Coxsackie Mortality Schedule 1850

Mortality Schedule from the 
Census of 1850 ~

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the original census

Persons who died during the year ending June 1st 1850

Name Age Sex Color (White, Mulatto, Black) Free or Slave Married or Widow Place of Birth Month Died Profession, Occupation or Trade Disease or Cause of Death Number of Days Ill
John Vosburgh 33 M       NY August Laborer Cholera 3 days
John Thomson 17 M B     NY June Laborer Consumption  
Christina Thomson 4 F B       June   Inf of Head 3 weeks
Henrietta Thomson 1 F B       April   Whooping Cough 2 days
A. Osterhout 1     F B       August   Cholera 1 day
Ellen Mulcahy 4 F       Ireland August   Cholera 1/2 day
William Rea 76 M     M NY January Farmer Consumption  
Margaret A. Murphy 1 F         October   Diarhea 7 weeks
John Vandenburgh 44 M     M   June Farmer Consumption  
Robert Vandenburgh 77 M     M   March   Consumption  
Jane (?) Conine 36 F     M   July   Consumption  
Peter Conine 67 M     M   September Shoemaker Dropsy  
William Bessac 62 M     M   September Merchant Paralysis 1 week
Mary E. Freese 7 F         March   Consumption 1 month
George Freer 6 months M         March   W. Cough 5 days
William H. McCarty  3 months           February   Consumption  
Casper Hallenbeck 65 M     M   February Farmer Black Vomit 3 days
Ephraim Shadeen  3 months M         April   W. Cough  6 weeks
Minerva Hollister 6 months F         September   Inf of Bowels 1 day
Tiffany B. Tyler 46 M     M   January Physician Consumption  
Mariam Flansburgh 29 F     M   April   Typhoid Fever 2 weeks
Nathaniel Smith 1 M         September   Dropsy on Brain  
Catharine Hyatt 74 F B   W   July   Old Age  
Rachel Van Buskirk 25 F         August   Cholera 1 day
Martin H. Truesdell 38 M     M NY July Boatman Bronchitis  
John Ely 74 M     M Conn August Physician Old Age  
Hannah Tyler 19 F         August   Consumption  
Catharine Backus 32 F     M   August   Cholera  3 days
Hannah J. Mead 7 F         September   Dysentary  1 week
Jesse Benjamin 52 M     M   October Grocer Consumption  
Robert Brown Jr. 18 M         October Iron Foundry  
Phebe Thorn 54 F     M   August   Dysentery 2 weeks
Joanna Healthy 93 F     M Conn August   Old Age  
James Rea 45 M     M   August Laborer Cholera 1d
William Van Note 35 M     M   August Painter Drowned  
Casper Spoor 84 M     W   June Farmer Old Age  
James H Sagger 21 M     M   August Grocer Consumption  
Nelson Rowe 21 M         September Laborer Cholera 1d
Peter Brown 58 M     M   September Farmer Cholera 1d
George Bogardus 8 M         August   Fracture of Brain  
Aurelia Taylor 53 F     M   August   General Debility  
James W. Spoor 48 M     M   October Physician Consumption  
Sarah Lampman 58 F     M   July   Injured by cow  
Elizabeth Stoutenburgh 63 F     W   September   Consumption  
Rygetta Youman 2 F         August   Drowned  
Emeline Ten Eyck 11 F         November   Inf. of lungs  
Joseph R. Wells 9 months M         June   Unknown  
Aaron Dedrick 11 months M         September   Unknown  
John McFarland 27 M       Ireland December Farmer Nervous Affection  
Sarah Mead 94 F     W RI July   Diahrea 3 weeks
Christopher D. Brown 57 M     M   February Farmer Consumption  
Sarah Bronk 1 F         May   W. Cough 3 weeks
Mary H Hallenbeck 2 F B       March   W. Cough 1d
Mary L. Bronk 2 months F         April   W. Cough 2d
Edwin Van Buskirk 6 months M         March   W. Cough 2 months
Phebe Delemater 67 F     W   July   Consumption 8 days
David R. Griffin 28 M         November Marine Consumption 1 month
Infant Clough 1d F         January   Spasms  
Infant Sarles           July      
Jane L.C. Tomb 39 F         April   Consumption  
Margaret OBrien 34 F     M   November   Consumption 3 months
Jane C. OBrien 9 months F         August   Cholera 3 days
James H. Briggs 8 months M         January   Inf of Lungs 10 days
Frances A. Van Wert 5 F         March   W.Cough 8 weeks
Mary H. Smith 40 F     M   September   Consumption 1 year
Jeremiah Bedell 74 M     W   May None Inf of Windpipe 1 day
Hamilton Worden 1 M         February   Inf of Lungs 3 weeks
Lorenzo Kendall 41 M     M   August Laborer Cholera 1 day
Sally Kendall 38 F     W   August   Cholera 1 day
Albert Kenda 13 M         August   Cholera 7 hours
Helen Backus 19 F         March   Consumption 12 years
Frederick Backus 4 M         August   Cholera 2 weeks
Eliza M. Lusk 27 F     M   September   Typhus Fever 2 weeks
Willie A. Lusk 1 month M         September   Dysentery 1 week
Adelaide Benjamin 8 F         March   Accident 4 days
E.H. Buckhardt 49 M     M Russia August Cabinet Maker Cholera 16 hours
Elisha Smith 95 M     W   June None Cholera 1 day
Mary Bronk 45 F M   W   August   Diarhea 4 weeks
Anna Osterhout 5 F M       August   Dysentery 8 weeks
Infant Nelson 4 months M         September   Diarhea 1 day
Amanda Wolfe 31 F         September   Dropsy 6 years
Caroline Hoyt 4 F         August   Cholera 8 hours
Mary Hoyt 4 days F         August   Unknown 1 day
Tunis Cockran 62 M     M   August Farmer Cholera 1/2 day
Michael Lyons 60 M     M   March Laborer Asthma 4 days
Infant McCarty F         May      
James Rice 37 M     M Ireland October Laborer Cholera 3 days
David Mackey 11 M         December   Drowned  
Julia E. Herman 2 F         May   Inf of Brain 2 weeks
Infant Mayo  2 months M         July   Unknown  
Harry Bronk 41 M B   M   January 1849 Barber Dropsy 2 1/2 years

The death of the above named Harry Bronk does not come within the time specified but being the most extraordinary case of Abdominal Dropsy on record I venture to give it insertion. We gather the following facts from the report of Dr. J.B. Henshaw, the attending physician. The patient, a man about fifty yrs of age, underwent the operation of tapping 195 times taking away an average quantity of 12 qts or 24 lbs. of water at each operation making an aggregate of about 4680 lbs or over 9 hhd. of fluid taken in the space of 2 1/2 years and_______immediate draught upon the system he was for the prinicipal part of the time ______ (rest missing)

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