Dederick Family Cemetery

Dederick Family Cemetery

From, Volume #1, Cemetery Records of Old Burying Grounds in the Town of Catskill 1946-1962. Recorded in May 1962 by Dorothy and Walter Smith. Retyped by Celeste MacCormack.

On the south side of High Falls Road, several hundred feet from where High Falls Road starts from the Old Kings Road. Plot in very bad condition, only one stone standing, many unmarked graves. It is all grown up to brush and trees, this plot contains two stones in Dutch.

Elizabeth M., wife of Henry J. Cadwell died Jan 11 1864 aged 23 yrs.

Jacob Dederick died Aug 2 1842 aged 66 yrs 5 mo

Sally, wife of John Dederick died March 2 1822 aged 42 yrs. Also two infant twins.

Catharine, wife of Peter Kemp died June 8 1833 aged 68 yrs.

Elizabeth Sox died July 22 1819 no birth date. This is spelt with an O.

Eliza Catharine, daughter of Joel and Hannah Dederick died April 25, 1826 aged 4 yrs, 2 mo, 26 days

Rachal Ann, daughter of Joel and Hannah Dederick died March 11 1827 aged 2 mo 13 days

Joel Dederick died Nov 9 1843 aged 59 yrs 6 mo 4 days.


The above is a close copy of one of the stones in this plot. I sent a copy of it to Rev. VanHest of W. Coxsackie who interpreted it for me.

"It is a mixture of old Dutch and German. One of the difficulties lies in the fact that words were combined into one. IST should be separated from GEBOHREN which means born. TIE is not an uncommon suffix in Dutch. But I never saw it attached to name of month which is this case is June. De is artical. Should be separate from RIA * GOB which is persons name - I think maiden name.  SAX * GESTOR, latter is shortened for DIED first may be name of person when she died. BENDEN may well be shortened form for BE --ENDED -- finished, died."

Actually "gestorben den 26 Juni 1797" is grammatically correct German for "died, the 26 June 1797. I would also read the first part of the stone as follows: Anno 1728, Junitie 22 ist gebohren der Jacob (Iagob is phonetical  for Jacob) Sax - Therefore the translation of this part of the stone would read: Year 1728, June the 22nd, was Jacob Sax born. Therefore this would NOT be the wife of MS, as alluded to in these records.  Nowhere does it state that the person buried in this spot is the WIFE of anyone. Sylvia Hasenkopf   

This is the way it would read if done now:

Ria - Gob wife of

M.S. (This is on stone opposite)

born June 22 1728 died June 26 1797

Also means she was married Ria - Gob but died a Sax.


This stone is along side the one that is in all Dutch. This is part Dutch and English. The VEN on the end of GESTOR is just another variation in the Dutch dialect, it still means died. So this one would read:

M. S. born Sept 14, 1727 died Jan 26, 1780.

These two stones are most likely man and wife. Both stones are crudely cut.

Postscript: From Barbara Bartley
Hi, Sylvia, I was just looking at the Greene County site and came across something very interesting.....the Dederick Family Cemetery, south side of High Falls Road.....the 2 stones in Dutch. I believe these stones to be those of my husband's ggg-grandfather John Jacob, or "Jacob", Sax who was bp.1728, married 1754 Maria Burger. She died ?, but Jacob married again about 1781 to Elizabeth Kerker (daughter of Catharina & John Philip Kerker/Karger; granddaughter of Jurry Mosier and Christina Eschwein). Jacob Sax's will was probated in 1797. My daughter has proved this line for the DAR.

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