Haines Falls Marriages

Marriages 1948-1986

Haines Falls United Methodist Church

Courteously submitted by Audrey Klinkenberg from original research conducted in April 1996. Transcription modified by Sylvia Hasenkopf, in order to protect the privacy of individuals presumably still alive.

HF = Haines Falls                 Saug. = Saugerties             TV = Tannersville 
FRS = Frederick R. Silber    c/o = child of                      bp = baptized
b. = born Birthplace is New York unless specified

205. Sep 11, 1948, Francis J. Hommel of HF, born 1929, aged 19, at Haines Falls, son of John Arthur Hommel and Lillian Brower, his first marriage, a farmer to Anna Beth Deyoe of Haines Falls, born 1928, aged 20 at Harpersfield, NY to Raymond Deyoe and Nora Oliver, her first marriage, a housewife, by Rev. F. R. Silber with Justine L. Hommel & Hillard Hommel as witnesses.

206. Jan 8, 1950, Foster Hermon Pierce of Tannersville, born 1908, aged 41, in Tannersville to Nelson Pierce and Margaret Yager, his first marriage, plumber to Charlotte Abbie Kerr of Haines Falls, born 1921, aged 28, in Haines Falls to Louis Kerr and Lola Knapp, her second marriage, divorced Jan 17, 1949 in Troy, NY from Herman Kuhn, housewife, by F. R. Silber with Mr. Carl Hoose and Mrs Carl (Cora) Hoose as witnesses.

207. Jun 30, 1951, George William Lawrence, Jr., of Kingston, born 1927, aged 23, at Columbus, Ohio, son of George W. Lawrence and Gertrude L. Mc Kee, his first marriage, production control manager to Marjorie Edna Brower of Kingston, born 1924, aged 26, in HF, to Nathan V. Brower and Rhoda A. Cole, her first marriage, clerk, by Rev. F. R. Silber, with Edward N. Reed and Ruth K. Friedell as witnesses.

208. Aug 18, 1951, William B. Liscum of Centre Moriches, Suffolk Co., born Oct 2, 1888, aged 62, in Center Moriches to Charles E. Liscum & Sadie Benjamin, his second marriage, widower, electrical contractor to C. Belle Thomas of Centre Moriches, Suffolk Co., born Mar 31, 1898 in Frankfort, NY to Thomas H. Thomas & Alta L. Cook, her second marriage, widowed, teacher, by Rev. F. R. Silber with Charles A. Liscum & Polly Alta Sharp as witnesses.

209. On July 1, 1965 at Base Chapel, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, Marwood Scott Myer, Jr., born 1944 at Pottsville, Pa., baptized 1944 in Pottsville, Pa, next of kin are Mr. & Mrs. Marwood S. Myer of Haines Falls, NY was married to Toni Sharon Hamilton, born 1947 in Capels, West Virginia, baptised 1950 at LDS Ward, Las Cruces, New Mexico, next of kin is Mrs. Toni S. Hamilton of 1516 Bellamah Dr. Alamogordo, NY, witnesses, James Wolff, Lynne Adzima. Marwood Scott Myer is ranked A2C in the USAF, serial No. AF 12676103. Letter and certificate sent to Haines Falls by Leland B. Stevens, Chaplain, Major, USAF, Lutheran.

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210. 27 Sep 1957, Robert J. Teetsel of Tannersville to Elaine Osborne of HF, at HF by O. Gayle Miller.

211. 24 Apr 1960, Paul Carmin Chimato of 350 Lincoln Ave., Rockville Center, NY to Dolores Ethyl Van Valkenburgh of HF, by O. Gayle Miller.

212. 18 Jun 1961, Ronald Kerr Hoose of HF to Frances Catherine Dumas of HF, by J. Filson Reed. Witnesses: Thelma Hoose, Roy James Martin.

213. 9 Sep 1961, Lawrence Harvey Hull of 824 Hector St., Ithica, NY to Sondra Louise Bartley of HF at Onteora Episcopal Church, by J. Filson Reid. Witnesses: C. Stewart Wallace, Mrs. Patricia Addesso.

214. 6 Apr 1963, Martin Joseph Strand of HF to Lucinda Jean Hall of Saxton by Lyman P. Taylor. Witnesses: Helen Risley, Melvin Risley.

215. 22 Jun 1963, Earl Louis Gressman of 35 Tanager St., Levitt, Long Island to Dorothy Carole Van Valkenburg of HF by J. Filson Reid. Witnesses: Leonard B. Gans, <?> Sandra Cole.

216. 21 Sep 1963, Kenneth Allen Elbert of 3560 Olinville Ave., the Bronx, to Beverly Elaine Valk of HF, by J. Filson Reid. Witnesses: Norma Coffin, Frank Gilbert <? on both witnesses>

217. 20 Feb 1965, Kenneth Alan Gwisz of Ruby to Lois Marie France of HF, by J. Filson Reid. Witnesses: Claude Troiano, Jr., Mrs. Wilma M. France.

218. 19 Mar 1966, Thomas Van Valkenburgh of Lexington, NY to Gloria Renee Campbell of HF, by J. Filson Reid. Witnesses: Eugene Van Valkenburgh, Donna Van Valkenburgh.

219. 27 May 1967, Leo L. Van Valkenburgh, Jr. of HF to Rebeckah Joyanne Warren of Laramie, Wyoming, by J. Filson Reid. Witnesses: Scott Myer, Beth Hague.

220. 15 Jul 1967, Ronald A. Young of HF to Christina M. Pedersen of HF, by J. Filson Reid. Witnesses: Ellsworth Meigs, Jr., Diana Pedersen.

221. 14 Sep 1967, Wayne Gregory Hommel of HF to Rosalinda Emma Koehler of Cairo, by J. Filson Reid. Witnesses: Charles C. Hommel, Aneata D. Clum

222. 8 Dec 1967, Werner Stolz of the Swiss Chalet, Tannersville to Loretta Adelheid Ehrler of Tannersville, by J. Filson Reid. Witnesses: Margareta Short, illegible.

223. 9 Dec 1967, Heinz Schrepfer of 104 E. 85th St., NYC, NY to Ulla Margareta Broch Hiort of the same address, by J. Filson Reid. Witnesses; illegible (2 names)

224. 10 Mar 1968, Leroy Heath Georgia of 11 Doubleday St. Binghamton to Wilhelmina F. Maurer of 11 Sandy Lane, Binghamton, by J. Filson Reid. Witnesses: Constance Georgia, Stephen Georgia.

225. 29 Jun 1968, Arthur Hommel of HF to Elizabeth Hague of Tannersville, by J. Filson Reid. Witnesses: Judith Hague, Mark Hommel.

226. 10 Aug 1968, Wayne William Pierce of Hunter to Ella Lola Moose of HF, by Ernest C. Seddon. Witnesses: Corrine Hoose, Michael C. Reach.

227. 28 Jun 1969, Richard H. Darling, Jr. of Athens to Dianne E. Valk, of HF, by Paul Allen. Witnesses: Mrs. Beverly C. Elbert, Michal J. Gabisele.

228. 12 Jul 1969, William R. Moffett, Jr., of HF to Corinne Jan Hoose of HF. by William F. Munster. Witnesses: Wayne Pierce, Ellen Pierce

229. 6 Sep 1969, Thomas Hommel of HF to Virginia Ann Reed of Sloatsburgh, by Willian F. Munster. Witnesses: Burton A. Hommel, Kathleen Hommel.

230. 20 Nov 1970, Robert E. Graham of Tannersville to Margaret Meehan of East Jewett, by Rev. Willian F. Munster. Witnesses: Charles Kornell, Carol Steele.

231. 9 Sep 1972, Daniel Terns of HF to Kathleen Hommel of HF, by Rev. Willian F. Munster. Witnesses: Kathleen Terns Decker, Fredrick Terns.

232. Dec 15, 1973, Bruce A. Feml of HF to Beverly Van Valkenburgh of HF by Rev. William F. Munster. Witnesses: Bettie Garrison, Scott V. Hommel.

233. Jun 1, 1974, Edmond A. Jones of Schnectady to Sally Colleen Eignor of Schnectady by Rev. William F. Munster at Halcottville UMC, Delaware Cty. Witnesses: Nancy R. Eignor, Larry Vanneshi <?>.

234. 1 Jun 1974, Gregory G. Kaloustian of Queens to Christine V. Avedis of Tannersville at Tannersville, by Fr. Garen Gdanian and Rev. Munster Assist, Armenian Wedding. Witnesses: Paul Kolaustion, Solais Walbron <?>.

235. 15 Jun 1974, Frank Francis Corratti, Jr. of Catskill to Christina Marie Young of Catskill by Rev. Ronald V. Fleming, Ed. D. Witnesses: Hilda Speenburgh, George Speenburgh.

236. 20 Jul 1974, Barry James Feml of HF to Barbara Ann West of Tannersville, by Rev. William F. Munster. Witnesses: Sandra West, Brian Feml.

237. 18 Sep 1976, John Garrison of Tannersville to Elaine Cable of Tannersville, by Rev. William F. Munster. Witnesses: Arlene Sinnott, William Garrison.

238. 1 Jan 1977, Richard Renneally of Peekskill to Patricia Gilbert of Peekskill by Rev. William F. Munster at Hunter, Renneally home. Witnesses: Carlotta Benjamin, Thomas A. Kensay <?>.

239. Jun 10, 1978, J. Filson Reid of the parsonage, Shokan, NY to Joyce Martin Valk of Box 154, HF by Rev. Ian O. Reid. Witnesses: Alexinder Reid, Beverly Elaine Elbert.

240. 22 Oct 1983, Gene M. Corrigan of HF to Darla J. Heivly of HF at their home by Rev. Paul B. Mengle, Sr.

241. 4 May 1985, Galin Dennis of Onteora, HF to Christina Kerr of HF, by Vincent Winniczek. Witnesses: Eulalia Russell, Arnold Galin.

242. 2 Jul 1985, Rodney Dale Timperley of 208 Woodruff, Union City, Michigan to Saundre Kay Timbs, of the same address, by Vincent Minniczek.

243. 5 Oct 1985, Robert James Blain of Tannersville to Kimberly Ann Lawrence of Tannersville, at HF, Gt. Peak, by Vincent Winniczek.

244. 15 Feb 1986, Craig Corstinus Timpson of Olivebridge to Mary Susan Elizabeth Poladian of Tannersville by Vincent Winniczek. Witnesses: Eric C. Timpson, Cardyne E. Wedeistaedt.

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