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Cole/Gurnee Family

The following Bible records were originally published in Volume 10, Number 4 of Greene Genes: A Genealogical Quarterly About Greene County, New York, by Patricia Morrow, Town of Windham Historian.

Bible records for the Barnum P. & Ann E. (Appleby) Cole and Clarence & Lizzie (Cole) Gurnee families are in the custody of Frances Tysl, 1808 Ashland Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Her sister, Carmen Marzano, PO Box 76, Big Pine, CA 93513-0076 is researching this family. The following records were typed and submitted by Mrs. Tysl. Due to the Bible's thickness, it cannot be photocopied. She did, however, enclose photocopies of the marriage certificate of Clarence F. Gurnee to Lizzie Cole and Lizzie Gurnee's death record.

The Household Edition, The Family Bible containing the Old and New
Testaments, The Apocrypha, Concordance, Psalms in Metre, etc., etc. together with marginal references and readings. Embellished with Fine Full-Page Engravings.

Baird and Dillon,
120 Chambers Street, New York.
141 and 143 Wabash Ave. Chicago.
Copyright, 1884
By Baird & Dillon

Presented to Lizzie and Clarence Gurnee by Barnum P. and Anne E. Cole March 15, 1892.

This certifies that Barnum P. Cole and Ann E. Appleby were solemnly united by me in holy bonds of matrimony at Westkill, Greene Co, N.Y. on the twenty second day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and fifty three conformably in the Ordinance of God, and the Laws of the State. In Presence of P. T. Miller & Wife.
Signed A. E. Clark, Pastor.

Family Record (numbers in parenthesis refer to additional notes at the end of the page)
Barnum P. Cole (1) - born August 13th in the year 1824
Ann E. Cole (2) - born May 26th in the year 1824
Adeline Cole - born September 19th in the year 1854
Phebe Alice Cole - born June 8th in the year 1856
Abram Henry Cole - born March 15th in the year 1858
Eder Barnum Cole (3) - born October 13th in the year 1859
Charles Arthur Cole - born May 7th in the year 1862
Lizzie Cole - born May 24th in the year 1865

Clarence B. Gurnee and Lizzie Cole - Ninth day of November 1885

This certifies that on the ninth day of November in the year of our Lord 1885 Clarence F. Gurnee and Lizzie Cole were by me united in marriage at 10 Hague St West Hoboken according to the Laws of the State of New Jersey, Witnesses F. G. Dunham, Phoebe Dunham, J. C. Egbert, Minister of the Gospel

Walter Fleet Brewster Gurnee - born January 29th 1887
Florence Adelia Gurnee - born October 26th in the year 1890
Eugenia Gurnee - born June 26th in the year 1893
Ethel Gurnee - born April 19th in the year 1896
Lizzie Gurnee - born March 6th in the year 1899

Adeline Cole - September 19th 1854
Florence Adelia Gurnee (4) - Jan 8th 1893, Age 4 Yrs, 2 Months and 13 Days
Lizzie Gurnee (5) - April 30th 1904, Age 40 yrs old May 24-1903
Clarence F. Gurnee - May 8th, 1916, Age 50 yrs old
Walter Fleet Brewster Gurnee - February 19, 1946, Age 59 yrs old
Eugenia Gurnee Springer - November 19, 1979, Age: 86 yrs
Ethel Gurnee Ard - December 8, 1983, Age: 87 years
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Gurnee Robinson Burt - June 16, 1993, Age: 94 years

Additional notes
(1) Barnum P. Cole was the son of Henry H. and Philena (Peck) Cole of
Lexington, NY.
(2) Ann E. Appleby was the daughter of Abram and Phebe Appleby (also spelled Applebee) of the hamlet of West Kill in the town of Lexington, Greene County, NY.
(3) A Dr. Eder Barnum (1780-1866) practiced medicine in the town of
Lexington, NY.
(4) Assuming her date of birth and age at death are given correctly, she
probably died in 1895.
(5) Lizzie Gurnee died of surgical shock at No. 4848 S. Grand Avenue, 5th
Ward, in the City of Los Angeles, California, at the age of 38 years and 11
months. She was buried in Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles. Both she and her parents were born in New York State.

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