George Judd

George Augustus Judd

Biography courteously provided by Joyce Riedinger, Delaware County Coordinator.

GEORGE AUGUSTUS JUDD, a much respected citizen, and widely known as one of the largest landowners of Middletown, Delaware County, N.Y., is a native of that place, his birth having occurred there August 11, 1825. He is the son of Truman and Lucy (Johnson) Judd, his paternal grandparents being Demas and Elizabeth Judd. The grandfather, Demas Judd, was born in Schoharie County, and was a prosperous farmer, a Whig in politics, and a soldier of the Revolutionary War. He lived to be over eighty years old, his wife being eighty-two at the time of her death. A family of seven children were born to this worthy couple; namely, Demas, Hamilton, Parmalee, Anthony, Marena, Marvin, and Truman. The last named, father of Augustus, was born April 30, 1800. He learned the art of dressing cloth, and found employment in Halcottsville, in Woodstock, Ulster County, Olive, Greene County, and various other places. At last he bought a farm for himself at Red Kill, now owned by George G. Kelly. This he greatly improved, and sold within five years, moving to another farm about a mile away. After residing here some years, he bought a farm in Lexington, Greene County, and lived there ten years. During this time he lost his wife, who died at the age of seventy. Since leaving Lexington, he has resided in Bushnellville, Ulster County, and has now attained the remarkable age of ninety-four. He is a Republican in politics, and is held in high esteem by his fellow-townsmen, who, during his active career, called upon him to fill several town offices. His wife was Lucy, daughter of Luther Johnson, a Revolutionary patriot and soldier. Their family of seven children inherited the sterling qualities of their ancestors, both in independence of mind and business ability, each rearing a family, whose respective members were in their turn prominent and valuable citizens in the localities where they settled. They were as follows: Emily, who married Eli Jenkins, and died, leaving five children; G. Augustus; Demas, who chose for his wife Caroline Garrison, and removed to Minnesota, and had a family of eight children; Elizabeth, who became the wife of Henry G. Cartright, removed with her husband to Illinois, and is the mother of four children; William, who settled in Athens, Greene County, N.Y., and married Hannah Winter, and has one child; Truman, who took to wife Margaret Mabee, and lives in Bushnellville, having two children; Lucy A., who married James Sharp, and went to Illinois, and has two children.

G. Augustus Judd grew to manhood in his native town. Of the first three hundred dollars he earned he lost two hundred by the failure of his employer; but, not discouraged, he kept on in the path which was to lead to success. He began business for himself at the age of nineteen, farming and dealing in cattle and horses, for which he found a market in Dutchess County, but finally buying a farm at Red Kill. This was the beginning of his investments in real estate and in the accumulation of property, in which he has since been so successful. After buying and selling various farms, his operations extending over a period of fifty years, he is now the owner of one thousand acres of land, most of which is highly cultivated and improved. This he has accomplished by enterprise, industry, and good management.

November 5, 1884, he married Nancy J. Osterhoudt, daughter of Solomon and Nancy Ann (Bookhoudt) Osterhoudt. Her father, Solomon Osterhoudt, was born in Woodstock, Ulster County, N.Y., and was engaged in the clothing business at Clovesville, Delaware County, N.Y. He married Nancy Ann, daughter of John Bookhoudt, one of the first settlers of Roxbury, and the father of nine children, by name James, Margaret, Sarah, Sidney, Anthony W., Augusta, Jackson, Albert, and Nancy Jane. The maternal grandmother of Mrs. Judd, Nancy Ann Bookhoudt, was born in Ireland.

Mr. and Mrs. Judd have two children: Harold O., born April 10, 1888; and A. Hillis, born November 2, 1891. Mr. Judd is a prominent man in Middletown, and highly esteemed for his personal qualities. He has lived an industrious life, making the best of his opportunities; and his example is worthy of emulation by the rising generation. His home is at Griffin's Corners, where he lives a retired life. He takes an interest in politics, and is a warm supporter of the Republican party. In his religion he is liberal in his views, taking little interest in dogmatic theology, but striving so to live as to have a conscience "void of offence toward God and man."

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