Decker Family Cemetery

Decker Family

Transcribed by Bill Haines

Located in the Town of Lexington, this cemetery is situated on Jaeger Rd on the east side of a small stream and is surrounded by a stone wall.


  1. Rachel Truesdell, w/o Wm. Huggins, d. February 12, 1870, aged 94y10d
    Inscription on the back of the stone:
    Mrs. Huggins had lived on the place where she died for more than half a century and had resided with her son for over sixty two years who did everything in his power to make the evening of life comfortable and happy. She retained both her strength of mind and body to a remarkable degree up to the close of her life. She was respected by all who knew her and now that she has passed away her friends mourn her not as those who have no hope.
  2. Horatio, s/o James G. and Caroline S. Decker, d. June 11, 1856, aged 10y2m11d
  3. Isaac, s/o James G. and Caroline S. Decker, d. May 26, 1856, aged 8y6m26d
  4. Newton, s/o James G. and Caroline Decker, d. June 8, 1856, aged 7y1m19d
  5. James, s/o Isaac and Elizabeth Decker, husband of Caroline S. Huggans, no dates
  6. Caroline S. Huggins, no dates
  7. James G. Decker, d. November 16, 1872, aged 59y11m14d
    Caroline S. Huggins, w/o James G. Decker, d. July 21, 1876, aged 61y3m5d
  8. Rachel E. Van Valkenburgh, d/o James G. and Caroline S. Decker, b. December 12, 1850, d. November 1, 1921

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