James W. Layman Family Cemetery

James W. Layman
Family Cemetery

Located in the Town of Hunter, this small family plot is abandoned and in very poor condition. What stones that remain are fallen and some are in very poor condition. It is unclear how many stones were actually here originally. There is no stone wall or fence to mark the extent of the burial ground. Located approximately 100 yards in from Route 23A on the same side as Thorpe Buick and the other side of Fern Ridge Road.

 The photo on the right is what is left of the foundations to James W. Layman's tavern/hotel. According to the censuses of 1850 and 1855 James ran a hotel. The hotel foundation faces Route 23A and the cemetery is behind the foundation and to the left up the hill. 

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Transcribed by Sylvia and Britni Hasenkopf, with the kind assistance of Linda Schultz on November 14, 2004


  1. Mary C., d/o J.W. and S.A. Layman, d. September 15, 185(5?), 5?y27d (very faint)
  2. Sally A. Moon, w/o J.W. Layman, d. April 8, 1890, aged 69y
  3. James W. Layman, d. December 28, 1865, aged 51y
  4. Child stone - illegible

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