Jewett Civil List

Jewett Supervisors 1850-1976, Town Clerks 1850-1883 and Justices of the Peace 1850-1883

From Beers, History of Greene County. Retyped by Annette Campbell. Supervisors from 1884-1976 from the "History of the Town of Jewett" by Elwood Hitchcock, Jewett Town Historian. 

The first town meeting for the town of Jewett was held in April 1850, and the following officers were elected:
Fisk Beach---Supervisor
Henry R. Hosford---Town clerk
David E. Woodworth---assessor
John Egbertson---assessor
William Goslee---assessor
Luman Whitcomb---Justice
Alanson Woodworth---Justice
Jesse Barker---Justice
John Peck---Commissioner of Highways
David Williams---Commissioner of Highways
Ambrose Baldwin---Commissioner of Highways
William Ford---Commissioner of Highways
Lucius Pond---Poor master
Norman C. Johnson---Collector
D.M. Hosford---Superintendant of Common Schools
J. Bailey---Constable
N.C. Johnson---Constable
D. Winchell---Constable
N. Chase---Constable
Moses Winter---Election Inspector
Jeremiah Brant---Election Inspector
Eliakim Peck---Election Inspector
Samuel Hall---Sealer
TOWN CLERKS 1850-1883:
Henry R. Hosford   1850, 1856-1858
N. William Beach   1851
Horace A. Towner   1852-1855
George W. Miles   1859, 1861
Norman C. Johnson   1860
William S. Distin   1862
Gilbert Beach   1863-1864, 1867, 1870-1871, 1879-1881
L. E. Woodworth   1865-1866
Abraham VanValkenburgh   1868-1869
George H. Chase   1872-1873
Elbert O. Hall   1874, 1878
A. J. Woodworth   1875-1876
O. M. Follett   1877
Theodore Chase   1882-1883
Luman Whitcomb   1850-1851
Alanson Woodworth  1850-1854
Jesse Barker   1850-1853
William Ford   1852
George W. Miles   1852-1853
Henry Goslee   1852
David M. Hosford   1855-1859
West Chase   1856
George Delamater   1857
Horace Towner   1857-1868
David Woodworth   1858-1880
John Egbertson   1860-1864
S. H. Winchell   1861-1864
Luman Whitcomb   1863
L.E. Woodworth   1864-1872
Eliakim Peck   1865-1879
Z.(adock-AC) P. Northrup   1869
William Goslee   1870
James Race   1871-1874
John S. Beach   1873
Earl W. Fisher   1877-1882
Milton Goslee  1878
Ernest Hall   1879
William Woodworth   1879
B.O. Peck   1880-1881
Jacob Stotz   1883
George W. Miles   1883
Alvin Lord   1883
The town officers elected in 1883, were:
George H. Chase---Supervisor
Thedore Chase---Town Clerk
Jacob Stotz---Justice
George W. Miles---Justice
Alvin Lord---Justice
Orville T. Bailey---assessor
Daniel P. Simpkins---Commissioner of Highways
Chauncey Lord---Poor master
Amos Goodsell---Poor master
Norman Lord---Collector
Chester McCoon---Constable
John D. Winchell---Constable
Stuart Barnum---Constable
Norman Lord---Constable
Chester Hull---Game constable
Charles Artman---Inspector
Julian Beers---Inspector
Elbert O. Hall---Excise commissioner

SUPERVISORS 1850-1976:

Fisk Beach  1850
John Egbertson  1851
Lucius Pond  1852
Alanson Woodworth  1854
George Beach  1855
John Peck  1859
West Chase  1860
Henry R. Hosford  1861
Horance A. Towner  1862
Benjamin F. Barkley  1865
Horance A. Towner  1867
Henry J. Griffen  1868
Moses Ford  1869
David E. Woodworth  1871
Eliakim Peck  1872
George H. Chase  1874
Myron H. Johnson  1875
Albert H. Merwin  1877
George H. Chase  1878
Benjamin F. Barkley  1879
George H. Chase  1883
Theodore D. Chase  1884
Benjamin F. Barkley  1885
Romaine Butts  1887
Abraham VanValkenburg  1889
Emmons Pond  1891
Tremaine Bloodgood  1892
Addison Persons  1894
Eugene Kureau  1896
Frank Barkley  1898
Frank Woodworth  1900
George H. Chase  1906
William H. Woodworth  1910
Frederick M. Goslee  1912
George A. Lockwood  1916
Raymond L. Towner  1920
Milton O. Bailey  1922
Frank H. Haner  1926
William S. O'Bryan  1930
A. Buell Morse  1950
James M. West  1958
William W. Lawrence  1964
Harold Mead  1967 (April)
William Mead  1972
Robert Lawrence  1974
William Maben  1976

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