Deyo Family Cemetery

Deyoe Family Cemetery

Deyoe Cemetery Rt. 23 A West, between Lexington and Prattsville. It is on the right, .5 mile from the Mosquito Point bridge. It is located up a very steep bank. It is maintained by the Town. The cemetery is surrounded by a stone wall, with a smaller stone wall around some graves. There was once a fence by the edge of the bank but that is mostly gone.

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Transcribed October 22, 2000 by Carole Truesdell
Site revisited, photographed and validated by Sylvia and Reinhard Hasenkopf September 8, 2001


  1. James Deyoe, PVT CO B 120 R NY VOL, d. November 21, 1890, age 68 yr.
  2. Leroy E. George, d. October 5, 1917, age 58 yr.
    Matie Mansfield, wife of Leroy, no dates
    Walter A. George, d. April 14, 1882, Age 56y3m1d
    Hannah M. Deyoe, wife of Walter, d. November 10, 1913, age 83 Yr.
  3. Small stone marked with a lamb; Walter G., son of Daniel G. & Louisa Deyoe, d. March 30, 1874, aged 3y
  4. John W. Deyoe, d. February 15, 1879, age 52y9m6d
  5. Small stone marked: Johnie T., son of John W. and Rachel C. Deyoe, d. February 19, 1879, aged 8y8m6d
  6. Willie M. son of Edmund & Dorcas Deyoe, d. June 28, 1870, 6y9m19d. There is a foot stone marked with W.M.D. 
  7. Jane, wife of Daniel Deyoe, d. February 2,1867, age 63y6m10d. This stone is in three pieces with the year to the death date in one of the cracks.
  8. Foot stones marked with J.D. and D.D. See numbers 7 and 10.
  9. Foot stone marked C.M.D. See number 11.
  10. Placed up on an inside wall: Daniel Deyoe, d. January 9, 1860, age 65y5m5d. 
  11. Placed up on an inside stone wall: Charles M. Deyoe, d. October 15, 1872, age 46y15d.
  12. In a small fenced area: Foot stone marked W.G.D. 
  13. In small fenced area: John Deyoe, d. June 20, 1880, age 86y8m7d.
  14. In small fenced area: Mary Schermerhorn, wife of John Deyoe, d. June 15, 1881, age 87y. 

Outside the west wall is a second part to the cemetery.

  1. Charles A. Deyoe, son of J.M. & E.S. Deyoe, d. February 8, 1848, age 2m7d., Foot stone marked C.D. 
  2. Devillo T., son of Peter & Polly Deyoe, d. April 30, 1849, age 2y18d. Foot stone marked D.D. 
  3. Leroy N. Brandow, d. November 9, 1857, age 23y26d., Foot stone marked L.B. 
  4. Jacob Soule, son of John H. & Sarah Decker, d. April 12, 1843, age 1y10m. 
  5. Martha W., wife of John Stickel, d. August 15, 1882, age 87y.
  6. John Stickel, d. November 3, 1869, age 84y. 
  7. Catherine, wife of Jonathan H. Ford, d. August 20,1850, age 29y.
  8. Polly M., wife of Charles E. Ballou, d. April 27, 1847, age 21y2m13d. 
  9. In memory of Dolly Lucinda, wife of Francis S. Ford, d. in Lexington, December 25, 1846, age 18y7m6d.
  10. Lewis and Lucius Ford, (both on one stone, one on each side but joined together), d. in Lexington, February 7, 1847, age 2m, twin sons of Franklin and Lucinda Ford
  11. In Memory of Isaac Decker, d. December 6, 1844, age 63y1m2d. 
  12. Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Decker, d. December 9, 1847, age 57y10m15d.
  13. James Deyoe, d. July 14, 1819, aged 59y2m12d
  14. Hannah Deyoe, d. September 27, 1835, aged71y6m20d

Additional stones transcribed by Bill Haines in the 1980's and no longer found at the cemetery:

  1. Elizabeth C., d/o George and Maria Plank, d. July 17, 1845, aged 21y4m16d
  2. Adaline R., w/o Wellington Patrie, d. December 18, 1851, aged 19y7m8d
  3. Newton W., s/o George and Maria Plank, d. December 23, 1839, aged 4y3m6d
  4. Sarah, w/o Jacob T. Schermerhorn, d. August 10, 1846, aged 75y2m
  5. Jacob T. Schermerhorn, d. May 16, 1845, aged 81y2m12d
  6. William Hawer, d. December 12, 1851, aged 34y11m11d
  7. Catharine, w/o John P. Hawver, d. June 20, 1845, aged 66y5m16d
  8. Nancy Jane, w/o Walls W. Lament, d. November 8, 1861, aged 25y8m15d
  9. Mariahann, w/o Jasper Schermerhorn, d. October 23, 1856, aged 51y2m16d
  10. John Wesley, s/o Thomas and Sarah A. Job, d. October 23, 1855, aged 5y1m20d
  11. Peter Jasper, s/o Jasper and Mariahann Schermerhorn, d. February 23, 1863, aged 20y20d

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