Haines Falls UMC Historical Record

Historical Record 1960-1968

Haines Falls United Methodist Church
 Greene Co, NY

Courteously submitted by Audrey Klinkenberg from original research conducted in April 1996

J. Filson Reid's Ministry, Oct 2nd 1960 to June 16th 1968


Oct 2 Preached first Sunday as resident minister (Had preached in the charge on Oct 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th, 1959 in Evangelistic Campaign. Had also preached in charge on July 31, Aug 7, 14, 21st, 1960, while on vacation from Sheldon, Vermont.)

Dec 4th Two beautiful outside doors, purchased from Memorial Fund, dedicated.


Feb New Model 416 Mimeograph Machine purchased from A. B. Dick (substantial portion contributed by W. S. C. S.)

May Two Methodist signs purchased and placed in Haines Falls by the Young Adult Club.

Sep 10 The Church celebrated the 150th anniversary of the founding of Methodism on the Mountain-top. An outstanding address by Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke entitled "On Sacred Ground" held the attention of the large crowd inside and outside the church (It was a beautiful warm evening so chairs had been placed on the lawn. But many people sat in their cars and enjoyed the Service with the help of the loud speakers) Catskill Glee Club sang. District Superintendent George Werner participated in the Worship. Former Pastors participating were Rev. Wesley Christman, and Rev. Lyman Taylor. Ceramic plates with a picture of the church and Bishop on the front, and historical dates recorded on the back, were on sale. (During "Informal Moments" while "pushing the sale of the Commemorating Plates, the Pastor advised the crowd that for $2.00 they could buy a plate and for an extra 25 cents could buy a "hanger". "So you can hang the Bishop for a quarter" cried the minister.) Delicious refreshments were served later in the hall.

Oct 29 Beautiful oilvor <?> Communion Set, purchased by Mr. E. H. Wiertz on behalf of his aunt, Miss Isabella Wiertz, was dedicated in fond remembrance of Miss Wiertz.

Dec Parsonage hall and stairs painted.


June Beautiful flowers (Petunias) planted on either side of church path by Mr. Elvin Firmalino drew many compliments. (This became an annual contribution from Mr. Firmalino).


Aug Parsonage garage renovated - thanks to Judge Fromer, "Pete" Brower & Sant Garrison.

Sep 15 The 152nd anniversary of the founding of Methodism on the Mountain-top. Celebrated Guest Preacher was Mr. Frederick Snyder, son of the late Rev. Franklin Syder <sic>, who was Pastor in Tannersville in 1917. Also participating were: Rev. Wesley Christman, and Rev. Lymon Taylor, former pastors; the soloist was Mrs Kathy Van and the organist was Mrs. Doris Yankowski.

Sep 21 Hand-railing in front of the Methodist Hall renewed and painted by Cecil Woodard.


March Linen Communion Table Cloth created by Mrs. Eva Whitaker for the Church. Large metal and Masonite fold tables and folding chairs donated by Ladies Aid.

Dec 6th Times of worship changed: Tannersville - 9:45 to 11:00, Haines Falls, 11:00 to 10:00.


Jan 24 American Flag presented to Church by Mrs. June Wilson in loving memory of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Legg.


Jun 26 True Spirit of Ecumenicity. Baccalaureate service held in Marion Center with Jewish Representative, Roman Catholic Priest and Protestant leaders participating.

July 25 Paint Fund organized by Charles and Francis Hommel for exterior of church.

Aug 16 Church re-wired with 'Heavy duty' by Carl and Ron Hoose.


Mar 20 New motor donated and installed in Church Furnace by Donald France.

Mar 27 New electric stove installed in Parsonage by Ron and Carl Hoose.

Nov Big task of painting exterior of church completed under leadership of Frances Hommel (all labor voluntary) cost paid by subscriptions.

Dec A new steeple, subscribed to by Mrs. Lillian Schoonmaker, widow of the late John Arthur Hommel, Mrs. Barbara Feml, daughter of the late John Arthur Hommel, and Charles, Scott, Francis and Hillard, sons of the late John Arthur Hommel. The actual labor of constructing the steeple was donated chiefly by the four sons, assisted at times by the grandsons.

Dec The unique tubular cross which adorns the steeple was designed, constructed and donated by Perry Legg, Jr.

Dec Floodlights in front of church were donated and installed by Carl and Ron Hoose.


Jun 9 In an uplifting Worship Service, well-attended, The Steeple was dedicated in fond remembrance of Mr. John Arthur Hommel, the cross was dedicated in fond remembrance of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Legg and a beautiful Christian flag, donated by Mrs. June Wilson, was dedicated to the loving memory of Mrs. Wilson's parents, Mr. and Mrs Alfred Legg (Mr. Perry Legg, Jr., is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Legg)

The choir was organized by Mr. Steven Scarcia, a young comp----<word is illegible> who is studying for the priesthood, and consisted of Roman Catholic and Protestant youths. The organist was Mrs. Doris Yankowski.

It is worthy of mention, that as the Pastor was about to give the Call to Worship, he saw two robed figures enter the Sanctuary. Father William Walsh, and Father Richard Shaw; they were talking to Rev. C. Perry of Hunter. The writer left the Pulpit, went down and warmly greeted the three Spiritual Leaders, and invited them to share the Altar. Father Walsh agreed to pronounce the benediction, but before doing so, the good Priest was very generous in his comments concerning the work of the writer in his 8 years.

The Memorials were presented by Mr. Charles Hommel, and accepted by Mr. Carl Hoose, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Later lovely refreshments were served in the hall...

Since the Minister's Farewell service was a joint service in Tannersville, June 9th, 1968, Dedication was a fitting heart-warming ending to his ministry in Haines Falls.

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