Dederick Family Cemetery

Dederick Family 

DAR Records Vol. 580 Pgs. 97 - 103 
 Prepared by Hannah W. WHITTLE
for On-Ti-Ora Chapter
Presented to NYS Library 1988

Retyped by Carole J. Truesdell, Member of the Hardenburgh Chapter

The Cemetery is located in the Town of Coxsackie
Small plot on right hand side of road going from "Gothic Corners" to "Result". A great many graves without markers.

B. T.    No Dates

H.T.    No Dates

M.A.S.   No Dates

C.D.S.    No Dates

TRYON, Peter D. A - 35 Jan 6, 1835

DEDERICK, Casper 1774 July 15, 1818
Jane, his wife 1777 July 25, 1851

H. D.    No Dates

J. D.      No Dates

C.D.      No Dates

P. D.     No Dates

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