Kiskatom Circuit Methodist Church

Kiskatom Circuit
Methodist Church

Contributed by Audrey Klinkenberg and transcribed by Scott Wichmann


A            Asbury
b             born
C             Catskill
cert         certificate
Ch           Church
cong       congregation
dau         daughter
disc         discontinued
HF           High Falls
K             Kiskatom
m            married
P             Palenville
p/pro    probationer
Q            Quarryville
R             Received
R/l         Received with letter
RIF         Received in full
RFP       Received from probation
RT         Round Top
rem       removed
rem/l    removed with letter
rem/nol     removed without letter
rem/no cert     removed without certificate
S              Steward
s              single
Saug       Saugerties
T             Trial member
trans       transferred
w/Wd    widow/widower
W             Withdrawn
wits          witnesses  

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Preacher stationed on Kiskatom Circuit since this book was provided, including Br. J. H. Champion who furnished the circuit with the book.

Rev. J. H. Champion 1858-9 & 1860-1     PE J. B. Beach to 1860
Rev. Adeer Vail 1861-2 & 1862-3             P.R. Brown to 1864
Rev. J. M. Burgar 1863-4 & 1864-5           William Goss 1864-1868
W.S. Stilwell 1865-6 & 1867-8                   John W. Gorse 1868-9 & 1870-1 
P.E. Thomas W. Chadwick from 1868-1872
L.S. Brown 1871-2 & 1873-4                       A.K. Sanford from 1872-6
E. Clement 1874-5 & 1876-7                       John E. Gorse from 1876-80
M. Conchman 1877-8 & 1879-80 

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