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by Patricia Morrow, Windham Town Historian
Originally published in the May 5, 2005, issue of the Windham Journal.

A framed print, measuring approximately 16 by 24 inches, hung for many years in the lobby of the Maplecrest Post Office when it was located in the general store building at the intersection of County Routes 40 and 56. It was purchased by Postmaster Valentine W. Morrow, a veteran of the First World War. Val served on the local board of the Selective Service System during World War II. This print is now in the possession of his granddaughter, Patricia Morrow.

The design was printed by C. R. Gibson & Company of Norwalk, Connecticut, a firm best known for its greeting cards. "Roll of Honor" is printed at the top and "Enlisted in Our National Defense" is below that. There were three blank columns labeled "Name," "Entered Service" and "Branch of Service." A local calligrapher added the names of seventeen men, along with their branch of service, but the date each man entered service remains blank. Note that the Air Force was known as the Army Air Corps at the time this list was compiled, thus some of the men recorded here as being in the Army were actually in the Army Air Corps.

Richard Fancher * - Army
Leonard Fancher - Army
Reginald Disbrow - Army
Elwood Morrow - Army
Lawrence Fink - Army
Clifford Westley - Army
Raymond Lewis - Marine Corp.
Robert Rhodes - Army
Edward Cocyout - Navy
Earl Ostrander, Jr. - Navy
Clifford Planck - Army
Clinton Drum - Army
Edward MacGlashan - Navy
Ellsworth Roe, Jr. - Army
J. Elmer Dunham - Navy
Albert Hoyt - Army
John Robinson - Navy

A silver star was placed on the glass next to the name of Richard Fancher who died in the Philippines in 1945.

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