Goetschius Family Cemetery

Goetschius Family 

 Located in the Town of Catskill - The cemetery is located on the Goetschius Farm, later Van Orden Farm, then Sanford Eastgate Farm, and currently (Sept.2000) owned by Dr. Jenkins. It is north of the village of Catskill, west side of 9W, top of hill in a small woods. Poor condition. 
NOTE: C= calculated birth date using date of death & age - original transcription at the Greene County Historical Society-Vedder Memorial Library and Research Center, Coxsackie, N.Y. The calculated births were added by Sidney S. Castle, contributor and descendant.

Matthew Goetschius,  A-66-9-9(C=12-18-1793), d. 09-27-1860
Ann Goetschius, A-85-2-11(C=10-25-1801), d. 01-05-1887, w/o Matthew Goetschius
George M.,  b. 04-11-183?, d. 05-28-1839, s/o Matthew & Ann Goetschius
Charles, b.  12-17-1835, d.  06-04-1836, s/o Matthew & Ann Goetschius
Samuel P. Goetschius, b. 03-18-1823, d. 07-29-1858
William J. Goetschius, b.  09-30-1824, d. 08-10-1875
Jacob Goetschius,  A-75-3-8(C=10-12-1755), d. 12-20-1831
Catherine, Rest Not Legible, w/o Jacob Goetschius
Peter Goetschius, b. 10-10-1788, d. 09-29-1875 or 78
Eda Brandow, b. 03-07-1790, d. 12-10-1874, w/o  Peter Goetschius
George,  d. 09-09-????, s/o Peter & Ida Goetschius
(note two different spellings for Peter's wife's name - Eda is correct)
John Goetschius,  A-55-9-24(C=09-25-1768), d. 07-19-1824
Hannah Goetschius, b.  03-20-1789, d. 08-20-1850, w/o John Goetschius
Margret E.,  A 23 year, w/o Charles W. Cook
Noell Allen,  A-54-9-22(C=06-12-1783), d. 03-04-1838
Elizabeth,  d. 07-23-1832, w/o Noell Allen
William A. Jeffrey,  A-37-1-2?(C=07-??-1794), d.10-09-1831
Sarah,  A-33-4-8(C=03-16-1799), d. 07-24-1832, w/o William A. Jeffrey
John I.,  A- 3mo., s/o William & Sarah S. Jeffrey
Thomas T. Reeves,  A-20-5-0(C=01-29-1813), d. 06-29-1833
????? ine White,  A- 36 yrs., d. 07-29-1837
Anna Maria,  A-60-4-18, d. 05-22-1815, w/o Eli White
Peter White,  A- 3 yrs., d. 06-19-1838
William A. White,  A - - 57 yrs., d. 05-11-1869
Sarah Goetschius,  A- 68 yrs., d. 05-24-1885, w/o William A. White
Eugene ???????
Edmund D.,  A-3-11-23(C=05-10-1826), d. 05-03-1830
Charles A.,  A-1--3-18(C=12-24-1838), d. 04-11-1840
William A., d. 08-21-1844
Peter G.,  A- 9 mo. 6d., d. 05-20-1845
Children of William & Sarah G. White

Note: Transcription by Dorothy and Walter Smith on May 5, 1968 located, and the following discrepancies and additions noted:

Peter Goetschius born 1796 NOT 1790
Catharine, d. October 28, 1846, aged 85y, w/o Jacob Goetschius
George, d. September 9, 1828 or 29, aged 2m16d, s/o Peter and Ida Goetschius
Charles, b. December 15, 1835 NOT December 17, s/o Matthew and Ann Goetschius
George M., b. December 15, 1831 NOT 1834, s/o Matthew and Ann Goetschius
William A. Jeffrey, aged 35y1m2d, NOT 37y1m2d
Sarah, d. July 20, 1832, NOT July 24, 1832, w/o William A. Jeffrey
Jacob Goetschius, aged 75y3m8d, NOT 75y5m8d
John Goetschius, died 1842 NOT 1824
Hannah Goetschius, b. 1788 NOT 1789, d. 1859 NOT 1850
John L. aged 3m, s/o John and Sarah Slifer, NOT William and Sarah Jeffrey
Margaret E., d. August 31, 1839, aged 23y, w/o Charles Cook
Ann Maria d. 1815 NOT 1845
Sarah G. Goetschius, w/o William A. White
Peter E. White aged 23y NOT 3y
Catharine White, d. July 29, 1837, aged 36y
Edmund M, d. May 3, 1850 NOT 1830, s/o William A. and Sarah White
Peter G., aged 9m3d, NOT 9m6d
William A., d. August 21, 1844, aged 4m22d, s/o William and Sarah White
Samuel P. Goetschius, b. March 26, 1823 NOT March 18

Stones located in 1968, but not listed in transcription from the Vedder Museum:

  1. Eugene, d. November 14, 1851, aged 2y8m22d, s/o William A. and Sarah White

  2. William H., d. September 11, 1839, aged 1y2m27d, s/o Charles H. and Margaret E. Cook

  3. Margaret, d. July 26, 1833, aged 36y2m4d, w/o Malcom H. Gregor

  4. Mary C., d. October 9, 1839, aged 1y9d, d/o Limued H. and Mary C. Hopkins

    ***Obviously a visit by a transcriber in 2000 is necessary to clarify these discrepancies. Efforts will be made to visit the site as soon as possible. - SH

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