History of Greene County Section Six

 History of Greene County

Section 6

Vol. 1,
1651 – 1800
J. Van Vechten Vedder
County Historian 

Originally published in 1927 by Authority of the Greene County Board of Supervisors
Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin

Town of Hunter
(Information obtained from Catskill Mountain Reflector.) 

Jan. 8, 1926, fire at Haines Falls destroyed much property at the coal and lumber yard of W. I. Hallenbeck, and the drug store and residence of John W. Rusk. 

The snow fall in Tannersville Feb. 3d and 4th was the heaviest of the winter, with high winds and drifts. The main roads were opened in record time, and by working throughout Thursday night all roads in the town were open by Saturday afternoon. 

At Beaches Corners March 12th Richard Merwin suffered a broken leg when his oxen ran away in the woods. 

In March the bungalow of Miss Miriam E. Lester, outside of Tannersville, was burned.

Hunter Creamery was destroyed by fire May 31st, with loss estimated $35,000. The owner was L. B. Samuels of New York city, and the creamery had been in operation for about twenty-five years.

Early on Wednesday morning, July 14th, fire broke out in Twilight Inn at Haines Falls, and proved the worst fire tragedy Greene County had ever had, resulting in the death of twenty-two persons. In the cemetery of that place, near the Methodist Episcopal church, rest the personally unidentified bodies of fourteen victims, over which a shaft will be erected and their names inscribed upon it. The burial was an impressive scene, witnessed by a large number of sorrowing relatives and citizens, and in which those of the Lutheran, Methodist. Episcopal and Catholic clergy participated. Twenty members of Tannersville fire department, who had fought valiantly to save life and property, were pall-bearers.

In September the Police Commissioner of New York city, in company with four hundred members of the Police Department and their families, dedicated the new $500,000 Indian Head Hotel, chief unit of the police recreation camp at Platte Clove.

On the occasion of the worst flood Greene County has ever known (Nov. 16th). “At the northwesterly end of the main street in Tannersville, the water rose to so great a height that automobiles were forced to travel through the west road to Elka Park, in order to gain a single block of Main street. The first floor of the Reflector Publishing Plant was completely inundated, and at 4 o’clock the entire staff of employees waded about ankle-deep and made their exit through a rear window; the greatest distance of any of the employees’ residence is not more than two-thirds of a mile, and still they were compelled to travel from four to six miles to reach their homes.” The first floor of other stores and residences were inundated and filled with debris, and required sweeping, scrubbing and even shoveling when the water subsided.  Through Kaaterskill Clove the road was torn away in places and otherwise made impassable, necessitating the use of the Catskill and East Windham roads to Tannersville.

Christopher A. Martin 

Christopher A. Martin, former Supervisor of Hunter and proprietor of the Loxhurst at Haines Falls since 1899, died May 13, 1925, at the age of sixty-three years.

Mr. Martin was a native of the town of Hunter and highly esteemed throughout that section. Always allied with the Democratic party, he was Supervisor for that town in 1922-23. He was an active member of Mt. Tabor Lodge, F. & A. M., and of various other lodges at Windham and Tannersville.

He is survived by his widow and one daughter, Mrs. Henry Myer of Haines Falls. He was laid at rest in the Haines family cemetery.


Tannersville celebrated Independence Day by a parade of firemen, Girl Scouts, N. Y. City Board of Water Supply Police, and officers of the village, headed by the Community Band of Catskill. This was attended by a large crowd of people, and in the afternoon a ball game between Westkill team and Tannersville Juniors was played, the local team being defeated.  At 1 o’clock a band concert was given in the village square. Then came another ball game between Southern Bells of Catskill and the big team of Tannersville, the latter again going down to defeat. In the evening there was a fine display of fireworks. The village was filled with tourists and traffic was very heavy.

Charles Voss
(From Catskill Mountain Reflector, Tannersville)

Mr. Charles Voss, one of the most widely known and highly respected residents of this village and Greene county, died at his home on Friday morning, Feb. 18, 1927, at the age of seventy-eight years.

For many years Mr. Voss was a prominent figure in business and political activities of the county. He took a great interest in public affairs and was always ready to give his aid to any project that was a betterment to this community or for this county. He was behind the movement to have the Clove Road converted into a state highway, a plan for which he worked unceasingly until it was consummated.

The deceased was a lifelong Republican and for many years was closely identified with his party. He held several offices, among them being President of this village and Supervisor for the town of Hunter for two terms. In the year 1904 Mr. Voss was appointed postmaster, a position he held for eighteen consecutive years.

Mr. Voss was born in Holstein, Germany, February 14, 1849. His ancestors, however, were from Holland. When a young man he came to America, and forty-two years ago he settled in this village, where he has since resided.

The funeral took place on Monday afternoon at the Methodist Church, the Rev. John K. Benedict officiating.  The burial was in the Fair Lawn Cemetery, Prattsville. The Mt. Tabor Lodge, F. & A. M., of Hunter attended the funeral in a body, and the Masons’ burial services were held in the church.  The pall-bearers were from the Kingston Lodge. The large crowd attending the funeral, and beautiful floral offerings were evidence of the esteem in which the deceased was held.

Rev. John K. Benedict in his few brief remarks used the words of Emerson, “What you speaks so loudly I can not hear what you say.” No more fitting words could be used in the life of the deceased. 

The immediate survivors are his wife, who was formerly Miss Jane E. Haner of Prattsville; one son, Ralph Voss, and two daughters, Mrs. Oliver Perry and Mrs. Edward Smith, all of this village.


Romaine A. Butts 

Romaine A. Butts, former Supervisor of the town of Jewett, died suddenly on Thursday morning, July 15, 1925, at his home in Hensonville. Mr. Butts was a native of the town of Jewett, having been born there October 29, 1845. His father, Justus Butts, was one of the original settlers of that part of the county. On October 30, 1867, he married Lizzie S. Barkley, who died in 1911. 

Mr. Butts served the town of Jewett as Supervisor for two terms, and while a resident of Hensonville was Assessor for the town of Windham for twelve years, his term ending with the close of 1925.  He was also a member of the Farm Bureau and of the Official Board of the Hensonville M. E. church. 

It is said of Mr. Betts that “he was a natural trader and lover of horses, a trait well evidenced by his splendid team,” and also that “his is a record of a life well spent, and further comment could not add thereto, but would rather detract.” 

Town of Lexington


A reunion of the descendants of Peter H. Miller and his wife Hannah was held at Lexington Sept. 4th. One hundred and five descendants were present. 

In December Norman Deyo of Westkill was fatally injured while riding down hill, by an automobile driven by Harry Dunham of Westkill. This sad accident was unavoidable on the part of Dunham. 

During the freshet of Nov. 16th the Schoharie kill was the highest within the memory of the oldest inhabitant. Main street was covered with water and eight families were obliged to move out, while horses and cattle were removed to safer places. Chicken-houses and other farm buildings went down stream, while others were kept from following by being anchored to trees. In the general cash store in the village  the water rose until it ran over the counters. Nearly every bridge between Westkill and Spruceton was swept away, and the roads beyond description.


Later the Supervisors voted $10,000 for the improvement of Lexington town roads.

On July 16th more than 250 women attended the Women’s Democratic Club picnic, held on Mrs. George Van Valkenburgh’s lawn.

Edwin L. Ford, M. D.

Dr. Edwin L. Ford, one of the oldest and best loved among the older generation of physicians in Greene County, died Saturday afternoon, March 19, 1927, at his home in Lexington. For fully half a century he ministered to the countryside, always greeting his patients with a smile and a pleasant word.

His daughter, Mrs. Frederick J. Zinck, wife of the pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Lexington, and her three children are the only near relatives surviving Dr. Ford, but he is mourned by a host of friends throughout the mountains. Funeral services were held on Wednesday at the Baptist Church, Rev. George Rustin of Halcottville officiating, assisted by Rev. Ward Howlett, pastor of the church.

Dr. Ford was a son of David and Abigail Faulkner Ford and was born Oct. 13, 1842, on the farm where he always resided and which has been in the Ford family for over one hundred and twenty-five years.

When the Civil War broke our he enlisted as a private in Col. F., 120th Regiment New York Volunteers, and served in the principal battles of the war.  He was wounded in the battle of Gettysburg and after recovering was taken prisoner at Mine Run, being held in Libby, Andersonville and other southern prisons.  Nearly a year later he was returned to the northern forces in a exchange of prisoner.  After receiving his honorable discharge he returned to his home.  In the fall of 1866 he entered the Albany Medical College, from which he graduated Dec. 22d, 1868. In 1872 he married his first wife, Frances Cox, daughter of Rev. Leonard Cox, a Baptist minister and once a resident of Lexington; she died at the age of forty. In 1887 he married Annie L. Dunham, and of this union there were two children, Mrs. Zinck, who survives and Edwin, who died in 1906. 

New Baltimore


Fire destroyed Edwin Vanderpoel’s garage and bungalow on Jan. 5th.

Four prize awards on five exhibits of eggs were awarded Francis W. Wardle during Farmer’s Week at Cornell.

New Baltimore was one of the towns which reached her quota of membership in the Farm Bureau.

At the State Firemen’s home on April 2d John Bortal of New Baltimore passed away. He was a member of Cornell Hook & Ladder Company of that village.  He was seventy-eight years old.

Explosion of an oil heater in the laundry room of Miss Bertha Wade’s residence May 22nd caused fire which did considerable damage, but house was saved by the quick work of the firemen.

In September ground was broken for Echo Grange Community Hall by County Clerk Floyd E. Jones turning the first spadeful of earth.


Harry Omrisk and Thomas Williams were drowned in the river near New Baltimore June 15th.

June 22nd, W. D. Hull, principal of Dist. No. 10, committed suicide, owing to ill-health.

Byron Mansfield

Byron Mansfield, son of Jehoikim and Maria Mansfield, a highly respected resident of New Baltimore who spent his entire life of seventy-five years in that village, passed on Jan. 24, 1925. He was an instructor in New Baltimore and also in Castleton, retiring several years ago. He was President of the Board of Education, Treasurer of the Baptist church, Trustee of Chestnut Lawn Cemetery, and for more than twenty years Secretary of Social Friendship Lodge.  He had also filled the office of justice of the peace. He was the last of his immediate family, his parents and sisters dying several years since, and is survived only by three cousins (Miss Ryder, who kept house for him; George Ryder of Albany, and James Mansfield of New Baltimore). He will be missed in the church, the lodge room and all walks of life, his best eulogy being such utterances as that by the much younger man who exclaimed, “He was like a father to me.” 

He was buried with Masonic honors, with interment in Chestnut Lawn Cemetery. School was closed for two days and the pupils attended his funeral in a body. A bronze tablet to his memory has been placed in the school building by the Board of Education.

Town of Prattsville


Superintendent of Highways, Harvey S. Olmstead, in January asked that the bridge over the Schoharie kill be condemned.  During the summer it was wrecked by an automobile, and later a temporary bridge was built while a permanent structure was in process of building.  During the flood of November 16th the temporary bridge was carried away. At the present writing (July 15th) the new bridge is nearing completion. It is 150 feet in length and runs diagonally across the stream, with deeply imbedded concrete abutments. Its roadbed is 22 feet wide and made of eight-inch concrete, and its strength is such as to meet future as well as present-day demands upon it.  Its cost was about $118,000. The bridge which it replaced cost $12,000 in 1870, and the iron was hauled from Catskill by horses. The earliest bridge now remembered was a wooden lattice bridge and carried away by high water in 1869. This bridge served the people well until the coming of the automobile weakened it by increasing heavy traffic, and a year ago one of these machines put it out of business and a temporary bridge was put up until another should take its place. This lasted only about two months when the flood of 1926 swept it away, and the old bridge, having been strengthened, again became an active factor in crossing the stream. The plans for the new bridge were approved by recommendations of Supervisor Rosecrans.

The Prattsville-Ashland road has been re-surfaced by George E. Williams; a Booster club formed; the Methodist church wired for electric lights, the work under the supervision of Mrs. Elmer Hull, Claude V. White and Chester D. Conine.

Donald Osmar Rickard, aged one and one-half years, was accidentally drowned in a brook near his home on Clay Hill, July 9th.

During the storm of Nov. 16th “the tea room of Vernon Chatfield on upper Main street was threatened and only by prompt action on the part of those gathered there it would have been seriously damaged. Villagers carried the Frigidaire plant and practically everything else of value to a place of safety, and the building was chained to a large maple tree. All  but one post was washed from under the building. Considerable damage was done to the barn on the Fred Hill farm on the Lexington road.  He also lost a shed, stack of hay and a hog-house.  Cellars were inundated, Carman’s garage flooded to the depth of twelve inches, and Edward Lutz was forced to move shingles and lumber to higher elevation.


(Taken From Windham Journal.)

Windham’s fire district was enlarged in 1926 with only two dissenting votes; $115,000 of taxable property added. The Windham Hose Co. voted to purchase and present to Windham fire district an electric fire alarm system and in May a new siren weighting 600 pounds was placed on top if the hose house by Foreman George McCoubrey and a force of men.

The Silver Lake property near East Windham was sold to T. M. St. John. It contains several hundred acres, and is being laid out in streets and sections by the purchasing company, of which Charles H. Belknap of Brooklyn is president.

Munson & Ferris of Windham purchased the store and stock of Patterson Brothers, one of the oldest concerns in Windham.

On Nov. 15th Edwin Probst, a World War veteran, was lost on South Mountain. On the 18th he was found dead by Roland E. Miles and brother of Hunter, having accidentally shot himself.

During the flood of Nov. 16th Windham residents became alarmed because of dangerously high water and storm accompanied by high wind. Cellars in stores and residences were flooded, putting out furnace fires and doing much damage. Charles Phelps lost several thousand feet of lumber. Clarence Marquoit was taken to safety by Harold Moore through waist-high water. The water was pumped from some of the cellars on Wednesday by the fire company pumper.


May 20th the Butts Hotel at East Windham burned to the ground with heavy loss to the owner.

Descendants of Miles Merwin (1623), David S. Merwin (1816) and Jan Winchell Merwin held a reunion on Independence Day at Ashokan Dam.

Osborn A. Cole

Osborn A. Cole, former Supervisor of the town of Windham, died at his late home near the village of Windham on Monday morning, November 8, 1926, aged fifty-two years.

Mr. Cole was born in North Settlement, in the town of Windham, and was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Cole. Form many years he conducted a boarding house which was very popular and never lacked for guests.  Three years ago he developed Cole’s Glen Lake, making it a water sports resort, not only for his own guests but for the county—a far sighted, successful business venture.

He was Supervisor nearly twenty-five years ago, and again during 1924-25. At one time and for six years he was a successful Commissioner of Highways.  An active democrat with hosts of friends. He as a member of the Methodist church of Windham, of Mountain Lodge, F. &  A. M., Mountain Chapter, Windham, the Committee of Greene County Farm Bureau, and President of the Dairy Improvement Association.

Mr. Cole is survived by his wife, formerly Miss Tennie West of North Settlement, and one son Millard. His funeral was largely attended and conducted with Masonic rites.


Greene County
Official List, 1926-27. 

Harcourt, J. Pratt, Highland                           Representative in Congress
Arthur H. Wicks,  Kingston                           State Senator
Ellis W. Bentley, Windham                           Member of Assembly
William E. Thorpe, Catskill                           County Judge and Surrogate
James H. Reilly, Catskill                                 Surrogate’s Clerk
Harrison I. Gardner, Greenville                     District Attorney
James Lewis Malcolm, Catskill                      County Attorney
Wendell S. Sherman, Catskill                         County Treasurer
Sada Haas, Catskill                                          Deputy County Treasurer
Charles H. Arbogast, Catskill                         Sheriff
Andrew H. Speenburgh, Jewett                     Under-Sheriff
Floyd F. Jones, Cairo                                       County Clerk
Irene Glennon, Catskill                                   Deputy County Clerk
Sadie Durwin, Catskill                                    Recording Clerk
Henry W. Barker, Greenville                          Superintendent of Poor
Harvey, S. Olmstead, Cairo                            Superintendent of Highways
Horace G. Baldwin, Hunter                            Coroner 
Ichabod T. Sutton, Prattsville                         Coroner
William E. Brady, Athens                               Coroner
Mahlon H. Atkinson, Catskill                        Coroner
Thomas J. O’Hara, Prattsville                         Commissioner of Elections
Lincoln S. Hart, Catskill                                  Commissioner of Elections
Ruth Whitcomb, Catskill                                 Clerk Board of Elections
Thomas C. Perry, Catskill                               School Supervisor, First Dist.
Robert M. MacNaught, Windham                 School Supervisor, Second Dist.
Walter J. Decker, Hunter                                 School Supervisor, Third Dist.
Harrold R. Every, Athens                               Chairman Board of Supervisors
Theron Lawrence, Jewett                                Clerk Board of Supervisors
James Lewis Malcolm, Catskill                     Referee in Bankruptcy
Pearl R. Simmons, Catskill                             Court Stenographer
Archie D. Clow, Catskill                                 Sealer of Weights and Measures
Earl G. Brougham, Catskill                            Farm Bureau Manager
J. J. Bogan, Catskill                                          County Veterinarian
Mary G. Rowan, Catskill                                County Nurse
Madge A. Morris, Catskill                             Child Welfare Agent
J. V. V. Vedder, Leeds                                    County Historian
Allene R. Davis, Catskill                                County Librarian
Henry Van Dyke Smith, Catskill                  Court House Janitor
Greene Count is in the Third Judicial District, comprising of counties of Albany, Rensselaer, Columbia, Schoharie, Greene, Ulster and Sullivan.

It is in the Twenty-Ninth Senatorial District, which includes Greene, Ulster and Delaware counties.

Is in the Twenty-seventh Congressional District, made up of the counties of Greene, Ulster, Sullivan, Schoharie and Columbia.

Board of Supervisors.

Floyd L. Ives                      Ashland                     Fred Bouton               Halcott
Harrold R. Every               Athens                        J. Frank Lackey          Hunter
Herbert Bogardus              Cairo                          Frank H. Haner          Jewett
Clarence Travis                   Catskill                     Abram V. Roraback   Lexington
Edward A. Webb                Coxsackie                 Levitt C. Powell         New Baltimore
William S. Borthwick         Durham                    Frank Rosecrans        Prattsville
Robert Van Houten            Greenville                Demont L. Chase       Windham

Greene County Bar Association.

Incorporated Oct. 9, 1902.

Emory, A. Chase, President                                         Albert C. Bloodgood, Treasurer
Arthur M. Murphy, Vice President                              Jesse M. Olney, Secretary
Frank H. Osborn                                                              Clarence E. Bloodgood
Edwin C. Hallenbeck 


William E. Thorpe, President                                       John  C. Welsh,  Secretary   

Greene County Medical Society.

Organized in 1803; Dr. John Ely, President


Dr. Norman S. Cooper, President                                 Dr. William M. Rapp, Secretary

Agricultural Society.

Organized in 1819;  John Bagley of Durham, President.

The first annual “Fair and Cattle Show” was held at Cairo Nov. 2, 1819. The animals were exhibited in a field of Daniel Sayre, and articles of domestic manufacture, vegetables and fruit were displayed in an unoccupied store. The Society assembled at Osborn’s tavern for dinner, their hats adorned with heads of wheat and a green ribbon. The dinner cost them 31c. each.

The first year’s expense was $193.50; balance in the treasury in 1820, $126.12 ½.


Dr. L. L. Parker, President                                         George W. Squires, Secretary
Herbert Bogardus, Superintendent

Farm Bureau

Organized 1917 with

C. W. Gilbert, Manager                                              George M. White, President
Francis Wardle, Secretary                                          Oliver Palmer, Treasurer


Charles Peck, President                                               Earl G. Brougham, Manager

Sheep Breeders’ Association

W. A. Finch, President                                                William S. Borthwick, Secretary

  Guernsey Breeders’ Association

Floyd Miller, President                                               A. D. Morse, Secretary-Treasurer

Jersey Breeders’ Association

Clarence H. Jennings, President                                  Henry R. Ingalls, Sec’y-Treas.

Fish and Game Club

Dr. Walter Conkling, President                                   Michael Cimorelli, Secretary

Firemen’s Association

Charles Thorpe, President                                           Roy H. Freer, Secretary

Letter Carriers’ Association

Herbert Antus, President                                             Myron B. Van Schaack, Secretary

Committee for the Blind

Wendell S. Sherman, Chairman                                  Miss Ruth Hall, Secretary

Red Cross Society

J. Lewis Malcolm, President                                      Mrs. J. Lewis Malcolm, Secretary

Tuberculosis Committee

J. Lewis Malcolm, President                                      Mrs. Champlin Clarke, Secretary

Humane Society

George W. Irwin, President                                        Miss Georgina Jackson, Secretary
Loren J. Hubbard, Agent

Board of Child Welfare

Harvey S. Scutt, Chairman                                           Percy W. Decker, Secretary

State Charities Aid Association

Miss Madge Morris, County Agent

Democratic Women’s Club

Miss Ruth Hall, President                                           Mrs. Clifford B. Dykeman, Secretary

League of Women Voters

Mrs. Norman Cooper, District Leader                         Mrs. Lauren Crook Secretary

Home for Aged Women

Mrs. James P. Philip, President                                  Mrs. C. Allen Hayden, Secretary

Greene County Horticultural Society

Organized  Jan. 21, 1926

A. D. Gibson, President                                               Thos. J. Riley, Secretary-Treasurer

Directors for One Year

George H. Hallenbeck, Athens                                     Harvey Col, Cairo

Directors at Large

Charles Post, Catskill                                                    William Albright, New Baltimore
Hiram Palmer, Catskill                                                  H. E. Utter, Durham
Otto Hille, Coxsackie                                                     O. P. Carey, New Baltimore
P. W. Stevens, Greenville

Greene County Federal Farm Loan Association

Organized June 25, 1926

W. M. Van Hoesen, Athens, President                           H. A. Steele, Windham, Sec.

Greene County Bible Society

(111th year)

Rev. Andrew Hansen, President                                     Rev. Geo. W. Rockwell, Secretary
Miss Anna Gonnermann, Solicitor of Funds

Greene County Sunday School Association


Chas. F. Robson, President                                         Mrs. R. W. Plusch, Secretary
George Seward (Coxsackie), Treasurer

Greene County Ex-Supervisors Association

Established 1921 with 122 members, 17 of whom had died.


Edward A. Webb, President                                     W. S. Borthwick, Secretary-Treasurer

Daily Improvement Association

Organized at Windham, March 29, 1926.

Osborn A. Cole, President                                       Raymond Meddaugh, Vice-President

Greene County Pomona Grange

George D. Hall, W. M.                                             Ralph Latta, Secretary

Catskill Mountain Electric League.


Harold N. Warden, President                                   Lester A. Minkler, Secretary

Greene County Boy Scouts

Athens, Troop 1                                        Edward Kisselberg, Scout Master
Cairo, Troop 1                                           Rev. Harl E. Hood, Scout Master
Catskill, Troop 1                                       C. Lauren Crook,  Scout Master
                            2                                                                             H. C. Cowen, Scout Master
                            3                                                                             George F. Parks, Scout Master
                            4                                                                               Joseph Della Morte, Scout Master
                            5                                                                               John Cummings, Scout Master
Cementon, Troop 8                                   Horace Cross, Acting Scout Master
Coxsackie, Troop 1                                   Rev. Jerrold Potts, Scout Master
Greenville, Troop 1                                  Gerald Goff, Scout Master
Hunter, Troop 1                                        Lorenzo D. Edwards, Scout Master
Leeds, Troop 1                                          Otto Daucher, Scout Master
Prattsville, Troop 1                                   B. B. Blakeslee, Scout Master
Tannersville, Troop 1                               George Woodworth, Scout Master
Windham, Troop 1                                   Rev. George F. Wells, Scout Master

The Columbia-Greene Council was chartered in 1924 with John MacLauren president. Greene County Council was chartered January 1, 1927, with J. Frank Lackey, president. Scout Camp Half Moon is one and a half miles from Cairo on Freehold road.

 Greene County American Legion

Levitt Powell, New Baltimore, County Commander


Catskill-Palenville, No. 8231, calls for 8.25 miles beginning at village line on West Bridge street and connecting with state road leading from Saugerties to Palenville. To be concrete highway; Garrison Contracting Corporation of New York. Figures of contract, $471,482.50. (See Supervisor’s Report,* (* All references are to 1925 Supervisors’ Report) with map reference, pages 45 and 46)

Cooksburg-Greenville (See Supervisors’ Report, with map reference, page 55)

Greenville-Dormansville, No. 2858 (page 53, with map ref.)

Tannersville-Haines Falls ( page 41)

Coxsackie-Ravena  (page 54)

Coxsackie-Ravena part 2 (pages 15-16)

Palenville-Saugerties (pages 15-16)

Catskill-Cairo, to be built in 1927 (9.19 miles) by Troy Paving Company.

Westkill-Spruceton, to be built 1927 (5 miles)

Town of Ashland
Census 1920, population 560
Census 1925, population 596 

Town Officers

Floyd L. Ives                   Supervisor               Charles Tompkins       Assessor
Arthur C. Lee                  Town Clerk              Sanford Tompkins      Assessor
Claude Tompkins          Justice Peace            Hugh Lee                      Overseer of Poor
Irving Tuttle                    Justice Peace            Dwight Tuttle               School Director
Melvin Wier                    Justice Peace            Floyd Ives                     School Director
Frank Griffin                   Justice Peace             Alvah Tuttle                 Constable
William Griffin               Highway Supt.         Lewis Case                   Constable
Ernest Patridge               Assessor                    Claude Sutton              Constable 

One election district in the town, with polling place in building used as Town Hall. No voting machines are used. 

Post Office

Ashland (Fourth Class)                                                   Francis L. Dodge, Postmaster

No. R. F. D. Routes

Mail carried form Ashland to Hunter; William Winter, owner-carrier
Prattsville-Cairo stage stops at Ashland; Chares Alle, owner 


  Ashland Co-Partner Dairy Corporation, Ashland, N. Y.
Organized for the manufacture of dairy products.

George A. Cobb, President                        Hugh Lee, Secretary
James A. Campbell, Treasurer

Ashland Community Club


Roy Cornell, President                                          Frank Munson, Secretary-Treasurer

This club was organized Feb. 9, 1926, and now has (Feb. 9, 18279) seventy-nine paid members. Its purpose is to secure fire protection for the town. 


First Presbyterian

Church erected before 1799, and stood on present site of Ashland cemetery. Its first pastor (1802-1806), was Henry B. Stimson. 

First Trustees

Noah Pond                          Philetus Reynolds                   Nathan Osborn
Timothy Hubbard              Elijah Strong                             Jarius Munson

Present church built 1842. Present pastor, Rev. John Entwistle.

Trinity Episcopal

Organized by Rev. (afterward Bishop) Philander Chase, May 11, 1799. First rector, Rev. Joseph Perry (1803-1817). First church built 1814. Present church built 1879. Present Rector, Rev. Pierre McD. Bleeker.


Samuel Gunn                              Norman Collins                       Silas Lewis
Ebenezer Osborn                       Eli Osborn                                 John Tuttle
Benjamin Johnson                      Samuel Goodsell                     Eliphalet Wheeler
Almond Munson                       Amasa Tuttle                            Orange Munson
Jehiel Tuttle                                Jabez Barlow                             Samuel Merwin
Constant Andrews                     Justin Coe                                  Daniel Merwin
Enos Baldwin                             Samuel Wolcott                        Ebenezer Johnson
Elisha Stanley                             Samuel Chatfield                     William Tuttle 

Methodist Episcopal

Organized in 1841, church built in 1842, first pastor, Rev. S. Lakin
Present pastor, Rev. Ralph S. Thorne

St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic

No regular service

North Settlement

Church built about 1826, now a Windham charge. 

West Settlement

No regular service.

  Civil War Veterans

George Tompkins                                                                            Pratt Brewer 

World War veterans not listed on Honor Roll at Catskill:

John Cleveland                                 Riley Waterman                      John Zegel

Harry Titsworth and Raymond Rivenburg came to Ashland after war.

Town of Athens
Census 1920,  population 2, 361
Census 1925, population 2, 505

Town Officers

Harrold R. Every      Supervisor                                 Emory E. Allen       Collector
William J. Clark       Town Clerk                                Charles Starke          Overseer Poor
W. F. Hitchcock        Justice Peace                              Fred Bock                 Overseer Poor
Peter Van Valkenburgh      Justice Peace                  Robert Hosford       Constable
J. K. Van Woert         Justice Peace                             Charles Hitchcock   Constable
Orin Q. Flint             Justice Peace                              George Scott            Constable
Wicks B. Spoor        Assessor                                      Lawrence Ford        Constable
Willis Brandow       Assessor                                      Abram Post              Auditor
Sylvanus H. Cooper     Assessor                                Gardiner Clawson   Auditor
Isabell Rainey           School Director                         David F. Whiting     Auditor
Luella Bard               School Director

Places of General Election.

Dist No. 1---Village Building rooms of Wm. H. Morton Engine Co.
Dist. No. 2---Methodist Society Hall, Lime street.
Dist. No. 3---Village Building, rooms of W. C. Brady Hook & Ladder Co.
Voting machines used since 1901.

Post Office.

Athens (Third Class )                                                Clare Masten, Postmaster 

Rural Routes

Terminal, Athens                                                        Russel Page, Carrier

Vosenkill Road, Spoonburgh Road, Kings Highway, Athens-Coxsackie Turnpike, Schoharie Road and Leeds Road.

 Village Officers

Abram Post                    President                              O. Gates Porter           Police Justice
Wm. H. Jamieson          Trustee                                  Edward Slattery         Street Com’r
Thomas Lampman Sr   Trustee                                  Charles Hitchcock      Police Chief
Wm. T. Van Loan          Trustee                                  William Boyles          Constable
Garret S. Dollar              Trustee                                  George Scott               Constable
Frank Nichols                 Treasurer                              Robert Hosford          Constable
Claud B. Whiting           Clerk

One election district in village. Election held in Village Building on third Tuesday in March.


Dr Noram S. Cooper                           Franklin Street
Dr. Alton B. Daley                             Washington Street
Dr. Edmund C. Van Dusen               Franklin Street 


                                                Orin Q. Flint                Washington Street
O. Gates Porter             Franklin Street

Registered Nurses

Clara P. V. Flint                         Washington Street
Myrtle Hotaling                          Warren Street
Harriet Rainey                            Warren Street
Sarah Smith                                Washington Street
Mary Van Valkenburgh               Washington Street

Athens National  Bank, organized July 5, 1916. 

First Officials

Elmore Mackey,    President        O. Gates Porter, Vice-President
P. A. Carlson, Cashier

Capital Stock $25,000. Surplus, $5,000. Deposits first year $144,000.

Directors 1925

Jacob H. Decker                         Joseph Mayone                           Samuel Applebaum
Richard Lenahan                       William W. Rider                       George H. Hallenbeck
John Nichols                               Frank Nichols                             William H. Miller
Abram Post   

Officers 1925

Jacob H. Decker                         President
Richard Lenahan                       Vice-President
John Nichols                              Vice-President
Samuel Appleman                    Cashier
Louis Kortman                           Teller
Isabel Van Loan                         Clerk 

The Bank’s firs home was located in the Tremaine Building on the South-east corner of Second and Washington streets. A new Bank  building was erected in 1925 on the north-east corner of Second and Washington streets.

Athens High School

John Severance, Principal


Dr. Evarts Memorial Library, erected 1907. Presented to the village of Athens by Daniel R. and Elizabeth Evarts.

Librarian, Jennie H. Van Woert.

Number of volumes, 5,535. Circulation 1926, 17,432 volumes.

  Athens Lodge, No. 129, Knights of Pythias

Dec. 24, 1874.

  George Brady                  C. C.                              Wm. E. Church              M. of A.
Edward Ashley                V. C.                              William Dumary            I. G.
Gordon W. Brady            Prelate                            Richard M. Watson       O. G.
George S. Seaman           K. R. S.                           Albert Brown                Trustee
Wm. J. Coffin                  M. of F.                           Henry True                    Trustee
Albert L. Whipple           M. of E.                          George Clapper              Trustee 

Charter Members.

George Brady, Gordon W. Brady, Edward Ashley, Judson N. Cooper, Henry H. Van Loan, Richard M. Watson, Chas. F. M. Greene, Erastus Brady, Frank Edwards, Charles, W. Lyons, William Bogardus, Henry True, Geo. S. Seaman, Isaac H. Tice, Alvin G. Howland, Isaac Newton, Wm. C. Brady, Wm. E. Church, Rufus Watson, William Dumary, Wm. J. Coffin, Casper Brady, Albert L. Whipple.

Officers, 1926

Gilbert Wells                 C. C.                                     William Bergamini                  K. F.
Percy Brandow             V. C.                                      Benjamin Whiting                   M. F.
Norman Cooper Sr.                 K. R. & S.

Custer Lodge, No, 508, I. O. O. F.

Instituted March 7, 1889, and the following named officers installed by District Deputy Grand Master, F. S. Stahl and Staff from Hendrick Hudson Lodge of Catskill, N. Y.

Charles W. Roe               Noble Grand                       Ezra Cooper                L. S. N. G.
John E. Palmatier            Vice Grand                          Dr. A. H. Getty            Conductor
George E. Bates               Secretary                              Edmund Dickman     Warden
George E. Gordon           Treasurer                             M. Boyle                      Inside Guard
Harvey Kennedy             R. S. N. G.                            Gustave Tertring       Outside Guard
Ira Cooper                         L. S. N. G.                            W. A. Brady                R. S. S.
Geo. E. Palmatier             R. S. V. G.                            Louis Minerly            L. S. S. 

 After the installation ceremonies, Past Grand George E. Mitchell of Hendrick Hudson Lodge was called to the N. G. chair, and instructed eight candidates in the Degree. 

Officers 1926

Lawrence Palmatier         Noble Grand                 Elmer Benn      Financial Secretary
Harmon Borfitz                 Vice Grand                    William C. Brooks           Treasurer
Chas. W. Hitchcock           Secretary 

Frances E. Willard Rebekah Lodge, No. 343, I. O. O. F.

Instituted May, 1905

  Ida E. Mackey                       Noble Grand                  Katie Delmater                   Secretary
Susie Peloubet                       Vice Grand                    Annie Fyfe                        Treasurer

Elective Officers 1926

Angeline Requa                Noble Grand                   Lucy Lackie                 Financial Sec’y
Leah Clawson                    Vice Grand                      Fannie Boughton                Treasurer
Florence Brown                  Recording Secretary 

Teator-Guilfuss-Miller Post, No. 187, American Legion

Organized in 1919

August Brady                       Commander                        James Dumary               Secretary
Floyd Mackey             Vice Commander                        John Ford Jr.                 Treasurer 

Officers 1926

Frank Nedtwick              Commander                         Joseph Michael     Vice Commander
W. Hallenbeck                Vice Commander                 Leslie Delamater            Secretary
C. Van Loan                    Vice Commander                 Floyd A. Mackey            Treasurer 

Soldiers and Sailors

Joseph Schill   (Died Sept. 17, 1926)                                George Mower
George W. Garrison  (Died Jan. 28, 1926                       George Spoor

Spanish War Veterans

James Westfall                             Charles W. Stranahan                   Louis Kortman 

New Street

From State Highway east to the Brick Row, Village of Athens, by petition of tax-payers and resolution of Board of Trustees and purchased from the American Briklath Company, price $500.00. Deed—Dated March 24, 1925. American Briklath Company. 

Town of Cairo
Census 1920, population 1,487
Census 1925, population 1,816

Town Officers

Herbert Bogardus                  Supervisor                  Frank Dorpfeld         Assessor
James P. Post                         Town Clerk                  Barney Chichester     Overseer Poor
N. M.  Howard                      Justice Peace                Frank Every                Overseer Poor
F. C. Burnham                        Justice Peace               Lysander Lennon       School Director
Henry Chadderdon               Justice Peace               Wm. K. Hobart           School Director
Ira D. Vail                                Justice Peace               Peter Hood                 Constable
Guy E. Meddaugh                 Collector                      Benjamin Bennett      Constable
Ross Ruland                            Highway Supt.           E. W. Mangam           Constable
Vernon Titus                           Assessor                      Elmer Sherman          Constable
H. H. Bogardus                       Assessor                      Richard Baker            Constable 

Election Districts

No. 1, Schermerhorn’s Hall                                        No. 2 Masonic Hall
Voting machines first used in 1919.

Post Offices

Cairo, Third Class                            L. P. Miller, Postmaster
Acra, Fourth Class                            H. Chadderdon, Postmaster
Purling, Fourth Class                        R. Palmatier, Postmaster
Round Top, Third Class                   J. M. Fiero Jr., Postmaster
South Cairo, Fourth Class                J. Fiero, Postmaster 


Charles Alle                                 Cairo to Prattsville, Windham Road
O. E. Kelsey                                 Potter Hollow to Cairo, Freehold Road
Elmer E. West                              Cairo to Catskill, Susquehanna Turnpike
Charles Vincent                            Cairo to Cornwallville, Durham Road
Vernon Arnold                              Cairo to Round Top, Purling-Round Top Road 


Cairo High School, Charles D. Coutant, Principal

1927 Graduates:

Ruth Isadore Baldwin                   Peter Noval                      Elmer Chadderdon
Elizabeth Canniff                           Anita F. Sutter                  Edsall J. Meddaugh
Dorothy S. Story

  Professional Persons

Ray Eugene Person,  Physician                              Ott Pfordte, Mining Engineer
Miles Chadderdon, Attorney

First National Bank of Cairo

Organized October 16, 1924

First Officials:

Ira T. Tolley                                     Norman N. Howard           William H. Freese
Elliott A. Jones                                John Cryer                            Barney W. Freleigh
Herbert Bogardus                           Roscoe C. Lacy                    S. E. Cozine Jr.
Harvey S. Olmsted                         Lysander Lennon                Charles H. Phelps
Harry C. Emens

Capital stock, $25,000; Surplus $5,000; Resources, $264,209.18.

Calvary Episcopal Church

Established August, 13, 1832

Rev. Ephraim Punderson, Rector
Eli Brooks and George Wickes, Wardens 


Ira T. Day                                       Horace Austin                          Henry E. Hotchkiss
Amasa Mattoon                            Hiram Hine                               Harlow Hine
William C. Howell                                                                           John Lennon 

In 1924 the Rev. Culver B. Alford was appointed as rector, remaining until June 1, 1926, and resigning to become chaplain of the Actor Guild, in the Church of the Transfiguration, better known as the “Little Church Around the Corner,” located on 29th Street, New York City.

Present pastor, Rev. Harl E. Hood

Presbyterian Church 

Was first organized at Acra but moved to Cairo and established there May 1, 1899. The first business meeting was held in the “Meeting House” August 27, 1808. The early records and papers of the church were burned in the house of Daniel Sayre, Jan. 28, 1808. At this first meeting Abner Benedict was moderator and Daniel Sayre clerk.  David Reed and Daniel Sayre were among the first deacons.

Present pastor, Rev. Andrew Imrie 

Methodist Episcopal Church

The Methodist Society began in 1815 in the house of Mrs. Sally Stevens. The first “Meeting House” was built on land donated by Benjamin Hine, the building still standing on Bross street. The first regularly appointed minister was Rev. J. Ham in 1851.

Present church property built in 1866.

Rev. M. S. Ryan, present pastor. 

Sandy Plains Methodist Episcopal Church

This society was organized very early in the settlement of the town. One of the first places where services were held was at the house of Henry Weeks (or Wickes) on Indian Ridge, the circuit rider coming around every four weeks.  John Pine was the second class leader. The first church was built in 1837. 

Charles Grose, pastor


Wm. G. Wolcott                               Fredrick Brink                        William Fullager
David Dunham                                Orlando Hopson                    Frederick Salisbury 


S. W. R. Showers                                                                                   Platt Pine

James H. Hawkshurst, pastor 1866-68 

The second and present church stands near the north end of South Cairo bridge, and is now a part of the Cairo charge.  The present church was built in 1905. 

Round Top Methodist Church

This church was founded in 1838, by the following trustees: Peter Fiero, Samuel Jones, Harvey Stoddard, John Remsen (owner of the grove) and others

Present pastor, Rev. Samuel A. McCormick

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church

Pastor, Rev. Francis a Kelly 

Chamber of Commerce 

Organized in 1924

Richard A. Austin,    President                                     Harry Emens, Secretary
William Freese,         Vice-President                            Norman M. Howard, Treasurer


Barney Freliegh,       President                                      Elliott Jones, Secretary

166 Members. 

St. John’s Lodge, No. 196, F. & A. M.

Organized in 1801 or 1802. The officers were John C. Burhans, W.M.; Amos Cornwell, S. W. ; Rufus Byington, J. W.; Forfeited its charter during the Morgan excitement. 

Kedemah Lodge, No. 693, F. &  A. M.

Organized January 30, 1869. Its first officers:

Elias L. Dutcher  W. M.                                                     J. Seymour Miller, S.D.
Egbet Yumans,   S. W.                                                       Benjamin H. Waldron, J. D.
Edward Adams,   J. W.                                                      Levi K. Byington, Tyler
Luke Roe,   Secretary                                                         Rev. Edward Pidsley, Chaplain
Seymour Adams,  Treasurer                                             Zanoni Beckwith,  M. of C.
Thomas L. Wood,   M. of C.

Other Charter Members:

Henry Steel                                George Weeks                           George W. Mead
Reuben W. Green                     Francis G. Walters                     Solomon Christian
Edwin E. Darby                        Dennis M. Stewart                      John A. Mower
J. S. Miller                                  Alvin B. Felt                                Robert Bridgen
Martin Smith                             A. L. Walters                              Lucius K. Byington
A. Timmerman                         D. S. Eckler                                  Edward M. Lennon 


John B. Earl,      W. M.                                                                   James P. Post, Secretary 

Angelus Rebekah Lodge, No. 604 

Instituted 1922 

Charters member: Mr. and Mrs. Ross J. Ruland, Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hotchkiss, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vaughn, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Row, Mr. and Mrs. F. Bonesteel.  

Fraternity Lodge, I. O. O. F.

This lodge was instituted at Leeds, Jan. 22, 1875; moved to Cairo April 1, 1897, and housed was destroyed by fire Nov. 17, 1913. 

First Officers:

George H. Warner,  Noble Grand                               J. Martin Vedder, Vice-President
Charles C Teich, Secretary                                           H. Fiero Vedder, Treasurer 

I. O. O. F. Hall was deeded to the Odd Fellows by William H. Ford May 28, 1918, and possession was given at once. Mr. Ford died in Oklahoma Feb. 7, 1920, and was buried in Cairo Cemetery by Fraternity Lodge, Feb. 14, 1920. 

Yonderbocker Lodge, No. 289, Knights of Pythias. 

Established July 30, 1890, Pythian Period 27. First meeting held in Walters Hotel. Moved to lodge rooms in Masonic Hall about 1913. 

First Officials:

Dr. N. H. Griffin,   P. C.                                               Charles Person,  Prelate
George H. Lyons,  C. C.                                               Joshua Travis, Keeper of R. & S.
Francis G. Walters,  M. of E.                                        Selden H. Hine,   M. of A.
W. Burr Hall,     Inner Guard                                       Johnson Smith,   M. of A.
John C. Person,    V. C.                                                  Platt R Weeks,   Outer Guard 

Other Charter Members:

Ira Jump                                    J. H. Palen                                         J. W. Mulberry
E. E. Guthrie                             John Hahn                                         John E. Greene
H. F.  Williams                         J. C. Palmer                                       J. H. Lent
Hiram P. Lacy                           G. B. Holcomb                                H. R. Wells
Richard Cartan                          H. S. Duncan                                   C. H. Riesdorph
W. S. Stanley                              J. C. Lennon                                     J. L. Jacobs
J. H. Cammer                             George M. Weed                            F. H. Ford
James H. Sheridan

Mohican Post, No. 983, American Legion

Organized January 16, 1925. 

Louis P. Miller,      Commander                           Joseph Francel,     Adjutant
Percy Mower,         Vice Commander                  Herbert Knapp,    Finance Officer
James Bonesteel      Commander

  Cairo Hose Company

Organized Sept. 16, 1919 

William H. Freese,   President                                     Louis A. Miller,   Treasurer
Barney Freleigh,       Vice President                            Moses Deyo,    Foreman
S. Cozine,                   Second Vice President              Nathan Fiero,  First Asst. Foreman
Howard P. Crum,    Secretary                                      W. Walters, Second Asst. Foreman


Wm. H. Freese                               Floyd Simpkins                Louis A. Miller
James A. Bonesteel                        Augustus Hof                   Barney W. Freleigh
Sidney Timmerman                                                                 Samuel A. Cozine Jr. 

Other Charter Members:

Abram Bonesteel                          George Simpkins                William Dyce
George Arnold                              Courtney Weeks                 James P. Post
Elliott Mangam                             Louis Egnor                         Julius Schad
George Holdridge                        Andrew Freese                    Seymour Haines
John Duncan Jr.                             William Simpkins               Lucius Lennon
S. E. Elliott                                     Howard P. Crum                 Oscar Horton
Frederick Barlow                          George Van Buren              Walter P. Jones
Claude Story                                 Harry Rasmussen                John Turner
Floyd Hempstead

Joseph O’Connor, charter member, died 1924.


S. E. Cozine,      President                                                William Dyce,  Secretary 

John S. Betts Post, No. 348, G. A. R.

Meetings were held in the Lodge Rooms on the top floor of Walters Hotel in the early establishment of the Post. 

First Official:

Jonathan B. Webster,  Commander                                 W. H. Rice,  Vice Commander
William Howard,     Vice Commander                            Isaac Howard,  Delegate
Albert Weaver,  Alternate 

Civil War Veterans 

James Akeley—Born Sept. 3, 1846, member of 4th Regiment, Heavy Artillery, N. Y. S. Vol.  Enlisted at Poughkeepsie. 

Aaron Betts—Entered service April 19, 1861, as Fife Major in 20th Regiment N. Y. S. Militia.   Discharged Aug. 2, 1865; Re-enlisted as private in Co. E 91st N. Y. Vol. Inft. 

William Brandow—Born Dec. 20, 1840, enlisted in 15th N. Y. Engineers, N. Y. Volunteer Regiment. 

Isaac S. Howard—Born Feb. 13, 1839; died Dec. 31, 1923. Enlisted Aug. 19, 1862; discharged June 29, 1865. Promoted Nov. 1, 1864; wounded March 25, 1865. Enlisted in 20th Regiment N. Y. S. Vol., recruited in Ulster and Greene Co. 

Enoch Walters—Born Feb. 24, 1846. A member of the 100th N. Y. S. Vol. Inft. Enlisted at Kingston Oct. 3, 1864; discharged Aug. 28, 1865, at Richmond, Va.  (Capt. Sam. Ely’s Co.)

At the breaking out of the Rebellion, Alanson Walters with his four sons resided in Greene County. All five enlisted and the father was shot and killed in the battle of Winchester.  One son died in Andersonville prison (Nelson), another was killed in the battle of the Wilderness, a third lost his leg above the knee at Gettysburg, and the fourth, Enoch, still living (1926) came out of the conflict uninjured. Moses who lost his leg was keeper of the Four-Mile Point Lighthouse, in the Hudson River. 

Prominent in the life of the John S. Beets Post, No. 348, G. A. R., was their commander, Jonathan Brown Webster, familiarly known to the Cairoites as Captain Webster.  He was the descendant of a long line of military ancestors.  His maternal grandfather, Jonathan Brown, after whom he was named, was a major in the war of 1812, and his great-grandfather was a Revolutionary soldier.

The paternal grandfather, a Connecticut man, was a Revolutionary soldier whose grandfather served on the three lists of the Colony in the Pequadsh war.  On an old English coat of arms in the family, a five-pointed star on its shield shows military service of an oldest son, granted by the King, by whom he was knighted at Bosworth Field.

During the Civil War he was appointed captain in the 20th Regiment, Co., A, N. Y. S. M., April 31, 1861. The regiment was mustered into service at Kingston, N. Y.; the place of general rendezvous. He had been captain in the 28th Regiment of the 12th Brigade, 3d Division of N. Y. S. M., which appointment took place November 11, 1852, and he resigned to take command of the 20th Regiment N. Y. S. M., Co. A.

He was born in New York city in 1824, the son of Samuel Webster, born at Freehold, N. Y., where his father, Samuel Sr., a Revolutionary soldier, located from Connecticut after the war.  His mother, Eliza Brown, daughter of Jonathan Brown of Morris county, N. J., a major in the War of 1812. Captain Webster was recommended by Colonel George H. Sharpe for the positions of Colonel or Lieutenant-Colonel in place of Colonel Pratt, who expected to resign, but later changed his mind. The recommendation is dated August 25, 1862. Mrs. S. A. Mangam of Cairo and New York city is his niece.

Town of Catskill
Census 1920,  Population 7,670
Census 1925, Population 8,563 

Town Officers 

Clarence F. Travis             Supervisor                Joseph Obert                 Overseer Poor
Geo. W. Swartout              Town Clerk              Frank Durwin                Overseer Poor
Mrs. Eva Swartwout         Deputy                      Stewart Parks                Auditor
Melvin Waggoner              Justice Peace           John V. Bogart               Auditor
Paul R. Morrison                Justice Peace           F. C. Kniffen                  Auditor
W. J. Saxe                             Justice Peace           Patrick Ryan                  Constable
Louis F. Teich                     Justice Peace           John Hines                     Constable
Walter Dederick                 Collector                  Bernard Cummings     Constable
Eugene L. Wolfe                Highway Supt.        Van Dyke Smith           Constable
Oliver Palmer                    Assessor                    John Fitzsimmons        Constable
C. J. Hammer                      Assessor                    W. S. C. Wiley              School Director
George Badeau                  Assessor                    John V. Bogart              School Director 

Post Offices.

Catskill Post Office (Second Class)                        Wm. B. Donahue, Postmaster
R. F. D.  Route No. 1                                                 Elmer E. Palmer, Carrier
R. F. D. Route No. 2                                                  Raymond E. Boomhower, Carrier

Route No. 1 goes up Spring street to Hamburg, crosses to Lime Street, circles Green Lake and follows Spooky Hollow road to four corners, from there goes through Leeds to Cairo Junction, returning on Five-Mile Woods road to stone school house, then to Cauterskill bridge and Catskill. 

Route No. 2 goes up Spring street, delivers mail on part of Allen street (not in corporation), crosses the concrete bridge to Cauterskill and Kiskatom, going south through High Falls, and back to Catskill.

Between Catskill and Palenville mail is distributed by Irving Saxe.

Between Catskill and Cairo by Vernon Vaughn.


Palenville Post Office, Third Class                                   C. J. Hinman, Postmaster


Leeds Post Office, Third Class                                          Harry C. Teich, Postmaster

This office has a Star Route, Leeds-Gayhead;  Oscar Swan, carrier. 


Catskill Hardware & Lumber Co.

Catskill Supply Co. Inc. 1910, consolidated Jan. 1, 1926, into Catskill Hardware & Lumber Company, to furnish “everything used in construction of buildings from foundation to final cost of paint and varnish.”

  Welsh & Grey Lumber Corp.

To supply contractors and builders with lumber, masons’ supplies etc.  Office located on Water street, Catskill.

New Era Apple Products Co. Inc.

Incorporated April 30, 1926. Principal business office, Leeds N. Y.


Adolph L. Hausold, Hoboken                                          Adolph Schaefer, Leeds 

Mayone Brick Co.

Incorporated 1916 at Glasco. 

Took possession July 1, 1925, of Freeman property, West Bridge street (Powder Spring Farm), formerly owned by Frederick Cooke. This company operates yards at Athens and Glasco. 

Catskill Creamery Co. Inc.

Edison Post,   President                                                    Thomas J. Riley,   Vice President
Mamie D. Post, Secretary and Treasurer

Incorporated April 24, 1925, for the purpose of buying tested milk, which after being pasteurized is shipped to New York markets (also home consumption).

Edison Post Apple Products Corporation.

Incorporated Sept. 29, 1924, for the manufacture of sweet cider and vinegar, and shipping of apples to New York city markets.

  Rip Van Winkle Golf and Country Club

Martin Cantine,      President                                           Mrs. J. R. MacAllister,  Secretary 

Catskill Country Club

M. Edw.  Silberstein,     President                                  Percy W. Decker, Secretary

  Jefferson Heights Improvement Society

Leroy Phinney,         President                                         Mrs. Fannie I. Clay, Secretary 

Exploration Club

Earl C. Sandt                 President                                Elias Reynolds             Assessor
George W. Irwin           Trustee                                   Irving Linzey                Assessor
Champlin Clark            Trustee                                   Harry Millspaugh        Assessor
H. C. Smith                     Trustee                                   Patrick Ryan                 Police Chief
G. E. D. Parker               Trustee                                   Paul Morrison              Police Justice
W. O. Edwards              Clerk                                       John Zitzsmimons       Constable
James McNee                 Treasurer                                John Hines                    Constable
Mary A. Deady              Collector                                 Van Dyke Smith           Constable
J. L. Malcolm                  Corp. Counsel                       Bernard Cummings     Constable
Henry Shear                    Street Superintendent 

Board of Water Commissioners

Harvey S. Scutt                                                          Mrs. Mark McGovern, Bookkeeper
M. Edw.  Silberstein                                                 William Shufelt,  Engineer
Frank H. Cooke                                                         Joseph Bennett, Fireman
J. C. Beare, Superintendent                                     William Saxe, Fireman

  Attorneys and Counselors at Law

Josiah C. Tallmadge                     John C. Welsh              Charles G. Coffin
Orliff T. Heath                               Lee F. Betts                  G. Howard Jones
J. Lewis Patrie                               Lester R. Smith            John D. Whittaker
Ambrose Jones                              Clarence Howland
Osborn, Bloodgood, Wilbur & Fray                                Decker & Malcolm 


Lyle B. Honeyford                        Charles E. Willard            William M. Rapp
George L. Branch                          Mahlon H. Atkinson         James B. Rouse
George R. DeSilvia                       F. W. Goodrich                  S. A. Holcomb 

Veterinary Surgeons

Leon L. Parker*                              J. J. Bogan   (County Veterinarian)

(*Dr. L. L. Parker, veterinarian, has been assigned the towns of Catskill, Cairo, Athens, Coxsackie and New Baltimore. Dr. G. Clark DeWitt of Oak Hill, for Durham and part of Greenville. Dr. Frank L. Haner of Jewett, all mountain towns excepting Halcott and a portion of Prattsville.)

Tanners National Bank

This bank was incorporated under the name of Tanners Bank (safety fund) March 14, 1831, and re-incorporated under present name in 1865. Its firs president was Orrin Day; cashier, Frederick Hill; vice-president, S. Sherwood Day.

Directors, 1831

James Powers                                Charles L. Beach                   John Breasted
Edgar B. Day                                 George H. Penfield              John T. Mann
S. Sherwood Day                           Rufus H. King                      Joshua Atwater jr.
Francis Sayre                                  Joshua Fiero jr.                     Francis N. Wilson
                                   Isaac Rouse

Is capital stock in 1831 was $100,000.


Orrin Day,      President                                          William Palmatier, Cashier
Capital stock  $150,000.00      Surplus $150.000.00        Undivided profits   $85,434.45 

In November, 1925, County Treasurer Wendell S. Sherman, who had been assistant cashier since 1912 and associated with the bank for nearly twenty-six years, was promoted to vice-president.

Catskill Savings Bank

This bank was incorporated under its present name April 1, 1868l. Its first president was John Breasted; Edgar Russell, secretary. It began business in the main room of the Tanners Bank, and there remained until January, 1909, when it moved to its own building.

Wm. W. Palmatier,   President                                      A. C. Bloodgood, Vice President
Addison P. Jones, Second Vice President and Secretary
C. Edsall Fiester,  Assistant Secretary

Assets July 1, 1927, $6,484,804.29

Catskill Savings and Loan Association.

It has been stated that William S. Torrey and Charles A. Wardle fathered the Association, and its first officers were

Thomas E. Ferrier,          President                                               W. E. Torrey, Secretary
P. Gardner Coffin,          Treasurer                                               W. W. Bennett, Attorney
John L. Kennedy was first to secure a loan. 


Josiah C. Tallmadge, President                                      Thomas E. Jones, Secretary
Assets, $515,547.79                         Loans  $103,773.75


Christ’s Presbyterian Church .

Incorporated 1803. Church built 1808.

Rev. Andrew Hansen,  Pastor                                       Rev. C. G. Hazard, Pastor Emeritus 

First Reformed (Dutch) Church.

First Church built 1828, present church 1853

Pastor, Rev. Jacob Van Ess.

St. Luke’s Protestant Episcopal Church.

Rev. Walter E. Howe  (1926)

St. Luke’s parish was founded before 1800; First church dedicated 1809; Corner stone of present church, 1883. Incorporated on St. Bartholomew’s Day, August 24, 1801.

 Methodist Episcopal Church.

Pastor, Rev. Grant E. Robinson.

First church built 1824, present church 1864.

First Baptist Church.

Pastor, Rev. G. W. Rockwell

Church organized 1803. Present church built 1873.

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church.

Established 1853.  Present church built 1885.

Rev. John L. Smith, Rector.     Rev. William Martin, Assistant

  Second Baptist Church.

Pastor, Rev. Trussie Johnson.

The corner stone was laid July 26, 1925; its cost $9,000. Rev. George W. Rockwell of the First Baptist Church preached the dedicatory sermon from these words, “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock will I build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Dr. Hazard spoke in connection with the corner stone.  A review of the church history was read by Mrs. Julia Gunnel, one of the  founders.  Mrs. Julia Cobb, organizer and president of the Silver Leaf Building Club, which inaugurated the drive for funds for a new church, also addressed the gathering.

 Mt. Tabor A. M. E. Zion Church.

Pastor, Rev. J. H. Edwards             Organized 1914.

  Church of Science Church.

This church was started with a few members in 1917. The first meetings were held in the Sage Building, and from there in 1918 they moved to Clark street.  In 1923 a church was built and dedicated on the corner of Broad and Livingston streets, and, free from debt, its service was held in September of that year. This church has two readers and six trustees.

Temple of Israel, Catskill.

Rabbi Benjamin Schwartz.

  Leeds Reformed (Dutch) Church.

Organized as Katskill and Kocksackie 1732.

Present church built 1818.          Rev. George D. Wood, Pastor.

  Methodist Episcopal Church, Leeds.

Church built 1860.              Rev. G.O. Wilsey, pastor

  St. Bridget’s Roman Catholic Church, Leeds.

Established and church built in 1878.

  Methodist Episcopal Church, Palenville.

Rev. Leslie G. Davis, pastor 

Gloria Dei Episcopal Church, Palenville.

Rev. Harl E. Hood, in charge. 

St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Cementon. 

Catskill High School.

George H. Chadwick, Principal 

1927 High School Graduates

Ruth Baker                                  Francis Doorly                       Ruth MacClain  (H)
Beatrice Bartoo (H)                    Katharine Eckler                    Mildred Morehouse
Edith Bates (H)                           Francis Fowks                        George Parker
Mabel Beare                               William Freese                       Donald Rightmyer
David Chassy (H)                      Doris Heath                            George Rosengren
Harriet Cole                               Georgiana Heath (H)             Irving Seeley
Orlando Craft                             George Holdridge                 Marian Silberstein
Carlton Coutant                         Mamie Kiebart                       Lena Smith
Naomi Decker                            Hertha Latimer                      Harry Townsend
Mary Vicevich                                                                             Virginia Winans (H)

Grandview School

Alice L. Babcock, Principal 

Mrs. Thomas C. Perry, instructor in the second grade, and wife of Superintendent Perry, died at her home in Catskill, Marcy 17, 1926. She was devoted to her work and greatly loved as a teacher. 

Miss Helen Finnigan, instructor in the third grade, died at the Albany Hospital Jan. 30, 1926. She was successful teacher.

 St. Patrick’s Academy

Opened 1890.

  Graduates 1927

Marie Van Loan                                 Julia Styga                         Michael Hodor 

Hebrew School, Catskill

Rabbi Schwartz, Instructor.

Town of Catskill

There are fifteen school districts having school buildings in the town. No. 1 (Catskill) is a Union Free School.  Nov. 5 contracts with No. 1, and No. 14 contracts with Nos. 1 and 10.

Palenville (Rowena Memorial)

Alice E. Jones, Principal 


Arthur C. Lewis, Principal


John W. McMenamy, Principal

Catskill Public Library

Endowed by Andrew Carnegie, 1901.

George W. Irwin,    President   Mrs. Frank H. Osborn, Treasurer
Miss Emily Becker, Librarian,    Mrs. Mabel Sommerville, Assistant.

Emory A. Chase Memorial Law Library


Percy W. Decker                          Benjamin I. Tallmadge               J. Lewis Malcolm
Miss Allene Davis, Librarian

  Catskill Lodge, No. 468, F. & A. M.

Organized 1859. John H. Bagley, W. M.

The Masonic Order is closely connected with the early history of Catskill village. It is first heard of during the years 1793-4 and was then known as “Harmony Lodge.” Among those who instituted it were Thomas Thomson, Jacob Bogardus, Hezekiah Van Orden, George Taylor, Rufus Stanley and W. W. Wetmore. 

In 1818 Catskill Lodge, No. 302, which numbered among its members many of those formerly of Harmony Lodge, held meetings in Botsford’s tavern on the corner of Main and Thomson streets. Its charter was signed by Dewitt Clinton.


Charles J. Bagley,    W. M.                                                Henry Layman, Secretary 

Hendrick Hudson Lodge, NO. 189, I. O. O. F.

Instituted in Catskill Jan. 14, 1845. Its charter members:

William Bennett                                B. O. Wait                                Nathan Mack
James Johnson                                   Peter Baurhyte                        William Adams
George Bell                                        Peter Hamblin                        James H. Van Orden
A.     D. O. Brower

The first death was that of John Lusk, in March 1848. 


L. Fred Rockerfeller,      N. G.                                             Leroy Hover, Secretary 

Athabasca Tribe, No. 251, I. O. R. M.

Organized thirty-three years ago.

On Past Sachem’s night, 1926, four charter members were present:  R. J. Stahl, P. D. Hitchcock, B. K. Van Valkenburgh and Charles Reinhart. 


John Baker, Sachem                                                           Albert Scott, Keeper of Records 

Catskill Lodge, B. P. O. E.

John C. Welsh,         Exalted Ruler                                  Wm. C. O’Brien, Secretary 

Society of Sts. Cosmo and Damien.

Dominick DeSantis,   President                                       Joseph DiPerna, Secretary 

Bayard Taylor Unit, S. S. A.

Organized by Edwin Schaefer July, 1919.

Robert Henke jr.,  Magistrate                                        Harold D. Bush,  Secretary 

Malaeska Lodge, Knights of Pythias

Instituted April 16, 1873. Charter Members:

J. F. Sylvester                                 A. D. Wilbur                           F. P. Joesbury
William Joesbury                          J. P. Baird                                I. W. Van Gorden
E. K. Wilcox                                   William B. Gay                      I. A. Penfield
B. F.  Conklin                                 Wheeler Howard                   Warren E. Egnor
George R. Olney                            J. R. Burgett                            David Mackey
Egbert Beardsley                           Gottlieb Fromer                     C. A. Weed
James B. Mitchell 


Benn Hartmann,   C. C.                                     Frank Snyder, Keeper of Records and Seal 

Knights of Columbus.

Organized Mary 30, 1901.

First Grand Knight,  Thomas J. McLaughlin

P. D. Hitchcock,   Grand Knight                                            James E. Wicks, Recorder
                                               Wilfred Ford, Financial Secretary 

Rip Van Winkle Club.

This club celebrated its fortieth birthday in 1925.

George A. Deane,   President                                               Lewis A. Freese, Secretary 

Catskill Chamber of Commerce.

Herman C. Cowen,   President                                             Willis P. Goldin, Secretary 

Parent-Teacher Association.

In April, 1925, the Health Association which had existed for some time was merged in the Parent-Teacher Association with Mrs. Fred Fiero as president. 


Miss Alice Bobcock,     President                                        Mrs. John L. Fray, Secretary 

Republican Club


L. L. Parker,  President                                                        D. Harold Bush, Secretary 

Twilight  Baseball League

Edwin J. Thomas,  President                                              John J. Fitzsimmons, Secretary
                                                       Henry Place, Treasurer 

Catskill Fire Department.

The village fire department had its origin April 1, 1797, when an Act was passed “for the better extinguishing of fires in the village of Catskill, County of Albany,” Trustees were empowered to appoint firemen, not more than fourteen to each engine, giving certain exemptions for public service, and in Section 4 it was further enacted in brief as follows: Trustees, justices and constables were immediately to repair the scene of the fire with staves and other badges of authority as should be ordained by a majority of the trustees to be worn. They should assist in putting our fires and prevent goods from being stolen. (Catskill Packet).


F. N. Wilson Hook & Ladder Co., No. 5.

Organized 1854.

  Celebrated seventy-second annual dinner, 1926.

Leslie Wasson,   President                                          Howard Rightmyer,   Secretary 

A.     M. Osborn Hose Co., No. 2.

Reorganized and adopted its present name June 7, 1886.

John J. Fitzsimmons,  President                                        John F. Cummings, Secretary 

Wiley Hose Co., No. 1.

Henry F. Place,   President                                             Roy H. Freer,   Secretary 

Citizens Hose Co., No. 5.

Edward M. Henderson,   President                                Gordon F. Wolfe,   Secretary 

Leeds Hose Company

The Leeds Hose Company incorporated April 3, 1925, owes its beginning in 1923 to J. R. Person, who interested others in the project and was the means of raising the firs money ($83) for the purpose of a fire truck.  This was purchased Oct. 26, 1923, and the company turned out to their first fired at Mrs. E. R. Potter’s tenant-house Dec. 2, 1923. A fire alarm was set up Dec. 30. 1924. 

On Nov. 12, 1924, a lot was purchased of Marietta Harris, on Main street, for a hose house, and the plans of Otto Daucher accepted March 5, 1925. The building was completed during the year. Two additional chemical tanks were added to the equipment in 1926.

  First Officers.

James, R. Person,  President                                    Arthur F. Kamm, Foreman
Lewis Wolfe,  Secretary                                            Lawrence Wolfe,  Assistant
Charles Bunce,   Treasurer                                       James O’Connell,  Second Assistant 

Board of Directors.

Charles Weissel                                                            Eugene L. Wolfe
J. Fred Elting                                                                 Harry C. Teich


W. L. Van Vechten   President                                  Lewis Wolfe,  Secretary 

Howitzer Co., 10th Regiment, N. Y. N. G.

William Heath, Captain 

The deed for the land upon which the Armory was built was dated Sept. 1, 1888, and was given by William J. Hughes, Geo. W. Holdridge and Hannah Holdridge, who had secured the property. The Company was then known as the Sixteenth Separate Company and the officers at the time the Armory was built were:  Arthur M. Murphy, Captain; Frank E. Van Gorden, First Lieutenant; Chas. E. Nichols, Second Lieutenant.

 The Armory was built by Contractor Geo. W. Hildridge for $18,673, and Mr. Holdridge was awarded a bonus of $1,000 for excellent work, for which he had been strongly commended by the architect, I. G. Perry.

 Catskill Post 110, American Legion.

Floyd Dumond,   Commander                                         Nicholas Leone jr., Adjutant 

Sullivan-Teator Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Henry V. D. Smith, Commander                                     William Scott, Adjutant 

John W. Watson  Post, No. 514, G. A. R.

Organized 1884. 

Watson Post was named after one of the sons of Catskill, Lieut. John W. Watson, youngest son of Judge Malbone Watson of that village.  Lieut. Watson was killed in the battle of Nashville. He enlisted in the 5th Iowa Cavalry as a private in 1861, winning rapid promotion. Attached to the army of General Sherman, he was in many perilous engagements of showed great bravery. A more extended account of his life and service can be found at the G. A. R. rooms in the Court House. 

Members, 1925.

Geo. W. Holdridge*                                                   John H. Brandow
Edward Martin (deceased)*                                      J. B. Rouse, M. D.
W. W. Hull                                                                   William Brandow
John Young                                                                  Charles Trowbridge
Peter Overbagh                                                           Edward Carpenter (deceased)
Charles Wilday                                                           William Swartz
George Coons                                                              Aaron Betts
George W. Winans (deceased)                                  Erick Walters
William Caniff,  Commander (deceased)               * Charter Members. 

Commander Caniff received the appointment of Aide-de-camp on the staff on Commander D. J. McMillian, Dept of New York State G. A. R. (1825) 


Geo. W. Holdridge, Commander. 

William Hull of Catskill, who recently passed his eighty-sixth birthday (June 7th) was a member of Company D, 120th N. Y. S. Vol., under Captain Lansing Hollister of Coxsackie, which took part in the battle of Gettysburg July 2, 1986. He enlisted at Ashland, Greene Co., August 22, 1862, and a little less than a year later, in the late afternoon of July 2d, with General Sickles’s corps advanced three-quarters of a mile beyond the main Union lines where the troops bore the brunt of the first charge.

 “This,” says Mr. Hull, “was owing to the fact that Sickles disobeyed instructions and left a strong position to lead his men to the front where they were without protection.” When the order to fire came Hull shot with the rest but without result, as he saw nothing to shoot at, the company being drawn up at such and angle as to put the enemy on their left. A bullet went through his leg just above the knee, and it was with great difficulty he crawled to the rear, his only fear that of being made a prisoner.  His captain was instantly killed, the second lieutenant lost his arm, and Stephen Hann of Prattsville was also killed and many others wounded. Most of Company D were from Greene county.

 Town Of Coxsackie
Census 1920,  Population 2,994
Census 1925, Population  3,477


Edward A. Webb           Supervisor                       George M. Lamb           Assessor
F. P. Donovan                 Town Clerk                     Harvey A. Truesdell     Assessor
E. C. Hallenbeck             Justice Peace                   Albert W. Pierce            Assessor
Wm. T. Haswell              Justice Peace                   E. S. Anthony                 School Director
Wm. R. Palmer                Justice Peace                   A. C. Fairchild               School Director
Francis Worden               Justice Peace                   John E. Cure                  Constable
Isaac T. Boyce                  Collector                          John Q. Adams             Constable
A. C. King                         Highway Supt.               Chas. H. Hill                 Constable

Village Officers.

A. C. Fairchild             President                           Wm. T. Haswell              Trustee
Wm. H. Salisbury       Treasurer                           Arthur Spoor                    Trustee
Wm. E. Brady              Clerk                                   Guerney J. Wilson           Trustee 

Coxsackie National Bank.

Assets,  $1,030, 910.14                                                         Capital stock, $100,000
                              Surplus and undivided profits  $121,347. 44

Philip A. Goodwin,   President                                       Henry A. Jordan,    Cashier
O. L. Whiteman,        Vice-President                              W. H. Salisbury,  Assistant Cashier 

Post Offices.

Coxsackie                                Francis L. Worden,  Postmaster
West Coxsackie                      George Hubbard,  Postmaster
Climax                                     August F. Lubbin,   Postmaster
Urlton                                       Harold G. Haines,  Postmaster 

Physicians                                     Attorneys                                  Druggists

A. W. Van Slyke                      Curtis & Warren                        Jordan  & Marsh
I. E. Van Hoesen                      


J. C. McClure
John L. Loutfian                            Dr. W. I. Sax                             Frank A. Yaguda 


First Reformed Church. 

Rev. M. G. Nies, Pastor                                                 Organized 1732 

Second Reformed  Church

Rev. Bruce Ballard, Pastor 

Christ’s Episcopal Church.

Rev. Jerrold C. Potts, Pastor

  Methodist Episcopal Church

Rev. Emmett E. Shew, Pastor               Church built in 1917 

St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church

Rev. Thomas Phibbs, Pastor.                             Church built in 1900 

Bethel A. M. E. Church

Church in 1856. 

Coxsackie High School

Robert Chaloner, Principal 

Class of 1927

Neal Brandow                              Mark Scully                          Olga Karolke
Alice Truesdell                            Naomi Barlow                      Irving Van Dyck Sax
Louis Coment                              Eugene Bronk                       Vera Van Denburgh
Morton Wilson

Heermance Memorial Library

Miss Margaret V. S. Wallace, Librarian.

Mrs. Leroy Spoor and Mrs. William Doherty, Assistants 


Dr. A. W. Van Slyke                   O. L. Whitman                         Henry Salisbury
Henry A. Jordan                                                                             O. J. Greene 

Ark Lodge,  F. & A. M.

Instituted 1797.

George Cornwall,  Master                                                   Geo. W. Barber, Secretary 

Coxsackie Lodge, I. O. O. F., No. 351

Instituted 1907

Grover Roberts, N. G.                                                           W. H. Parslow, Secretary 

Knights of Columbus.

Instituted 1900

Francis Dorlan, G. K.                                                          Eugene Walther, Secretary 

Steuben Society


Rod and Rifle Club

Organized 1927

Geo. T. Morgan,  President                                             Frank H. Wehrle, Secretary 

Board of Trade.

George S. Marsh,  President                                           Chas. D. Pen Dell, Secretary 

Exchange Club

George Sweet,    President                                             E. C. Hall, Secretary 

American Legion.

George Morgan, Commander 

Village Improvement Society

Opened Rest Room April 25, 1927 

Florence Perkins,  President                             Mrs. H. L. Cooper, Rec. Secretary
Mrs. Marsh, Vice-President                              Miss M. Whitmore,  Cor. Secretary
Mrs. G. I. Titus, Treasurer 

Republican Club.

Lyman Black,  President                                               Chas. D. Pen Dell,  Secretary 

Veterans Fireman’s Association

 Disbanded April 1927 

Of thirty-eight charter members five are still living (1927). E. C. Hallenbeck, Leland Smith, Matthew Moran, A. C. Thomas, Alonzo Burke. 

Geo. H. Scott Hook & Ladder Co.

Chas. D. Pen Dell,    President                                   Wm. H. Parslow, Secretary 

Coxsackie Hose Co.

Otto Mueller, Foreman                                                    Chas. H. Hill, Secretary 

D. H. Hamilton Steamer Co.

Leo Longthon, Foreman                                                William Latte, Secretary 

Town of Durham
Census 1920, Population 1,211
Census 1925, Population 1,196


Wm. S. Borthwick       Supervisor                             Ralph Ruland               Assessor
Vernon Baldwin          Town Clerk                           Romaine Spencer         Assessor
P. A. Scott                     Justice Peace                          John E. Huyck              Assessor
J. S. G. Baldwin            Justice Peace                          Webster Morse             Oversee Poor
H. E. Utter                    Justice Peace                           Wm. D. Hull                 School Director
E. L. Strong                  Justice Peace                            N. G. Knowles             School Director
Harold Turk                Collector                                  Fred S. Anthony           Constable
Judson Moss               Highway Supt.                   

Elections Districts.

Dist. No. 1—Located at Presbyterian Hall, Durham village.

Dist. No. 2—Located at Lawyer’s Hall, Durham 

Post Offices.

Durham                                      Joseph Baldwin, Postmaster
Cornwallville                            Addison Z. Smith, Postmaster
East Durham                              Grace O. Meloy,   Postmistress
East Windham                           H. Anable Butts, Postmaster
Oak Hill                                      Ernest E. Ford,  Postmaster
South Durham                            W. Gates Van Orden,  Postmaster
Sunside                                        Lillian Bush,  Postmistress
Rural Mail Carrier                     Albert E. Smith.

Route begins at Cornwallville post office, then via Edmont and Hedges farms to East Durham; thence Carter Bridge to Wright Street, Dean’s Mills; thence to J. Albert Hollock’s Charles Jennings’s, J. W. Mulbery’s, Shady Glen, George Hull’s, Elisha Parks’s, Lewis Hill’s, Arthur Strong’s, Hervey Street, Hervey Street school house, the Boughton’s corner via Gideon Palmer’s, thence to Cornwallville.

Cornwallville Grain Threshers’ Association

Incorporated 1925, for purpose of threshing grain for farmers.

Allen Cunningham, President                      Wm. C. Latta, Secretary, Treasurer 


Districts Nos. 10 and 14 contract.  All are common school districts. 


Duncan Sinclair, M. D.                                               M. Herbert Simmons, M. D. 

Veterinary Surgeons

Dr. G. Clark Dewitt, Oak Hill, N.Y. 


W. Mace Laraway,  Oak Hill, N. Y. 

Civil War Veterans

Edgar L. Sherman, Cornwallville, N. Y. 

Cornwallville Grange

Clarence Jennings,   Master                      Mrs. A. Z. Smith Secretary 

Town of Greenville
Census 1920,  Population 1,362
Census 1925, Population 1,394


Robert Van Houten        Supervisor                   Frank O’Hara                     Assessor
Egbert J. Abrams             Town Clerk                 Leroy Schofield                  Assessor
A. J. Cunningham            Justice Peace               Millard Felter                     Assessor
J. W. Hallock                    Justice Peace               Jacob Cameron                   Overseer Poor
Elmer Story                      Justice Peace               C. P. MaCabe                       School Director
Cornelius Bauman          Justice Peace               O. T. Losee                           School Director
Reuben Waldron             Collector                      Clarence Boomhower         Constable
Stanley Ingalls                  Highway Supt.           Albertus Becker                   Constable 

Election Districts

Dist. No.1—In building formerly owned by David E. Powell, Greenville
Dist. No. 2—Parks Hotel, Freehold.
Dist. No. 3—Rooms of A. J. Cunningham, Greenville 

Post Offices.

Greenville Village (Third Class)                                   Homer Hook, Postmaster
Freehold Village (Third Class)                                      Olin D. Beers, Postmaster
Norton Hill Village (Fourth Class)                                P. R. Stevens, Postmaster
Greenville Center (Fourth Class)                                   Mrs. Phelps, Postmistress
Gayhead (Fourth Class)                                                   Reuben Waldron, Postmaster
Surprise (Fourth Class)                                                    Robert Blenis, Postmaster 

Rural Routes.

R. D. Route No. 1                                                          Thurman Vaughn, Carrier
R. D. Route No. 2                                                          Charles Newman, Carrier
                 Terminal of Routes                              Greenville


Charles P. McCabe, M. D.                                              W. A. Wasson, M. D.


Harrison I. Gardner,  Norton Hill, N. Y. 


Mrs. Alice McAvoy, Greenville. 

James M. Austin Lodge, 557, F. & A. M.

Its charter was obtained and its first meeting held in 1864.

John W. Hoffman,    W. M.                                         E. Wackerhagen, Secretary
Electus Ramsdell,    S. W.                                           David Turner, Treasurer
Humphrey Wilbur,   J. W.                                          A. N. Bentley
James Stevens,  S. D.                                                    I. I. Van Allen
B. F. Hisert,   J. D.                                                         Luman Ramsdell
Platt Coonley,  Tyler                                                   J. E. Collins
David Griffin


W. P. Stevens,       W. M.                                                Ralph M. Youmans, Secretary 

Greenville Post, American Legion

Organized Sept. 18, 1919.

Lynn D. Wessels,  Commander                                         W. P. Stevens, Vice Commander 

Royal Arcanum.

Organized November 11, 1894

John Low, Regent. 

Spanish War Veterans

Harry Kirchner 


Christ’s Protestant Episcopal Church

Rev. Harl E. Hood, Rector

Organized April 4, 1825, at the house of Reuben Rundle.

Present Church built in 1852. 

Presbyterian Church

Rev. E. D. Van Dyck, Pastor

Organized by Beriah Hotchkins, 1790.

First sermon of Hotchkins was preached April 5, 1789,

in Benjamin Spees’ barn.  Church erected 1872. 

Methodist Episcopal Church.

Rev. A. P. Lakeberg, Pastor

Organized in 1825.

A church was built in 1825 at West Greenville, removed to Greenville in 1856.
This church was burned and present one built in 1873. 

Greenville High School

B.     J. Kearney, Principal 

Town of Halcott
Census 1920, Population 272
Census 1925, Population 268


Fred Bouton                        Supervisor            Sherman Ellis                     Collector
Marshall Bouton                 Town Clerk          Roswell Bouton                 Assessor
John Ballard                         Justice Peace        Earl W. Jenkins                  Assessor
Arthur Gordon                    Justice Peace        Hiram Avery                       Assessor
M. K. Morse                         Justice Peace        Robert Van Valkenburgh  School Director
Robert Van Valkenburgh  Justice Peace        Amos Avery                        Constable
John f. Van Valkenburgh   Highway Supt.    Sherman Ellis                      Constable             Garfield Reynolds              Constable

Election District.

No. 1 Grange Hall, Halcott Center.

No voting machines used. 

Post Offices.

Halcott Center (Fourth Class)                                         F. Thorn Moseman, Postmaster 


Methodist Episcopal Church

Rev. F. P. Venable, Pastor                 Dedicated December 29, 1849 

Stewards                                                                       Trustees

 J. P. Van Valkenburgh                                      Travis Faulkner
Travis Faulkner                                                  Fred Bouton
J. L. Van Valkenburgh                                       J. P. Van Valkenburgh
Mrs. L. Van Valkenburgh                                 Myron Morse
Mrs. W. D. Griffin                                               Lorenzo Van Valkenburgh
Mrs. J. C. Johnson                                                J. C. Johnson
Mrs. Effie Kelly                                                   Mrs. Lemuel Kelly, Pres. L. A. S.
Mrs. B. A.  Scudder                                             Mrs. A. C. Johnson, Director
Sunday School Recreation 

Halcott Center Creamery Company

Milk Plant, principal place of business, Andes, N. Y.

John Schamback, President                            Walter Ostrander, Secretary-Treasurer 

Greene Valley Grange, No. 882.

Organized Oct. 4, 1899

The Grange purchased the vacant Kaufman creamery and then traded buildings with the Halcott Center Co-operative Creamery Company. This trade was mutually advantageous. The former Co-operative  Creamery was remodeled for a Grange Hall and in addition to the uses of the Grange has been used as a community hall. 


Lemuel Kelly,    Master                                            Wallace K. Crosby, Steward
James M. Whitney, Overseer                                   Wilbur Whitney, Assistant
Esther Jane Jenkins, Lecturer                                   Maritta Peet, Assistant
Earl Jenkins,  Treasurer                                            Augusta Ballard, Pomona
Alexander Van Valkenburgh, Chaplain                Lena Ballard,  Ceres
Celestia H. Moore, Secretary                                   Horace Peet, Gate Keeper 

World War Veteran

Chauncey E. Kelly 

Town of Hunter
Census 1920, Population 2,309
Census 1925, Population 2,925


J. Frank Lackey           Supervisor                       Geo. E. Sweet               Assessor
Paul Fromer                Town Clerk                      Harry R. Knight          Assessor
Bert F. Baker                Justice Peace                    Richard F. Haines      Assessor
Owen Glennon            Justice Peace                    Joseph Kissley            Overseer Poor
George Griffin             Justice Peace                    Frank White                 Overseer Poor
Joseph Farrell              Justice Peace                    E. Delmar Smith          School Director
Harry F. Thorpe          Collector                           Helen T. Johnson        School Director
J. E. Gillespie          Highway Superintendent 

Village Officers.

Samuel D. Scudder               Mayor                       Andrew J. Hill            Treasurer
R. Lee Rose                            Trustee                     Wm. G. Bynder           Police Justice
Ralph Voss                             Trustee                     Frank North                Street Supt.
Percy Wilson                          Clerk                         Fred Carn                    Collector 


Edwin A. Ham                      Mayor                             Max Iskin                 Treasurer
Frank Barkley                        Trustee                           Irving Boyarsky      Collector
Fred Quick                             Trustee                           Claude Lake            Police Justice
William Ryan                         Clerk                              Abraham Gordon    Street Supt. 

Hunter Chamber of Commerce

Isidore Reiss, President                                                 George J. Strenk, Secretary 

Tannersville Chamber of Commerce

J. Frank Lackey, President                                              Clara E. Lackey, Secretary
E. Delmar Smith, Treasurer 

Mountains National Bank

Capital Stock $50,000, Surplus $10,000, Undivided Profits $11,650.50

M. Lackey Jr., President      Sam Golding, Vice-President          S. D. Scudder,  Cashier

  Tannersville Fire Department

E. Delmar Smith, Chief                                                           David E. Showers, Assistant 

Jacob Fromer Fire Company

M. Lackey Jr., President                                                    Samuel Greene, Secretary
Ernest Haines,  Foreman                                                   Fred Wilson , Assistant Foreman

  Citizens Hook & Ladder Company

Andrew J. Hill, President                                                 Louis Hyser Jr., Secretary
Gordon C. Campbell, Foreman                                       Thurber Kerr, Assistant Foreman 

Hunter Fire Department.

Albert N. Taylor,  Chief                                                    James Jackson, Assistant 

Hunter Hose Company

August Strenk,  President                                               Arthur J. Baldwin, Secretary
Walter J. Decker, Foreman                                              Geo. J. Strenk, Assistant Foreman 

Tannersville Boy Scout Council

J. Frank Lackey,  President                                             Geo. B. Prosser, Secretary
George Woodworth, Scout Master 

American Red Cross, Onteora Branch.

Greene County Chapter, Tannersville, N. Y.

Justine M. Watson, Chairman                        Mrs. George D. Barron, Secretary
Miss Madeline Regan, Registered Nurse in charge
Health Center, Tannersville Red Cross Emergency Hospital

Bunt-Brewer Post, American Legion

Carrol Campbell, Commander                             George Prosser,  Adjutant 

Leo Squires Post, American Legion

Vaille S. Baldwin  Commander                     Leslie Diston, Adjutant 


Roman Catholic

Church of the Immaculate Conception                                 Haines Falls, N. Y.
St. Frances De Sales Church                                                    Elka Park, N. Y.
St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church                                        Hunter, N. Y.
Rev. William H. Sheridan,  Pastor 


Presbyterian Church                                                            Tannersville, N. Y.
Methodist Episcopal Church                                              Tannersville, N. Y.
                                                      Rev. H. H. Black, Pastor
Methodist Episcopal Church                                                Haines Falls, N. Y.
Methodist Episcopal Church                                                Platte Clove, N. Y.                                                      Rev. L. C. Booth, Pastor
Methodist Episcopal Church                                                Hunter, N. Y.
                                                Rev. C. B. Livingston,  Pastor
St. John’s Episcopal Church                                                Tannersville, N. Y.
                                                      Rev. Alonzo Wood, Rector
All Souls Church                                                    Onteora Park, Tannersville, N. Y.
                                                      Rev. J. B. Warner, Pastor
Church of All Angels                                              Twilight Park, Haines Falls, N. Y.                                                                   Pulpit supplied
Union Chapel                                                          Twilight Park, Haines Falls, N. Y.
                                                     Rev. Wallace McMullon, Pastor 

Kal Israel Anshi                                                                           Hunter, N. Y.
Rabbi Hirsh Rapoport, Pastor
Congregation Anshi                                                                   Tannersville, N. Y.
Rabbi M. Horowitz, Pastor 

Onteora Lodge, No. 322, Knights of Pythias, Tannersville, N. Y.

Harry Gordon, Chancellor Commander                  Ernest Cole, Keeper Records 

Onteora Temple.. No. 72, Pythian Sisters,  Tannersville, N. Y.

Mabel Cole, M. E. C.                                   Marian H. Showers,  M. of R. and C. 

Mt. Tabor Lodge, No. 807, F. & A. M.,   Hunter, N.Y.

Walter G. Peterson, W. M.                      Walter J. Decker, Secretary

Mt. Tabor Star Chapter, No. 284, O. E. S.   Hunter, N. Y.

Anna MacDonald,   W. M.                                   Walter G. Peterson,  W. P.
Carries B. Lake, Secretary

Lockwood Lodge, No. 653, I. O. O. F. Hunter, N. Y.

Joseph Kissley,   Noble Grand                            George E. Sweet, Secretary 

High Schools

Tannersville High School                          Tannersville, N. Y.
Gladys D. Pyer, Principal

Hunter High School                        Hunter, N. Y.
John S. Woods, Principal 

Attorneys at Law

Paul Fromer                                                                               Milo Claude Moseman 


Dr. Horace G. Baldwin                      Dr. Maurice Axelrad           Dr. David Rodier 

Pharmacist and Druggists

Lackey & Lord                                    Solomon Horowitz                   Anson Johnson
Adolph Cohen                                    Regina H. Lackey                      Charles Shuman
Rae Cohen                                           Howard C. Matthews                Hyman Angel


Dr. LeRoy G. Atwater 

Civil Engineers

Harding Showers                                                                   Morris S. Schapiro

Graduate Nurses

Margaret F. Murray                          Dorothy Peck                Edith Langraaf
Madeline Regan                                                                        Olive Crum 

Post Masters

Stanley D. Francis          Tannersville                       Frank G. Cosby                  Lanesville
Horace G. Fromer          Hunter                                Mary Bunt                           Elka Park
James H. Layman        Haines Falls

Public Libraries

Hunter Public Library                                                                      Hunter, N. Y.
Mrs. Herman Krom, Librarian
Haines Falls Public Library                                                             Haines Falls, N. Y.
Mrs. Charles B. Legg, Librarian

Town of Jewett
Census 1920, Population 883
Census 1925, Population 861


Frank H. Haner                 Supervisor                  A. D. Morse                 Assessor
Cyrus Carr                         Town Clerk                 Clayton Mead             Overseer Poor
John Northrop                   Justice Peace               Marvin Mulford         Overseer Poor
Ralph Carr                         Justice Peace               S. Clifford Hall            School Director
Henry Distin                      Justice Peace               J. Woodworth              School Director
Benjamin Merwin             Justice Peace               Percy Cook                  Constable
John Merwin                      Collector                      Elmer Northrop          Constable
Merritt DeLong                 Highway Supt.            Wesley Gripman        Constable
William H. Ward              Assessor                       William Lawrence      Constable
Frank C. Carr                     Assessor                       Arthur Barnum           Constable 

One election district.  Voting machine first used in 1919. 

Post Offices

Jewett Heights  (Fourth Class)                                    William Rice,  Postmaster
East Jewett (Fourth Class)                                            Herbert Edson,  Postmaster

 Rural Routes

From Hunter to Windham                                            Welcome Moore, Carrier
From Hunter to Lexington                                            Samuel Loucks, Carrier 


Leroy Atwater, Jewett, N. Y. 

Methodist Episcopal Church, East Jewett.

Rev. H. H. Black, Pastor 

Town of Lexington
Census 1920, Population 1,075
Census 1925, Population 899


Abram b. Roraback            Supervisor                      Robert H. Kirk             Assessor
Robert S. Tuttle                  Town Clerk                     Everett A. Cross           Assessor
Chris Riley                          Justice Peace                   Daniel C. Kirk              Overseer Poor
E.E. Dunham                       Justice Peace                  Abram Truesdell          Overseer Poor
Sidney L. Deyoe                 Justice Peace                   Edward Palmer            School Director
Romain L. Kirk                   Justice Peace                   Edward Irwin               Constable
Leslie Van Valkenburgh   Collector                          W. S. Clawson              Constable
W. E. Dunham                     Highway Supt.               Alden Hyatt                  Constable
James Herdman                  Assessor                            R. Van Valkenburgh  Constable 

Election Districts

Dist. No. 1                      Lexington House, Lexington Village
Dist. No. 2                   Westkill House Pavilion  Westkill

No voting machines used.

Post Offices

Lexington (Fourth Class)                                               Eugene Bailey, Postmaster
Bushnellville (Fourth Class)                                         Mary Kelly, Postmistress
Westkill (Fourth Class)                                                  Oliver L. Hare, Postmaster
Spruceton (Fourth Class)                                               Bertha Riley, Postmistress

No R. F. D. Routes excepting one starting out of Prattsville, following the Prattsville and Lexington state rod to Mosquito Point, thence the Little Westkill section to Prattsville.

Star Route, Lexington to Hunter  (8 miles) Samuel Loucks, driver

Star Route, Lexington to Shandaken (11 ½ miles) Alden Hyatt, driver

Star Route, Westkill to Spruceton (5 ½ miles) Ferris Herdman, drive.


Alfred O. Persons, Lexington, N. Y. 

Lexington Creamery Co. Inc.

Incorporated for the purpose of manufacturing cream, cheese, etc., Office and principal place of business, 363 Cherry St., New York City.

L. B. Samuels, President 

Civil War Veterans

William Frayer, about eighty years of age, Lexington, N. Y.


The highway leading from the head of the Spruceton valley and passing through t so-called Diamond Notch, leading to the Hunter town line near Lanesville, was abandoned Nov. 26, 1924, by order of the Town Board of Lexington. 

Town of New Baltimore
Census 1920, Population 1,536
Census 1925, Population 1,554 


Levit C. Powell         Supervisor                      Herbert Travis           Assessor
Lyles Z. Nelson        Town Clerk                     A. L. Kniffen              Assessor
Wyman Kniffen        Justice Peace                   C. H. Burger               Collector
M. W. Smith              Justice Peace                   I. G. Tompkins           Overseer Poor
A. L. Wheat               Justice Peace                   Alfred Williams         Constable
C. J. Lisk                    Justice Peace                   William Fink               Constable
Charles Statts           Highway Supt                  Charles H. Bronk        School Director
Jurdenette Carr        Assessor                            E. C. Vanderpool        School Director 

Election Districts.

No. 1, Cornell Hall                                              New Baltimore Village
No. 2, Town Hall          Hannacroix No. 3               Hall at Medway

No voting machine used. 

Post Offices. 

New Baltimore (Fourth Class)                                  Platt S. Wheat, Postmaster
Hannacroix (Fourth Class)                                         Clarence Albright,  Postmaster
Rural Route No. 1, from Hannacroix                       Volney Titus, Carrier
To West Coxsackie                                                      Arthur Carr, Carrier
To Ravena                                                                     E. C. Griffin, Carrier

Physician                                                                               Attorney
Percy G. Waller                                                                  Leland Winn 


Laura A Carey, C. N.                        Ella McCann, C. N.                  Bertha Hotaling C. N. 

Cornell Hook & Ladder Company

Henry J. Baldwin, President                              Levit C. Powell, Secretary 

Social Friendship Lodge, No. 741, F. & A. M.

Instituted July 9, 1874, with 21 charter members. 

Anthony H. Holmes                          Benjamin Hotaling                Dewitt A. Fuller
John Colvin                                         Leonard Marshall                  Philo H. Backus
James H. Chase                                   John A. Davis                         Stephen Mead
George W. Smith                                Jacob  B. Holmes                    Edwin S. Colburn
A. V. S. Vanderpoel                           James B. Miller                       Horace Rennie
A. J. Vanderpoel                                 Isaac Burns                              Geo. H. Johnson
Ira Wilson                                            John H. Hotaling                    Stephen Springstall 

The first officers were: Anthony H. Holmes, W. M.; John Colvin, S. W. ; James H. Chase, J. W.

John H. Hotaling is the only surviving charter member, and the late Byron Mansfield was secretary for twenty years.


Wyman C. Kniffen,  W. M.                                                    Arthur L. Kniffen, Secretary 

A.     O. Bliss Post, No. 305, G. A. R.

Organized Oct. 25, 1882. Its charter members:

John W. Wiggins, Commander                                Frank Green, O. R.
Robert Wilson, Vice President                                Elias Van Steenburg, O. D.
Henry W. Mead, Adjutant                                        David Layton, O. G.
John Sullivan, Vice Adjutant                                    Chas. C. Lowery, Chaplain
Joseph Smith                                                                Peter Van Hoesen
John F. Wright                                                              James L. Warner
James S. Frazier                                                            Norton Links
G. F. Hopper                                                                 Sylvanus P. Eaton

Richard H. Burlingham, U. S. Navy, is only  Civil War veteran living. 

Echo Grange

C. V. Baldwin,  W. M.                                                           Howard Forman, Secretary

Tuesday, Jan 25th, was opening night, when new home was dedicated.


Reformed (Dutch) Church

                 Elders (1834)                                                                 Deacons (1834)

Tunis P. Van Slyke                                                                 William Mansfield
Stephen Parsons                                                                     Andrew Vanderpoel
Peter Matthews                                                                       Fountain H. Slater

1927                                                                                                                                                                                                       1927

Dale S. Baldwin (Clerk)                                                         Clayton Albright
Orlando Cary                                                                           Dr. P. G. Waller
Paul O. Deitz                                                                            Platt S. Wheat
Bronk Van Slyke                                                                      Paul Van Slyke

                                                 Rev. Peter DeMeester,  present pastor

Dr. Percy G. Waller  has served as treasurer for twenty-eight years. 

Methodist Episcopal Church

New Baltimore was a charge on the Coeymans circuit, and a Mr. Hilton was the first known class leader.  Its church was built during 1855-56, under Rev. J. D. Macomber; building committee was Alanson Scott, William M. Scribner, and William C. Hinman; its cost $1,400. The corner-stone of a second church was laid August 26, 1873; its cost $8,575.

                                                      Rev. N. J. Hess, present pastor. 

Medway Christian Church

Organized in 1807, present church built in 1861

Rev. W. D. Rockwell, pastor. 

First Baptist Church

This church was organized in February 1869, the church dedicated October 1870. Before the church was built services were held in the schoolhouse and afterward in the village hall. The cost of the church and site was $4,000. The first pastor, Rev. G. W. Slater.

Rev. A. Stockton, present pastor 

Town of Prattsville
Census 1920, Population 830
Census 1925, Population 817


Frank Rosecrans             Supervisor                     Charles Fredenburgh       Assessor
Warren D. Becker           Town Clerk                   Roscoe Decker                    Overseer Poor
Lyman Alberti                Justice Peace                 Mamie Peckham                 School Director
Cyril Thorington            Justice Peace                 A. A. Disbrow                      School Director
William Traver               Justice Peace                 Edmund W. Deyo               Constable
Vernon Chatfield            Justice Peace                 Floyd Decker                       Constable
Chas. W. Becker              Collector                        Herbert D. Ives                    Constable
Jason Brandow                Highway Supt               Franklyn Marquit               Constable
Willis G. White               Assessor                          Charles W. Becker             Constable
Charles Shoemaker     Assessor 

Post Offices

Prattsville  (Third Class)                                              Austin E. Hummel, Postmaster
R. F. D.  Route                                                              B. S. Disbrow, Carrier

Reformed (Dutch) Church

Established early in 1802 by Rev. Labaugh, who began preaching in houses and barns. He was followed by Rev. Cornelius D. Schermerhorn, under whom in 1804 a house of worship was erected.

                                                    Rev. J. D. Hopkins, present pastor. 

Methodist Episcopal Church

Connected with Durham circuit 1823-34. The church was built about 1834, on land given by Colonel Pratt. First pastor, Rev. Thomas S. Barrett

Rev. Ralph S. Thorn, present pastor.

  Protestant Episcopal Church

Services were held before 1843; Rev. Thomas S. Judd the first rector in charge.  The church was built by Nelson Finch and consecrated Sept. 25, 1846, by the Right Rev. William Heathcote Delancey. No present pastor.

  Oasis Loge, No. 119, F. & A. M.

Organized in 1847 by Mr. Willard of Troy, N. Y., and the following officers installed: C. K. Benham, W. M.; _____ Bouton, S. W.; _____ Scanlon, J. W.  Previous to this (1827) Aurora Lodge, F. & A. M., was instituted. 


Ichabod T. Sutton, M. D., Prattsville, N. Y.

Civil Engineers

George H. Fifield                                O. C. Hays                            Chas. W. Bouton

  Prattsville Milk & Cream Association 

Prattsville Library Association 

Booster Club

E. W. Benson,  President                                                     Austin E. Hummel   Secretary 

Rod and Gun Club

Chas. W. Ives,   President                                                   Frank M. Layman, Secretary 

Town of Windham
Census 1920, Population 1,246
Census 1925, Population 1,336


Demont L. Chase           Supervisor                         Henry Vining                 Assessor
Grant F. Morse               Town Clerk                        B. S. Shermerhorn          Overseer Poor
Geo. L Cook                   Justice Peace                       Sidney E. Payne            Overseer Poor
Thomas Cryne               Justice Peace                        E. A. Brainerd               School Director
John Barlow                   Justice Peace                        G. W. Osborn Jr.            School Director
J. F. Moseman                Justice Peace                        Charles Garvey             Constable
F. B. Thompson             Collector                               Vance Fancher              Constable
Frank Butts                     Highway Supt                      Howard Thompkins   Constable
Roscoe W. Howard       Highway Supt                      Daniel Deyo                 Constable
Julian Beers                    Assessor                                 Harry Turk                  Constable

Post Offices

Windham  (Third Class)                                              James Richtmyer,  Postmaster
Hensonville (Third Class)                                           Walter J. Pelham,  Postmaster
Maplecrest (Fourth Class)                                            S. A. Moseman, Postmaster 

R. F. D. Routes

North Settlement;  Old road, Brooksburgh. Starts and ends at Windham, Carrier, Donald F. Munson.

Star Route 7421; terminals, Windham and Hunter.  Windham-Hunter road. Carrier, Welcome Moore.

Star Route 7422; terminals, Hensonville and Tannersville. Maplecrest-East Jewett road.  Carrier, Clarence Tompkins.

Star Route 7415; terminals, Prattsville-Cairo on Mohican Trail.  Carrier Charles Alle. 


H. H. Baker,  Windham                                                Sidney L. Ford, Hensonville
Dr. W. E. Stevens,  Dentist                                           Benjamin I. Talmadge, Lawyer 

Wallace M. Gill, Veterinarian                                      H. T. Avery, Druggist 

First National Bank

Dr. S. L. Ford,  President                                          Richard G. Munson, Cashier
S. O. Robinson, Vice President                                Edward Miller, Assistant Cashier
F. A. Strong, Vice President
    Resources, $459,355.11 


Seven common schools and one union free school (No. 3). No. 5 contracts with No. 3.

  Windham High School

Class of 1927

Wesley Towner                               Frank Ryan                          Henrietta Rosecrans
Harvey Brockett                              John Garraghan                   Margaret Munson
Edward Phelps                                William Davis                     Mabel Schermerhorn
Glenn Beers                                      Elwood Hitchcock              Nina Moore
Katharine Strong                             Arlie McGlashan                 Viva Jordan
Irene Clark                                                                                       Charles Holdridge
    George Cook, Principal 

Mountain Lodge, No. 529, F. & A. M.

This lodge originated in 1804 under the name of Revival Lodge No. 117, which was  instituted in the meeting-house in Batavia, when there were present officers of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York, among them Cadwalder Coldern. At this time Samuel Gunn was designated Master; Thomas Benham, Senior Warden; George Robertson, Junior Warden, IN 1807 this lodge organized under the title of Harmony Mark Master Lodge, and in 1863 re-organized under the present title. 


Geo. W. Osborn Jr., W. M.                                               Benjamin I. Talmadge, Secretary 

Gem City Lodge, I. O. O. F.

Harry Lammond, N. G.                                                      Arthur Sherman, Secretary 

Fire Companies 

Windham Hose Company

Harold B. Moore,  President                                         Richard G. Munson,  Secretary 

Hensonville Hose Company

Elbert O. Chase,    President                                          Walter J. Pelham, Secretary 

Hensonville Cornet Band

Ernest Schoonmaker,  President                                     George Radcliff, Jr., Secretary
John H. Hayes, Director 

Elgin Creamery

Benjamin I. Talmadge,  President                                   Fred M. Goslee,  Secretary 

Windham Public Library

Miss Margaret Osborn,   President                                R. M. MacNaught, Secretary
Miss Hattie Coe, Librarian 


First Presbyterian Church


Organized before 1800. First church raised Dec. 31, 1800; enclosed the following year and completed in 1814. First pastor, Rev. Henry B. Stimson, 1802-26. 

In 1831 the church was divided, the eastern division building a church 2 ½ miles west east of the old one (1831), and the Center Presbyterian formed on the 29th of April, 1834, under the direction of Rev. David Porter, D. S. Present church dedicated Jan. 1, 1835. First pastor, Rev. Leonard B. Van Dyke, 1835-61.

Rev. John J. McClelland, present pastor. 

Methodist Episcopal Church.

Part of Albany circuit in 1805; of Durham circuit in 1823. Seth Crowell and Henry Stead were in charge 1805.  
Rev. G. F. Wells, present pastor 

Hensonville M. E. Church

Present church built in 1874; dedicated Feb. 17, 1875. Built through the efforts of Rev. Seney Martin. Pastor in charge, Rev. H. F. Odell. The bell was purchased by the Ladies’ Aide Society.
Rev. Harry Lammond, present pastor. 

Free Methodist Church of Big Hollow

Organized June 24, 1871.                 Present church built in 1875

Rev. W. G. Peterson, present pastor 

Big Hollow (Maplecrest) Presbyterian Church.

Organized Dec. 10, 1822. First meeting-house burned Feb. 3, 1833; present church soon rebuilt. Erastus C. Peck assisted in building this church, hewing some of the timbers. He died in 1905, aged ninety-six years.

Rev. Harry Lamond, present pastor. 

St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church.

Dedicated Monday, July 26, 1926, by the Rt. Rev. E. F. Gibbons of Albany. Dedication services preceded the Mass which was sung by the Rev. R. J. Roberts, Troy, N. Y. there were twenty-five priests present.  The Bishop was assisted by the Rev. P. J. Dwyer of Philmont, and the Rev. C. J. King of Ravena, N. Y. 

School Instructors 

Dist. No.                Ashland                                                  Dist. No.            Catskill
1   Edna M. Hall                                                      1.  George H. Chadwick, Principal
3   Wilma McMyne                                                      Florence Smith
4   Ada E. Smalling                                                      Marguerite L. Young
5   Alice E. Dorn                                                           Anna A. Eells
6   Catherine Morse                                                      Adelaide Lewis
                                                                 Dorothy Bennit
Dist. No.           Athens                                                 Lola F. Conklin
1   Michael A. McCall, Principal                                 Mrs. Roy Coughtry
Elizabeth C. Slattery                                                Anna M. Barlow
Isabelle C. Rainey                                                     Susan C. Deakin
2   John Severence, principal                                        Florence T. White
Ethel Torgesen                                                           Henrietta Lewis
Marion Cooney                                                          Faith D. Avery
Mildred Strongman                                                   Beulah I. Timmerman
Katharine E. Widmann                                             Elina C. Van Dyke
Gertrude Ellsworth                                                    Mary C. Timmerman
Frances P. Mangeot                                                    Katharine G. Slattery
Mrs. Marion B. Scudder                                             Bessie R. Muller
Anna M. Ford                                                               Olive P. Kennedy
M. Blanche Smith                                                         H. May Ford
Mrs. Helen J. Wood                                                     Edna Maguire, librarian
3   Pauline Tompkins                                                       Teresa O’Shea , health nurse
4   Viva B. Clawson                                                           H. Leon Sheppard, physical director
5  Edrie Warner                                                                Eli Bartoo, agriculture
6   Elizabeth Scott                                                        
Dist. No.        Cairo
                                                           Alice L. Babcock, principal
1  Charles Coutant, principal                                          Alice Ernst
Miss Crossley                                                                Anna H. Smith
Miss Davis                                                                     Mabel Hughes
Miss Gurley                                                                   May E. Van Valkenburgh
Mrs. Charles Coutant                                                    Pauline Davis
Leonard DuBois                                                            H. May Ford
Helen Chadderdon                                                    2  Mrs. Verona A. Beare
2  Emily M. Dorpfeld                                                    3  Alice E. Jones, principal
3  Ethel Ruland                                                                  Virginia Blakelock
4  Albert Morrison                                                         4  Ruth Steele
5  Ethel Bailey                                                                 5  Jessie Hevner
6  Esther H. Knapp                                                         6  Lettie P. Holmes
7  Bessie Lee Jones                                                          7  Ensey Bailey
8  Harlan G. Wiltse                                                          8  Bessie C. Van Arsdal
9  Lauren M. Barker                                                        9  Hazel Crocoll
10 Isabelle D. Lane                                                        10 Arthur C. Lewis, principal
11 Ruth Van Hoesen                                                          Ferdina Timmerman
     Julia M. Vedder                                                             Effie Bates
12 Mary O’Brien, principal                                          11 Ruby F. Rundell
Eva A. Dunn                                                              12 Henrietta Morse
13 George P. Holmes                                                    14  Contracts
15 John W. McMenamy, principal                              15 Mary A. Foster
Frederick D. Johnson                                               16 Esther Van Tassel
Marion Middleton                                                
 Florence E. Cole                                                    Dist. No.           Greenville
    Elizabeth Worth                                                         1 Harriett Spalding
                                             2  Edna Story
Dist. No.     Coxsackie                                                    3  Harriet Wickse
1  Robert Chalone, principal                                         4  C. F. Kerney, principal
Mrs. Rebecca Bogardus                                                 Viola Light
Esther Barnes                                                                   Cecelia Bliss
Mae Fitzgerald                                                                Alice Stevens
Mildred Campbell                                                          Mary Mabie
Rose M. Seenman                                                            Charlotte Story
Ellen Smith                                                                       Helen Salley
Mrs. Alice Case                                                                Scott Ellis
Edith J. VanDenburgh                                                5  Alice Chesbro
Mrs. Mary Waters                                                       6   Eva Evans
Mrs. Dudley Lyall                                                      7   F. May Shaw
Mrs. Robbins                                                               8   Irene Worth
Ella O’Brien                                                                 9   Contracts
Mrs. Nellie Lewis                                                     10   Gladys Beylegaard
Viola Sabedra                                                            11   Dorothy Irish
Miss Olmsted                                                             12  Howard Story
Miss Hickey                                                               13   Contracts
Mrs. Jessie Smith                                                       14   Ruth Corley
Catherine Hotaling                                                    15  Contracts
Josephine Cohan                                                       Dist. No.    Halcott
2  Gertrude Tyron                                                          1  Mrs. Leora Kittle
3 Mrs. Alma Simpson                                                    2  Mary V. Griffin
4  Mrs. Bertha Hallenbeck                                             3  Ethel Sanford
5  Mrs. Frank K. Swartwout                                          4  Marjorie H. Todd
6  Jennie A. Whitbeck                      
7  Mrs. Beulah K. Roe                                                  Dist. No.   Hunter
8  Mrs. Dorothy L. Brooks                                              2  John S. Woods, principal
9  Mrs. Wilema Conrad                                                      Helen L. Hann
Marion McCambridge
Dist. No.   Durham                                                              Mary V. Howard
2  Hannah Wheat                                                                 Ada L. Purdy
3  Gertrude Murta                                                                Mrs. Ruth L. Strenk
4  Mrs. Lloyd Tompkins                                                     Mrs. Cecile Woods
5  Elizabeth Eldred                                                           3  Doris Decker
6  Olin Haskin                                                                   4  Gladys P. Dyer, Principal
7  William A. Fox                                                                  Mary Gormley
8  Mary D. Wade                                                                  Agatha  Flick

Dist. No.   Hunter                                                           Dist. No.   New Baltimore
4  James Flahive                                                                 1  Anna White
Leon M. Peters                                                               2  Susie Cary
Muriel Prediger                                                             4  Jessie Boyd
Mrs. Jessie Showers                                                       5  Florence Wood  
Annie Glennon                                                               7  Lydia Smith
6  Jennie Downs                                                                  8 Lelita Mahler
7  Mrs. Miriam E. Lester                                                    9 Contracts
8  Stewart W. Tuttle, principal                                       10 Caroline D. Shear
Mrs. Anna Tuttle                                                          11 Grace Gibbs
Anne E. Stock                                                                12 May B. Blake
Marianna Gorham                                                        14 Hazel C. Bailey
9  Vera McLean                  
10 E. Delmar Smith                                                         Dist. No.   Prattsville
                                                                                                1    Mary MacCoubrey
Dist. No.  Jewett                                                                   2  Fred Russell, principal
1  Ernest  F. Cole, principal                                                    Hazel V. Gregory
Vesta L. Tompkins                                                              Mrs. Dora E. Petherbridge 
2  Lucile E. Woods                                                               3  Mrs. Mary E. Peckham
3  Mrs. Hazel Wilson                                                            4 Mrs. Katharine Bishop
4  Mrs. Dema Crosby                                                            5  Mrs. Alta L. Hapeman
6  Nelson Griffith                                                                   6 Mrs. Nina L. Griffin
7 Mrs. Belle Cruikshank
8  Mrs. Gladys Peck                                                           Dist No.      Windham
1 Dorothy Chase
Dist. No.     Lexington                                                        2 Edythe Vining
3  Margaret Dunham                                                       3 George L. Cook, principal
4  Beulah M. Jennette                                                           Shirley D. MacNaught
5  Mrs. Alice Stiles                                                                Mildred Miller
6 Mrs. Olive Shoemaker                                                      Irene Michael
7  Mrs. Blanche Van Valkenburgh                                     Abner Woodworth
8  Mary Bergin                                                                       Raymond Moseman
9  Mrs. Iva O. Hand                                                              Alice Stevens
10  Mrs. Ruth West                                                            4 Mary L. Duham
11 Mrs. Gladys Van Valkenburgh                                  6 Contracts
12  Mrs. Elsie W. Ellis                                                       7 Alice Brandow
13 Mrs. E. Van Valkenburgh                                            8 Ellen MacGlashan   

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