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by Patricia Morrow, Windham Town Historian

Originally published in the May 26, 2005, issue of the Windham Journal.

A month after the Windham Township Honor Roll was unveiled, the Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central School classes of 1943 through 1947 presented the school with an honor roll listing eighty-four graduates and members of the faculty in the armed forces. The dedication and unveiling of this glass-fronted case took place during the commencement ceremonies on June 26, 1944. W. Sheridan Cammer, a member of the school board, gave the dedicatory address.

Several more names were added to the roll by the time World War II ended in 1945. Today the list numbers ninety-nine. The case still hangs on the west wall, just inside the school's front entrance. The inscription is as follows:


(Column 1) 1919 - Brockett, Donovan G.; Hayes, John N.; 1925 - Howard, Everett M.; 1927 - Garraghan, John H.; Phelps, Edward J.; Towner, Wesley L.; 1929 - Furgason, Ernest W.; Moseman, Birdsall; Moseman, Gerald M.; Munger, Edward S.; Peck, Sheldon N.; 1930 - Hauser, Harold J.; 1931 - Law, Bernard G.; Mc Glashan, Edward C.; Traphagen, Charles A.; 1932 - Bernhard, Stephen W.; Smith, William M.; 1933 - Crandell, Donald F.; Goff, Douglas N.; Haner, Frank H.; Runyan, Stephen A.; 1934 - Munson, Elmer G.; 1935 - Conley, William; Soehl, Claude F.; Vining, Walter W.; 1936 - Miles, Morton M.; Thompson, Olive C.; 1937 - Beers, Glenn N.

(Column 2) Parker, Jack W.; Rhoades, Robert C.; 1938 - Alberti, Leslie M.; Biegel, Richard R.; Casper, Robert F.; Constable, R. Truby; Johnson, Angelo G.; Lane, Clarence D.; Thompson, Donald O.; 1939 - Biegel, Charles L.; Chase, Elbert O.; Chatfield, John D.; Christman, Stanley A.; DeLong, Floyd F.; Griffin, Sumner A.; Miller, Horace F.; Rappleyea, Robert H.; Schuchman, William G.; Smith, Thomas B.; Woodworth, Buell L.; 1940 - Alle, Ivan S.*; Andersen, Victor G.; Jump, Wallace C.; Lamson, Paul L.; Munson, Harold L.; Pond, Edward H.; Proper, Harvey B.*; Soehl, Viola A.; Tompkins, Bertram C.; 1941 - Alberti, Alice M.; Biegel, William R.; Colson, Conrad H.; Fancher, Richard L.; Hayden, Thomas J.; Lee, Hugh E.; Mattice, Robert E.; Morrow, Gerald E.; Moseman, Morton S.; Shoemaker, Richard S.

(Column 3) Tompkins, Franklyn C.; Van Valkenburgh, Lillian; Van Valkenburgh, Vivian; Zegel, David F.; 1942 - Elbrecht, Henry B.; Ford, Newton B.; Makely, Fred A.; Ostrander, Earl J.; Spencer, William M.; Turk, Donald E.; 1943 - Cammer, S. Wallace; Haner, Thomas K.; Johnson, Jeanette L.; Kupka, Eugene C.; Maier, Walter J.; Siegmann, William N.; Valentino, Joseph C.; 1944 - Andersen, Nielsen M.; Lane, Eli; Snyder, Robert O.; Zegel, Robert P.; 1945 - Elbrecht, James J.; Hoffman, Richard H.; Johnson, Donald C.; Miller, Richard A.; Morse, Richard G.; Stein, Alfred J.; Tompkins, Harold N.; Munson, Gwen; Faculty - Peck, Sheldon N.; Vail, Carleton M.; Wilhelm, Muriel L.

In the lower right corner is a brass plaque that says, ""PRESENTED BY THE CLASSES OF 1943 - '44 - '45 - '46 - '47."

A photograph of this honor roll was used in the 1945 WAJ school yearbook, The Wajerian. The caption below that picture is as follows: ""To those whose names are recorded above, and to scores of others who have attended this school, and are serving their country on land, on the sea, or in the air, we dedicate this book. We are justly proud of them and salute them in this manner with the hope that their valiant efforts in the cause of democracy may help to bring lasting peace to a war-weary world."

It has been pointed out that the names of James Barker, Class of 1939; Walter Johnson, Class of 1943; Gordon Spaulding and Leonard Mallory, both from the Class of 1944; Donovan Andrus, Class of 1945; Lyle Sokoll, Class of 1946; Audrey Maben, Class of 1947; and William Soules, Class of 1948, should be added to this roster. All left school to join the service. In recent years each man has been awarded a diploma, some posthumously, having supplemented their educational requirements with military service and a lifetime of experience.

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