Durham 1865 Mortality Schedule

Mortality Schedule from the 
Census of 1865 ~

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the original census

Deaths occurring in the Town of Durham in the County of Green, NY during the year ending June 1, 1865, excepting those persons in the service of the United States, or from wounds or disease acquired in said service.


Name of Person Deceased Age Sex Color Civil Condition Month of Death Day of Death Native State or Country Trade or Occupation Disease or Cause of Death
First Election District                
Philander M.Peck 54 M   M February 13 New York Farmer Gastro Enteregis
Nancy Pratt 79 F   M December 25


Old Age
Arrabella F. Field 6 F     December 31 New York   Diptheria
Edward J. Field 4 M     January 4 New York   Diptherial Croup
Helen Serring 27 F   M September 19 New York   Typhoid
Willie N. Reed 7 M     September 9 New York   Dropsy of the heart
Arthur Cooke 3y8m M     November 5 New York   Lung Fever
William Cooke 2y2m M     July 2 New York   Lung Fever
Rhoda Kirtland 85 F   W May 31


Billious Cholic
Cornelia M. Abrams 3 F     August 4 New York   Unknown
Albert Olliver 7 M     July 13 New York   Inflamation in the head
Serena Snyder 43 F   M April 10 Penn.   Congestion of the Lungs
Infant 3d F     November 5 New York   Hemorrage
Mary Howe 41 F   M July 2 New York   Abscess
Kate A. Peck 15 F   S November 26 New York   Consumption
German Hull 68 M   M May 28 New York   Neuralius of the bowels
Second Election District                
Anna Jennings Ellsworth 80 F W W January 10 New York   Dropsey on the heart and old age
David W. Taylor 72 M W M July 19 New York Carpenter Apoplexy sudden
Edith Foster 8m F W S April 8 New York   Scarlet Fever
Jabez Olmsted 65 M W M February 1 New York Farmer Consumption quick
James Vincent 73 M W M December 11 New York Farmer Typhoid Fever
Elizabeth Hill 8 F W   May 10 New York   Typhoid Fever
Harvey Stone 66 M W M December 24 New York Carpenter Consumption Quick
Mary A. Elliott 26 F W M September 23 New York   Diptheria
Charles E. Elliott 2y11m M W   October 11 New York   Diptheria
Darius Winans 73 M W M March 17 New York Farmer Disease of the heart sudden
Henry Mott 32 M W S February 17 New York Lawyer Consumption


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