History of the Memorial Church of All Saints Twilight Park Haines Falls

History of the Memorial Church
of All Angels



 Twilight Park, Haines Falls, NY

Material provided from the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf. Transcribed by Diana Schnettler

History Written by Sarah C. Robb
Harriet C. Crane

 Published for 



The Wayside Press
Palenville, New York



The Rev. Canon Bradford H. Burnham


Edward S. Coons, Jr. Esquire, Senior Warden

Mr. David B. Robb, Junior Warden & Treasurer

Mr. Warren K. Hay, Secretary

Rear Admiral Kemp C. Christian

Dr. A. Reynolds Crane

Mr. Calvin W. Dail

Mr. George H. Dayton

Mr. Ronald M. Decker

Dr. John A. MacGahan

Mr. Prescott R. Taylor

Mr. Brevard K. Titter


President:                    Mrs. Landry R. Harwood, Jr.

Vice President:            Mrs. John E. Burks

Secretary:                    Mrs. Otto Kinzel

Treasurer:                    Mrs. R. Kingsland Hay

Altar Guild:                 Mrs. Bradford H. Burnham

Flower Guild:              Miss Barbara E. MacGahan 

The Memorial Church of All Angels will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the celebration of the Holy Communion on August 1, 1971. 

The first service of the Holy Communion was held on August 2, 1896, with the Rev. Dr. George Williamson Smith, President of Trinity College, officiating, and at which time 77 persons were present.

The 50th Anniversary Service was conducted by the Rev. Canon Bradford H. Burnham and 103 persons attended.

The origin of the Memorial Church of All Angels goes back to 1888 when Twilight Park was founded, as a small group of cottages and camps where nights were cool, and the days not too hot. The Park itself rises 2,500 feet above the Hudson River Valley, between, and to the west of, Kingston and Albany. Two years later, the Rev. Dr. H. M. Baum from Evanston, Pa., an early visitor to the Park, realized the need for an Episcopal Church, and funds were raised to build a small chapel. Services held there soon became so crowded that it was necessary to add transepts and a Rectory was built.

This first little church, named “St. Paul’s,” after functioning for three years, failed for lack of funds to prevent foreclosure of its mortgage, and reverted to the builder, together with the Rectory. The Rev. Dr. Baum, disappointed in his effort to meet a need for a place of worship, left Twilight Park and the properties were converted into cottages.

The real history of All Angels dates from 1895, when the Rt. Rev. Henry Yates Satterlee, the first bishop of Washington, then the Rector of Calvary Church, New York, had taken the cottage of his cousin, the artist Walter Satterlee, for his summer home. This cottage is now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Landry R. Harwood, Jr. On June 16, 1895, his first Sunday in the Park, he celebrated the service of Holy Communion there, and invited all those who wanted to come, to do so. Several weeks later the guests at Ledge End Inn asked him to conduct services in the parlors of the Inn.

At this point, a strong desire having been expressed for a permanent place for Episcopal services, which had been held at the various Inns, assisted by the Rev. Wm. T. Langford, George C. Groves, L.T. Watson, Professor Walpole and other distinguished clergy, Dr. Satterlee was gratified to accept an offer from the Twilight Park Association for a piece of land near all four Inns; namely, Squirrel, Santa Cruz, Ledge End and Twilight Rest.

This proposed church, planned by the architect Alexander Mackintosh, was to be named “All Angels” by Dr. Satterlee. He pointed out that this was an uncommon name, not having been adopted by any other church in the Diocese of Albany, and that the feast of St. Michael and All Angels occurred on the fourth Sunday in September when many residents would still be in the Park.

 On November 9, 1895, in a deserted Twilight Park, the cornerstone of the church of “All Angels” was laid by the Rev. Henry Y. Satterlee, in the presence of Mrs. Satterlee, Churchill Satterlee, Miss Constance Satterlee and the chilled workmen. It was a very cold winter, but work continued and the church was nearly ready for use in 1896. by July 25th, the walnut altar had been given by the family of Mr. W. M. Matthews, who died before the church was finished, and a walnut reredos was presented by the Rector and Vestry of Zion Church, Wappingers Falls, Dr. Satterlee’s first parish. It was originally designed by Mr. Joseph Lamb and stood behind the altar where Dr. Satterlee officiated between 1897 and 1882. The frontal, lectern fall, and stole had been presented by the Embroidery Guild of St. Martins-in-the-Fields, Philadelphia, and other important gifts were received which have been tabulated in the back of this history.

The Church was very bare, forty-three feet square inclusive of the chancel. The west end was finished with rough boards, not built of stone like the other sides.

The first service of the summer of 1896 was held in the cottage of Mr. W. H. Cope who acted in the church as lay leader for many years. On July 19th, the Rev. James P. Faucon held a Morning Prayer and Sermon, using the south aisle of the new church only. On August 2nd, the Rev. W. George Williamson Smith, President of Trinity College, held the first service of the Holy Communion with seventy-seven persons attending.

Bishop Satterlee was not present in 1896, as he was in Europe, where, as Bishop of Washington, he was commissioned to go to Russia to present to the Czar a petition from all American and English Christian Bodies on behalf of the Armenians. On September 20th, 1896, Bishop Satterlee returned, and services were conducted by him through September 29th, the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels. During the summer of 1897, seats were placed in the church, and on August 8, 1897, the first Evensong was held at 5 P.M. with the Rev. Jacob LeRoy officiating. Bishop Satterlee was devoted to “All Angels” and until his death in 1908, he served as missionary in charge during July and September, and in August the following clergymen took charge: The Rev. Churchill Satterlee, Dr. Alfred Harding (afterward successor to Dr. Satterlee as Bishop of Washington), The Rev. Canon William DeVries, known as “our strenuous Rector,” is photographed standing in a dark suit and bow tie, beneath the long done Lich-gate with a shovel in his hands. The original church record shows the names of very distinguished clergymen who officiated throughout the years.

Many services were held in the late 1890’s, recorded on Wednesdays, Fridays, and perhaps three on Sundays. Five o’clock on Sunday was a most popular time to go to church, and the record book shows large attendance then, unless, of course, it rained, or it was damp, and there were thunderstorms. The clergy recorded all these facts and by 1900 the attendance had exceeded 10,000.

In 1908, Bishop Satterlee died but he had left behind him a church which continues today, in a different world, certainly, but a fundamental part of our community.

At that time a committee was formed to change the name to the “Memorial Church of All Angels,” and additional funds were raised for its completion.

The first organ was dedicated in memory of Churchill and Walter Satterlee by members of the parish, and in 1909 the west end and porch were completed. Alas, in 1909 comes a sad note in the record book; on July 10th, 15 people sang Hymn 11 without the organ. This year there are many remarks about organ failure, singing with, or without it. Perhaps indeed two hymns would be sung, and then the organ played no more that day. No new organ was purchased until 1917 when one was dedicated by Canon J. W. Austin, at which service 180 persons were present.

Although the church was finished in 1909, due to complications connected with the title, the consecration did not take place until July 13, 1913, the eighth Sunday after Trinity, with the Rt. Rev. Richard H. Nelson, Bishop of Albany, preaching the sermon, Mr. F. W. Rhinelander, Senior Warden, reading and presenting the instrument of donation, and Canon DeVries reading the sentence of consecration. Thus, the Church was dedicated to the memory of its founder, and formally deeded to the Diocese of Albany.

On June 11, 1915, the Bell Tower was dedicated by Canon DeVries, in memory of Bishop Satterlee, and the Bell in memory of Walter Satterlee. Bishop Satterlee recalled the similarity of the Catskills to the Bavarian highlands and the Tyrol, and expressed the hope that “just as the sweet sound of the Angelus Bell floats over those far away mountains at eventide, so, some day the Twilight Bell might fall as an evening benediction over our mountain homes.”

In 1917, there was a service of War Intercessions, at which 150 people assembled. Stirred on by patriotism, there was a Dedication of the Flags Service, a commemoration of the departed of the “Great War” and a Thanksgiving Service for the ending of the war in 1919.

The Rev. Creighton R. Storey instituted an extraordinary series of talks in the church at 5 o’clock, on four Sundays in 1926. His topics were:

  1. “St. Francis of Assissi [sic],” at which time Bliss Carman read his own poems to 16 persons who contributed 95 cents.

               2.      “Thomas a Kempis,” to 19 people and $1.00 was collected.

               3.        “Jeremy Taylor,” 18 in attendance gave 95 cents.

               4.         “John Bunyan,” delivered to 22 persons who donated $4.85, to the end of        the season of 1926. There is no record of any more such erudite talks in the church.

In 1935, Deacon Edward C. Colcord, and the Rev. James L. Whitcomb, principal of  the Hoosac [sic] School in Hoosic, N.Y., held services every day, starting on June 30th and ending September 8th. There were at least two on week days and four on Sundays, and one Sunday service was particularly devoted to children.

The church register states that the total attendance at the Sunday services in 1935 was 1173, and 263 people were present at the 113 daily services that were held during that year.

Daylight saving time came in 1939, and with it a diminution in the number of services. Today, we hold services on 10 Sundays. The last celebration of the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels was held in September of 1933 with eight persons present.

Firmly established, there were baptisms, confirmations, weddings, memorial and burial services through the ensuing years. World War II came and the wives and their children still went to Twilight Park, while their men went to war.

On August 14, 1949 [sic], suddenly at even-tide, our church bell started to ring. Peace had been declared; Many people gathered of their own accord at the church to ring the bell, loud and long, and a prayer service was held at 8:15 that night, and two more services the following day. The Rev. Canon Bradford H. Burnham wrote, “Many people gathered at the church spontaneously, and there was great prayerfulness.”

As Bishop Satterlee had predicted, the sound of our Bell rang over Twilight homes that night. How right he was!

Our present rector, the Rev. Canon Bradford H. Burnham held his first service in the church on August 5, 1945, and except for short periods of time when Bishops and other eminent clergy officiated, has continued to devote his summers to the Memorial Church of All Angels and his parishioners.

There have been numerous gifts and bequests of money to the church, and each year the Women’s Auxiliary, which first met in 1897, has had benefits of various natures, raising money to make a substantial contribution to the maintenance and improvement of both the Rectory and the Church.

Like most organizations erected to the glory of God, the Memorial Church of All Angels owes its genesis to the inspiration, imagination and practical energy of a great man, who was ably assisted by other forward thinking men.

Henry Yates Satterlee, who was to become the founder of the National Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul on Mount St. Albans, Washington, D. C., and its first bishop, gave the initial push which has caused our little church in the mountains to endure in the tru spirit of worship for 75 years. When the land for the National Cathedral became available to the Episcopal church, Bishop Satterlee sent telegrams from Twilight Park to the scattered members of the Board of the Episcopal Foundation, and within 24 hours had mustered their consent to its purchase. We have always been closely connected with the National Cathedral in Washington.

In September of the year 1895, after All Angels was founded, Union Chapel was incorporated. By 1897 a handsome stone building had been erected at a total cost of $5,570. For the next 70 summers, services were held regularly each Sunday. The Union Chapel never had a missioner in charge except for a period of 4 years, when the Rev. Mr. Cary headed the Chapel. Many distinguished clergy, university presidents, and theologians spoke from its pulpit. Its progress was enriched by a children’s choir and a Sunday School. Benefits were held each summer by an active Women’s Auxiliary. In 1970, after three years of inactivity, the Union Chapel together with its endowment was presented as a gift to the Memorial Church of All Angels.

Honored by the presence of Bishop Satterlee, Bishop Doane, Bishop Nelson, Bishop Brent, Bishop Oldham, Bishop Barry, Bishop Brown and many others, as well as missionaries to far away places and distinguished Clergymen, today the church looks forward to many years of useful service to Twilight Park and the community of Haines Falls; to try to advance the cause of Christianity under the inspiring and spiritual leadership of our present rector, the Rev. Canon Bradford H. Burnham.

From “What Faith Does,” a Trinity Season Sermon

The Rev. Bradford H. Burnham 

“Faith is a powerful force. 

It calls for sacrifice, or it sets the blood at a boil, or it takes as its incentive the impossible which requires just a little longer to do.

In forceful men, beside just brain-power, faith accompanies intelligence. What  does faith do but give power to our thinking, force to our conclusions, and life to our convictions! Faith gives insight.

It sees Inwardly.

Faith is the evidence of things unseen. My! What it does with the unseen in us. It nourishes it, it strengthens it. Faith makes an everlasting character out of the moral nature of a man.

We need evermore the insight to shape the growth of our spirit.

As the sight we see outside ourselves is eternal, so the insight that looks within sees that we, too, are inwardly eternal.”



                        Walnut Altar                                    Mrs. Julia Matthews

                        Walnut Reredos                               H. Y. Satterlee

                        Frontal                                               Embroidery Guild of St.

                        Lectern Fall                                       Martins-in-the-Fields,

                        Stole                                                    Philadelphia

                        Fair Linen                                          Miss Agnes Lathers

 Aug. 23         Bible for Lectern                               Miss Ann Ludington Livingston

 Aug. 24         Prayer Book & Hymnal

                        For Choir Stall                                  Miss Julia Marjorie Lucas

 Aug. 24         Holy Communion Vessels

                        Two Offertory Basins                      Mrs. Sarah Yeates Whelen


July 25           Walnut Lectern

                       Walnut Hymn Board                        Misses Charlotte G., Anne H. and

                        Organ Stool                                       Sophia D. Tracy

 July 25          Brass Altar Cross                              Mrs. Lila McDougal Boothby

Aug. 6           Walnut Prayer Desk &

                       Seat (Choir Stall)                               Mrs. Elizabeth D. M. Lucas

Aug. 6           Four Purificators                               Mrs. Alice Mackenzie Jones

Sept. 12         Two Brass Altar Vases                     Misses Emma F. and Mary J. Shell

Sept. 17         Walnut & Iron Altar Rail                 Mrs. Alice Mackenzie Jones

Sept. 27         Altar Service Book                            Mrs. William C. Ludwig


July 17          Walnut Credence                              Misses Anne H., Charlotte G., and carved by Sophia D. Tracy

July 31          Walnut Litany Desk                         Mrs. Newton L. Bates


July 5            Brass Altar Book Rest                      Lizzie Shapley Cope

July 30          Caen Stone Font                                Caroline S. Squibb


June 17         Green Silk Markers for

                      Lectern Bible                                     Mrs. Newton L. Bates

June 17         Walnut Alms Box                             May Jenkins Brown

Aug. 5          Walnut Prayer Desk &

                       Seat (Choir Stall)                              Josephine and

                       Prayer Book & Hymnal                   Catherine F. Bennett              

                        for above

Aug. 19         Walnut Bishop’s Chair                    Abby Caroline Lathers


Aug. 6            Litany book                                      Deaconess Mary Palmer

Aug. 21          Seven Hymnals with

                       Music & Eight Office                       Henry St. John Hyde

                       Books with Music


July 14            Green Silk Embroidered Stole       St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Phila., Pa.

July 21             Fine Linen Surplice                         Friends at the Ledge End Inn

Aug. 4             Bible with Authorized

                         Marginal Readings                          Mrs. W. Ogden Jones


June 20            Stone West Front &                          Members of All Angels and friends
                         Porch to the Church                         of Bishop Satterlee in his memory

June 29            Red Silk Antepodium &                  Work by Washington Cathedral
                         Superfrontal                                       Embroidery Guild, Materials by
                                                                                      All Angels Altar Guild, in
                                                                                      Memory of Bishop Satterlee. 

Aug. 22          Five Hymnals

                       One Corporal & Four                        From All Angels Funds

                       Purificators                                          Altar Guild


Aug. 24          Brass Tablet in                                      In memory of Bishop Satterlee
                        Sanctuary                                              by members of the congregation


 July 11             Tower (Cost $2,200)                         Mr. Gerard Beekman, in memory of Bishop Satterlee

 July 11             Trinity Bell (Cost $460)                    Mr. Gerard Beekman in memory of Walter Satterlee

 July 14             Red Stole                                           Canon DeVries in memory of Lydia DeVries Whitridge


                        New Green Set                                    Material by All Angels

                        New White Set                                    Altar Guild


                        Silver Paten & Chalice                       By St. Stephens Church, Washington, D.C., through the Rev. G. Dudley, Rector.

Sept. 9             New Organ                                         Members of All Angels


Aug. 1             Silver Paten & Chalice                      Mrs. George Carrington Taylor in memory of her husband

Aug. 1             Brass Ewer                                          Mrs. Donaldson, Sr., in memory of the baptism of her god-child Robert Montgomery

Aug. 1             Font Cover                                          Miss Lucia E. Catlin and Miss Susan M. Williams, in memory of her baptism 8/3/20

Aug. 3             $500 for a Stained Glass
                         Window Light (Chancel)                 Mrs. William M. Strout


Aug. 21           $150 for a Stained Glass                   Miss Ethel Zabriskie
                         Window Light (Chancel)

Aug 21             $50 for same                                      Miss F. Ludwig


                          Pulpit                                                 In memory of Jane Lawrence Satterlee


June 9              Stained Glass Window                       In memory of Elizabeth F. Goepper  Sept. 10, 1855 – June 9, 1925 


June 27            Green Silk Antepodium                     Work by Washington Cathedral Embroidery Guild, Materials by All Angels Altar Guild, in Memory of Bishop Satterlee

July 13             Brass Extinguisher                              In memory of Jacob Willman By Mrs. K. Willman

                        Stained Glass Window                        In memory of Col. Albert C. Blunt, U.S.A., 1859-1925


July 6               Dedication of Memorial
                          Gift of Curtains                                   Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Hubby, Jr.


June 8              $1000                                                      Left by Nora Lowe McKee for a new organ, supplemented by generous gifts from members of the parish.


July 31             Dedication of Window                        In memory of Carolyn and Paul MacGahan


Aug. 2             Dedication of Silver Flagons
                          & Ciborium                                            In memory of Wortham Collins.

Aug. 2             Park Union Chapel, Inc.                        All assets deeded to the Memorial Church of All Angels.


1899                John Garside Hamilton
1899                Justice Bryant Willard
1901                Edith Sturgis Fitch
1902                Emeline Place Hayward
1909                Polly Kilbourne Hayward
1909                Germain Adams Hubby
1910                Nettie Marie Lasker
1911                Roberts Mitchell Lippincott
1914                Alice Adams Hubby
1915                Thornton Gerrish, Jr.
1917                Edith Laetitia Blunt
1918                Clinton Harvey McDaniel (at Tannersville)
1918                Myrtle Maud Schoonmaker
1918                Wesley Earle Schoonmaker
1919                Helen Elizabeth Vansteenburgh
1919                John Adams Hubby
1919                Marian Edith Rose
1919                Velma Ida Rose
1919                Wesley Chauncey Rose
1919                Carrie Rose
1919                Lyal Dean Rose
1919                Keil Norton Rose
1919                Madeline Dorothea Rose
1919                Frederick John Rose
1920                Roberta Montgomery Donaldson
1920                Waneta Willson Strout
1920                Mary Stewart Goepper
1925                Edith Eccleston Crouse
1926                Eliza May Pitts
1927                Cornelia Curtis Crouse
1927                Mary Van Vechten Shaeffer
1927                Adelaide J. Hill
1927                Ellen Cobb Hill
1927                Lamar Hill
1929                Aaron William Haines
1929                Theodore Erwin Haines
1929                Gordon Irving Hammond
1930                Margaret Boughton Hawley
1930                Nancy Wellington Crouse
1931                William Wortham Collins
1939                Charlotte Emily Coyne
1942                Kate Louise Oakley (Hubby)
1942                Charles Oakley (Hubby)
1946                Lucinda Rushmore Ellis
1946                Jay Kent Bien
1947                Judith Archer Brown
1948                Pegeen Ann Morawetz
1950                Marjorie Huston Spackman
1950                Elizabeth Worth Spackman
1951                Carroll Patricia MacGahan
1952                June Isabel Tuttle
1954                Christine Elizabeth Larsen
1954                Malcolm Ridgeway Handte
1954                Paul Christian Handte
1954                Amanda Benson Moore
1955                Julianne Lanier Handte
1961                John Harrison Decker
1962                Warren Huntley, Jr.
1963                Alfred Cramer Decker
1964                William Wortham Collins, Jr.
1966                Bradford Hinckley Burnham II
1967                Michelle Kathleen Thomas


Sept. 12, 1897            Anna Blecker Ditmars
                                    Martha Edith Sindars
                                    Cornelia Moulton Steebe 
July 30, 1902              Evelyn Terns
Aug. 14, 1960             Wortham Collins                                 Rt. Rev. Allen Brown Bishop of Albany
Aug. 17, 1964             George H. Dayton                                          ”
                                     Agnes C. Dayton
                                     Paul Christian Handte
                                     Malcolm Ridgeway Handte
Sept. 5, 1965               Robert Duel Larsen, Jr.                                   ”
                                     Christine Elizabeth Larsen


Aug. 2, 1905               John W. Neathercott – Rachel Kirkpatrick at “Treetops”
Aug. 15, 1907             Henry S. Decker – Edna G. Annas
May 28, 1908              Clifford Pemberton, Jr. – Anita LeRoy both of Phila.
Sept. 14, 1920             Spencer M. Wallace – Caroline B. Clark
June, 7, 1923               Lawrence B. Huston – Esther Burns
Sept. 8, 1923               VanVechten Sheaffer – Mary Angevine Hayward
Sept. 1, 1924               Wellington Sheldon Crouse – Gertrude Barton Blunt
Sept. 27, 1924             William Burt MacBride – Elise Fairfax Lea
Aug. 25, 1926             Newton Bruce Ashby – Helen Gertrude Sammis
Aug. 10, 1929             Prescott Richardson Taylor – Elizabeth Cleveland Birch
               1929              Oscar Carrea – Ida S. Koch
Sept. 7, 1929               Dewey D. Ellis – Dorothy M. Kent
Aug. 4, 1934               William Butler – Gertrude Combs
Sept. 17, 1949             David C. Tuttle – Claire Handte
Aug. 28, 1954             Earl B. Manchester – Bertha Cary
Sept. 7, 1954               William G. Avery – Janet H. Randall
Sept. 17, 1955             Charles W. Welsh, 2nd – Gayla Shields
Sept. 8, 1956               William Townaski – Irene Crossley
Sept. 15, 1956             Robert H. Laurilliard – Sarah B. Johnson
Sept. 20, 1969             Marwood S. Myer, Jr. – Margarita Reinholdt


Aug. 2, 1896               First celebration of the Holy Communion. 

Aug. 19, 1900             Thanksgiving Service for deliverance from fire in the woods. 

Sept. 14, 1902             Service in commemoration of the Coronation of King George and Queen Mary. 

July 25, 1908               Dedication of an organ in memory of the Rev. Churchill Satterlee and Walter Satterlee. 

July 13, 1913               Consecration of the Memorial Church of All Angels and deeding to the Diocese of Albany.

July 11, 1915               Dedication of the Bell Tower and Bell. 

Sept. 9, 1917               Dedication of an organ presented by members of the Parish. 

Sept. 23, 1917             Service of War of Intercessions.

July 21, 1918               Dedications of Flags. 

July 25, 1919               Commemoration of departed in the “Great War.” 

July 27, 1919               Thanksgiving Service for the ending of War.

July 3, 1921                 Patriotic Service. Address by Admiral C. H. Stockton. 

July 25, 1943               Dedication of window in honor of Rt. Rev. G. Ashton Oldham.

Aug. 27, 1944             Dedication of Honor Roll by the Rev. Howard S. Kennedy.

Aug. 15, 1945             Peace Service for the end of World War II.

Aug. 26, 1945             50th Anniversary Service of the Church.

Aug. 29, 1945             Homecoming Service with Union Chapel congregation as guests.

Aug. 11, 1963             75th Anniversary Service of the founding of Twilight Park.

Sept. 6, 1967               Ordination to the Priesthood of Frederic Bradford Burnham by the Rt. Rev. Allen W. Brown.


In grateful appreciation of the men from these Parks who served their flag and Country, on Land, Water and in the Air. This Tribute is offered by their loving Neighbors and Friends.


World War One

Albert A. Blunt                                                           Norman Huston
Stanhope E. Blunt                                                       Lefferts Hutton, M.D.
A. Eccleston Blunt                                                      Henry B. Lange
Matthew M. Blunt                                                      Dean Mathey
Joseph Carson                                                             Ralph Lowe McKee
Frank M. Dazey                                                          Charles Townsend Olcott, M.D.
*Newell R. Fiske                                                        Mason Alcott
Marvin D. Hall                                                            *Philip Newbold Rhinelander
Edward P. Hamilton                                                  Clayton E.Rich
Stewart S. Hathaway                                                  John T. Rich
Robert W. Hathaway                                                  Dudley B. Rich
Charles Hathaway, Jr.                                                *Edward Lansing Satterlee
Walter F. Herold                                                         Henry Cavalier Smith
Lester Hubby                                                              Ridgeway Pancoast Smith
Aubrey Huston                                                           George Albert Wingate
Lawrence B. Huston                                                   Charles G. Wingate
                                      Jean F. Wolfs, M.D.

Your Prayers are asked for those who have gone to serve our flag and country by land and sea and air.



World War Two

H. Ward Bien                                                                  James M. Kent
L. Huntington Brown, Jr.                                              John A. MacGahan
Richard Crane                                                                William H. MacGahan
Hunter R. Delatour, Jr.                                                  Thomas L. McKee
Robert J. Delatour                                                          Aubrey Milne
Thornton Gerrish, Jr.                                                      *Caleb J. Milne, 3rd
L. Gardiner Hallick                                                        *Charles E. MacAllister, Jr.
Gerald F. Handte                                                            David B. Robb
Nathaniel Hathaway                                                      Walter E. Roehrs, Jr.
Peter C. G. Hoppin                                                         Edward M. Shields
Germain A. Hubby                                                         Horace B. Spackman
John A. Hubby                                                                 John G. Underhill, Jr.



September 11, 1935

Wm. Matthews                                                                  Mary Parsons
Mariella McDougal                                                          Elizabeth Bache
James Ithell                                                                        Henry Y. Satterlee, Bishop
Frances Ithell                                                                     John Austin, Priest
Edward Jenkins                                                                 John Stanton, Priest
George C. Taylor                                                              John Tracey
Jacob Willman                                                                   Charlotte Tracey
Albert C. Blunt                                                                  Newton Bates
Jane Satterlee                                                                     Walter Satterlee
Chas. Hathaway                                                                Lydia Whitridge
Janet Benedict                                                                   Alice A. Hubby
Elizabeth Goepper                                                           DeLancey Ellis
Olivia Plows                                                                     Robert Donaldson
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. P. Huston                                             James Kent, M.D.
Bliss Carman                                                                     Frederic de la Figaniere
Harvey Bostwick                                                              Lefferts Hutton, M.D.

This service was always held in September so that our friends from Union Chapel could join in. Last one recorded 1935.


July 17, 1923               The Rev. Canon John W. Austin
Aug. 10, 1923             President Warren G. Harding
July 31, 1927               John Treadwell Perry
Aug. 29, 1943             Caleb Jones Milne IV
July 18, 1948               Constance Satterlee Rhinelander
July 17, 1949               Sarah Burdick Cross
Aug. 7, 1949               Adele Miller Adams
July 19, 1953               Elizabeth Dewey Ellis
July 10, 1955               George A. Wingate
Sept. 1, 1957               Abigail Dreer Read
July 26, 1959               Charlotte Heath Eltinge
July 31, 1960               Carolyn and Paul MacGahan
              1963              Kemp Catlett Christian, Jr.
July 26, 1965               Marian S. Bettle
Aug. 22, 1965             Vaille Kent Bien
Aug. 29, 1965             William G. Avery
Sept. 2, 1965               R. Kingsland Hay
Aug. 2, 1970               Wortham Collins


July 23, 1928               Joseph Haines Gardiner
June 20, 1929              James Henry Bostwick
Aug. 21, 1932             James Manning Kent, M.D., at Arlington, Va.
July 5, 1934                 Edith Laetitia Blunt
Aug. 25, 1944             Lucinda Rushmore Cornell
July 27, 1950               Maude Lamb Wingate
Aug. 7, 1964               Ruth Morgan Coons
Sept. 13, 1969             Wortham Collins


Frank W. Hutton                     Trust                                         
Lester M. Hubby                     Trust 
John T. Hutton                         Trust
Constance S. Rhinelander      Trust


 $5,000 Bequest from  Mrs. Frank W. Hubby, Jr.


I give and bequeath to the Memorial Church of All Angels, Twilight Park, Haines Falls, Greene County, New York, the sum of _________________

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