Gloria Dei Episcopal Church Confirmed

Gloria Dei Episcopal 

Transcription of original church records generously provided by Audrey Klinkenberg

Retranscription of History, Families, Confirmed, Communicants, 
Marriages and Burials by Cindy Simmons


June 25, 1879, confirmed by Rt. Rev. W. C. Doane, S. T. D. Bishop of Albany
Eva K Barber at Calvary, Cairo
presented by the Rev. Wm. Chas. Grubbe
July 30, 1879, presented by Rev. Mr. Young
Adam Kraus
Margaret Maria M Smith
Helen Cecilia Finch
Annie Maria Hunter
Rachel Alice W Trumpbour (in private)
Wed., June 22, 1881, presented by the Rev. Wm. Chas. Grubbe
Elizabeth Jane Smith age 14
Francis Colman age 12, transferred to missionary at Long Pine, Neb.
Mary H Dearing age 16
Catharine Kraus age 16
James H Colman age 11, transferred to missionary at Long Pine, Neb.
Wed., September 26, 1883
Bertha G Smith
Mrs. Nellie E Trumpbour
Franklin W Trumpbour  born  9.14.66
Edith G Chubb
Tuesday, Oct. 4, 1887
Isabel Garrison born  5.20.68
Margaret Garrison born  5.17.66
Lucinda Ann Gardner born  6.26.1832
Jennie Trumpbour age 24
Alida Craft age 57
Margaret Donaldson Chubb age 13
June 27th, 1889
Geo. Trumpbour
De Witt Van Orden
Henrietta Craft age 21, bpt. Sept 25th, 87
Wed., October 8, 1890
William H H Traver
William Traver
Walter Lasher born  2.7.60
Annie (Walter) Dederick born 4.19.72
Marshall Smith
Lavinia M Smith born  8.8.76
Charles H Shoub born  3.31.76
Wed., May 2, 1894, presented by Rev E. Miller
Grace S Holcomb born  3.25.'71
Sept. 14, 1894, presented by Rev. Geo. W Farrar
Mary Elizabeth Trumpbour age 22, born  2.29.72   (page 40)
R Newell Harmstead age 69, born  1.26.27, 830 N 5th St., Phila
Presented by the Reverend William White Hance, priest in charge of Gloria Dei Church (and)
the Right Reverend Wm. Croswell Doan, D. D. L. L. D., Bishop of the diocese of Albany
confirming.  Saturday after the 19th Sun. af. Trinity, Oct. 17th, 1896.
Bessie May Hinman born  5.23.80,  bp church
Helen (Pierce) Pelham born  8.28.76,   bp Methodist
Estella Emma (Reynolds) Purdy born  4.22.57,   bp Baptist
Frances (Harland) Gaffey born  1.6.67,     bp church
Lulu Goodwin born  8.13.78,   bp Methodist
Grace Wynkoop Schutt born  11.11.78,  bp Reformed Dutch
Adam Arthur Pelham born  11.11.72,  bp church
William Eugene Purdy born  9.26.54,   bp Baptist
Charles Henry Chubb born  2.28.82,   bp church
Rt Rev H Y Saterlee, Bp of Washington, acting for the Bp of the Diocese, Sept 12, 1897,
13th S. after <triangle>  (<triangle> meaning  "Trinity")
Harriet Ann Myer born  5.22.'78,  bp church
July 31st, 1898, Eighth Sunday after Trinity
Catherine Celia (Boyle) Woodworth born about 12.36,  bp Roman
Frank David Lamoree born  6.30.64,  bp church
Cora Belle Purdy born  12.4.85,  bp church
Minnie Lovett Purdy born  2.18.84,  bp church
William Lyman Plass born  9.9.1861,  bp church
Presented by Rev. W W Hance, Sat. aft 2nd S, Af, <triangle> June 17th 1899, Rt Rev. W C Doane,  
Rachel Ann (Haines) Lamouree born  8.6.66, bp Methodist
Frances Dora (Holcomb) Traphagen born  10.17.62,  bp church
Presented by C Brassington Mee, July 5, 1903, Bp. White, Mich. City, confirming
Louis Schutt age 20, bp church
Clarence Secor age 25, bp church
Eva Trompbour age 17, bp church
Mary Mulford age 19, bp church
Presented by Wm R Harris, Whitesunday, June 3rd, 1906, Rt Rev. Richard H Nelson,
Louise Lyman (Peck) White
Emma A Apkes
Violet Stewart bp church
Fred'k W Holcomb bp church
David Dowling
Presented June 9th, 1907
Eva Lent Conf'd in S. Luke's, Catskill, NY
Presented by Robert N Turner, First Sunday after Trinity, June 13, 1909, Rev. Richard H Nelson,
D. D. confirming
John Hobart Holcomb born  3.17.95,  bp church
Julia Lamouree born  5.14.94,  bp church 
Bertha May Apkes born  _.13.85,  bp church
Presented June 13, 1910, Monday after Third Trinity Sd.
Earl Isaac Van Loan born  10.16.97,  bp church
Ernest Mortimer Apkes born  8.23.96,  bp church
Archibald Smith born 12.31.93,  bp church
Walter Edward Smith born  6.20.91,  bp church
James Gillette Schutt born  1.7.87,    bp Methodist
Marie Bownes Doncourt born  2.13.97,  bp church
Blanche Emily Hunt born  5.15.95,  bp church
Beatrice Godwin born  1.18.95,  bp church
Presented by the Reverend Robert Northam Turner, Priest on June 12, 1911, Monday after 
Trinity Sunday, The Right Reverend Richard Henry Nelson, D. D. Bishop
Lester Charles Shoub born  12.31.96, bp church
Edwin Heisinger born  8.11.96, bp church
Walter Cooke Whitney born  8.21.95, adopted by Wolven, bp church
Ralph Putnam Traphagen born 10.17.90, bp church
Charles Heisinger born  10.4.89, bp church
William Frederick Heisinger born  4.16.85, bp church
John Henry Wolven born  9.28.46, bp church
Irene Agnes Murtaugh (called Hunt) born  2.22.92, bp church
Henrietta Marie Heisinger born  5.21.83, bp church
Mrs. Maria (Valk) Lasher bp Lutheran
Mrs. Ella Louisa (Sneden) Heisinger born  8.17.66, bp church
Mrs. Mary Catharine (Valk) Wolven born  3.6.53, bp church
Presented by Fred'k Swindlehurst, Rector, Oct. 25th, Rt. Rev Richard H Nelson, D. D., confirming
Clayton Pelham bp church
Presented by W E Grimshaw, Priest on Sunday Oct. 8, 1916, the Rt Rev R H Nelson, Bishop,
Levina Whitaker born Jan. 21, 1886, bp church
Charity De La Mater born Nov. 20, 1894, bp church
Presented by Octavius Edgelow, Priest on Tuesday Oct. 16, 1917, the Rt Rev R H Nelson, D D,
Bishop, confirming
Blanche Dibble age 24
Alice Rarusch age 14
Madeline Buckman age 18
Carryl Smith age 20
Presented by Rev H E Hood, Rector on Tues. Sept. 27, 1932, Rt Rev G A  Oldham, confirming
Jennie Stewart age 80, bp RC  (Dutch Reformed)
Mabel Renner age 41, bp Meth
Mildred Decker age 13, bp church
Rebecca Wysong age 10, bp church
Marjorie Wysong age 9, bp church
Presented by Harl E Hood, Oct. 29th, 1933, Rt Rev G A Oldham confirming
William Renner
George Reick bp Lutheran
Ralph Lowe bp Cong
Calvin Valk Jr age 15, bp church
Nina Valk age 18, bp church
Presented by Charles B Alford, Oct. 4, 1936, Rt Rev G A Oldham confirming
Victor John Manning ag 18, bp Reformed
Merritt Hoyt Dowling age 33, bp church
Merrit Hoyt Dowling Jr age 9, bp church
Florence Luella Dowling age 38, bp M. E.
Ruth Virginia Dowling age 11, bp church
Joan Luella Dowling age 8, bp church
Oct. 15, 1939
Joy Velie age 11, bp church
Albert John Glueck age 11, bp church
Presented by Scott Alford, Lay reader on July 26, 1942, Rt Rev Frederick Barry, confirming
Grace Lowther Cass age 60+, bp Congregational
Presented by Wm J Shane, Sept. 23, 1945, Rt Rev Frederick Barry, confirming
Vivian Hommel Naudain age 25, bp Dutch Reformed
Janet Maynard Haines age 16, bp church
Doris May Valk age 15, bp church
(Mrs.) Lydia Rothschank age 41, bp German Lutheran
Arlene Roberta Egger age 13, bp church
Douglas Stambrough Smith age 17, bp church
Presented by J N Willard, Vicar, November 7, 1948, to be signed by G A Oldham
George Livingston Bandel age 17, bp Epis.
Barney Alonzo Parslow age 24, bp Meth.
Violet Charlotte Cook age 15, bp Epis.
Marilyn Joyce Edwards age 17, bp Epis.
Lillian Frances Schomaker age 49, bp Meth.
Mary Perry age 86, bp Meth.
Presented by Robert Evans, Sept. 10, 1950, Bishop Barry Confirming
Barbara (Mrs A J) Glueck age 21,  received from R.C.  (Dutch Reformed)
April 12, 1951
Florence Lorraine (Johnston) Stanislaw
          (Mrs. James) Stanislaw age 34, bp church
Hazel Marguerite (Stanbrough)
          (Mrs. Archie) Smith age, 56, bp Presby.
John Archibald Smith age 25, bp Presby.
Gertrude Stella (Rothrock)
          (Mrs. John G) Smith age 24, bp Dutch Ref.


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