew J. Weeks and Sarah A. Delamarter of Coxsackie
December 27, Eugene Martin and Ella Martin, both of Catskill

January 28, John Dick and Agnes Hamilton, both of Paisley, Scotland
January 28, Silvester Norton and Kate A. Whitney
January 28, Charles H. Bartlet and Mary J. Smith of Athens
September 11, Silas Finch and Elsie Winnie, both of Sandy Plains
November 3, Jonathan Story of Cairo and Achsah Lumley of Cherry Valley
November 6, George A. Banks and Annie E. Edwards, both of Catskill
November 25, Wilbur Newkirk and Mary Vandenburgh, both of Catskill
December 9, John S. Plank and Elmira Simpkins

September 17, Abram Lewis and Julia Rosman
November 1, Charles J. Shear and Esther Wrigley

January 2, John Haas and Jane Brandow
April 28, Robert Barth and Wilhelmina Linder
June 17, Abram A. Rouse and Josephine Duncan
July 4, George McGuire and Julia Kerwin
November 21, Peter Teetsel and Anna T. Martin
December 2, Peter I. Vedder and Sarah A. Spring
November 4, Francis E. Hopson and Charlotte Perry
December 5, J. Childs and Elizabeth Wagner
December 30, Charles E. Covel and Rachel A. Garrison
December 31, Lyman Scott and Rosa Vanbeck(?)

January 10, Robert H. Miller and Harriet E. Hardick
February 25, Calvin H. Weeks and Sarah H. Tiffany
March 11, Henry D. (?) Cornell and Julia E. Bogardus
March 26, Walter C. Yeomans and Helen Ann Tiffany, both of Athens
October 5, William Edwards and Eliza Brandow
October 6, Henry Vedder and Hattie Sherman
October 23, George W. Reed of Catskill and Georgiana Woodland
December 1, William Tiffany of Athens and Maggie Bogardus
December 22, Lyman Hawker and Libbie Vedder
December 23, Rodman P. Eckler and Libbie Green

February 23, Franklyn Pierce of Kiskatom and Hattie A. Funk of Kiskatom
May 11, Abraham L. Hood of Greenville and Mrs. Margaret Crandall of Windham
June 8, Walter Hoose of Greenville and Eliza Hughes
June 15, Andrew Baker of Catskill and Jennie Elliott of Cairo
August 18, Silas Finch of Cairo and Elizabeth Winnie of Sandy Plains
August 27, John Calkins and Addie Preston, both of Athens
September ?, Charles Sherman and Xomia V. Burgett
November 9, George June and Nettie Edwards
November 16, Jacob Moore and Maria Francis
December 27, Samuel Fowks and Carrie Myres

January 10, Edward Vedder and Georgiana Spring
April 23, Thomas Rich of Leeds and Agnes Crossin
April 8, William Alvin Hall of Hurley and Ella Iantha Clement, daughter of Rev. Clement
July 18, David Gilliland of Newburgh and Sarah Howard of Leeds
December 2, David Staples of Newburgh and Sarah Howard of Leeds
December 4, Asbury Cook of Albany and Rose Myres of Sandy Plains

January 1, Frank Kenne and Mary Hoffman of Hoffmansville, Town of Cairo
May 29, Dewey Dederick and Martha Billings
June 12, Sanford Layman and Mary Pierce, Athens
October 26, William T. Scring of Durham and Lottie Brown of Cairo

January 24, Henry Tuel and Emma L. Sherman
February 19, George B. Rosman of Athens and Bella G. Hitchcock
May 18, Reuben Weidman of Newburgh and Mary F. Butler of Coxsackie
October 7, Hiram E. Norton of Catskill and Emma Duffy of Haverstraw
November 5, Edward A. Hoagland and Elizabeth Church
December 21, Eben E. Earl and Jennie Winnie
December 23, Richard Gilbert and Mary Bunntin

February 23, Richard L. Gibbs, NY City and Martena Duncan
March 13, Charles Mickle of Germany and Pauline E. Smith
April 29, Franklyn Dayter and Fannie Wolfe
September 30, William Lampman and Nellie Wolfe
October 10, Jefferson Rea and Mary Murphy, both of Coxsackie
October 23, Charles Rosenkrans and Laura Wilkenson

Deed of Leeds property recorded in Book 56, page 56, dated May 5, 1860:
From Frederick Salisbury and wife (parsonage)
From Lavina Osterhoudt, Book 53, page 22 (1855)
From John S. Edwards, Book 53, page 23 (1853)
From William Elting, Book53, page 24 (1855)

Sandy Plains in Book Y, page 296 (1838) (presumably located in the County Courthouse SH)

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